English Haitian Creole best dictionary translate - Angle kreyòl ayisyen pi bon diksyonè tradiksyon

4.1 (126)
102.7 MB
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Current version
Nguyen Van Thanh
Last update
8 years ago
Version OS
5.1.1 or later

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User Reviews for English Haitian Creole best dictionary translate - Angle kreyòl ayisyen pi bon diksyonè tradiksyon

4.13 out of 5
126 Ratings
6 years ago, Balanco Pierre
Great with many flaws
For example in Creole most of the time the adjective comes before the noun but in this app they use adjectives after the noun and it automatically changes the sense of the sentence. For example in the sentence A BEAUTIFUL WOMAN the translation for that is: “YON BEL FANM” not “YON FANM BEL” and as I’m browsing the app I realize it could mislead someone who is trying to learn the language because when that person starts to engage a conversation with a native Creole speaking person they will have difficulties understanding each other. I give it a four stars for the great effort but please try to get advice from a real creole speaking person.
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6 years ago, Arieljoy
Best app for quick reference in HC
Do not use the pronunciation speaker if you are learning. It is creole read with an Italian accent. Humorous yes but if you are wanting to hear how to pronounce it ...nope! In response to another comment - It is good they don't use the “formal spelling” cause that is French not Creole. Although you will find like english some words can be spelled several ways in creole.
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8 years ago, NewYorkBunny
Great but could use improvements
Not all words are available to translate. Also, it seems this app uses informal spelling. For example, what is "jouinn" or find, they spell "jwenn". That's fine for informal conversations not for someone who may be just learning the language. It may be best to just use both spellings. Including phrases would be beneficial as well.
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7 years ago, Bricarjad
Like but -- all those ads
This app works well but I paid $.99 to get rid of the ads but I am still receiving them. I use this app 22hrs per day. No more ads, please. Please no more pop-ups, it is difficult to use this while working if pop ups appear every time I start typing and then return to the app. Otherwise, I'll take this app over others I have tried.
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8 years ago, Elsatiro11
Useful but in need of improvement
-The pronunciation is not systematically accurate. -Many commonly used words are missing or mistranslated: "ko" is not "body", but "already". A confusion with "kò" is evident. -Sample sentences and definitions in Haitian would be of much help as well as information about the type of words: adj., adv., noun, prep., etc. -It would great having the opportunity to switch from one dictionary to the other with only a tap.
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3 years ago, Blakk504
Sd don’t see any more in my car my ID h
Felt eeess as
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3 years ago, MoonKing97443
What’s the point
Wanted an app to learn creole. The app has a list of English words (mostly) and phrases. But the audio button plays the ENGLISH word. Well, I already know how to say that. What should be presented is the creole word. There is what I presume to be the creole word buried within the text, but you have to sort through a parade of example English phrases to glean it. This is a poor aid for learning a new language. Next to worthless.
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7 years ago, Bob11429
Stop the ads
Useful program. But there are ads every time I return to it. I gladly paid 99 cents. The banner is now gone but I end up with full screen ads that waste time. I might as well use a book dictionary. It is very annoying to switch between apps.
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5 years ago, Pioneer Girl Forever
Best language tool in learning Haitian Creole
This is a very reliable language learning app for our group of Creole learners. We have a large population of Haitians in our area and communication with them is a must in our ministry. Thank you.
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4 years ago, Lefevre12
Wonderful app
I like this app very much because it helped me a lot with medical translator training course
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7 years ago, gabmezz
Just what I need.
Haitian Creole is one of those languages that most translation apps are incorrect but NOT this app! This app is just what I need.
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7 years ago, dianna5446
Just not that useful, too many mistranslations
This dictionary seems to have a wealth of information, but it's just all mixed up. Many mistranslations, and the pronunciations are clearly just a robot, not accurate.
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4 years ago, DLK4466
Voice pronunciation is way off. Need a voice that is accurate, slow and distinct.
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5 years ago, Fathers helper Bonita
Great app
I am learning Creole and this app is happening me to fine my Father children that speaks Creole.
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5 years ago, shanrad
Very useful
I am learning Haitian Creole to help others learn about the Bible this is really helping me. Meme
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9 years ago, MairenD
I Love It!
Thank you so much for creating this app. The translations are precise. I wish I had this app back in high school when I needed extra help in my Haitian Creole class. Now I have something to look forward to as I study further into the language. Can't wait to tell many others I know about this app.
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9 years ago, Dwayne
I use it daily
Nice program I use it every day with my Haitian Creole studies. Would be nice and if I could add words though.
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8 years ago, Sheistheonly
Great app!
Love it!!
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9 years ago, Cheleyj
Not what I expected
Being a Haitian speaking person this app is not very good. The pronunciation on a lot of words & phrases are off almost sounds like Spanish or something. I downloaded it to brush up and this just wasn't good
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9 years ago, Salut a tout
Problem with sound
I am updating my review: It is nice to see the maker of this app reads the reviews and rushes to correct the problem. Today, the sound issue was fixed. However, this dictionary might be good for a Haitian trying to learn English but definitely not for someone trying to learn Haitian Creole. Haitian pronunciation is real bad, also, there is a lot of detail about the use of English words but nothing about the Haitian words. 10/11/15 There is no sound on the Haitian side. Only on the English side. But when you switch the language back from Haitian to English, the sound also disappears. Moreover, this dictionary looks like English-English dictionary more than Haitian Creole dictionary. It certainly needs improvement. For now, I only give it one star. 10/10/15
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