Famous Birthdays

4.8 (9.9K)
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Famous Birthdays
Last update
1 month ago
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13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Famous Birthdays

4.78 out of 5
9.9K Ratings
2 years ago, haly not so fat hot
Amazing app but
Amazing app but can you add Lucy Clifford shes a author who died in 1929 born 1846 she was the OG writer for Coraline og book was called pear drum the new mother and please add Ella Harper she was a freak show performer back when they were popular her knees bent the other way like normal knees but the other way around her plan was to get a lot of money from freak shows to go off to school and have a normal if it was easier to walk on all fours because the way her knees bent she went off to. School after she got the money And can you add the monkey man ( I don’t know his name ) he was also part of a freak show same era I think he had sooo much hair he maid lots of money out of freak shows he was able to retire at 35 but sadly died at 40 he was able to return to his birth place his mother thought she was cursed because his father got attacked by a lion when she was pregnant she also thaught he was a monster so she gave him away but little did she know he was medical disease I forgot what it was called witch maid him grow lots of lots of hair
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3 years ago, aka.ayefaam
Was an awesome app at first, now it’s not
When I first got this app a few years ago it was a really fun and useful app. I could easily search up celebs and learn about their lives, see their birthdays and sign, and could get notifs when it was a certain celebs birthday if I asked to notify me about them. But, for a while, the app wasn’t as easy to maneuver with the adds that popped up and caused for some glitching. The notifications for celeb profiles stopped working even when I had notifs on and pressed the “notify” button under a celeb profile. I don’t know what that was about but I dealt with it. Now, recently the app hasn’t been running as smoothly in general as it’s EXTREMELY laggy and glitchy. It will constantly take for ever to load a profile, then freeze, then boot me out of the app a few times before it’s even semi functional and smooth. When I click on a profile it will show up completely blank sometimes and I have to reopen the app for it to show properly. And only recently for the past several months this year the celeb notifications started working again on its own… I don’t know what that was about, I’m glad it’s working again, but this app hasn’t been consistent and reliable lately and I’m really disappointed as I’ve never had issues with it when I first got it! only recently has it been dysfunctional! The idea of the app is honestly life changing and convenient but the execution and performance of it recently makes it not even worth having anymore :(
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3 days ago, Dandielayla
Ads and software update
The ads on the famous birthdays app are really annoying, and tiring!! Plz get rid of them in the next update, and I’m begging u guys bc the last one that I did said ads which I didn’t ask for. Are u guys begging for money, and or sponsoring other advertisers!! I’m really sry, and not trying to be mean. I’ve asked the company, and even messaged them to fix the ad problem which they haven’t done yet!! Can u guys plz see this, and do something about it instead of ignoring my requests famous birthdays? In the next update u guys do plz take out the ads on the bottom of the app, and it’s starting to get annoying. U guys need to make this ad free, and sick of the ads!! Look there never used to be ads on the app, and now u guys put them back on there. I don’t understand why famous birthdays did that, and should’ve left the app alone!! Plz make it ad free in the next update, and it was better w/o it. Can u guys plz make this app ad free, and the AppStore didn’t say that yet 😔!! If u don’t fix the ad problem on the bottom then I’m never touching this app again, and until it’s fixed. Ever since I had the app it has a lot of ads, and don’t really care 😒 for it!! Plz make the app ad free, and u guys never did that. This is a 2 star review, and bc it’s still not ad free!! It’s 1 month ago since u last updated, and the ads are still there.
