eNotes: Literature Notes App

3.9 (264)
37.1 MB
Age rating
Current version
eNotes.com, Inc.
Last update
2 years ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for eNotes: Literature Notes App

3.91 out of 5
264 Ratings
8 years ago, lelawow
Please Save My Log in Information
The website is great and so is the app but it's pretty annoying that I have to login all over again every time I want to us the app.
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10 years ago, Kttrounds16125
Happy student, happy teachers.
I cannot stress enough how awesome eNotes is. I use their website and recently downloaded the app. As a college student studying literature, balancing an internship, and a number of extra curricular activities, I don't always have the time to be super thorough in my reading. Luckily, eNotes is there to help me fill in the blanks. With in depth analysis and clear and concise summaries, the study guides are truly game changers. Their homework help feature is hands down the most dynamic thing I've seen in the study website industry. I can easily rely on their intelligent and well prepared educators to give me good feedback on my thesis statements. I'm also really impressed with their twitter, it makes customer service a breeze and I can tell they care a lot about how well students do. Two thumbs up.
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10 years ago, Austen21stCentury
Best App Out There for Both Teachers and Students
I became an eNotes subscriber in graduate school. I preferred eNotes over other sites for several reasons. First, I like the clean, uncluttered look. But most of all, I like the thoughtful, intellectual responses from staff, as well as the comprehensive study guides. When I became a literature professor a few years later, I used eNotes even more. As anyone can tell you, teaching in theory is vastly different than practice. I found myself going to eNotes many times a day for guidance with discussion questions. Even many years later, I still find the content unparalleled and frequently return for insights to add to my lesson plans. Recent additions to the site have been quite helpful. I use many of the quizzes available, both for pop quizzes and for tests. I also enjoy the annotations to etexts. Many experts contribute their insights to works, allowing me to have a variety of knowledge available in one central location. This makes my life easier as I do not have to access many different,separate articles; instead I have many different scholars "speaking" to me in one place. This makes my lectures richer and expands my own knowledge!
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3 years ago, RWalker56
Was Charged, But App Stopped Working [RESOLVED]
I subscribed to eNotes through the iOS app and was charged for the first month on Dec. 1st. It was working fine for several days but now suddenly the eNotes website says that I don’t have an active subscription. Both the website and iOS app want me to start a free trial, but I already paid. This needs to be fixed immediately! UPDATE: I sent a message to eNotes support and they immediately resolved the issue. Changed rating to 5 stars. Left my initial review above in case other users run into the same issue.
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4 years ago, Jeraines11
Just... bad
I am a college student and started a free trial for this website (which is only 2 days, first bad sign) to answer questions for a paper. I started the trial, and then cancelled my subscription so that I could have my mere 2 days for the trial and then not get charged. However, apparently this is the only app or website that this does NOT work with. I do this with every free trial and it works fine, except for this one. I click the free trial button again (considering I used nothing of the one I first signed up for), went through the same steps as before, and got a $15 charge through my PayPal. Very, VERY stupid, unfair and just aggravating. Would not recommend.
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6 years ago, GM Matt
More than just the basics
I think what I most enjoy about eNotes and this app in particular is the ease with which I can get into deep, meaningful content. While I’ve enjoyed similar sites and products, eNotes has a more expansive library that allows me to find what I need, when I need it. I hope they continue to write for more titles and expand an already impressive collection!
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3 years ago, escapeny53
Enotes is an inspiration !
This app has been so helpful. I love the chapter summaries and character analysis. As you progress through whatever you’re reading, it’s so helpful to go back through the summaries and themes to refresh your memory. I struggle with critical thinking and comprehension. Enotes has made it possible to enjoy and understand what I’m reading instead of just reading.
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10 years ago, J H G
Free quizzes and answers!
New version has tons of quizzes which are super helpful! You actually don't have to buy the subscription to ask questions, but it's totally worth it to get one because it does mean you can ask a lot more. Without paying you can still ask 1 question per day! Good deal if u ask me.
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6 years ago, Revanunkown
Quality Answers
The new version of this app is great! It runs well and lets me get to the content I need without clutter. eNotes really came in handy during my freshman and sophomore years of college. The Q&A content and study guides are a lot better than most other internet sources, especially for literature. Five well deserved stars from me (thanks for saving my grades)!
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6 years ago, AtroxMavenia
Super helpful
The app is very responsive and not cluttered with useless information. The selection of works is quite extensive. There is a subscription, but it’s well worth it considering how much work they put into the study guides and lesson plans. You won’t find a free option anywhere near this good.
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5 years ago, ssfiore
Have to pay in order to access full content
I bought this app because I was struggling with Biology and hoped that it would help, but when you buy it there are barely any articles on science or math. When I clicked the article, I could only read less then the first paragraph before it blurred out and asked me to pay monthly. There’s actually no point in using this app if you don’t want to pay (I recommend Khan academy, it’s free and there are actually videos to help you).
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6 years ago, bulletproofdiesel
“Trying” to help students
Do you guys seriously think helping a student is making them pay a monthly or yearly fee to se if a teacher thinks there idea is correct, really! I would rate this at zero stars if I could. I am not paying just so I can see if the battle of fort sumpter had any deaths in in, seriously this is the only app I could find for this type of thing and you make us pay!?!? I just don’t get it, thanks for at least “trying”. I’m switching to brittanica.
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1 year ago, Literary Legacy
Very Helpful
App is extremely helpful. Wish there was a way to enlarge the text so I can read it better. Also which there was a way to cut and paste.
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9 years ago, qaderja
Great but...
