4.5 (9.2K)
119.2 MB
Age rating
Current version
NBCUniversal Media, LLC
Last update
1 month ago
Version OS
15.0 or later
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User Reviews for E!

4.54 out of 5
9.2K Ratings
5 years ago, Breany.M
I like app a lot very very very much
Because this App you can watch movies and you can watch episodes in some of your favorite movies and some of your favorite series and I like it because it’s also free and there’s a whole bunch of things on here like keeping up with the Kardashians and totally divas and sex in city and a whole bunch of more things that you’ll probably like in that is your style of watching movies and I just love love love love this app and it’s just great you can watch A bunch of things and I love this app because you can just be on your bed cozy and just be watching to me a favor and don’t have to pay for it just an amazing app and you can choose anything anything and he just looked it up in a 99% chance that it will be love love love love love love this app my favorite thing to watch is keeping up with the Kardashian‘s and there’s a whole bunch of interesting things there and not all apps like this are free do you usually have to pay and all you have to do is sign up and just watch the movies that you want Watch and it’s not complicated things moving enjoy your movie or series yet it’s amazing things on you in its place I love it you just have to sign up it’s not complicated it’s probably one of the best things ever seen seen dad the App Store App Store is usually have to pay for stuff and I love love love this by thank you
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7 months ago, MOOOOOOOSIE
This entertainment app is amazing for Reality TV! & not even just that, anything that they advertise or any commercial that you see through this app, dont hesitate!! Also another thing that i love about E! Is that you dont have to pay for ANYTHING! Any shows on here that you wanna watch, this App automatically gives you 3 credits. After that you may think that you have to pay for tge rest of your time on the app for watching shows but you dont! All you hsve to do is type in your TV provider user and passcode & your set for life !! DONT HESITATE TO DOWNLOAD THIS APP!!! ITS AMAZING❤️
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3 years ago, zxrtivsrt
I got the E! App for my phone and tv. It should work fine with my xfinity subscription yet I have not been able to get it to play more than one episode before it says error, or “oops! Sorry we are having trouble” and then it just stopped working all together. I keep trying but when I go back to watch the ones I want to, which are not brand new so it has nothing to do with that, they won’t play. I’m very frustrated and have downloaded all the associated apps as well that have the same shows, NBC, Bravo, etc and still am having the same problem. I have sent emails and even called in and left a message with a number I found online. I would really appreciate some help. I’ve spent a lot of time trying to figure out a fix and would like to watch the shows I purchased xfinity to watch. Someone needs to contact me and fix this problem.
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5 years ago, tayloramartin001
So much for casting anything from live shows to on-demand episodes.... about 80% of the time the casting icon doesn’t show up in the top right corner. I tested this function of a few other devices and found the same issue. I linked this app with my cable provider (xfinity) and whenever I pull up the xfinity tab it says that it doesn’t support devices under an iOS 11, which doesn’t make sense because I have iOS 13.... definitely various streaming issues and potential cable provider integration issues. Casting needs to be improved and a more consistent & visible casting icon needs to be maintained. Compared to other apps on the market for live & on-demand entertainment, I was sadly surprised by the poor functionality and bugs I experienced on the app. Hope it is fixed soon. Other than the unreliable casting function, I do like what the offers, just wish that I could stream it to my tv.
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5 years ago, kaali(:
the new version of the app is terrible shame on your developers
cant access the e app from my ipad anymore. its an older gen ipad and even though my software is updated, i cant install a recent enough version of the E app that is actually compatible thats enables me to use the app. there are no compatible versions for older gens now, it seems. so i cant watch on my ipad. additionally cant watch on my phone now because whenever i try to link my provider - i get sent straight to a sling tv sign in page. sling is my old provider, i now have fubo tv. there’s no option to go back, change provider, nothing. just prompts you to enter your password, or exit the app, only to be prompted for the same expired login each time. the e app will not let me connect this account to my provider because of its poor design. im disappointed, guess im just going to have to delete it.
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4 years ago, Please change:(
Enjoying But episode won’t play.
Really enjoying the app. Love that with my cable I can watch all episodes of botched. Episode 4 season 1 will not play. Giving this review since there might be more videos that will not play for others. Please fix. Thank you!!
