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User Reviews for Epoch Times: Live & Breaking

4.86 out of 5
252.3K Ratings
4 years ago, PacerGuy64
One of the Few Media Outlets still Telling the Truth
In my mid fifties now, and I’ve been reading newspapers for the past forty years. The local edition got so biased over time that I couldn’t get through it without getting angry over the way everything was skewed to the left. I couldn’t stand it anymore and cancelled my subscription. That was a number of years ago, and I started looking for online platforms. I found a few, but none had what I was really looking for in a newspaper. I bit the bullet and paid for a subscription. At $10 a month for a weekly copy and daily news I couldn’t be happier about it. Because I was so impressed I gave a copy to a friend and he said he read it cover to cover. You just cannot find the articles that are in the Epoch Times anywhere else. The other day I was reading the Epoch Times online and noticed that so many articles were dedicated to finding the truth about the election and the fraud that went on. Then for kicks I looked at MSN, and there was not a word about the election. It was like the left and right in this country are living in alternate universes. All I can say is it is like reading a newspaper from 30 years ago when reporters were solely interested in getting to the truth wherever it took them.
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4 years ago, Remo5Crew
Reintitutibg age old habit of reading the news
After a decade of no social media accounts or use and a visceral responses to all network television, ALL, I found an outlet of truth and news and world happening and unbiased straightforward reporting from which I can discern my own thoughts and beliefs as well as be inspired to research more if I am so intrigued. Our family reads the newspaper again! My three teenage kids are getting better news and more global truth in one issue of Epoch Times than in years of public school history and social studies (JOKES). This news outlet is honest and I love how so few people they interview know what the Epoch Times is so their responses appear more genuine and open than when the respondent has a preconceived notion about the media reporter. The breadth of news is wide reaching and personal. When was the last time a newspaper actually cared about the nuclear family and issues we face and how important we are to preserve not only a culture but liberty long fought for? The Epoch Times has valuable reporting and is not pushing any objective than reporting the news to people and perhaps trying to encourage good people to keep being good people and to believe there is still good.
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3 years ago, RareReviewerSC
The Epoch Times is changing
I started reading the Epoch Times, because I came to understood it to be the most balanced, fair, and independent source for legitimate news, without bias. But sadly, the Epoch Times is beginning to show more and more articles from biased left media sources, such as the Associated Press, and Reuters. I didn’t purchase a subscription to read those articles. I can read them pretty much just about anywhere else. Even Epoch itself is moving more to the left, with how their articles are being written. It’s subtle, but it’s becoming more and more noticeable. And be prepared to spend about at minimum, 10-20 minutes trying to cancel a subscription with them. They try their hardest to get you to keep your subscription, offering you discounts, then making you watch a video before proceeding to where you think you can finally cancel your subscription, only to find out you have to call them to cancel it. Then, when you get to talking to one of their representatives, they ask you to listen to a scripted message before they actually cancel your subscription. Even telling them that you don’t want to listen to their message, they tell you anyway. I don’t need, or desire to have to go through all that, and waste so much time, just to cancel my subscription. Overall, I’m disappointed that Epoch is going this route. What a shame.
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4 years ago, MetalConneseur666
Most calming news I read
Everyone I know has continuously told me I need to let go of the political and world news because it always spun me up. With the mainstream media, they were right, I couldn’t watch the news or read any of the newspapers that were available without a feeling of anger building up inside of me. Then I saw an advertisement for the Epoch Times. The advertisement took what made me angry and explained everything in a logical and realistic manner. Not only that, it showed me that a lot of the anger I had from the media was unnecessary, because the bits and pieces from the mainstream outlets were weaved with a bias. This news app is an independent group that works with both sides; filtering out the bias and delivering the pure truth. this focus on the truth over political affiliations allowed me to let the anger go, and for that, it was the most amazing thing I’ve had happen to me in months. Now I recommend this organization and their app to all of my friends, because this app works. I don’t know how they do this for people like me, but I want people to know that it works. Download the app and see for yourself! You won’t be disappointed!
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3 years ago, Jmcmike
App Just Got Evil
After the last update a couple things started happening that really ticking me off. First of all, I am already a subscriber to the paper and digital version. Previously this was more than enough for the app to function when I logged in. However, now when I opened the app after the last update, I was prompted to not only sign in but then subscribe via the App Store. Being early in the morning and not having thought things through I thought maybe my subscription was already under the App Store and I was being asked to renew it so I did. And then when I realized I was already a subscriber I reached out to them via support channels asking why I was being asked to re-subscribe via the App Store. Their answer was useless. It basically told me they don’t manage App Store subscriptions “here’s how you manage your subscriptions in the App Store.” I replied that this reply was useless and did not answer my question about why I’m being asked to subscribe when I already am a subscriber. I have yet to hear back from them after that. Then, this morning when I opened the app up my phone notified me that the app had pasted from my clipboard. This is some tik-tok level bull crap. Fix it!
