Fart World

4.7 (20.6K)
119.2 MB
Age rating
Current version
Gabriel Jacobs
Last update
3 months ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Fart World

4.67 out of 5
20.6K Ratings
8 months ago, Urdgtwdgyrd
When my four-year-old niece fell teeth-first into a concrete hearth with a loud smack that made adults cringe in an “oooh, that had to hurt” kind of way and ran bawling into her mother's arms, I swiftly opened my "Fart World" app, knelt before her, and presented the field of fluffy white clouds against a bright blue sky: "Quick," I said, "touch a cloud!” So she did, and one would have thought I had waved a magic wand over the trembling child, for no sooner had Fart World let one fly did she instantaneously erupt into a musical bouquet of kid giggles of the most adorable sort to bless human ears. A collective sigh of relief; Fart World had saved the day. Having a rough time? Touch a cloud and put things back in perspective. Like strong medicine, Fart World turns misery to glee, kills the pain and keeps me sane. Fart World to the rescue! Thank you, Fart World!!! 🤗💕
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3 years ago, Turtl3ballistix
App is fun but a huge flaw with the ads is in it. Parents beware!
The fart sounds are great and hilarious for kids but the way the ads work are horrible and someone needs to be fired for them. First of all in the free version you can make about 8-10 dart sounds before an ad pops up. I don’t mind ads but before an ad is selected to play it asks if you are 15 and younger or 16 and older. The app clearly says it’s for 4 year olds and older. My 5 year old doesn’t know how to fully read yet and so he just selected the first option, 16 and older, and was exposed to an Ad that had pictures of Disney Princess in compromising situations. He was horrified and was scared to tell me because he already was having a lot of fun with the fart sounds and didn’t want the app to be deleted. I found out about the vulgar ads and ended up buying the option to get rid of the ads so my son could still have the fart sounds. The ads need to change or have some kind of age restriction more than asking right before the ad comes up. That or just have family friendly ads that don’t automatically pop up with NSFW images.
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3 years ago, mark the magnificent shark
Best app ever
I really enjoy this app. I got it to prank my roommate. I was just sitting on the couch next to him. Said his name (mack), lifted my leg, pressed #20 and let the app do the rest. It's honestly changed our dynamic. Now he thinks I'm funny which is HUGE. It really helped my confidence grow and now my life is moving in a direction that is unstoppable. To take things to the next level I'm hooking my phone up to a Bluetooth speaker. I open the window and wait for people to walk by my living room. Once I see a victim I blast the fart app!!!! You should see the embarrassment on their facesz. This app is electric.
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4 years ago, Armcannon9
The best app
This app is the best. I will give you 5 stars if you allow me to purchase the premium sounds for unlimited usage instead of watching an ad every time I want to use them. Would be much better. Also turn the sound off on the opening graphic. Its unnecessary and makes the app that much harder to be discrete. Another thing that's changed that I don't understand...you could layer the farts before. Now this is no longer a thing. Now when you play a new sound, it cuts out the current sound. It's so much less rewarding. Please return it to the way it was. Do you take user submissions? Edit: they actually changed it so you dont need to watch an ad. Perfect. I changed my rating in response. They also made the opening sound so its a swish sound instead of an actual fart. Much better imo. Would still be better if it was completely silent, but this is a nice change.
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12 months ago, usghdjssjsggqvava
This game saved my life,
I was no longer a man, I was emo. My wife was leaving me and she was taking the kids and the dog. I was fired from my job and I had to work at McDonald’s. I was so depressed, my life was over. Then I downloaded a fart world, and my life changed! Everything started to get better, mrbeast gave me a million dollars, and now I am rich and have so many ladies, my wife came crawling back to me, but I rejected her and took my children and my dog, I’m now living my best life with my 200 wives and dog and children, thank you Fart World.
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1 year ago, jdkskgie
My grandson loves this game!