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4 years ago, KrisRizzo
Love the app but the pause button
Love this app. I binge watch Kardashians all the time and actually love the adds with the new movie trailers coming out. The only thing is the pause button when you pause and exit the app and come back in, it will not play. You have to exit whatever you are watching and go back into it which is super annoying because I have three young children and I have to pause my show a lot. The only thing I do like about it is when you do hit pause for a quick sec and do not exit the app or show you can just hit the screen and it will play.
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5 years ago, BratzCymbline
I love the app but the pause button
I really love E! and the E! app is great, but as of right now it’s just the pause button that I have an issue with. When I try to pause the show the play button should pop up instead of the pause symbol. Then it just buffers then when I come back to finish watching my show it doesn’t play. Then I have to exact out of the episode then go back into it to make it stop buffering and just play normally. It’s great it really is my only problem I have is the pause and play button. Other than that great app.
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4 years ago, Mel+Jimmy
I just downloaded this app recently. It was fine for about 15 minutes into a show. But ever since I am having problems watching. The episodes play but it freezes every like 20 seconds. Then unfreezes but isn’t playing where it originally froze it like skips ahead. Am I the only one with this issue? I turned my WiFi on and off to see if my WiFi was the reason. Downloaded it on my iPad. And it is the same deal.
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5 years ago, Ace Jordy
Airplay & Smartcast Need Improvement
Overall decent app, however whenever I’m casting something to my tv (mostly via airplay) and I attempt to multitask the stream stops. Tapping on a notification shouldn’t impede me from watching. This isn’t the case with other major streaming apps, and usually the entire app freezes when this occurs. I would greatly appreciate being able to send a text message while streaming without having to force close the app every time like on: Netflix, Prime, Starz etc.
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4 years ago, bobaaddixt
Please fix
The content on here is great but the app is not worth going through. It unlinks my provider every week or so and when I try to link it again, it literally takes a century to verify my tv subscription account. I keep waiting only to get a “sign in error” message to show up every time I try to link. On top of that, I always have to restart the app after leaving it and going back to it. It also never saves where I left off. Please fix it :( I’d like to have this fixed before the new season of keeping up with the kardashians come out *cries*
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5 years ago, tchinnnn
Doesn’t even play shows
This app is garbage and has literally never worked for me the numerous times I’ve tried it over the years. Thought I would try it again as I am traveling right now and want to watch my regular shows, but after logging into my 3rd party tv provider and supposedly having everything set up it doesn’t work. When it “plays” a show it simply runs the timer for the length of the show but the screen is black and there is no audio. There is literally no point in downloading this app. Don’t bother wasting your time.
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4 years ago, lucas.14
Drains battery, gets hot
I like using this app because it’s convenient if I want to watch shows on the go, but it always drains my battery VERY fast and gets my phone super hot. It gets so hot the phone has to lower the brightness until it’s able to cool down. I have a new iPhone 11, so this isn’t an issue with my phone being old or having a bad battery. Please look into this, thanks!
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5 years ago, bubchd
Just here for the Kardashians
Only reason to have this app wish it was subscription based instead of link a provider that way I could just pay to watch kardashians but they don’t want money
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4 years ago, butterflykellz
The app NEVER wants to work. I’ll have strong connection to my WIFI and the app still asks to me link my provider and then the app shuts down and the home page never loads all I want to do is catch up on Very Cavallari and I only have saturdays to watch my shoes as my husband naps through out the day bcuz it’s his only day off and only time for me time ugh frustrating
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3 years ago, @nn0yed!
This app does not deserve the 4.5 stars it has. This app is so glitchy. It crashes constantly and when I’m watching a show it skips as if I’m watching a bootleg movie. It just randomly skips and before I know it’s on a whole different scene of the show. Please fix this. This has been an issue with this app for years and that’s why I rarely use this app, and I finally took the app off my phone. It’s garbage and would not recommend to anyone.
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3 years ago, KeLeeY171924
Misleading App
I usually watch E! through safari on my phone. I wanted to finish one episode. It made me download the E! app & link TV provider. After following all prompts explicitly, not one of the videos will play displaying an error message. This app is useless. The user must have a paid cable provider to link too (internet service only DOES NOT work, must have a cable/satellite subscription) which I have & still fails to work. Utterly disappointed deleting
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3 years ago, allnamestaken🙄
Needs severe updating
It seems like this app was built long ago before they new how to make apps… it needs updates. You can’t control anything that goes on your continue watching list. it just starts playing random shows from the 90s and then puts them in your thing and keeps trying to play them and there is no way to remove them … don’t know why 🤷🏼‍♀️but I don’t really care what Pamela Anderson was doing two decades ago.
