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User Reviews for Emagine Theatres

4.69 out of 5
10.2K Ratings
3 years ago, Not a happy loyal customer!
Worst app I’ve ever used - CEO read these reviews and hear YOUR customers!
This app is beyond terrible. It’s slow, won’t save your personal data and it just about useless. My whole family loves Emagine but unless they change these app so we can pay and reserve before we arrive we’re going to start driving a little further out to visit the completion. Emagine’s CEO and his management team serious need to get off their butts, reads these review and do something about it. Drive your app developer immediately and bring a cross sectional group of you toughest no most demanding customers in to test your new app!
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1 year ago, GFH/GS
iOS 16.4 app not working
Unfortunately, after the latest update, my app is no longer functioning properly. After I login, the app shows me my reward points and then immediately shuts down. I turned off my phone and restarted it. That doesn’t solve the issue. I also deleted the application and reinstalled it. I thought I might’ve solve the issue, but once I logged in again, after every time, I open the app it immediately shuts down. my phone is currently up-to-date so at this point I have no other option but to wait until they fix the issue with the application. It is a bummer because I’m a platinum rewards member and now if I want to get tickets I have to either call the theater or email the person running the program. I have to also use other means to find out what times shows are available and I can’t see the seating chart. Once the issue is solved, I would love to update my reading. Personally before they did the update, I think the app was around a three star. It function and allowed me to order tickets. The new features that are listed about the new app are awesome and I would love to see them in action. i’ll update this review once the app starts working.
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1 year ago, lep4life
New App still a work in progress 3 months later
I think the App developer (Influx) and Emagine must hate each other. Why do I think this? Well, the App developer Influx isn’t just any App developer, they specialize in apps for movie theaters. So with that information, how is this app still barely working 3 months after launch, and over a year after they announced this app? What isn’t working? Well, for starters, they still haven’t figured out how to store a credit card in the app. Or how to order food. Or how to include all the movies I’ve seen prior to the app redesign. Hopefully Influx finally figures out how to store credit card information in their databases. Maybe they can reach out to nearly every other app developer who figured out how to do it. Or they could talk to the previous developer of the emagine app, who also knew how to store credit card information.
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5 months ago, Heath_77
Decent app for the most part, but…
I have had no issues booking tickets and keeping track of my rewards in the app. The only issue I have is that every time I try to look at my purchase history the app crashes. Recently I booked tickets on the wrong date and when I try to cancel the booking and rebook tickets for a different show time the app just blanks out. You are directed to use the app for refunds from the Emagine website so I’m just stuck. I’d give 5 stars if this issue weren’t happening. I’ve even tried from my iPad as well with the same problem. I absolutely LOVE our local Emagine theater, and we always have a great experience, but this app is not on the same level as the theater itself.
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2 years ago, blkspiderstryker
Fast and convenient
Okay, so I will never use the site again. The app is so instant..never have to choose location. When you select a movie currently in theaters, it showcases all showtimes at all locations, separated with title and divide lines. Connect a credit/debit card to instantly FedEx express your way through the checkout process, and it’s literally all done and set in seconds. So convenient and fast. Makes me wish I had this app sooner!
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3 years ago, Je'Niece
Even worse after update
This has never been the greatest app. I love Emagine Theaters, which is why it pains me that their app has never been the greatest. However, it’s beyond terrible now after the most recent update. It’s difficult to purchase tickets. I repeatedly receive an error message when submitting payment. Should you be lucky enough to be able to complete your purchase, your order won’t show up on the app. Now for some reason, I’m signed out and unable to sign into the app. I wish I could give this app high ratings, but unfortunately, it’s the worst app I have used. I hope it improves soon.
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4 months ago, BraveGirlNYC
Love the theater, hate the app.
I go to Emagine theaters exclusively because they excel in every way, with the possible exception of keeping the bathrooms clean after the first showing of the day depending on the location. However the app is absolutely TERRIBLE! C’mon guys. Go on fiverr and hire someone to reconstruct this useless thing so that I can actually buy a ticket with it and save my credit card info using it so I don’t have to dig out my card every time I want to buy a ticket! And today it won’t let me do THAT. It’s absolutely ridiculous. Who’s responsible for this thing? Get rid of them and hire someone who can create a working app. In this day and age a broken, clunky app is unacceptable. Sheesh.
