Epic - Kids' Books & Reading

4.7 (508.3K)
164.6 MB
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Current version
Epic Creations, Inc.
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1 month ago
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12.2 or later
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User Reviews for Epic - Kids' Books & Reading

4.73 out of 5
508.3K Ratings
1 year ago, atypicalperception
Basically the new favorite
This app is now central to our bedtime routine. My kiddo waits to get new eggs so she can hatch them. It keeps me engaged as the parent too to help her find the 5 words within the book, because engagement can be hard sometimes at the end of the day. Love it. A couple suggestions though… The search feature needs a bit of work. Not quite sure how the algorithm works for picking the next book, but it often gives my kiddo books that are for vastly older readers. Every search parameter should be able to filter recommended age. Lastly, it’s incredibly frustrating to read a book (at the preset pace of “read to me” no less…) and be told at the end “Go Back and Keep Reading!” because its decided that you’re reading too quickly even if its a board book with 3 words per page, or a DIY book or reference book. I understand wanting to thwart cheaters but it needs to account for the length of the book and words per page or wpm. We get stuck behind that a lot and have to go back and read the entire book again because my ASD kiddo is a completionist. Also, I looked for a way to recommend the app to friends from within the app and there wasn’t one sadly. You should add one! Would love to spread Epic. (Oh, also, there’s a bug when a book is being read to you and you try to select one of the 5 words. If you don’t pause the game it can switch pages and then it doesn’t read the book back to you past the word found.) Cheers
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5 years ago, QueenMeRee
Absolutely Amazing App!
This app has helped to spark my son’s love of reading, and that spark has been eluding us for some time now! There are so many well written stories and age appropriate books up to age 14 that I saw. Even on the app you can search for books by their grade, make a collection for your child (under the parent avatar) and assign those books for them to read. They can favorite books, adding them to their library, etc. Many of the books will offer a quiz at the end, giving your child the opportunity to earn points and badges, and every kid loves being rewarded for their work! There are books they can read themselves, books that can be read to them, some that do both, and audio books for when they just want to listen or have a night time story! This app offers a nice bit of customization, you can have words highlighted and defined, search through books, collections others have already made, etc. It’s very user friendly and will suggest books based upon what your child has already read. I love that I can assign him a collection of books I’ve picked out and can separate them in collections however I like. There are also educational videos as well, we just love it. This app has become indispensable for us! ❤️❤️❤️
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6 months ago, MommyinSeattle
Parents: Be Careful
This app is great in many ways, but be careful, parents, because little children will easily run across books or watch educational videos that are terrifying and full of catastrophic events and scary facts from history. For example, my children at 6 and 8 years old read about and saw horrific images of victims who died in the volcanic eruption in Pompeii. They also read about the ancient culture of the Incans including how they did child sacrifices. Completely inappropriate material. And the “Colossal Questions” video series- while it is really fascinating with some good titles, but include titles such as: “Will a meteor crash into earth?” or “What will happen when the sun go out?” or “When will the next super volcano explode?” and these are all terrifying things that no child needs to be worrying about. These things gave them nightmares and some of the things were so scary they didn’t even tell me about it until years later. That is what is prompting me to write this review tonight -years later as I am talking with my daughter about things she read several years ago. They still talk about it 4 years later. There are many great books about topics that my kids loved, but then there were also these completely inappropriate books accessible for really small children. Make sure you look around and know what your child is reading or videos they’ve watched -there is a video and book history you can look at but it only saves about 15 of them. Be aware.
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3 years ago, Kon-Ket
Recommend but some bugs!
Epic is the #1 suggested reading app, I use this for my school and it’s fun! But for some reason when I first got the app, before that I’d always use my laptop to read on it and when I got it all my profile pictures, backgrounds, badges, etc. were locked even tho I have unlocked them and when I reached level 30 I didn’t get the badge. I find this very odd, still happening for the locked items that are supposed to be unlock it today as well. I have to go on the website to change my profile pic because sometimes my classmate or a glitch or some sort would change my profile picture and my other stuff (I use my epic account for school purposes!) I have can’t do it on the app. But there’s lots of good things as well, this makes reading fun for me especially the quizzes. I really love the app, the books and collections. And do not get me started on the audiobooks, my teacher was playing an audio book for me and my class (we had the actual book as well) and I love the voices! You guys get amazing narrators and voice actors, my teacher says the voices as well! Really love it, it’s amazing and the ultimate reading app for school as well. ❤️
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11 months ago, Impennypenpengirl
I really like epic…but why do you ask why I rated 4? Well, let me explain. The only bug I’ve discovered so far is the page bug. The page bug is..let me describe it. So..when you are reading a book and you turn the angle the page splits into three smaller pages and when you turn the angle to the same angle that it was before and you turn the page it appears as the same page before that page. I know you probably don’t understand me but I’m just trying to explain all the bugs I’ve discovered so far! So please get rid of that bug so it is easier to read and turn the angle and I mean..why did you even add that bug! No matter what you say to keep the bug, I will never ever EVER quit asking you to please remove it. If you want me to stop, just remove the stupid page bug! I know I’m using profanity, but I don’t want to! I’m just trying to describe! :( So please please pretty please with whipped cream no rainbow sprinkles and a seedless cherry on top, do NOT keep this bug! If you remove it, I will read epic everyday! If you don’t remove it, I will delete epic! So please remove it! That’s all I have to say now! Bye 😘🥹🥰😍 Edit: Ok I am back for an edit. I cannot read Epic at all anymore. :( Please let me read because I love Epic and its books. 🥹 Give it back plz 😩
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4 years ago, Mom@freedomPath
Not thrilled
I’m in the first few days of subscription, and wondering if I’m missing a better way to search? It’s horrible! Literally the poorest search function I’ve yet to experience. Can’t type more than one word without getting hundreds of irrelevant results. Clicking on Boxcar Children in “popular series” offers only three books, although 60+ are available in epic! The series I’ve looked at are completely unsorted, making it very difficult for children to use those independently if they have a continuous story from beginning to end. The thumbnail view, even on large screen tablet, can’t be zoomed, so subtitles and numbers within series are not readable. I attempted to create collections and assign to my homeschooling student, following the directions on epic’s site, but “My Library” is missing entirely, so can’t get past first step. I’m using the app on iPad Pro. One good thing is children can comfortably browse featured items, although I’d love to adjust what’s there since my child is mostly reading Halloween titles (in mid November). The library definitely has liberal leaning options (ex. several books about Ruth Bader Ginsberg and Big Bang ‘science’) but none to be found leaning conservatively after much searching. I’m disappointed that so few Caldecott books are included. Also lacking unabridged classics. There is no shortage of Twaddle. Not sure this is anything I expected or want to pay for.