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2 years ago, Someone that plays this gae
𝔸𝕞𝕒𝕫𝕚𝕟𝕘 𝕓𝕦𝕥 𝕟𝕠𝕥 𝟝 𝕤𝕥𝕒𝕣
Famous birthdays is awfully great. You can see a celebritys birth sign, the day they were born, their life before Fame, and all of that stuff. Although one thing, the population of the celebs is off. For example, Piper Rockelle is NOT more famous than Ariana Grande. I understand that's not the apps fault, because the population of the celebs depend on how many people boost them, but still, the app should have more control over that. Second thought, how is Charli Damelio the most famous person is the world! I understand, most people have heard of her, but most people arent fans of her! But back to the good things, I like how you can do quizzes on the celebs. The app itself is great by telling about the celebs life and interests. I use this app a lot to give myself info about some of my favorite celebrities. I go on it a lot to see if any people I know/heard of has a birthday that day. Although I love how it shows population and info about movies, songs, games, and tv shows as well! Overall, it's a great app, but not 5 star due too the population area, although very useful and I highly recommend! -(◍•ᴗ•◍)♡ ✧*。
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12 months ago, Bia🌸🦋🩷🩵💜
I really like this app BECAUSE :
I can find every famous person I know, and I Bost because most of the people that I know are famous, but I wish that you could search up a Family in which show that Family and I wish you could put a picture of yourself and whatever you search up your name you can put a picture of yourself and you can put pick a lot of different pictures and you can put all about that person you can put all your friends on your family whenever you search up their name boom you see them and you can do a lot of stuff to do like little avatar
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5 years ago, doodledog1024
Just One Issue
I like this app because I don’t have to just google celebrities, as this sometimes doesn’t give me everything I wanted to know. There is just one problem. In this new update, right under the person’s picture there is when they were born, where they are from, and their sign. This text used to be black but is now white, which makes it harder to read. You don’t necessarily have to fix it, but I’m sure it would help a lot of people. Or maybe it’s just me. I don’t know 🤷🏽‍♀️
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2 years ago, The epiccccc gamer
I like the app but..
I like this app it is very fun to see what days people were born on but it used to be so much better before tiktok. Don’t get me wrong I love tiktok but they’re so many “tiktok stars” and it is hard to find actual really famous people for example on august 28 at least 3 tiktok stars are ahead of the queen of crossover country Shania Twain and i think that is really not okay. I know the times are changing but this has really got to change.
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3 months ago, fgdhehbdbmsgfgnsjfjsj
Love this but pls fix one small mistake
This is one of the most genius apps ever. I love this app so much and give it 4 stars. There is one issue though. Whenever I play a game, for example who ranks higher, the last of the 4 options are covered by the bar to find what you want. It would be cool if you added a button of some kind to hide the bar so the 4th option can show. Thanks, an anonymous user that checks this app daily multiple times. Update: GET RID OF THE AD BAR AT THE BOTTOM! IT COVERS UP EVERYTHING INCLUDING THE BUTTONS TO GET THR PAGE U WANT! THIS APP WAS PERFECT UNTIL U ADDED ADS A FEW DAYS AGO! 😡
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5 years ago, Zack E Blount
The app is not showing my notifications and I look up celebrities (and I spell their name right) and even when I look up a birthdate. It will NOT work. I don’t know what the heck is going. I deleted the app and download the app again and I’m still having those problems. I really want you guys to fix this please.
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4 years ago, OliviaLivFolky
Where's the back button?
This app is great and I love the trivia games on it. I definitely would recommend it. It is so much easier than just using our defeat browser because it gives you everything you need and want to know. But I do have one complaint. When there are no pictures for people there is no back button. I'm not sure if it's just me and I'm missing something but if I am right can you ease fix this. But overall it is an amazing app.
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4 years ago, thesearestupidads
I used to love this app and see every famous persons birthdays but I’m getting a little frustrated with the fact that you can’t even look up a person without an unnecessary ad showing up. It’s not even different ones, it’s the same one every single time, and these ads are 30s long with nearly any skips.I would recommend this app if you have the patience to sit constant ads every person you search. Also I have had this app for a long time and this app did not have theses ads before until now and that’s what makes this so frustrating and make me not want to open the app.
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5 years ago, natsu1228
One thing I would like to change
I really do love this app but one thing I would like to change is that this app should let you make your own account. I wish it would let you log in via making an account and not just ask to log in with phone number or email, but just make an account with google account or any social media account connected to that account. Overall this is a really good app that lets me see celebrities birthdays.
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5 years ago, WATSSSupPEOPLE
Not too good...
This app has really popular people on the bottom of the most popular list and irrelevant people on the top that no one has ever heard of. Also Jacob satorious is not the most popular anymore but no matter what he is at the top of the list and the list does not change. It is really annoying because honestly Jacob satorious and Annie lablanc are pretty much falling off. So I really would like for the app to change it for once and have an accurate list. And also it doesn’t say how people died and they hardly have any pictures for some celebrities.
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4 months ago, Chickenbutt😜
This app is just like the website I love famous birthdays it lets you get to know the celebrities and their birthdays. Me personally I like to search up celebrities that have the same birthday as me and famous birthday has that! And their zodiac I mean like it’s a win win with this one you gotta get the app it tells you all about the celebs too
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3 years ago, dhhchcdydg
Oh my god this app is so amazing just download it right now if you’re reading this so you can press notifications on the people where it says like birthday is the notifies you when it’s your birthday and you don’t have to look on the app it’s amazing and also go check out rec room it’s amazing this is Bella harms and I am out.