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2 years ago, NB Chicago
Easy to Use with a Simple Dashboard
I logged in after downloading but was worried after reading a couple bad reviews and to my surprise it was way better than those older reviews. Dashboard easy to use, I can order tickets and select seats beforehand and I Love the Rewards. I hate AMC theatres, most are old and outdated, plus overpriced tickets and concessions for a less than average experience. Lets go Emagine!!
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1 year ago, PeachRose🍑🌹
For the Love of God, SAVE THE CARD INFO
😑 I really think it’s be tying annoying that the card info doesn’t get saved. Do you know how frustrating it is to have to put on pants & walk alllllll the way outside to get my purse so i can get my card number 🤦🏾‍♀️ also b/c of that, we need to change the reservation time to about 10 mins vs the 6! Lets make it happen people! Either give us stored card info or give us Apple Pay! Other than that the rewards are great & I don’t have a problem w/ the app.
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1 year ago, Former Manila User
Can’t Get Notifications
I use iPhone. I would like to receive notifications for ticket sales and what not. I have enabled the feature within the app, but the app does not show up in my notification settings so I can enable the feature to receive notifications on my phone. Please fix this, I’m an avid moviegoer and currently I have to check the app multiple times a day so I won’t miss a ticket release when I could just wait for a notification. PLEASE FIX!!
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11 months ago, Zickzilla
App always crashes before ticket order done
***Review only if Emagine App. Emagine Batavia theatre is clean, modern, professionally staffed with courteous employees*** This app only works as a browser. Users are unable to successfully complete ticket purchases. I am unable to complete an order to purchase tickets. Once a ticket selection is made and confirmed, without fail, the app crashes and closes. Upon returning to the app (or website), the selected seats are blocked out until the hold period expires. The only way to successfully order tickets is through the website. I have notified my local theatre and they are aware of the problem and also feel frustrated for their customers who attempt to make m ticket purchases on the app. They advise customers to access the website to place an order. Please fix this app - and have the ticket purchase information flow from the website to the app. Turn this frustrating tool into one that reflects well on you company.
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1 month ago, Bigsoccerman24
Worst UI I have ever seen as a Graphic Designer
Actually the worst UI I have ever had the displeasure of attempting to use. Trying to make an account you need to enter information into fields that are at the bottom of the screen, then jump to the top when you click to input information because the keyboard pushes it up. Then when you try to go to the next field the entire graphic jumps to the bottom again and the keyboard closes. Then when you click on the field again it jumps back to the top. Whoever designed this never actually tried any of features and I’d be embarrassed to have this app under my company name
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3 years ago, Just let the game work again
Doesn’t work after last update
The latest update has this app not working. Continually receive an error message when I try to put in payment. It also as lost all of my history. Extremely frustrating!!
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3 years ago, Kinshar
The latest update has made this useless
I’ve been an avid user of this app before the latest update. It worked well previously , I could pick the theater, day, time, seats quickly. Today I spent 30 minutes trying buy tickets. Couldn’t log into my account. Tried to reset my password, it said it was sending a reset email but I never got one. Tried to just buy a ticket as a generic guest but wouldn’t accept my card. If I hadn’t made plans to see this movie at this theater with someone I would have stayed home. I ended up having to buy the tickets through the website. FIX THE APP!!!
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3 years ago, Lindsay Lutton
Struggling to buy tickets
Having similar problems to what most people have mentioned here. Either can’t buy my tickets because of an error message or my tickets don’t show up in the app after I buy them so I have to go to my email and manually type in the number at the theater. Also have a hard time looking at my rewards or redeeming rewards as I can’t see my balance anymore. Always get an error when I try to use free movie pass. Disappointed because I love going to Emagine but that app has always been terrible. At least with old version I could buy my tickets.
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3 years ago, WantsToLoveTheApp
Almost unusable.
Aside from being able to see showtimes nothing else reliably works or makes sense. Every-time you close the app it logs you out and you don’t realize until in checkout and see the booking fee, then when you back out and sign in the tickets you were about to buy give you an error they are currently reserved. Also good luck figuring out how to use your free tickets during checkout. And then if you are lucky you’ll be able to check out without the app crashing or telling you there was an error. Hopefully this gets another update that makes it work.
