Elevate - Brain Training Games

4.8 (425.3K)
386.5 MB
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Current version
Elevate, Inc.
Last update
4 weeks ago
Version OS
15.0 or later
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User Reviews for Elevate - Brain Training Games

4.77 out of 5
425.3K Ratings
3 years ago, 12qwas
Updated after subscribing raised to 5*
For the last few months this has been one of my favorite apps. I have used is almost religiously missing very few days, learning a lot and really enjoying redoing the 3 random daily activities. I recommended it to friends, family and co-workers. I planned to take the leap and start a paid plan after the first of the month. This morning, the app changed. Free accounts now only let the user do each of the 3 activities one time and then locks it. Figured out -or- the app was updated to allow a non-subscriber to replay the 3 (of 6 possible) daily choices immediately when doing the recommended workout. Although not great, it does give a lot of good info to users for free. The paid version of the App is, of course, far better than the free version. I really like most of the workouts! The punctuation activity is great at reinforcing rules and being consistent. Some of the activities allow the user to review a list of words, definitions, etc. if all lives are lost. It would be great if this were a choice for successful games as well. I also wish there was an easy way to provide feedback for topics like Visualization when the meaning of a word doesn’t work well with a photo or could be interpreted to go with more than one photo or the unnatural or stilted language used in Syntax to show some a grammar concept would certainly be marked as an error in several of the other Elevate activities.
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2 months ago, Fan #6486327564
Activities are decently generalized so as to be modular and highly applicable.
Elevate enhances cognitive abilities through generalized games targeting mathematics, memory, and language, and more, promoting the use of skills that are applicable to real-world problem-solving scenarios. The sleek, intuitive design with abstract visuals ensures an engaging, user-friendly experience, maximizing learning potential while not compromising professionalism. It is simple and clean. Some of the reading and mathematics sections focus on logic-based performance, building universally applicable skills. A valuable tool for developing mental sharpness and competency across essential cognitive domains. I have the ~$20 a year deal and at that price point it is excellent. There are some concerns as well as space for even more features.C he presence of crosswords on the main page aren’t conducive towards a focus on generalized cognitive performance. Crosswords aren’t heavily backed by scientific research toward maximizing general cognitive abilities. There is no generalized visual spatial search, and the presence of random words and letters does not require reasoning. It lacks abstraction and generalization. There is no need for the update to place this at the forefront focus of the page. Overall, this is a useful tool to keep the brain on a course of maximum informational processing productivity. Not the only one to use, though, this one is particularly effective.
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5 years ago, DavidSights
Brain training that actually helps
Brain training apps can be questionable at times. Some are simple collections of brain twister games to try and help you memorize patterns on a grid, or pick the red word that actually reads blue... But what I appreciate about Elevate is that it challenges you with real world problems. Practice your ability to calculate percentages. It’ll come in handy next time you’re calculating your dinner tip, or figuring out how much you’ll save during a clothing sale. Elevate helps your to improve your writing skills and comprehension. Get better at spotting typos in your emails and texts. Quickly skim messages while reliably gathering what’s being communicated. There are so many games provided by Elevate which challenge your real-world skills, and push you to improve in areas that affect your day to day. There are free features, but thank goodness I bought a lifetime membership early on in Elevate’s life. I couldn’t have guessed I’d still love the app so many years later. If you want to get better at day to day tasks, and push yourself to your highest intellectual abilities, Elevate is a great app for you. I personally feel the benefits of using this app, and find myself returning to this app when I’m feeling less on top of things. Give your brain that much needed mental stretch. You’ll be glad you did.
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3 years ago, NaomiLeah613
Productive use of time
Besides being fun, stimulating, and challenging, use of this app has helped me refine my thinking about grammar, word usage and mental math, and helped me become better at balancing a quick response with error avoidance. In fact, playing this game helped me realize that in many other situations I have been “dumbing down” my thinking to accommodate the common errors that are usually not seen as errors. This app snapped me out of that thinking. The program writing is at a higher level than other games / mind stimulation exercises I’ve seen elsewhere, to the extent it brings out fine errors of usage that typically go unnoticed or uncorrected. Plus, the support team appears to truly appreciate user feedback so you have a chance to challenge any result you think is wrong and get a prompt reply. This probably helps keep the game at a more rigorous level. Overall, bravo for one of the very best apps I have encountered. p.s. agree with another rater that some of the photos used in the memory recall game are not great illustrations of the concept or are ambiguous and I, too, would like the app developers to enable users to flag those to continue making this App better and better.
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3 years ago, fbjdoebcnnskdcbndowjfne
Good but not enough
I have enjoyed using this app but after challenging myself to do it daily for a couple of months I feel like it’s become a chore and isn’t doing much for me. The games/daily challenges are so short, and basically over in a few seconds. I doubt any one of them usually takes more than a minute or so. It’s just not enough time to “exercise” my brain. Additionally, I have been playing consistently, and consistently doing very well (usually a few personal bests a day) yet the material doesn’t seem to be getting more challenging. Most of the math is something my 10 year old could do, though not as quickly. Similar with a lot of the reading and grammar challenges. Even memory stuff. I think this app is a fun way for an adult to feel like they are doing something for their cognitive health, but after a while is mostly an ego boost designed to make you feel smart for doing elementary school level problems quickly. I’d gain a lot more from an actual challenge. If I’m setting high scores every day, I’m not being challenged, so it can’t be doing much to exercise my brain. I’d rather be challenged to think more deeply, not just more quickly. I am close to giving up. I had hoped that if I played every day it would start giving me harder material. Too bad I have another 7 months on my membership.