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3 years ago, torifavaro
Extremely glitchy
If I get a phone call or have to lock my phone at all it completely freezes and will not play again. I have to exit out and go back into the app to play from where I was. Also, I’ve missed out on a lot of scenes from shows because of this issue. It is so annoying trying to watch shows on this app!
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5 years ago, Longamanda
This latest update that merged multiple network content is awful. When I get out of the app and back in right away I have to restart the app. It doesn’t remember where I left off or it remembers on a previous episode so I have to remember and search to where I left off. And last, if I go out of the app and back days later it doesn’t even show series “x” in the current section yet it shows me content “because you watched x”. Very frustrated. Please fix this!!
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3 years ago, GodsGiftToMen
Keeps asking for tv provider, I have NONE!
I have Apple TV and I use my phone data and I could use the app on my iPhone to watch episodes and mirror it to my television but I could not utilize the app from the Apple TV itself. Very weird and crazy and stupid and there's no way around the TV provider thing which is weird because plenty of people don't actually have cable anymore. We either use Internet or our phone data to stream apps
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5 years ago, Jenchris2
Pause Button
I Love the App itself but every time I pause any show and come back to it then I have to exit out of that show and reopen it. I can not pause it and come back a few minutes later and hit play. Nothing major but still aggravating!
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4 years ago, idkbutdontdeletethis
I would love this app if it worked
Used to use this app about a year back and I haven’t been able to use it since. Even after all the updates I get an ERROR screen after trying to put in my TV provider. I used to love watching my favorite shows on here. I wish y’all would fix the app. I am not the only person who has this issue. Most people I know have this exact same issue. It’s sad that we can’t enjoy our favorite shows here anymore.
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3 years ago, scrappybrown
Never been provoked to write a review until now
Literally just want to watch the new KUWK episode, won’t play. Tried deleting and redownloading the app, turning my phone off, nothing. Gave up and tried watching another show, the sound lasted just long enough for the commercial to finish and then went silent as soon as the show started. There was just an update? There shouldn’t be these problems.
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5 years ago, Delainey F
It suddenly wouldn’t let me watch anything because it apparently needs my location services on. So I turned it on, and it still won’t let me watch anything. My provider is already linked, I’m half way done with an episode and I can’t watch the rest of because of this location thing
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4 years ago, mama t 8
Connect fail
I love this app and that I can get feee credit to watch my favorite show. But I wish they would fix the bugs. It fails to connect. I will have to close it and go back in and then when it connects or casts it starts back at the beginning. Other than this I love it
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3 years ago, Blossoms_blossoms
The app is fine, but I really don't think I need it right now.I have had issues with deleting the profile. NBC just gives you a ticket and you delete the profile, but my concern is where do I put it?
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5 years ago, Susy frieas
Love the the
I really love this app I am able to watch my favorite show and not Fight over the TV with my son. I don’t know what I was thinking But I was surprise to see commercials when watching my show. At this point I really don’t mind. Love love love
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3 years ago, Businessgirl777
Nothing but Love for E!
I really Love E!!!! What an Amazing experience it has been this week, to watch the expert judges, Ester Dean, Meghan Trainor and Adam Lambert! The contestants were Amazing and I was able to catch up on all of the Clash of the Cover band Episodes!!! My heart is full! Thank you! Sincerely, Maria Smith
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4 years ago, Zanklaren
Fun and doesn’t disappoint
I have never had an issue with this app like I do with many others. It’s easy to navigate and I love that it will save my place on an episode I have yet to finish.
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2 years ago, Foreignheroine
App never work!!!
So I’m always having trouble watching shows/movies on this app. I have uninstalled and reinstalled several times and still get this message- “Sorry! A video playback error has occurred. Please try restarting this video. If you continue to experience issues, please contact us under settings in the app.” I have also contacted contacted them but they don’t respond.
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2 years ago, Katie Yungston
Horrible set up
Whenever you watch the ads fully and then have to rewind to see something you missed expect to rewatch all the ads again unexpectedly. I assume it’s a ploy to get more money through advertising. Just extremely annoying when you watch a set of ads and then 10 seconds later you get a whole other set.
