DW - Breaking World News

3.8 (237)
109.8 MB
Age rating
Current version
Deutsche Welle
Last update
11 months ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for DW - Breaking World News

3.83 out of 5
237 Ratings
7 years ago, Manuel94
New version tv screen works but not intuitive
I had to read the reviews here to figure out what was going on with the app in my iPad, here is my review. A. Screen appears small in landscape mode, the image is zoomed, and there is no little square with arrow to seize up the image. I thought that DW had decided to get rid of it. B. The solution is to turn the iPad to portrait mode and then: touch the tv image to widen it, only then you can turn back to portrait mode and watch the news. Please put the square by the image so we can enhance it without turning. I can imagine many people had the same trouble. Content: 5 stars, 10 if compared to tv news in the US.
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3 years ago, usaappreviewer
No Picture in Picture or closed captioning
I watch a lot of DW app on my iPad. I want to give this app 4 stars but I can’t. There’s no support for Picture in Picture. When I exit out of this app, I cannot use this app while in conjunction with another app. There are other news streaming apps, and safari that allows for this function. So I cannot look things up at the same time while I’m listening/watching the news at the same time. In addition to this, the lack of close captioning is alarming for a network of this size. No close captioning available when selected, same happened when I used to use the Apple TV app. I’m hard of hearing but it’s difficult to keep up sometime. I’m very grateful for the ability to rewind live as many times as I need to, otherwise I wouldn’t be able to keep up on both iPad app or Apple TV app. Please DW fix these these options.
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1 year ago, Last Sanctum
Like your news but you need to update your App
I like reading DW at anytime I have, it’s trusted source for me or at least more reliable than others. But you need to upgrade your phone apps in the meaning that make it more easier to navigate menu, more touch supports, and bring us dark mode (I can only read well in dark mode) Updated: you guys really to add “Dark mode” for better reading. I’m in dark mode all the time from computer and phone.
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2 years ago, Dr. Antekirtt
If it ain't broken, don't fix it!
I love DW, but new app is simply horrible, a huge step back from the previous version. First of all, to watch streams in different languages you have to change the language of the app and wait for it to restart. As I watch DW in three languages, this is simply ridiculous. On the new "watch" screen you have news articles at the bottom, which are totally useless, as the stream stops when you open an article. Also, my question is, who wants to browse or read articles while watching a stream? The new DW app is so bad, I went back to using my old iPad with the previous version on it. Really, DW: if it ain't broken, don't fix it!
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3 years ago, Looper(!
There is a bug in the French mobile version. After scrolling down one time the app gets stuck. This only happens when I change the language to French.
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2 years ago, Silverleaf43
New design is dreadful
In the new update the design is claustrophobic and derivative of the likes of CNN’s app. Whereas the previous design had easy access to the news in our world that’s actually important, one now has to sift through a half dozen culture or opinion articles. The prior design was altogether better organized with most articles not taking up a third or more of the screen on the main page. I am thoroughly frustrated that my main source of international news has tried to fix what isn’t broken in favor of some needlessly superfluous interface.
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6 years ago, Mark Stoneman
Text too small
I read the news stories in German. Unfortunately, the text size is uncomfortably small for my eyes. It seems to ignore my phone’s settings, and it doesn’t offer any font-size settings of its own. Not all eyes are created equal. Please fix. — Still no update. Given the service’s desire for global reach, their inattention to accessibility makes no sense. I only keep this on my phone in the hope that they make accessibility a priority.
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4 years ago, Stan from Madison
Best daily news for me
I depend on this app to stay current with events, especially in Germany. The reporting is clear, factual, and well-written. The coverage of events in the U.S. is outstanding. One current glitch. I updated my iPhone 11 yesterday to iOS 14, and the app won’t open. I’m sure it will be ok soon.
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2 years ago, jeaninemb_arl
Not Compatible with iPad OS 15.1
The stories fill the first and second time after installing/reinstalling the app and then nothing fills the screen. Kindly update the app. Thanks. UPDATE- I’ve lost track of how many times I’ve deleted and reloaded this app. I would think DW would test the apps before release. News stories from October 27, aren’t helpful up top when current news is nowhere to be found.