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12 months ago, SiouxQ
Every time I try to book seats, I select them and then when it gets to the payment screen the app closes automatically and then the seats I selected are no longer available. This has happened every time I’ve tried getting tix on the app in the last week and I’ve had to switch to the site every time because it doesn’t let me pay. The app is fully updated so I’m not sure what else I can do but it’s very frustrating. Once that is fixed I’m sure I’ll enjoy the app
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2 years ago, Trockman5150
Great App but too buggy
Nothing better then to order movie tickets on your phone. Unfortunately this app still struggles with bugs which cause the app to crash or error out during ticket check out. A couple updates ago seem to fix this problem but today as I was trying to order tickets it the app errored out again at check out.
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2 years ago, kmichalec
Terrible App
Difficult to tell what your doing. Theaters are sorted alphabetically instead of sorted by location. App shows one set of rewards while website shows another. Once tickets are purchased, try to order food, and the app just shows a bunch of boxes with different barcodes and alphanumeric strings of letters/numbers, with no labels or details as to what they are or what they are for. Rest of page is empty. Doesn’t matter what theater I select either. Can’t preorder food as a result. Terrible, terrible app. Emagine is a great theater chain, but they need to fire their app developer(s) and get new ones.
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1 year ago, ..kada13..
Where are the showtimes?
I don’t think I have ever left an app review. But this new app is a joke. Do you not test these things before releasing?? The old version was fantastic. I could do something as simple as look at the showtimes for my local Emagine theater and buy a ticket. What a novel concept for a movie theater app… Maybe this is a feature that could be useful in this new version of the app. But seriously, this app is so bad that I’m not going to the movies. It is so stupidly frustrating that it is not worth the effort. Luckily the website appears to still be useful.
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3 years ago, Italian Stallion 75
Ticket purchase crashes app
It’s ridiculous that the app can’t even let me do the most basic thing a user would want to do: purchase tickets. Every time I try, the app crashes. To make matters worse, the seats I had reserved show up as taken when I try to purchase again. I guess it’s more important for the CEO to keep filming pre-movie commercials so he can see his own face and his dramatic slow-motion folding of his arms. Keep staring into the camera and reading those scripts, Paul…and maybe invest a little in your app while you’re at it. Screw it, I’ll just go to AMC.
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10 months ago, Hentme
Got this app to order food
I downloaded this app 8 months ago to order food to my seat. To this day I’ve been prompted with Food Mobile Ordering! COMING SOON! In the food section there should be menu options by now. There has been plenty of time. I’m finding less reasons to use this app and even the theater since it takes so long to get concessions and they clearly don’t care enough to do anything about the app to make that easier. The app in its current state seems kind of silly & it’s upsetting that’s what Emagine chooses to settle with.
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3 years ago, Lexi321xx
App does not work at all
I have deleted and reinstalled app 3 times. Bought tickets on 7/5 and got to theater on 7/9 and tickets were gone and so were my points. Manager had to look it up and we ended up late for the opening of the movie. Tried to open app tonight to get tickets and screen is black with a reload button that doesn’t do anything. Deleted app, reinstalled same thing. There was even an update for the app that I loaded and the app still just goes to black screen. So frustrating. Please fix your app.
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1 year ago, Cryan19
No way to redeem free tickets that were earned
I’ve been a rewards member since Emagine opened. I have 4 free tickets in my rewards wallet. However, there is no way to redeem them online. When I go to the website and log in and go to my account it states that I have 4 free tickets. When I actually go to purchase and redeem my free tickets, it says I have no rewards. Very confusing and frustrating. It should be a lot easier to redeem free tickets. The whole point is to be able to do it online or in the app. I’m unable to do either.
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7 months ago, heyitsraerae_00
It used to be good….
I have used this app for a couple of years now and never really had a problem with this app until of recently. Whenever I purchase a ticket it will send me an email that it’s confirmed but when I go straight to the app to see my purchase history of my ticket my screen will automatically go black every time, even when I re download it. Emagine please update your app…
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1 year ago, Tmg1980tmg
Terrible update!
Can no longer show purchased tickets on this app- I had to search through my old emails to find tickets I had purchased a month ago for Mario! I haven’t tried to buy new tickets yet since the update, but the other reviews makes me worried! I suppose I can go to the website, but the old app worked great! Was able to quickly purchase tickets and easily show them when ordering food at concessions or what not…. Is it possible to uninstall this update? It is the worst!
