ELSA Speak: English Learning

4.8 (89.3K)
266.2 MB
Age rating
Current version
Elsa Corp
Last update
1 month ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for ELSA Speak: English Learning

4.76 out of 5
89.3K Ratings
1 year ago, A girl from Madagascar
Great app
I used Elsa to practice for an English verification test in my school. My goal at first was to pass this test but then I fell in love with the app and with continuously improving my prononciation. The free version is limited but not bad at all. However, when you advance in your learning, you may want to spend more time and do more lessons per day so the Pro membership is really worth the price. Now I am on Lifetime Pro Membership and it is GREAT! Elsa provides a lot of topic that were not familiar with me while in an English class. Now I can talk about them more confidently than before and I am glad I can share my ideas clearly. I also use the speech analyzer sometimes and it is really helpful. I always recommend ELSA to any friends wanting to learn English. Thank you for designing the app! I will be very happy if you will come up with ELSA for other popular languages like spanish, french or german. It is so life changing.
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2 years ago, Alston HC Wang
Price Scam - don’t pay subscription
To be honest, the accuracy of the app doesn’t work as what they advertise (sometimes u just need to pretend to read like an elementary school student rather than a native adult), but what really frustrated me was their subscription price inconsistency. I bought yearly subscription in app by $117, but when I checked my account at apple, there is a $40 yearly subscription choice. So I paid like 3 times to get a subscription which is a joke. I tried to switch myself to $40 which works but also cancelled my previous $117 subscription — so I paid total $157. What’s worse, they also provide $98 for “lifetime” subscription, which is cheaper than in app purchase to upgrade your Pro subscription. When I wrote the letter to reflect the issue, they just said I can only pay $117, and refuse to let me use $98 for lifetime. Unless I just spend “additional $98”. The whole conversation process with customer support just made me even more frustrated because Elsa doesn’t own the responsibility of the price inconsistency (we are not taking about $20 dollar gap but 3 times around $90 dollar gap). They just want you to pay as high as possible and hide certain information from customers. I don’t mind paying at all. But I refuse to be an idiot.
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2 years ago, N2Boston
Great at telling you what no one else would
I have lived in the US for over 36 years, but I came when I was around 13. I’ve always been subconscious about the slight accent that I had. When you try to get rid of it, you run into an issue at some point, you sound mostly acceptable and most people are too polite to point out little things you are still saying a bit incorrectly. This app is great at catching these moments. A perfect example was my pronunciation of the word “world”. I always had trouble with this one and the app recommended I replace “OR” with just “R” or “ER” to make it easier. Like magic, the word that I had trouble with for 26 years now requires no effort. While I might not have needed to pay for this app, I chose to buy a one year subscription after the trial period ended just to show my appreciation. Great idea!
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1 year ago, Tom220520
Great app to practice your speaking skills
If you are looking for a good app to learn English, specifically speaking skills, then you should definitely try out this app. It’s a fun and engaging app that uses gamification to make learning more fun and interesting. You will have to pay after the free trial period but it’s worth it! In terms of accuracy, I would say it really depends on different people with different level of English skills. I believe this app is optimized for English learners, as many native English speakers have pointed out that the AI graded their speaking skills pretty badly although they speak perfect English. From my experience, this app did point out the flaws in my speaking skills such as the “th” sound, which I often messed up when reading it. In conclusion, if you are looking to enhance your English speaking skills, then this app is for you.
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2 months ago, K h liu
It really helped!
I’ve been practicing using daily coach session for 3 and half months every day, and it really helped improved my pronunciation. I love how accurate the pronunciation feedback is (most of the time) and how it helped improve my pronunciation on some words that I wouldn’t have noticed at all hadn’t the app pointed out, such as fool vs full, would, luxury (x), yeah, etc. Small change of pronunciation in each word seems little, but together they make you sound more native, and I didn’t expect that an pronunciation app can notice these tiny details and help you improve.
