Face Swap Booth Photo Changer

4.4 (3.1K)
36.6 MB
Age rating
Current version
Revosoft Technologies PTY LTD
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Face Swap Booth Photo Changer

4.36 out of 5
3.1K Ratings
7 years ago, Turbosonicbear
Good but comes at a price
I've been using this app for a while now and have enjoyed it very much but if you're using free version be prepared to see a ton of ads and blocked out content
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7 years ago, Diabetic Mom 0282
Might Be Good
I’m sure that this program might be good, it would be nice to be able to match skin a little bit better, but I think my real pet peeve is that I have paid for the premium service and I have the receipt and I contacted customer service, you name it but I keep getting messages saying that this feature is locked and I must purchase the premium update. I already did that within an hour of playing with the app. Since I can’t seem to get anybody at customer service I contacted Apple and they try to help me to no avail. I gave it three stars because I think there’s potential here I did not give it five stars or four stars because I can’t access the potential,
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3 years ago, TheRealPorkchop
Was a GREAT app until…
You started having to pay just to take your own pics and swap faces from other pics that were also your own. Why? Why not an option to buy the app for a buck or two and then if you want extra pics included or the ability to upload to FB or whatever, then require a subscription. To use this app with your own pics and save those right back to your phone shouldn’t require a monthly subscription. It was a great app that I’d have gladly paid a few bucks for but I’m not paying a subscription to fake a few of my own personal pics.
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6 years ago, tatty1220
Made me smile
It is one of the most interesting apps that I have run into I use it just about every day I’ve swapped faces with about everybody my family I’m glad they made it easy enough for people like me can understand the concept of how to use this app it’s pretty easy and I’m grateful to wear made it they should make more stuff like this so that us old folks can stay up on the new applications as well thank you.
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6 months ago, Fun-bob31
Great app
This app works great and is a lot of fun ! The only thing I wish it had was a way to custom cut the face out , some face shapes need that . You can’t do sunglasses without getting background also but I still love playing with this app !! It would be great to have a airbrush feature and a way to fade face out and in to match size and location of face!
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6 years ago, Lolowiggles
Bought premium, should not have
Quickly realized that the free app doesn't let you do much, so I shelled out $4.99 thinking I'd get access to everything. Nope. First of all, the tutorial tells you how to use the advanced editing tools, but there is then no way to GET to those editing tools. The "settings" and "tool" icons are just nowhere to be found. You can basically only pull up a picture, then put a face in it, then save. And that's it. In order to go back and start over, you have to close out the whole app. Really wish I could get my money back /-:
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4 years ago, ElleJay11
Don’t even bother
Talk about the buggiest and lamest app ever. Incredibly difficult to manipulate photos (the whole purpose of the app). It shoots up an ad almost every 5 seconds where you have to wait an additional 5 sec before continuing. It detects screenshots and puts permanent watermarks over your photos. Anything cool you want to do you’ll have to upgrade. Can’t save any photos to your camera unless you upgrade. Don’t waste your time because if the paid version is ANYTHING like the free than you’ve 100% wasted your time and money.
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6 years ago, Xinaeve
Xmas cards this year were a breeze! No more wrangling kids and dealing with forced smiles. Swapped out heads (easiest with multiple photos in same position) and presto! Had tons of friends asking how I got my 3 boys to all look at camera and smile/laugh. When I told them about this app they couldn’t believe it bc it looked so real!
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5 years ago, gatorboy77
Face swap
I really love this app. It’s awesome to use and very user friendly. I’ve tried other apps similar to this one but they don’t offer the same results and are limited in what you can do with the images. I would recommend face swap if you like a cool app that’s fun to use.