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4 years ago, Rona Ahadi
Epic is really good for every body but I think it would be much better if you could put books for adults so they can enjoy reading too and just so you know I just gave this idea if you guys want this app to be much popular and more fun for everyone. Also some thing that will also help your app is that it does not have to be with money because why not we use it for free because maybe some people don’t have the money and because every body wants to talk about it they really want to try this app and they download it but then they see oh no 🤦‍♂️ 🤦‍♀️ this app needs money every month. Thanks for understanding. Just so you know this is just a feed back and please mail me I want to know if you guys liked my feed back. Bye!!!!!!👏👏👏 Thank you very much for this app. Also, thank you for your support. From: a fan of your app👍. P.S: just so you know all of this is just a feed back but the following is a review, I hope you like it ❤️❤️. I love this app and I think that it is such a clever and fun app to use every body at my school 🏫 always talks about Epic because it’s such a good app.
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5 years ago, sosadinjapan
Ok first of all,..... THIS APP IS FREAKING AMAZING!!!! You get to read books, listen to books, and even watch videos!!!! My whole class did epic during the school year and I loved it so much I just had to get it on my phone!!!! It’s so much fun, the more you read the more badges you get,some badges come with prizes like, new profile pics, frames and more! In the winter and spring they have these contests where you read as many books as you can and if you in one of the top ten you get a prize!!( this is usually done with a class so the teacher usually picks the prize) This totally makes reading way more fun so I recommend this to the parents reading this because before I HATED reading but then I striding it with my teachers recommendation and now I always have a book in my hands!!!!!! Now here are some suggestions, when I was on the app I noticed there weren’t a lot of books I usually read like, dog man, diary of a wimpy kid and books related to that. I really would enjoy epic much more if you guys at least make an effort to put some of those books in but other than that, THIS APP IS PERFECT!!!!!! 😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃😉😉😉😉
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4 years ago, hvdbxbuibdxuihwx
I love this app!!! But there are some miner bugs
Like I said I LOVE this app, when your at home and you don’t have a book you can read or you’ve read all of them, just download this app!!! It’s has all the books in the world! Also if you want to read in a different reading app I recommend NOOK its free, but some of the books aren’t :/. But anyway this app is amazing and teachers love it to! But there are some bugs that can be fixed, but other then that this is my top 10 recommended apps, if you want to hear about them they are going to be listed below > ROBLOX: this is my most favorite game to play and their are endless possibilities! You can friend your friends and chat with them which is convenient since of COVID-19 and their are TONES of games and obbys that are fun and eventful! But I would only give this app 3 stars, because like any other app there are hackers and scammers, and somtimes even viruses that are lerking in this app :( AND its very scary, so you have to be carful who your friends with. There are also mean people in this game too :( so not the most “fun” game if your hacked, but it’s pretty fun if you just for get about it!!! Well that’s all I’m going to say for now, this is WAY to long and I don’t think anyone will read it :/ but I’ll stop talking 😅
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1 year ago, CandyceInCincy
Great app but unusable now without signing up for trial
Update: Epic sent an email to Epic Basic users notifying them that Epic Basic is ending “soon” (no date was provided in the email). So maybe that partially explains the push to sign up for the 7-day trial. It feels like Basic is already being effectively phased out, though, and it would have been nice to get an announcement ahead of that. It would also be nice to still be able to access my child’s profile and send book recommendations for when my child is using Epic during the school day and continue to keep my child’s existing profile attached to his classroom account from year to year. I’m not sure I can do that anymore without being a paid subscriber. Too bad. Original: We’ve been using Epic for some time now. We aren’t currently able to do an unlimited subscription, but 1 free book per day serves us well. I was trying to check my child’s profile to track reading minutes, and there is a screen asking users to sign up for a 7-day trial. There is no way to exit this screen in the app (on the website, I can delete a few characters from the url to exit that screen, but not in the iOS app). So the iOS app doesn’t work at all without signing up for the trial. Please change this.