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4 years ago, Aalireza
Good but not perfect
So here is my review for a few days working on it This app has a cool AI for speech recognition that works perfectly and I did some tricks that could really comprehend amazingly so well done to the team for providing such a great AI. You can use a test to find out your English level and even it shows you some scores about pronunciation, stress, intonation, fluency, and listening. It gives you different topics to learn like daily life, trip, finances, technology, and etc. However, when you are working with you might find some crashes that it is a little bit annoying for example, the app crashed 2 times in almost 2 to 3 hours but I think it is worth to work with it, I’ve already reported the bug so I hope they would fix it soon. One last word, try not to use the app with VPN because sometimes it gives you warnings that says there's no internet connection.
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3 years ago, Liodapeng
Great, and the app itself can be better
I have been using this app for more than half a year. not sure whether or not this is the best app helping learn English, in general it’s great, especially on pronunciation and covering various scenarios. but it does not help my intonation too much and it often has network connection issues, almost daily. occasionally the app is stuck in weird ways. in total I really appreciate this app, buying its one-year license has been one of my best investments. i also look for help in other ways, say, online education videos, and, some have been greatly helpful. this app gives real time feedback, which is great, however I still have to think hard how to improve by myself all the time. well, that’s understandable, though frustrating. I give this app a four star mostly because technically the app can be better and more stable.
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5 years ago, myyang2020
Deceptive!!!, Tested a few words. It is decent
Deceptive!!! I forgot to cancel after the trial period and got charged for three months. The fine print stated “payment will be charged to your iTunes account.” Why charging for three months and not one. I did not agree to this. Also they have a clever use of word,. They use the word “automatically renew” Which means you will get charged even you turned off the automatic subscription in iTunes. At this point, I try to look for a way to cancel the subscription so I don’t get charged again in the next three month. Guess what there no cancel button in the app to be found. What kind of company that don’t give your customer a way to cancel the subscription. Well I am calling my credit company to dispute the charge. Dishonest company won’t last long. They either change their way or they will go in the way of the dinosaurs.
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1 year ago, dannymanny21
English speaker review
Cool app but don’t use it as your only resource. Speaking with native speakers is your best learning strategy. I tried the app and mostly got >90% scores but when it was under, I would try and enunciate more to increase my score. But, when I did that, I felt myself to be speaking unnaturally, in a way that is awkward and that I would never speak in real life. This app motivates you by the scores, and by trying to get a higher one, I was pushed to speak unnaturally. It’s helpful if you want to get better at emphasis on the correct syllables, but it’s not going to help much otherwise. Again, talking with native speakers is the best option, as you might think for those learning your native language.
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4 years ago, Guany Summy
This app is giving me hopes
I never thought I would be able to get rid of my strong Chinese accent. My accent has made me depressed and felt less about myself. I think I have good knowledge of English language but my accent usually holds me back. Then I discovered this app. It helped me identify issues with my pronunciation that I was not aware of. Now I’m obsessed with this app and practice with it everyday. There’s already a vast improvement with my speech. Now I’m feeling hopeful that I will be able to sound like a native speaker in no time. This app is changing my life for the better. I’m so glad that I discovered it.
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3 years ago, Nat da gnat
Native Speaker Review: Some Errors, But Overall Decent
Native English speaker here. I decided to try this app to test for any “background error” due to the app rather than the language learner, and there definitely were a few. Most exercises would put me in the 85-98 percent fluency range, with the number going up some when I spoke slower and tried to enunciate, but that wouldn’t be how I would speak in a conversation. English accents vary wildly depending on your region, and I found that some possible pronunciations weren’t programmed into the app. For example, in the Midwest US many people pronounce “I’ll” in the same way as “all”, but this was marked as wrong. Another minor issue was with the word “sounds”, where it said the “ds” should be pronounced like the z in buzz, which it isn’t. When a native speaker says the ending, its less voiced, more like a “ts” sound. Again, just some small critiques, but they add up, and this was just in the first 5 minutes or so of my use. Please be wary of using this app, especially if your accent is already pretty good. It might do more harm than good.
