Elmedia Video Player

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Eltima LLC
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3 months ago
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10.12 or later
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User Reviews for Elmedia Video Player

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0 Ratings
2 months ago, TedBikes
VERY polished
Update: I still very much love this app, but there are a couple of things I'd love to see change. First off, the icon is so hideous. At least provide the option of paid users to change to something else. Second, I'd love a true zoom feature. Not just making the window larger, but an actual zoom feature. Please and thank you! I'll pay again to change the icon, no joke. Easily one of the very best out there. Super clean interface and does everything you could want. Definitley upgrading to the Pro version to get all the bells and whisles. Only thing I can't stand is the icon. It's about as ugly as can be. For an app that is so solid and so polished, it looks like a 3rd class won the design for the icon. I'll be hacking that for sure.
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7 years ago, JoenSF
I initially really liked this video player, because it plays so many different formats that other palyers like won’t like QuickTime won’t. But, THIS APP HAS AN INCREDIBLY ANNOYING TRAIT, if you go premium and buy the PRO version of the app…then everytime you launch the app you ARE REQUIRED TO RESTORE TEH PRO APP FROM THE App Store, Everytime, without fail. I can’t stand it anymore. It’s been happeneing for at least a YEAR and no fix yet. Why can IT REMEMBER that I’ve been a paying customer for YEARS. It’s so annoying, that I avoid using this app if at all possible. It’s totally worse than the upgrade nag screen on the free version. DUMB, DUMB, DUMB move on the developer’s part to require CONSTANT RESTORING OF PURCHASE from App Store. Ultimately, I can’t favorably endorse an app that is so annoying, that I avoid it like the plague. Who need that, there’s plenty of video players that don’t do that. Is the security of the app so important that you have to make it extremely annoying to use on every sinlge launch by requiring RESTORE PURCHASE. NOT FOR ME!
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3 years ago, cjnwo4life
Overall, best video player in the market. Fast, easily adaptable to any video codec available and most importantly its ability to stream easily to other devices is exceptional. Subtitles can be a challenge, especially if you are streaming to another device as there appears to be no real conformity to a standard excepted from one device to another. Other than that, this is the best player on the market.
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5 years ago, Wizbang Trainer
It was a good player, but lack of support has left it an invalid
This app (originally downloaded from the app store) then downloaded from the website because it was updated more frequently used to be a very decent player. Unfortunately, lack of timely support of their products has left the app working sporatically for the majority of the time and the key features of being able to download from streaming sites virtually non-existant. Now trying to play a blu-ray disc because I have a 27" monitor and it seems a waste to have a 2nd screen taking up space for a TV. I've been watching DVD's on my computer without issue but with more content being blu-ray I bought a disc that had both. The blu ray shows a "flash" of the initial disc screen then disappears. It makes sense now that I see that others are having issues playing BluRay discs. Hopefully the dev will figure out in less than 6 months where the bug is and fix it instead of referring to their FAQ's which repeat all of the steps already taken.
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3 years ago, Kvh45213
I'll change his rating if I'm missing something. But When creating movie playlists and it appears playlists can only be played alphabetically by file name. This all comes down to files are in folders, folders are on drives, drives are on computers. A simple playlist would play files in the order they were added one file at a time. if selecting, opening, playing, adding more than one file simultaneously? Or choosing to play an entire folder, by default the player should play the files in the same order the folder is sorted. If your goal is to have two button playlists save and delete, no editing / sorting tools? match the folder sorting. if selected folder is sorted, logic would dictate Match the folder sorting when created.
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3 years ago, Callunairis
updated review
well, knowing now how to go back and forward I do want to add a few stars. I will still leave one off because I still think that is a bad UX to not have a more clear option and let users guessing. Other than this pretty big issue thogh the player is actually pretty good. So far no haven't seen other issues. I mostly just use it for audio files and it works well for that as well. old review:I can only go forward or backward in a file by dragging the slider which is not accurate at all, they don't even have a "rewind" or "forward" button at all...
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4 years ago, RyanBlanco
A good go-to player
This player is really good -- it reminds me of VLC in a lot of ways... but its free version is nearly perfect. It has everything you need in order to enjoy your media. And the key commands (or "smart keys") are familiar and sensible. it was so good, i eventually paid for the full version! i gave it 4 stars because i feel that 5 stars is a perfect score, and not very many things are perfect. I can't remember the things about this app that aren't perfect, or to my precise liking, so… They're unimportant details, I guess. Anyway, great app. You should get it. Pay for the full version, if you're not broke.
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7 years ago, Eas0317
Great at first...