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6 years ago, Haydens reboot
Epic is a good app but I can’t say the one thing I don’t like is that some of the real long does the auto parts you can’t see the words and I don’t really like that. I also like it because I can’t listening to a book while I’m doing something else and I’m still kind a like yet so it’s nice I really like it and I don’t think there’s really anything else like it besides like Kindle and stuff but that’s for like kids and is a nice thing you can make two accounts and you get to pick what you like for each of help or it’s over two accounts and you can pick what do you like whatever you want and I really like that. And I think that epic earth not the best App but it’s good I would like to see improved and I’d like to do more interviews on it so yeah I’m actually reading a book right now and it’s called farm life oh yeah here’s another thing I don’t like it about it is it it is it doesn’t have all of the books I like like dog Mia Sammy it to you have a great selection of yesterday have a great collection of who is the new wires so I’d really like to see dog man and some more some more nonfiction book it’s more of a biography wrapping who is it who was biographies so yeah I would really like to do another review so I really like either but I think it can improve so yeah.
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2 years ago, SheilaB34
Not all books labeled AR are actually AR
I am paying the monthly subscription to help my son find books to read for his AR assignments for school so he can still read in the evenings but be able to get credit for them by taking AR quizzes at school the next day. Epic allows him to be flexible in choosing books in his level on various topics and encourage him to read more. HOWEVER I’ve found quite a few books that will list an AR level and they are nowhere to be found on the arbookfinder website. He is 10 and this is upsetting to him to read a book only to find that there is no AR quiz to take at school the next day. I would love to keep Epic for him during the summer when AR doesn’t matter where he can read just anything he wants… but during the school year his focus is to ensure he meets his AR goals. Please update to add more books that appropriately match the arbookfinder website because we are having to check each one before he will read it. And please add more AR books overall as often the selections are somewhat small or they are on topics he does not show an interest in. Thank you. He loves earning badges too. Really enjoy that part of the app for encouraging his reading.
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7 months ago, MMJuneBug
Om mine is glitching a lot
So for some reason every time I read if I exit out of it, and then he went back on later it would delete all my reading time, but I did the update, and now it’s fixed but now I can’t read a book… And a lot of the pages were missing what to read and I’m just kind of sad so I’m really hoping the makers of epic can and fix that little glitch for mine and I would be really please show and thank you so much for the reading app. I started getting to read this when I was in about third grade 2nd grade in which grade at school and then my parents got me a iPad and now I can read. I would give you a five stars but just right now it’s a it’s just a four stars so thank you guys so much for making this reading app and I’m really pleased to have this. thank you.🫶🏻🫶🏻👍👍 actually, I might give us of like three now because literally I can’t read any of the books like I can only read a couple of books for Miss really actually every book but I can’t read one book that I’ve been waiting read ages of slam and that’s been giving me very very hard time for about three months Please rewrite back thank you
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8 months ago, Vintagefxrrah
So this is why I give epic a 10 out of 10 so epic is a fun learning learning game for people who have a struggles with reading for an example like dyslexia something this helps them learn and get better and the books they are just so nice and appropriate for kids and it’s really amazing that it is a app where you can find all the books you want and there’s some there’s some good books in there I think it helps a lot with like people who need to get better or just people but it helps because what if you have like you like dyslexia or just order something and you wanna read and you get an opportunity come to come and read a great great journey so come follow epic it’s the best like epic have like so many good books like there’s pegs there’s adult books like I survive may be like home of the brave or is this all really good books I think you should follow your dreams and go with epic epic comes true and if you follow epic it follows you so good read epic books right now the reason I’m gonna read it download this app it is amazing I love it download Epix up today😎😎🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🥳🥳🥳😜😜🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪
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4 years ago, Iloveuofm
Our boys (8 & 11) absolutely LOVE this app!! It’s literally a whole library JUST 4 kids!! We don’t have to worry about them finding books that have adult content in them. Also, if they see book covers that scare them a lil or freak them out, they can go into that book & press this lil icon that looks like an eye w/a line through it. Then Epic won’t show them any books that r similar to that book anymore. Woo hoo!!!! I love how this app keeps track of the minutes they read. I love getting emails about what books they r reading. They truly look to get into bed & get on Epic!! They have SO many books right in their hands. They can easily go from book to book to book. This app has really helped them enjoy reading more. I know there’s more to the app, for schools & teachers. But we homeschool, so I just keep an eye on what they read & get the emails. But there is more u can do in the app that we haven’t used. I have recommended this app to numerous friends b/c we all LOVE it so much!! Now, I still love to hold books & read to them. So we will still be making trips to the library. But not as often
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5 years ago, nisha.revis
I'm a very busy mother of six- ranging from 16 years - 6 months!! No matter how organized, preped/prepared I think I am time is always something I find myself needing more of everyday...mostly just bc of how quickly our children grow up!!! Being a mother now myself I often "look back" on the traditions/memories that my Mother and Grandmother started with me..and I can say one of my favorite things with my parents were a bedtime story!! Some of my most fond memories were from my bedtime story times- there's no greater feeling then being all snuggled in bed with your Mommy reading from your favorite book!!!! Having so many rugrats I think it's safe to say "I've tried it all"...some work better than others of course for certain children but finding EPIC has definitely made the "process" of learning to read a lot more fun and even something my children will NOT let me forget about with all of our daily tasks!! The "badges" you collect at different stages/tasks completed is very exciting to the younger ones!! Keep up the great work!!!! And thank you for helping me keep my kids interested in reading!!!!!!
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4 years ago, ♡𝕓𝕣𝕠𝕠𝕜𝕝𝕪𝕟 𝕗𝕖𝕝𝕚𝕩♡
Love this app!