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5 years ago, aquarius acto
Update and Fix Bugs
Take down the writing feature because I am pretty sure when you write one it doesn’t pop up at any time. The famous people biographies need to be updated at least every month. When I double tap the home button on my IPhone to see my other apps and go back into the app it freezes, so now I have to double press my home button again to exit out the app and it keeps doing it every time I look at other apps at the same time. You need to fix these problems.
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4 years ago, LBJ23CavsBR2608
I love it so so much
It is so easy to use. It shows the top 45 birthdays everyday and the next day. So easy to use. One of the best apps I have used in my life. Everyone should try this out, you will love it the day you start. If I could I would give a all the stars in the world to rate this app. I love this app and hope you do too.👍
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5 years ago, Defend hdvjtdh
Whoever made this is genius
This is awesome! Now I get to find my favorite celebrities and info, birthday, age, etc. There’s also trivia, which is so awesome! Thanks, but can you fix the “In entertainment” thing? If I look at the category, like if it was today, I’d see it, but if I look it up it goes back to the home. So please fix, this is still good
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11 months ago, sadiecupcack07
Just one problem
I love this app it’s amazing but I just updated it yesterday day and now there is no notification button and I can’t see who I have notifications for I would if u could pls fix that But other than that the app is amazing
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6 years ago, JesusBoiii
I love this app
It’s really cool to search myself up on the app or websites. It’s also cool how they have some information of my life on my profile. Not only that but I love searching up other celebrities and know more about them and how they became a big star! Make sure to boost me, my name is “JesusBoiii.”
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6 years ago, Telling about junky apps
It’s ok but needs improvement
I do really enjoy this app, but the pictures of stars and some information is old and can be updated. Also, on the app the top stars are Tik Tok teenagers, which doesn’t make sense as they are above such stars as Michael Jackson, Beyoncé, and a lot of famous rap and pop stars. The rating of most popular just isn’t realistic if an adult is using the app, who wouldn’t know who Baby Ariel is but would surely know who Michael Jackson
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2 years ago, TylerABurns
Notifications & Mini Bios
I love this app, yet I am getting birthday notifications and no news or milestones; what is up with that? I do like getting what seems like a mini-bio about anyone I want! It's so cool to see where my favorite celebrities are from, and knowing when their birthday is, is so fun! I love watching the videos too!!
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4 years ago, Samntha.Reeder24
I love it but just one problem
I love this app don’t get me wrong and forever I had been going to Google and looking up Famous Birthdays until I found out there was an app and I got it the only thing I don’t like about this app is that there are ads almost all the time whenever you click something
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4 years ago, Saramazing101
Love this app always go on it if I need to look up a birthday or to see who’s birthday it is they also put out really entertaining videos of celebrities such as Mackenzie Ziegler Charli damelio and Annie Leblanc and more love love love this app and I definitely give it 5 stars with no hesitation!!
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1 year ago, Souheib*
Great app, just one concern
This is a great app to use to look up people actors, musicians, and what not.. However I would truly appreciate it if we could rotate the app in any direction especially when we use our devices horizontally. Other than that it works fine
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5 years ago, never meet me
So great
I can know when my favorite famous person and I know their zodiac sign too there is no ads either and I think that is so awesome and if you are thinking about getting this app and looking at the reviews you should get this app 😜
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5 years ago, Maddy1456
One tiny complaint
I think this game is amazing but I have on little complaint. So where it says where they die, I wish it would say how they died. I still think Famous Birthdays is an amazing app. I would definitely recommend it.
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7 years ago, Jishwua
Good but there’s a glitch
This app is really good. I can search a celebrity and it’ll give me their birthday a short biography. However, lately, when I go to search a person, it won’t let me see what I am typing. I’m not sure wether or not it’s a glitch or maybe it’s because of an update, but please fix it
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1 year ago, akeaya
I’m having problem turning on the notifications for the app in the setting , but it doesn’t show a notification sign on there , how can I fix that
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4 months ago, I < 3 animals
If you are thinking of downloading this app you should. It shows My fav celebrities and interesting thing about them and that’s why you should download famous birthdays
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4 years ago, KâTë
Would be a 5 but......