Hello, I recently downloaded this game for my grandson, Joey, who is 5 years old. I got this game on my iPad as a way to keep him entertained while him and his mother visit my house, and oh boy is it a hoot! Joey will take the iPad and be entertained for hours! He does nothing but giggle at the silly noises. Personally, I do not understand the appeal of a farting Santa Claus, but if it keeps him from throwing a temper tantrum, sign me up! Sometimes, my daughter Melissa and I even giggle at the fart noises. Thank you, developers! Love, Grandma Tracy
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3 years ago, jac animations!
Best app to Annoy my family with
I love the feature where you can send fart sounds to people, it’s really helpful to annoy my family. I also like you can make it rain Pooop, and the music plays in the background is amazing. I also love the video feature, it’s hilarious and I can add fart sounds it to my videos without having to use a video editor like usual, thank you for this amazing app I just have one request, can you add a diarrhea wet fart sound?😝😁😁😁😆
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3 years ago, otterfarter🥺🥺🥺🥺😩
This changed my life
I lost my wife to a drunken gambler, I was a depressed loser for years, waiting for her to come back. I downloaded Fart World as a way to cheer up and the moment I played the first noise, Everything changed. My wife left the gambler and came home to have constant sex with me. By the second fart sound millions of dollars had poured into my bank account. This app is the best thing that has ever happened to me. 10/10 Would reccomend 🤗
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4 years ago, jdkcidh
This game is so fun you can make different fart sound and trick siblings or parents or anyone near you that you’re actually farting it’s so funny you should definitely download this app if I can give it 10 stars I would this game is so funny 😂!!! And you can make songs and rap music out of Fart! Don’t listen to what other people say this game is great except on some devices it does not work but on a new 2020 iPod it works great so funny definitely download!
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5 years ago, ShadowThief06
High Quality Fart Immersions
This is one of the finest pieces of art I have yet laid my eyes upon. Exquisite high quality sound effects contribute to the immersion-rich experience. I, being a wealthy upper-class member, instantly purchased the premium farts. Absolutely no problems in the audio, what I expect in a high quality fart application. If you are an epic prankster gangster and you want to take part in some mischief, this is the application for you.
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3 years ago, pppppppppppppp headdd
Very nice game
Truly a delightful experience. As soon as I first downloaded this, I realized how powerful these sounds truly are. Ever since downloading it, I have gotten closer to God himself. Some sounds are so realistic and powerful that I can smell it through the screen. thank you for this experience and I shall be waiting for future updates. 5/5, would buy again.
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2 years ago, hensdjebdhdbbd
Farts are amazing
I absolutely love this game! There are so many farts and l try everyday to achieve every one of them! When you fart you feels relieved. Farts are so cool and sometimes when you fart you can smell it and even trap it in a jar and give it to your parents and when they open it they will be disgusted!!! Lol! Anyways farts are spectacular in so many ways!!!
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2 years ago, Fart Review
So realistic!
Wow, I’m so impressed with this app and have pranked my family many times with it. This is so funny and all the farts are different and unique. I love how you can make funny videos on here and then insert the fart sound when you are don’t filming it. Thank you to the person who made this app, I could not ask for more!
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5 years ago, delconte6
Fart world
Love the app but it’s not working right now , had it in my old phone and when the screen comes up I push the button to make the sound and it jumps back to my home screen of my apps got a new iPhone and downloaded it in my new phone and it does the something please check the app and see if it’s working ?
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3 years ago, fartlover1969
Fantastic app!
This app has so many fun gems - some obvious and a couple of hidden secrets. For example, if you double tap the “Fart” on the soundboard, you find a letter written by Benjamin Franklin about farting. So cool and funny. Thank you to Gabriel Jacobs for bringing more humor into my life, and thank you to Ben Franklin for helping debunk farting circa 1781! Ps - fart #11 is my favorite.
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4 years ago, Jvnorth
Months ago, my dad decided to download this app, since his toy that made a fart sound broke. We laughed SO hard at this app, that my brother and I decided to download this app on our iPads. I really like the new video feature, and I made videos of my toys, and they made my parents laugh! 5 stars!