I haven’t been on this app for long. I have only been on it for only like a month and I’m already level 50!!! This app is very good for younger people. This app has grades for like 7th grade. It has so many categories of books and it has so many books to read. There’s book for 7th and under. I recommend this app to everyone to use! I’m also a fan of reading so this makes it even more fun too. In 6th grade we have to do reports on books which I am obsessed with. This app makes everything on here more fun. There’s videos, audiobooks, read to me books, and etc. I absolutely recommend this app to book lovers. There’s tons and tons of books for people to read when they are bored one day. Last night when I was in bed at like 9:47 p.m I stayed up til’ 1 am reading on the EPIC app. I especially want other people to read too because you can learn new things as you read. I love how this app can also let you put cool names too. Also the people who hate to read should try this app. I really hope everyone can enjoy this app. It’s very Epic!
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2 years ago, Glitty Pony
Great app needs technical improvements
We are home schoolers and the app is great for me and my kids. The app allows each of my kids to have their own profile and to read a free book per day. Lots of nice books and new books. The user interface is attractive and works well. The monthly premium price is ok, a little high for us to pay so we stick with free ,but not horrible considering the profiles. There are a few cons mostly technical; for example the “upgrade to premium” bar often obscures other features or buttons and is in the way. It allows me to make a book collection but I can’t find it. I want to be able to assign collections but we don’t want to connect to an outside school or teacher. We don’t like when the cat interrupts our books and asks us questions. We would rather it not ask or make an option to shut it off. Also when the kids pop the ballon it appears that there is no badge but sometimes there is, yet the animation doesn’t show us either way. The app is counting total reading time as total time in one sitting. So the badges are way off time wise.
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5 years ago, ufididifi
Epic is the best
Thank you for all of this OK first of all this is the best App ever you guys are the best thank you for the books thank you for the things everything and I love audiobooks I love read to me books especially books I can read it help me I’ve been in this I’ve been in epic since I was five I am seven right now my name mannat I love all of this book it reminds me of my books are used to have but then I needed to donate all my baby bucks and I was so sad but I always get more books thank you thank you thank you so much you guys are the best you’re worth your effort on this epic is the best game ever all the parents approve this game is the best you guys are all the prayers time you guys make it so fun you guys are the best thank you so much once again thank you thank you thank you thank youI love this app so much you guys are the best LoveGuys are the best seriously love you guys so much I can go crazy for this app if my parents really did this I will tell them to re-download Love mannat Thank you once again love you epic epic
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4 years ago, catgirl❤️❤️❤️
Absolutely amazing, but more diversity needed.
As a bookworm this app has been absolutely amazing; however, more diversity is a must. In response to the BLM movement there has been more books by black authors and more black representation, but there are hardly any books with queer representation. Out of all the thousands of books on the app I only found about 3 books with queer characters or great queer representation. If more representation of the LGBTQ+ community could be added that would be amazing. Educating today’s youth on kindness and respect for others is key, and more diverse books would be an amazing way to start. I also think that adding more YA books for the older children would be amazing. It’s really hard for me to find books that are mature and grab my interest, so more books for older children would be great. Adding more filters for different genres and interests would also be nice, and maybe a section for older kids. Others then that the app is absolutely amazing, with many great reading options.
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5 months ago, BekahL4
Continue charging after subscription ended!
We had this for a while and it was useful and the kids enjoyed it. However, the books aren’t all quality and they eventually run out of good material. We decided to end our subscription for this reason. However, after ended it and it showing unsubscribe on Apple….my credit card is still being charged for the last year! It shows that we are unsubscribed but are still being charged. They seem to have some ridiculous reason (which way did you sign up) with differing directions. I believe this intentional so that you can’t easily cancel. I actually didn’t receive an email confirmation when I ended my subscription. Another red flag…but I can tell on the account, it’s over. They don’t want you to have a clear timeline so that they will refund the least. I am currently waiting to be paid back and trying to confirm from someone that they will stop charging my credit card. Check the BBB reviews! Very poor and same issues previously!!! Don’t purchase this. Ok app but not great quality books overall and deceptive charging practices. Should be very easily to cancel and I should not be having an issue figuring out why my card is still being charged.
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4 years ago, Princess Jharitzi
I love epic are use it for school it’s very entertaining it’s not just entertaining it’s not just fun but it’s also learning it has no bad words there’s no bad stuff like I read a book by Beyoncé and Katy Perry and Taylor Swift and it’s not bad day Pichooo what year you I love epic are use it for school it’s very entertaining it’s not just entertaining it’s not just fun but it’s also learning it has no bad words there’s no bad stuff like I read a book by Beyoncé and Katy Perry and Taylor Swift and it’s not bad day Pichooo what year they they were born and it’s fun download Epic! it’s an awesome app awesome game you could even watch slime videos anything it’s not just for girls it’s for boys to it’s the best app ever it’s better than ABC mouse no offense but I think it is it’s just that awesome by please download Epic! Oh and it’s the best app ever just download Epic! it’s not hard just click the little download button that’s it at least if you don’t like it and you’ve never seen it before just right because you don’t know if you do you’ve never used it before it’s amazing bye please download Epic!
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2 years ago, Rising17
Wow!!! Epic is really, truly EPIC. There are SO MANY book options, and so many opportunities. How did you get so many great books and videos on epic? There are so many possibilities and fun books. I already loved reading when I found this app, and this has lengthened my love even more. I’ve found new favorite books through this app that I now have hard copies of. My favorite books of all time are the Harry Potter books. Those are not on Epic (doesn’t matter, I have hard copies), but there is a super cool book about how Harry Potter came to be, and I LOVE it. Just one thing—there is a bit of a lag problem. It’s really not too bad, but there are a few favorite books that always never load when I open. Well, some of the pages load, but some just sit there, showing the blue loading signs, and I don’t get to see what happens! Could that somehow be fixed, please? But besides that, epic is so amazing! No ads (THANK YOU) and unlimited books and videos! Thanks so much for making this app!