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4 years ago, Klovesius
Usability issues
The application doesn’t allow to select a single word, for a look-up in a dictionary, for example. Only a whole paragraph can be selected. I wrote the developers about this issue a few months ago, but they seem to ignore it. Another inconvenience is inability to use the swipe gesture to return to a previous screen. Thus, the DW website has better usability than this application.
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6 months ago, moisha99
Top tier news app
…enjoying for years….but latest update dec2023 crashes each attempt to open on Apple TV. (Still works fine on my iPad Pro) Hope you fix TV app to reach 5 stars again. Thanks.
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4 years ago, ClausP1953
App does not open any more
Have been using this app for years. But since early this month (Nov2020) it will not open any more. I deleted the app and re-downloaded it, but with the same behavior. Reading now other recent reviews tells me, that the app must certainly have a glitch which needs to be corrected.
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5 years ago, Xyzzypluggh
Wishing for Chromecast support
Stream stops when you exit full screen mode. Stream quality was excellent. Other thing that would be nice if the app continued playing the audio in the background if you switch to another app
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1 year ago, Shrink715
Freezing, Freezing, Gone
The app freezes every time I use it. So, I delete it And re-download it from App Store. Love the content but freezes . The next time I want to use it, there is nothing but a blue screen. This reminds me of the old Windows 2000 Bluse screen of death only more frustrating. Please fix this issue for all your DW Fans. Dankeschön.
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4 weeks ago, rossasaurus
Good but Buggy; freezes frequently
Often stops playing video, exacerbated if changing orientation. Each morning session requires me to close and reopen App perhaps six times.
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3 years ago, Diaresis
Exhaustive and unbiased indeed
Been looking for a while for a solid and complete int’l news source with live tv and good African news coverage, well there it is. DW does the job with simplicity and efficiency.
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1 year ago, Akron Archon
Less is not "more"
The "news" content is jumbled up with op-eds and the whole lot is scattered about with little care given to news categories. Navigation is similar to a worm-hole. Now apparently made for Youtubers--video heavy and light on actual substantive news content. So if you expect an actual newspaper app look elsewhere. Oh yes, now also ZERO personalization options...
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7 years ago, Marino V
Live video doesn't play anymore!
The only missing feature is the ability to play live tv. I used to play it before but after some updates it doesn't work.
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2 years ago, mr ipad mini 5
New update not good
Before the latest update, I looked forward to using the DW app every morning to get the world news. But now it is convoluted and difficult to use- so much so, I find myself closing the dw app and searching for the news online. DW was the best unbiased news app- the latest update changed that for my purposes. Sad day, but I am uninstalling DW from my devices.
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2 years ago, rolandomarco
years later (2022) , still same issues
readability on iOS is non-existent, there is still no darkmode ( people have asked for years ) AND adjusting fontsize is horrible throughout the app ( you ony thankfully get iOS' ability to increase article fontsize )
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4 years ago, Swampalicious
Much better than US media
The ONLY thing I hope the devs will add is ChromeCast compatibility. An Apple box isn’t in my future, so hopefully one day it’ll work with my cheap little Google doodad.
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2 years ago, Welsh Ladybug
Not Working on iPhone 12Mini
I had to replace my phone and DW is the only app that won’t load. After removing from app from main screen, it will not allow me to download it again. DW still works on my iPad. 5 stars for iPad, 0 for iPhone 12 Mini.
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3 years ago, Baltimore Denizen
Great content, lousy app
Time required to navigate between sections excessively long. When trying to connect to a story from a notification, goes into gangs all the time. May switch to the website.
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3 months ago, Reese216
Barely usable app
There have been major problems with the app on iOS for a while now. The content does not load on the homepage or in the focus tabs. There’s just a blank white screen. Recent updates only seem to make it worse.
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4 years ago, b00kman
Moved from 1 star
App back to working well after crashing the last month. Thanks to the dev team for the fix.
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2 years ago, nonamemarine
Latest updated D.O.A.
Really enjoyed your service until this last update... when I open the app on my iPhone 11 I get white screen with the DW logo. I swipe right to get to the menu for regional news and pick one only to get a never ending "wait" circle. What's up guys?