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2 years ago, Varienska
Life saver
This app is excellent. I feel is a MUST for any person that speaks English as a second language. Now.. unfortunately after the few last updates there were some issues I’ve never encountered before (and I’ve been using this app for years). The voice recognition is not working properly (it’s showing as wrong, words I’m pronouncing accurately or viceversa) and also some words are showing the wrong IPA which is a big mistake let say. I wish these things can get reviewed as the product and format is great but sadly something went wrong in the last big update.
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2 years ago, 123bigcat123
It would help you improve your English pronunciation
I really like itcorrectly it is free but if I want more in detail I have to pay is interactive it has an AI you pronounce the word and it tells you if you pronounced it correctly Look what I found online it will help me to pronounce words correctly it is free but if I want more in detail I have to pay is interactive it has an AI you pronounce the word and it tells you if you pronounced it correctly
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3 years ago, Esther in MO
Is there an option to choose the language?
My mother tongue is Chinese and I am learning Spanish. I saw there were 8 languages so I thought I could choose Spanish during the initial setup, but I didn’t see that option?!? So what it means by it has 8 languages? If there is a way to choose the language that you want to learn. I have missed it somehow. Can you show me how? Also, can I change to practice different languages at anytime I want? I am learning Spanish but i would also like to improve my English pronunciation once I feel like I have mastered Spanish well. I gave 3 stars right now because I came here to learn Spanish. Thank you!
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6 months ago, AlexeySalvatore
Elsa AI + IPhone (15) = lost your money
The app works fine during test period. After paid, it doesn’t work anymore. It was exactly after the free test period. All speaking lessons stopped to work, because mic doesn’t answer anymore or mic works but no sound. You are going to reinstall app several times and nothing. You are going to reset app purchase, to give all possible access… You are going to try with air pods, headphones, on speaker, no way. You are going to try app updates, nothing. You’re going to contact a support team that pretend to exist. You are going to pass some days trying and trying… until you check reviews here and online… and realized you lost your money. Sad. I have one year subscription of nothing.
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6 months ago, Вааааааааааааааааау
There are some bugs in the app that make it harder to study.
ELSA is a great app. I love everything except there are some bugs when I use the app, from time to time the app freezes and doesn't let me press buttons, or when a notification comes from the app and I click on it, the screen is completely blank, even though the notification says that you need to do something in the app. It is little things that don't really matter, but when it happens every day, several times a day, it starts to get frustrating.
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11 months ago, SeattleNyc
Content is good but too slow
I like that it has tons of material to practice. I know Elsa has been around for a number of years as a leading ESL app and this is my first time subscribing and I am surprised by how slow its loading speed is. Everytime I open the app, it takes about 10 seconds to be able to use it. 10 seconds! I have been using Duolingo for a few years but it never has this problem. It might be that the homepage has too many videos, which I don't need because I want to practice my pronunciation, not to watch others speaking. Whatever causes the problem, it's very annoying.
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4 years ago, KykaViana
Great method but technical problems
Great app to improve pronunciation. Easy and nice design. I don’t have any complain about the quality of content or teaching method but I had two problems with the app. The first one is that I paid for 1 year Elsa Pro, but decided to upgrade VIP for a lifetime membership access (after receiving an discount email from the CEO). The app changed me booth but, for record, my account expire next year. The second problem is that I’m having difficulty to enter on app and download my progress. I can make the lessons but the app doesn’t keep my scores.
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2 years ago, Peppermints Chhh
A lot of bug
update a month later Bugs still not fixed. If you record three or four times for a sentence in the chat practices, it will stuck there or cannot play sound for the following conversation. But the whole idea of the app is to practice more. If still not fixed, customers looking for practice English will go away. Great algorithms, but a lot of bug. I had to reopen the app several times during practice, very distracting. If it’s not ready, please don’t introduce an update version.
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4 years ago, wqsgs
Room for improvement
This app is great however the back end has a lot of room to improve. There are frequent timeouts though the messages indicated it was the phone had bad connection. No, it was not. Can watch HD movie with no issue and no issue with all other apps. Also this recent release broke the auth. I had to relogin every time if I restart the app. The other issue is from time to time I saw the dialogue that ask to join premium member, but I am, kind of annoying.
