1.4 (2K)
21 MB
Age rating
Current version
EDpuzzle, Inc.
Last update
8 months ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Edpuzzle

1.44 out of 5
2K Ratings
8 months ago, anonymous_user:)
Worst app for class
This app almost makes me want to bazooka bomb my computer more than IXL does. I could run three whole marathons and get last place each time before the next question pops up. I would rather go skydiving and have my parachute not work before I would even press the open button on this app. The entire group of kids in Kidz Bop would be adults with actual jobs before one video ends. I would not pull a Bruno mars and catch a grenade for this app, nor would I jump in front of a train for it either. World hunger would end before you are able to actually answer a question with how long these videos are. This app may actually have competition with IXL for the hatred in my heart. I personally could find the cure for cancer before the Indian dude in my video finished talking and actually starts the math equations. The wait line for a bathroom im a mall with only one toilet would take less time than half of one of these videos. My cat could say more educational and important things than the video creators, if they are even talking English half of the time. Not worth any teacher nor students time.
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1 month ago, gthdrrfggybcerfc
The worst invention in all of time since the universe began
The videos are obnoxiously long just as long as my teachers slogablong when he looks at the girls in the room. My Chromebook is so slow I could go just as the first review blow it up with a new 9/11 attack on the freaking school. The world can find peace before this thing will load. I would finally beat my mom in a argument without her pulling the weirdest excuse out of the allverse before the questions load. I would bazooka the whole class with the kids in there without the question loading. I would be able to pull the lithium out of my phone and Chromebook and get uranium eat it and have the rest to combine it with the lithium and fill the lithium batteries with water and tell Allahu Akbar and throw the bomb on the teachers feet to relief the stress. World hunger would stop and the African kids will stop having the newest IPhone trying to get roses on TikTok and get water before one of the questions loading and last I would finally find inner peace before it loads one single question.
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6 months ago, jaislay333
Absolute garbage
The questions take forever to load. It’s absolutely unbearable, you have to sit there and wait longer for the question to load than it actually takes to answer it. After waiting what felt like hours on this god forsaken app, I turned to alcoholism just to feel something. I then beat my little sister into a bloody pulp in a drunken outrage. After my trial, after my sentence, after years of rehabilitation therapy, after meeting my beautiful wife at a cafe in San Francisco, after getting married, after having my honeymoon, and after having wonderful 3 children - upon returning to my childhood home to make amends with my parents, I found that the first question STILL hadn’t loaded. This immediately washed away my years of progress, and I relapsed, killing my wife. My children saw everything, and were each put on medication since then to cope with symptoms of severe anxiety and depression resulting from their PTSD. One of them recently entered psychosis and ran in front of a moving bus. Edpuzzle ruined my life.
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4 months ago, The Most Tasty Shrimp
Not my preferred method of learning
Please God if you’re listening never let a teacher use this app. It is the only thing I will ask for in this world. I went to log into the app and I got a strange message that said “created and assigned by the spawns of satan.” I was confused. I was scared. I was appalled. I’m sure you think you’re biology teacher is a nice guy but don’t trust him. He is a spawn of Satan. I was honestly heartbroken when I found out. I thought my teacher was nice but if I think about it hard enough I realize that no man of god would dare put a single thought towards this app. I was sure the very minute I was back in his class that he had associations with the devil. Unfortunately the message when I opened the app was not enough to stop me from being studious and doing my homework. I logged in and suddenly my house exploded killing my wife and our seven children. I’m now homeless and starving but I’d still never dare eat this pizza. Never eating here again. Your wife will end up dead 👎
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1 month ago, c h e d d a r
Displaced my family and caused my grandmother to go into cardiac arrest
I had to watch a godforsaken edpuzzle because my teacher was punishing us for killing the class hamster and while I was doing it my grandmother fell down the stairs in a horrubke accident. Physically she was ok but the fear and shock was so much for her her heart stopped. We rushed her to the hospital where she died and paid $8 Million dollars in hospital bills. When she died my mommy blamed me for it and even though I said I didn’t push her she insisted I did. She was so angry she divorced my dad and killed & ate the cat. My little sister was screaming and ran out the house to flee to Lichtenstein and become a cheese maker because she was in so much distress. I am now writing this from my prison cell in Guantanamo Bay because apparently my mom was so convincing I was charged with First Degree Murder, Battery & Assault, hate crimes, drug trafficking, vehicular manslaughter, J-walking, theft, theft, public indecency, grand theft auto, arson, several violations of the Geneva Convention and discrimination. THANKS EDPUZZLE 🤬.