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2 years ago, love_ rose336
This is a fun and hilarious app I love it there is not one thing that I don’t like about it! It’s free the adds aren’t that annoying to me. And it can make your family/friends whoever laugh plus there is fart music (my personal favorite lol). Anyways HIGHLY recommend this app !!
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5 months ago, Airplaneguy112802
Life changing
This app changed my life for the better, I now have a stable job, a wife, and kids, all thanks to this app. I was in a dark place before this app… and I must say these farts are simply exquisite… thank you for saving my life fart world🤎
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2 years ago, glitz452
Best game ever
This is the best game ever I would give this on a scale of one to 10 I would give it a 10 because it is you so funny but after a while it gets a little bit annoying so maybe a nine out of 10
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5 years ago, Rottsrool
Crap but fixed
One thing I will say is that the app started to crash and the developer contacted me to let me know the problem was now fixed. Now if all developers would do this it would be great. For this reason alone I’m giving 5 stars !
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2 years ago, Samuel W Anderson
Can’t Spam Fart Button Anymore
It used to be possible to spam the same fart button but pushing the same button more than once makes it stop 💨 still the best fart app though
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5 years ago, iiBored_Mxch
See I love to prank so I need them to sound like there real instead of out of a cartoon love the all other than that and I don’t understand why we need to pay for sounds that are basically the same then we already have even though you aren’t asking for much cash
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1 year ago, gmaster15367846069
Best app ever
My life changed when I downloaded this. I wouldn’t be the man I am today without this. The pure enjoyment that I get from this app is unmatched by anything else this world can offer. It is but the best app that will ever grace this beautiful earth.
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2 years ago, 121steph
The ultimate reason to download this…
Is to annoy the people behind the never ending scam calls. The utility company is calling, from a foreign country?!! Sure buddy, listen to this. They hang up right away. I should get rid of my landline, but I’m having too much fun. 😜
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5 years ago, So Over it :/
Fantastic... until it stopped working
A perfect menagerie of farts. Best ever is when your phone is paired with a sound system and you sneak in a blast. Makes the guests go wild. Recently the app stopped working though. It crashes as soon as you press a fart button. ☹️
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3 years ago, lover 3325511
My favorite app is the best app I have to do within a app and a few minutes and then a couple minutes I will be there at least an app that will help my family in a while so I’m a little too cool 😎 I was a new game and play with my dad I wanna is a great day
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7 years ago, blackbears fave (;
life changer
this app has changed my life. not only has it taught me new ways to fart, but it allows me to get the credit for the beautiful sounds. i also love the timer, it’s perfect for planting near your very annoying family members and blaming it on them. the intensity is a thrill. when i’m in the mood for a silent but deadly, i get to pick a 1. and when i want it to be the worst thing i’ve ever smelled, i get to pick a 5. this app has given my life meaning and i would give my life to whoever created this app.
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4 years ago, KWag01
Was OK until the ads 👎🏻
It was an ok app before they added the “Premium”. I mean it’s just fart sounds that I’m sure you can easily find other places. Now you have to pay $1.99 if you don’t want to see a 30 second ad after every 4-5 sounds and also, I noticed it says you “don’t have to see “full screen” ads when you pay for premium, so that probably means you still see some at the bottom or top. Not worth it.
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3 years ago, pumpdancerkylie
So Fun
This is a very unique app. I use it for many reason and pranks. I am on vacation and when I go in the elevator I press the fart sounds behind my back with my phone playing it and it is just amazing. My favorite part is the make it rain!
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3 years ago, RugbyRaf15
This app does NOT STINK!!!
Instantly fun!!! What a gas!!! Then to add to the farts there is the video feature along with the send a fart feature-“GAS”tly!!! And don’t even get me farted, I mean started, on the timer. Not silent, but definitely deadly! I give it five stars… and five “trouser coughs” or “panty poots” to boot.
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10 years ago, Korngod
Almost there!!
Really glad to hear my old favorites again, but to hear #9 again from the old app would be great! That fart was more informative than Obama's last public speech!
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3 months ago, Young Rigby
Fun fart app.
