Emojis 3D - Animated Sticker

4.3 (38)
37.4 MB
Age rating
Current version
Emoji Apps GmbH
Last update
11 months ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Emojis 3D - Animated Sticker

4.29 out of 5
38 Ratings
10 years ago, Fun yet annoying
Nice app
I think 3D emoji is a great app. One of my friends used it on a group text and everyone was amazed! After I got the app it worked fine, but then I was trying to use it through OOVOO and it wasn't working. I am still annoyed that it didn't work but it is still a great app for email and iMessage.
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2 years ago, year22!!
Unable to use any emoji till redirect/paying app Not free
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10 years ago, Florida Les
Don't get ripped off
Yeah this program was fun until it crashes . When you uninstall it and reinstall it . The program want you to buy everything all over again . I have downloaded many programs from the App Store , And if any time they crash you can reload them without having to buy them all over again . My wife had it on her phone and it would not send anything or respond so I uninstalled it . So once I reinstalled it ,The program wanted you to buy it all over again WHAT A RIP OFF
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9 years ago, MelHuffman
Looks Good So Far
Just downloaded and am testing it. After pasting only two items, I'm asked to rate the app. How can I tell the dependability of this with such limited experience?
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9 years ago, JIcerberg29
It actually works!
Never thought this was going to work and it does. It doesn't look like a picture either it looks like an actually text.
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6 years ago, ShimaiV
Emojis 3D—-
I feel the same...garbage because there are 3 ads to everything you try to use. Sickening and a real, real cheat. At least some of us are not so gullible. Better to outright sell something rather than hide “things” and make us lose so much time finding out the “real” secrets and money grabbing behind it. all. I have unloaded many things, even paid 99 cents an app....but YOU are not good business. Vj
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10 years ago, 8piggy8
Awesome and Worth It
The animations are so awesome! It's way better than emoji that simply does nothing except just is meant to simply look at it. All the animations that cost money are totally worth it. I swear, like 200+ animations for 99¢, so worth it!
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8 years ago, Katolo- January 20, 2016
Excellent app!!! but I have problems to apply them in my texts. You have to play with it before find out what to do.
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9 years ago, Service Captain
I enjoy it. Love how easy it is to add one to a text. I had a droid phone and the IPhone app is much easier to use though less free emoticons.
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8 years ago, Aacenteno
I enjoy the app, but , it doesn't work with other apps mining, they don't move like what's up and others
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8 years ago, Horse Champ
What were you thinking!!
I mean it's a great app but you should of not put IN APP PURCHASES I think it was dumb!! You have to be thinking what the peeps were thinking Think would they really like that? I can tell you didn't ! I'm just speaking for the peeps!!! 😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁
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6 years ago, Bad giant
iOS 12
New update to iOS 12 has this all screwed up now! Deleted and re-downloaded and still messed up!
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8 years ago, Modelacoupe1931
Very nice
These are nice, bought pro but didn't like having to use their key pad to difficult as I am visually impaired.
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8 years ago, Lafate48
Whats Up
Shared to Facebook, now can't share another one it keeps trying to share the first one. I would like to up grade to pro but if it's not going to work right then I will delete it if I can't get it to work. So I am giving it a rating of 2
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8 years ago, Asaintfort
Waste Of Time
Unbelievable! The app has 3 emojis to use the rest says pro so you can go buy them. But all garbage. For that 3 emojis the download could have been under 3mb. I quickly deleted it. Don't waste your time and don't get the pro because they are all garbage.
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10 years ago, F2012abcd
It is a awesome app wish there were more in other categories but otherwise its great. So much fun to send to people
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11 years ago, Amora14
I like it!
I use it when I send my text messages great selection!
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5 years ago, Shepherdsheart
The app has been working great for years, I paid the extra for their free app that wasn’t free, though I definitely felt that It could be so much better, A few months back it stopped allowing me to send the emoji’s, apparently I’m not the only one now it’s worthless.
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10 years ago, Nick-Ricky
Animated fun
Why bother typing when these say it all
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10 years ago, Jafsr
Exceeds Expectations
This is really great. User friendly and you get what you want!
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9 years ago, Kdjah2
Wonderful and delightful to use. Adds color and meaning to my communications. Definitely five star!
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11 years ago, Sportshopper
Cute app
I think it has alot of cute and applicable smileys. It works with all phones and is very easy to use.
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10 years ago, Lasha39
Cute little animations, everyone loves when you send them
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11 years ago, llcriswell
Works only with Apple users
I copied the icon and sent it to several friends. Only those who had Apple products were able to see the attachment. The others got nothing. Not worth sending.
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8 years ago, knudtl
piece of crap
don't waste your time with this third party app. it does NOT WORK!!!!
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9 years ago, Quarktime84
What a scam!!!
After you pay for it, you're informed that you must give the developer full access to Ctualy use what you purchased. All transmitted data including banking information.
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9 years ago, F Action Fan
Don't update!!!
New update took away popular used free apps. I also read all the review about charging twice for all emojis. Why haven't they addresse this issue customers are having?? Deleting soon!!
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9 years ago, Joy kitten
DO NOT purchase this app!! Total ripoff!! It requires to have "allow full access" turned on in order to work. It will allow the developer to seize your information that you send. Not worth 1 star!!!!!!!!
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8 years ago, Adrian sr.
3D emoji
Wish there were more to chose from
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9 years ago, Chxkfbyxydhdhdy
Emoji is awesome it has so many awesome effects people that I text with them think that they are so cool emoji is awesome so awesome
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11 years ago, Mj1000$$$$
This app is awesome
I love this app because it's fun and awesome I would recremend this to anyone!
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9 years ago, Luciediamonds
3D emotions
App is fun to use but very few choices without payment!!
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11 years ago, Sierra Malik
These things r as cute as a button
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10 years ago, Cg435
One star because I can't make it zero
They should tell you this is basically worthless unless you pay.
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9 years ago, VN Tiger
Great app
Very funny, easy to use
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10 years ago, Luvtohavefun
This is really deceiving. I agree with the last reviewer that these won't work unless you purchase the app. What a waste of time.
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11 years ago, Kp jaz
Best app ever😍
Best texting app ever and it has nice pictures😃😎
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10 years ago, One glory
Love it
Love it really helps me express my feelings
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10 years ago, rhondo36
Very cool free app
Highly recommend
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10 years ago, Pavelkonan
Could have more free emujs
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6 years ago, LisaNicknameZzzzzzz
Took away emojis that were once free
This new “free version” is a complete downgrade. They took away many of the emojis that were free before and added a ton of ads. Boo!
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9 years ago, Carolyn7777;)
😵 don't know how to use the app
Where is the instructions I think the app would be good ?
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9 years ago, Puppy_turtle
They are so adorable
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10 years ago, Lasttimeorpastup
What an app!
Excellent app!! keep the good job!
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9 years ago, Neese8219
The app won't work with the new 6s..it crashes every time!! Please fix it, your app is too fun!
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5 years ago, karenleco
Love the emojis. But wish they were at least 1/2” or 1 cm
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8 years ago, Wcsfhgcbjhcvhf
Best app ever
I love this app so much
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8 years ago, Gamergirlhappytime
if you don't know
you press the emoji then you hit save to photo album
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11 years ago, Red 19975
Not a keyboard...
Can be cut/paste from app but can not be added as keyboard.
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11 years ago, Lovenicka1234
App no no (don't get)
Do not get it because you have to buy everything and it's not a keyboard
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