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2 years ago, AshleyDelavane
Font is half the size
They cut the font in half with no way to adjust. And no, changing global settings for 1 app is ridiculous. Deleted since cannot comfortably read. Also accessing stories is much more time consuming as they revamped the whole menu system. It was perfect, now useless.
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7 years ago, lintonsa
Video no longer fills screen
This latest version only plays live TV in a small box. Am I missing something?
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6 years ago, DanTheFilmLover
Needs option to adjust text size!
Content is good. The app’s major technical need is to allow the text size to be adjusted to make it larger. The default text size is too small on a smartphone. Hope this feature can be added soon. Thanks!
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6 years ago, Dust Behind Truck
Okay but ...
Articles generally okay for overview of German perspective on world events but no in-depth treatment. In sports, bizarre behavior with incorrect links—articles do not open to actual topic! Only plausible explanations are (1) programmed that way for a laugh (on reader) or (2) 11-year old Heiner (grandson of DW boss) hasn’t quite mastered HTML?
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3 years ago, E-WALD
Strong people prideful make up this DW,,Just wanted to bring the news to the people anybody who wants to listen and get a good scope on the topic
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6 months ago, Knit faster than uploads
HELP! It broke-fix it!
The app hasn’t worked on AppleTV since its last software update. I used to enjoy watching DW (formerly five stars) for a different perspective on World Events. Alas, that is no longer possible on AppleTV. I have other AppleTVs and I won’t update them until this is resolved so hurry it along, THANK YOU.
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1 year ago, Mustang-T
Dark mode please
Great app …great programs… just include dark mode feature in settings please.
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2 years ago, 85234 Test
Back arrow
Even though the app is quite good, why would you put the back arrow down in the lower left corner in the redesign? It is so frustrating.
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2 years ago, 99uniform
Bookmark for later reading
Neutral review. Why the IOS apps do not have facility to bookmark articles for later reading? Along with that why no search capability?
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4 years ago, Alejossv
Font too small
Please add an option to increase font size. It’s so hard to read unless you’re using a magnifying glass. Haha. Danke!!
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6 months ago, carribas
Apple TV app broken
Since the latest update, the DW Apple TV app no longer opens. As others have, we too tried deleting and reinstalling, with no success. The techs at DW appear to be asleep at the wheel, since something like this should be quickly detected and fixed.
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4 years ago, Jakal 3333
Crashing Will not open.
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4 years ago, Benno E.
Chromecast support would make this app much more useful. This is a basic feature now, as seen on other European News apps such as VRT in Belgium. Thank you DW for your excellent content, however. Please continue!
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5 years ago, Chriss29
One of the best
Not only a quality app but one of the most trusted sources of world news, very well done !!!
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1 month ago, plyr633
App keeps crashing
I have had this app for a few years just in the last 3 weeks it keeps crashing on my IPad. What is up?? I have deleted and reinstalled it plays maybe for 2 minutes then dies. Please fix.
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1 year ago, Sebastianveals
Where is the search bar?
I am a German teacher and frequently use this app. I the lastest update the search bar disappeared. Where is it? I want to search articles on certain topics. It needs to be easy to find. Can’t find it.
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4 years ago, masterpants422
No “copy link” option from share menu
I have to open a story in a browser in order to get a link. Most news apps let you copy the link directly from the app.
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7 years ago, Sky Azure
Please optimize for the iPhone X screen
It would be nice if the next update would be optimized for the iPhone X screen.
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7 years ago, Mizo0oooo
Great app !!
I really like to read Germany news, but i really wish that to have an DW app for German learning.
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2 years ago, Raantuva
New design is terrible
The app is slower, the search function is gone and it's not showing the latest stories. I hate this roll it back.
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4 years ago, re-find
Add the ability to select words, not just paragraphs
Otherwise, it’s difficult to look words up in the dictionary.
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5 years ago, AmericanoInDeutschland
Latest version crashes all the time... how can an application as simple as showing the news can crash? You only had one job! 😂
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2 years ago, jg1way
I’ve had the app for years but only occasionally use it. Each time I do, I’m so disappointed in the poorly written and extremely leftist bias. Goodbye DW
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7 years ago, Gyamco
Do not update.
After upgrading it deleted all my saved articles, and the new interface is awful.
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