Exam Prep by STC

3.8 (44)
10.1 MB
Age rating
Current version
Securities Training Corporation
Last update
2 years ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Exam Prep by STC

3.75 out of 5
44 Ratings
7 years ago, Crispyj
Unable to login
I have never been able to login to the app even though my login credentials work without any issue on their website. Update: I contacted the support number I was provided and my account was activated to allow use of the application. Unfortunately the app and the website do not sync so you are unable to view scores or continue with exams between the two. One positive to this though is that it does provide you with the ability to take the twice the amount of practice tests. Would provide 5 stars if they could sync up.
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2 years ago, TeckNYC
Passed my Series 24 exam
The app works well the diagnostics and tests are really good. I can’t really complain because I just passed my test the one thing I couldn’t really get to work was the exams on the mobile app. But it’s fine cause I was really found the flash cards useful on the app. I wish I was able to download the flashcards onto the app and not need an Internet connection it made it a little difficult to use the flashcards while on the subway. Would still recommend! The crunch time sheet was super helpful make sure you use that as well.
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2 years ago, Ammarucco
New app and updated features
This is a great improvement. I am able to see everything I have and can access on my computer at work.
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2 years ago, Birdie1962
Thank you!
I used STC to prep for the SIE, Series 6, and Series 63 and passed each exam on the first try. This program definitely prepares you to pass an exam. I highly recommend using this program for your test preparation!
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2 years ago, Carter2512
Helpful Study Tool
The app works well and allows me to access all the resources I need to study. Really appreciate the mini-player feature for lectures.
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9 months ago, lkjnhgfdxc12345
Great study material
A truly good program for passing your exam. It provides all the information needed to pass - and the on-demands help teach the important concepts. Thank you!
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Series 65
Material is redundant. Does not apply to the actual exam . Unable to print out the test exams. This used to be the be the premier study guide and material . Acess to the web site now expires in 6 months vs a year as before . Always used them never ever again. Useless. Don’t buy
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10 months ago, disjbebeodc
You cannot do Exams via the mobile app for some reason. really limits it’s functionality on the go
me reason. really limits it’s functionality on the go
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2 years ago, Bowman7424
Cannot Open Exam
I am able to download and login to the app, without issue. However, when I go to take my exam the app immediately closes. This is extremely inconvenient.
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8 months ago, PNW Conquistador
The Study Manual won’t load!
There’s no access to the study manual, it just takes me to a loading screen.
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2 years ago, ambernmikemike
Passed my Series 7
Great content. Easy to navigate. Thanks STC.
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12 months ago, Alejandropf44
Needs downloads and audio only
The apps need to offer download option and audio only training.
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2 months ago, Maralove12356
No access past log in
App crashes whenever you try to access the course
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8 months ago, jimwantstoreview
key feature does not work
Exam Center does not work on the app. all the other sections will open, but not the practice tests
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2 years ago, Anilegna12
Does not work
Unable to open the content.
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6 months ago, Get another company
Study manual will not load
Manuals will not load and exams crash. Contacted company and there is no solution in future.
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3 years ago, BGM064
Good app that does the job, but updates are need
Flashcards have recently started not working. You get a glitch when flipping the cards and only shows blank white screen when flipping. Best way to fix temporarily is resetting iPhone and then reopening the app, that fixes it temporarily for recent session, but next time you’ll have to reset phone again to get flashcards to work. Updates are needed and hopefully will be coming soon!
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4 years ago, Iavenskbaj
You expect more but get what you need
Overall sloppy app it could be so much cleaner. It’s confusing as well. But you do have access to everything and it’s good enough. Hard to give bad rating just bc it’s not aesthetically pleasing. It does lose a star for not trying to better it’s UI at all... that was lazy. Realistically it’s a 3.5 but had to go 4.. it gets the job done and is worth the download.
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7 years ago, Stiving to Pass
Study Anywhere!
I am on the go all the time and find it hard to fit studying in. This app goes with me everywhere and allows me to fill downtime with study time. I bought the flash cards to increase my chances of retaining the learning, and I would recommend them to everyone! I go through the flash cards and take a by topic test and do very well.
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6 years ago, Chris Dominguez
Please add by-topic quizzes to the app
App works wonderfully. Super convenient to be able to watch on demand lectures and take exams on the go however the app is missing by-topic quizzes. Because of this I have to go into a computer to take them. Please update! Thank you.
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3 years ago, Yepshureis
Non working features
The app provides the basics. Can’t see or get crunch time facts or overall section grades. If you want an app to use that can get you the basics, it’s ok. If you want an app that can help you learn what chapters you need to work on or look at crunch time info, then I’d give it 0/5. Could be so much better and they could make a huge impact. They need to hire someone to help manage their IT program and apps!
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8 years ago, Series 7 student
Needs Improving
This app does not accurately rate tests. I realized this by checking my answers an noticed it said "Answer not provided by student" which is impossible since it won't let you move forward without providing an answer. There's at least a dozen of these per practice test. Also it gives limited access to what I've paid for (i.e. Only tests but no flash cards)... For the price paid for STC classes, materials and access, this app is below standards!