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5 years ago, lquang222
Fantastic App for Vietnamese native learner
I’ve tried a few apps out there to improve my accent. ELSA stands out as the pronunciation app for Vietnamese learners like me. It focuses more on your speaking skill and less on your grammar. I set up a goal to learn 20 minutes a day or 1.5 hours a week. If you want to improve faster, you can hire an American pronunciation coach who can identify your problems and then you can focus more on the areas. Learning American accent is persistent. It will pay you off eventually.
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8 months ago, NellieLoveElsa
Very good App to help me improve my English skills
I have been used this app for about two years by far. The contents are very suitable for my needs, which have helped increase my skill level from 60% to almost 80%! The only thing I would complain is that the size of the fonts is too small to my ago, and cannot zoom in especially when practicing on the long dialogue conversations.
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3 months ago, LAY SLAY out of my way
This is so recommended for me. I love it. It helps my English and everything so if you want to use this app it’s amazing totally go to it and I will recommend it for everyone and anyone that’s trying to learn different languages if you’re trying to learn different languages I want you to go to, whatever app you want I don’t know it’s called it’s called something but I recommend this app go to it it’s called Elsa bye
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4 years ago, JoyKim25
A great app for learning English
I love this app!! It helps me speak English fluently and fix my strong accent. I can see my improvement clearly after 3 months using. I just set a small practice which is around 15-20 lessons a day and after 3 months, when I try to speak in Google Translate, it is correct nearly 85% , much more than before. I’m so happy to see improvement, and I recommend this app for all my friends!!
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4 years ago, Meomeolily
The best app for practicing pronunciation
I am very glad to find this app to help me enhance my pronunciation. This is the best app I have found. There is one more thing Elsa can improve better that is the instruction pronunciation for the group of vowel and consonant in each word. For example, a word “important”, now Elsa has instruction for each letter: i, m, p, o, r, t, a, n. If Elsa has instruction of pronunciation for the group of related sound such as “im”, “por”, “tant”; it will be easier for learner.
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9 months ago, berniesandersjuul
This app is fake (I am a native speaker)
I am a native speaker born and raised in the United States and I downloaded this app just to test it out for fun. It CONSISTENTLY ranks me anywhere from 75-80% accuracy. I don’t speak any sort of dialect either, I am from the capitol city of Kansas— my accent is one of the most neutral in the entire county and almost everyone here outside of minority groups speaks GAE— so I know it wasn’t because I speak in a non-standard way, the AI is just extremely flawed apparently. Additionally, the AI reads the sentences in American English, like there is absolutely no reason it should be telling me I don’t sound fully native, would not recommend!
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4 years ago, DouglasFrontier
The teacher is too lenient
Revised this review after trying out the dictionary part of the app, where the scoring for system is very strict. I’ve tried over 100 times and couldn’t pronounce the sound “g” and “o” in “geothermal” correctly, and the dictionary doesn’t explain what I’m doing wrong. I wish this kind of system is implemented in the lessons as well. Maybe it already is, however, I stopped after the first lesson due to its leniency.
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6 years ago, toonyun
Some bugs and room to improve but I like it.
1. I have noticed that if I stop the recording, the sound for stopping the recording would be recorded at the end and that confuses the result. So best to let it stop automatically after saying the sentences. 2. There are many errors which the text and sample recordings don’t match. Please fix. 3. There are a few exercises simply wouldn’t advance to the next sentences. It got stuck. Please fix. 4. Sometimes I have to exaggerate my pronunciation in order to score higher points. I listen back to my recording and the sound quality is not so good. Please improve. Overall, I want to say that this is a great app. I have noticed my problems and I have been improving everyday and I can hear it. It’s very enjoyable and I’ve been practicing at least two hours a day. I look forward to the improvements. Many thanks!
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4 weeks ago, qrrofkfjfnfncjgng
Better English
Ive been using this app for months and even years now two years and nine months and improve my English a lot but sadly, I have to go to my country now so I’m gonna be keeping this up when I come back to America so I can learn better and improve myself some more by the way, I did it. Write my cousin did because she was in America before me.
