Drink and Tell - Drinking Game

4.2 (2.9K)
60.1 MB
Age rating
Current version
Theresa Soyer
Last update
5 years ago
Version OS
10.3 or later
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User Reviews for Drink and Tell - Drinking Game

4.18 out of 5
2.9K Ratings
5 years ago, Neil Tyra
Loved It - But Not at That Price
Really enjoyed this game and it provided hours of entertainment and fun. I’d happily pay for a monthly subscription - but not at $5.99/month! I don’t begrudge the developers the right to use a subscription model and whole heartedly support paying for apps. But honestly, $72/annually? If it was $.99/month I am all over it.
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4 years ago, Puzhbsujdjsp
Money grab
I purchased 4 different decks of cards in the in-app purchases, when the app was not yet subscription based. It was not exactly cheap but I liked the idea of the game so I bought more decks to gain access to more questions. I recently downloaded the app again to play the decks I purchased, only to see that they grabbed my money and ran... I have no access to any of the app’s decks although I even payed for a few extra ones. The ‘restore my purchases’ button turns out blank leaving me with nothing else but to purchase the game again? I wouldn’t trust them again.
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6 years ago, fishh_cc
Liked it
Downloaded a bunch of drinking/party games all. This one is def the best because of the qualities and diversities of questions.
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2 years ago, pinkglue
Used to be awesome
I used to love this app. I’d use it all the time to get to know people. There was always a paid version, but the free version was enough. Now they apparently got rid of the free version and you can’t use it at all without paying a monthly subscription. I would maybe pay small one-time fee, but the app is not worth the price they are asking. It’s a shame because I love the concept, but I’ll just go find my get-to-know-you questions somewhere else.
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6 years ago, Rad7.7
Still isn't working after 1.3.3 update.
After a while on having this app I decided buy and unlock all of the questions/categories, it was working flawlessly, but of course nothing stays good on this app store. You guys Brooke the game after your latest app update and now I can't proceed past the newest "7 days trial". And I already had bought the full game. -- After the latest update v. 1.3.3 the game is still not working nor can I restore the purchase I've done previously. C'mon guys, fix it already!
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11 months ago, CedezCamp
I can’t even play the game. I go through the tutorial and it just pops up a screen that is forcing me to spend 5.99 to subscribe. Why would I subscribe to something I haven’t even done anything with other than go through the tutorial? It’s frustrating when you can download the game for free, but as soon as you do you have to spend 6 bucks just yo get into it.
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5 years ago, EJP05
Not free and won’t restore purchases.
For months now, I haven’t been able to get past the “subscribe for $2.99/mo” page. The game says it is free and the monthly subscription is for a premium membership. I paid to unlock all categories but the app won’t let me restore purchases, it just freezes. I used to love playing this game but now it’s a complete waste of space on my phone.
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1 year ago, Hayden1009
Can’t open the app to play without purchasing a subscription
Just downloaded the app for the first time. It shows me the few pages of how to play, then immediately comes up with a full screen ad to purchase a subscription and there is no way to exit out of it.
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5 years ago, djodhdensochsjso
Why would you not even let your customers try your product?
I played this months ago and it was great; recently I opened it and was faced with this page you can’t close that prompts you to subscribe (with a 7 day free trial). Why would anyone agree to this when new members haven’t even experienced the game yet? Truly, I’m so disappointed.
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5 years ago, Court2161
Only played this game once and recently noticed a random iTunes charge on my bank account. After investigating I found out this app automatically renewed after sometime and started charging me 4.99 WEEKLY. Be careful. If you have the app delete the app and make sure to go into your subscriptions and delete it there too.
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6 years ago, Anton Tyshko
App force user to start trial
This app force users to start trial period, i was interested to try it but if I will not like it then I need to cancel this trial and make sure that I’ll not be charged. App shows as free to try but they block the screen and and don’t allow you to try even basic functionality. Don’t waste you time
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3 years ago, Hillchrest
Price is not worth it
Was enjoyable until they made it 5.99 a month. No longer interested in using it at that price, but would consider if it was a one time purchase.
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5 years ago, iambothsns
Won’t let me cancel before they charge me
Tried out the app because it said there’s a free 7 day trail. I’ve been trying to cancel before they charge me for 3 days and It simply does not give me the option. 👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾 I’ll get charged 2.99 tomorrow let’s see if I can after that. 100% calling Apple about this.
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6 years ago, Mojo Jojo is the best
Stupid update
After enjoying this free app for over a year, the most recent update won’t let me play without paying for a subscription. This update will surely reduce the number of users, and I hope there will be a new update allowing people to enjoy the app they originally downloaded for free.
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6 years ago, GreenEyesLP
Can not reach app developer
I installed this, never opened it, ended up uninstalling it started getting charged $5.46 a month for it even though I have never used it. They continue to charge me monthly & the website apple has listed for them in the App Store goes nowhere. Please cancel & refund $!
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6 years ago, iluv2rite
Super fun
This game is really cool to play drunk or sober but I only give it 3 stars because of how annoying it is to watch videos for more questions and whatnot. They should give unlimited questions.
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5 years ago, d2985
Stupid subscription
I loved playing this game when it had a free version. I loved it so much that I actually even considered buying it, but the fact that it is a subscription based payment is absolutely ridiculous. Dirty scam. Why would I pay monthly for a game I use every once in a blue moon for a great time? Lame.
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3 years ago, Luckyyyyyyy
Misleading (5.99/mo) to play.