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7 years ago, Atlast Clothing
Wow! Flawless Performance
I’ve used this application for two years and absolutely love every aspect of it. I’m by no means a computer guy and this app makes me feel like a whiz. So easy and impressive that your friends will think you’ve learned photoshop overnight
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6 years ago, SarahLc2210
Difficult to unsubscribe
I have emailed to unsubscribe for my free trial a few hours after attempting to get a face placed perfectly. When previewing the photo it looks fine. After you click the check mark the face moves. I have now taken another 45 mins just figure out how to unsubscribe. IT IS NOT EASY!!! Beware! I’m not sure I have successfully done so yet
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8 months ago, Kiester3
Works great.
Sometimes there’s issues with the app for a day or so after IOS updates but they are quick to address the issues. Thank you.
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7 years ago, CJones__718
I search through the app store for a fun face swap aff not realizing so many were out there. I tried several before downloading this one, and I must say Face Swap blew me away. The pics look amazing and when blended look even more realistic. Best Face Swap app in the app store.
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7 years ago, Antonio Haile
Virus. Waste of my time , don't download !!!
This is my first review of an app, I had to review this app because I've never had such a waste of my time before. You can edit your pics but you can't save. In order to save a picture you must upgrade to the premium version of the app. Who in their right mind edit a picture just to edit it but don't wanna save it. Then if you screenshot the picture it puts a watermark over the entire app.
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5 years ago, SavvyLady28
Problem with face moving way off position!!
Just the past few days, when I try to place a face and it is in the correct position, when I tap the check to finalize the photo, the new face moves way out of line. This continues to happen! Please correct this problem. Or tell me how to fix it. I don’t want to delete and download your App again, because I will lose all of my saved faces. Thanks.
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7 years ago, little c-dog
What a app
This is such a fun app. I have loved taking my old family photos and switching everybody's faces around. Its a great working app that makes it easy to change pictures around. Totally love it!
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6 years ago, Schneezeru
Unique and Creative
I have not come upon an app like this before, it does so much more than its name implies, yet is so concise and intuitive it is remarkably easy to use. I am really impressed and highly recommend.
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6 years ago, MackBoylan
Fun on Facebook
Kool app...especially when joking with friends and family pictures! You can really show case your talents and ingenuity with face app. My Brother uses it to take pictures of his children. I
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3 years ago, Jo mamum
You owe me $5
I paid 5 dollars for this app years ago. Then you changed it to monthly subscription and didn’t grandfather your existing customers in who you originally sold full access to for 5 bucks. Poor business decision I would not recommend ever paying this developer as they have no problem changing the terms afterwards.
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5 years ago, The pervert painter
Re-venge This app is easy to use and what Arabi little bit of practice
This app served me very well and getting revenge on some of my enemies by pasting the pictures on some embarrassing photos of others misfortune
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6 years ago, Melting clocks
Not free at all. Junk.
You can’t save ANY pictures to camera roll without buying premium upgrade. That means this app IS NOT FREE. Also, invasive ads popped up between every action I tried to do on the photo, some of which tried to force me to download other content. Bait and switch, lying, whatever you want to call it, I don’t need misleading, dishonest people or their stupid app in my life. Buh bye. Already uninstalled.
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5 years ago, Art SD
Works great
The app works well and is intuitive to use. I tried a few other apps and struggled with them. This app is easy to use and allows for lots of fun swapping faces..
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6 years ago, Hdducnwksodhdb
Good app but too limited!
The idea behind this app is awesome but they intentionally make the free version extremely limited, forcing you to pay money if you want to unlock the things you thought you were getting when downloaded.
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5 years ago, bandito7702
Simple and entertaining way to occupy your time. If you’re into memes, or making hilarious pictures you have to check out this app!!!
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6 years ago, Thatpachick
Face Swap
Once you get use to it, it’s a nice little app. I would say give it a try. It’s very simple, and a lot better than others you come across.
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5 years ago, Huntington 1314
My review
I love this game so much and I like how you can actually get a celebrity and put your pictures and switch with another celebrity picture and it’s really cool
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7 years ago, krpope
Love this app! With two little ones who it's almost impossible to catch smiling at the same moment this app allows me to create that perfect picture!!