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3 years ago, Girlena76
Worth every penny!
My family loves this app. There is something for everyone. My kids have their own profiles and like earning new reading buddies and avatars. I even have a profile for myself because there are some great non fiction books for those ‘forever nerdy’ folk. We’ve been using Epic! for a couple of years now and I couldn’t imagine road trips, rainy days or bed time without it. My 7 year old daughter is reading at a 4th grade level. I think Epic! has contributed a lot to her advancement. Her teacher used Epic! during the pandemic and we were able to link accounts which added a reading level selection of books. I can’t recommend this app enough. My 5 year old as pretty severe ADHD and loves having the app read to him. I think it’s the combination of hearing the book, seeing the words popping and the illustrations that help keep his attention. His vocabulary is higher than normal, which Epic! definitely contributes to.
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3 years ago, Isabella C.
Every time I go on epic it has to be early. Why,You might ask? Because every time after 3:30 or 4:00 (exactly on the dot) it kicks you out! If you don’t want that you can go to free epic. The only problem with that is that you only get picture books. Also, when you go onto epic free you only get two hours. Then it says your time will be renewed. That never happens! If you want epic unlimited you have to pay seventeen dollars for three months. Also all of the good books you could get for free at the library or a book sale for cheap. The only good part about epic is that it has books for all ages. It has audiobooks, chapter books and picture books. It also has places to put the books you like. If you klick on the little heart you get your favorite books in one part. That is the only good parts about epic. It may seem that epic is all good but honestly it not. I went onto epic and it won’t let me onto my school account. Now I can’t read any of the books my teacher sends me. Epic was so much better last year. I set my expectations high and I was not pleased. I honestly don’t know what the programmer thought when they changed epic. I am very disappointed ☹️. PS the help site does not work at ALL!
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5 years ago, lovelylittlelife101
I was about to use it...
I was about to start using it on my phone until I saw that subscription... I use it in my school all the time and didn’t like it because the level was way too low and so I was stuck with baby books which is one of my pet peeves. I just ended up scrolling for books for older ages, but they never had any. I just wish that you could adjust your reading level by yourself because my reading level is eighth grade but I’m reading about first. I ended up looking up the app on my phone just to see how it was to be able to choose your level, and I realized that my library teacher thought it would be an amazing idea to make all of the levels for babies so when fifth grade came along, all we had to do was look at random videos of slime and stuff. I was going to ask to use RAZ-kids, but she said ‘strictly epic’ so now I'm doomed. I know that you can use the search bar to change the level, but that never REALLY works. It just changes you to the highest level for your grade, which is about second or third in the app. Also, you have to pay for it and lots of people cant cancel the subscription. I know I'm going to get put in critical, but I honestly don’t think it matters right now. I should’ve known...
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5 years ago, Golden Gal 18
I use this all the time!
When it comes to sitting in bed at night to sitting outside on a hot day reading to my brother I use epic when my brother is cranky or maybe my mom and dad need me to watch him I pull up epic on my iPad and read to him he really likes Elmer the Elephant and he really enjoys listening to barnyard boogie! I also enjoy reading the weird but triple books and the goosebumps books in bed or whenever I relax I also enjoyed reading one of my favorites always October I love the mystery in the monsters I listen to it all the time I actually started reading listening to it in second grade and then I lost second grade I didn’t have the app so I forgot all about it and then one day I thought of a good reading book or maybe even to listen to and then I thought of this one book that I was reading in second grade I tried so hard to think about it and then I finally realized what it was it was, always October! I got the app and started listening!
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3 years ago, TheQueenOfMagica
Epic is AMAZING! You can use it as a computer website too, but it’s also great on Mobile. You can read in the car without getting a headache unlike with paper books. I love it! You get achievements and can level up!! There a classrooms that teachers can use for their students to be in. You can see how much minutes your student reads in a day. When on search, there are many different topics and interests for your child, student or you (if you are the child). You can customize your character, background and outlining on Epic mobile. You can earn more of them by reading and achieving more. You read to get achievements. Most books for younger kids have read alouds. Even some chapter books do! Needless to say, this app and its name are exactly the same! Thank you Epic for helping me grow my reading and find books and authors I like. Thank you for giving a wide variety of interesting and fun filled books!
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2 years ago, Dollie🤍💗
epic is not exactly how it used to be. (Subscription purchases..)
Hi, I’ve been using epic for quite a while. mostly in school because they allow it there. Overall epic is the best reading app for kids, although I’m kinda upset, I just graduated a few months back (not from collage.) And I wanted to try this app again because I haven’t been on it in a while. so signing in was same as usual. But the subscriptions were everywhere and I was very confused like, “they didn’t really have this when I was in class.” So I wanted to finish a book I read in class. It was unlimited? I was so confused because the wasn’t unlimited at school. I probably know why, because the school must’ve logged in everyone so everything is free. But why is that when you at home it’s not free-? Another thing that really gets me upset.. you can’t even finish a book until tomorrow! The people who really really want to read can’t even read it all! I deleted the app, this is not how I expected it to be. Thank for taking time out of your day to read this!
