East Bay Times for Mobile

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MediaNews Group
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2 years ago
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11.0 or later
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User Reviews for East Bay Times for Mobile

1.22 out of 5
51 Ratings
12 years ago, Celeb news lover
Yay, super excited about this app!
Can't rate too high as I just downloaded this app but after having numerous problems re-subscribing to BANG, I'm super excited to see this app available more specific to my location. My fingers are crossed that it delivers, based on my initial look though, it seems to be even better layout than BANG. Yay, thanks for providing this!
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3 months ago, Oggie11
Excellent Local News Coverage.
EB Times reporters do really well at covering local news, despite constant cutbacks. These are reporters—journalists—who know how to find the facts and put them together for us. These are not neighbors on Next Door who may or may not get the facts right.
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3 weeks ago, cctraveler09
What is wrong with you?
Why would you remove landscape orientation? It is a nice easy way to read the paper. You have made it more difficult to enjoy the paper.
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12 years ago, Willy the Wonder
There is a spat of San Francisco papers (CC times, oak trib, San Jose mercury news) that are beyond frustrating. I see a news story on safari. I try to go to it and get directed to download the app or go to story. I select go to story and I get the same message! I can't just read the story with my iPhone and safari. So I've downloaded this sorry app (same for most local papers) and guess what? The story I was interested in is not there!!!! So ditch the app. Make a mobile optional web page. I have stopped looking at these papers because the app doesn't have the stories I am interested in and the newspapers web site insists I get the app. The app doesn't have the stories. Instead of being an ad for these papers it has driven me away.
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2 years ago, Max Plonck
A step backward
This morning I clicked on the new app, which had appeared yesterday in place of the previous one, and yesterday’s edition appeared. Could not access today’s edition. So I tried my cell phone and it appeared there. Deleted the app from this iPad and will now download the app again. The new app is cumbersome. Before, I could swipe once to get to the next page; now I must click on the page and choose from a page below the page. There is nothing so far that is better than before and everyday reading is less convenient.
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6 years ago, J. B. King
No search, only some previous day’s content
I love the content you have. Sometimes when I tap on an alert from the app to see the relevant article, the app shows me a more recent and unrelated article. Sometimes the article in the alert just isn’t to be found. There is no obvious way to search. The search on your website is indexed poorly, but at least there is one. Previous days’ articles, political cartoons, etc. are only sometimes available through the app. Thinking of the web site: I have to reset my password every time I use it, despite always using the same password. I suppose using the same password keeps the app from having trouble or a sign in when I launch it, but any password reset should require reauthentication of the app (or any other way to get to my account), even if it is the same password.
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4 years ago, Kadimatraveler
Where is the ability to search!!!
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12 years ago, EEEliminator
Could be better
App is decent, unfortunately it doesn't want update the news sometimes. Stories are all days old and when you make it refresh it says it's still up to date. I find myself switching to other news apps often to get current events. If it was consistent I'd use it more. Also if you lose your signal it has a hard time reconnecting unlike other news apps.
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4 years ago, Hippoppy
Hidden local news
I saw a news item about a local hospital having multiple coronavirus cases in another news source. The only way this article showed up searching for it in this app was to enter the hospital name. Under the search for coronavirus I got fluff stories about restaurants opening and sports stories but nothing about this hospital that is located nearby even though this story was just out yesterday.
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12 years ago, MelandMan
Great App
Great App for news in the Bay Area! I've had it since it first came out and I have never had a problem. I would definitely recommend it!
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11 years ago, Bryan Beck
Love 2.1
Great job on the new app! Love the radar and updated weather features! We get the paper delivered daily and now with the new updated app I feel even more connected with our new hometown! Thanks!
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2 years ago, ZooJim
Terrible Upgrade
Whomever designed this new edition should be fired. I’m old school and resistant to change, but this new app is impossible to navigate and won’t even update on my new iPad Air. I can only hope there will be updates to fix the bugs! And given the comments on this review page I’m not alone. Time to go back to the Chronicle!!!