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4 years ago, "Carol Denise"
Epoch Times Excellence
At a time when so many of our newspapers cannot seem to separate reporting the news from editorializing it, the Epoch Times exhibits excellence. It is a well informed public that makes a democracy thrive. Sadly, on so many media outlets that is not the case. The mainstream media in all it’s forms- print, TV, and social media are overtly biased in their coverage of the news. This in my humble opinion is an incredible disservice to the American public. At the risk of dating myself, I grew up at a time when TV newscasters simply reported the facts. No one knew where they stood politically. Reporters conducted themselves in a respectful manner when addressing public officials especially the President. The Epoch Times is a refreshing departure from the drone of the mainstream media where they all seem to read from a prepared script even using the exact phraseology! Their prepared remarks sound like Soviet style propaganda rather than news reporting. The Epoch Times covers all the news and allows readers the freedom to make their own decisions. Bravo!
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4 months ago, EMPmodulator
Really good journalism
No doubt there is a hint of conservatism , but I appreciate seeing what is real news, rather than the same old- same old local news where a half hour of news has 15 minutes of commercials and 15 minutes to cover everything, 3 minutes for the weather and man made climate change, 3 minutes of local news, 3 minutes of world news, 3 minutes about food, and 3 minutes of garbage. The Epoch times covers news that is not dictated to them by the associated press, real facts that if looked into are substantiated with real truth . Awesome Journalism in most people’s eyes. But they are constantly threatened by the ones who lean 90 to 100% to the liberal side. Its too bad that the majority of people who enjoy their content don’t take the time to leave a review, while the haters leave comments because they are paid to knock them! Wake up while you can people the left are socialists, which always ends up communism. I’m awake not woke.
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4 years ago, Kapu1978
This News Company is the Beacon of light that America’s needs at this time and age.
The Epoch times is the new Frontline in the Information war age. Like many other conservative liberal Broadcasting networks they focus on the important issues. The issues that the people care about. Matters like Anti Abortions laws, Gender Inquality, Big Pharma, Not Defunding the Police, Pro Religious and worship, Freedom of the press and many others conservative issues. It’s message is clear they want a leveling playing in the Information Highway and unbiased way of looking giving More Mature generation and or Infant a part at the head of the table to the discussions of Human right equality in The United States of America. It’s a breath fresh of air reading articles that support a general consensus of people in a free democratic world. The Vision is sound,Strong, determined and transparent. Maintenance in your ranks of journalism will lead you to victory in the newsroom,Social Media and global market thank you for keeping me informed with the real news.
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1 week ago, DJJS J.
Real Journalism! Real News!
I have to say the Epoch Times has to be absolutely top 3 news apps. Let’s be clear. The Epoch Times actually do real journalism and that’s really hard nowadays. I got tired of being told what to believe how to live and how to feel about certain communities certain parts of the world and really only get 10% out of a new story when there is 90% that is left out by other news publishers. There is art there is literature. There is a video there are articles culture. Most importantly, there are real credible journalist who write wonderful articles that are easy to understand, but have a lot of weight in debt when you need the picture of certain events that happened throughout our country or around the world. As an independent I could tell you that the roots of this news organizations are solid and I hope that they continue to grow. Kudos to the journalist so the organization in the app developers.
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5 months ago, MULCH MART, CEO
Nice news source. However, annoying how it’s delivered.
The digital news source in basic subscription is .50 per week. I like that. However, it also contains “forced ads to go premium. So my experience is I open an interesting article and a full page forced ad to go premium, appears with an “X” in the upper right corner. So I click on the “X” and the ad goes away and the article is “immediately” redirected to only the headline again. So I understand they want to promote people to engage with the premium subscription but it would be much better for their subscriber to only see articles available for complete reading according to their “subscription choice” So in summation, only articles “included with your chosen subscription should appear! I’m ok with seeing an occasional ad to go premium, but to not let you read the particular article you clicked on, is very manipulative and utterly annoying.