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2 years ago, Doloreslolitta
fix the bug!
I singed up but had to cancel my subscription as I’m not willing to pay for an app that is constantly failing. Overall it’s a good app, but please fix the issue/bug with the disabled microphone. When the lessons are interrupted by a phone call, there is no way to resume the lesson- the microphone become inactive and you have to cancel the entire lesson and loose the progress.
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3 years ago, Captain America MRR
Magnificent App and great And Pro Team
This is #1 English learning App for me, not just because I am enjoying my experience on ELSA, but also when I had concerns with my subscription, I found attentive staff in a flash, a very proficient and professional support and assistance until I resolved all my issues! I do highly recommend ELSA FOR ANYONE LOOKING FOR SERIOUS STUFF AND SOME POWERFUL TOOLS TO MASTER ENGLISH BUT ALSO WITH ZERO CONCERNS WHEN IT COMES TO DEALING WITH SUBSCRIPTION AND YOUR MONEY! REAL TALK, ELSA IS THE BEST Big up ELSA team
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2 years ago, Hanif Khosravi
A review after seven months of using Elsa
I have been using Elsa for the past 7 months. It’s a great way to improve your pronunciation. But I wish it didn’t have too many bugs. It freezes frequently in the middle of a lesson. And gives the same lesson every day for like two weeks. You have to exit the app and reopen it very often. I use Elsa on an iPhone Pro Max. I will continue using it as it’s really helpful.
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6 years ago, Weather stalker
Bugs bugs bugs
I spent 10 minutes trying to pass one sentence - I was getting everything around 85-95 points with couple yellow mispronunciations but it just stucks. Another thing - you can listen to your try and I literally pronounce every sound but the app just mix the sounds where the end of one sound can be detected as “mispronounced” beginning of other letter.
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3 years ago, sneks4life
Wanted to test it out
I’ve been speaking, writing, and reading English my whole life. I was BORN in America. I decided to try this app out, and I reached a point where it gave you whole sentences. I thought, “Well, this shouldn’t be an issue right?” WRONG. It said my pronunciation was incorrect multiple times even though I know I said it properly. On the word “up” I said it exactly how they said it, but it said my pronunciation was incorrect ones again! I’m not trying to be petty, and I know this app helps other people who can’t speak English that well, but I don’t know why it keeps saying I’m wrong.
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1 year ago, AlbeIII
Teacher or Tough Self-Practice is still better than AI
After the good reviews and advertising also to get the Pro for a cheaper price — I must say very convenient — I luckily preferred to try it first and I needed just two lessons to realize that the AI is not that good. If I almost believed that my “this is” liaison was pronounced wrong, I tricked the app saying “come in” (I can’t recall if it was “come on in” instead) in this way “com’n”, anyway way far from the voice. Well, Elsa told me it was even excellent! So I get it… better not waste my money on this then…
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2 years ago, RilkaThomson
Brilliant app, but buggy
This is a brilliant app that uses speech recognition to improve your American accent. Unfortunately the app is very buggy. So much so that I had to cancel my annual subscription. I have alerted the customer support many times about the issue over the past year and the issue persists. It’s essentially a crash, because I have to restart the app every time it happens. If you don’t mind that, the app is still valuable and highly recommended.
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2 years ago, evladimir
Exactly what I needed for accent improvement
The speech recognition is surprisingly good. Once, I paid $2000 for in-person accent training. There are some advantages to in-person learning, but I feel this app can deliver 80% of results for much cheaper if you’re motivated. I also use it to warm up when I know I have to speak in a meeting.
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3 years ago, Lior233
While I agree that this app is very interesting and most likely useful to some, I don’t believe it will be useful for me. I did not intend to sound like an American and whenever I pronounce consonants in the way I was initially taught, I am being asked to repeat myself. I would love to reinvigorate the British accent I had in my youth to once again cover my native accent. Unfortunately that option is not available in this app. I think I would make copious use of this system once that option is available, but until then, I will not have any benefit from subscribing.
