Drudge Report (Official)

3.4 (13)
79 MB
Age rating
Current version
Siren Tech, LLC
Last update
9 months ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for Drudge Report (Official)

3.38 out of 5
13 Ratings
2 months ago, AndroidWINS
Functionality review
The app is fairly rudimentary, as the site is. But it has some functionality issues. There are times where having the application open will pause background music/podcasts and you have to restart your music and close the app. That could be fixed. The “alerts” or “breaking news” pings are absolutely dumb in the way they work. There’s also a cache issue with photos that were on the page associated with links - you can see as you’re scrolling the images get replaced. Old images remain cached and aren’t properly replaced or cleared in a timely fashion upon opening the app again. Overall, Matt Drudge (if he even runs the site anymore) should be ashamed that this application runs so poorly. It’s not hard to find a company who could make an iOS app better than this. Even if it’s a simple site, the application should work properly as such.
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5 months ago, EodGhost
No longer relevant
Drudge Report used to be a decent (a term I will use loosely) fairly unbiased new reporting source. Fast forward 5 years later and it’s become nothing but a propaganda based, over the top leftist shell of its former self. When you are constantly posting stories from Yahoo, you know that a company has truly hit Rockbottom. Some of the absolutely worst “news” website used as links on the DrudgeReport page, have made in an irrelevant source for any reliable news. But hey, if you like senseless gossip sites like the Dailymail UK, TMZ, andthe National Enquirer, then you’ve come to the right place. Read, be angry and be stupid.
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2 months ago, DonGaudr
DrudgeReport is an oasis of sanity in crazed election cycle
For those up in arms that Drudge is no longer conservative, I say it is the MAGA movement that has moved so far right, they can’t even see the center of their once honorable party. As an independent who used to vote Republican a majority of the time, I watched the party disintegrate into performative outrage and a willingness to cow to the Big Liar who made misinformation part of the platform along with tactics that the Grand Old Party who drafted the 14th amendment would be ashamed to see. If that’s your cup of tea, you can scroll right by this truly balanced new aggregate and binge watch Tucker.
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1 month ago, Traveling Doge
Not a professionally designed app. Like the Drudge content, but this app is glitchy. The alerts page just jitters and randomly scrolls however it wants to. Surprisingly bad app for 2024.
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8 months ago, Mtn Dave
Shouldn’t be in App Store
This App is nothing but a piece of junk! It’s about what one should expect from Matt Drudge. None of the links work…..except for the ones that link to advertising. It’s free, but it’s worth much less! Don’t waste your time downloading this piece of junk!
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8 months ago, Scomackey
MSN links don’t work
Seems like MSN has infiltrated the report. NO story linked to MSN is found, it just leads to their landing page.
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1 week ago, rubbersoul13
Drudge suffers from pathetically transparent TDS bias. You can accurately predict the objective of the stories they will promote about 100%. If you want a soft hitting news aggregator that is always there to parrot the talking points of the DNC then this site is for you.
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1 week ago, jwizz2g
Decent app
Love the headline choices. But it needs dark mode
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8 months ago, Senhorbaker
Terrible content now
Leftist drivel. They drudge of last decade is gone. Pretty sure he has nothing to do with the content anymore, it’s more like tabloids for the left.
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8 months ago, Casy1030
Link to msn
There are always headlines that go to msn. The articles are never there. Deleting the app
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2 weeks ago, OhGaPeach
Deleted ap
I used to like it but it’s not as good as it used to be…too woke and anti-conservative.
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4 months ago, kakhdhzusksk
Bye bye
Used to be my mail news outlet… drudge has changed drastically. Just click bait and adds at this point.
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2 months ago, cyhdbb5,$
Not working tonight
I can only open two stories tonight?? Reinstalling is no help!