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3 years ago, Attywally
Efforts made to Give Us the Facts
Although we have no way to Know for sure the real facts behind the news of the day... the propaganda, essentially repeated over and over to overcome our reality to brainwash us, in a world feeling more like the CCP is taking over, the Voice of EPOCH comes through as real, discerning and truthful. It seems that we as a country of free people are so willing to give up our freedoms, our liberties and our happiness for a stimulus check... we voted for what is happening but the MSN is keeping reality out of the news on very verifiable facts.. such as the border hoping to lull the ill-informed that only certain things are happening i.e. only children are coming in...families turned away. I see the brave warriors of honest news journalism bucking hurricane winds and I pray they survive the daily journey. Thank you EPOCH for making the journey.. for making the sacrifices.. in a sense this is WW 111 with a different kind of soldier.. thank you for serving🇺🇸🙏👍🏼Wally
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3 years ago, DaisyLee724
They make it really hard to cancel
I like the Epoch Times. But I’m trying to cut back on spending, esp monthly payments. So I want to cancel my subscription. Like the other reviewer said, you have to go through several pages of “are you sure you want to cancel? Here take this better offer” and they don’t give you an option to just cancel. Early this morning I tried for a half hour to cancel. Even HAD to watch a video where the guy talks about how he wants to make canceling as easy as possible. Seriously? And then after them basically begging and offering credits and three free months and then 4.99 a month to stay, you still can’t cancel. I don’t want three free months and then a lower price. I want to cancel. This isn’t that hard to understand. I don’t want to have to call a phone number and talk to someone who’s going to try to convince me not to cancel and then guilt trip me about not being patriotic if I cancel. I’m sure I’d have an easier time canceling a msm subscription. You really want to make it as easy as possible to cancel? Give us a legitimate “CANCEL SUBSCRIPTION” button that actually does what it says.
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3 years ago, Sheela Townsen
Finally a paper that reveals “truth” that you don’t see nor hear from the mainstream media ever. I’ve lived here in America for 41 years and I’ve yet to see truthful reporting until the Epoch Times. Thank you for fact checking and correcting yourselves when you’ve reported something incorrectly. Thank you for your great, superb reporting and journalism. You are “true journalists” unlike those from CNN, MSNBC, PBS, Washington Post, New York Times etc., because these people pride themselves has journalists but are nothing more than propagandists. They show no love for our country but instead they promote violence, hate and racism on the streets of America. We live in the greatest country in the world and are the envy of the world. I am a legal immigrant and a Naturalised American citizen and proud of being an American. I surrendered my passport from another country in Asia to become an American and so proud to be an American. I am ♥️Red, 🤍White and 💙Blue 🇺🇸
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3 years ago, Don in Ohio
My Favorite News App
After trying a dozen of the usual major “name brand” news outlet apps and after getting fed up with “misinformation”, “glitchy-ness”, “phone take over” and battery drain, I finally found the Epoch News App! App works seamlessly with REAL NEWS from USA and around the globe. It saves me so much time not having to fact check bad or biased reporting. App is totally configurable and can set up alerts etc. No fear mongering, click bait or Fake News. Just truthful reporting from independent journalists. I even subscribed to receive their weekly real newsprint newspaper with sections like lifestyle, health, comics, puzzles etc. (also within app). A great supplement to the app. Its worth the cost and I feel good supporting real independent journalists and NOT mouthpieces just reporting the latest lies on Twitter. So glad I have my Epoch News on the go and Thankful to people at Epoch that are “keeping it real”! Thank You Epoch Times - keep up the great work!
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4 years ago, Kitty Cadaver
Tired of Agendas & Lies
I became a subscriber because I have grown sick of the bias media. We don’t watch television to get the news but after visiting family and clearly seeing that there has been a push for an agenda rather than clear, unbiased reporting I decided rather than keep my head in the sand, (or be programmed like the masses), I’d pay for the subscription. I LOVE that I am getting journalism and not speculation and opinions on matters that I want to be informed about. People, I haven’t subscribed to a newspaper in 20 years! I’ll admit I am frugal and didn’t want to pay for what I can research myself, but because I want to be educated and not manipulated by the many outlets that are owned by the same conglomerate, I will pay. Do yourself and your mental health and relationships a favor and forego cable news and satellite news and get facts from Epoch. I’ll stick with them as long as they uphold journalism and stick to reporting on the actual news.
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2 years ago, garryscars
Reading the Epoch Times has changed my husbands mind about the issues we are facing.
Before reading some of the articles in Epoch Times my husband had a different viewpoint on the vaccines because he had not been informed on how they were affecting people’s health. And he has a renewed interest in the issues we are dealing with in regard to our government - like over spending and letting people cross our boarders without using the proper national security checks that keep out the bad people and our lack of security in other areas that works to preserve our democracy. And all the issues we are facing in this nation that we need to be informed about. Before reading the Epoch Times there was no place to get the information in one good news source that we trusted. So thankful for the Epoch Times and their reporters who work to get the truth for us - and to us.