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3 years ago, mvgoer56
Unusable app
July 2021. This app is completely unusable, even if you are signed in it does bring up the theaters that are favorites. When you do get your theater to come up your lucky to be able to even get times to show. If you are able to get to a movie option you are unable to purchase tickets as the app constantly crashes. This is the preferred method of purchasing vs waiting in line as the theaters are still working through getting enough staff just to do concessions and to add ticket purchase on top is very frustrating. Previous versions of the app where much easier to use and could successfully purchase tickets. You should probably do a little more testing before pushing out to the public for use. Giving this one star only as I am forced to give a rating and Zero stars is not an option.
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1 year ago, Tony_Pizza
Not Able to Access My Ticket Rewards in the App
Let me start by saying that I’ve enjoyed my Emagine Theatre and appreciate having a high quality theatre in my area. But this app can be frustrating. It is nice that I can see movie times and even purchase tickets and reserve seats. The advent of Emagine rewards was an exciting idea, and I felt incentivized to use the app so that I could earn free tickets. But then I earned a free ticket, and my app wouldn’t let me utilize it. Bummer. It feels like there is no point, I have to reserve my seats before I get to the theatre or else but if I do I can use my rewards. If I go in person I have to wait until right before the show to pick seats, but then me and my friends may not get to sit together. It’s a no sum game. Please fix! I want Emagine to be the best theatre chain in America but this app is holding it back.
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2 years ago, Nimble2000
The Best Movie Experience in Greater Detroit Hands Downs!!
I’ve been to many other movies theaters in the Greater Detroit area and Emagine are hands down the best. Their prices are cheaper and their recliner seating is far more comfortable. I can’t believe the prices the competition is charging for a sub par experience. Emagine sets the highest standard and beats it every time.
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3 years ago, My mothers
Beautiful place
It was the first back since the change management. We love it. Definitely we will come back. Hopefully people will appreciate the nice place and not trashing it. The security guard (police man) was so helpful and friendly. Please keep him and everyone safe. Thanks for keeping the place so clean.
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3 years ago, Stratosfear!!!
Piece of garbage
I have purchased tickets through the Apps and although my credit card was charged, the tickets didn’t post on my upcoming movies. Without proof of purchase, I had to checkin with someone to the theater to fet in.
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1 year ago, Joshewahh
Limited to reserving seats.
App works great to order tickets/reserve seats prior to arrival and that’s about it. App description boasts that you can order food/drinks and have them waiting for you when you arrive or have them delivered to your seats, however this function has never worked at the three locations I visit. The feature simply says “coming soon.”
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3 years ago, happy86044
This app is downright awful. Can’t purchase tickets without it crashing, then you have to wait awhile to repurchase the seats you selected because it says they are unavailable…oh wait that doesn’t matter because when you try to repurchase it will just crash again. My previous ticket purchases no longer show up. It legit takes forever for the Home Screen and theaters screen to load. I hope they get it together because this app is unusable.
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3 years ago, PhillyD1980
Love Emagine - HATE the app!
I have had the same experience as others who have reviewed. Bought tickets but can’t see them even though I have verified I was charged for them. Called the theatre directly and they confirmed they see my purchase on their end. They were great and apologized but this app has to be fixed. It’s 2021 - creating an app to order tickets should not be this hard. Hire the experts and move on. Love Emagine but please fix this ASAP before you lose customers!
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2 years ago, Papa Lucci
Movie details
Why can’t I see the movie details on the same page as the schedule? I used to be able to read about each movie directly from the theatre's schedule page. Now, to read about a movie, I have to back out of the theater location page and go to movie listing page. A stupid change.
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2 years ago, saniol24
Best movie ticket app!!
I absolutely Love this app & rewards program BEST MOVIE APP available!!!I would totally give it five stars however it is glitchy sometimes when it comes to your saved payment sometimes it says there’s an error has occurred so you have to use a different form of payment.
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3 years ago, Pepdora
Terrible won’t even connect to rewards
I am so frustrated by this app and it’s impossible to buy tickets or even sign into rewards. Nothing is liked. The navigation of the new design is not user friendly- whoever did this UX is a terrible IT designer. The app doesn’t work at all. I want the old one back! Pandemic is hard enough on your business but you are making it worse by breaking your app and making it impossible to use. FIX IT
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3 years ago, avidmovielover
Worst app ever
Same issue for me. Bought tickets on the app or tried to. Looks like everything went through…seats show blocked. But no email or anything on the app to show I bought the tickets or even which screen to go to. Essentially no proof I even bought anything except my credit card being charged. The new app is the worst I have seen of any apps so far. Makes me not even bother going to the screens and just stream from home
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1 year ago, Boo to this nonsense!
