Easy ten. Learn 10 words a day

4.5 (1.3K)
93.9 MB
Age rating
Current version
Easy Ten OOO
Last update
10 months ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for Easy ten. Learn 10 words a day

4.49 out of 5
1.3K Ratings
3 years ago, shaileshingale
Broken app
This app is broken. Please don’t buy. I have full subscription and yet it doesn’t let me do anything. This despite writing to developers. I could give zero stars. To be honest I liked it while it was working
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3 years ago, The_Kid_Stargazer
Can’t use or try without buying a subscription.
I don’t really have any remarks about the app, be it design, usability or functionality except for the fact that you have to buy a subscription as soon as you download. You have to blindly subscribe, to make matters worse because they don’t give you a preview or a test run or a sample lesson. You don’t even get to see what the app looks like. So that’s my review look at ones from people who actually paid to see if it’s worth it or not.
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3 months ago, C uff t as I’ll I’ll I’m
I can’t
I can’t believe that this app was made it’s such a good app
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11 months ago, leahscroggins07
Complete waste of time.
I wish I read the reviews beforehand because it would have saved me my valuable time. You can only get so far without having to buy a subscription. I filled out what language I want to learn why and how and then it was trying to force me to buy into a subscription to go any further. Do not buy unless you want to pay for something you can get for free!!!!!!!
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1 year ago, Poker lover1
Expensive and needs instructions
It’s expensive and there should be a guide to show what and how to use the app. I feel lost in it. I don’t know when to switch to different tabs. It’s the first day so I’ll give it more time. It shouldn’t cost so much.
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3 years ago, confusedaboutpricing
Confusing pricing
Why does your page state that it would be $8/month and yet when I installed it, it’s offering me a special deal of $10/week?? Make your pricing clear please.
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1 year ago, fycivogey
When i got the 7 day free trail for 9.99 a month I cancelled before the 7 days were up. About 5 months after deleting the app I was charged 9.99 even though the app hadn’t been downloaded on my iPhone for months. Someone needs to fix this or I’ll go the legal way for my money back.
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4 months ago, Aemorph
Fake/ broken app
Do not waste your time. You’re better off reading from a dictionary. The app is “broken” but I think it was just thrown together in 5 minutes by someone trying to make some quick cash.
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1 year ago, wowowapps
Cannot use w/o subscription
I kept seeing ads for this app on social media so I was super excited to try it. They had lots of categories to learn from but then I realized to continue I’d have to pay $10 weekly. Complete and udder waste. Hate apps like that.
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1 year ago, Bbbbby
I love it
This is so good and fan
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2 years ago, Tangerine in my pocket
Do not purchase
Doesn’t work and there is no way to cancel! Cannot access the help screen through app or website. I want my money back and would like to cancel!
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2 years ago, Péricles Alves
Not working 👎🏼
Não está funcionando, este aplicativo já foi muito bom. Porém, hoje não tem atualização e os erros são grosseiros. Desde o mal funcionamento até mesmo o suporte é péssimo para consertar as falhas que o App apresenta. Not working, this app was once very good. However, today there is no update and the errors are gross. Since the malfunction even the support is terrible to fix the flaws that the App presents
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1 year ago, maeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
Broken app
This app don’t work no go through all the prompts to set it up, and end on a blank page. It’s a waste of time to attempt. Yes I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled, same result
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9 months ago, lol Bh
Scam fraud
This is a scam. Keeps renewing a subscription that I never bought. Do not buy or down load will charge you without permission and hard to cancel!!!!
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3 years ago, Abrikoska3
Not working
Your application doesn’t work. I’m trying it over a week and nothing works.
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2 months ago, the 1 you love 2 hate
App doesn’t work properly
I want my money back it doesn’t work properly & you still charge me
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1 month ago, Snoopshomes
$10 a week???
Just spend $20 and have a live person teach you once a week.