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3 years ago, @KaitlinPurrington
Playback Error
I love this app and constantly use it to catch up on Keeping Up with the Kardashians, but for the last month or so, I keep receiving playback errors. I have uninstalled and redownloaded the app several times, but I am still receiving this error! 😞😭
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4 years ago, MegLuvzMeetings
Not the best
I pay for this application and the amount of commercials are INSANE! I hate it! And the other thing I dislike is all of the missing episodes...Depending on the show, there are numerous episodes that are not even there to watch...Why? I really like some of these shows and would appreciate the ability to watch the whole season!!
Show more
5 years ago, juliana8989
Pause button not working
I love the app I’m a single mom I can catch up on all my shows in my free time but the pause button doesn’t work well!!!
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3 years ago, Tayannerob
This app is so annoying. It glitches every time I open it and loads way longer than it should, all my other apps work and load properly but this was is so slow and needs to be updated or something because it’s seriously so annoying.
Show more
2 years ago, sittinginatree
What happened?
I looked at the e! App 7 times a day 2 months ago and it had a long list of fun stuff… now they have changed it to small little pictures and all photos and videos. I don’t get it. I was waiting for them to fix it, but at this point I don’t have hope.
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3 years ago, Marial111
Won’t play sound
I’ve tried to use this app numerous times to watch KUWTK and literally I can’t even get 5 seconds through the commercial without the sound completely cutting out, i’ve tried to exit and reopen the app numerous times but the sound just will not work. Wish they would fix it i’ve tried literally 20+ times
Show more
4 years ago, bigreader12
Cable provider
Has it been considered that those of us without cable would like alternative ways to watch our favorite shows. If I don’t have a cable provider and you haven’t made the latest season (19) of KUWTK available to purchase, what are my options?? Because the three credits is up and I would still like an option to watch KUWTK. Where’s the purchase option??
Show more
4 years ago, Ntynda
Fix this app!
I can’t pause or expand without it freezing. Then I have to exit out and go back in. I’ve seen this complaint posted for almost a year, so what the heck are these devs waiting on to fix this?!
Show more
5 years ago, K.H.P.
Love the app but the linking provider
When I press the button to put in my tv provider, it kicks me out or it doesn’t do anything. I’m trying to watch my show but it won’t let me put my tv provider info please help me.!
Show more
3 years ago, LÿlÿKardäshän
Fave Channel
Is my favorite channel because Keeping up with the Kardashaians and some other shows
Show more
4 years ago, sammy12699
Good app, only issue is that after leaving the app sometimes whether the program is paused or not. Once you return to it, the selection has crashed and you have to exit out of the app
Show more
5 years ago, pmorris123
Linking tv provider issues
App used to work until I changed tv providers. Now that I no longer use direct tv, the app won’t provide the option to link a different provider. When I go to link providers, direct tv pops up. If I hit cancel, it doesn’t default to the screen with all provider options. There’s no way for me to link my current provider (xfinity)
Show more
3 years ago, Leeyluh
This app constantly crashes when I’m trying to airplay to my tv. This is the only app that does this. I also hate how when you’re watching a serious and when your episode is finished, it plays the same episode again instead of playing the next one. Worst app to work with
Show more
4 years ago, Zynn if you read this plz help
I am having an issue on trying to play the videos.
It says Sorry!A video playback error has occurred . Please try and restarting this video.. If you continue to have this issue , please Contact us under the settings app
Show more
2 years ago, vanaymw
Horrible with AirPlay
I’ve been trying to cast to my TV via Airplay and I can’t even get through one episode of a show without the app crashing. It freezes, the FF/rewind functions are useless and I’m constantly getting an “Error, play back failed”. Very frustrating. Don’t recommend if you plan on using the app with Airplay.
Show more
3 years ago, Bleu Eyes
I didn’t realize I would have to pay for everything and in paying for everything you still only get shortened, 3 minute clips and those three minutes have been edited down to nothing.
Show more
4 years ago, Barneylove
App used to be my favorite up until I logged in with my optimum provider & can’t watch NO TV in my phone because all I get is “Sorry a video playback has occurred . Please try restarting this video . If you continue to experience issues , please contact US , under settings in app” & IT DOESNT WORK. WASTED AN HOUR doing so can you Guys please fix this issue or at least address it !
Show more
1 year ago, Crazysexxy
For some reason, the ads seem to play without it buffering every minute. However, when the show starts to play, it’s literally impossible to watch the video in its entirety without buffering. I know it isn’t my network/Wi-Fi because the ads play extremely well.
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