When I first got this I was deployed and I wasn’t able to watch a lot of movies on the server. While I was there the free version that I got worked great. When I returned home and tried to use it on my AppleTV through AirPlay, it would only play for a minute then cut off saying that I had to buy the premium version. I’m not going to lie, that’s frustrating. I would love to be able to use the app with AirPlay. Other than that, it’s a really good app. I like how it keeps up where your movies are left off as well as movies that you’ve used the app on are easily referenced for watching again. My only hangup is not being able to use AirPlay.
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2 years ago, some other guy II 2 adjunct
Superior, but...
Finally, a media player without some completely incapacitating glaring gross functional shortcoming. (Why has there never been another in the apple store?) This one i just might subscribe lifetime. One small but hobbling issue, though : there appears to be no way to add tracks/titles to the playlist, for subsequent rearrangement, without interrupting the currently-playing track and beginning immediate playback of the first track being added — Most embarrassing when trying to build a playlist realtime at 165 decibels...
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2 years ago, gunangf
Taking Screenshots Takes Forever
I love the program but however, I do have one issue: the screenshots. I love how you can get every frame, but I do find it annoying that it takes FORVER to get all the screenshots that I want. I would suggest for a future update that users select a start point and an end point of where they want to take their screenshots and it'll put it all in your folder for you. It shouldnt take a half hour to get a whole bunch of screenshots. It should take at least three minutes.
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5 months ago, quantumonion
Almost perfect
This is soooo close to what I need for presentations. The one feature that's lacking is easier access to bookmarks. If the developer could add a bookmarks window (similar to the playlist window) so that one doesn't have to go into the menu to jump to various bookmarks, this app would be PERFECT for presentations, and I'd immediately purchase the paid version. UPDATE: I'd forgotten I'd actually already purchased the paid version until reading some of the other reviews regarding "Restore Purchase". Sigh!
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3 years ago, SuperDude1992
Excellent Video Player!
I normally don't like to write reviews, but I did see some low marks and wanted to balance it out for people that haven't tried it. It's only been less than a day, so we'll see how things work out, but so far I was having trouble with another video player playback -- out of sync, laggy -- but when I downloaded and tried it with Elmedia, the video ran perfectly!
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1 year ago, DarrylH74
Almost Perfect...but Not Yet
Was in search for an app compatible with iOS for awhile, tried several but none quite fit until this one. It can do wonders with basically any format. Where it falls short is it lacks the ability to convert some formats, permanently alter those it can (lighten, speed, audio) or edit (trim, invert). I still have to rely on QuickTime for that. It's def worth a try though.
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7 years ago, stolendreams
Works alright but
Update : The screenshots created from video’s are plagued with script errors and permissions issues . deleted screenshots and ran repair and the errors are" no more" . Never had permission issues with either of my MacBooks till using the screenshots created through Elmedia . I used to and still do take a lot of screenshots and never had permission issues till Elmedia . This app doesn’t hold a candle to VLC media player which I have and it’s free . Incessantly , Well maybe not incessantly but has asked me several times to sign in with my Apple ID. To register the pro add on so basically if it would just leave me alone I might give it a better rating.
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3 years ago, Latrina cleanola
works well with AVI on Mac
For years I used VLC for AVI movie files on Mac. Today I loaded some surveillance system videos on my Mac, and they wouldn't play at all on my Mac. So I searched for AVI players and found a good review of Elmedia Video Player. I downloaded it from Apple's App Store to be sure the app wasn't filled with malware. It played the video file that couldn't play on VLC. I've just used it for this one file, but so far I'm very happy with Elmedia.
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3 years ago, Runnable019
Great App
The app is great, I really love it but since the last update one issue became really apparent, it's that the video mutes randomly when I switch to other windows and this is happening constantly now. The seccond issue is that sometimes elmedia lags when playing 1080p video and has a really hard time playing 4K videos. Please contact me if you want any log files.
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7 months ago, borkware
Decent player, some baffling decisions
I enjoy having control over playback speed, but for some reason, the settings for playback speed have a slider going from 0% to 10,000%. If I wanted to select 50%, I can't, because the slider goes from 0 to 86 to 130, so I have to type it in. I'm wondering why 100x playback is *so* important that the way more common 50% / 150% / double are impossible to enter via the slider. Why even have a slider?
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6 years ago, Sbonventure
I have no idea why this app has any value:
So why would someone buy this app? One reason might be to be able to open a variety of video files. Look at the description. It says, “It can play pretty much any file type…” Calls itself “…an all in one solution…” and goes on to say, “.. that doesn’t call for any additional plugins or codecs.” - - I do not like this product because this claim is simply not true. I bought this product to be able to play the variety of AVI files that I receive for work and need to play for clients in court. On the very first day, this program failed to play a perfectly working file that played fine on Windows. Thereafter, it fails time and again. I reported the problem to support 2 months ago. No response. I then asked Apple to issue a refund. No response. So basically, it seems a software developer can make exaggerated claims about its product that are basically false or at best, misleading, and you can’t get a refund. Be very careful.
