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E! Entertainment Television, Inc.
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1 month ago
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User Reviews for E! News

4.76 out of 5
48.3K Ratings
6 years ago, cass2003
Ever since you changed this app like font and hoe its displayed, it ALWAYS freezes up on me!! Anytime i go into a story or section like the photos i have restart my entire phone to just restart the app.. i wish there could be something you could do to make sure that doesn’t happen sooooo OFTEN! Thanks
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5 years ago, Aweb1024
Get a search option!
Sometimes I click on the pop-up notifications for the app to bring me to a specific story I’ll go to look at the picture and naturally hit the back button when I want to read the article unfortunately it brings me back to all of the articles and not just from the picture to the article which is extremely frustrating because then I have to search through everything to find the original article I was trying to read. Which is difficult there is a lot to go through and I don’t usually find what I’m looking for if it’s been a little bit of time since it was originally posted. I would love a search option so I could look up the title or topic of what I was trying to read. It’s extremely frustrating! Often times I end up having to just go to google and searching for The topic there. Usually I’m not finding it on me either.
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1 year ago, love my stylist
Update not great
The top 4-5 stories should be in the rotator at the top! Go back to the old view. Gallery of pictures at the top is not the best. It’s clunky doesn’t take you to a story. Content is grouped below the gallery but very duplicative. The new hot story is what I want to see right away and then move it below when content is updated. Then you never miss something and if you did you can catch up below. Photo gallery in one place. Video links in one place. Please clean it up.
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12 months ago, Scar1985
So Annoyed!
Anyone else having issues just opening the app?? For awhile now it’s been all about the Kardashians (boring) and the app itself has taken awhile to load properly. But within the last few weeks, I can’t get it to open at all! So IF you can open the app, all you’ll be able to read about is a spoiled family. But IF you can open it properly, congratulations! I just wish it was the E News of old, and gave us good Hollywood news. It’s even days behind letting us know a celebrity has died……just gone to the crapper. I HAVEN’T BEEN ABLE TO OPEN THIS APP IN WEEKS!!
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2 years ago, kldjfudoajd
Looking for new pop news app.
This app literally has more shopping promotions than actual pop culture stories. They’ve recently added so many “click on this to see what this celebrity wears, drinks, puts on their face, sits on,” etc. that when you scroll through their content it’s hard to find pop news. They get a percentage of each sale if you buy something from their link so I’m guessing they did this to make more money but at the cost of their reader’s enjoyment. I’m currently trying to find another pop culture app.
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5 years ago, Reb3cca**
I want more
I love E! it’s where I chose to get the “news” every day. I hate the nightly news it’s full of hate, violence and politics. But seriously the grammatical errors are ridiculous. Take pride in your work as a journalist. Also I wish there was more. It seems that there are several stories about the same people. There are so many celebrities to write about but the website only has a few celebs and several articles about them everyday.
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6 years ago, Raeallday
Picture Feature Needs Work
Overall, I enjoy this app. However, the current way you have to view photos needs some serious work. First off, the pictures are for the most part, too small. You can’t zoom in, and if there are words on the pictures, you have to awkwardly scroll upwards, which causes you to mistakenly click on other pictures in the process. If this one feature were redone, this app would definitely be four stars!
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10 months ago, Jadeite
“Update” is actually a setback
This recent update is the worst. You can’t open the app and when you get it open you can’t actually read anything because it crashes the app. Any of the articles with the list of things to buy aren’t actually anything because there are not lists or items or links. Then you see that it was originally posted years prior. The ‘top articles’ are rarely refreshed. The app just gets worse with each update instead of better
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2 years ago, FAKENEWSpolice
A Little Easier
I love the E app! Always on top of breaking news and good stories! Pretty easy to navigate! The only thing I wish was a little easier is finding celeb photos! It would be awesome if you archived them as far back as they go! Thanks for keeping us entertained E!!
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3 years ago, "Tom's Sister"
I love watching all the fashion! You just cannot find the coverage anywhere else other than a tiny bit about it-they apparently don’t care what their viewers want to see. Many many kudos to E! for the absolutely fantastic coverage! #goe fashionforever
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2 months ago, AHSfrustratedfan
Overall it’s spotty
About half the time it either won’t open or has the wrong stories. Seriously, not one article is about what it claims to be. Whomever is in charge of matching the story title with the link to the story should be fired. It’s so bad that sometimes I click every headline just to see how many are right and how many are wrong. I’ll let you guess which one always wins.
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6 years ago, Old TV Junkie
Getting better
I love the clean look and since the last few updates it’s been getting faster to use. The 360 experience is cool. I wish there would be more stories. So keep writing more about Gigi and Miley.
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12 months ago, mary may sally ann
Human rights
Very good work that but we can always use more positive things more people fighting for human rights more positive image of the gay community, the transsexual community, and so forth we need that we need that to be out in the front a positive role model for women to out there we need all of it. We need to stand up for human rights. We need more that.
