3.6 (20)
59 MB
Age rating
Current version
Duke University
Last update
9 months ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for DukeMobile

3.6 out of 5
20 Ratings
13 years ago, Mr. Luigi
Nice resource...but it is time to make it a Universal App
Nice app. But, with millions of iPads being sold and used it's time a University of Duke's stature set a new standard for University Apps and made this app Universal or created a Made for iPad version of this app. Oh, and BTW, I'm all for fan loyalty to their University of choice, but isn't there somewhere else for folks to display their love and hate of universities besides these apps? It is totally a waste of time to have to sift through "ratings" of University Apps trying to find those that actually comment on the quality of the app. Last, what's up with "This is gay" and "That is gay" when referring to an app or a school? I'd say that such comments are moronic, but that would be a too kind. I don't think I'm the only one who feels this way and I would like to see more folks stand up and speak out against people who think it's cool to write apps that disrespect others. Where is the advantage in hurting folks? I don't get it.
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3 months ago, Tanya Nijhawan
Great resource for students
Really helpful
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1 year ago, Ookla will rise.
great app
extremely useful for a mobile device. had to give it a review
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4 years ago, Anonymous 062
It crashes every time that I try to use the menu or zoom in/out on the map.
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1 year ago, Yuq Gao
Problems need to be reformed
Kicked out once I pressed the bus stop buttons
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15 years ago, BlueDevil2011
Great app
Wish I could have had this as a freshman! I might not have gotten lost trying to find Bostock! Although search doesn't recognize LSRC, only Levine Science Research Center. Bring able to search with commonly used acronyms would be useful. I would also LOVE to see ACES incorporated into this app. Bring able to check my grades and more would be extremely useful as a current student. Using Safari to visit the site is a pain. Dining options would also be nice. Contact information for merchants on points, hours for options on and off campus, menus if possible for merchants on points. Like the section of the dining website, but much friendlier
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15 years ago, Killawattz
Good, but it ain't enough
Heard about the app last night at the Florida state game, it's pretty good. I just wish this had come out my freshman year instead of my senior year. Finding my location on the map was very slow when I was in certain places. The main thing it needs is a bus schedule and eventually have gps on the buses that tells exactly where they are on their route. As I write this review, I'm wondering if I will make it in time to catch the c3 at the stop in front of Sanford, pulled out my phone only to find out that I couldn't even get the schedule. Other improvements could be automatically linking facebook events to the event calendar, so that as I sit in my apartment on Friday night wondering what, if anything, is going on that night, I can whip out the iPhone and look. Other than that, it's pretty good, like I said, I wish I had this freshman year, or even at the beginning of this school year
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15 years ago, RedRobin818
Not bad at all
For all of you that are writing a bad review just because you don't like duke u apparently didn't look at the app because it has some great information. I just hope that this isn't the last of it's kind (they need to do some bigger schools like ASU or UCLA or USC).
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15 years ago, csk00k
Really awesome!
I am quite impressed with the DukeMobile suite! The app is very professionally done and feels really at home on the iPhone. Browsing courses is lightning fast and really easy, and I love that I can find where my classes are on the map (as well as myself). Events is nice - especially the free food category! This app is essential for anyone at Duke with an iPhone or iTouch. Thank you, and well done!
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15 years ago, DBicknell
Prospective Student
This app SAVED me during my pre-frosh weekend!! The map application and search feature were very handy. I also was able to stay up with the sports teams and see what games Duke was playing. The Calendar allowed me to attend events I might have not heard of otherwise. Perfect Duke application.
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15 years ago, Josh.Harrington
Fantastic Idea
I actually downloaded this app for the sole purpose of telling the author what a crazy good idea this is. If other colleges would had this type of thing they could make boatloads of money. Like I said, I am not really a Duke fan and I am not a student there, but this is such a genius idea. Great work.
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15 years ago, Orpheius
Great app but missing key feature
This is fantastic... Would rate 5 star if directory also includes alumni search also, otherwise limited use for ex- students who still want to keep in touch with Duke community... Might need login?!
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15 years ago, O.I
If you downloaded this and the only reason why is because you say duke, think! Also for all of you making fun of tar heels...who beat duke both times this year?
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11 years ago, Sachin D
Needs iPhone 5 support and UI refresh
UI is showing its age though it's still definitely functional. New icon seems like a step back in terms of icon design (it's just the stylized Duke name, and not in a good looking way). In addition if you push out an update this far past the iPhone 5 announcement it'd be nice to see 4-inch screen support.
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14 years ago, The origional Big Al
This APP is awesome like Duke!
Now if they could just get an app for Duke Med, that would be great. I really feel sorry for the UNC fans, thinking this was a blog on ACC sports. Maybe if they dumb down the technology, UNC could get an app like this. Need to use lots of pics and s-p-e-a-k r-e-a-l s-l-o-w-www....
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15 years ago, bosox92
No lives
I find it funny that some people have no lives and just download the app so they can post negative reviews....do any of u losers have girlfriends? If no get one..or a boyfriend
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15 years ago, centomodi
Well done Duke
To Elmo, or whoever made this possible, thanks - it's a great way to keep track of stuff. Please keep this updated and with new features. Also - publicize this!