Updates don’t work
Many of the glitches seem to have been worked out of the “new” app, however, I am not able to save my credit card information…even though that’s part of the new update, or so they say. Still can’t order food via mobile. It says coming soon, but it has said that for the last 18 months, so I’m not holding my breath!
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1 year ago, Jadl17
There’s some good but no Apple Pay or saved cards hurts
It looks nice and functions much better than the previous version HOWEVER the lack of Apple Pay, or even the basic ability to save a card number to an account, cripples it. Having to dig out my debit card every time I want to purchase a ticket is a hassle
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2 years ago, hehendkeobdk
App rating only
When I go to choose my payment option Apple Pay the pop up screen does not work correctly, it won’t go back to the pay screen after I chose my form of payment. Finally I held down and slide the payment pop up screen to the bottom so that I could get a finger on the payment screen and buy my ticket. It was very frustrating and I’m positive most people get stuck at that point and give up.
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1 year ago, Iggy Armenta
Horrible Update
Auto update wiped out my login info…no problem, just reset the password right? No! Enter email address and no email received with a link to reset, even after requesting twice. Personal email with no spam blocker so that isn’t the problem. Then you need to try and call customer service (during the work day) to get things reset…good luck with that! Just a horrible experience for us loyal customers!
Show more
3 years ago, AJL72
Progress, but needs work
Appreciate the effort to improve. However, I used to be able to click on Theatres and it would have my theater at the top of the list or already selected. Now the app wants my location or makes me type in search criteria Every Stinking Time just to select the one location I ever visit.
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3 years ago, marcf0620
Not worth downloading
This app is horrible. It seems like it hasn’t even been fully built yet. You can make a location a favorite, but it doesn’t make it any easier or quicker to get to. You can browse and attempt to buy tickets, but the app crashes every time you try to check out. History of prior purchases won’t load. The aesthetics of this app are a bit nicer than the former, but it doesn’t function!
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1 year ago, iSpy1998
Miss Apple Pay
Not sure why they took it out but it was so easy to purchase with Apple Pay. Now it’s slow and a pain to input the credit card each time.
Show more
1 year ago, foxfyrez
App is terrible now - use the website instead
The Emagine app used to be good to use. Now it’s crap crap crappy crap. Only good for seeing what’s showing. It either doesn’t allow you to use your rewards or it errors when booking when appearing to allow the purchase. Then you get an email saying there was an error and to contact them. And your tickets you buy even with a credit card don’t always show on the app. But it shows the tickets if you log into the Emagine website. Now we have to open our email on our phone to show your ticket at the theater because it’s not showing in the app. Oh and you can’t order food from it. So what’s the purpose of the app now?!?!?!
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2 years ago, LorenNWill
Bought my ticket ahead of arriving and forgot my card. The theater doesn’t accept Apple Pay and the order feature on the app is not working. Just a blank screen 😒
Show more
3 years ago, MmeGood
Please fix this
As a premier member, I always prefer to use the app. Someone needs to retool this app fast! As of right now, all showtimes at all theaters are doubled- so there is a risk of double booking. Additionally, when I tried to pull my tickets up last night, I couldn’t get Into the app: it kept saying “Reload.” I had to delete it and reinstall. Someone screwed something up big time, as the app was perfectly adequate before this new roll-out.
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3 years ago, LoveYeaux99
This latest update has rendered the app COMPLETELY useless. It wasn’t the best app to begin with but it at least let me buy tickets and complete that transaction. You’d think the Emagine folks would put some effort into hiring a better tech company to produce a usable app. We finally get to enjoy going to the movies again and purchasing tix online def saves time on standing in line and being around people soooo fixing the app would be great.
Show more
3 years ago, softballkcb101
Has the potential to be great
This app has a major update but wayyyyy too many issues. It has the potential to be great but it should not have been released yet. You can’t scan rewards in the app anymore. My tickets also don’t load, purchases don’t go through, and nothing comes up under the history tab. Basically the app is useless at this point. Pretty disappointed to say the least
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