3.4 (41)
8.4 MB
Age rating
Current version
Drexel University
Last update
10 months ago
Version OS
15.6 or later
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User Reviews for DrexelOne

3.37 out of 5
41 Ratings
9 years ago, Doc brown and great scott
Every time I open my stat class the app crashes, it keeps track of my dragon dollars weird, doesn't have the hours for many food vendors, still have the old Drexel one app because this one isn't reliable
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5 months ago, yaguhhhhhhhhhh
Doesn’t help me
It lets me see my classes and professors but that’s it that’s all. I can’t see grades or work submitted or anything. So it’s really not useful to me. Maybe it’s because I am an online student, which would be absurd because I am still a student. Either way, all it shows is my classes and I already know which classes I am in. Guess I have to use the website
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5 years ago, Kaylee229
The app won’t show me any information anymore. It’s saying I need to confirm my authentication but then it doesn’t give me any option or feedback on how to do that. I have deleted the app several times and logged in and out of my account. Nothing is working and I can’t see my schedule, dining dollars, or meal swipes. I don’t have my schedule with the times for my classes written down so this is an issue.
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5 years ago, mu boy is a boy
Awesome app
I love the app much more easy to use compared to the website.
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4 years ago, JarkaiMaul
Great App. Always stay informed and in touch with your coursework.
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6 years ago, TheWildCard76
No grades
The app is no longer showing the grades I receive in my classes. It hasn’t worked for almost two quarters now.
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5 years ago, blue_sierra
I get it. My dragon dollar balance is low.
Don’t see why I needed to hear about it at 3:07am and 5:00am and 6:17am and 9:45am and 12:00pm and 12:33pm and 3:00pm.
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5 years ago, melissacomunale
it used to show your grades and now it doesn’t, one of the main reasons i use the app. please fix
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6 years ago, Misha.F
Opening GPA causes the app to crash. Please fix.
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6 years ago, nicoledw1985
I cant see my grades
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9 years ago, Stephen J. Weber
Getting better
DOM3 can still be funky at times (most notably on iPad), but each update has brought consistent improvement. Personally, as apparently one of the few people still on a dining plan after five years, I primarily use the app these days to check my account balance. Shuttle schedules are a close second... And are badly out of date. They're accurate enough, but the Blue & Gold loop has had significant changes not accounted for. Overall, handy for accessing information quickly, and seeing genuine improvement with each update. IRT is clearly listening.
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10 years ago, dFreedomFighter
Overall Decent
I like the app. It's pretty helpful with just about everything. Although, sometimes the gps to your class on the map doesn't work well because for some reason it just keeps "loading" even if you have a good connection and just doesn't work. Overall I think it's good.
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8 years ago, Jazehiah
It works quite well. Meal plan status, grade updates, class schedule and other things I commonly want to check are easy to access. It does not completely replace the online site, but who in their right mind tries to update their resume from their phone? (Don't answer that.)
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8 years ago, kayleelauren18
Works well
I like this app a lot. I think it's awesome that so much has been integrated into it (even including Candid Campus!). The one thing that consistently irks me though is the transition between pages. It "bounces" rather than smoothly transitioning. I'm sure this is just a setting in the interface that can be tweaked, so please do. Otherwise the app would be 5 stars.
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10 years ago, Noel F.
Much better than the first version.
Not going to lie, the new version of Drexel one is a huge improvement over the first version of the app. Whoever designed this should work on bringing the web version of One up to the same level of fit and finish.
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10 years ago, Reviewer-Master
Proud to be a Dragon!
This was a big upgrade. I recommend everyone to get it. The best feature I like is the dashboard which provides a summary of everything, and one more thing, your classes show up with the map!
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10 years ago, Emily Boda
App crashes when trying to sign in
The app crashes when I try and sign in to my DrexelOne account. The other features appear to work fine, but the app is useless unless I can use it to see my class schedule and other things as advertised. It could also really use a tutorial, since how to log in is not obvious at first. Great concept, though, if it worked.
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8 years ago, Shitsmagic
Dragon Link Needs Added
I like the app lot and its pretty update with my dragon card which is awesome. I think there should be away to get to dragonlink through the app or it should be more visible. I think that would easily help clubs and people can see the clubs available.
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10 years ago, Me93847
I use this everyday!
Awesome app. I use it nonstop at the beginning of the terms to find my new classes as well as seeing what time they start. So many other options too.
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7 years ago, Xristo_13
Made my life easy
I can check my schedule, it shows the name of your class, room #, professor's name. It also shows your gpa and grades posted on blackboard, and shuttle schedule. Its worth it.
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9 years ago, mk205
Can't live without it.
Nothing beats this app. A million times better than the last version. Keep it up!
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10 years ago, Shieldhead
Good, but with issues
The app crashes whenever I select a class with zero credits, such as a lab, and try to open it.
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9 years ago, Evdpork
Awesome for students
Great for finding out where your classes are, checking grades etc. works perfectly.
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10 years ago, manicottiK
Looks good/works well
The new app looks like a modern iPhone app should, is quick, and provides the info that I need.
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10 years ago, Drexel soph
I love all the features of the app, but it crashes all the time to the point that it's basically useless. Everytime I open it it either won't open, or it has logged me out again, and won't let me love back in. Too many glitches, please fix them!
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9 years ago, krisfed
Awesome app in theory, but it crashes constantly, sometimes not even letting me in the app at all, that's it's unfortunately useless. Please fix!
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10 years ago, JcAsHcan
Super clean, needs some more updates, fixing grade refreshes and what not, but, overall, awesome
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8 years ago, kdemon
This upgrade is great
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9 years ago, nenzypoop
The app is pretty helpful and has a lot of useful features
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10 years ago, iPod critc 8778
Use it everyday
Every drexel student should have this.
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9 years ago, KevinLazaroff
So Buggy
Was working alright for a couple of weeks, and now won't even open. Crashes every time I try to launch it. BUGGY.
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9 years ago, H3110Wor1D
Doesn't work
This app used to work and it was actually useful however the app does not launch anymore. Needs to be updated.
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9 years ago, sep455
Worked for couple weeks and now crashes every time I launch it and I can't even open it now
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9 years ago, Charlie Burnett
Cannot login
a required resource is not available
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10 years ago, Nikjojo
Not getting my personalised info
E.g. I can't see my gpa, schedule, dining dollars etc
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7 years ago, Kbmuse
Very confusing structure - totally different from web interface.
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10 years ago, Robert6535776578
Great app
So useful
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10 years ago, heinst
Great update
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10 years ago, Tfgfkofd
this app is the bomb
best app for students
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10 years ago, nnsistar
Wow ~ be the first
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