FaceSym - Facial Symmetry Test

1.8 (4)
16.7 MB
Age rating
Current version
Aleksandr Romanchev
Last update
2 years ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for FaceSym - Facial Symmetry Test

1.75 out of 5
4 Ratings
6 years ago, תחניקה נשים
Poor features, well none actually
It doesn’t let you do simple things like adjust the red line to be in the middle of the face, or let you adjust the “distance” from the “camera perspective”. This results in weird pinched or stretched facial features. You can do better.
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5 years ago, gabriellenor19
Stuck on Ads!
Some ads, especially for games, will not provide an exit sign or go away on their own until the app is restarted. These ads would pop up before I could see the finished product of the symmetry. Secondly, the symmetry & overall features were underwhelming. There was no way to manipulate a photo other than putting it where you wanted the center line to be. No zooming or rotating was available.
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8 years ago, Em01918
It allows you to adjust your picture and make the division down the center of your face and then gives you three pictures. It is easy to use and nice layout.
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9 years ago, CrimDefenseLawyer
Could be okay, but isn't.
Looks like it could be a fun app, but unless the photo you're using is exactly centered, there is no way to adjust the center line, making this worthless. Just add the ability to shift the photo or line (plus tilt) and this will work as intended.
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6 years ago, LisaRussellDotOrg
Doesn’t do anything...
So you line it up on your face, take the picture, it shows you the picture (not aligned with the line so you have to readjust it) and then... nothing. There’s literally nothing to see after that. It doesn’t give you options or even alter the image at all. This is disappointing.
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9 years ago, michysstuff
Unless you have the full version you're spammed with ads for a good 5 minutes
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5 years ago, rachelsreviews
Terrible excuse for an app.
I downloaded this for fun and wasn’t able to view the final photo for more than a second due to an ad popping up. Even after waiting an appropriate amount of time, there was no way to exit the ad. This problem occurred multiple times.
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7 years ago, 35632457
Can you see your face with two lefts or two rights? That's what I was trying to do but can't seem to figure it out.
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8 years ago, eyeheartdesign
Annoying ads
Deleted it because of ads. Also doesn't allow much photo adjustment, such as moving or rating a pic to make sure the dividing line is truly centered on the face.
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8 years ago, Verucav
Ads are awful
Cool app, but the ads killed it. Uninstalled within five minutes of downloading.
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6 years ago, Cole.Rose1
It does exactly what it say. Mirror a picture.
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5 years ago, sammysamo
Long ads
The ads are so long that I lost interest in the app. Even when you make a slight adjustment it makes you watch a long ad.
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7 years ago, Ehhhhhh meh
Makes No sense
It should perfectly take a picture 4 u but instead we have to take a bad pic and it does not line it up
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7 years ago, Dr. App-guy123
A LOT of adds, but in the end I guess it's worth it. The pictures are pretty good.
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7 years ago, jay-p1972
I have so much fun with this app
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7 years ago, Snappy crappy app detector
Crappy app alert!
Please don't waste money on this app. It doesn't work as advertised. Very difficult to use. NOT WORTH THE MONEY despite being (like a what?) two dollar app.
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6 years ago, autumnbreedlove
This app is trash, it doesn’t even work. There’s also adds you can’t close out of that last a minute.
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8 years ago, Jesse_AU
Fun. Would love more features (like tilting photo, high res, etc.)
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9 years ago, gimmieSouthernBob
Can't do anything without seeing a bunch of ads first!
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8 years ago, Bahamas bound
It doesn't let you adjust the photo at all so it's always off
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6 years ago, yalreadyknowtho
Unbelievably long ads
Literally over a minute long
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7 years ago, Alfonso dG
Doesn't really do anything
A facial symmetry app should calculate symmetry points and compare them to a database. This is just a digital mirror.
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7 years ago, Zary Ares
Does not work.
Test your app thoroughly before submitting it to the store
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9 years ago, Dutch 1571
Don't waste your time
Flushed a buck down the toilet. Lame.
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7 years ago, 73648562838462
Dumb, don't download
There's no point in downloading it. It is not a good app.
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