Face Age App How Old Do I Look

4.6 (527)
11.8 MB
Age rating
Current version
M. Mohsin
Last update
12 months ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Face Age App How Old Do I Look

4.58 out of 5
527 Ratings
2 years ago, lewis ccc
Very accurate
This app is much more accurate than other apps I used. I am 30, and other apps said my photos looked like 35 or some even 40-45! I was shocked! Most people always tell me I look from 25-28! This app said I was 28-29 on several photos. Which is much more accurate than any other one I used.
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3 years ago, SarahF433
App is inaccurate. It’s made for Germanic features and proportions. The creator appears to be of middle eastern origin as their last name is Moshin or Mohsin. I wouldn’t be surprised if they are a plastic surgeon or are the wife of one. My friends and I used various faces of our friends. Some who are white, some who are white with exotic features and some who are Mediterranean and found that those with more Mediterranean facial features appear older than they actually are. None of these people had wrinkles , dark circles or white hair. What they did have in common is the shape of their brows which were coarser and curved. They had feminine refined features that lacked roundish feature that are common in Caucasian or Asian people. This app is promoting plastic surgery amongst people with Mediterranean people or whi have those features because they are well known for wasting money on surgery. My friends say no thank you because they know how old they really look❤️some people don’t like to look like demonic witches with straight brows, bleached hair and lips shaped like sausages. Some people actually appreciate their ethnic features.
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1 year ago, okiefromLenapah
Great facial recognition
The app done a great job. I used two photos they both came in with predictions that most people said was my age, I have always looked 10–15 years younger in my pictures than I was in real life. When you get into your 60’s that’s real cool.
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3 years ago, Bmg963
I was so scared to see what it would say and, fortunately, it guess a few years younger 😅 lol! App does as it says - you may or may not like the results 😯 but it was thrilling finding out what the app would guess 😉😄.
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3 years ago, boydp182
Scary accurate
Very surprisingly accurate. Great app. Ads are not too long either which makes it more enjoyable. Very good job building the AI for this. Extremely accurate.
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2 years ago, Mina Cheetah😾
Said I was older
I used a picture of myself when I was ten with my whole family and the ages were inaccurate. It said ten year old me was about fifteen my older brother was fourteen and my oldest brother was eighteen. We were ten twelve and thirteen or fourteen. It made me laugh at how old it thought we were.
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2 years ago, exactspace
Oh, you think I’m that young? Thank you!
I like this app because it’s saying I’m 10 years younger than I actually am, which is a nice compliment. 🙂
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2 years ago, atsdude1
Easy to use
Easy to use and lots of fun, especially when it assigns a lower age than actual
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2 years ago, elimentiry
Fun and easy to use
While not necessarily eye opening, I have enjoyed using this app. I’m excited to introduce it to others.
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3 years ago, LibraSassafras
Crazy Cool
My son and I had a lot of fun playing with this app. It said I looked younger and he looks older. Mission accomplished for both of us!
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12 months ago, Mr. Teletooler
Works well when it tells you you’re younger than you are.
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1 year ago, Xorgito38
The best
I tried this app with a lot of pictures and it is very accurate
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2 years ago, LordEverhart
You guys were only off by about two years.I’m 26(most people assume I’m 17 to 20 when I shave).
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1 year ago, Bmadmusic
Actually works
I love it, easy to use and never down!
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2 years ago, Iarchie
I love this
This makes me feel so much better about myself
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3 years ago, happydugan
Shaved off 5 years.
People tell me I look younger than 54. Just wanted a second opinion.
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3 years ago, jhgfdett
Easy and quick
Easy to use. Quick to come up
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3 years ago, xclairr
Surprisingly accurate
As close as it gets
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4 years ago, robloxxxxx fannnnnnn
So I’m 10 and i took a pic and it said i look 12! I did it many more times and it said the same thing!😂 def not exact but hilarious!
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2 years ago, EchoGecko22
It’s alright
It says I’m a bit older than I am. In real life people always think I’m quite a bit younger than my actual age. I guess this app just doesn’t like my features.