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4 years ago, SpeedyDelaney
Jennifer Murdley’s Toad by Bruce Coville
I rate the audiobook 10 out of 10. Every day I start listening to the book while I eat breakfast, and everytime I want to read a lot more. Today I listened to the whole book. I really like how the people interact in the book. There is an important lesson in this story said by Mr. Elives and Bufo -- mirrors are mere errors. When Jennifer looks in the mirror and sees that in the mirror she looks very beautiful and the witch says she can make her beautiful, she realizes that she can be pretty on the outside, but she will be ugly on the inside. What is important is to be kind and not be mean. I would definitely recommend the book to others because it is really fun to listen to. My favorite parts of the story are when Bufo tells the story about how he was born and when Brandon says he wants to be a toad for a while. I enjoy this book a lot! It makes me want to read the other books in the series.
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2 years ago, DR😃
Good, but some things I’d like.
I just want to say that I adore Epic! It’s amazing, and really sparks everyone’s imagination. But, I’m 11 now, and I can hardly find books I like! Get back to that in a minute. What I’d love to change is the Offline Reading thing. Whenever I’m offline, I just use offline reading. But after two pages, I have to wait an hour or two to load the next page. I don’t really have time at night or in the morning to sit around and wait for it to load, so I always have to either turn it off or try to turn the Wi-Fi on. So, could you please fix it so I don’t have to wait that long? Thank you if you fix it. Next, what I was saying earlier, I can hardly find the books I like! There are only a few books, like Jumbies, Unicorn Island, and The Girl Who Drank The Moon that I’m interested in. Could you possibly squeeze in some books like The Last Kids on Earth, The Last Human, and other books similar, could you please add them? Thank you for reading!
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3 years ago, uigzgobw
How much I love epic
Like if I read a book I just never want to stop exploring it just dings and books that you have never learn but why do you don’t have books around you but you have electricity and tablets and computers and stuff that’s my favorite part about big like if I read a book I just never want to stop exploring it just dings and books that you have never learn but why do you don’t have books around you but you have electricity and tablets and computers and stuff that’s my favorite part about Epix if you can download it and then you can learn about stuff and then keep letting him kill you stop the problem is they never stop to get a new books they keep your new books about the same chapters and the series keep coming out and then boom when you get older you keep the nail and you can never stop learning from epic epic is the best
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2 years ago, liliah1234
It’s good but I have suggestions
I love the I survived series and the weird but true series but I use the school’s version which ends at 3:00 and I actually have to read for 40 mins everyday after school and I can’t use it for my homework because it isn’t free. Also the free version is only 2 hours a week? That isn’t very fair especially because you lock all the good books anyway so only giving us two hours free for the whole week is a little excessive and you should at least unlock a few more books that aren’t just made mostly by epic. I also use the I survived books for some of my informational essays and I can’t do research with those books at home because they are locked. Kids would use epic all the time you should give them a better option for that and include it in your school account. I get you need to make money but just do ads every once in while like a lot of other apps do. Those are my suggestions, I still love epic but please really consider these things. Thank you.
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4 years ago, Gracie 🦄🐴
Couple issues
Hi there this is a great app but a couple issues 1.I have a favoritebook series dork diaries but it is not on there 2. My brother age 5 has reed 100 read- to-me books at level 18 I am at level 17 but not even close to 100 books I have reed 36 books not 70 not 80 not 90 but 36 I read chapter books And I get it they are pretty long but 36 books at level 17 my brother is now at level 20 3. Some achievements are really hard to get to like Reed for 3 hours a day some kids might not be able to reed for that long Thanks byeeee the way (see that catch lol) I want to connect my profile to my classroom but I can’t and how do you cuz my teacher 👩‍🏫 duz not have a epic classroom but she duz have epic on here computer 💻 overall that EPIC! IS EPIC. Oh one more thing my cousins have this app and I look for the books they read search. THANKS 😊 one more thing I probably estimating by how long I have had epic I actually probably really read 100 💯 books 📚 bye 👋-Gracie and add books by Rania tiglemher pls pls pls pls.
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7 months ago, iLiiz20
No more free daily book and prices increased
My son loves Epic, he has used it for a few years since before he could even read. I used to read multiple books to him when we couldn’t go to the library. He has read nearly 1000 books on the app and 1000 videos watched. When we first started using Epic the price was about $5 or $6/month and we could actually get the subscription every month… now it’s $12/month?! That’s crazy and unaffordable. Once every few months I would get the higher cost subscription anyway because my son loves reading and loved using the app every single day. Sometimes we just couldn’t afford it and he would only be able to read the 1 free book a day, but now it’s not even an option. Do ya’ll even offer family discounts or homeschooling discounts? Many homeschoolers would be interested in the homeschooling discount. Keep raising the prices and you’ll lose more money and subscribers because it’s unaffordable. So many people are living paycheck to paycheck and struggle to buy food and it seems all other subscriptions are setting unaffordable prices too.
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4 years ago, catlover6473
Awesome app it’s EPIC but...