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12 years ago, Curmudgeon10
This App Lets Drudge Down
Like so many apps one finds, this one doesn't hack it. While others complain of instability and constant crashing, I haven't had that problem. Mine has been ever since the new iOS came out, even after at least one and perhaps two Drudge app updates, the app is too slow to load pages via WiFi. I know there have been some complaints about iOS in that area, but when I access the Drudge Report via Safari (iPad), my web page loads are zippy and without problem. On Drudge, when clicking on a link, I get about an inch of the progress bar, and then everything is static for fifteen, twenty, or more seconds. Then the page loads. It is definitely a step backward from the way the app functioned pre iOS update. So I am no longer even using the app. Bookmarked the Drudge Report in Safari, and use that now.
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6 months ago, Stcybt
CNN msnbc drudge same news
Super left news if you don’t want a bias don’t download this
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7 months ago, Gaby.B.
Not working
It’s not working with the new iOS.
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8 months ago, Grant E.G.
Complete sell out…
Reminiscent of the “Enquirer” for gullible leftists. A cultist favorite. Stay clear of this biased trash.
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2 months ago, One_Cent
App is full of spyware, cia junk propaganda site as well
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3 months ago, ………………………..,?!
Misleading Headlines
Headlines are range from descriptive to click-bait to outright deception.
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9 months ago, Audiman67
Trump hating garbage news
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9 years ago, shooting tanks
Ruined a great app
Today, and for the last several months, this app is a pain to use. But only a few months ago it was the best Drudge app and better than reading the Drudge site on a mobile browser. That was way back in version 3. Versions 4 and 5 seem to have completely rebuilt the app from scratch. Now this app is inferior to simply reading Drudge in my browser. I'm currently trying out alternative Drudge apps now, because after being a user of this app for years, I find it is no longer convenient or a pleasure to use. I'm severely disappointed because I used to get a lot of enjoyment and information from this app several times each day. It was my go-to when I had a spare minute of down time to kill anywhere, anytime. Now the app is absolutely incapable of showing me Drudge in the timeframe of a spare minute. And believe me, I've tried and tried. I hated to give up because I loved this app once. But now it simply won't perform. As others have said, it's slow, it refreshes and reframes spontaneously and it's riddled with app-store pop-up adds to the point that it's nearly unusable. I have to work hard to make it work. It's so frustrating. I rarely write reviews, but the unusually disappointing decline in quality of this once-great app has moved me to speak up about it.
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12 years ago, St8kout
This is the only Drudge app you need.
I have 3 other Drudge apps, one which I paid for and the others free, and I find myself always coming back to this one. It looks like the web page and updates often. I've only had it crash once but then again I update often, so, much like every piece of software on the planet, it won't always work correctly if you don't keep it updated. Yeah I know it's annoying but such is life in the information age. The paid version with the fancy colors falls behind on updating. Even now it's showing the same headline from a couple of hours ago and looks totally different from what is on the Drudge website at the moment. I suppose it would be handy if you want to look at old news you missed lol. Even after updating it still has not refreshed. Maybe if they fixed it, it would be worth the $.99 if you want to see a red bar at the top of the screen.