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2 years ago, Remy of House Stoner
Almost perfect
I rarely rate apps; you can look at my history, and see I only review an application if it’s disappointing. Elevate is not so terrible but it lacks things that you would think they would have fixed by now. I am an annual membership holder, so you know I’m not lying about investing time in this. The app is great, and it has a few awesome tricks that make visitors return and seek out activities (interesting stories, the music, positive feedback, etc). There are two concerns that need tweaking: 1.) Stopping a streak in the middle of a personalized workout because the time becomes 12:00 am. I feel it short-sighted to make the algorithm blind to a continuous workout in favor of ending your streak, even if you’re on the last activity! Some of us are busy and we don’t have the time to exercise until evening. 2.) There are not enough study materials for math problems, and not enough helpful strategies demonstrated to become stronger in mental math. I am talking specifically in the “study” section of elevation. Where are the study materials for Equivalence and Conversions? Also, can you give us the open to play without being timed on purchasing and discounts? I hate mental math, but one of the reasons I’m using this app is to become better at it, why would I want the stress of being timed when I just want to learn?
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5 years ago, Seuka
Worth The Download & Subscription
The negative reviews have me convinced they’re from competing companies because I can’t find anything to write negatively on in regards to Elevate. Couldn’t ask for a better app to train and sharpen my brain through. Even if you only have a few minutes a day it’s enough to fit training in (recommendation is 12 mins. minimum I believe). The subscription costs hardly anything for everything you get out of this app all the way down to stats updating you on your progress and where you need work. My favorite is the notification center which includes updates on sessions you had trouble in, and they go back over them with you to explain in detail where you messed up and why the correct answer is the correct answer. Not to mention the fact that the games on this are far more professional than most popular “brain game” apps on the market. I’ve tried a handful of others and they all just seem too light and playful in approach whereas Elevate has what feels like a professional and serious approach. I feel like I’m getting proper lessons and training rather than “just playing some games”. So glad I found Elevate; it’s worth the download even if you opt out of subscribing.
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3 years ago, Treesbug
Exactly what I needed!
Over the past couple of years, I found myself not being able to remember things very well for very long, even if I’d just read, heard it from a video or or even a conversation. I’ve always had a great memory so it was really bothering me. When trying to find a way to help myself, I was particularly interested in finding memory type comprehension activities. I searched the APP Store for “brain games” and found Elevate. I downloaded the free trial for 7 days as have been pleasantly surprised that I found exactly what I had wanted to find. It’s been helpful not just in reading, but keeping sharp in math (estimations, percentages, even tipping) as well as writing, diction, vocabulary and so many others. It’s all based on current skill level, the games are fun and in each ‘daily workout’ that it puts together for you, it gives great feedback. It keeps me challenged when it sees that my scores are increasing in each category. I’m hooked. I’m enjoying the daily exercises and look forward to seeing my progress. Membership for the year is well worth it and affordable. I can’t wait to see how much I’ve improved by this time next year.
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2 years ago, Ishmael R.
Started using this to get better at math
I started using elevate b/c I was bad at math and I knew that I could be good at math (my dad did state competitions in Texas for math events and my mom can add up grocery prices and discounts like nobody’s business), but I hadn’t ever enjoyed learning by being talked to for and hour and a half and then getting homework without any guidance… until it was grading time. Elevate by no means taught me how statistics, or calculus, or even algebra. What it did do was give me the confidence boost I needed, and taught me how to do a lot of mental multiplication, division, addition, and subtraction. To the point that for a most things I prefer to do it in my head b/c it is faster than taking out a calculator, and in class it meant that I spent less time trying to figure out where the teacher got whatever number (since I’d already done it in my head) and more time focusing on the methodology and steps of whatever they were teaching me. Now I’ve been out of school for a few years and I still practice with elevate b/c quick mental calculations, fluid speech, good memory, and faster reading are all things that I use in my day-to-day life.
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3 years ago, CAHRN815
This would have been a 5 star review
I love this game. I play it every day and it really does challenge the mind. I love it so much that back in January I paid for an annual subscription. It’s been great. Until the last update.... and now when I open the app I get “unlock elevate” asking me to buy a subscription! I can’t play half the games on there because of this, and there’s no “restore purchases” button so there’s no way to make this update recognize that I already have a subscription. AND I’ve emailed the developer twice in the last 4-5 days and all I’ve gotten is a canned message saying “sorry we’re backed up with emails, we’ll reply soon” It’s ridiculous. I can’t be the only user having this problem, so it would be nice if you could even acknowledge that this problem is happening and you’re working on a fix. But nope - nothing, and this update has been out for over a week. So instead of 5 stars you get 1 - both for this extremely annoying glitch (an annual membership is not cheap!) AND for having zero customer service to address it. Not cool.
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3 years ago, ISOgreatPuzzles
Timing everything skews learning
I can see how this app could be beneficial and enjoyable to some people. However, the fact that every game is timed adds an artificial (and IMO arbitrary) goal that supersedes the learning objective of the app. While it makes sense to time the games that appropriately aim to speed up a specific ability, it doesn’t make sense to time every game—and to cut off the game when the time expires. Some things warrant a thoughtfulness that the stress of a timer precludes. It’s difficult to get the most out of an exercise like “Adjective Recall” or “Eloquence” when I’m not allowed enough time to explore my vocabulary on a deeper level. Further, these exercises are so far removed from the real-life experiences of writing and speaking that the timer offers no real measurement of one’s actual abilities. Unfortunately, access to more challenging activity levels relies on speedy responses rather than true knowledge levels. I suppose if you generally believe that “faster is better,” then this app will suit you. I, however, fail to see the benefits of the concept of “speed editing,” for example. For many of the skills this app addresses, the timer turns “training” into “gaming.” If you’re not interested in gaming, this app won’t satisfy your craving for intellectually challenging puzzles.