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5 years ago, corrie reader
Such a disappointment
I have two basic complaints. One, there is no easy way to search for a particular article. Why can’t this site have a search box in a prominent display area like so many other newspapers. Secondly, the fonts are especially tiny on the first page. The fonts are fine, however, when reading the actual article.
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10 years ago, Tigre Maman
Finally a logical app for CC Times
Simple, click on the section, lists the stories, read the stories. Finally got it right. Not sure what took so long.
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6 years ago, Hermione925
Has no search function!!
Developers boast that in the new version (7.3) you can embed a “Scribble live post,” whatever that means, but God forbid you need to search for a headline that you saw in the print edition so that you can have a link to forward to a friend. There appears to be no search tool whatsoever. What kind of a text-based news app doesn’t have a search tool? A very lame one.
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2 years ago, TheEarlyRiser
Bring back the old app
I like to look through the newspaper just like I did with the paper version. That experience is gone, or I can’t find it. I’m curious, do you’re app developers just change things to change them. They sure didn’t make this new app a better experience.
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3 years ago, The Lev
Great app
Love getting local coverage with this. It works really well. Maybe Apple should clean out some of the reviews from the GW Bush era?
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4 years ago, mojojr
Not happy with the app
Navigation of the newspaper with this app is frustrating and confusing. An example of new and improved often isn’t. Deleting the app and hope that a better on comes along soon so that I’ll be able to read my local paper when I am away from the area.
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4 years ago, MSG Linda
I Want The Real Newspaper.....
What the heck have you done, to ruin a perfectly good app? I want to read the newspaper, and sometimes, for the day before, and, perhaps, the day prior to that. After wasting 30 minutes, trying to find previous newspaper issue dates, I had to give up. This is so NOT saving newspapers, in the Bay Area, or in our country, for that matter. Leave it to the millennials, to read only what you are pushing. This OK Boomer, wants to read the newspaper, in a linear; full, and total offering. Didn’t you do any subscriber testing of this dreadful, ruination, of our relied-upon newspaper, and app? Total fail......
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10 years ago, Martinezlocal
Zero stars should be an option!
I used to really enjoy utilizing this App for browsing the news. Now that the App has "evolved", thanks most likely to some idiot at the Times, it is horrendous. With the most recent updates the App does one thing extremely well: crash. Thanks for breaking something that did not need fixing.
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12 years ago, AnnaBranDylan
Great app
Im glad the cc times released this app. Its so complete. Its like having the actual newspaper with you. Very informative! A must have
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11 years ago, Aquariusrick
Local News won't refresh
It's been over a week now with the same articles in the Local News section. Tried uninstalling and reinstalling. It's the same articles about the broken steel rods in the Bay Bridge, the guy who scammed for the 49ers Super Bowl tickets, the armed robbery in the Toys R Us, etc. Is anyone else seeing these same articles for days now?
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12 years ago, Not great!!!!
Needs improvements
This app does not update with the correct articles from the website. Sometime it could take up to a day u see the articles show up. Also most articles never show up on the app. It would be much better if the app updated the same as the website.
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4 years ago, Pro-Town
Lots of Notifications, but
I expect a notification to show me current news. However often the news displayed is two days old! Why not update when notifications are sent?
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2 years ago, dknrignihdid
It gets an F
Very difficult to navigate. Worse than it was before they revised it. I prefer to read the newspaper edition. And you can’t get there easily. Also requires you to log in over and over again. Ads are intrusive and annoying. Terrible!
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4 years ago, Nancy-girl
The news reporting is fine. But the navigation is challenging, the font is particularly small and light, unlike other online news media.
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11 years ago, Cherday
Great source
More news than what I am used to in CNN app plus local news.
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5 years ago, Lgeeeeez
The update seems a lil more user friendly
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4 years ago, Dissappointed9998877
Horrible change
I want today’s news, not a collection of old articles I have t search through. It was waaaaay better when it actually looked like the paper and you could read what interested your. You have ruined the app for me.
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2 years ago, SRreader
Bring back the old app!
Not fun trying to navigate this new version before I even finish my first cup of coffee this am! Will keep trying to make sense of this new layout, but only because it’s the only thing available.