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2 years ago, jenn-ayy
A kindergartner must be the editor
The grammar mistakes on this app are horrendous. A recent article talked about trans Atlantic plain trips. It’s always riddled with errors. It freezes, crashes, randomly opens your browser, and the links are always broken. Also, there used to be a tab to save articles to read later, and that’s been removed. I’ll stick to watching daily and nightly pop.
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5 years ago, Jennk9876
Sometimes annoying
I don’t know if this happens to anyone else, but I’ll go to read an article, and then it shifts to the video clip linked to the article. It’s very annoying. There are some picture formatting issues sometimes, but other than that, I do like the app. It just could be better!
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5 years ago, NR's iTunes
Sentences are cut off
I am wondering whether anyone posting the stories on your app even looks at the layout and UI, because it seems a lot gets overlooked. From spelling and grammatical errors, to incomplete stories obviously pieced together-its hard to tell this is a professional publication. For the last few weeks, entire sentences have been cut off by the image links inserted into articles and it still hasn’t been fixed.
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2 years ago, Rrowe2047
HATE the new update
Why can’t the articles just be in order like they used to. I can never find the new news. It’s the same articles over and over in different sections?! . At the top. Couples news. And whole section for the Kardashians?!? Come on. Why do I have to sift thru everything to find what I haven’t read yet. I am honestly SO close to deleting the app. It is completely useless and more frustrating then is worth it
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2 years ago, UserK2222
A complete mess
All of the links are screwed up in the app… the pictures/headline links frequently do not match up to the actual articles. They are all mixed up. It’s been this way for weeks/months. So if I see a headline I am actually interested in reading it almost inevitably links to a totally different article. 🙄 Also, how many times are you going to reuse the same ten articles over different categories? If you’re going to split articles into categories, they should be different articles… not the same articles repeated over and over. Also, not everyone cares about reality shows and stars. Find some new content. I used to love this app and now it’s a complete waste of time.
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1 year ago, JellybeanJules
Love ,love ,love E-news!!! Keeps me updated and I KNOW it’s not fake! And also thank you for being free!! Not many things are free and if they are free they are not what they seem to be at all! But E- news is realiable AND real….. thanks again E- news!!!!😀
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2 years ago, Cornbread26
New update not user friendly
The most recent update is not user-friendly at all… Has lots of repeating stories and information as you scroll down. Such a waste to continue to see the same stories as you continue to scroll. Liked the version before where it was more concise and not just saying the same thing over and over in different sections.
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2 years ago, lauraemtz
Hate the New layout
The new layout makes me want to close the app as soon as I open it… please return to the old one. This new layout is confusing, kind of messes up the vibe and not interesting… I’ve even been thinking in deleting the app cuz sometimes I don’t even want to open it because of the order and distribution of the notes…
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5 years ago, Pam Cancer RN
The only place to get the gossip!
I have been a long time viewer of E news. Think Pre-married, blond Giuliani Rancic, Pre-Kardashian era! The news has always been on point, with little bias. I trust the journalistic process and the relationships that are formed with celebrity.
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2 years ago, KC4747
Format Change
Not a fan of the new format. Previous format was so easy to navigate with top stories right up front along with videos all together. This format lists way too many repetitive stories.
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6 years ago, Reviewer9876!
App constantly crashed to the point where it wouldn’t load for days. I would delete the app and reinstall and it would work for a couple days then crash. I reached out to app support with no response. Finally deleted the app! When it worked, the content was very easy to view and navigate. However, many of the articles had grammar or spelling errors. It would be great if someone proofread the articles.
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3 years ago, Kaneohe_girl_'86
Finally taking off my phone
I don’t want this app anymore, it has become more crappy as each update arrives. Today took the cake, since last night was an awards ceremony they have an annoying pop up at the top that keeps playing their commentary of the fashion, etc. Anytime you click on the video to pause, it reopens after you exit an article. No more E! News for me after years on my phone I’m finally done.
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2 years ago, fix now!!!!!!
Block Kardashians
Love the stories on this app. But come on…the Kardashians have their own section in news. Stop shoving it down everyone’s throats. So over them and their obsessions with themselves. They are not that interesting. Find a way to be able to block or pick what topics interest people. They are not interesting for everyone that’s for sure!
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4 years ago, CynM19
Just as bad as TMZ..
In the past I have given E News/Network more credit than they even deserve. I have enjoyed some of their stories as they have been story breakers for me in the past. BUT I had enough once they covered the Myka Stauffer adoptive rehoming story. They do not know anything about most of the stories they cover; not credible and NO research done whatsoever. For them to cover the story with any sympathy towards that garbage woman is beyond me. Despicable network/“news” site!
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5 years ago, Abelstorm
Guessing game
I’m new to the app so I accepted badge notifications but when I get one and open the app it doesn’t show me what I’m getting notified about!! I’m bouncing around in the app then I lose my current stories.
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6 years ago, chris's acct.