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4 years ago, heynay
Needs upgrading
I first liked the app and tried the free version for some time. I liked the regular practice and decided to purchase when there was a big sale. However I feel once I have purchased that I don’t get any more benefits than I did with the free version. The games aren’t that much more diverse.. it tends to pick the same games for me continually and rarely do I get new ones. I feel there are some features that make the practice feel less like it’s trying to train you, teach you, help understand things better, and more focused on completing the game and passing. For instance there are some games that don’t tell me what the correct answer should have been if I got it wrong. Or if you run out of time, I would like to know the answer to what I was working on. Sometimes if I do not pass on the first try, the second try is much easier or doesn’t seem equivalent levels, just so that I pass instead of being challenged. Some games have such a time pressure that your mind can make shortcuts just to guess the right answer instead of knowing why it’s correct. The reviews only will go over 2 mistakes... Yea. I feel there could be more to make a paying contributor feel like they get more out of the training
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4 years ago, cricket100101
Problem with app and company
I don’t understand why your app doesn’t list the errors in a section for us to learn from our errors. I was doing the memory part today the only items listed at the end were the ones I got right. I am confused as to what was the right word that some of the statements were referring to. When I was asked the normal question after taking the quiz whether the quiz was helpful or not I put in “not” because I couldn’t see what the correct answers to the ones that I missed. Then I got a response saying that the next time I take the quiz, it will adjust, I guess to be more helpful. What does that mean and how will it adjust? Also, while I was reading some of the reviews, I noticed that sometimes you use a computerized auto answer instead of a real person. One of the reviewer was complaining of the errors you have in some of your quizzes or tests. That was explained in the title of the review. Then in the explanation below the title they said something like “Such an app can’t afford this.”, which if your company would have allowed a human being to actually read the review along with the title you wouldn’t have put in your company’s reply to the reviewer telling them that there is a free version!!! How embarrassing!!!! I can’t see paying so very, very much money for this app if it has these problems.
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3 years ago, Thank you 149
Lacks a support staff
I started using this last year and used it for approximately 6 months and found it helpful and enjoyable. I paid for the a year in advance. After that initial 6-month period the app started to have some glitching issues. I tried reaching out for help but could find no way to communicate with the company, so I re-installed the app, but it reset all my previous scores and skill levels, therefore starting me over again which I was not pleased with. I couldn’t log in again. I tried sending requests in through something in the app but never got a response. Tried to contact through the website but when you click the Contact button you just a blank screen. I even tried to respond to the emails they would send me but never got a response. So I canceled the renewal through apple, but couldn’t find any way to get a refund on the 6 months I couldn’t use the app and couldn’t get any to help resolve the issue. Wouldn’t recommend to anyone because of the lack of service to resolve issues. When that happens you won’t get any help, but they they will try to keep hitting your account for money. Disappointing.
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1 year ago, Nattpig59
Beware of false advertising
I bought a year’s subscription to the fact that I really liked how the app works in content. Then I tried to use it on my Apple Watch & error kept popping up saying I needed to login on my phone. But, was already logged in on my phone. I contacted customer service & explained what was going on. So, apparently you can only use it on the watch if it is connected to the phone & not when the watch running solo on its on cellular line only. Now, I don’t have ability to always my phone near me to make it work. That amount limited so I just wasted a years subscription for something I’m not gonna to be able use. And for a kicker free apps of equal content work just fine without being connected(actually there isn’t any other app I’m aware of especially paid app that doesn’t work not connected) & they have no plans to make this available or make a desktop version that u could access at a worse case scenario. Then, far as reimbursement they told me to take it up with Apple. Very unhappy with customer service. They seem very disinterested in making the best user platform available on all fronts. Looks like this company is just in it for the money and is not even trying to meet standard accessibility. You would expect more than effort towards paying customers…
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2 months ago, El-Tirador
NOT a waste of time
I normally don't bother with this type of app. I am an engineer with a good reputation for hard skills. A leader in multitasking and project organization often assigned special tasks by corporate leadership outside my traditional roles. So I was figuring, quite arrogantly, I must have it in one sock pretty well. Thing is… no matter how good you are there will always be these two irrefutable truths: 1) There will always be areas you are weaker, if not flat out awful at. 2) The only way you stay good, or get better is by training. There is ALWAYS some benifit to be found in every training opportunity. This app nails these two nuances. It finds where you are weaker then it gives you training content to improve, while stretching you where you are strong to keep you sharp. If you are wondering still if its worth it, it is. You will blow $40 on an XBOX game module or 4x that on a set of earbuds that work the same as the ones you already have. Spend that $40 on something that makes you more valuable to others and your self. Give it a try, stick with it, watch yourself improve.
