3.4 (253)
800.9 MB
Age rating
Current version
EdClub, Inc
Last update
3 years ago
Version OS
9.2 or later
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User Reviews for EdClub

3.43 out of 5
253 Ratings
3 years ago, Dylan loser
It’s nice to have to learn so I like it
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4 years ago, iiaestheticii
I love this and this is soo helpful!!!
Why this is so helpful is because it can increase your typing, i am on ipad, with a wireless bluetooth keyboard! I have small keys, so one day on my birthday, that is coming next month, im gonna get a bigger keyboard, the keys will be big because these keys, are small, not that small, but a small square, i use this in my school and im on level 376 or 387, i forgot my level but thats probably the levels.
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4 years ago, Dollygirlxox
Get It Now,Its Really HelpFul To Your Typing.
I absolutely love this app i use this in school and it changed my life i was so surprised i can even type that fast thanks to this app i can type really fast,So get it now and start typing! <3
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3 years ago, undercoveragant2 / cheetaduck
If people say “it’s bad, I have to many white screens, and it glitches too much.” sorry, that’s you computer problems, because this app actually teaches me to type.
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7 months ago, School studentk
Maybe don’t be so sensitive about every letter mistake i do what does it have to do with my speed why does it go down are you okay or something this is why im getting low grades in computer literacy because you always count every mistake i make an i though mistakes were apart of progress i guess you have to be perfect every time here
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9 months ago, !KW!0
Love it
Thanks, ed club, for teaching my little ones to type for FREE. The iPad app is amazing. Helpful videos, Mike the Monkey, and finger placement lessons are all well thought out. Thank you!
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1 year ago, nittle legs
Good review.
I use this app for my school, which made me improve a lot in my typing , all I wanna say is that this is an amazing wonderful app
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3 years ago, pls read!!!!!!!!!!
The worst
I downloaded this app because I like to practice my typing. Terrible mistake. This game is boring and glitchy. I just made it to 105 yesterday, and when I logged on today, I was back to level 74. This app is so awful do not even bother downloading this game, you’ll be very disappointed for this app is TERRIBLE and DON'T DOWNLOAD
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5 years ago, dnmskdjklwlpfe
The best
I use in my school 5 star and also i now know how type like a pro
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10 months ago, chloè hack
It’s good for computer but..
It’s good for computer but it does not work for iPad cause i used this app in school and so i wanted it for my iPad because im going to middle school and so i downloaded it but i opened the app and i was a white screen so i does work just not for iPad
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4 years ago, Vicky Arlo
Doesn’t work
I tried downloading this app on my iPad-I was so excited to download it because I love playing on the computer, but the screen just went white and I wasn’t able to play it. I don’t recommend getting this educational learning game.
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3 years ago, Mittythebest
I HATE, HATE, HATE this app! If I could sue it for being so horrible, or take it out of business, I would. When ever I open the app, it shops the symbol of the app, then just goes blank LITTERALLY FOREVER! I kept it on for a whole day, and it was still white on the next morning!
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4 years ago, Sdh1990
App goes to blank white screen after login page
Tried using this app as a district admin for my school’s domain. After the login page the screen went blank. I’d love to be able to use this on my iPad as I love the desktop version
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3 years ago, GuRlLlLl.-.
THIS APP IS AMAZING!! I used it when i was younger and i improved so much with this app
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2 years ago, brianna rueda
1 star worst app ever
Doesn’t want to download when i go into the app it shows me a white screen i use this app in my school and it works there but not on my computer
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3 years ago, missywilky
White blank screen
Not sure what happened, but it suddenly stopped working. Very disappointing, as we love the program and now can only do it on the computer.
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4 years ago, EasternSun66
So fun!!!
It was so easy to Start tipping. It is really fun to tip faster and easier.
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1 year ago, free thr kid 922
I’m confused
I keep using my school account to log in and it is saying it is incorrect so i don’t recommend if anyone knows how to help say something please ,
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4 years ago, Bookie Monster 🤓📚
Paid user
Why this app is only for schools is beyond me. Why can’t it be made for everyone, especially those who have paid to use the program?
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4 years ago, uytuvfcrtxvbvvg
I love this game so much
I love doing it school it is the best app ever
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4 years ago, ishkum
If you were allowed to have zero stars I would put that. It brings you to a white screen after you login.
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5 years ago, ChiefsFanDave
Great for me as I learn to typ it’s so good!!
