Eurovision Song Contest

1.8 (67)
61.5 MB
Age rating
Current version
Union Europeenne de Radio-Television
Last update
1 month ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Eurovision Song Contest

1.82 out of 5
67 Ratings
7 years ago, mdstblz
Still populated with last years data (x2)
Wrote a review in 2016 (below), still holds true!!! Please, if you're going to try to do anything with us devout Eurovision fans in the USA, please update the app!! I'm an American that faithfully watches Eurovision and was so excited that an app was available to help me keep on top of the news. However, we are a month away from the contest and the contestant section of the app is still populated with last years winners. This is why only two stars, the information is all old, the news section is a month old.
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1 month ago, frick ig
Completely scripted
The entirety of Eurovision 2024 was completely scripted. I can also pretty much guarantee they remove bad reviews so that’s why it’s 3 stars and not 1. When the entire crowd boos for someone they put cheers over top. They claim to be apolitical but ban Russia and not Isnotreal WHICH ISN'T EVEN IN EUROPE!!! The voting is completely rigged. Isnotreal should never have gotten 300 points to begin with, when the whole crowd is clearly not liking the performance. Some counties are able to verbally abuse others with no repercussions, but when the abused decides to retaliate they are disqualified. Overall Eurovision has completely touch with music. This year Eurovision and the EBU have clearly shown that they value keeping thier sponsors happy over having a real fair competition. Why would anyone care to watch this trash when the winner chosen is just the best face for advertising, rather than best music.
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3 months ago, Pierre Cachat
Just Downloaded
I just downloaded the app and it seems pretty good. I’ve given 3/5 stars for now because that’s as in-the-middle I can rate it. I will update this review after owning the app for 1 week for a more accurate review. My only complaint for now is the ranking of songs is a bit annoying and sometimes won’t register when you’re trying to move a song.
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1 month ago, DaAlphaWolf
The app allows you to rank your top ten songs in Eurovision. These rating supposedly stay throughout the competition. Somehow they get deleted and you have to re rank every 24 hours. What else is this app even for that a google search can’t achieve.
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1 month ago, Monamonki
Not even worth watching, let alone voting
Its obviously not what it used to be and not for the people, but for the sponsors. Last year I will ever even -try- to participate. Would rate 0 if possible for the recent conduct
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1 month ago, frustrated6666
Awful app, inept design
Please do better next year - nothing works.
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1 month ago, sv4n4x
claiming something isn’t political but making it political. Eurovision is doomed
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1 month ago, sweetycherriess
Worst app ever
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11 years ago, Middlegirl
***Edited*** Not bad.
Edit: The app now comes with iPad support, which takes care of my main complaint. The article text is kind of tiny on the iPad mini, but I read the articles on the Eurovision site, so that's not a deal breaker. It's not much more than a news feed right now, but now I'm interested to see what the app can do during the show. (Increased rating to five stars because I said I would, and I appreciate them making this available to non-European fans.) I would have given this five stars just because they made it available for Eurovision fans worldwide, but the fact that the app is not really meant for iPad is disappointing. I don't know whether I'll even use this for the show, and not just because I'm in a country where I can't vote.
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1 year ago, Oren55490
If you are on vacation in a neighboring country the app will not allow you to vote. The app is not fully developed and will not send your vote to your country even though it reads your chip issuing country. Therefore only 1 star. Also disappointed that during the contest it does not show order of songs/countries performing. Also with the app open, you see “live” in the left upper corner. False - there is no live performance to see, only a picture of the performer currently in action. Probably should be labeled “current performer”, but not live as nothing live is happening. Until that is fixed you will have to select a TV program with the live transmissions on live (if no tv signal is available at your location). Hopefully the programming company can get these problems fixed. Most important is being able to vote while on vacation.
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1 year ago, Koursas
Many bugs
I don’t understand why we can’t create our own account in order to save progress. Our top songs list should be saved and not reset every time we exit the app. There are also many bugs when rearranging the order of our top songs. Overall, this is app has potential but it is poorly created and maintained.
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7 years ago, Srhardwig
Great app… With a couple flaws.
Without a doubt, this app is very great. However, there are a couple flaws to this app. Under the section named participants, the participants for the 2017 contest haven't been added yet. Also, when I first got the app, it ran very smoothly. However, after a few days of using it, it started to crash again and again. The contest is approaching fast. Please fix these flaws.
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1 year ago, twelve year old, me :)
Why is it that people from America have to pay to vote? That is incredibly unfair to the people from here. Its not merchandise . Eurovision loses fans ever time something like this happens. The app is ok though and gets better over the years. Dont add payment to voting. You have plenty of sponsors from big businesses like Google or Tik Tok or even better Moroccanoil. Please stop this nonsense EBU please.
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6 years ago, Rclark1
Can’t view any videos
I love this app, and was surprised I am not able to view any of the videos or check out the recaps of last years contest! I live in California and I saw the whole show on tv which is why I downloaded the app! I hope they fix it soon! Out side of that, I love it :-) but please fix it👍🏼
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7 years ago, Зритель Паша
Wrong voting SMS message
Just tried to vote for a one of singers. Unfortunately generated by aap smsmessage Like "11 voted via the official app" is wrorg. Eurovision voting service supports only sms like "11". It's ridiculous that the official mobile app does not work properly with Eurovision voting system.
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9 years ago, CabbieCoyote
Great app! It keeps me up-to-date with everything concerning Eurovision, ie pictures, videos, articles, interviews. The app even has a countdown clock for the upcoming tv events. I check it everyday. Definitely worth a download!!