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6 years ago, MSOE BioE
Fun training, valuable skills
As an engineering student, I can attest to many a long research paper, and timed physics and calculus exams. Often in the solving of complex thermodynamics, you would find that some of the most annoying, time consuming operations could be alleviated by a stronger, faster mental math skill set. I have spent entire nights (without sleeping) poring over long research papers, attempting to catch mistakes and condense and clarify my work. These games are very basic, fun, and effective. I feel that this app has the potential for further development, and could easily become part of the tool set of an aspiring engineer. They speed train the basics, so that you have more time and energy to focus on the tough stuff. I'm a bit intrigued by how the ratings are calculated, as I reached the 80% percentile in math within my 3rd day of using it. Do you guys think to account for the people who get the app, play for one day and then never use it again? Or maybe I'm just smart. Idk. Great app to try for the free trial, not sure if I'll pay for it though. I'll be keeping my eye on its development for sure though
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4 weeks ago, AppFreq
Amazing app with alot of potential
Ive been on a bit of trend where I dedicate my free time to education apps such as elevate, duolingo, and alter ego. All great programs that regularly improve me in big ways. I recommend this app 10/10 but wanted to write this review to request an update from the developers. My biggest hindrance in using this app is that there is no one form of streak preservation which is unfortunate. I would love to see this app adopt the due lingo model of offering incentives to keep learning such as streak freezes or special unlocks that motivate you to continue progression. I live a very busy life and sometimes can’t get to the app within the day, I would LOVE to be able to earn streak freezes as a backup to continue learning once I free up once again. I had something like a 60 day streak when I got tied up one day and completely lost my progress tracking. It really bummed me out and discouraged me from wanting to keep a streak at all seeing how easy it was to lose over a fluke. If this could be amended the app would be perfect! 💯
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5 years ago, Tennismexi
Good but point system needs improvement
I’ve used this app for a long time and maxed out almost every category until they raised the max to over 300. Something that has always bothered me is the points accrued. I don’t see much rhyme or reason to it sometimes. For example, at times I see it shoot up four points on an Excellent score, but other times it is raised by only three. The app in the past would give five points but that seems to have gone by the wayside some time ago. My main issue is when you get a high score. I have only seen it move up by three measly points for high scores for a long time now. A high score should net more points than anything else. It doesn’t happen often and if you can beat your previous high score, isn’t that the pinnacle? It’s better than excellent, obviously. It should garner five points. It should be the only time you can earn that much. Right now it is only three! That is ridiculous, please update the point system and give more points for a high score, and maybe amend the point system in general to make it more obvious about why you are getting what you get. Thank you.
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2 years ago, Theopinionator2point0
Amazing App!
This app is fantastic in conjunction with an app called Brilliant. The two work fabulously with one another. I use Elevate as a good warm up exercise to stretch every region of my brain to prepare it for my main workout (which I do with Brilliant). Give them both a shot! This app is amazing because it’s flexible with every individuals learning style and methods to problem solve, learn tips and tricks to perform certain tasks efficiently and more! Brilliant is more of an advanced app and, depending on the individual, may take them more time to solve and figure out certain tasks from specific courses that Brilliant offers. My first course that I decided to challenge myself in was the Logic/problem solving in the mathematics section. I actually did really well! Anyways, download either of the app, whether it be Brilliant or Elevate. If you want to get the best of both world, download both! You have the option to use either of the two for free, or pay monthly/yearly for additional bonus content and access! Hope this review helps! Happy hunting! :D
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6 years ago, C.Q 510
Practically Amazing!
I have not used many apps or programs similar to this that “train your brain”, and am fairly new to this application. But dang, (am not going to curse), this application so far is incredible! It is so practical and useful to daily life, honestly this type of format should be used in the public school systems. It is engaging, looks beautiful and clean, and has great motivating features such as the slot-machine sounds(which if you have been to vegas feel pretty rewarding lol). Overall this has to be one of the best applications i have used to date, which makes the yearly payment absolutely worth it if you find developing your mind in practical way useful. 9.9/10 so far. (Hope this application continues to grow and develop, and reaches a greater scale than where it is currently at.) Also for you guys that have read all the way till the end, wait for the “cheaper algorithm” to kick in. (Not sure what needs to be done, but diminishing use, sucking more, skipped lessons, non-finished days as time goes on, but continual use without upgrading may be the key) Get Learning! Yay.
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2 years ago, Left Door
Quality Content, Reasonable Price
Short version: if you use this app consistently, you will help hone your mind to a razor's edge. I have a year of consistent training - doing the daily recommended program at least 5 times a week- to back this up. Long version: I have used Elevate for 2 years. For the first year, I didn't use the app to it's fullest. Ever since I realized that, I changed my attitude and have achieved massive intellectual growth. For example, my writing was very sloppy in high school - I was very wordy and my vocabulary was imprecise. By using Elevate frequently, I have achieved a level of writing that has impressed many peers and professors at college: and I'm not an English major! My professors all have at least 15 years of work experience and they say I write professional-grade material. Not only that, but it also improved my intellectual strength so much that I didn't realize how much I'd grown until recently! It's truly one of the best apps for those looking to strengthen their minds.
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5 years ago, AAArethaRules
Very Good
I’ve learned a lot from these brain exercises. I’m less intimidated by math and have learned some new vocabulary words. However, some of the exercises are unnecessarily repetitive. For example, I’ve been tested on the exact same stories a few times. And some of the pictures for vocabulary building are too difficult to see on a smart phone or the pictures don’t adequately portray what they are supposed to picture. In other words, sometimes the pictures reflect a biased perspective that, I suspect, makes the game inadequate for gaging the performance of a large segment of its players. Other problems occur in games that test our ability to hear mistakes in grammar. These recordings sometimes don’t take into account that a listener might easily hear a correct version even if it’s not said correctly by the speaker. The voice and rhythm and flow of the recorded speakers tend to be culturally tinged in a way that this company has considered adequately generic enough but this might not be valid to account for some of the wide ranging nuances and speech patterns that flavor the language centers in the brains of lots of listeners.