Once I saw the add I instantly knew it was going to be a perfect app for me (yeah I’m 11 don’t ask) But after a few days I deleted the app for a few reasons 1-The add had the Warriors#1 Into The Wild. I’m a Warriors loving person and was veeeeeeeryyyy upset when I realized that the app got rid of the book I mean THE MOST POPULAR BOOK ABOUT FELINES NOT IN THE BEST APP ABOUT BOOKS!? I mean I had fun listening(not much fun) to Wings of Fire but I preferred the Warriors against any book here. So if you return such precious books I will reinstall the app 2-Some books almost gave me nightmares If a kid like me loves history or fantasy and read something that’s horror and they thought they can handle it they will freak out once they see a freaking part (I once read a book about king tut’s curse and I became hot extremely and frightened after I saw a picture of his decaying body) 3-Many good books are no more. THIS is most upsetting. I mean like a lot of books about cats were not found. Many comics were no more. And don’t get me started but I remember reading a book on the Kindle named Seekers (who are also made by the Erin hunters who made Warriors) And I haven’t even seen it in the app! My theory is your app used to have it now not So please bring those books back (and inappropriate books in my second rant thing should be checked to make sure no kids get nightmares) and maybe I will reinstall the app If what I said was offensive I am deeply sorry
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5 years ago, Unicorn Popstar Princess
Cool......but l have thoughts! 🤔
I love this game, it is so educational. Reading, Learning, Growing! It is great. But my doubt is that every few months, if you want this, or that. You have to pay a big amount of money! I feel good about it being educational, but when they say kids can’t move on to the next level unless they pay like $25, I don’t like that. Then they end up using up all of their money, I feel suspicious about them wanting money! I feel like they’re trying to put something educational into money to get money and it’s not fair. The feeling to pay money for a GAME!!! Just doesn’t feel right. If you want your child to learn education I highly rated this app! If you don’t want to waste your money on your iPad cause you’re saving up for other stuff, I don’t know about this app. It has voices in the game that says,”you can do it” and I love them being supportive. But it also has voices saying,” give me money.” I don’t like that and since they know children play that app, I don’t think it is very nice!!!! 😊 Thanks for your support!!!!
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4 years ago, untamedfirefox
Home Library
My family really enjoys this app. We live in a small home and hate going to the library all the time. My youngest goes through books like water, 25 a day easy. And that can become a daunting task for me to supply. The features are really neat especially the favorites button. I like to preview what my children read. Once I okay a book I favorite it and they then know where to go. I do wish they had a bigger selection but I’m sure the developers are working on that. But my biggest complaint is the “remove book” function doesn’t work. If there is content in a book that is not appropriate for your child there is a button that has an icon of an eye with a slash through it. Meaning you push the button and they can no longer see the book as an option.... well it doesn’t work. There are several books that I have tried to remove using this button and it doesn’t work. Other then that, I’m very thankful for this app.
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12 months ago, e_hollaway
Great app, but it needs some things redesigned
The app needs a dark mode. It’s used in the evening quite frequently so it would only make sense to have a dark mode. When reading a book, it’s difficult to end the book or back out of a book because the touch feature that brings up the options in the blue box at the top isn’t very responsive. It gets hung up or is delayed when you tap. So it makes the app less snappy and can be frustrating at times. The word highlighting is a great feature, but the kind where the word grows large and has a flashing blue circle behind it is very distracting. There is no way to turn that “word definition” mode off. Everything that the app can do, including the features you can control while in a book, should be centralized in the settings page. That way you can customize the app to work how you want it to without constantly having to turn things on or off from two different places. Categories need to be broken out of the home page. If I want to see a huge list of bed time stories I should be able to tap “bedtime stories” and it should take me out to a big list of nothing but those types of books. Right now it’s daunting to side scroll through tons of books on one line. Kind of like how streaming platforms have categories for genres of shows and movies and you can look at them individually to choose something from a narrowed down list.
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3 years ago, lsepicgames
I love a big because it has all these good books my favorite book series is cat ninja and it just had its final book tonight at 8:11 PM I’m really sad that it ended it was my favorite book series in the last picture I thought they all came through the portal but it was actually just a hoot I don’t wanna make any spoilers for anyone who hasn’t seen the book yet but if anyone is reading this make sure the check out the entire 10 ninja book series i’m really confused cat ninja was the one who made the other characters the time loop so much they made the all the other book stories that there is an epic because it might pizza party bright family adventure kingdom this weird superhero ones that I have never watched all of those they were made by the same creator that mean cat ninja cat ninja made when his time warping was really long that’s been on my review and I love this app.
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3 years ago, Ballerz 2011
This app is great
The app to help me really well now I am the advanced one in my classAnd it cost $10 a month but it is worth it I’ve only done it for a little while but my I love it my parents trust the app and it’s the best app in the world But there is one problem when I listen to a book all it does is goes super slow and it takes about 30 seconds to go to the next page it might be my iPad but I don’t think it’s working but otherwise this app is great I would recommend it for your kidsAlso all of my siblings do it I have my brother and my sister and I’m going to tell all of my friends to get the game this game is awesome because you can Read the books listen to the books and watch videos about the books I’ve read in these three books already and I’ve only been doing it for one day this app is awesome and you should try and
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5 years ago, IceCreamLover010
Library is terrible
ALL THE BOOKS ARE BELOW LEVEL THAT THEY SAY THEY ARE. Literally no good books on this app. Everything is for preschoolers or is insanely boring beyond comprehension. Like I’m not even joking there are NO YOUNG ADULT/TEEN FICTION BOOKS LIKE CMON!! :((((( It’s just not worth it when the worst book in my public library is better than epics best book(which isn’t very good). Anyway why pay 10 bucks for under level books when most towns have a public library and most schools have a school library for the kids. Any adult would DIE OF BOREDOM on this app......its basically the typical kindergartener to the advanced 1st grader who would like this and that’s about it. All in all its WAY to expensive and doesn’t even have decent books. Like its one thing to not have every awesome book in history, but at least make it decent. Epic the not at all epic app, absolutely failed at that. Your wasting 100 bucks a year to download this and the school subscriptions that schools pay for? Those dont even allow access past school hours. Why? Just more classic lameness by the not-epic. Lol bad joke sorry. Anyways bad underage library, too expensive, and its boring. Thanks for reading! Bye.
