ERB CTP Online

1.6 (246)
5.7 MB
Age rating
Current version
Internet Testing Systems (ITS)
Last update
3 years ago
Version OS
10.2 or later
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User Reviews for ERB CTP Online

1.61 out of 5
246 Ratings
3 years ago, BillyBobJr0
The original ERB game in the franchise was a hit, so when I learned they were making a sequel I immediately got it. When I opened the game, I already was disappointed. Though they kept some of my favorite aspects of the original game such as the screen lock and timer, they degraded the levels(tests) and put quantity over quality. I hope they make a revival in the series, for this is a great disappointment.
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3 years ago, 1mportant P3rson
This. Is. Terrible
This test was incredibly terrible. I wasted my entire month of may Slaving away on this stupid test. The app has bad graphics and don’t even get me started on the lag. This is the worst app that can ever exist. These games take longer than a game of monopoly with 10 dementia patients. My English teacher said something like, “Cassius’ Serpent’s tongue slithered into Brutus’ mind and corrupted his ideals” But all I know is that this ERB corrupted my sleep schedule. I swear that since May began my sleep hours went from a terrible 6 hours to ERB hours of 1. I literally will end the existence of standardized tests by making a chip that goes in people’s heads, JUST SO I NEVER HAVE TO TAKE THIS AGAIN.
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2 months ago, Confused, angry customer
This game is so awesome. It teaches me so many life lessons of how to hack hurt people, hide bodies, assault, police officers, crash cars, nuke places, torture, prisoners, shoot, a bow, hack people, attack people and assault people I’m on level 1000 where you get to every person in the orphanage. I’m about to go to the one where you get to burn down the Pentagon.
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2 years ago, 1soul kim
Does not disappoint
This game is out of this world! I have never seen something so amazing. I haven’t played many games, but this one left me speechless. I recommended this game to many people. Download now, you won’t regret it! The design is great and the graphics’s are wonderful. It does need customizable controls, but its great over all.
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2 years ago, qqqqqqqqjwsiwisjxjwjdueuxhx
Difficult to use
This app is not reflective of quality educational opportunity. The realty is that the software makes testing difficult for both administrators and teachers. The screen is busy, over complicated, and unnecessarily terrible. Sadly the app left me hoping for more and I recommend you switch to Fortnite for a better testing experience.
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6 years ago, mcdemps17
This game beats all.
This game is one I’ve never come across before in my wide gaming experience. The graphics are high quality, and you don’t even want to know how many hours I’ve logged into this. It’s beauty brings tears, joy and laughter to me and my peers as we all log in and play for hours. Leaves Fortnite in the dust.
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5 years ago, Boss boy556715
Now I might say this a lot, but this is epic! Highest quality graphics and outstanding gameplay! I especially love how you are allowed to play this in schools. Even if you aren’t an epic game you will enjoy this one for the rest of your life.
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3 months ago, EpicEnderBoy
I mean… it works
It is slow, but it gets the job done. It is super slow, and lags every button you click. It locks you in the app and hasn’t been updated since 2008. Although I will admit that the tutorials are good and the test was easy.
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5 years ago, haha21 this is true
Extremely addicting
I have been playing this game ever since I got home from school and I haven't stopped. It's just so good. Great time waste for when you need to be doing other stuff.
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2 years ago, sopjia💕💕♥️
Horrible, horrible app
This app is horrendous. Not only is it glitchy but it doesn’t let you leave under ANY circumstances. My child had an emergency and could not call her own mother… ME. You cannot even shut your iPad. 0/10 recommended. DO. NOT. GET. THIS. APP. Thank you for reading 🤗
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3 years ago, jamesbeandog69
This game has 4K ultra had graphics! Best graphics I’ve ever seen in a game! It also teaches life lessons, like how to hide a body! This game cured my depression NO MEDS NEEDED and also gave ,e insomnia… ANYWAY MY PING WAS THRU THE ROOF AND ITS SO GOOD IT GAVE MY IPAD A SICKNESS! COVID-19! POGCHAMP! Rn I’m on the level of burning down the orphanage! POG!🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩
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1 year ago, Zz&Soup
Amazing App!
This app is amazing! My loving middle school teacher said, “This is the best app ever!” (2023). Clearly this app can be loved by teachers and students alike. Why do people hate this app, they just don’t like ERBs. 😂
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5 years ago, Evantheboss1
Fortnite trash
I don’t usually write reviews but this game is way past amazing. The graphics are great and the controls are perfect. Constructive criticism, you should add custom controls in settings.
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3 years ago, ardrhaer;kjbaeljgda
So addictive
Best game ever! Better than every game you can imagine, very addicting. I’m playing this game everyday.
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4 years ago, jrjgbgmbmbtmhdb
Sucky to the max and lame.
Even a Medieval train had a better engine than this. 1 Star. This game has been in beta for four whole years. Let me tell you what I have done in four years. I found a girlfriend and fell in love. We argued and broke up. I graduated high school. I went to college. I graduated college. I joined the army. I got medically discharged from asthma. I worked as a pizza delivery man, cook, and security officer. I got a car and an apartment. I found another girl. All this game has done is put Christmas trees in the game for the holidays.
