Eros Now

4.4 (4.4K)
246.6 MB
Age rating
Current version
Eros Digital FZE
Last update
9 months ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Eros Now

4.39 out of 5
4.4K Ratings
4 years ago, AminahSou
Love the app
Found this app a couple years ago love it. They need to include more new movies, love ❤️Indian movies I watch them all the time, and the HUM tv series all need to have subtitles please work on those things, I’ve been dying to watch some the tv series but they don’t have SUBTITLES, but otherwise great app 👍🏾🙂.
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4 years ago, Kile Joe Jarn
The best subscription for any fan of Indian cinema
As an American, it’s really hard to find some of the best Indian films. Eros Now offers the best selection of great films that you can’t find anywhere else. At only $5 a month(!!!) this is one of my favorite subscriptions right now. The design of the app is polished, and the design of the website is even better! (One tiny complaint: Directors don’t generally have their own pages even though stars do. This can make it difficult to navigate through a Director’s filmography. It’s such a nitpick though. Everything else is practically perfect.)
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2 years ago, Alexvern
4,000 movies within 5-6 years
I am taking this opportunity to thank everyone who has anything to do with movie 🎥 making in India. I got caught up in your world on my iPhone S-4 almost 6 years ago watching Shah Rukh KAHN and haven’t stopped enjoying many many many stars since. I can only travel to the extraordinary country via these movies; I feel as though I am there. You all have done well for entertainment. Thank you and may good come your way!!!! Linda
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5 years ago, Dr. GG 45678445
My experience w/ Eros International has been awful. I signed up for the 14 day trial and was automatically enrolled in the annual subscription. Right before the 14 day trial was up, I tried to cancel the subscription and could not find a way to do it at all... I tried though my apple Eros app without luck, I tried online and their instructions were incorrect & I tried to find a phone number without any luck. I am not disputing this charge with my credit card & have had to CLOSE my credit card just to avoid another unapproved annual membership fee. Sure their content is adequate but their customer service and fishy- borderline fraudulent activities are appalling. I would advise you to stay away...
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5 years ago, ElsaDayton
I would give erosnow an average score for the following reasons. They don’t bring new programs to the site. Some of the original content keeps saying new episodes but it’s the same content I have watched 4 months ago. Casting on chromecast is also a challenge. A lot of times the app does not sync. Other times when I am stop watching in the middle of a movie, when I go back, the program starts over. Lastly why does the app keeps asking me to log in every week or so. Eros needs to take some tips from Netflix.
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6 years ago, nikpathak
Excellent site for Indian (&Pak) entertainment
Have been member for about 3+years. New interface is very friendly. Large assortment of wonderful old classics and new-all come crystal clear. Although the4K is note yet available. Some features have taken longer than I would like to see (like Padmavat not yet available although already on prime). But I will continue with this site most likely for ever. Price is unbeatable!!!
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3 years ago, a.121.v
Eros now has a horrible UI
First off, trying to connect the app with the TV just gives you a headache. The program is unable to move from the log in screen once you log on correctly, meaning you have to try multiple times. Furthermore, there are so many movies( some of which are not the actual movie) flooding the options, so you can’t find the real one. Additionally, the subtitle set up glitches all the time. I like the idea, but the app’s user interface had to be made more approachable.
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6 years ago, Khan222222
Not accessible for person with voiceover users
This app is not accessible for person with visual disabilities. Because this app is not compatible with voiceover screen reader software of the iOS operating system. If the developer can make it accessible, it would be very helpful for individuals who use the screen reader software of the iOS. If any other information is needed then the developer can contact me on my email.
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5 years ago, rogisolo
EROS is the best hands down
I’ve been an EROS now member for a couple months now, and this app just keeps getting better and better. Definitely worth the monthly subscription price - there’s a huge library of content, and new high quality content coming out all the time. Thank you EROS!
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6 years ago, iiShaylee
Nothing will load.
I was just using the app earlier and it was working fine, but now it won’t load anything at all except for my profile page and the for you section. I can’t watch anything either.
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4 years ago, Chai☕️Maste🙏🏻
Warning ❗️My money gone!
I live in America and this was suggested by someone for Indian movies. I literally found just 2 movies out of a list of 30 good movies I wanted to watch from internet. Anyways - atleast the 2 movies should have streamed.. the spinner never went away. I subscribed thinking I’ll have an option to withdraw later but it ate my money. Bye Eros Now and stop looting people in the name of subscription. In this fast paced internet era you still are catching up! Sad!