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4 months ago, stockdiva
#1 Unbiased Newspaper Labeled as “Far Right Wing”in internet search
I have been subscribing to The Epoch Times for at least 5 years but maybe longer. The stories mimic more of what you might have found in a local newspaper 30-40 years ago than any newspaper today. The human interest stories are great but the political and current event news is far more fair and objective than any other national newspaper available today. Anyone giving negative feedback based on their brief that this is just a right wing mouthpiece hasn’t read one article from start to finish not have they watched any other the documentaries from start to finish. I challenge anyone, liberal or conservative to read these articles or watch any of the documentaries and not walk away with a clear understanding of the facts, not opinions. I’ll never get my news anywhere else.
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2 years ago, Balyson A.
Great source of information!
With everything going on in this country right now the worst of it is being lied to on a regular, routine basis by our mainstream media, our Democratic and some Republican Congress people and Senators, basically everyone from or associated with the Democrat party! They will literally lie about everything and I believe, if left unchecked, are going to destroy this country sooner than later. That's why I love The Epoch Times!! No lies, just the news and we need the truth out there so badly right now! The Democrats are shameless and a real threat to this country as we know it. It's so scary what they have been doing and are capable of just from what I've see them do in the last few years it truly scares me. That's why we need more outlets of information like The Epoch Times to really get the public informed of what is really going on in this country.
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3 years ago, mountainmisfit
Wow epoch times!
The Epoch times has been amazing. I have been a subscriber for just over a year. They saw and warned me of COVID-19 coming out of China at the end of 2019. I remember telling people this was coming, and was going to be a major world event, based on the info ET provided. People told me I was nuts, but they have since thanked me for the warning. ET has also helped me better understand the questionable results of the 2020 election and is not afraid to say the tough things that need to be said. ET has also pointed me to many other resources via American Thought Leaders. Yanika Kellog always has the most thought provoking guests and conversations, so pertinent to understanding our world. One specific person is is James Lindsay and his site New Discourses. Together these resources have been very influential in helping me understand the foundational principles behind critical theory and dangers it poses to society.
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3 years ago, guyriggs500
Please think long and hard before spending the taxpayers money! It’s not yours!
I cannot believe that the idiot that sits in he Whitehouse now was even considering making millionaires out of the illegal immigrants! That’s preposterous! Why not take care of Americans first? I mean, if our government has all of that money to just give away, why not give it to Americans first? All Democrats are so stupid though! They think that we can just carelessly spend all of this money and just continue to raise the debt ceiling then print more money! It’s like they’re so stupid to think that that’s all we have to do, print more money! Why can’t they understand that in order for money to have value, it has to be backed by something of value? We need to get rid of all demoncrats if we want to save America and preserve our way of life!
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4 years ago, dylbug10
Defying the age of misinformation
The Epoch Times is truly a ‘stand alone’ newspaper outlet. It doesn’t mimic other journalists, newspapers or media outlets, like a parrot. Their journalism depends on independent investigations and unbiased truth. As they swim upstream against the current of the ‘conventional wisdom,’ they are one of the few voices for the American dream we still have. They are like The New-Hampshire Gazette of today, fighting for our freedom and country. I appreciate their efforts to stand against the mainstream of today’s news, so much. Especially in the hectic year of 2020, we need alternatives like The Epoch Times more now than ever. They are even offering a $1 membership from now until Inauguration Day! Instead of gouging me, they care more about keeping me informed. Thank you, Epoch Times, for being real, for shining light on the truth, and defying all odds during this age of misinformation.
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9 months ago, KayeKaye07
The Epoch Times Exposes The Truth
I have become a diligent researcher ever since I attended presidential candidate, Donald Trump’s rally in 2016. He pointed to the media’s reporters who were in the back of the auditorium as exclaimed, “They are the Fake-News …” I had already been subjected to Facebook, Twitter and YouTube’s censorship and received notifications of my account being suspended for saying how I supported Donald Trump. I enjoy watching Joshua Phillips and how informative and forthcoming he is when he exposed The COVID19 mandatory vaccines [Experimental Injections, loaded with Graphene Oxide, MRNA Gene Therapy, SARS, Genetic Engineering, DNA Altering, etc.]; The WEF Agenda30; The invasion of Illegal Aliens; The dangers of ‘Open Borders’ and so much more. Thank you all, at the Epoch Times for doing such an amazing job to expose the truth about so many things that are happening today in America as well as exposing The Global Elites’s corruption and infiltration into our own government’s agencies.