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7 years ago, Danikaa4
It's good, but…
I live in the USA but I'm in love with Eurovision. Last night I wanted to watch the performance live, but it wouldn't let me. It said something like the uploaded didn't make it available. I hope that will be fixed, I'd love to see it happen
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1 year ago, NduckyG
Americans have to pay???
I love Eurovision and the app isn’t to bad but why do us Americans have to pay to vote at least EBU did global voting but to pay for it cmon guys u make uneough from your sponsees like Tikok and morrocanoil if u remove paying to vote this might have actually been good
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10 years ago, Dreyden
Internationally Sucky
We can't buy songs in the states. We can't watch anything. Europe makes some stellar songs but I can't throw my money at you. So, these songs are now products of bit torrent because you can't open up your market a bit more. You guys are missing on US dollars. Let us buy the songs, download the albums!
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5 years ago, bcalessio
Every year it doesn’t let me vote, ridiculous, I get a notification that reminds me to vote and I click on it and it brings me to the home page where there is no way of voting except for what colour lights are shown, this is a disappointing, waste of time and every year it’s the same story.
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7 years ago, TrulyAndrew
Cool companion app, but...
It's kind of useless in the states since A) the broadcast can only be seen on Logo TV in the US and not any Eurovision live streams (I get this is a licensing issue for North America), and B) The US cannot vote in the competition.
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11 years ago, Chrisb200384
Great app!
They finally made an app! I can now always be on top of the news with what's going in one app. Kudos for the contest countdown!
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9 years ago, Ambiverbal
Calendar function is a week off
Calendar countdown thinks the first semi-final is a week away when it occurred 3 days ago. No search function. Frustrating!
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11 years ago, DAVstyle
The app is nice but
At the show it was said that you could vote via that app but the app only offers you to send an SMS. Which means you CANNOT VOTE VIA THIS APP. And you cannot watch the show live in this app. BASICALLY IT'S A SUPPLEMENTARY-INFORMATION APP. Verdict: nothing special. It only distracts you when your watching the show.
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2 years ago, spinningb
This is not very good used live as it’s touch and go to support the artist that you like.
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2 years ago, petertogel
App does not work
I am living in Spain and was not able to vote. My wife also had the same problem on a different phone. So what good is it if the voting does not work. Support is non existent…
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10 years ago, ÓDA
Not impressed. - Can't watch the actual show live! - Already crashed a few times. - Timeline isn't updating. - Matchmaker wouldn't load several times. - Cant see the full schedule. - Not enough features. - Kind of boring tbh. It's a real shame because the actual live show and stage look fantastic.
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2 years ago, pinkflair
Why Not!?
So I know USA doesn’t compete ( and I never want them to ) But why can’t we vote? Thats just weird!
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7 years ago, MarkWebber
Buggy app, voting broken
I tried to vote through the app and app sent sms which appears have wrong syntax. App sent "08 voted via the official app", but response was negative. So proper syntax is just number(in my case 8), without zero prefix 8 -> 08. So I wasted money on sms.
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1 year ago, Tirend22
What is the point to download the app if you even can not watch Eurovision Song Contest “live” ? Just to “like” who do you like ? I can open Facebook or instagram and like there
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11 years ago, Yan-vikingjuj-FU
Text too small and no voting
I am unable to enlarge the text of bio and lyrics. The description is misleading. This app is only advertising for SMS.
Show more
11 years ago, artemmischenko
thanks a lot
Show more
9 years ago, Henry HG
Great app!
I love it! The countdown and the artist profiles are great, but the selfie layers is the best function of the app..
Show more
9 years ago, Ana_Chochia
Not compatible with iOS 5
What should I do with my iPad 1?
Show more
5 years ago, Mabrookeloveyou
Not available in my country!???
I’m in the United States why isn’t it available?? The app won’t allow me to view the live stream
Show more
10 years ago, LDM67
Doesn't work again this year!!
Timeline won't load. Same problem as last year! JOKE of an app!!
Show more
10 years ago, borisyurkevich
Votes Cost Money
Seriously? I don't want to pay. I have enough with prime time commercials. This show is total pop BS. Has nothing to do with good music.
Show more
6 years ago, that_musician
Does not work at all
I can only light vote and because of trying to wait for normal votes it didn’t work for me.
Show more
7 years ago, AppDog93
This app has finally updated to 2017! :)
Show more
6 years ago, Deejanu
Can not watch any videos. This app completely useless.
Show more
3 years ago, gmblazxr
App not working
I’m not sure why the app isn’t working? It keeps popping up “not found”.
Show more
6 years ago, sexpo
I can’t vote
I am told only countries participating in Eurovision can vote. My friend next to me doesn’t even have Live Updates so he can vote. WE’RE IN FREAKING GERMANY.
Show more
6 years ago, Kittysundae
I couldn't vote
It wouldn't let me vote for anyone in Eurovision even though I am in a participating country.
Show more
5 years ago, Hyperbolic1986
Nice app
But, you can clearly see that it was poorly QAed.
Show more
11 years ago, Ejui
You tell us that we can vote using tris app, but it's not the truth. In the Final i would like to be able to vote.
Show more
1 year ago, melpixel
20 dollars to be able to vote. Ridiculous. Don’t bother getting this app.
Show more
11 years ago, Blauw alert
Crapy app. Nothing you can do with it. They told us that you can vote with it, but that is not true.
Show more
10 years ago, Emil Sorenson
It's fine
Its good cx
Show more
9 years ago, Da Pistach
"Error loading configuration"
Show more
6 years ago, Где программы?
No sound!
App does not work, there is no sound!
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