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8 months ago, Let’s boycott edpuzzles
I hate this app.
This app makes me want to purchase a bazooka and blow myself up everytime a teacher assigns this as the work for the day. It doesn’t let you move forward or go at your own pace for anything and it teaches me literally NOTHING. the rewatch button doesn’t even go back to the part I wanted to rewatch it goes back like .5 seconds and the questions are never in the right spot so they usually cut off the teacher as soon as they are trying to tell us the answer. I use edpuzzles in almost every single class and even my favorite class which I thought was free from edpuzzles just started using it last week. I’m convinced any teacher who assigns edpuzzles has caught some disease from the app which convinces the teacher that is teaches the students something valuable, because in reality it teaches us nothing at all. Edpuzzle is making teachers halucinate and sucking the life out of all of us fellow students.
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4 months ago, KETCHUP😏
This app is poorly made, it dives me insane, one time when I was doing some class work it just went back half the time for some unknown reason, and then just started glitching for NO REASON, no matter how much I hated someone I would never bless this unholy app on to them, if ur a teacher please hear my cry DO NO USE THIS APP FOR CLASSWORK, if so u have loss the little respect I had for you, this app had made me loss all hope for the future of this planet, who ever made this app I hope the worse upon you everyday, I hope ur pillows are as hot as the sun when u try to sleep, I hope rocks magically go under ur feet as you try to walk, for u have curse us with thus thing, if I was able to I would give this the lowest number possible, but for now a one will do, this app cause me as much pain as landing and trying to survive at frenzy what ever in Fortnite😔
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5 months ago, Sidney D. ash
before this loads i could finish school finish college get a job get married have kids and watch my kids grow up get a job move out and have their own kids then watch their kids have grow up then i could stop world hunger and go to every coordinate on this planet earth. i would also go to another galaxy then back just to find out it hasn’t even loaded yet. don’t download. i could meet every person and spend 5 minutes with everyone and read every book 10 times and go to the titanic and back and count every single penny on this earth before this loads. why edpuzzle? why make us waste hours of our lives waiting for some kid to start talking in spanish? i could also go to every school every marriage every funeral so no I don’t feel like waiting 10 minutes for a 5-30 video.
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2 months ago, veryquixotic
I lost it all because of this app..
Years.. and years.. and even more years of waiting for questions to load. Iv’e been waiting my whole life that I invented time travel just to write this review to warn you of this god forsaken app. Don’t download it, don’t even try to use it for your life will go so bad you turn to fentanyl. Say the name of this app is a satanic ritual. Its worse then anything I’ve experienced, because when you say it, it opens portals allowing demons to attack you and your loved ones. I learned the hard way. Ive lost my family and my friends along the way. Jesus Christ will come back on earth for his people just for the app to still load. This is undeniably the worst creation a human has ever made after the Technology because without technology we wouldn’t have this satanic power amongst humans called “ed puzzle”.
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10 months ago, Emma S_
Was relatively confused at 2* on app store, not anymore.
Not only is edpuzzle a fundamentally broken educational platform in the fact that it doesn’t really ‘teach’ material per se. But it forces students to immediately understand concepts while watching videos that do not play well in the in site video player. Scrubbing through videos to quickly understand concepts is also impossible with this software. If a student needs to rewatch a segment because they missed something the video said, they have to wait until the next question appears to select the ‘rewatch’ option. Even after they rewatch the important segments of the video, it is still impossible to scrub forward. All of this combines into a poorly working, non-educational mess of an ‘educational platform.’
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4 months ago, Sky the Potato
This app brings me pain. Excruciating pain. This app makes me want to kill all the teachers in my school, kill the people that made this app, kill the people that make the curriculum, bring back the people that created my school and kill them to. When teachers use this app to torture their students, it shows how lazy they are when creating actual assignments that can improve learning. I hate watching the stupid videos, with the stupid ads questions, and you guys don’t even let us skip some of the video even though some of us are literally done with that part of the video. I’m tired of freaking bill nye. Disgusting, horrendous, stupid stupid app. I rather be burned to death then to ever have to associate with this app ever again. Thank you
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3 months ago, Boss Airplane
Website doesn’t work for google accounts.