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2 years ago, vvv032721
Feelings Over Facts: Wokeness 101
After playing one game where they present a word and you are tasked with presenting a word synonymous to the word, I was told “queer” is not synonymous with “strange.” I email the company to tell them about the error, and this is the response I got: (to summarize: “yes your answer is correct, but we are worried more about people’s feelings rather than their education.”) Hi Vivian, Thank you for contacting us with your feedback. Although one definition of queer is indeed "strange," in certain contemporary contexts, queer is also used negatively to criticize people. Merriam-Webster does note that queer, as it relates to sexual orientation and gender identity, can be used as a "positive self-descriptor." Nonetheless, it goes on to state: "The pejorative uses of queer, however, have certainly not vanished. Both the adjective and noun continue to be highly offensive when used disparagingly." Because the interpretation of queer as a positive self-descriptor is highly individualized, and because it is still often used to describe others offensively, we have elected to not accept queer as an acceptable response to prevent offense to users who may have experienced such negative language in the past. Let us know if you have any more questions about this. Kind regards, Emma
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2 years ago, madamos12
Beware! You will be charged as soon as this app is downloaded
I decided to check out this app based on the recommendations from the App Store. I downloaded this and then deleted after reading there was a subscription fee. I had no idea that it immediately signed me up for a 7 day free trial. I just happened to be going through my emails. I found an email in my spam saying I had two days to cancel or I would charged their ANNUAL FEE. Of course when I look at the date today is the day. I click on the link in the email to cancel subscription, but this of course is a bunch of confusing directions and articles you have to read which basically are misguided and gives no straight link just to cancel. I contact support it is all monitored through email no live person to speak to. I emailed to recover my password to check the status but I forgot it. I never receive an email for reset and of course I submit an email for assistance and it basically says they are busy and there could be a wait. This email arrives immediately in my inbox but still no password reset email. This application is a sham! This needs to be addressed. Don’t click on this app if you don’t want to be charged without your consent!
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2 years ago, sunshine4ant
Fees and age restrictions
This game sounded awesome with the editors choice award and the 4.8 out of five rating. But there is a hidden fee that once you do the first level that you have to pay annually. I have been looking for a game for a long time now for free brain training game. And you can go with you can play the game but you can only do kind of like the first level that shows you where you are in the game. But then everything else is locked you can literally not with any other game. Also I am 11 and I again I’ve been looking for a game that is free but also can be any age to play. I do not think it’s fair to hold a restriction on people that of under age of 13That is a game of just brain training that is not an inappropriate at all. Otherwise all the stuff I said before if you were over 13 and don’t mind paying money every single month to play brain training game this game is great I’m gonna give credit to it they made a really good program and it sounds fun. I guess I will go back on the hunt to find a brain training game that let me play without paying money and Let me play under the age of 13.
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1 year ago, Acemagace
Please Download This App
I first downloaded Elevate early 2020 because I wanted to become faster at math and fix my horrible memory. I tried Elevate and two other popular brain training apps and Elevate EASILY toppled them. The thing about the other apps is they focused too much on being games, while Elevate focused giving you actual knowledge while still being extremely fun. You’re actually doing division, you’re actually doing subtraction, you’re being tasked with remembering people’s names, you’re being challenged to read at X words per minute; Elevate actually helps you gain these skills. I am very grateful to this app because i can now do subtraction and division very quickly off the top of my head. I have also improved my memory greatly. I got covid a year ago and the brain fog never quite left but Elevate has been helping me in that area too. Download the app and play it every morning for at least 2 weeks to a month, you’ll notice improvement (:
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3 years ago, TKimbel
This is my second review because this app is so good. I have stopped what I’m doing just to review it again. For approximately three years I’ve used this app. I am a writer (never been paid) but I write extensively on FB. When I share an article I wrote one year ago, errors jump out at me that didn’t then, that need to be corrected. I was too wordy; now I am not. I didn’t know how to use commas correctly; now I do. My punctuation was iffy; now it’s not. I can read faster, focus sharper, and estimate quicker. Even though I have a degree in English, teaching Senior High English in the late seventies, this app has improved my writing more than the classroom ever did. I cannot recommend this app enough, especially if you’re in your sixties like me, and need to sharpen your listening and remembering skills. I do it everyday. It’s the one thing I do with consistency. Try it. Eventually you will see improvement and become a better writer, listener, and learner, even as you age.
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3 years ago, 2 Peace
Too hyper—speed isn’t everything
I would like you to make options available at the outset to use a slower pace. The answers are easy but there is not enough time to touch the correct answer. I suggest slowing things down initially and allowing speed to increase gradually on an individual basis. Let each person challenge themselves with speed. I work with elderly adults doing brain fitness. They can’t use this app because it goes too fast. I look for apps they can use between or instead of our sessions. I tell them about this and other apps but I’m not enthusiastic about your app. And it’s too bad because I think it could be a better if it was more accessible to use. I’d like to be able to suggest it. I have spent 40+ years studying people from various cultures who are advanced spiritually and whose presence benefits the world in profound ways. They tend to move and live in a calmer state. What they have to teach us is far more significant than how fast we can think and move. Their experience of Life is very different from most of us and far more fulfilling.
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2 years ago, D.ll
I Recommend Elevate for Brain Trauma
I suffered frontal lobe brain trauma in 2018 that made eye tracking and word recall particularly difficult. It made even casual conversations embarrassing and anxiety-producing for me. My neurologist recommended I practice both of these things each day, but I wasn’t sure where to start. Then I found Elevate. I began using Elevate daily, concentrating on the reading, writing, and speaking portions. Progress was slow, of course, but being able to track my progress in the app was encouraging. Over the course of a year, with daily Elevate usage, my improvements were dramatic. I relied on the vocabulary refreshers to help my recall (I started phrasing my mental word searches to myself in the context of the game UI, which reduced my frustration), and the speech practices gave me the confidence boost I needed to engage in more conversations. My neurologist was so impressed that he wrote down Elevate’s subscription details and said he’d begin recommending it to patients in similar situations.