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10 years ago, fr0rider
Love Drudge, Despise New App Version
Please, for the love, revert to the old version. You had a simple, clean UX that was a breeze to use. It was easy to get the news and fast. That, along with the moderate to conservative cultivation of news articles, is the unique value proposition of drudge. With the latest version you have destroyed a significant part of the value users come to drudge for - an easy, fast UX . This could be a classic case study in softdev industry - product mgr and/or developers thinking they have to change it up, add "fancy" new features, implementing new functionality because "it's technologically possible, etc, and in the process ruining the product. I won't belabor the specific issues. Others have listed those already. There are also several really annoying defects in the app that I have encountered in just two days of mild usage. Did you simply not test these changes at all? It's one thing to ruin the app with functionality users did not need or request. It's even worse to fill the app with bugs in the process. FWIW, I've been in softdev, IT Mgmt, and now consulting for 15 years. #NotANovice
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9 years ago, SquigglyB
Bring back the old user interface
And a new annoyance. With the latest version, every time I bring up this barely functional sick joke of an app, it jumps to the App Store and tries to get me to download an advertiser's product. Shame on you. The latest version says "Maintenance." What is left to maintain? Yet another update and still no optimization for a mobile phone. The only reason these updates are coming is to reset the miserable ratings for the current version. My one-star rating stands. I agree with other assessments that this new version is basically the same as saving a bookmark to the home page. I wish I could give this zero stars. Another update and still no single-column mode. Do you expect me to stretch the screen and slide around? Or, do you expect me to use a microscope over my iPhone? Add a single-column mode setting and make it the default. Change solely for the sake of change is not necessarily change for the better. Words can't describe how much I hate the new interface. A mobile app that ignores the need for a mobile-friendly interface. Worthless, useless update. Always fullscreen? Did you think about mobile users with a smaller form factor? Change it back now! Why use an always fullscreen app when you can just load the webpage? Faster? Nope. Slower. Don't bother downloading this piece of junk version. Can you test your updates before putting out crippled ones?
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13 years ago, bkk1711
Works Great, Was Well Worth the Wait!
I can see the beaten-up schoolboy competitors are already out in force panning this app within minutes of its release. This app works great and has lots of improvements, without tampering with the 90s look of Drudge, which we all have grown to love. Those who criticize the look and feel couldn't possibly be genuine Drudge Report fans. If they were, they would already understand that only Mr Drudge himself has the right to alter the look of his site, and not need someone to point out this painfully obvious fact here. The app is merely for more easily accessing and reading Drudge on the iPhone. It does that task well for my purposes and that's all I expect from something that's FREE. Did I just hear the bell for 6th period ring? : )
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2 years ago, _XIIV
Not your typical mainstream news
There are things you need to understand when looking at Drudge Report for news. It is NOT the same readership with what you’re going to see mainstream. There are click bait titles and also sometimes you would think the apocalypse is happening tomorrow with headlines, however the articles take less than 2 minutes each to read. This news station is all about information. Gather your own opinions and knowledge by clicking around. I personally compare several forums and news stations as each provides different angles of the same news. Don’t just take main stream news for its word. Open your mind.
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12 years ago, AndrewReview
Great free app for Drudge Report lovers
I can only speak for myself and my experience with this app. For those with issues I hope they are soon resolved. I have used this app for the last year with no issues. It has provided me with reliable accesses to up to date Drudge Report News headlines with one click rather than having to surf my way over to Drudge via Safari. Dear creators: I like to read my news in landscape view rather than portrait. However on occasion while in landscape view it switches back to portrait when I do not want it to. Please prevent the app from switching back to portrait when the phone is completely turned upside down, i.e. the home button is on top & the speaker is at the bottom. Fix that and you'll get 5 stars from me.
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9 years ago, KittyWB
former drudge addict
Update: Is Matt Drudge locked in a basement somewhere while a bunch of lefties are destroying his app? That would seem to be the only reason why Drudge hasn't stepped up to the plate to make some statement or apology to his millions of faithful readers about this debacle! I've deleted the app from iPhone and iPad, but keep checking back here to see if the fix is in yet. I can't conceive of any reasonable explanation for this fail. A pointless app with no real usability....can't even share articles, which is completely bizarre, as if you're trying to keep the Drudge Report from gaining more readers/support...there's something very odd going on here. I can't believe Matt is just ignoring the situation, with this much uproar going on. Come on Matt, wriggle out of your restraints and let us know what's happening here! Can you really be that insensitive to your millions of followers???? Seriously? In a matter of weeks usability of the site has gone from pretty darn good to abysmal. Are you trying to frustrate and thereby lose your readers?? It was so good for so long that this current situation is shocking!! Give us back our Drudge!!! WELL???????? Still waiting!! I'm now deleting Drudge app from my phone and iPad. After days and days of the same terrible reviews and thoroughly frustrated readers there is still NO RESPONSE nor fix, or the most sensible thing of all, going back to 3.0.h
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3 years ago, Fix this gold mistake
Happened to you? Matt Drudge, my husband and I read your articles for years, we were happy we found a site with articles we could trust and that we enjoyed reading. We trusted you Matt Drudge. Now every time I read the news on your site, it is more and more left leaning. There are so many articles negative to Trump it’s like you don’t like him any more. I will ask you this, afternoon do you want our country completely dissembled? Do you have any idea what will happen if Biden wins? If you don’t like Trump, his personality, or whatever, what about the party, we’re voting for the party not just Trump. We believe he has done a really good job. Again you don’t have to agree with us but it’s really hard to read Drudge lately and to tell others about your site. Thank you for listening. Mr and Mrs Alford
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9 years ago, Bhflatter
Why use this app?