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2 years ago, s1enn@ sm1th
Would be a 0/5 but I can’t so I’m giving it a 1
Locked mine and my classmates iPad on an error screen for 8 hours! You can’t get out of the error screen without a keyboard too! Don’t download this. Not even for school……..
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3 years ago, mooja778
Why is everyone rating this one star it’s literally for school it’s not a game it’s a standardized test that schools use????
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5 years ago, planebacon
Goodbye minecraft!
this game is absolutely phenomenal! I have never felt more in the game than I have with this! The graphics are second to none, the gameplay is top notch and the gameplay mechanics are top notch! I have never loved a game more! Wouldn’t recommend anything more!
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4 years ago, crazy god game reveiwer
Games are epic
I never knew a game without waluigi can be god but this proved me 100% wrong
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2 years ago, Amazing Test!
What a horrible game!
I got this game expecting an amazing game with incredible gameplay, graphics, and lore, but instead I got this. The graphics are horrible, the gameplay is pay to win, and I have hated the story line. Please make a new game.
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3 years ago, Big D 39
The add showed it was a fun interesting game, I downloaded for my child and it rudely locked her device she was so disappointed I had to smash it to get it unlocked! I do not recommend this game! Do not get!
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3 years ago, Levi5439
Best graphics
This game is sooooo good. Way better then Cod Fortnite or any other game
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5 years ago, Roberto_1290
Don’t do it
It quickly takes your battery away. It is super glitchy. It also is bad that you need a guardian to put in the password when you want to escape guided access. Guided access is a very bad use.
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2 years ago, i0rhegiuorhj
The first game of the franchise blew me away, now I learned that they downgraded and the graphics are terrible. I wish my kids can see what ERB used to be, instead of this awful thing.
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4 years ago, loooooool123456
This game is not good
I really don’t like the graphics but some people do like it. There is not plot in the game and it is super boring. But it is the most popular game in school. Everyone loves it (idk why) and even more surprising school has not blocked it yet.
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4 years ago, renee4092
Worst Game Ever
I hoped to open this app an find something fun. I only found the worst game of my life. 0/10 would not recommend. Do not download, it is pure torture.
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9 months ago, JoBu929
This is mid
This app is mid because you do stuff
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3 years ago, Da mAn aTe mE hoMewoRk
Great world building and graphics
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3 years ago, the chef(0.o)
19 dollar fortnite card, more like 19 dollar ERB card
100% on the graphics. But you can’t play against online users.....
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3 years ago, Andrew😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎
Best Game Ever
I have over 5k hours logged in this game. I can’t wait for the new update to come out. I love this game so much with its great quality.
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1 year ago, Brownie_1to3
1 star
This app is absolute trash. The lag is out of this world. The test took me a whole moth. I hope it gets deleted
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2 years ago, BigWolfMoose
Laggy lock-down
I started to lag my iPad and it locked it down
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3 years ago, FeaRDogE
This has the best gameplay and story as hev ever seen. I cant go a weak without playing this game. It also has the best graphics and stuff that I’ve ever Sean!!!! Best game ever 8=========>
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3 years ago, Dark_Tide
Jesus would hate this
If Jesus was still around, he would give this game a 1 star
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4 years ago, ninjaboy54
This game is so great! The graphics are so amazing and the new feature where you can change your skin is so cool. Thx for making it.
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4 months ago, ;dskafjipdsa;hipido;jkl
dont download
i hate taking tests and this app is really laggy. do not download this app. its for people who like taking tests aka teachers pets. DO NOT DOWNLOAD.
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1 year ago, Student upset bye CTP
This app took all my money
This app took 10,000 dollars from me. My son also got super mad. :( Do not download
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2 years ago, ihateschooool
Worst app on the plant, our school makes us take it EVERYYEAR and it’s HORRIBLE SHOUKD BE REMOVED FIR APPSTORE. But anyways this game brings all the boys the the yard but it glitchy would not recommend.
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1 year ago, halo9994748
My I pad explodfedeee bc of ur mommy she is so cool ur a monkey
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4 years ago, PeacekeeperLife
Not enough anime tiddies.
While the game is pretty fun to play, there just simply are not enough anime tittes.
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4 years ago, the catica 22
This isnt a game
i had to take a bunch of tests on this, and I dont know why people are thinking this is a game. i dont like tests, and i dont know any one who does, but this isnt good
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1 year ago, Imadownhiller
This app locked my iPad for 8 hours. Don’t use.
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12 months ago, Hiiii54321
This is stupid no one wants to take the test
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2 years ago, buivfevievhdruvrei
I absolutely hate this teachers make me waste my time on math testing on the thingy :I
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4 months ago, idarki jy
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5 years ago, Just a Boomer
Best Game Ever!
To be honest I love playing games especially Fortnite, In this game I met Shrek and the graphics were amazing. My Mom became the king of India would definitely recommend and you should play it #bestgameever #BT dubs what’s crackalakin #betterthanFortnite #youshouldtotesgetthisgame
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4 years ago, hvyhbkn nifjk
My school thought these comments where real.😂😂😂😂 0/10
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3 years ago, papajohans
this is one of the worst apps we all now that none of us like erbs in school now have fun and play minecraft
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3 years ago, ksghsyjs
Stinky and smelly too
My friend Richard didn’t like it
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4 years ago, hfvvhhvffejhfvbjvjfdvbhjf
Why are all the reviews about fortnite
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