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1 year ago, blueberryeater
Tried for Five Days
The premise of this app is promising. I wanted to like it. Each day I do sudoku and wordle and I wanted to add some variety with other quick games. It was easy to sign up, the free trial period seemed clearly stated and the format of the app is pleasing. However, I found the wording of the instructions odd. I’m a smart, autistic person, very literal and precise. The games almost felt like they were composed by a non native English speaker. There were weird inconsistencies in some language games, assigning positive and negative connotations to words that do not exist, not concretely anyway. But the real problem which is the reason for the two star rating is the free trial period cancellation process. I took screenshots of the instructions on how to cancel when I signed up, then, to unsubscribe I had to take many more steps, one of them was missing the information on where to click! I found it on my own and read there that had I kept playing until March 1st as stated earlier I would have incurred the one-year fee because I was required to cancel at least one day before not “any time prior” as stated in the description of the plans. Not cool.
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4 years ago, shamarnoc
What I was looking for
I have always been the type of person who wants to better myself, become smarter, be able to hold better conversations, etc. I like to be better than myself. This App is the perfect learning tool for using my own personal knowledge, at my own level I mean, and be able to learn more. What I mean is, this App will ask you questions whether you get them right or wrong it will create your own personal quizzes for you to challenge yourself and they make it fun and easy for you to pick up on your mistakes. If there is something way past what I am able to pick up on they will not keep giving me those sorts of questions. If I keep getting certain questions correct I will move up to the next level. The cost for this was very fair for how much I can and will invest time in this. I have a full time job and children so I cannot choose college and personally I do not want to so with this I can still expand my education and knowledge for everyday use.
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3 years ago, LilyWindwalker
Free version is now useless
I have been using Elevate for some time now. I've always loved it, but could never afford to pay for it. That was never a problem until they added this new Memory category. To be clear, the new Memory category is locked behind a pay wall. That's fine, I suppose, but the fact that they use your EPQ in Memory to calculate your overall EPQ means that if you can't afford to pay $40 a year for the app, you will no longer be able to see an accurate overall EPQ (which I used as a personal marker of how I was doing), because the new category drags your EPQ down dramatically when you can't do any of the training games in that category. My overall EPQ dropped by about 700 points. Also, I think it's crap that they no longer offer the option to pay by the month. My boyfriend pays monthly, which I might be able to make work, but now you have to pay for the full year up front, unless you have been grandfathered in from when they still offered monthly terms. I'm honestly about to stop using Elevate entirely. I know there are other brain training games out there. I'm so disappointed.
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6 years ago, Rod TC
Excellent way to start your day
I start my day using this app during breakfast, it puts me in a good mood to take any challenge. It’s hard to attest (even on a scientific level) whether it makes you more intelligent or not, but it definitely helps you understand and be more conscious, concise and articulated with language; it also helps you understand how your own mind memorizes or focuses best, and learn techniques for quick mathematical processing. After using this app (on and off I must admit) for the last two years, I’ve found I’m more assertive at choosing my words and learning new ones without having to look them up in a dictionary (thanks to etymologies,) be more present when listening to a process or people’s names, and have also became really good at quick math calculations which come really handy for business casual conversations. I’d define it as oil for your brain that keeps things sharp while setting you up for the day by successfully completing a few tasks in the morning 👌🏻.
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3 years ago, GLlMPSE
Sharpens the Blade of Knowledge
I’ve completed 24 workouts once a day, and I’m already noticing some major changes in my life. I’m able to type clear and concise emails to my college instructors and my performance in class feels like it’s at its best. I also noticed that I can better visualize and solve mental math problems without thinking too hard. I even caught myself solving an addition problem instantly without really having to compute it and I’m not talking about problems from assignments, I’m talking about real world math problems that friends and family bring up during convos (mostly relating to the price of something). However, one thing I would like the app to have is a retry or replay button for games. Maybe with a limit of 3 replays if needed. I find that I sometimes complete a game but feel as though I didn’t focus/perform as good as I should’ve, so it’d be nice to be able to click retry instead of being sent to the next game and having to go back to the previous one.
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5 years ago, AskateFdn
Great for memory loss patients
I have hemorrhaging on my brain due to a medication given during an open heart surgery. Over the years my brain has regressed into memory loss. My brain function declined in many areas. Comprehension, articulate, process, and the list goes on. As a young mom I was told that I was at risk for early onset Alzheimer’s and dementia by the time I was in my 50’s. I’ve been on a journey to bring all pieces of the healing puzzle together which includes medical guidance, nutrition, exercise, spiritual aspects, and exercising my brain through reading, apps, etc. Elevate has been my top go-to app when it comes to exercising my brain and regaining basic skills one uses with the brain every day. This app is an important factor for mental health and keeping memory issues at a stand still. Anyone suffering from memory loss that affects the intellect will highly benefit from this app. Even if you consider your memory issues ‘mommy brain’, you need to exercise your brain and keep it sharp.
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4 weeks ago, kwarrwog
Elevate made me miss the mark
After being on a steady streak then missing one day I was determined to not fail again. In my second attempt after having purchased Elevate, I had not missed any days and was up to day 25. However, on day 25, Elevate didn’t allow me to complete the last exercise of my 5 workouts that day. Each time I clicked to play the last game, it opened the game then immediately closed it. After attempting to open it several times and after restarting my phone, it continued with the same problem and eventually forced me to end the day without completing the exercise. The next day Elevate worked just fine but started my streak as day 1 again. I’m so disappointed that it made me miss my mark because I haven’t missed any days since I started the second time around and should be at day 28 or 29 now . This Elevate issue made me less motivated as I don’t know how far I’ll go before this glitch in Elevate system happens again. I saw no way of reaching Elevate customer service to correct it when it occurred forcing me to start over.