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1 year ago, Dmtahoe530lt
$40 a month
7 day free trial then the low price of $9.99 a week after. That’s bananas! Too expensive
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1 year ago, Adolita
Very godo, thank
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7 months ago, REvenson12
Examples Won’t Load
Examples Won’t Load
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1 year ago, AngeloRose0629
Can’t cancel
Price is ridiculous for this. Would be great if it was free
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9 years ago, another album12
I like the idea and the sub fee is pretty cheap compared to most other apps in the same category. However this app has a little ways to go. The format is weird and not very intuitive. I feel like I'm just pressing buttons, it needs a much better tutorial. This app needs a few more updates. After which I think it will be a whole lot more awesome. I think the idea of "just 10" words has a lot of potential. As a language learner I like seeing myself have notches on my belt of more words at my disposal. I also wish there were a competitive game mode. I like seeing people on the leaderboards and trying to one up them, it keeps me motivated in a petty way. However, one more word is one more word closer to fluency. Update: the devs are really on top of things, I have been continuosly emailing them with bugs and issues I've had with the app. This recent update has addressed all the issues I brought up in my periodic email. This app has a lot of potential! 5 stars for listening to customer feedback!
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1 year ago, yOuR niCkName is alr taken
wth is the point of paying
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2 years ago, Nastya🥐
from the best app for learning new words to simply skam
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1 year ago, Review___Writer
fake advertising i saw on an insta ad that it had korean but it doesn't
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1 year ago, jack0001552211
$10 a week. Lol.
$10 a week. Lol.
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3 weeks ago, hosay88888
Paywall don’t download
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1 month ago, CellphoneStory
waste of time
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9 years ago, PizzaBoy6789
Frustrating to use
I was really excited to get this app and loved the trial so much that I downloaded the full premium version. Unfortunately I was a little disappointed... I paid to have two languages but cannot learn two languages at the same time which is quite frustrating given that I paid for the full version. You have to switch between languages and can only have one per day. Additionally, as a near fluent speaker, I find the lack of words annoying. There are many words I want to learn but cannot. There is not even a way to add them yourself. Also for French, there are no articles which makes telling the gender of words difficult at times. The pronunciation for many words is the wrong word, so the tests are frustrating. Also crashes occasionally, especially when switching languages. I like having the words for your (only one!) language selected for the day show up as often as you want on the lock screen though, that's neat. UPDATE: Garbage app. The pausing of new words does not work and the selection is very poor and limited. You cannot simply go back and look at your words from other days before being forcefed 10 new words for the day. Horrible if you want to focus on certain words and ignore their useless word choice system. Do not buy. Also devs are not responsive to my questions or complaints.
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5 years ago, B'nuts
Doesn’t seem worth the money unless they stay on top of it
Biggest issue is that the app attempts to test the user with sound clips that can’t be heard (Phone volume all the way up and even played music and sounds from other apps just to be sure. But sigh... it’s Annoying.)There’s no way to get it to test you in a different way instead (translate text? or a flash card?) to get around this issue... Or, let’s say you’re at work or in a waiting room and you don’t want the public to hear the strange sounds emitting from your device (think of how Duolingo does it). I think the general conception of paid apps is that they should be stable, working, and fully developed. So far, yes on the first, but sorely lacking on the other two. Last update 5 months ago? I hardly think this will get fixed, but worth a shot...
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8 years ago, artemis927
Love learning new languages
I downloaded this app because there is an Apple Watch app to go along with it, but I use it mostly on the iPhone. I'm really enjoying the process of learning new words and after a week, I'm still repeating the 80 words I've learned in my head after I say them in English. You pick which category of words you learn and since I'm traveling to Europe for fun, I chose a lot more words around food and transportation and making purchases. When you invite friends from Facebook, it extends the trial period, but I intend to pay when my trial is up. Thank you for making this great app!!
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4 years ago, leftonvacation
Crashes a lot :(
Please fix crashes. Every time I finish words for the day, it prompts me to test words from few days ago. When I press the button to do the test, it crashes. Also, would be great if brain boost would not always use all words from the list. Requires me to constantly manually manage the list. I’d rather prefer brain boost to work automatically and show me tests on words I don’t do well on. Giving 5 stars as I think the app is very useful overall.