I love the information from the Drudge Report. However since your latest update, the app is essentially no different than the website. You had some really great improvements for iOS8 and then mysteriously abandoned them. I liked the innovative navigation "compass", that was something to get used to, but eventually I really dug it. This latest update makes me think I'll just use the website, since the app no longer formats to the size of my iPhone, there's just no benefit to using the app. Also, if you do decide to make this app worthy again, make the refresh something I control. There's nothing more annoying than scanning the headlines only to have the app refresh on its own and lose my place. Hoping you'll get your mojo back and make a relevant app again.
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8 years ago, BroncoDonny
Poor App from previous versions
I have used the Drudge apps for years. Unlike many other news apps, it seems like the Drudge app just gets worse with ever update. Two key issues that bother me most. First, the app has gotten to the point that it loads slower than almost every iPad app that I have downloaded. Second, the control that advertising takes while one attempts to read the news is beyond annoying. The overall format seems to be less integrated with Apple devices than previous versions. The layout changes from one column to all three columns and back without me doing anything but clicking on a news item. I often get the full page with font so small that it is very difficult to read. I have nothing personal against the Drudge Report. As simplistic as the news layout has been for years, one would think that the complaints I see from reader's comments would have been quickly resolved. I have finally reached my limit on the time it takes to load the page, the sizing of the Drudge Report based on whether I am using my iPhone or iPad and the overwhelming presence of the advertisers. I am totally happy with apps such as USA Today, FOX News, CNN and many other popular news sites. For the time being, the Drudge Report app has been deleted from my devices.
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10 years ago, drumchief
What Happened?
I'll start by saying that I'm a developer myself, so I know a thing or two about UI/UX. I have to say that I agree with all of the other negative reviews of the previous and current versions. I understood what you were trying to do with the last "disc" version, in terms of providing utility, I just don't think it worked very well. This version, that supposedly went back to "pure" Drudge, just seems to me to be a petulant response to all of the negative feedback you got for the last version. I can imagine some dev saying, "Hey, they don't like what we did? Let's throw them a really unworkable version for the iPhone and see how they like that." Either that, or your devs didn't attempt a responsive layout for mobile; I don't know which one is worse. Please bring back a mobile optimized experience. Everyone here loves Drudge, but until you can fix this app, I'll just be using it in Safari.