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3 years ago, 4872610
Doesn’t play will with iOS
I have had Epoch Times for 3 months and access it through either an iPad or iPhone, both of which are on current ios versions ( ios 14.4.1 ). My download data speed is in the 55-75 mbs range. I have never had download issues with any other app. The problem is that many, and actually that should be MANY ( pages and pages ) of the article titles are not available. You can click on the article title but it just goes into a spinning mode that never resolves. Epoch times offers an extensive guide of trouble shooting this problem, none of which are permanent fixes and all of which are time consuming. I conclude that that problem is not with the user’s individual device, but with Epoch’s servers. With the plethora of news resources that do quickly, consistently, and conveniently work on iOS it is hard to imagine why anyone would want to be frustrated by this problem, no matter how “good” the Epoch article may be. I would have rated it at Zero if that were an available rating, due to UI issues.
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3 years ago, Sherzzzy
Epoch Times Stars
I received an offer in the mail to receive a newspaper claiming to have only the truth no matter which way it ended up. I will have to admit I was skeptical at first, but wanted to give it a shot and see if it was true. I was very impressed with what I read and I have continued to get the facts without bias. I see “real” journalism without a spin on one political view over the other. I thank God we still have those willing to print and distribute FACTS without fear of being called out. God bless each one of those who have a hand in putting it all together. A real paper with only the real news. I have told anyone and everyone I can about this awesome news paper and will continue to do so. Very satisfied customer, Sherry Sparks In God We must Trust!!! God bless you all!
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4 weeks ago, GoodNewsLover
Epoch Times
They get to the truth of what’s going on in this crazy world. So many great articles and videos available to subscribers. It’s like the Sunday paper we used to read with world news, a section with health, nutrition, great recipes, etc. There are sections about Life & Tradition, Home and family. They even have a kids section and a comics page. My grandchild had never seen a newspaper or a comics page before! I cut them out and mailed them to my long distance grandchildren. They love getting them! Reading the comics on Sunday afternoon is one of my favorite memories. I am so glad to have found the Epock Times because the mainstream news has became so biased, hateful and totally unbelievable. Don’t be deceived by their propaganda. Check out Epock Times and Epock TV for great, clean programs. Love it!😊
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3 years ago, BLAME-O
Epoch Times Is Refreshing and Worthwhile
I subscribe to Epoch Times home delivery. I don’t find much “good” news in it or anywhere else, but I appreciate the research and honest reporting. However, perhaps my favorite section is the Opinion section because I find their editorials sensible, intelligent, pro America, and validating since I tend to be conservative in many areas especially for a Californian. There are several sections of the Epoch Times that I find interesting, provocative, beneficial, and interesting. However, I especially appreciate the Epoch Times because they are the antithesis of the New York Times, Washington Post, and the Los Angeles Times in which every section is an Opinion Section, and every so-called “news story” is actually an opinion piece slanted far Left.
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2 years ago, Archangel7877
Customer Service is 10/10
Update: December 31st, 2021 Shout to customer support and Ariel L. For emailing me about support so I can continue enjoying the only unbiased media with accurate reporting across all platforms. I really do enjoy reading this news throughout the day and the videos such as Facts Matters. December 24th, 2021 about “Ads Galore”: I want this to be a 5-Star review since I love your reporting and articles. Whatever update happened to iOS has littered the app with ads, keeps asking me to subscribe, I’m already a subscriber, and I have to log-out then log-in for it to be normal. After logging in again, it’ll only last for may be 10/15 minutes before the ads come back… I also already sent in a support ticket!! PLEASE FIX IT!
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3 years ago, Bishop M
Epoch Times is like a breath of fresh air
On the night of the 2020 election I realized that the news provider I always turned to lost my trust. One of their premiere anchors became less than “fair and balanced” in my eyes when moderating a debate. It was obvious almost immediately that Trump was facing two opponents in the debate, not just the Democrat nominee. Then the night of the election, it was obvious that the difference between my choice for news and the main stream media evaporated. Two-days-later, my son shared a copy of the EPOCH TIMES that he received in the mail. I read it from front to back and sensed the objectivity built on a quest for truth. After a quick online search, I subscribed to EPOCH TIMES and now enjoy reading the news again. Thanks for being there...at a time I needed you the most.
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4 years ago, Branimarlin73
Sample Paper Front Page
In The True Cost of Marijuana front page story, I realized quickly that I had encountered a real paper. Where has this been my whole adult life? Facts, statistics, and arguments for both sides supported my own personal conclusions having had our family torn apart when my husband’s marijuana addictions became more important than raising our children and being a healthy example. It didn’t matter that he had a great job for ESPN and could get away with the 24/7 addiction. The addiction issues, mental health disorders, damaged brains, and damaged lives are real and this article acknowledged the positive but far worse negative issue at hand. The rest of the paper was no less pro American and eye opening. Im so glad to have this as a resource.