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1 year ago, NP Maven
Said I looked 20 years younger than my actual age!
What is not to like!!!
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3 years ago, Daidai Johnny
Almost perfect
It only finds the age of someone’s face. I would have like to see other features
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2 years ago, B. A. Fan
I have put in photos of myself and a few relatives. The results are amazing!
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4 years ago, lil capiga
Lol I love it
So I’m 9 and I took a pic and it said i looked like I’m 16 I did it 3 times it said the same thing! Then I took a pic me doing a frown and it said I looked 19 😂😂😂 amazing!!
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11 months ago, Aprile Prima Boppy
Throws out random numbers
I used the same photo three times… once it said I look 26, once it said I looked 30 and then it said I look 28…. On the same exact photo. Clearly just throws out random numbers. Also, I’m 42 and I look a little younger but not THAT much younger.
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4 years ago, Lisa1089
It guessed my age as 7 years younger than I am makeup free. How could I rate it less than 5 stars?
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10 months ago, 518_c
Changed app
Something changed as now same pics are showing 5-10 years older and now they are charging if you use more than 3 times a day. Why pay for garbage? Deleted, used to be fun app to use
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6 months ago, FUSirr
Way Off
Says I look 55 when I’m 41. Ya, I may look a bit older because I’ve had gray hair since I was 17. Years of depression may have aged me a bit. No wrinkles at all. Now I’m having a bit of an existential crisis.
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2 years ago, Nixon726
It’s fun
Without my makeup and dark circles showing, it says I’m 37. With minimum makeup, I’m 33. My real age is 42. So I’m happy!
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2 years ago, ptddsdo
Pretty accurate
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2 years ago, hygryhyrhythyfgfyfufhfyfyfhfh
Sometimes good and sometimes bad.
Sometimes it says I’m 14 or 25 even though I’m nine. But it usually says nine
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2 years ago, Penelp
Feel good
It boosts your confidence a bit
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2 years ago, washuuusama11
Not Accurate!
I have standard photos of women from their 20s, 30s, and 40s, all comparable in terms or “beauty.” This did not get one of them correct!! Two stars for fun, but entertainment only!
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2 years ago, sofiaannamaria
Very accurate!
Does a great job
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2 years ago, BAM875
Guesses everyone as 10 years younger than they are
Use this if you want an ego boost not an accurate estimate
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2 years ago, surfdude420
Pretty solid. Liked it because it guessed my age correctly
Very fun app
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2 years ago, cloverforever
Fun to use
Enjoyed using this with friends!
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3 years ago, Melloworchid
Pretty entertaining
Left 4 cause it’s pretty cheap entertainment and not involved much.
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2 years ago, Chesdarith
Fun app!
Pretty accurate, +/- four years…
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10 months ago, MaliStacey
Updated App = OLD
A couple of months ago they updated the app to make people appear older. A photo I ran of myself a year ago said 38, now it says 63! I wouldn’t recommend this app.
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2 years ago, people future
It’s pretty good I guess but could have done better
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2 years ago, Cindalpaml
Don’t know that it’s that accurate but it’s fun
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1 year ago, APF05
What is my age
Seems to be spot on ! Thanks !
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2 years ago, alyelluke
Fun app!
Easy to use, fun to play around with!
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2 years ago, art oldies
Still not convinced this really shows close to your age.
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2 years ago, funkyfannypack
It made my sister look 18 hahahahahaha
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8 months ago, DJ Boy121
Awesome 👍
I am really surprised from this app.
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2 years ago, Ray987123
Too flattering
I’m 71 but it guessed 62 for one photo an 59 for another. I love being lied to!
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1 year ago, wizofahs
Home wrecker!
It puts my wife’s age 20 years beyond mine!
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12 months ago, Deb_MSW
Changed algorithm?
A photo used a few months back is now showing 18 years older. My 29 year old granddaughter with a flawless, wrinkle-free complexion came up as 48! But,hey, it’s free.
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