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9 years ago, CA Texas
New 4.0 version is AWFUL
UPDATE 10/28- After several updates where I hoped to open this app and find that it was finally back to a point where it was readable, well, I'm convinced that Matt himself does not even own an iPhone. Yeah, it looks ok on my iPad, but I have my iPad with me 2 hours a day but my phone 24 hours a day. HEY MATT, have you tried this on your PHONE? The DrudgeReport was one of the applications that I used every single day, many times a day. When I opened it this morning I thought there was some kind of bug. Having a floating navigation thing in the center of the screen at all times, who thought of that?The default view is of the full-page, with font so tiny you cannot even read them. When you click on links, it's asking do you want to use a reader or something of that nature. My use of this application has come to a screeching haltunless they can figure out how to revert
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10 years ago, kRashkin81107
Awful after recent update
I can barely even use this app now and usually just open it up on the browser on my phone or computer instead if I want to read anything. So many glitches. 90% of the time it says there's an error or that I'm not allowed to view the article when I try to open it, can't copy an article to send to anyone else because it doesn't copy the link correctly, and if I do manage to be able to read an article, when I try to go back to the main page it is usually not easy. Taking me to a black screen menu or something else. And if I am in the middle of reading an article the few times it lets me, it will automatically take me back to the main page without me doing anything, making it hard to get through reading an article. Just too frustrating to use. Also, the floating circle as the new menu is really annoying.
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9 years ago, ItchyPickles007
Just awful. I actually grew to like the "disc" update. (It worked well for one-handed use on the bigger iPhones.) But then they changed that and gave us not an app, but just a view of the full website, which made it impossible to use one-handed. Who ok'ed that garbage?? As I always do with apps that put out garbage updates, I stuck Drudge Report in a folder on the last page of my home screen. I do that so I can still get notified of updates when I go to the App Store and I can give the app another chance to see if they corrected things before I completely delete it. Well, this latest Drudge Report update didn't change a thing, so that's it for me. Drudge went from my first home screen page to permanently off my phone. I'll get my news elsewhere. I suggest everyone else do the same. Seriously, Drudge, who ok'ed putting out a completely useless design???
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10 years ago, Thedude50000
These guys are better at what they do...
Lots of this news is hard to find on the most popular news feeds to the point that it may be filtered out because of the truths it reveals and what it may imply about our Republic. I think that if any American was to question the morality of the decisions of the federal government and was looking for some true answers in place of manipulative lies than drudge is your place to read. FDR once said "In politics, nothing happens by accident. If it happens, you can bet it was planned that way." I encourage people to point out bugs in the app but in a way that does not discredit the app in its entirety, they know politics not apps. Keep your raging emotions to yourself.
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12 years ago, UTAvalanche
Yup Let's Go back to old app
I used to go to this app a dozen times a day to keep up with ongoing events. Since this last update it has turned unuseable to me. The split screen is a pain and you can't turn it off. It is turned off in the settings but it still comes back anyway and you have to completely get out of the program, remove from the multitasking bar and start over. When you click on an article and then go there, it dumps you back to the main screen after about 30 seconds then you have to try to find the article again. A large portion of the new features that were added don't work or don't work right. Sorry guys, nice try and new features look good but this thing is far from ready for prime time. Bring back the old one and work the bugs out of this before putting it back up.
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13 years ago, Flash2k
What happened?!?!? UI is just bad, no retina display support
You said an update was coming months ago Drudge and this is what you put out? It looks like app was made by either small children or monkeys; maybe a combo of both. You didn't even update anything for the retina display of the iPhone 4 and that has been out for half the year now. On the main page the icons on the panel just look plain terrible, you know Apple gives you all the tools you need in the SDK right? On top of that they don't make sense and are huge. It looks like a debug console is popping up while loading pages etc. The only thing I will say is the app does still work as good as before. But with how bad it looks now I don't know if I can bare this offering.
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12 years ago, Chungirelli
?!?!?! Format?
I try to read the news aggregators from both sides, but this app is horrible. It's like a 90's web page. Also, with Obama in office and elections looming, the drudge seems to have turned into the biggest of Internet trolls. And it's quite clear they believe that white evangelicals are their main audience since they almost never post about sports unless it's a post about a black athlete doing something to "confirm" the feelings their readers have, YET, they gave up to the minute scores of the Broncos recent playoff game. Jesus loves Tim Tebow and white evangelical christians, I guess. The formatting is by far the worst offense of this app, though. Their website is the same and you could just make a web-app from safari if that's how you wanted to use it. The point of touch-based media is to make it interesting and inherently simple at the same time.