This app is awesome, especially for literature students. Bad things are you have to log in every time you want to use the app, this is tiresome. Second, I get sick when I click info, after clicking info I can't get back to the app and I've to log out and then log in. Please fix it.
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4 years ago, natalierix101
I love it!!
You should get this app right now it literally helped me cheat off an essay that I had to do and that I didn’t understand it literally helped me write such a professional essay that I think I got an A+.
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10 years ago, Swagg56890
I LOVE this app!
The enotes app helped me improve my English grade big time. We had to read hamlet and Macbeth last year which made me wanna kms if not for the translations and homework help on enotes. I will definitely use it again this year!
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1 year ago, mjhappy2
This app help me find information that I want to keep track of easily
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3 years ago, howdee3762
My subscription expired on February 28, 2021. I LET IT EXPIRE, because I no longer need it. Apple and Enotes keeps taking the monthly $16... I can’t use the app because it says my subscription has expired. But someone is getting my money. Spoke to Apple, it was supposed to be resolved... but it isn’t. Need Literature help? Use a different App, you’ll NEVER get away from these people.
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7 years ago, RREEDD:)
Awesome app
The new update makes the app incredibly easy to navigate. eNotes is awesome and has great customer service! Will recommend to all of my friends!
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7 years ago, Trevomatic
Liars, put simply, they are liars
All I need was two books that they claim to have "22 different study guides for" and all sorts of other empty promises because when I actually sign up and download it. The two books aren't even in their catalog. They lie to you just to get you to sign up and give them money (or forget to cancel and give them money).
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7 years ago, AmazingGameIsWhatThisIs
The website is great, but the app freezes up too often.
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3 years ago, Olga Cool
Be careful! This application is a fraud! I have downloaded it and wanted to try free trial. They didn’t let me to use the app for free 3 days as it promised. They did not open text analysis or any information to me. Later they charged me $16. Ok. But after paying, I still don't have access to the information!!!!
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1 year ago, bnemhendike
Very Good app
The app is very good fornme becuase i don’t understand what my teacher said,but this app very helpful for me
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3 years ago, corinne 🥸
all A’s now
passing all my classes and understanding what we’re reading wayyyy more 🙏🙏🙏🙏 this app is jesus
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4 years ago, toshi344
IOS 11 issue
I like the app but I am now getting a message that it doesn’t work with IOS 11.
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2 years ago, ndudkfhg'bf'
Awesome but….
It’s awesome but I wish it were free overall I works really well!
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5 years ago, 54321books
Can Not Cancel
I can not seem to cancel this subscription even though it states “cancel at anytime” There are no options to cancel in the app, under my account info, or links to click. The “contact support” option is non-functioning. I sent an EMAIL & we’ll see... Maddening.
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10 years ago, Unhappy Costumer 27
Multi choice questions..
I feel like it would be more worth my time and money to subscribe if this app had multiple choice questions for each book that are checked as you go. That would really help myself and many others.
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10 years ago, Shakespearenerd543
Super helpful! Love that they have real teachers answering your questions and so quickly too!
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10 months ago, Zen of Poker
Like having a private tutor
Makes learning fun!
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5 years ago, R O B L O X is great
I need to be specific but that way wont give me answers!
It’s so great, AWSOME really, but i need to be too specific, and when i do that, i get no answers! But other than that it’s pretty cool
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1 year ago, AnothaQuarintinedPerson😀😃😄
If I have toPay for it it’s gonna be an issue
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2 years ago, Carohernand
It has helped me to study
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4 years ago, 306Crest
A unique tool
For the busy student, this app allows a more strategic approach to homework
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5 years ago, kenyasch
When I type a question on the app it doesn’t show up.. but when I use internet explorer instead of the app I can see the question. Please fix this
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3 years ago, devi had
Its have a lot of benefits I’m so thankful to the creators of this app
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4 years ago, vdb85ify
Best by far
I love enotes! A long literature made easier to understand.
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3 years ago, Pali0588
Great app!
Very grateful for this app, which provide great educational material. Thanks again!
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4 years ago, page520
greatly appreciated
This app is great. I find use for it on a daily basis.
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7 years ago, Hammoud.1992
Update IOS11
Please, update your App (Enotes), because we can’t use it with IOS11. Thank you.
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9 years ago, Dcs1116
Would be good....if...
Keeps crashing and I have to log in every time it does.
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10 years ago, DJmoonie
Automatic sign in needed
Really like enotes but having to sign in EVERY SINGLE TIME I want to use it is a hassle. Please fix that, otherwise I'd give it 5 stars.
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8 years ago, 🆗🅱⭕️🅱
We buy the app then if we want to see something we have to buy a sub might as well have us pay up front 😡disappointed!
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4 years ago, AstoriaGuy
Excellent Service.
And annual subscription cost is very reasonable.
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4 years ago, Crystalchristman
I highly recommend this app!! Very helpful
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5 years ago, Amoretta K.
Won’t let me cancel my trial
So I was using my 48-hour free trial but decided I’m not interested in keeping the app but whenever I try to cancel my trial, the app crashes and sends me to my home screen. Oh
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4 years ago, Jrbeh
Absolutely useless
Paid full monthly price, posted questions I need help with. It’s been 24h since I posted questions- still no answer. Feels like I got scammed 😒
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10 years ago, Jaylianakapri
It's horrible u need help and u have to pay for it really...... Just go look up on spark notes or cliff notes,anything but this just go on google. This is crap 😠
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4 years ago, 11bbxxhh
Very helpful
I like it a lot
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4 years ago, wah sah dude
Forces you to spend money for answers
I don’t know if it was just me but I got the app for answers and it forces me to pay a fee?? No way bruh Id rather ask my friends
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