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6 years ago, Asiankingkong
Good app, but there’s room for improvement
I like the app overall, but there are some improvements that can be made, and bugs that can be fixed. 1. Can you guys make an advanced option for stress practice, I like it that you have it for words and conversations 2. In the IELTS section, there are three lessons that are only available to androids, and I’m an IOS user , please have it available for iOS as soon as possible
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3 years ago, nb1155bn
Pretty good
It’s a pretty decent program but extremely buggy by today’s standards. They have to keep updating their apps every few days. They definitely need better QA. From the program standpoint sometimes the lessons are repetitive rather than a mix of words, sentences, intonations, conversations etc. but I do get a sense they are constantly tweaking their algorithm (as well as content) which is great. One star less for the bugginess.
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11 months ago, Girlie slayyyy
Pls fix I’m from the Tennessee Kentucky area so I have a huge country accent and me and my lil bro was doing the zodiac one (YALL HAVE SOME TYPOS LOL🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂🤣🤣😂😂) and my average score was 85 and his was 95-99 and I’m from America I’ve only spoke English my whole life I have no fam from another country just America so fix so people with new york,southern,Australian,British,etc American accents can use too cuz not everyone can speak in a AI generated voice or proper English Urs truly, me😘
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3 years ago, Alanispopo
Great app to improve your accent !
This app has helped me to improve my english accent by so much. Note this is not for learn english but to modify you native accent. I tried listening podcast all day, speaking, but the accent is something you have to train otherwise you will keep repeating the same mistakes over and over. Try it !!
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1 year ago, sprintbottlewith
Please make these changes
1. Delete the button SHARE THIS LESSON appearing at the end of the lesson. It doesn’t appear in the same position so I often press it by mistake. I don’t want to share lessons at all. 2. Add the go-back button. I can’t go back to the former question, there is only the button leading you to the next. I have to quit the lesson entirely just to fix my former answer.
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4 years ago, learner0415
Good before but recently have some bugs
The app is really useful but sometimes it still has bugs. Recently it shows slow internet errors too often to the point I want to end my daily practice before finishing. To be clear, I don’t see any problems on other apps so don’t really think my Internet connection is a problem.
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5 years ago, Sarah Uyen Nguyen
Good but need to improve the dictionary!
I love the app very much, thank you guys for your good work. However, it is possible to add more synonyms and have more meanings for each word? Because one word will have many meaning to each situation. I hope that you guys will improve the dictionary part, otherwise it is a great app! Thanks again to help me pronounce better!
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1 year ago, Greenpot111
Only if it works
The app fails to record and provide feedback during peak hours usually at night. To make it work you have to abort the lesson, close the app, and then restart it. Of course you’d lose your progress in the lesson. It’s very frustrating especially if you are in a conversation game. You have to read out loud a few long paragraphs all over again. While you are doing that, keep your fingers cross, hoping it won’t stop responding again.
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4 years ago, AleksanderHayes
Until I know this app, I really think I can speak English very well. If I can access the dictionary function when I learn a lesson, it’s can be very comfortable, now if I want to use the dictionary I have to break the lesson. When explain a new word I think video ,animation or pictures are very good, use word to explain word for a new learner is so tough.
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1 year ago, Sasha Erol
Great way to improve your pronunciation
I absolutely love this app. It is like sport for your tongue. I only wish they would add new categories time to time. It is a bit boring to practice all the same topics. I already have paid subscription so I don’t want to pay 10-15$ additionally for courses
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11 months ago, PontZin
Excellent Trainer ELSA 👍👍
This AI apps is very excellent choice for me. To be honest, before I use this app my pronunciation is very confused. Some people don’t understand my speech a lot. Meanwhile in using it, I can realize the intonation of Native Speakers. I practiced the lessons day by day after that I am very confident in speaking English. I can’t thank you enough for it.
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3 years ago, AKA316
Prices lower on their website.
The subscription price is double on the App Store than the prices listed on their website. They are taking advantage of Apple customers charging them double for the same product at a lower price on website.
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