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5 days ago, Gabidya
One function and perfect
This should go without saying, but in this day and age, finding an app that literally does exactly what it says it does without taking any of your time is... near impossible. I haven't experienced this in 5 years. I was able to watch my avi file immediately and had a great night.
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5 years ago, J Schrift
Good so far
I haven't purchased this and judging by reviews there seems to be some issues involved, the free version plays a multitude of files and allows player modification (such as play speeds and delays as well as queues and remembering time stamps.) I haven't tried anything but files stored on my hard drives but so far I have no complaints and the level of customasation is hugly improved over quicktime player and many other mp4 players I have used
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5 years ago, Thomasb95
It Lacks a quick view feature
if you drop a file on the app it opens Yea but when you are done you must remove it from the play menu every time. This lack of drop and be done feature is a real pain if you are just going thru old vids. This missing feature is so irratating! that I keep going back to Mxplayer which I have been trying to get rid of for years. This is a "good" player so I will not give it a 1 star like I would like to actually a - 3 star it irratates me so much.
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2 years ago, GhostIsBeHere
The ONLY Flash Player
This is the best app to run flash games. Elmedia runs them at full speed, with little-to-no bugs. Unlike Flash Player Projector (The offical app), Elmedia has no lag. Unlike Ruffle (The flash player emulator), Elmedia can run all programs with almost no bugs. The only thing that doens't work is outlinks, but who needs those? This is now my go-to flash app!
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1 year ago, Mohsen.96
Only one bad thing
I love this, It can play any format, but has just one bad thing, when you stop the video or music you can not forward or backward jump, you have again play the video and then do it. maybe in preference there is a option solution and I dont know
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3 years ago, Ak Pavel
starts very well
So i played a video about Over 2gb and i opened on Quick video player but it was lagging and good thing i searched up hd video player and i found this and directly installed it and i enjoyed useing Elmedia Video Player. Try this on your mac book, this is a nice software for watching videos on your mac book!
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1 year ago, #Pineapple_Tree_Productions
Playback Speed
I've only been using this recent update for about 20 minutes and have already been asked for a review. I spand 8 of those minutes on the toilet. But in the other 12 minutes I noticed that the custom playback speed does nothing. I also had an issue with it playingback very slow at "normal" playback speed. Other than that, it seems to work well.
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4 years ago, ND Wil
Great Features for Free
This player handles every media type I have, including H.265 mkv files flawlessly. The extra features available sound useful for those wishing to add “pop” to media, but for basic play functionality, the free version does all I need. The keyboard shortcuts make navigating the player very efficient. This is the best of several that I have tried.
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4 years ago, miss.audrey
Just what I needed!
I've been working with some recordings through an online transcription service. This app has made an amazing difference, with clarity, and precise control of the playback speed! The transcription service seems to have missed pieces here and there, but by listening along with Elmedia, I'm able to get a complete and accurate transcription!
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4 years ago, Nighttime lemons
When others fail, this player picks up
Never had an issue. Although I don't have issues with other Mac video players, I will choose this over any of them. Being a student with lectures and videos of numerous types, I need something versatile and capable of speeding up (and not resetting to normal speed when pausing).
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4 years ago, Jarlbrand
Wondrous Performance
Compared to quicktime and vlc, this program performs beautifully. None of the crappy stuttering and jumping when you scrub, it's perfect. I just wish there was an option for the file you are playing to stop when it ends but not be removed from the window so you can just press space and restart it.
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6 months ago, Person in Wisconsin
Good for Viewing AVI
I was looking for an application that works well for viewing trail camera AVI files on an old iMac and this works great. I just open the file using the Elmedia player or drag it to the window and it is added to the playlist. I’m grateful for developers not abandoning users who have older computers. Thanks!
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1 year ago, frankl246&
Uniquely Different
This video player is clearly different from others in that you can control with space bar and arrow keys to play, stop, fast forward and rewind. Other video players have been so annoying where there is no options for that.
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5 years ago, handsome264
Better than VLC
I download music videos through Firefox and play them over and over. VLC has trouble syncing voice with lips, but Elmedia doesn't seem to have any problem like that. Also allows a playlist to be played through completely rather than just one clip at a time. The free version has been great for my needs.
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2 years ago, INFOSECforiPHONE
Issues With Player
The UI and controls are very nice. It will open everything I have thrown at it; however, often times, when I open a video, the audio will play but the screen remains black (no video). Restarting the video does not correct this. I cannot which determine vidoe type as this occurs often with various formats. Perhaps an update will correct, otherwise, this is useless to me and I am glad that I did not pay for the PRO verson.