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4 years ago, Yesdnyl99
App works but features and articles are bland
While the app works flawlessly, the articles generally do not cover top stories more popular mainstream media covers in order to give a non biased view of stories. Inside the app, you’ll find some general stories but they’re pretty bland. Nothing to write home about usually. Rarely any interesting enough to share. The riot stories are good but they won’t cover anything breaking news. Perhaps that’s because they don’t have enough people covering stories in person. I don’t know. As far as app features go, commenting is useless. You can comment as much as you want but there are no notifications to respond to someone. You lose your comments. It’s a waste. Not sure what the point of liking a story is either. It doesn’t seem to pull those up to any category of most liked or most read. They need to do some updates.
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2 years ago, GeorgeBill123
Journalistic Integrity
I was convinced that there was no longer a newspaper being produced that provided non-partisan, independent and accurate journalism. As far as I was concerned, journalism was dead. Then I received in the mail a sample copy of the print edition of The Epoch Times. I couldn’t put it down until I had read it from cover to cover. It was so refreshing to read news stories that presented “just the facts” and left it up to me to decide how I felt about the news event. Every other news source included commentary telling me what I should think about it. I’m a big boy; just give me the facts and let me make up my own mind. That’s what The Epoch Times does. The Epoch Times also includes commentary, lifestyle, health, comics and financial information. After reading an issue, I can’t help but feel more informed and better prepared to take on the day. I subscribed to their weekly print version which also includes access to the digital versions of their daily print publications as well as the premium content in this app. The Epoch Times is now my go to source for Truth and actual journalism each day.
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4 years ago, Lynn.Lika☺️
The Epoch Times is the most transparent and unbiased news outlet in our modern time!
I thoroughly enjoy reading very interesting and important articles written by outstanding journalists from The Epoch Times! I also look forward to reading the daily “Words of Wisdom” quote. The Epoch Times’ transparent and unbiased journalism is finally brought back in our modern time! It’s truly refreshing to once again sense the professional integrity of these talented journalists and trust that they are reporting the real and unbiased news! I’m a loyal subscriber and am proud to support The Epoch Times because this professional news source deserves its recognition and popularity! I wish for The Epoch Times to become the most desired and successful newspaper in our greatest country and the world!👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
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2 years ago, By super star
Still receiving pop-up ads etc,
Just completed my trial subscription and began using the Epoch Times app. Still getting pop-up ads trying to up-sell me a better subscription which I have to close before proceeding to the article…getting tedious. Also certain articles are requiring me to create another account before I can proceed. Update: received note from developer indicating “bug was fixed” but had to delete app and reinstall update, which I did. Still receiving subscription pop-up ads which I can’t close out. Have to close and back out to main page over and over until the pop-up goes away. Can’t even enjoy my current subscription because the ads block my ability to read articles! Why would I want to continue my subscription?
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4 years ago, CNOL1
Honest reporting we so deserve
I was beginning to believe true journalism was DOA dead on arrival. The fake New York Times the mainstream media have completely lost all journalistic integrity and become a pure propaganda machine for the socialist/communist take over in America. When censorship and true journalism dies so do our liberty and our precious freedoms. Thank you Epoch Times for bringing integrity and honesty back to We the people. I’m a proud father of three great conservative kids. My daughter is graduating next year from Ole Miss school of journalism and broadcasting with a minor in political science. Good to know there are real news companies that have not fallen victim to the new one sided propaganda censorship drum beat. Thank you for being a great American News Organization. Be Blessed and Always Be True!
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3 years ago, Gin-448
Thanks friends!
In raising my eight children I gave them permission to use the referees time out signal if I was off track in trying to resolve a situation due to not understanding the full truth. They would give me the missing facts then WE could gain the needed perspective and settle our problems together most of the time. Communication grew, trust grew, confidence grew, maturity was gained and skills were developed. I feel the Epoch Times provides the truth I often lack so I can remain confident and dedicated in how I am defending our Constitution, rights and freedoms. Facts change from day to day and tend to weaken or confuse my focus but a Strongly defended Constitution remains as my foundation and truth gives me the clarity to make my decisions wisely! Thank you for being a trusted teacher, partner, friend!
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10 months ago, Tippy~Toes88
Real talk conversation starters
If I ever write for a national publication I hope it is the Epoch!! I’m the type of person that listens and wants to know all sides to an argument or perspective and couple it with my own perspective; if it matches then I know I’m not the only person with deeper understandings of the bigger picture. I don’t claim to be conservative(more of a diplomatic independent), I just have conservative tendencies & recognize that their big picture awareness does not always come across in the actions of conservatives. Truth be told everyone is multidimensional and if America wants to truly unite it’s time to make wrongs, right. I cannot wait to get into law school! 😍Epoch will be one of my main sources to get pertinent information.
