4.7 (2.3K)
89.6 MB
Age rating
Current version
Nexstar Broadcasting
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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4.66 out of 5
2.3K Ratings
5 years ago, Fed up with GAR High Students
Hazleton Video
I believe the school police did NOT use excessive force in handling the Hazleton cafeteria video. I live half a block from GAR High School in Wilkes Barre and today I had to call 911 and the High School because of violence taking place in front of my house. You people who think the force used was excessive come on down to GAR High School any nice nice day after 2:30 when they open the gates to the zoo to let the animals out and watch what we have to put up with daily. I applaud the school police, send them down to Wilkes Barre maybe they can handle our issues too. Thank you Hazleton School Police
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6 years ago, shamrockdi
Best News Station Ever!!!!
I have been watching WBRE News for many years & I enjoy it very much. The entire crew I have met in the past years were so friendly & they all went out of their way to treat me with respect!!! I will never watch another station except this one. Hats off to the best enjoyable & most accurate news station!!!! God Bless All of You for doing such an Outstanding & Amazing job!!! 🙏
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4 years ago, greenmountain1967
New reporter
Love the new faces Julie and Kevin. They are a great improvement!!! They both know how to speak well and have a professional appearance... hoping you keep them and replace the misfits
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5 months ago, Girl_in_Tower
Latest update is the reason I deleted the app
The latest update asked for me to update alerts/notifications. Updating breaking news was fine but on the iPhone SE after updating the weather location I could not scroll down to an update button
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5 years ago, bravestone 32
Bro, the app is so awesome with the weather. I got this because I had no whether apps, I tried a lot of Other whether apps but they won’t work, but this is The one I should’ve got in the first place, so people If you are looking for a whether app, try this first
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3 years ago, Former Live Viewer
Live broadcast
You took away the live broadcast of the news! I don’t live in the area so my ‘Internet Provider’ isn’t on your list of providers and will never be - Pittsburgh. I enjoyed watching the news and keeping tabs on events in the NEPA region. Now, I can’t watch. I’m sure I’m not the only one annoyed. Funny I can watch Philadelphia stations.
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5 years ago, Fort4
Disappointed because you carry so much high school football, there are a lot of other students that play other sports and don’t get enough recognition!
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4 years ago, Nyr70
Live feeds NEVER play
It doesn’t matter what internet I have. From LTE to various WiFi connections, live feeds never, ever happen. To make matters worse, there’s more to see on live feeds than anything else on the app so I miss most of the news I follow.
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5 years ago, grtip
Old version better
New version is terrible. Commercials breaking in and music coming from somewhere. Old version was better.
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5 years ago, lexielangan
Best news source in the area
WBRE is upbeat, accurate, informative as well as a breath of fresh air with the life style show PA Live!
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10 years ago, Tazzria
This app is an invaluable resource. As a working mom getting alerts about school closings is a godsend. WNEP stopped doing alerts and do offer them for $9.99 on thier app but that's ridiculous in my opinion just to see weather and school closings. This app is so much more than weather and school closings too! Movie times, gas prices, sports scores, breaking news and so much more. Thank you for creating this! I will recommend this to all my friends.
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7 years ago, Jjsd13
New update is terrible
Just let us go to latest news. Not see 3 stories you deem important, then we click on more news and get to scroll through the same 3 stories again.
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7 years ago, Lopyho
So so
You have just enough on your pages to get my interest but when you select an item the details are pretty skimpy.
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4 years ago, drtigger
Why bother
One of the most useless apps created. Lucky if it stays connected to watch news and weather. Wouldn’t expect anything else. DeathStar wants you to get Newsnation app, haha I don’t think so.
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5 months ago, Cindy12345b
App stopped working
The app no longer works on my iPad. It opens and immediately closes! Not helpful!
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3 years ago, lcta122
To many ads
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11 years ago, Billy boy 67
Weather radar
I loved your old app what happened to the weather radar's? You can't move the map around on the new app and you don't have the whole map like the old app had. Why change all of this??? Not happy at all!!!!
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9 years ago, mattrokitko122
Best news app ever
Ok I used wnep for my news I live in NEPA and wnep is like the same thing but pa homepage for me is faster and it is easy to navigate around in.. It is also more eye appealing , like it looks really good !!
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11 years ago, gaitedfillee
Latest update needs work
I have an Apple iPhone 5 (just for the record). This update keeps reloading the weather maps. There are 11 layers to load and they DO......REPEATEDLY. The map animation starts and then suddenly levels 7 through 11 start loading again. The map animation starts and suddenly levels 5 through 11 starts loading AGAIN....AND AGAIN .... AND AGAIN. This app definitely needs some work....perhaps a debug program.
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11 years ago, User570
Great new app.
The new app is nicer than the old one but I still wish there was a quick link to the extended forecast. Thank you.
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9 years ago, Ryan McHaffie
Not easy to navigate
I gave them 1 star only because they would not let me give them 0. Not easy to navigate, old news, and not easy on the eyes. They have a whole section on Eric Frien still, really why? If looking at all red is easy on your eyes then I guess you'll like this app. Update it please.
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11 years ago, Ofcloud3
Misleading info from TV. Not as indicated
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11 years ago, Hermitageguy
Stinks,only takes up half of iPhone screen, the rest is grey.
Something is wrong with app. For some reason over half the screen is just grey area, then the ads and about 3/4 inch of news articles. Major problem.
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8 years ago, robertbluesman
Junk app!
Almost NEVER updates for 3 days or more! Their current "Breaking News" story happened 2 days ago! Sports updates 3 days old, News tab has stuff from over a week old. RUBBISH! I got a refund for the data I wasted on it.
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11 years ago, Christine Stornable
Weather true view
Very poor old version was better. You would expect better from WBRE. App is too limited and difficult to read.
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8 years ago, mm492
Won't open.
The latest version (released 11/13) will not open. Please fix this! iPhone 5c running iOS 9.3.5.
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9 years ago, Ziyo85
I dont see any point of this app.
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7 years ago, Lawrence Und
Don't waste your time. This used to be a good app but after the up date it's not worth any stars.YOU WERE WARNED!!!!!!STAY AWAY!!!!
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