It’s actually insane, maddening at this point. Every time I try to log in with my google account it just bugs out… It works on the app but as a person who likes to play my edpuzzles on my laptop while doing other things, it’s actually so annoying. I try logging in on both bing and google and it refuses to work. Lately I’ve gotten the sense that edpuzzle had been glitching horribly too! Everytime I exit out of the app it goes back to 5 minutes before even though I was ahead in the video and it doesn’t let you go back to where you were. Edpuzzle is so difficult to use and I sincerely hope it’s either fixed or teachers just collectively never use it again :3
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7 months ago, gysjxjfjfxj
this app ruined my life. before this app i had good grades a great life and i was happy. it all started when i decided i wanted to study more for my AP psych exam so i downloaded this app and watched some videos on the subject. i felt totally prepared and walked into my exam and put everything i learned on the paper. i failed. this baffled me and when i went back to look at the video…THEY WERE GONE! it was so bazar. when i got home i found my goldfish mr dr super bubble was dead. AND my boyfriend was cheating on me WITH THE DAUGHTER OF THE CREATOR OF EDPUZZLE. i deleted the app out of anger but the next day it was back on my phone. iv been trying to delete it for months. this app is haunting me with my failure and betrayal and wont let me be happy. please take my warning and do not get this app.
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2 months ago, Page 1649
This app may be free but I’m still not
Edpuzzle imprisoned me, my children and my 98,000 other family members in a dark cavern in the himalayas. I could watch every episode of Phineas and Ferb 3 times, have a family, go to all four corners of the world, find my long lost brother Pedro, order a chocolate milk bookie, and give birth 7 times (I'm a man) before I get to the next question. Instead of my teacher yapping I have to listen to another teacher with a 50 cent mic. When I logged in one day to do homework just to find out the imposter had stolen my account. I followed him all the way to this store and now I'm dying of pneumonia. My dog has mosquito syndrome, my goldfish is no longer sigma, and my son doesn't exist. Never eating at this store again 0/10
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7 months ago, Big cock738383747
Edpuzzle ruined my life
So one day my math teacher decided to make me watch a video on Edpuzzle for homework. I clicked on it and waited. And waited. And waited. By the time my video loaded my wife left me and my kids grew up and moved out. The dude in my video then slowly started taking about something inaudible. I do not believe he was speaking English. I was running out my emergency food rations. By the time he switched the video to the actual math problems, i had gone through cardiac arrest, both my lungs collapsing, and kidney failure. I was in my death bed when he started the basic addition. The last thing I heard was to carry the one before a glitch in the video made my life support machine short circuit and I died.
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7 months ago, strawberry3601
Very disappointed
In the eerie glow of the loading screen, I yearned for a connection to my wife and children. Edpuzzle, the supposed bridge, became a cruel conductor of fate. As seconds stretched into an eternity, despair crept in. When the video played, it revealed not their laughter but a void—a chilling void of loss. My family, once vivid in pixels, now haunted my dreams. Grief consumed me, an unrelenting tide sweeping away joy. The relentless loading robbed me of their warmth, their laughter echoing in empty rooms. In the silence of despair, I succumbed. A soul shattered, I joined them in the abyss. Edpuzzle, the harbinger of sorrow, stole not only my family but extinguished my flickering flame. The loading screen, a cruel puppeteer, wove a tragic finale—a family torn asunder, a soul lost to the cold embrace of eternal darkness.
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1 month ago, RichardsReviews
Everyone on this app experiences the same things as I did. The questions don’t load. Videos too long. I would rather be Logan Paul in the Mike Tyson fight. I would rather become homeless and have severe mental illnesses more than I already do. I would rather watch every single dhar Mann episode ever multiple times and reflect on each one for a grade. Every time a video on Edpuzzle loads I go into a deep sadness and i go through decades of rehabilitation before I can even speak the name of this app again. Teachers need to realize there are millions of apps out there, many options to choose from. Just why Edpuzzle? Please. Anything but Edpuzzle.