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1 year ago, Ambrose Buckner
Elevate is AMAZING!!!
I love this brain game platform so much that I bought the subscription. Elevate builds off current knowledge/deficiencies to cater game exercises to my individual needs. Each game has simple instructions and offers concise explanations when an incorrect answer is submitted. I am learning math (my weakest area) tools that would have been so helpful if taught this way in school. Elevate brain exercises cover a wide array of topics and the same game is never repeated. I can choose to stay on a topic (when I struggle) or advance to the next topic (when I do well). I can also choose to do exercises in one particular area or complete the exercises for each day in succession a laid out by the platform. Elevate brain games also has a study feature so that I can really focus in on an area if desired. Spending money on a subscription is hands down the best money I have ever spent on an app. I fully recommend this app for those who love to learn!
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6 years ago, CraftyChick22
Beautiful app with very sophisticated learning algorithms
This app is so beautiful!!! I love the animations, the gamification and all the metrics you can track. It’s so well thought out. It’s the best app I have ever used.... seriously. I’m actually learning and getting better at editing. It’s a great mental workout for my bus ride to work. It has only been a little over a week and I’m already seeing improvements in my reading and editing abilities. I’m still on the trial but definitely going to sign up for the membership. It helps me so much with my design work. It’s a great way to work on my listening skills and memory. I have tried other apps like this in the past but never before have I come across one that was so sophisticated and with skills I can instantly apply to my life. I’m an app designer myself and wanted to give a shout out to the design team that this a freakin work of art! Keep up the good work!!! The team behind this app is crushing it! Every day you inspire me!
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6 years ago, jordan peace
Excellent quality of the training and customer service
I have been using elevate for over two years, and the training has definitely improved my mind. Exercising the mind is as important as exercising the body. Their superb customer service takes the elevate training to another high level. They are prompt in responding. I had caused a problem with logging in to my elevate training. James, the customer service representative, made sure that I was able to finally log into my elevate account. He was totally committed to making sure I could get back in, and was both knowledgeable and very supportive. Since I was the one who had made the mistake in my account, I really appreciated his positive support. I have found that the elevate training is the best of all that I have tried, which is now why I am beginning my third year, and will continue from there. As an educator of 40 years I appreciate all that elevate offers, and I recommend the training.
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4 years ago, Shepmaven
More value than the neuropsychologist thinks
My neuropsychologist counseled me not to spend much money on brain building apps. “They don’t work” according to the profession’s assessment. I’ve been a RN for >40years; was a certified “Technical Trainer” in the USAF. Following an adrenal crash, my verbal skills were pretty much wiped out: significant expressive aphasia, great difficulty word finding, difficulty following conversation. Doing simple math on paper was a challenge, like a 3rd grader, and doing cognitive equations just couldn’t happen. Not sure what criteria their testing and value of something like this is, but I know, that if nothing else, the skills on this app have exercised my skills from the lowest level to the point that my confidence in myself has improved, significantly. It was a slow and frustrating start, but I am much better in participating in conversations and improved in doing math in my head. Certainly, more work to go, but Elevate has been a significant benefit for me.
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3 years ago, toomanyhoursontheroad
Vocabulary exercises are inaccurate and need review
I think this is a great app overall, but it really fails in exercises devoted to eloquence, clarity, improved speaking, etc. The app has been written to ask for substitutes or give additional synonyms. Many of the suggested synonyms aren’t actually synonyms, although they are close. In many cases, the app give points for supplying rarely used words in quite simple sentences. It doesn’t sound eloquent; instead I think the speaker would be perceived as lacking clarity or even speaking pretentiously. Eloquence cannot exist without clarity. The developers should have some conversations with editors and university-level writing instructors, I think, to sort out these “bugs.” I’m neither, by the way, but have certainly benefitted from both groups. On the other hand, the mathematical sections are great and I’ve found the punctuation reviews helpful. Of course, the punctuation system doesn’t always fit with current usage offering multiple correct solutions based on different contexts. So... B- (needs improvement, but on the right track)
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2 years ago, R obux
Best App Ever!!!
I downloaded Elevate today and I am already hooked! The free version of the app might need an update or two, but otherwise it’s a great app! Let me go into detail. I bought the subscription a couple hours ago and I gotta say, it’s awesome, 5 stars, no doubt. The free week is very helpful to see if the customer likes it, and it is very cheap. 40 dollars a year! The subscription is fun and affordable! The content once you buy the subscription is definitely worth it. All of the subjects, games, and workouts deserve a 5 star! I honestly love it. Now for the free version. It is good, but it could use a update or two. First of all, add more than just one workout with three games. Secondly, you should let the users retry the workout more than once. Overall, the free version is great! One last thing, you should make younger age settings, because the rating is 4+ years old. Also you should add more categories like science, biology, geography, history, and physics. If that is too much work than okay. But I really appreciate all that is in the app! Well, that is my rating. It is definitely worth it to buy the subscription. I will tell my friends and family to try out this app. My favorite subjects are math, writing, and reading. This is the best game I’ve ever had and it deserves a five star. My brain is already elevating! (PS, your motto should be, “Your Brain Will Elevate!“)
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4 years ago, cool hp girl
I don’t love this app, no...but I certainly like it. A favorite actress of mine (Madelaine Pestch) mentioned this in an interview that she did, and I got curious about it because it sounded interesting. It has helped improve my brain power in a fun way. I don’t feel like I’m a actually doing work, and at the same time I can get my daily dose of learning on weekends and breaks. The only thing I don’t like about it is the fact you need to pay money to get certain things. I understand that the creators need to make money somehow, but I really wish I could do those two pro levels. I’m going to try the free trial and let you know what I think of it. Anyways, I know the app couldn’t really change the money part, so...yeah. Thanks for creating the app, though! It’s highly recommended for anyone who feels like they need a little freshening up in the brain every once in awhile, especially if you have money to spare, because it’s really not that much money if you want to do the pro (40 bucks a year). Thanks again!