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4 years ago, BenCA99
Ultra leftist and biased content.
I’ve been reading this newspaper in print or online for over 30 years. It used to be fairly good for local news. In past few years has become so biased, far left, that it’s now just a worthless rag not worth reading at all.
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2 years ago, bsilkie
Switched back to the regular app.
Like another commenter, I prefer to get the “newspaper “ experience. Don’t like the way this organizes news articles and didn’t realize there were 2 apps that would work with my ipad
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12 years ago, Antioch Golfer
Did nothing
I downloaded the app and opened it up only to have it do nothing! It just said Contra Costa Times and I tried touching everywhere and waiting patiently until I finally gave up and deleted! Frustrating!!
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11 years ago, Tellin the truth ppl
No Current Daily News
Articles are NOT UPDATED until 1/2 day Late! Todays early morning 6am news is Yesterdays news! WHY!!! If you want current News when you wake up in the morning, this app is not for YOU as it DOES NOT update articles with current news.
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7 years ago, unhappy in Walnut Creek
Poor scrolling, constantly interrupted by ads. Hard to find specific articles. Overall very difficult to use. If it weren't only source for local news, I'd never use it. How can this be so bad, with Silicon Valley location of parent Merc News?
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11 years ago, Mz.Bethany
Can't search
I was wanting to search for a news story earlier in the week, and there's no way to see anything other than today's news. I hope this is something that will be addressed in the future.
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10 years ago, Missing Songs
Santa Clara Times, not Contra Costa
Why doesn't the CC Times app have a spot in sports for St. Mary's? They sports teams are successful in the WCC & the men's basketball team has been more successful than Cal in recent years. Additionally since being acquired by San Jose paper, almost all articles about Santa Clara County, not Contra Costa. What a shame and waste of time.
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10 years ago, MezakaM
Ruined the experience
The barrage of ads and the rabbit paths they take you down, ruined the reading experience I could not get out of the Junk Pros ad and ok I do not mind a little advertising but to be hijacked is not acceptable
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10 years ago, Kimmiecheeks
I'm trying to read an interesting story and the entire app crashes. There have been multiple updates for this app but still it doesn't improve. Download a different news app!!!
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11 years ago, 55read55
News isn't updated quickly enough, but ok for basic info
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10 years ago, Buffed Fat
Why are there commercials?
Good app, but commercials pop up randomly with sound on. Very disruptive. I am a subscriber. Is there a way to stop the commercials?
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2 years ago, averagerating
This is essentially unusable. I can no longer read the paper without cursing whoever designed this new version. If I could leave negative stars I would
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11 years ago, NR's iTunes
Please Fix!
Can't read stories, pages become blank. No option to contact developer with issues and content is not updated frequent enough. Deleting app.
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12 years ago, Saratoga1
Timeout section has a few articles but not all of the articles. For instance, Dining Scene is not in app although in today's print edition. Is there a reason for this? I might as well not have the app. Too bad. I like the newspaper.
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2 years ago, Rfhaerha
Bring back the old version!
The old version worked just fine. Please allow us to go back.
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2 years ago, astapen
Can't find anything in search.
I saw an article in the actual newspaper and wanted to find it online. I searched by title and reporter. NOTHING. Then tried some obvious searches: Capitol Riot. NOTHING. THIS APP IS WORTHLESS. Wish I could give it zero stars.
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11 years ago, Lefty73
Yesterday's News
All the news is 'old' and uninteresting. The most recent headline is currently 2 days old which would suggest that nobody is responsible for updating the apps content over the weekends. As Ron Burgundy would say..."that's bush league..."
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11 years ago, Ken Tune
App won't refresh local news
I assume they are tracking this to see how many people complain. Would love to see same ads from www version scroll across the bottom.
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10 years ago, Jbossy123
What happened?
Stories don't load, sometimes it asks you to log in and other times you get spammed by advertisement. This app use to be a lot better. What happened?
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7 years ago, jdivock
Ads play sound in articles
Amazing, just go to the mobile site where chrome and safari trim out the crap for you.
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