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3 years ago, Lascours1557
Excellent app, enjoy a lot , although movie selection miss some a rhe great stars of India movies. My other problem is that when I watch from my tv the app dont log my favorites list. Any solutions to that??
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5 years ago, Sam1857
App needs work
The features are pretty bad. There is no automatic syncing across devices or any of the other features that one expects. Eros also needs better content offering, especially in non-Hindi languages, as other providers such as Prime Video and Netflix offer much better content. Overall its alright, but can be improved by leaps and bounds.
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5 years ago, 07ammy
Not working
I just got the app and subscribed to it already, but every time I’m trying to play a movie it’s losing but never starts. I tried deleting and downloading it again but it’s still doing the same thing
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1 year ago, Anrando
Out of Business?
I enjoyed my subscription for 3 weeks. A few formatting problems with the app on an iPad, but nothing I couldn’t live with. Then a week ago ( Jan. 30, 2023) the site went down and has not come back. I cant log on, I cant contact anyone. It just died. Obviously I didn’t renew when it came due. What’s going on? Are you out of business?
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4 years ago, JJameson1985
Freemium plan?! This is too good to be true!
I love the app and all the content. And there’s more every week. I saw a mention of freemium membership but there’s no option to sign up under plans. This is very exciting! But how do you use it?!
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4 years ago, Techie!
Looks like I got scammed!
The worst customer service ever! I subscribed for 2 years and got only one year membership. I’ve sent a number of emails to the support team but I only hear crickets! If it works for you, great. It if you have an issue, do not expect a response as no one cares. Customer service is non existent. Support router box is not monitored. I also sent emails to the manager (Alistair), and still crickets. If management is non responsive, why would employees care? Terrible!
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5 years ago, Nader Abdulaal
More subtitles
I love ErosNow and have been a subscriber for 4 years now. Unfortunately i do not know any of the Hindi languages therefore I can only enjoy subtitled shows with English or Arabic. I only wish if more shows have subtitles. - Another Arab Bollywood fan.
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3 years ago, Aspy1
Old choices nothing new
Poor search engine, no exciting movies same ole, same ole. It pains to see them clinging on the same old films which they already made billions. Nothing new to offer and the price still remains swankier. If you don’t see new products why pay for it? It is like selling same filthy crap for an rawdy expensive price. Beware nothing is better than your own money.
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4 years ago, joe__dirt
I liked the content a lot more than I thought I would. And there was more of it than I would have guessed. Make sure to check it out! Lots of music videos and shorts as well.
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5 years ago, drock1518
Eros now — Love it
Recently enrolled in Eros Now. Not sure what some of these comment are talking about. My experience has been flawless with Awesome content to watch. Perfect for the winter months ahead. Great experience and will def keep with my Apple+ and Netflix. Triple combo!
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3 years ago, Budhya20
Trial period
Hello, I think you guys should give a free trial period, so people could see what you are offering. Netflix gives a trial period. People see what they are going to have then if they like what they see, they purchase it. I would purchase it if I see what I will be having, for example, I like subtitles because I am not versed in Hindi. Please think about a trial period and I bet you will get a lot more customers. Thank you - Emma.
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4 years ago, riff1288
Can’t stream to chromecast
I was excited to try out this app and signed up for a bi-annual subscription however I may reconsider since I am unable to stream to my chromecast. I made sure I read the reviews before purchasing to ensure the app supported chromecast and was disappointed to find out I was unable to cast to my tv. I hope this is user error and something than can be quickly resolved
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5 years ago, rayolito89
I am so glad to have access to the best Bollywood content on the planet. This is even better than Netflix. Thank you Eros for making us enjoy everything
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7 months ago, Kannu-Jay
What a shame on erosnow team
This subscription is dead no new content and it stopped working for me. I paid for whole year, now I can’t access and cant watch anything uninstalled and installed apps on my all if my devices still nothing. Stay away from subscription until they get their platform together. Very sad.
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5 years ago, Arpitmj85
Unable to cast on chromecast
Why am I suddenly not able to cast to chromecast? I am able to cast from other media apps on my phone but not with eros now. I restarted app and phone but still no use. Has casting feature been removed from the latest version?
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5 years ago, Evan21195
Must have !
Haven’t had any problems I love everything about it many shows great quality !!
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5 years ago, akz101
Unable to cancel
I have made numerous attempts to cancel the account and should have never been charged the first time because I did what I thought I should to cancel which is stop payments via the apple application and it still didn’t work. Then I send a message to the only customer support area since there was no number and they never responded.
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4 years ago, HK. S.