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3 years ago, Sisbros
Where has the American Media gone
Many Americans of a certain age all well remember the major news outlets .. ABC , NBC , CBS and printed media from NY Times to Los Angeles Times ... Many of us understood there was a biased and liberal slant and with that we considered what or how something was reported . Today, our “ Fourth Estate the vast American media descended into no more than a biased service to advance or cheer a liberal point . The problem with this position no matter if it’s liberal or conservative .. what and how are the FACTS being reported in a transparent way to the American public . In addition with the advancement of Social Media and Gen Z, Y, X Q etc, etc who can’t tell you what the Revolutionary war was about we now the Social Media cesspool ... The prime focus of that platform is to manipulate and insure opinions are interpreted as facts . You newspaper is conservative , I understand the position and accept it , I accept it because you don’t attempt to hide the fact . This is contrast to “ Mainstream media “ that “ CLAIMS “ to be unbiased ,,which they are NOT . My apologies for the rant ... BUT please keep up the good work and hold to the facts !!
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3 years ago, BlackWivesMatter
The pending censures of a great media.
We should expect the future censure of a great media, The Epoch Times, as they are not “self-censoring “ certain subjects that the oligarchs have put on their “no fly” lists. Because the oligarchs are in a “muscle flexing mode” they are much more likely to pick fights than otherwise! Now that they have all but shut down all investigations of the Biden’s, all but the window dressing they feel empowered to restart their conservative “whack a mole” ! No one seems to care and conservative voices don’t count! Until we can figure out how to burn down the Dominion virus, and get control of the DNC pandemic and the giagantic influx of infected humanity the USA will remain the worlds largest collection of mentally challenged individuals!
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3 years ago, tantink
I am a patriot and so are 70 million plus other Americans. We deserve a real election so “WE the people “ choose our President. That did not happen and probably never will again. Our V P. Is a coward to not challenge the votes ... but if he thought (he knew)there was any truth to the video footage, affidavits... on and on the evidence is too overwhelming for him to ignore so he IS the ultimate traitor because he had the last and ONLY opportunity to save our freedom and liberty. All I can say is God bless them all because President Donald J Trump is the beat president we have or will ever have again. P.s. I am African American and a female!!! Screw you lying Democratic Ob. I wish they would let me in the swamp with you I am a predator. Trump would still be President !!
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3 years ago, Lisa Powers
We stopped subscribing to other newspapers and following other news outlets when we became aware too much of the information they provided was false and/or extremely biased. Discovering, then subsequently subscribing to, “The Epoch Times” has proved to be a wise decision, in that it’s one of the best sources available for obtaining truthful and non-biased news information—through stories, articles and editorials. Not only that, but it contains other interesting, useful and actually fun information as well. There’s even a “Kids Page!” Our grandkids love it and are learning that which we want them to know—TRUTH! P.S. We receive their weekly newspaper and subscribe to them online as well. So easy to stay fully informed.
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4 years ago, Deevince
New user
I was so sick of all the BS that the main stream media was spewing. That I had basically shut off all news media outlets. Then in the mail I received a free copy of the actual newspaper ( which I haven’t seen in years). Even though it was old news. I was amazed at the difference in what I had heard on main stream media and the info on this website. So I decided to give it a chance. I have been using it now for about a month and have been amazed at the actual news not just what they want to share in their biased opinions. Unless I see something to differ my opinion I am going to use it to the exclusion of all others. Thank you reporting fairly and truthfully. Such a refreshing change.
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4 years ago, Woogieboogie_jeckel
News you can appreciate.
It’s just ‘NEWS.’ Not like the crap controlled by MSM, China, and every other foreign interest on the planet. This is just NEWS. It’s apparently a ‘new’ concept too. I’m VERY happy about it and I appreciate it. Close your eyes and imagine: you live in a ‘free country.’ The news you get everyday from every source says the same thing, literally verbatim in most cases. You come to find out that 5 or 6 corporations control all of these media outlets and they are All buddies who want the same thing: to enslave the weak-minded. Do you continue consuming their kool-aid like a good sheep? Or do you fight to the death? Give ‘me’ liberty or give ‘me’ death, I’ll have it no other way and it life and freedom begins when you open your eyes.
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3 years ago, rumbel
Essential Reading
I have weaned myself from the news sources I grew up with and thought I could trust (NYT, Newsday, WSJ, Washington Post). I learned I could NOT trust them to adhere to any semblance of a journalistic standard. Their bias is astonishing and beyond dismaying. They are an Op-Ed from the front page to the back page. I revere spirited discourse as it helps me to learn and to think. In the presentation of news I do not want the writers opinion, I want the facts, and I am hopefully insightful enough to render a rational judgement. I have only been with the Epoch Times a short time, but am satisfied that I am getting facts on the reporting side of the house, and Op-Ed on the opinion side of the house. Facts always matter. Opinions not necessarily so. Subscribe. You will be satisfied and enlightened.
