Eyewitness News WCHS/FOX11

1.3 (4)
29.9 MB
Age rating
Current version
Sinclair Broadcast Group, Inc
Last update
12 months ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Eyewitness News WCHS/FOX11

1.25 out of 5
4 Ratings
2 weeks ago, ConJKirk
Is this not on Stirr app on my tv anymore? Where can I find to download app on my tv?
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4 years ago, jstaylor1981
Eyewitness News Rocks
I enjoyed watching the stories on WCHS.
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8 months ago, iron maiden3
Worse with each update!
Every update just makes it worse than before! Weather can. It scroll through hourly anymore! They finally got some bugs fixed but these past two updates have them doing “pinned” section right off at loading on something’s!! That feature should not be there as not everyone wants consecutive anything shoved down their throats!! WCHS used to be pretty much down the middle, but in more recent months, they have really been pushing national articles from the national desk that are targeting a certain group of humans!! I’m about ready to drop the app for something more Middle of the road!!
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8 years ago, VTLiz04
Some days, the app works great. No complaints. Others, it's miserable and not worth hassling with. I don't have cable so listening to the morning broadcast on my phone is the easiest way for me to get the news. But here recently the sound hasn't been working. It will work if I go to the WCHS website so it's not my phone. I also tried it on my iPad with the same issues. Maybe we need a new update for sound issues??
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8 years ago, Je Ep 4
Viewing position
This app only works in the vertical position on my iPad. If I'm viewing apps horizontally and open this app, it comes up sideways and stays that way so I have to I turn the iPad to view vertically. Aggravating! The news reports are informative and up to date but a bit lacking on the weekends. Not too bad. Needs a little work.
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12 years ago, JustMe58
What were you thinking? Works now!
Downloaded update 3/20 and the app works again. Thanks. Just updated this app. Big mistake. HUGE MISTAKE. New feature opening ads in Safari means having to launch the app repeatedly. Unbelievably inconvenient.
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12 years ago, Dmj71
Huge headache to use
WCHS was my favorite news station for broadcasts while living in WV. After moving, I still like to keep connected with what's going on "back home" and used this app plus the website to do so. This app is nearly unusable after the update. I have the same issue as others with every click opening a popup ad in safari. I'll stick with WSAZ until this is fixed.
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13 years ago, Jamesth851
App needs update
This is an ok app but to make it great I would like to see the other stuff like traveling WV and WV wildlife get updated more the stories that are on there are from May they need to try and keep the app up to date with the web site or just take the other stuff off and just the news
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9 years ago, giantwings
I enjoy the news from this app. However the videos that go along with the story's rarely play. I would enjoy watching the video versus reading the articles. Could you please update this app so I can watch the video's. Other than that I enjoy getting the news from this app. I would rank it higher if the video's actually played.
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10 months ago, Azrael Test
Very slow and a storage hog
When it is accessed, the load is laggy at best. And no setting provision for clearing the cache means that the space used keeps growing. Have to delete and then re-install. Only do so because I do need a local news source.
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2 years ago, TKR2021wv
Version 8.5.0 bugs NOT fixed
This app was pretty good until version 8.5.0. Now clicking ANY link in the story causes my iPhone screen to go dark. Then I have to close the app and reopen to read the next story. Gonna use other local news apps until this is fixed.
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12 years ago, Race hollister
Horrible app
As other users have said, this app is horrible after the most recent update. It is so annoying to have the app close & Safari open for an ad with everything you click on. The app wasn't that great anyway, but this just makes it unbearable.
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12 years ago, Kells67
No Pop-up Ads Please!
I would give this app zero stars if possible. Since the update, it is basically unusable for me. I do not like that every time you try to click on an article, a window opens in Safari for an ad. Channel 8 is my favorite station, but I will be deleting this app 😔
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5 years ago, Really OB
No auto
Can’t hear the audio when watching any of the videos
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13 years ago, Queen glee
Needs up dated
This app needs updated. Wsaz news is a lot better. Really need to update the breaking news. The app should update every time u click on it and it don't. Until this app is up dated I will use wsaz to get the breaking news.