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7 years ago, MOMof3wildkids
Best app so far!
I have purchased many apps over the last 4 years to increase my vocabulary in Russian. This one is by far the best. It makes the process of learning easy and convenient. They have a comprehensive list of vocabulary but I do hope they add some basics that I did not find. For example, direction words like "to there, this way, etc". Otherwise I'm very happy with my purchase.
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7 years ago, Kitcoe339
Great for building vocabulary
In just 4 days I've learned 50 new words. I can read, write, and say them all. If you do the brain boosters everyday you'll learn them faster. There's also a option under settings to allow 20 words a day to make the most out of the app. I love that you can pick the words you actually want to learn. Great app to start on.
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8 years ago, ItalianEffy
A Wonderfully Designed App
This app is so useful for helping you remember and practice selected words. Sometimes, the app has a little lag and does not record the points correctly. I really enjoy using it. Simply wish is completely free like Duolingo. Great job, founders and developers!
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5 years ago, bella- means beauty
I definitely recommend this app. I am very young, only twelve. Me and my family are going to France in two years. it’s only day two but i have learned twenty words already, I am very excited to explore and expand my vocabulary. Thank you for this app
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9 years ago, jon.speaks
Great app but ugh
I love the concept and the functionality but lay off trying to get me to pay for a subscription right off the bat. I'm just testing the waters and if i wasn't so interested on learning foreign vocabulary, I might be scared away by the amount of "please consider a subscription" steps before you actually got to TRY the app.
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8 years ago, Sérgio Parriao
Great English learning tool
I am really enjoying this app, at first was a little hard to understand how it works, but with time I stated to understand It better, I love the learning methodology.
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8 years ago, Nanycosta8
I like the methodology and that is super easy to use. But two things made me give just 4 stars. Most of the words I already know ( and yes, I put there that I was proficient but even tho there are common and usual words) and secondly, I wish that we didn't have to pay :( The idea is awesome tho!
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8 years ago, DBJ23
Excellent app but please fix settings wheel!
I truly do enjoy this app as I feel I am actually learning really fast. Please find a solution to the settings wheel bug as the app keeps crashing whenever I tap on it. Thanks :)
Show more
6 years ago, Cindy B. Begay
quite satisfied
The quality of service is getting better and better, I would love to use this app to learn foreign languages
Show more
6 years ago, Michael V. McGruder
Learning Spanish through this application makes it easier to learn
Show more
9 years ago, Daniilmarchenko
user-friendly application.
user-friendly application. I liked it. but I would recommend a video review.
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7 years ago, Ana west
Easy ten
Is the best way to learn vocabulary a little expensive but i have to say it works and worth spend the money in this app !!
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10 years ago, Интел
Really nice app
Even after 5 minutes using this app I realized this is Great!!! Thank you, guys! Now I know how to spend 10 minutes a day with great efficiency:)
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9 years ago, ComputerLawyer
needs work
Unfortunately a number if the words don't match between what is shown on screen and what is pronounced on the audio. Also, synching between two devices does not appear to happen.
Show more
11 years ago, Suvorovakatie
Its is really perfect application!!! Currently it is the best app I have ever seen!!! I started to learn English and I'm happy using it now! You guys are well done!!! And thank you very much! Good luck!))))
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9 years ago, Berny budy
Great tool but I am against the auto payment subscription method
First off, on the screen that said I could have the unlimited subscription for 30% off, when I clicked the "Buy" button, it said it was a one month subscription that would auto renew! What is this? This is not what it said. Pity, I was almost willing to pay.
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6 years ago, Jerry S. Hale
good service
New application but very good quality. I use and have not had any problems
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6 years ago, Lisa D. Lamb
Friendly interface design
One of my favorite language learning apps, however I still appreciate this app most
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