This app keeps spamming me with messages via text. I’ll get multiple messages a day about a movie. I can just go on the app and see when the movie is available. It also seems as if they don’t have a way to prevent these messages from being sent other than blocking the numbers.
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6 years ago, Neil8121
Starting to get stuck on all movies. Other then that it's very clear in picture and sound.
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5 years ago, triptimalla
Some movies doesn't have captions. Please make sure each and every movies should have captions.
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4 years ago, B@P@P
Most useless app I have ever tried to use
Got the free subscription, courtesy my telecom provider, three weeks back. Downloaded the app and tried to use to as per instructions. Not been able to use it after three weeks. Two weeks back lodged complaint on erosnow website, till today no response! Pathetic customer service.
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6 years ago, ColombianNG
Subscription renewal not working.
I purchased the monthly subscription on February 2, 2018. And until this day it does my work! You guys charged me and it shows on my Apple account. But somehow on my labtop via web it doesn’t show the purchase? Seriously? Now how will you guys give me back those days lost?! And your customer service is non-existent!
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1 year ago, shivvvvennn
App crashed when logging in
I paid for one month and only used it one day. Everything I open the app I need to sign in. The problem is that the app crashed after signing in and I get a message that says oops our engineers are trying to fix this problem. Please refund me
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4 years ago, mattyice1009
Excellent quality with more content than you can possibly watch!
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5 years ago, Poungie
Great service and videos
Has been great being able to watch movies on eros
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5 years ago, mandrolas88
Bollywood really is great movie industry
I’ve been watching Bollywood movies for awhile now. It’s the only good place making movies next to Hollywood
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5 years ago, Ethanofawesomeness
I usually don’t do reviews but...
This app is amazing for movies, I would highly recommend downloading it!!
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6 months ago, Bgdecjbdbm
Login issues
For the past months i haven’t been able to login to this app. It’s ridiculous because now that i am finally googling it, turns out this company is shut down but they keep charging my subscription… go figure. Terrible app.
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5 years ago, Fogg P
User friendly interface but need improvement
Good user friendly but casting is not working with chromecast. Application legging so much once you pause and play again, need serous improvement
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1 year ago, Essa Jabbi
The app doesn’t work
Eros now I don’t what just happened but I subscribed to your app and I didn’t get any service at all the app didn’t work at all, it just keep loading and loading please fix this or stop taking people’s before you fix it
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1 year ago, Adriana 1270
New member
I am a big fan of Bollywood movies I watch them in Netflix and I heard Eros now has more variety of this great movies. I have been trying to download the app and subscribe but it keeps saying the app is not working? Is this true or is there something different I need to do ?
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4 years ago, kaniej60
Not What l Expected!
This is not at all what l expected! Please cancel my subscription/ membership immediately, l have nothing against lndian culture but l hate Hollywood (& celebs) and am sure l’d hate Bollywood too. Sincerely, Karen Janson V
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5 years ago, Sannymak
App is ok but they don’t stand by their offers
I signed up using offer which gave 1 yr free. It let me sign and showed my next billing cycle as next year but after few days it changed to next month. 1 yr offer changed to 1 month without any communication and when I contacted them, no response.
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6 years ago, Consumer Application Advocate (CAA)
Need PIP /Captions
You need PIP. I cannot believe I cannot minimize this app, watch a movie and do other things. This isn’t functional unless one could do that. Otherwise what is the point. This is my last year subscribing to this app unless this functionality is incorporated. Too bad! I am a huge fan of Bollywood movies. Thank you.
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5 years ago, dcl12593dc
Great app
Hi, the app is awesome but needs a fast forward button and also more English and Chinese language ones!
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6 years ago, Tika75
Too much loading
I’ve downloaded the movie. After 100% of downloading, the processing is taking days to go through. It’s still processing and not working. Please fix that ASAP!!!
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4 years ago, atdDdn22
Apple TV login is disaster
If you subscribe in laptop or phone using gmail or Facebook and then try to login in Apple TV there is no way to do it in Apple TV as it simply asking login and password (to gmail Or Facebook option) and there is no way to say forget password
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5 years ago, varma03
Logged into iPad with same credentials and have a basic subscription
I have premium subscription in my phone. Tried to login to iPad and now it says that I have a basic subscription and doesn’t even let me watch any movies on either of the devices. Worst experience.
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5 months ago, ZahirPA
Can’t browse movies without subscription
I tried to browse the movies available before subscribing and no data is returned. Its just a shell of their of app until you subscribe (i think). I’m not going to sign up just see their selection.
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