Literally I LOVE this app! It’s great. I don’t have google celebrities I can just go on here ad I trust it. But this new update they have sooooo many ads and it soooo annoying. They never used to have any ads and now every time you go on you get at least one ad. But they than that we love.
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1 year ago, star 24 wr
I think y’all should update the pictures because when you search up an age they are usually pictures when they were younger. I also think y’all could add more info in a list instead of a paragraph. Other then that it is a great app.
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10 months ago, Donut_lover🍩
This takes so much commitment
This app helps when I trying to see what celebrities birthdays is it this day and that this and that just amazing I can’t begin telling how amusing this app is
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4 years ago, It's ok, but.....
Can you make a few changes?? Otherwise it’s great
Could you maybe do a guess the post?? And people that have no pics can we find some for them (that sounds so creepy) 🤣 but in a non creepy way?!? -Nae 🖤
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5 years ago, lazy acorn
someone you should add
There are many famous people that I’m interested to look who’s birthday it is or when they are born. But, I searched cliff savage, and he was not there. Question, how popular do you have to be to get on famous birthdays.
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3 years ago, JessicaLiu2011
Why I give this a four star
I like this app but there is one thing I don’t like. It’s that it doesn’t update. The app can‘t seem to find the people I search。I prefer the google one before they opened this app。 So I would get this app but it doesn't show some celebrities。
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1 year ago, Bippity boppity boooo
Amazing but
This app is amazing but you know The Who am I? Quiz? They had names but none of them are correct! It’s really annoying but other than that it’s an great app I recommend it.
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4 years ago, carly pflanz
I love this app because you can do so many things on it. You can play games, look at who’s birthday it is, see whos trending and many more. I love this app and I go on it for 30 minutes a day!!! Definitely recommend!!
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5 years ago, cute cats on rainbows
Why it can be a good game...
It’s like very fun vids,age and games! I love the app all day I cheek which famous birthday is coming up! I likeSearching my fav YouTubers! I also like playing fun games is good! 5 stars for me :))) make sure to go download it! FREE!!!!!! Bye this the end ik it’s short but that’s ok five stars!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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5 years ago, 1# Greatest Showman Lover
Could be better.
I LOVE this app! I’ve probably looked up 100 people. My one concern is they don’t have all the movies I’ve seen. And they don’t interview every person. And they don’t have videos or pictures for everybody.
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3 years ago, Lyla Karnes
My opinion about famous b-days
This app is so cool! I can see famous peoples birthdays like tomorrow birthdays and today’s birthdays instead of having to search them up. I love famous b-days so much!
Show more
6 years ago, ani1399
I love this but
I absolutely love the app but I think that there should be a feature to let you add a new picture to the person, I saw a person it said they were nine, it was a family member but the picture was still a newborn, I love the app though!
Show more
6 months ago, 👉🏾👌 🍆
Good app
I like this app I get to see my favorite artists birthdays(hints the app name) I think it’s pretty cool the only thing is this one celebrity I know well YouTuber I know his name is wakawaka something and he has no information about him witch is Kinda weird. But great app.
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1 year ago, mr. Cinquenta
So helpful
It is so helpful to know if your favorite celebrities birthday is like I didn’t know any of these celebrities birthdays are today, so this is why you should get famous birthdays
Show more
4 years ago, djjsoamnakla
Absolutely fantastic.....
Nothing wrong with this app I love to see my favorite celebrities on an app instead of having to google it and I love how it tells me about there life. I just love this app and I am never going to delete it
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6 years ago, woodysg1
Feeds my need
I love seeing who is either older or younger than me! Sad part is, there are soooooo many young people and that makes me feel so old. Lol. Looking forward to checking out the new video format.
Show more
7 years ago, Quaillord
Very cool!
I like it because you can see if a famous person you know or have just found out about from the app shares a birthday with you or your friends and family!
Show more
7 months ago, Krissy pooh❤️
Krishelle Williams
This app is 5 stars because I can Learn so much about rappers,YouTube stars, birthday stars ,and more. And share this with your people too. Definitely recommend this app!!!!!🫶😍
Show more
1 year ago, sanaa neal
it’s really good to figure out birthdays, and movies and stuff but some of the things that were on here originally could be fixed.
Show more
4 years ago, laurenstrand_7
Super Helpful
I love this app because it tells me whose birthday is when, and who has the same birthday as me or my friends! I also like that you can learn about the person too!!!
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