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7 years ago, Sterols
App doesn’t work with iOS 11
Was working great before I updated it. Uninstalled and reinstalled app on my iPad Pro. When will the fix be in? Loved it when it worked Update-works fine now
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8 years ago, Jade-nugget
Solid transition from laptop to tablet
Thanks especially for the warning before downloading the videos for on demand learning. Next update, please list flash cards by chapter, not alphabetically.
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4 years ago, Redlawnmower
Poorly designed app / material
The app is basically just a crappy mobile website. The study material is booty. I keep getting the same questions over and over again. Even after calling customer support about it, I still get the same 100 or so questions repeated every time I take a practice quiz
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5 years ago, kcperbrwc
An app as half baked as their material.
As is with STCs material, the app is half baked. For what is seemingly the equivalent of using their non mobile friendly website, this app provides non extra value. The text is too small to read and really has no difference than using their mobile site. If you’re buying your own materials, just buy Knopman.
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3 years ago, SMC376
Flash cards stopped working
When flipping the flash cards o get a blank white screen. Worked before not sure what is going on. Contacted customer service. They did not look into it just told me to use chrome (google) instead of the app. The app was convenient for me on the go :(.
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6 years ago, Neek87
Helpful but out of date
Things like t+3 settlement dates and $14,000 gift tax are updated on the website but behind on the app. It’s now t+2 and $15,000 gift tax rule. Otherwise is a good app.
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6 years ago, efemeral
Poor functionality
For the past two days the on demand content is non functional. I tried to send an in-app request for help (via the support link) and upon trying to send my message, I get an error. And there’s no phone number to call listed in the app. Not impressed with the app or with the company behind it.
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5 years ago, NdTexan
Was fine...
Videos completely stopped working making this app useless for me. I have to go onto their site on Safari to play a video which is inconvenient because I’m having to log on each time. Please get this fixed.
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3 years ago, jbishop00
Love the program, hate the app
When taking final exams through the iPhone app, you can’t hit next to proceed through the questions. You have to exit then go back in between each question. Very disappointed.
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4 years ago, DSalpeter
Broke the app
Your website change broke the app for exams... there is no longer (at least on both my iPhone 12 pro max and my iPad) the ability to click “next” in exams so I am stuck on the first question without the ability to move thru.
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5 years ago, andgofyoi
Your app is actually the worst. It needs to be easier to read and more interactive. If I have to zoom in to read the question and answer you’ve already lost. Plus you support email doesn’t even work!
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6 years ago, RoadGlide03
Not able to open tests under 66
After taking a progress exam and reviewing later it won’t let you look at the questions. It drops you back to IOS.
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6 years ago, series 7 broker
Great study tool
I like the exams by topic Easy to study on the run Great job I passed my 7
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7 years ago, Koshashah
Just logged in, does not sync with Desktop
I am an STC client and have taken 5 Q&A exams on my laptop. I downloaded the app to use on the go and none of my previous exams or test results are in there, despite the fact that I am logged in as me. Why is that??
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5 years ago, MMonarchy
It does not work on iPhone 7 and/or iPhone XR. laptop/desktop is the only way to access the content.
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4 years ago, wen_nyc
crash and freeze my phone
The app crash and freeze my phone a lot
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2 years ago, grant #1
Should add offline feature so you can practice flash cards etc. when not in cellular range.
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7 years ago, CO2013_NJ
Update is bad
The May 2017 update is bad. It's slow and requires the app to have internet connection now. How can we study on the way to work?! Please bring that back!
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5 years ago, disappto
No sound when using iPhone and iPad
So dissatisfied. Was planning on studying during my commute and am not able to get the on demand sessions to play. Tech support was no help.
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5 years ago, Grifffffddoooooogggg
Not really usable
The App’s On Demand videos didn’t work. If the app functionality matched the website’s it would be worth 5 stars and more.
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6 years ago, ABirdyToldMe
Cannot sign in
Screen opens to sign-in, but does not provide an option to create a new account.
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3 years ago, stofer74
test exams and flash cards stopped working
completely useless app. better off studying without it, spare yourself the frustration. won’t let me access flash cards or exams & keeps kicking me out of app requiring a new login. how hard can this be stc…
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3 years ago, Waker_1
Flash Cards Broken - Please Fix
Apple IPhone - IOS 14.4. Can’t see answers to flash cards. Get a blank screen when flipping cards over. Please fix
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5 years ago, jbkitch
Can’t login to app
App goes to login screen and there is no option to create an account.
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7 years ago, Stcfix
Please Fix
Worked great a few weeks ago, now it won't work at all. Please fix asap!! Thanks
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7 years ago, aslibd
Worst App so far!!!
Have not been able to open it once.
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8 years ago, Series 7 student1
Final exams are timed at 2 minutes for the entire EXAM! It grades me after about 3 questions or so. Super frustrating.
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8 years ago, do i likr it
Can't open. Keeps crashing.
Useless. Not sure what else to say.
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