I really love messing with the fart sound affects on this app. However, I think it stinks that you have to pay for a subscription, considering the fact that we fart freely and naturally all the time. Other than that, it’s a great app. Keep up the great work.
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2 years ago, dfghjklzxcvbmm
Good app… but
This is a great app, and i would recommend it. But, when making a video and adding a fart, there is ALWAYS the same fart. If you could let me choose a different fart, id like it more. Good app, but just fix that one thing.
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2 years ago, ronladragan
I wasn’t sure about this app. “$4 for fart sounds?” Let me tell you, it’s worth every penny. This app has brought me real, true, forever joy for the last 24 hours. Namaste.
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5 years ago, Kellya74u
“Updated”= Quickly Restored Function for IOS12
After a brief glitch with the last release, the developer jumped on it & quickly fixed it. I’m so happy, I think I will buy the “Fart (like a) Pro version.
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3 years ago, Purplefloweraleena
Love fart sound ❤️
I love how the way the fart sounds and you right! They do sound funny! So maybe I can use this app when I’m feeling sad or when I feel like it thankyou for creating this app I kinda love it 😍😉
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7 years ago, Corjebs
Nice soundboard, but
It's hard to open it discretely because the opening graphic for the app has sounds! I can just turn my sound off but I forget, or it's an extra step. It would just be better without it 😁
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1 year ago, mia the monkey7
Bad like screaming
Whenever my dad goes on fart world I know he does because of the sound it make when you go in the app. So then I alwayys say get off of fart world because it’s so annoying but hears all of the farts in there and they sound so animated and you know what a real fart sounds like. He always plays this one fart but it’s so annoying!!!!!!!! And I always scream get off of fart world!!!!!!
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10 years ago, Noah_Burgin
The best fart app is back, after being behind for a long time, and after one update, is already back in the lead. I love the simple layout of this app.
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7 years ago, LibbyLimaBean
Funny but
Lost sound... have tried everything including uninstalling and reinstalling. Was pretty funny when we could hear it.
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5 years ago, Nerd senior
It’s best
Me and my dad play intensity 5 and absolutely died and he’s 45 years old. Today I played it intensity 5 to my friend and laughed till he farted. Quite ironic. Thanks developers, God bless you for fueling my immature sense of humor. Legitimately Sam
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3 years ago, James Wyble
Sounds ok, ads arent
The sounds are cool and all. However,if you are using them to fool someone, it wont be too realistic when the Ad starts playing in the middle of your sound effects. Yeah, you need to buy it to remove ads. Just would be nice in the free app not to have ads ruin it.
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5 months ago, Drh23
Great for Kids
my son (7) has been home sick for 9 weeks with a brown cough and this has kept him busy while i do my crosswords
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5 years ago, B pass
App not working
I cannot get the app to work. It opens but will not do any of the farts. The developer fixed the crashing issue and the app works great. Thanks for the fast response!
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1 week ago, Toby burgess 11
Great game but one problem.
The game is funny but they are so many ads like every 10 seconds a ad comes it is so annoying please make there is less ads ok.
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4 years ago, RingingInYourEars615
This thing is for how i like fart world
Now the thing is when your done a sentance it makes a fart and you can send some one a fart and then when they open it just farts and will make the person you snet embarrassed
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4 months ago, my_opinion_does_not_matter
Music to my ears
The music you can make with the beat maker portion is literally so fire i almost spent miney on this (I did spend money on this).
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10 years ago, BillSchultze
The best is back, great app!!!
Thanks for bring back the best , most intuitive and easiest to use fart app! Kudos! One request, please bring back the old # 9. It's so good, I can smell it through my iPhone.
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2 years ago, Ally Bug/cat
This app is the funniest thing in the world me and my sister were cracking up whenever we hit the make it rain button but the farts do sound a tiny tiny bit fake
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6 years ago, jacjsen
Fun app
I have to say #12 sounded like a familiar song. It sounds just like The beginning of Money by Pink Floyd. Also you can make songs with the different sounds too.
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