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3 years ago, SebastianSmythe
Just what I was looking for
I’m 28 and autistic and my reading level isn’t nearly what it used to be when I was younger, and I have a super short attention span. But I love love love to read. In comes Epic! It has so many books to choose from, from all different reading levels. I read the 11/12-ish year old books and I love them! I can read longer books or shorter books, there’s the read to me feature if I’m really having trouble focusing, and I love the comics too! I have the unlimited subscription so I can read as much (or as little) as I want. I also really love the reading buddies (I have the purple one and he/she’s awesome!) I try for 20 minute a day goal and usually hit it. Oh, and there’s LOTS of books about dogs and animals! Those are my favorites! I love this app so much and highly recommend it for fellow autistic people! 10/10!
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1 month ago, murphytwin
Good but not great
The kids love the app because of the stories, especially the read-to-me option which they use a bedtime. Here are some concerns/improvements though - 1. Some of the book are broken. We’ve experienced this more often then I would have expected, and the kids are saddened when they can’t finish a story because the next page won’t load. 2. The search and organization of content is very odd. There’s no continuity, the categorization is very much lacking, and the search function is equally as bad. Sure it’s nice looking, but these things ought not be said about this kind of app. 3. Why is there no feedback or improvement feature to tell devs about this. As a UX designer I would want to hear regularly how users are experiencing the app and not hear about problems in the review section in the App Store. I’d honestly give the app less starts because of performance but it’s designed aesthetically well, and the kids like it.
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3 years ago, soitw
Great library. Horrible search tools
I knew Epic for several years. I have been and still am loving their growing library, great selection of books and they’re improving everyday. However, since the first date I used until now, for over 3 years, the horrible search tool has not been fixed at all. I emailed customer service several times throughout the years to get the problem fixed but nothing has changed. Every time we want an exact book (you know how toddlers want to re-read a book 100 times), we have to go through the library suggestion or reading history to dig up the book, the search tool is useless and unhelpful. The library would deserve 5 stars but its search tool makes the whole library useless so I deducted 1 star. I would love to stop there, but the problem has been known for years (not days or months), and not like I didn’t let them know or I was the only one with the issue, the company/ tech team just didn’t want fix it. Hence the low rating.
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4 years ago, Bird lover 123!
I love reading on Epic! My mom got Epic unlimited for us and it is AMAZING! There are so many great books! My little brother also uses it, he is learning how to read so he gets excited when there is a book in Epic he can read! Also, when you come across an unfamiliar word, all you have to do is click on the word and it shows you how to pronounce the word correctly and gives you a whole bunch of meaning! And Epic is not just for reading! It also has videos. It’s fun to watch the DIY videos when I am bored, it’s give you a fun little project you can do with household objects! And for younger kids, they have read to me books where they read the book to you! I definitely recommend this app for kids ages 3 - 13! Thanks for reading my long comment! I know it was a lot! I hope I helped you decide wether or not to get Epic unlimited!
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2 years ago, sammiaim
Awesome epic
I love epic it’s a reading app for kids so when you can’t get a hold of a book you can just go on the device and start reading. One reason I love epic is because not only it’s for times when you don’t have a book you can also read it when you’re bored it’s like you’re watching TV but actually it’s not doing anything you’re just reading this is why I love epic so much there’s 1 million more reasons but this is just one of them if you’d like to hear more make a new Books on epic I read it like 50 times a day not exaggerating. This is why you should read epic you can also keep your books that you’re reading so you won’t forget about them I rate epic reviews to get people into reading because reading is just like being someplace new irate epic 1,000,001 out of 1000,000 thank you I hope you read epic .
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6 months ago, Bobycakes
Search Function Needs HELP
I’m currently utilizing the app via the free 7-day trial, and am curious to see whether I’d find it worthwhile to continue on with the subscription for the monthly fee or not. So far, I’m dubious! I am thrilled with all the books I’ve managed to find, but when I try to search for anything specific, I fail every time. For example, I see Magic School Bus books featured in one of the genres of the “explore” page, but if I search the words “Magic School Bus” myself, I will not find any of the books. So I just have to hope to happen upon finding what I wish to read, at random. Such a bizarre issue, and definitely might bar me from paying for this service. I’ll just go to my local library, where their search functions work and I don’t have to browse for 30 minutes ...unless I want to. ;) Note: I got this app to use on a flight with a toddler (while packing light) and it works great on airplane mode!
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2 years ago, perfect4bambinos
Great reading app aside from audio book
My children 7, 5, & 2 love story time each night. There are so many great options to choose from. Bedtime stories for me to read, early reader stories for the little ones - all with very colorful illustrations. I love the option for the kids to turn the pages themselves. The only reason I didn’t give 5 stars is because some books are only offered as audio books with no illustrations. The kids really like to see the pictures and words. They lose interest without seeing and interacting with the pages. Some books that are only offered as audio books are some of the more popular books that the kids love. I only wish we had the option to choose how we read the books. Great app - great for kids - great for parents - great for bonding time - great option for parents wanting access to new different stories
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4 months ago, WingsofFireNerd10
My Opinion
I love this app but you really should lower subscription costs to like maybe 5 dollars a month because my mom won’t pay for my home subscription because it is too expensive for a year subscription, so I use the school account for Monday to Friday and you should make some of the Wings of Fire books that people can read not listen to because I keep falling asleep listening and add like 2 more hours to the school day thing so I don’t have to worry about getting in the shower and it saying get a grownup to help and make some books available for school because some books say come back after school and I can’t and add more Pokémon books that are more recent than 2012 or whenever they were written add wings of fire drawing books too and some books pages just load for hours on end and I can’t restart the app because it is 3:00 already! So sorry it’s so long but You better respond!!!
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