Duval County Public Schools

2.2 (321)
25.6 MB
Age rating
Current version
Duval County Public Schools
Last update
11 months ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Duval County Public Schools

2.17 out of 5
321 Ratings
9 months ago, lygess
Blank screen
I’ve been using this app for 4 years with no issues. However for the last several months it only gives me a blank screen.
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7 months ago, DizzySeahorse
Where did it go?
I have nothing in this app but the pictures on top of the app screen that scroll. I did recently upgrade my phone but this didn’t start until after the recent iOS update. The app is useless to me now. Which is very inconvenient considering I can’t use a work computer to access Focus while at work. Which is usually when I need to look for latest updates, test scores, & grades for my children.
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6 years ago, Pennybmomof3
Great resource for parents
This is a great app, and allowing the option to opt into difference a school calendars is a plus. I would give this app 5 stars if there was a way to enable push notifications for reminders day before/day of of early release and planning days.
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6 months ago, Cj84allenmicahcrystal
What happened?
Iv used this app for years and has been great until I got new phone, on this phone it only gives me the top half of screen and none of the important things I need. I have deleted and redownloaded countless times but nothing helps.
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7 years ago, Celticskye51
Great Info on county schools.
Love this app. My Grandson started Kindergarten this year and the app helps me connect with his school. Love how notices will be in the app for school early closings or info about the upcoming eclipse. Very useful, love having the info I need just a click away.
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4 years ago, cool_beans2
Useful but still needs a little work
Should be able to save password or have face recognition enabled to login to Focus account. Push notifications should also be enabled for reminders.
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5 years ago, lkstout
Not intuitive
Why do I have to login every time to all the different apps, focus, one view & MySchoolBucks now do I have to create a login for blackboard too? Too, it’s just the website shrunk down so all the words are jumbled up. It’s not easy to navigate.
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9 months ago, Mos'Lo
App Not Functional
The app was fine up until right before the end of the 2022/2023 school year. I uninstalled to see if that would resolve the issue then that app was missing altogether from the App Store. I reported it the school board and the app is back in the App Store but it is not functional. It does not allow you to click anything and no longer linked to Focus or specific school.
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4 years ago, Sasha1934
This site is not user friendly, and when you call for help after being on hold for a certain length of time it hangs up on you. When you ask school administrators what to do they tell you to call and when you call you get hung up on. Terrible!!!!
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8 months ago, 48halfpint73
No Longer Works
I switched to an iPhone and this so no longer works for me singer I downloaded it to my new phone. I can only see top stories. I try to select the arrow and it does nothing. Same issue on my daughters iPhone. Please update.
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8 months ago, 2011RIco
Where did the App go?
This used to be such a full resource App. It hasn’t worked for three months. We are into a new school year. I’m disappointed that our tax dollars are not being used to full benefit.
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9 months ago, asalways._tyanna
Doesn’t Work
I got this app to see my schedule and it took me to a blank screen. I wasn’t able to do anything or see anything. Some of my friends had the same problem.
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5 years ago, Parkeswilson
Log on issues
It’s nice to have the calendar as a quick reference but can’t log into acct. I can log into my Focus acct but the app is not letting me log into my acct
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9 months ago, Santi_123.10
Cant use the all
I downloaded the app to see my schedule and turns out it doesn’t work, it complete freeze, it doesn’t move at all. And Ik people who have the same issue.
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8 months ago, NoFreeTimeMommy
App quit working properly many months ago
App no longer works on my iPhone 14. Only see a picture at the top of the screen and nothing else.
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8 months ago, 5381b
Doesn’t work for iPhone
No longer works on my iPhone. The top stories is visible but there is no navigation. App area is blank. I tested the app on my iPad and it DOES show the apps so programming needs to be reviewed/adjusted.
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9 months ago, Strawb&Vanil
Need better coding and settings, etc
It told me to find my school and I did and after that I can’t log in or nothing to see my schedule 🤷‍♀️
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3 years ago, Natural Gorl
Doesn’t work on iOS 14.2
Since upgrading to iOS 14.2, this app no longer works (crashes immediately when trying to open). Is there an update planned?
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9 months ago, Anas bash
Piece of trash app
This app is a piece of garbage no wonder it’s rated 2 stars. Heck they should make it 1 star maybe even 0 if it’s possible. Delete this trash app, apple. Thank You.
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9 months ago, Loved this game until now...
Blank screen
Unable to see all information.
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7 months ago, Pacmanlover4life
No longer working on newer iPhones (iOS 17.0)
I just switched to iPhone 15, from iPhone 11, and the app no longer works.
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9 months ago, Isapup
Not working
Whenever I try to log in to see my schedule it don’t work 🤦
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9 months ago, Dayrie
Used to work…
I loved this app when it worked. Now all I can see on it is the news headlines. Not very useful.
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5 years ago, hjwitt
App won’t let me log in
It keeps saying my account can’t be found. I can log in on the Focus site but the app won’t recognize my account.
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4 years ago, Ruby/Lin
Very harmful. (Great for homophobic ppl 😁)
When I first used this app it started bitting me FOR NO REASON!!! And you know what’s worse? The AUDACITY the app has to not even put on a MASK!!!! I could of had CORONA. This was very disrespectful and UNACCEPTABLE!!! Ugh the audacity this app has.
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5 years ago, Blah Bla Nlah
As soon as i open the app and click something, it crashes
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3 months ago, Deepaksatara
Very complex not easy to navigate
Cant see pages properly . UI design is joke
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8 months ago, cryshol
Still not working
App is not working properly
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5 years ago, MomasaurusLife
Can’t Log In
I’ve reset my password twice now and I can log in on my computer but not on the app.
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9 months ago, avafarid
black screen
i’ve tried deleting and redownloading but everytime i open the app it’s just a blank white screen and i don’t have any options to click anywhere or go anywhere
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5 years ago, Sir Ash Ketchup
This is stupid
Rating 1 star until it lets me save my login information
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5 years ago, Ccccccccgj
I cant see my classes for next year
Its not letting me see my classes anymore.
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4 years ago, Jhonny Kelps
not a good system
very laggy and poor service and i do not appreciate this kind of service especially when i have to use this for school
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5 years ago, Kreff72
Not able to follow my sons school or the district😢
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2 years ago, Nunya beesxas jit
Absolutely terrible
I hate school
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5 years ago, kmb124521
It won’t let me log into my account
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2 years ago, daddy_azyddh
Michael Rah
Y’all trippin
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4 years ago, HashSlinginCoc
School is gay dawg
Just putting 1 Star because I hate school
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4 years ago, aczza
i can't even log into my acc nomo only focus n allat but everything else i can't log into
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4 years ago, TxnNxan
I don’t have to
Mannnnn this app...
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6 years ago, PoopyTeacherPalls
I take poopy teacher pills?
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5 years ago, noguyswilleverlikeme
why it so small
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4 years ago, fortnite name:oreo1313
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5 years ago, Mediocre Tom
Great app
Great app
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3 years ago, BustingRedRocks
Bogos binted
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3 years ago, chungke bert
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7 years ago, Jagleach
It's okay
The features on the app are not very broad. For example, the app description says you can check your grades, but all it is, is a link to focus in your web browser, however, it is useful because now I don't have to keep going to the DCPS website to find focus or have to locate a computer.
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8 years ago, Fibers jffjdfkgsjfk
One thing
Great app makes it easy to see my grades but I hate that there's no remember me button for focus login
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4 years ago, Shakes2u
Login issues
I can’t log in. When I try it keeps saying my password is wrong or they can’t find my username but when I log in online everything is there
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5 years ago, poopyteacherpals
Mom found the poop sock
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