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12 years ago, MMachuca
No news updates..
Better going to their website to look for news updates since it provides the latest news.
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13 years ago, Melinda1765
This app is terrible. Why they changed is beyond me. It is slow, locks up, hard to read! Change it please!
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11 years ago, Anua2423526
Please fix app
I wouldn't recommend this app. Every time I click on it it clicks off no matter how many updates. This app needs some major fixing. I like channel 8 news but unable to use the app. Please fix!!!
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8 years ago, Ssg2001
Not a good news app
This news app does very little to cover local news. They seem more preoccupied with celebrities, national scandals, and useless national information not involving WV. Plus, ads pop up constantly. If I want TMZ, I'll download their app.
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12 years ago, Thumbster
This app is now unusable.
The updated app now bounces you out of the app and into an ad in the Safari browser whenever you click on a story. Pain in the eyeballs.
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12 years ago, No-Nickname Now
Poorly maintained
I agree with the majority of reviews. Behind the Kitchen Door hasn't been updated in months. I've checked the app for news and find I must look to channel 3 app to find the news I'm seeking.
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12 years ago, Travelbookgirl
Poorly maintained app
Wchs does not update news articles- usually takes 24 hrs to update. Their local tv competitors are much better at keeping public informed. I prefer wchs on live tv but not on the mobile app.
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10 years ago, Lctreview
Pretty helpful
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12 years ago, godsrao
No news to report after latest update?
There is nothing under news now.
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13 years ago, Curegrrrl
The old app was fine, the update is HORRIBLE! It is slow and buttons don't function properly. I will probably delete.
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7 years ago, Test4echo73
Yesterday’s news
The app now only gives the “latest” news, from yesterday. I do not think they ever post anything that happens in real time.
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13 years ago, wchs fan
Ok, but there is no Live video stream like it says...
Ok, but there is no Live video stream like it says...
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11 years ago, TheJakalope
Never up to date
This app is never updated on time with current events.
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12 years ago, oTTTer
Terrible news station.
Horrible news coverage. Worthless iOS app. Station starts flame wars on face book. Just ick. WCHS is pathetic. On TV, on iOS and on the web. Try WSAZ or WOWK for real up to the minute news updates. WOWK has an awesome iOS app.
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12 years ago, James781
What a Waste of Time!!
I found the new update unusable. I am deleting this Station until they fix the bugs!! What a waste.
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14 years ago, Wvrob
Videos don't work
Please fix the videos, they all have error messages.
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7 years ago, Blahblahblahh88
Live literally never works
This app is pointless, the live option has never worked once for me.
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13 years ago, Bshjr48
WCHS abc8
App does not update when opened. Downloaded & deleted 3 times trying to get it to work. Still no luck I give up!
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8 years ago, JT Boggess
Instructions only
App gives tutorial upon opening.... Then nothing. Useless at this point.
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10 years ago, c0ldhe4rted
This app doesn't show school closings and if it does it isn't easily found.
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10 years ago, MarissaAbner
I deleted it after a year
WCHS is usually last in updating latest news. Download WOWK and WSAZ.
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13 years ago, Erinsbaby
On TV this news station rocks!! But as far as this app goes, WSAZ so has them beat! Here's a hint for the makers of this app. Check out WSAZ and take some tips from their app.
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14 years ago, caldwell2s
Great app
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8 years ago, ThomasWatkin
It doesn't work on the iPad Pro it worked on my iPad Air and iPhone
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13 years ago, Now a wsaz fan
Won't work
Doesn't update.
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14 years ago, GuyXw
Don't Bother
WSAZ has the best app! Get it instead!
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14 years ago, Chase0608
WSAZ is the best out of the locals here in Summersville, WV
Show more
13 years ago, Sarcasticism
Horrible app folks. Don't d/l
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13 years ago, Bmwelder
Don't waste your time!
WSAZ is a much better app! WCHS never updates!
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