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10 months ago, LemonBarz42
not even that bad
I'm honestly surprised this app has a 1.6 star rating, it's not even that bad 😨 I was able to log in easily and the video didn't take too long to load. I mean, it could be better, but it works 😭 I kinda wish we could just watch the videos on safari like normal but i'm not sure what all the complaints are about. Like... yk... at least they tried y'all 😔😔 justice for edpuzzle 💪💪💪💪💪
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4 months ago, here's a four star
Thank you Edpuzzle
My teacher sends me an edpuzzle link and oh no. My phone isn’t compliant with the website, so I open up the app for the link and I need to go through all your garbage to get to it. Get this: I don’t have any of that info edpuzzle. I want to go on your website and not your horrible app. Also, when you make the speed up feature, how about adding it to mobile users too? The ONE time I got it to work (which I can’t get back to because you guys don’t know how to make a service) it didn’t have a speed up feature. I have things to do and I am not watching a 1 hour edpuzzle.
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9 months ago, Quastella
Worst school app
It forces you to go at a certain pace, because it doesn’t allow you to fast forward through any of your lessons, it often glitches with audio AND the questions, the interface is terrible, the whole app functions like a 2 year old made it, and if anyone tells you this app is good.. they are very wrong. It also isn’t allowing me to log in off of my phone, thanks Ed Puzzle for getting me a 0%!! Will never enjoy this app, and won’t even pretend for the people who do enjoy it.
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3 months ago, DanceGirl🩰
It’s a good learning app.
I’ve seen all the other reviews and they are just being dramatic. Edpuzzle creators don’t make the questions. Our teachers do. Edpuzzle isn’t fun because it includes learning but it’s one of the easiest ways to learn. I appreciate the rewatch button because sometimes I zone out. One of the best learning apps!
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2 months ago, ColossalStraw
Bad App
This is app is so bad that if the developers suddenly disappeared the world would be a better place. This is worse than cancer. My dad died of cancer and his last words were, “Dear God, please kill Edpuzzle.” It is now my life mission to make sure every school age child does not have to go through the AIDS that is Edpuzzle. My life has been ruined by Edpuzzle. I went from a high schooler to a full grown adult with a job in the time one question loaded. I will end my life if my teacher assigns one more Edpuzzle because it is so bad.
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5 months ago, Mya**crack69
When I used this app for the first time, my mind was like the title of this comment. It works so well that every time I use it, i could actually go back on the video without a ad or distraction to FIRE. And also when I was IN a video, it was DA most smoothest video that my mind could see. There was no HOOOOOOLE in my head, only🗣️🗣️ and 🔥🔥. So yeah 👍 .
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2 months ago, Sjdhdhdjdndnsjdhd
How dare edpuzzle do this
Bro it takes so long for the questions to load, plus when I submitted an assignment l, my whole family died??? Edpuzzle fix this😕. Then after I tried to fast forward the video my teacher GAVE ME A 0 and expelled me from Harvard. He also took away my hellcat, dreads, mainson, drake, and my slaves away🥺, I repeat DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS APP within a ten mile radius of Downloading everyone will turn gay and start to chase you,😿 please fix this issue edpuzzle my goon streak is going to end!!! The who’res won’t even look at me now🥺
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5 months ago, Octavio Marquez
Edpuzzle ruined my educational prowess
Once a promising student, I embarked on a journey with Edpuzzle, seeking to enhance my learning experience. Little did I know, the seemingly helpful tool would become a relentless source of frustration. Endless technical glitches, lost progress, and the constant struggle to submit assignments left me drowning in a sea of academic despair. Edpuzzle, once a beacon of educational hope, became the catalyst for the downfall of my academic aspirations. Edpuzzle got my father to physically abuse me and I would never recommend this app to anyone ever. NEVER DOWNLOAD THIS APP AT 3am
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10 months ago, victorEmmanuel22345
Painful interface
The app isn’t a bad concept, but it is executed so horribly as to be painful to use. If you want to move out of full screen, you have to leave the video and come back in. If you want to write your response vertically, and you watched until the question in full screen, you will, again, have to leave, watch the segment again, and re-enter. It’s a shame that it’s so hard to use, because it is great to do assignments on the go
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1 month ago, boosayyyy
Made my grandpa die because of anger
So I obviously had to download this app to do some work and my grandfather said that I was a really hard worker and he wanted to help me out and I obviously told him not to because I’m responsible and I didn’t want him to stress over things. He didn’t listen and just grabbed my chromebook and did a 35 minute edpuzzle and he kept getting the answers wrong even though he was right and he got so mad he started yelling and he fell on the ground grabbing his chest and died.