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5 years ago, BellaSouLs
Edited face jumps off as you hit save
The app is severely malfunctioning! Once you've edited your photo to your liking the saved face jumps off, as you're saving your the photo, putting the edited version right beside the original instead of on top of it. This is happening in the paid version. Very disappointing as it requires intense patience to navigate the face swap tool.
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6 years ago, Merry Ling
Face swap booth changers
I wish it has the retouch function at the same time for after the photo in place. So far program needs to improve better.
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7 years ago, Reviewman96
Not Free
You gotta pay money just to save to camera roll (of course unless you screenshot) but, of course, otherwise a fine app
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7 years ago, 1st degree burn
So far, so good
Having fun with this app so far. The ability to use both personal and public pics is a plus. Can't wait to see what else I ca do with this!
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6 years ago, Hilarious for friends
Very fun and extremely hilarious
Me and my friends enjoy putting faces on everything starting a battle of back and forth. It’s super hilarious and the app is amazing.
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7 years ago, Thesprintingchef
Redownload fail
I bought the full version on my old phone, phone broke, app won't work on the new phone.
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6 years ago, nephroneis
Works Great!
Exactly what I was looking for with lots of options. Doesn’t limit you to swapping faces in the same photo or from stock photos. Great boundary detection algorithms.
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7 years ago, Libinitarius
Really fun
This app is pretty funny and very easy to use. Makes pictures hilarious especially when you post them to fb haha
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6 years ago, setareh h
About the app
I really like your app but this screen shot protectet kinda thing is a little annoying... but this is the best app for face changing ever! Thank u.
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3 years ago, Devilstoy
This app was perfect for what I used it for and been using it for years , all of a sudden I open it up and they want $20 a year ? You guys are greedy , no way I’m paying that much , if it was a one time fee if 10 or even 20 dollars then maybe but not yearly , you guys lost your mind
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5 years ago, GAD72
Easy to use.
I’m still new to the app but the controls seem pretty intuitive so far. That’s what I need, I’m not terribly tech savvy.
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6 years ago, Gvohhuggfg
I really love this
It is help me with so many things like trying to make funny greeting cards and everything
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7 years ago, Caleb Paucar
This is the best EDITING app I've ever seen and used. It is hilarious. I recommend u to buy this.
This is the best EDITING app I've ever seen and used. It is hilarious. I recommend u to buy this.
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5 years ago, ramoaige
Lots of Fun!
Been using this app for a few weeks now and I just say, I’ve had a lot of fun using it! 5 stars for sure!!
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6 years ago, michae J
Fun App
This app is great for both kids and adults. It’s really fun and interactive. Editing is really easy too. Highly recommended
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7 years ago, Hmh6522
Awesome App!
What once took hours of photoshopping, is now simple magic with this app. Super user-friendly and high quality, hilarious results.
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7 years ago, Slot player14432
Pretty fun app
It's really cool that you can say faces to use for later, wish you could save photos to your camera roll without the full version
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5 years ago, Hogan Pendergraph
First review says it all
Same exact experience and opinion as the first reviewer, of the all-around quality of the app. As well as the trouble in dealing with the purchasing and customer service flaws.
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6 years ago, one peep
Awesome fun app
This app is easy to use, and it shows the face so very well. I used it to see haw a new haircut might look on me and it really helped me decide. Great app.
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6 years ago, Tats4u36
Face swap
This app is very cool it would be nice If you could change skin color but for the most part it’s a free app unless you upgrade
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7 years ago, BrightAngelEyes
Great app
This app allows you to upload your own pics and save as many face clips necessary!
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7 years ago, Ls_fresh72
Absolutely fun!!
The creative ways to design a face swap is amazing in the app. I can't stop using the features and makes for a great time!
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3 years ago, mniemaihabd
App switched to subscription model and paywalled features
Pretty sure this is in violation of the App Store rules, but they’ve now disabled saving a picture, saving more than 5 faces, among other features, for people who purchased this app years ago. Pretty bad, and in violation of App Store policy.
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