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1 year ago, Rmlowrie
Faith Completely Restored- Thank You, Dev Team!
Back on January 3 I found that I could not do any searches for any topics or search terms. It just didn’t matter what I tried, it would not work. But it is obvious, the developers took all of what I said to heart, they have been researching it, and they found the solution. Great work! And I really mean that! My faith has been fully and completely restored in the quality and value of this application. The epic times remains my only go to for news. Please note I have changed my star rating from a one back on January 3 two of five. I am very very happy! I reckon this break in the feature was just a glitch that happened.
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3 years ago, JW as me
The Value of The EpochTimes
The epic times covers all the news in an objective, understandable way. It does not seem to have the bias that my local liberal newspaper contains. It shows multiple sides of the important news that are not covered in the biased TV news media and the majority of commonly read newspapers. I enjoy their multiple human interest stories and suggestions besides their valuable news coverage. Their opinion pieces have a conservative tilt but are correctly evaluating the confusing aspects that are creeping into American society today.I find myself sending articles to folks that I know won’t have access to them. What a great paper. Enjoyable and informative. James P Weaver Bahama North Carolina
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4 years ago, Anoni pilotimus 1
Fair and mostly unbiased reporting. Unlike the propagandist MSM!
“Don’t believe everything you see on TV!” -is what my parents used to always say. And they were right! Newspapers across the Country are no better, with the exception of Epoch Times, and on occasion, the oldest paper in America, the NY Post. For the most part, Epoch Times is unbiased, and sometimes does promote a conservative viewpoint. But that’s not bad, as the ALWAYS base their information off of FACTS. Verifiable facts. “Nothing but the facts, Ma’am!” So if you have been brainwashed by the leftist media and educational system, then have a look here and I’ll challenge you to research their facts, and you’ll see, like I did, that they are irrefutable in their reporting! -Just the way reporting is supposed to be done.
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4 years ago, JerseyGirlsOne
Excellent Sourcing of ACTUAL NEWS
I had received an offer to try The Epoch Times for $1 and renewable after that at $16 per month. I am so happy I took the chance to try this excellent newspaper. Their articles are fully sourced and not hit pieces like you see in traditional newspapers like The NY Times, LA Times, Chicago Tribune, etc. Their complete reporting on the coronavirus in Wuhan was excellent. I really look forward to receiving my newspaper on Saturdays. I’ve used several recipes from their food section and they were great. All in all if you are looking for an excellent source of news that is sourced and not just opinion hit pieces masquerading as news, give The Epoch Times a try. You won’t be disappointed.
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3 years ago, oldtimerDenny
Best Balanced and Truthful
We live in a time when it is hard to decide who is really trying to relay the truth of a matter. After reading the content and watching interviews, such as the recent Carter Page interview, I have come to the conclusion that Epoch Times is the best source to put my faith into that they are dedicated truth sayers. They really go into the investigative details (work and efforts) to explain the situation in a simple but understanding manner. The truth always makes sense when you listen to both sides and eventually the truth usually rises to the top. It is my hope that the Epoch Times will keep their moral compass and I believe that they will. Without the truth we are all lost. Denny O’Neil, Cape Cod
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3 years ago, duhtr0nx
Absolutely positively one of the best news sources.
Thank you so much Epoch Times for supporting true journalism and patriotism in this time of huge censorship from the MSM and big tech. If you want real news stories, do not hesitate to look into the Epoch times. Their info graphs and time line history charts are great as well. The time for alt-tech is now! After the years of betrayal from the MSM they can no longer be trusted and don’t deserve our traffic anymore. As for the app it’s on point. Laid out very very well. The comment section is great to share your thoughts. Can share and save stories. It also just got updated with a dark mode theme today that looks beautiful. Check it out you will not be disappointed.
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2 years ago, bb-mobile
Unparalleled Journalistic Excellence
When I discovered The Epoch Times in 2020, it became my primary source of US and world news. The Epoch Times has the courage and integrity required today to cover stories that are actively censored in mainstream media. Their partner, NTD, provides traditional daily news programming, streamed by The Epoch Times. My favorite part of The Epoch Times is the programs “Facts Matter” and “American Thought Leaders”, which set very high standards for journalism. I am a very faithful and happy subscriber… and I sincerely hope that everyone in western civilization discovers The Epoch Times and appreciates the incredible wealth of timely information they provide with consistently unparalleled journalistic excellence.
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