It’s my grist time learning to typ and this game makes it so fun it makes learn SO FUN!!!!!! BY BY BY IT GUYS U WILL LLLLLLOVE IT
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3 years ago, Caleb13367864
Why only make this available for schools
Would be really nice to have this just for regular people who aren’t in schools to ya know
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3 years ago, GG…!!!
App crashed when finishing a level
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4 years ago, Mrs.LiveAction
Open the app to everyone
Would really love for the app to be open for everyone. Not just schools.
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11 months ago, koonite
I pay for this app and can’t use it for the personal subscriber.
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4 years ago, dabcdestgyhfty
Can you make individual edition an app
My school doesn’t do school edition
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3 years ago, Avery1221
love it
my son use's it all the time.
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2 years ago, sbshe gby ysggybs yg
I don’t have a class code😡😡😡😡
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3 years ago, gyhujuggrrftyjkik
It is so boring and glitching
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9 months ago, yoda girl queen2135
bruh this app is lame and lagging.
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9 years ago, Kikilover12235
Love this app!
I love this app! It helps my typing skills, I usually have fun playing othe s games but typing practice is cool
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9 years ago, Evan Milletary
Only good for teachers 😞
This app’s only for teachers, not for students to practice 😞.
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5 months ago, Calling Cole
Typing club
I love using the app at school, and it helps me so much even though I am only at level 29 1/19/24
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6 months ago, Riry Riry
It’s not helpful
My daughter is using her ipad with a wireless keyboard and she put her class code in and it says school code dose not exist
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8 months ago, .love kj
why do i need to enter in a school code, just let me in to it
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9 months ago, Andythepro3.14
Fun app
This is a great app I use it at school the problem is that you have to have a school code and you cannot sign in even if you have a private account so can you please change this so more people can enjoy this app
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12 months ago, What not pkay
I don’t know my school code it’s summer we don’t need a school code? could y’all fix that me and my mom can find out the school code and I LOVE to type! it’s very fun but it would be very helpful if you take out the school code cause we can’t figure out.
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1 year ago, Emmi everything
I downloaded this app but guess what I don’t have a school code. So that makes it hopeless.
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2 years ago, dancer doodle
Fun but needs changes
I use this app at school and its perfect it amplified my typing really well. I am super exited because I just passed level 70! But i really wanted to practice so i would be ready for the advanced level. So I downloaded the app on my computer at home. And they asked for the school code and how would I know that? They shouldn’t ask that question. Because some parents would like to download the app for their children at home. It’s super annoying. Now i can’t use the app!
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2 years ago, LeoPokeMarioJR
What is a school code?!?!?!?!?!?!?
W I A S C H S C O A H D T O E O ? L
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2 years ago, 45412134356
SHOOL CODE!!!!!!!!!!
It is not good because you need a school code and what if you are a parent with no teacher?!?!?
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2 years ago, pls not lot adds
there’s a problem
So in school I had this game and I wanted to try it in home but when I went to it says that a class code and I was kind of a bit mad because it will only need your class code and I’m in home
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2 years ago, ifwrj
I just downloaded to learn how to type. I thought it might teach me but then it told me to enter my school code. What if you graduated? Or if you dont want it linked to your school? Or if your homeschooled?
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3 years ago, Christine_1073
Only for students
Update: I looked on the EdClub website and it states that the app is only available for students; teachers must use a web browser to set up and track student progress. This needs to be made clear in the app’s description. Also, the accessibility settings (I work with blind/VI students) are a little buggy. ————— I just downloaded this app so that I can work with one of my visually impaired students. Entered my school code, logged in.... and nothing. I get either a blank white screen or logo. I know that others have reported this over the last few months. Please address this ASAP.
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3 years ago, frys Are good
I only like on computer
Do not get on iPad it’s bad! I got the game and I had to put in a class code like what- and I just wanna get better at typing
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3 years ago, V张无袄
Need a school code
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3 years ago, BroCabrera
I give this app a one star rating because what if you don’t have a school code it is just a waist of money do not get this game
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4 years ago, Alex2750
Does not work for me anymore.
I used this game for school, an loved it, but now I’m homeschooled and have no typing education. I put this on my tablet, and have no school code, so I can’t play. Please update to have it adjusted for homeschoolers.
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4 years ago, vfvtv vgvyg hbnnmgbbrcbg
School Code
Why do you have to type in a school code. It’s dumb
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