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6 months ago, Drank swallaala
Absolutely traumatizing
This application is the reason my husband left. He left me with 93 kids and I can't keep feeding them panda express. This made my grandma burn in a fire with the dress she said she was gonna knit for me on my birthday. This app is the reason why I'm banned from anime conventions and I bullied every day in school because of this app. This app allowed me to feel what true anxiety and depression feels like. I am tired of the absolute tragedy that I have went through with trusting this app.
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1 month ago, joineggpire
Edpuzzle made me watch the thug shaker.
while i was experiencing intense misery while using edpuzzle, the FOOLISH app tricked me into watching a big booty thug do the thug shaker RIGHT INFRONT OF MY WHOLE CLASS! The man in who was doing the thugging then proceeded to jump out of the screen and smash the school-issued chromebook. he then looked at us, and said "wordington classroom" and then thugged out the door. i would rate the app a 1/5 but the guy was kinda hot tbh so it is a 2/5 also like, drake 100% shows little kids his snake.
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1 month ago, LittlePecker06
worst app
the fact that i gotta download this app taking a gigabyte of space on my phone to complete questions i have no interest in makes me insanely upset. This is Ed puzzle’s fault today, my snake walked away from home because i was doing Ed puzzles, that snake meant everything to me but cause of Ed puzzle i couldn't save him from getting pancaked by a car while he was crossing the street while arm wrestling another neighborhood snake. Rip wallace ima miss you forever and Ed puzzle just made a enemy.
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2 months ago, ronaldhack
Wow, It’s worse than IXL
‘Best’ Feature are Edpuzzle has live where student can’t even choose when they miss the chance to choose. Edpuzzle has also abilities to student to not able to leave to the class. If a teacher quit the job as a teacher it will still have annoying edpuzzle class still so, Overall I rates as 0 star but it’s not possible and i realize they created app for it so, I rather throw up, die and do IXL than doing this stupid app.
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4 months ago, quandavius dingle
This isn’t okay
I have no words. I honestly believe the people who made this atrocious app wanted students to want to throw a desk at there fellow classmates. Today the edpuzzles told me that a certain lense made an upside image, so that’s how everyone answered said question. Uh oh, it was wrong. I then watched a fellow student pick up another student and throw him at a wall going 47 mph. The student now has SEVERE head trauma. The other student is now on probation. A special shout out to edpuzzle for this heartwarming experience🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰.
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3 months ago, @ п0bødÿ
To save your time, this is a waste of time.
If you want a quick reliable way to finish your school assignments, it is not this app. If your trying to use it Mobile, I can tell you this doesn’t work. I almost broke my table because of my anger issues I swear. Edpuzzle this was entirely a waste of time just delete ur app for godsake and help everyone out for once instead of giving everyone a headache. Thanks, for wasting our time.
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3 months ago, Knick her
Life ends
This app edpuzzle might be the worst thing ever to exist I rather put a bazooka in my mouth and pull the trigger then wait for the questions to load and to listen to a Indian yap about why his prices are better then the USAs prices when I watch one of these videos I don’t know what would bring me more relief deleting the app reporting it throwing my phone out of a airplane then jumping out myself with no parachute or a 12 gage and the questions will still be loading.
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9 months ago, DJSJR1134455743
Does not work on certain accounts
Depending on your school, most people are restricted to use google or Microsoft only. In my case, you cannot even sign into the app because my school account is restricted. Also there isn’t any option to watch the video on google so you are forced to use this even though I have no access to it. Edpuzzle is now not only useless but is, in every way, a complete waste of time. Deserves every bad review
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6 months ago, ScouttheGaner
Not my favorite
When I see that my teacher has assigned this, I consider walking all the way to California because I want to be far far away from anyone who thinks this app has any potential to teach me anything other than how to break a phone in under 10 seconds since if they are ruthless enough to assign another human being this, then they will probably murder me and all my friends if I stutter while speaking. Truly a horrible app.
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3 months ago, shgshw
dear teachers if u are reading this i’m just letting u know that this app is laggy and soooo annoying tbh use savvas this app also makes u watch some dumb video before u can answer any questions but tbh i just get on another device and start watching tiktok while the bald man talks so i’m not learning anything and home work should not generally take u like 10 hours to finish but with this app it does. overall message DONT USE THIS APP
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2 months ago, Lauren Carole
I love when I get these as homework because they’re always so easy to complete and a lot less work to do. Plus if you miss a question it’ll let you replay what they taught in the video! Great app.