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1 year ago, lhbisbee
Love Elmedia
I do love Elmedia and it's so easy to use on my Macbook EXCEPT no matter what I do and what directions I google, I cannot get it to cast to the television. We used to cast to the TV, but when Elmedia upgraded and I purchased it here in the app store--now it doesn't wwork. Great for watching on the laptop, but sure would like to ccast to the TV
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3 months ago, roobieroo
Why does it modify the video file each time it's opened?
Why does this player cause the modification date of my video files to update each time the file is opened? What is Elmedia writing back to my files? VLC doesn't do this. Is there any way to get this to stop mofifying my files when all I'm doing is playing a video?
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10 months ago, deemostrakis
much faaaaaster than any other media player!
The Elmedia Mac Player stands as a shining example of a comprehensive media player tailored for Mac users. With a user-friendly interface and an impressive array of features, Elmedia proves to be a reliable solution for seamless video playback across a wide range of encodings.
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6 years ago, Foreverlife44
Video Player
It plays my videos great. I just wish when I have a playlist of things to watch that the video player size would remain the same, not default to a smaller screen. It sometimes plays randomly after I pause it. It does the job of playing all my videos. There are always ads when I re-open the app.
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2 years ago, Bigboy336
I recently change from PC to Mac, but was not ready to the different nuances of its operation. I thought that I shall need to transh the videos and movies that I hoarder in the past due to the incompatability with the Mac. Thankfully, I was told about Elmedia. It runs all my avi, wmv, mp3 etc... with no problem. It is a great addition to my apps.
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2 years ago, Mythical_5
I came across this video player accidentally while updating other features on my Mac. I thought why not give it a try. So far the quality of my videos played is excellent. I am aware FIVE STARS is alot but it (Video played) looked a heck of a lot better than the VLC or QT player does.
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1 year ago, Matt Apple Acct
I was able to watch old WMV videos of my parents and brother, long after they had pased away, that would no longer play on my Mac. I thought I would never be able to watch them again, but now I can! Thank you!!
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3 years ago, BoomerTomi
a mixed bag
Elmedia player has excellent sound quality. It really doesn't give you the same ability to see and alter your playlist, for example, as you can do with Vox media player. I'd be very reluctant to upgrade to the paid version as that seems to offer no real benefits. I can imagine an easier to use version coming out someday but I probably won't be aware of it.
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3 years ago, Atdivv
Best player for screenshots
I use this player strickly for caputring screenshots while using the slow mo one frame at a time technique and it does it flawlessly. It performs faster than VLC with none of the constant crashing. I did pay for the PRO version to do this and it was worth it.
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5 months ago, Saronnia
Opens Old Movie Files
I have some videos that were converted to digital files and Elmedia is able to open and play them for me. I otherwise wouldn't be able to view them with the video players available on my mac.
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10 months ago, laughncry
works well
it seems to work with a lot of differnt types of movie files. I have a apple macbook pro and i have an external hard drive that i copied movies on off my alienware laptop with windows and it will run them, with out it apple ios will not run them.
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3 years ago, Anthony102613
Amazing product
Had many old AVI files that spent much time without the ability to play. This product made it easy to view and record data that I thought was lost due to compatiblity issues. A true gem!
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12 months ago, alexmarcero
SO i kid you not this is an awesome app. im in the Navy and we share videos and movies all of the time because what else doesa sailor have better else to do in the middle of the ocean. This app allows you to view different video files long story short great app 10/10 would recommend!!! v/r
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4 months ago, Thorjr71
A Waste Of Time
Downloaded and installed the app. The only thing that it allowed me to do was to pick a color. There was no help in the "Help" section to play an avi file. I can understand an in app purchase, but I would like to see it work before the purchase. That evidently is not possible. When I looked on line for help, the developer had no site ot user help. Went to a 4th party to see is they had information, and it was dated. So, no can see if it works, no can pay.
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4 years ago, Keep Alive!
New User This Month
Very pleased to find Elmedia Video Player exceeds my expectations in every way. Fast, versatile, robust, great features, very stable, and the more I get to know it, the more I like it. So pleased am looking at upgrading to pro once I check out a couple more items.
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6 months ago, Wapitan
Easy to Use!
I needed a player that could run an AVI file. I downloaded this app and was able to watch the file right away! No irritiating advertisements, no glitches, just download and go! I highly recommend this app!
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10 months ago, peoplecure
Clean but off
I needed a video player with a fast forward feature. This was perfect. It promised this feature from x0.1 to x100 times speed control. But this is really doubtful. 2 times epeed is not the 2 times speed I have seeen in every other media player I have in my possession. This media player is soooo slow with its speed control. Otherwise, it's great. The aethetics are clean with the fewest fuss controls on display.
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