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15 years ago, Duke is the True Blue!
About Time!
It's about time this app was made!!! Why didn't you make this at the START of the season??? It certainly would've come in handier than SportsTap!
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15 years ago, Lipss24
If you love duke athletics...
This app is perfect if you're always wondering if duke won or not. And it takes you to the full article in safari. I love it.
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14 years ago, Bluedevi11
Good app. But would like to see blackboard access, aces access, merchants on points numbers and menus, better calendar or maybe just a separate academic calendar, bus schedule, more basketball stuff, etc.
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10 years ago, Anthro398
Very useful!
I use the directory and maps all the time. I often meet with people all over campus and find myself in unfamiliar places and in a hurry. The maps are a lifesaver. Thanks!
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13 years ago, ldgage
Very nicely done
As a newbie on campus, I really like the map with its relative location. Nice to have a student/faculty directory handy too when I'm out of the office.
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15 years ago, BoardHead
Did we forget??
Watched the Duke game on tv yet this app never showed the score at all and it never showed the other teams logo. I find it sad that this app only has one team to keep track of and it couldn't even manage that. VERY VERY SAD!!!
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15 years ago, Fredypr
UVA is a must!
Very nice and convenient app. But everyone knows that an app for UVA (University of Virginia) would be so much better! UVA is only the #2 Best Public University in the country!! Come on, help us out here.
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15 years ago, Mestopal
This is a great app. It's just a shame Apple allows people that haven't even downloaded the app to write dumb reviews.
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15 years ago, Haha. Waste
great atmosphere type feeling
it makes you feel like your a duke university student, or a good friend of the player(s). Great app
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15 years ago, F1R3FL1
Huge Duke basketball fan!
Funny the Tarholes don't have something like this. Then again I'm not surprised either. ;-)
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15 years ago, holstenfam
Amazing app just like the school
This is a great app to see everthing about duke, which is the best school ever click yesvif you agree
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15 years ago, McKellar
Great App
Works well, fast, looking forward to the updated version.
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14 years ago, DuKeJ.J. Yeah
It's great to find all of the information in one place. Espeacially if your as big a Duke fan as me.
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14 years ago, Loberrie
Duke app is awesome
You had to search "duke" to get this app. So clearly, everyone reviewing has some obsession with Duke. Go Blue Devils! Always awesome. Always classy.
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15 years ago, gubbnation
To the ignorant unc fan
Duke will have all five returning starters next year and will be cutting down the net in 2010... By the way unc is will make it no further
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12 years ago, M-DZ
Almost perfect
The only feature I wish it had was easy access to my duke webmail account and ACES information. Really good as a school app.
Show more
15 years ago, justinhc123
justin collett
THANK YOU, GUYS! Looking forward to how it's going to get even better in future updates
Show more
15 years ago, TouchFreak95
Update The App
When I'm watching vids the app crashes after like 3O seconds into it. please update. Fix it some how!
Show more
14 years ago, Cameron20
Easy to use!
A great app with lots of good information but really needs blackboard!
Show more
15 years ago, SpecialK32
Great App.
Finally, A app for Duke students and fans alike. Looking forward to the future updates.
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15 years ago, ericsgrowing
Good app! Every university should have one!
Go Duke!!! We all know them gay baby sheep wearing powder blue are jealous of us for another reason...
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10 years ago, Random name db
Very useful
Can be clunky, but gives you a lot all in one spot
Show more
13 years ago, Snoopy dogs
I'm like Justin turri bro I'm he don't know me but I'm a beast just like u we don't just sit like fat people and eat our BIG:) macs
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11 years ago, T&R tutus
This app is okay...the only problem is its not an app that has the stuff going on now...it updates about every 12 hours
Show more
15 years ago, child of god 2
Here we go devils here we go
All those who think this app is gay should go jump in a bonfire
Show more
15 years ago, Lotto6
Great app but needs some refining
Great start to a great app (and I'm not even a student, grad, or fan). I wish my alma mater would have been the first out of the gate with an app like this.
Show more
15 years ago, eagleeye240
Awesome app!
Don't forget us Duke employees when adding new features! Really nice app.
Show more
15 years ago, DG aka JJ Redick
Best app ever created!!!!!
This app is so cool! Keeps me up to date on everything at the great Duke University!
Show more
12 years ago, Nobodycares2013
I can't zoom in after last update :(
Great app ! But I can't zoom in any more via the campus map :( thanks !
Show more
15 years ago, CDG12
This app is amazing... I'm a Unc fan but still this app is freaking awesome it's got from sports to classes 5/5
Show more
15 years ago, 123555667
Best app ever!!!!!!!!
Go duke!! It has every single thing about duke
Show more
15 years ago, Yellow Neon
Nice app
Good stuff. Check out the free food calendar.
Show more
15 years ago, Richard at Duke
Nice Apps
Nice Apps, actually I can find my course by this Apps! Go! Duke! Go! Duke!
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