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5 months ago, Peeona Poopgraw
This app made me a nihilist
I used to believe in god before I downloaded this app. Now I see that the universe is chaos and the only thing we can be certain of in this life is its inevitable uncertainty. Will the next question load? Will the app suddenly kick me out and make my phone screen freeze for 20 minutes? Who knows, who could ever know? Death is inescapable. Life is fleeting. And yet here I am, wasting precious finite moments on this useless app.
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6 months ago, Saggybutt16638327
love and peace
Tranquility, love, peace, these are the things this app holds and encourages all over the world. It lended me a helping hand when I fell in cement and got stuck for 3 days. It Played monopoly with me and my family. It helped me improve my skincare routine. I heart edpizzle yayayyayayay yay Now really, this is a great app, and was my grades best friend! 🐞🐛🐛🐜🐜🪲🪲🪳I love bugs
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9 months ago, ewwwwwwwiiiii
Can’t login with Microsoft
I am trying to use the website to view my assigned videos but it prompts me to install the app to view my videos 😑. On top of that when I get the app I can’t even log into microsoft which my school account is connected to 😑. Why is there no way to login with microsoft????? Please fix this asap or allow mobile users to view videos on the website.
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3 months ago, Davis Lee.
Jeff bezoar!!
I was a simple minded man hoping to get a brain cell or two from this simple app, only minutes after I downloaded it Jeff bezoar came to my door! He took the kids and left me with nothing, minutes later I was left crying. I called the cops only to find out he and his friends, are all the opps! In conclusion, don’t download the app because Jeff bezoar will find you no matter where you are… THEY ARE COMING THEY ARE COMING THEY ARE COMING
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9 months ago, ProGamer_Girl
This app isn’t bad AT ALL. I don’t know why the ratings and reviews are so bad, it works perfectly fine. I was able to watch the video I needed easily without any issues.
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8 months ago, sincesheol
just let us use safari
Didn’t even let me log into my account because school accounts have limited access. What’s the purpose of having a school app that doesn’t let you log into your school account to get your work done. Just let us use safari, this whole process of trying to get a single assignment done was a waste of time.
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6 months ago, silver wolfxxxxxxxx
Today I went down to a place where they lock you up for 8 hours and force u to do things that you don’t wanna do! This app made several of my feet BROKEN. Absolutely Horrendous. After i opened this site my HOUSE BURNT DOWN! And when i refused to do this these random people who i don’t know held me hostage for a extra 30 minutes! This is a bad place and a bad app . this needs to be removed IMMEDIATELY
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3 months ago, Little_VR
It’s just regular edpuzzle
Usually I would do this on a Chromebook but i was home sick and saw I had a edpuzzle to do on google classroom. I saw the ratings on the app and I was confused it’s literally normal edpuzzle there is nothing wrong with it.
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1 month ago, NilsonnosliN
Teachers: please use anything else
Students do not learn from Edpuzzle. this tool is incredibly buggy, slow, and crashes all the time. It is very bothersome to essentially any student. Review is essentially impossible because pop ups for every single question you’ve already answered appear and stop the video. For the sake of your students learning, don’t use edpuzzle
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5 months ago, 🗞🦅🗞
Just really not good at all.
Terribly slow, broken app. The questions take forever to load and can turn a 5 minute assignment into a 20 minute one. I wouldn’t be surprised if the sun blew up before one of these questions loaded. It’s also very buggy, and the fact that you have to download the app and can’t just use the web version is so irritating.
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6 months ago, Armsniffer37
This app…
I wake up everyday with a smile on my face ready to take in the amazing education my school provides. Then, as if he’ll it’s self came up from the ground swallowed my gay mood, edpuzzle… is the name. Edpuzzle is the one thing on this earth that makes me want to be evaporated. This app has caused me so much pain. The only way I can once again bring a smile to my face is if this app is disposed.
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9 months ago, PrinceEA Learning
Horrible way to teach, and buggy app
App glitches out on mobile, works ok on desktop which is the only reason I give it a 2 star rating. Outdated teaching method only used by people living in the past(boomers). Needs to teach critical thinking skills and creativity instead of memorization of a video.
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