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3 years ago, april.berry
Really has made a difference for me
I would like to say a sincere thank you to the robots who make this game…app, whatever you’d like to call it. I’ve been using it for almost two years now and I have noticed quite an improvement in numerous skills. I don’t think it would be noticeable to anyone else but who cares? It’s made me feel better about myself. In Math especially, I can say I’m amazed at the new pathways my little brain has made through the clever teaching style of this app. I legit am the worst at math. My skills didn’t go much beyond the simple add, subtract, multiply and divide. That part of my brain just doesn’t seem to work well. It’s one of the biggest reasons I never finished college. I couldn’t do any college level math courses. Also, I am lazy. Now while I am hardly on track to get a PhD in theoretical physics, I feel much more confident in several skills. I look forward to using this app everyday.
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5 years ago, Emmajmovement
BEST Mental Learning Available
I’m an avid learner, but a slow processor. Over my life I’ve tapped to play several learning-style games, everything from sudoku and crosswords to luminosity brain trainers and word games. Every one of them bored me, if I am being completely honest. Luminosity came close but it just wasn’t stimulating enough for me to make it a habit. Enter “Elevate”. I am finishing up my two week trial and this is the first time I’ve maintained a consistent practice for as long as I have. The games are challenging, but in a way that makes me more excited to keep playing, not less. It gives you games that practice seriously practical knowledge and processing skills, and even better, they use real world information in all of their written word games so you’re double learning. I feel like I’m finally tackling my biggest challenge (processing speed) while also leveling up skills I already felt pretty confident in. Ten of ten would recommend.
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11 months ago, Hikaru.uwu.
I love the app concept, it seems like you could learn a lot, and when I saw that you could do three free lessons a day, I was excited, until I figured out that the only three you can do are pre chosen for you. I know paying is how the app generates income to maintain and improve the app, and while I know that there is a free trial, it doesn’t work out for people that just aren’t able to afford these types of things. In my opinion, it just makes so much more sense to put ads in between, such as what duolingo does, or, if that doesn’t generate much income, to watch a certain amount of ads to unlock one lesson. This works by earning a coin per ad, and then perhaps 20 coins equates to one lesson you can choose, this option would also encourage people to get the membership since it is such a high amount of ads. It’s just a suggestion, and this probably won’t even be read. But in my opinion, it’s much less stressful on people who aren’t sure if 40 dollars a year is worth it, even after the free trial.
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3 years ago, LGlass_M
To me, any tool that helps me learn anything is worth it. Obviously the app isn’t perfect, and there are some games where I feel are more about speed than actually learning, but the math area in the app is very helpful! The lessons (those I have read) are also a great learning tool. I have learned easier and quicker ways to calculate everyday things which has helped me quite a lot. I feel that the speed aspect works better with the math area. However, I have always struggled with punctuation and vocabulary, but this app has somewhat helped me with those subjects. I think it is worth it. The games are fun as well, so there isn’t much harm in playing them anyways. The whole EPQ and performance area of the app is somewhat confusing... I don’t know if this is truly how it works, but it seems to almost always give you more EPQ every time you play. I went from “advanced” to “expert” within only a few days on writing games, though I don’t believe my actual skill with writing has improved as much as it says. However, leveling up, EPQ, and unlocking new games does make me want to play more often, so I suppose that is a plus..? Here are the benefits I have noticed from using this app so far: Improved mental math Slightly larger vocabulary (not enough to write home about) Slightly better at using commas Overall, if you struggle with certain things like mental math and basic grammar, this is the app for you.
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6 years ago, storymill reviewer
Good, but not great
I’m a fan of this app, and I just subscribed for the second year. I wasn’t planning on it, though, because as I progressed through the levels, I found the scoring system significantly lacking. What really annoys me about it is that as you progress, there’s no recognition for the increased difficulty. Meaning, I can get my high score in a game the first time I play it because it’s so easy, but it’s scored the EXACT SAME WAY when the stakes are raised! The difficulty setting is way way higher, so it’s virtually impossible to achieve a high score in any game beyond the beginning stages of playing it. You’re forever getting your 5th or 6th highest score, or worse, because the game is that much more difficult now. It ends up taking all the fun out playing, and is why I took like an 8 month break. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy the games and do find them challenging, but it’s incredibly frustrating to get a high score when the difficulty setting is at Beginner and NEVER be able to touch it again! If they fix that, this app would be amazing!
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6 years ago, XandrianM
Loved it until I discovered shallow content
I love it, except for there seems to be missing the Listening section which is shown in my iPhone widget section, which I would find really helpful. As was stated elsewhere, once you get to higher difficulty it still keeps the scores from when it was super easy, so you can only do “good”, can only proceed by 1 (up to 400, when it gets extremely difficult around 200) and never “excellent”, which is painstaking and poor design. Perhaps they are only marketing it for people who only use it for two weeks then quit? (Perhaps because the trial period doesn’t last that long). Cheap gimmick to make people cough up $9, which no app costs that much. I am quickly losing patience with what I thought was a game-changer, or “brain-changer”, but poor design makes it bog down quick, especially as it seems that after only 2 weeks I’m in the 92nd percentile in everything but math, where I’m almost to 98th percentile. This is indicative that people lose interest quick because of the poor level progression. I’m really bummed :( Developers: get it together!
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