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9 years ago, Lemar Loves Mrs. Chipperson
Love the Drudge Report, despise the app
Why? Why did Matt Drudge ruin his beautifully-designed, strip downed app? Why is he ignoring his loyal readers by refusing (obstinately? Childishly?) to return to the previous design? I read an article that claimed he's taken his app design in-house, which might explain why the app is so bad, but it doesn't explain why he won't fix it. Regardless, I've removed it from my phone, and now read the site through a browser because, why not? There's no difference between doing that and using an app that isn't optimized for the smart phone experience. But maybe that's what he prefers we do? Maybe the site generates more revenue that way? If that's not the case, and it really is a matter of someone's ego getting in the way of his users' experience, I can only hope things will change. Until then, this app won't be on my phone.
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14 years ago, NickNamedNick
A good app that does what it's designed to do
The Official Drudge Report app is an effective, reliable app that works well. It's easy to scroll through all the links, and the app retains the familiar look and feel of the Drudge Report website. A nice-to-have enhancement would be the ability to toggle between the standard sequence of links and a chronological sequence, with the most recently items at the top of the list. This would make it easy to check for new stories. As the Drudge Report site archives page lists stories chronologically, this might be easy to implement in a future release of the app. Overall, it's a good app that does what it's designed to do.
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10 years ago, Storm04
Latest Update Decreases App's Usefulness
The latest update to this app has rendered it useless. Rather than being able to scroll through headlines and selecting the articles of interest, one must now constantly zoom in and out to read the text and try to tap the correct link. Additionally, you have to complete this constant zooming and re-positioning of the page as quickly as possible lest the page refresh leaving you to begin again. And let's assume one clears this first hurdle, you must read each article as fast as your eyes can scan the text before the article refreshes or closes entirely. This used to be one of the apps I would check each morning and evening, but given all of the technical glitches caused by the most recent update, I'm close to deleting it. For those looking for a reliable news app, continue looking.
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12 years ago, Teen Age Hand Model
A QUICK NOTE ABOUT THE RATING: I wish you could give half star ratings because this app falls just short of a 5-star rating but it is definitely better than a 4 star rating. With that out of the way, here is my review: In my opinion, If you want to design a great app, the developer needs to make the user interface simple and elegant without dumbing it down, and the user should be able to find the advertised features that help them do what they need or want to do in a timely fashion. For the most part, the Drudge Report app fulfills both of these requirements. I find fault with one thing: I have run into the problem of broken links on more than one occasion. It hasn't happened a ton of times, but when your app/website consists only of links to other websites then I feel you have to get that right every time. It is your core competency, therefore you need to be perfect at it. Overall, this is a great app that any news junkie needs to download and keep in the first couple rows of their application list.
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13 years ago, Lonewolf75
The Best out there for news!!
update 2.5: awesome update once again! Love the ability now to put the left, center, right columns on the toolbar, also the notifications are better now with the highlighted headlines getting pushed to us (which have been working great so far)!! If you want an app that gives you the real news of whats going on in the world with a highly customizable app, get this you won't be disappointed!! It's one of my favorite apps that I have, developer is great and listens to your ideas!! I would like to see readability mobilizer and the ability to send stories to readability like you can for instapaper.
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9 years ago, Blu8426
(My Star Rating)*(-1)
Seriously. The description says "optimized for iPhone 5 and 6" and, naturally after using the new Drudge app, I became quite curious as to what the actual definition of "optimize" was, so I looked it up on my trusty Dictionary app and it says "to make as effective, perfect, or useful as possible." I'm callin BS on this one, Matty boy. Guess it really all comes down to personal opinion (which, granted, is based on previous experiences) but IMO this really is terrible with all the crashes, redirects, size issues, etc. on my iPhone 6. I long for the days of yore when the app was so smooth, easy to use, nice to look at and addictive. But alas, we shall never have those days again... Old Drudge app, old Drudge app! Wherefore art thou, old Drudge app?! I used to be on this bad boy all the time. So much so that my wife would get mad at me sometimes. And now I don't use it AT ALL. So, you know what?!? On my wife's behalf, the new app gets the full 5 stars!! No, but for real, seriously now, it needs to be fixed. Bad.