Worst Entertainment News App Ever
It takes a lot for me to delete an app, for any reason. But I hate wasting my time and E News did that one too many times. This isn’t actually news - it’s a promotional tool for the Kardashians and other E! personalities, which make up nearly 90% of the headlines and 10% actual entertainment news. You won’t burn me again E!, and hopefully those reading this will heed my warning and avoid you too.
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1 year ago, Artichoke66
Not a fan
I like the way you used to have the top 4 stories that you could swipe seems like the first thing you see you have to go to images and then all the stories repeat all the way through. No organization to the feed at all. The same content appears in the cover page for months like the the one about the the old Blue Crush.
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6 years ago, beachbaby79
Try to work on the crashing!
I really like how the app is set up and the celebrity news, BUT it freezes up on me A LOT and I have to exit out and reopen the app if I wish to continue.
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2 years ago, Painesville reader
Basically a Kardashian PR tool
I would say that at least 50% of the stories on this app are about the Kardashians, who I couldn’t care less about. And some of them stay posted for days. I’ve had this app a long time, but am ditching in favor of the people app. There’s more to entertainment news than just the Kardashians.
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6 months ago, Hillary Walden
In need of an update
No new articles for over 4 days. Is the office closed? Before that most articles were not populating correctly you would click on one article but get another and if you wanted to read the article you clicked on you had to try every article on the page to see where it was. Terrible app why bother.
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4 years ago, flitxhes
This app freezes way too much and gets very glitchy if you’re on for a minute or two. It’s very frustrating when you’re trying to scroll and it freezes and then you scroll way past where you were bc it finally catches up.
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6 years ago, tubsthe grasshopper
Have to delete and install each time as it does not load when you open it. Get it together
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6 months ago, JenzInfo
Searches are incorrect
Please review the links to stories . Many times there is a story that you would be interested in reading, but when clicked, takes you to a completely different story or video. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the app, to find the same results .
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12 months ago, AnaGPB
It never works!
Every time I go to open the app - it’s stuck on the main app page. It doesn’t go to the articles at all. I deleted it last year because I had an old phone. I put it back on recently when I got a new phone but just may delete again. It never works! Also don’t like the format of the articles.
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4 years ago, tjam_lampros27
Drains Battery
The only negative about this app is that it drains your battery life super quick on the iPhones but besides that everything is perfect and works. If it didn’t drain the battery would definitely of given it 5 stars
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6 years ago, dev Arul
Better performance on updates
I'm seeing a good progression over last 5 updates. App is really cool to use it and crashes are not happening like previously faced.
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5 years ago, CCG426
This app crashes constantly. Most of all when you click on the notification to read the full story. Which defeats the point of clicking a notification. I've also given constant feedback on how they need to add a search feature because it is near impossible to find a story when you want it, like after a crash. Horrible app.
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5 years ago, Jacattack 1999
E news
I’ve watched E news for a long time. I was a little sad to see it go. But looking forward to the new morning show in January. You guys keep up the good work.
Show more
5 years ago, zilla 11
Love but frustrated
Love using this app but it keeps shutting down and I have to restart it all over and then hope to find the article I was reading getting very frustrated and ready to delete if not resolved
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1 year ago, Lovesales
Bring back previous format
The current format is annoying and doesn’t make sense to have the articles categorized when its the same articles repeated. I loved the previous format and scrolling through the list to read everything. I can’t see how anyone would like the way it’s formatted currently.
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7 months ago, Spotz 82
App doesn’t load
I’ve tried to open this app for the last two days and the screen remains black. I deleted and re-downloaded the app, but it didn’t resolve the issue. I don’t know if a recent update is causing the app not to load, but I will permanently delete the app soon. The app crashed like this several months ago as well.
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5 years ago, BeanyBaby1208
Love the new changes!!
Finally I can find the notifications you send! There’s a lot more content to read now too, not just Kardashians.
Show more
3 years ago, Suebee47
Daily and Nightly Pop
What happened to both these shows?
Show more
12 months ago, L mb
Does not work
I have had this app for long time and now it doesn’t work at all
Show more
6 years ago, Baygoesmoo
Love it but,
I love the app! But, when I’m supposed to get notifications it shows up and it only shows me celebrity death and other categories I never selected. I even deleted the app and reinstalled and same issue happened. If that’s fixed then I’d love it
Show more
5 years ago, silver wings 00
I love E! NEWS And all that goes with it. I love reading and watcing Daily pop News, also like reading the news anytime. Always something different and that's what I love about it. FROM:: ALABAMA
Show more
4 years ago, Xbellefillex
Battery Killer
This app kills your battery. Auto-play will be turned off but when you scroll through the list of news articles the videos start previewing. This really needs to be corrected. I wake up at 5 AM and my battery is charged 100%. I get to work at 7 AM and my phone battery dropped to 40%. So I go into the battery info to see what was up. I click on the hour between 6-7 AM. The E news app took 95% of my battery loss and I only was on it for 4 min. I go to the hour between 5-7 AM and the E news app took 69% of my battery loss and I only used it for 2 minutes. Ridiculous.
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