I wouldn’t pay $5.99 a month for a game like this. I would absolutely not pay monthly for any game. That’s a joke. I wonder if they do free trial just to obtain your personal information since there is no privacy policy knowing full well no one would pay this price.
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3 years ago, AccidentalKurly
Cant play without purchase
Immediately prompted to sign up for the subscription and if you try to say no it freezes on a loading screen. You literally cannot access this game without paying for it.
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7 years ago, Kicked2TheCurb
Could be fun
But the questions repeat way too often, and there’s not much thought put into the answers that are given. A few more revisions please
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5 years ago, dissapointed_drinker
Broken and a scam
This app forces you to subscribe for $4.99 / month for a drinking game, and won’t let you do anything until you do. Even if you click the “subscribe” button nothing happens. This is a total waste of an app and really bad business
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5 years ago, john141616
The game charges you 4.99 weekly. I had no idea it was doing this for months. Seriously, I must’ve lost like a 100 dollars. Partially my fault for not paying more attention to my finances I just thought it was Apple Music or something but Apple shouldn’t allow this.
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5 years ago, Johnny velveta
Like everyone else I can't get past the subscription page so I emailed them asking how I could close it. I immediately get an email back saying email address not found. Once they get their act together I'll update my rating.
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6 years ago, SweetSoundsof
It won’t progress past “please wait” when I try to purchase the premium version.
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5 years ago, SirenaMonique
App crashes when I open it
This app always crashes when I try opening it. I’ve tried deleting it and redownloading it, along with restarting my phone & it still crashes.
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5 years ago, Jess6109
Won’t even open
I literally can’t even use this app. It crashes immediately upon clicking it. I actually read through the rest of the reviews and I guess it’s not truly free on top of that. Yikes.
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5 years ago, bustedmf
Kept charging me scam
Have been charged 2.99 continuously after canceling subscription when i found out it wasn’t Free. Thanks for taking all my money without my consent for an app that keeps freezing n lagging
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5 years ago, Frvhikmbgddxbkk
They market the app as free, but it is now. There is not even a free version. They may as well just charge users to purchase it initially. 5 dollars a month for an app you may use from time to time. Which is 60$ a year. SMH.
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4 years ago, hmt331
Not free
$5.99 a month? Seriously? I downloaded it a while back when it was free and the game was fun for maybe 10 minutes. NOT worth paying for, don’t waste your money. I deleted the app.
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5 years ago, xllles
Can’t access
After downloading the app you have to pay subscription for 6 dollars a month for a drinking game that’s craazy and also you cannot have a free demo without subscribing first lol
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5 years ago, Cheerleader262
This was my favorite party game for a few years but now it forces you to buy a subscription. It won’t let me restore purchases either. They clearly got greedy. I am so disappointed.
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5 years ago, kkins3
Was such a fun game!
This was such a fun game to play with friends! Until I went to play it and it said it’s $5.99 PER MONTH to use. I’d pay $5.99 once! But monthly? For a game??? Please.
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5 years ago, xbabby95g
Doesn’t work anymore!
I paid for a few decks but can’t access them anymore. Literally no way to get past the “subscribe” screen.
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11 months ago, MarcBoyer23
Just no. You HAVE to pay in order to play. Why not just make the app $5. No way anyone is playing this game enough to justify paying monthly.
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5 years ago, xyzfthahxisn173728
Cannot cancel
I cannot cancel my subscription even though I’ve followed the directions listed on the app! I do NOT want to pay for this
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5 years ago, Kjuenrivuenwo
Requires enrolling in a free trial immediately
Even though it is free to download, have to agree to enroll in free trial before you can use the app (which will start charging if you don’t cancel).
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3 years ago, its how it be.
No available content without a purchase visible on my phone. It’s disappointing.
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4 years ago, Royal Juno
It was good at one point
This game was good at one point when you could play without having a subscription. Fun while it lasted i guess
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5 years ago, 848,&2&,9(
I didn’t even mean to purchase
It was total accident and they won’t give me my money back . This app isn’t even worth being a penny smh
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6 years ago, Broghfgcd
Doesn’t work
Can’t open the app through the dumb subscription page
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5 years ago, sammamoth
what is this subscription update
i paid $2.99 previously when i had my old phone to unlock more categories and when i downloaded the game again to play with my friends, it told me i needed a subscription instead!!! i loved this game and now i just want my money back thx
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4 years ago, walmartspeedway
Charge right away
You either pay 5.99 a month or you can’t use it.
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4 years ago, MattM80
Don’t waste your time
Can’t play unless you pay a subscription fee.
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4 years ago, Harryb2241
Not a good game
I didn’t know how to play it then I paid for the subscription and now I can’t cancel it it
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6 years ago, hahaDisapointedWasTaken
While it might be enjoyable to play, this game charges $6 a month for nothing. Quite the sneaky way to make money.
Show more
5 years ago, techsmith22
Pay wall
I’ve never written a review but putting the game behind a pay wall is the worst decision.
Show more
6 years ago, everlynb
Money hungry hos
Didn’t want to purchase the game but didn’t let me into the app even tho it said free trial now I’m out 3$ for a stupid app
Show more
10 months ago, Loves it123
can’t even play the game
why market a free app and then you can’t even use with without subscribing 5.99$ a month. that’s ridiculous. we can’t have anything anymore.
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1 year ago, LauraP134
Costs money and wont load
Show more
4 years ago, MJacksonLover235
Waste of time
Forces you to subscribe you’d be better off throwing your phone in the toilet
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