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12 years ago, DrMatt357
Politician App!
This new app. STINKS! They took something that was simple and did the job, paid someone, I'm sure, a bunch of money to "fix" it, gave us all kind of options that we don't know what they are or how to use them, and screwed it all up! I now have this column on the left of my iPad screen that I can't get rid of. Go into settings and... really? If you like viewing the Drudge report on you're IOS device, DON'T GET THIS APP! Unfortunately, I had to delete the entire Drudge app and go elsewhere because I can't even go back to the old one. It is unviewable in this format. UPDATE: It's January 8th and 3 updates since I wrote the above. I think they fixed it. If anyone is still having trouble with this update, DELETE any prior versions because it seems to work fine on my iPad now. Would give it a 4 or 5 at this point.
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10 years ago, derryman23
This version is just awful. It does not load the DR link. It just hangs, with a bloody floating circle that makes no sense in the foreground. Occasionally, it does load the DR link, but when I try to access a news link, that will also not load and the app just hangs forever. This never happened with the prior version. This app is so bad I want to give it no stars but the lowest number I am allowed is only one star. I have deleted the app and am now accessing the DR as a web page using the browser. I will wait for if and when the DR fixes all of the problems with this app before downloading it again. I suggest others not waste their time and do the same. A perfect example of both ruining a good thing by trying to make unnecessary improvements and/ or rolling out a program too soon - before it is properly beta tested.
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12 years ago, Don't_Tread_On_Me85
Enough with the fluoride already!!!
You people that are having such a hard time with this extremely simple, user friendly app must be some of the most outlandishly dense people I've ever seen! Like you buddy with the "blank screens"...IT'S LOADING! If you'll notice the little blue line towards the top of your screen that seems to come from the left and extends to the right. Anyway, you oafs don't forget y'all's helmets! On a positive note, thank you mr. Drudge for being a patriot! I don't believe our country would be in such shambles if there were a majority of people of your caliber and character.
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14 years ago, Combatoverridebutton
Simple. Fast. Easy To Read
At first thought I didn't think an app was needed for such a wonderfully simple web page that already loads fast. After using it for a week, I am very satisfied with it. 1. It's faster than loading in Safari. While the actual loading time is the same, if I choose to load in Safari I have to: open the browser > launch bookmarks > scroll and tap Drudge. With the app, I just tap the app. Simple! Sure, making Drudge my homepage would solve that problem but I don’t want Drudge as my homepage. 2. It is much easier to read. In Safari, in order to read the headlines and tap the links, I am constantly zooming in and out; scrolling left and right. With the app, there is only one continuous column and the fonts are large enough so I do not have to zoom in and out/scroll left & right and the links to articles are large enough that I don’t accidently tap the wrong link – which is something that I often happened when viewing in Safari.
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4 years ago, kj2543897
Once great now lost in the mainstream
The drudge I knew to be so great in its objective collecting of real news stories, has fallen so far I’m afraid we will never see the drudge we knew so well. This site has now become a salad bowl of fear-mongering and politically-skewed selections from the mainstream table. Why just look at CNN and MSNBC and others of the same ilk when you can have them all together on the so-called Drudge Report? For those looking to have their ears tickled, and their fears fed, come to the Drudge Report where you will be filled with everything the corrupt will have you consume. To say this is sad is a gross understatement. It is a failing of trust on a magnitude of the unmeasurable. A good friend of the people has left us and has instead gone on to continue to work against everything we love in good journalism. Drudge, once our pride, now our shame.
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