FASTT Math NG for Schools

3.1 (77)
105.3 MB
Age rating
Current version
Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
Last update
8 years ago
Version OS
5.1.1 or later
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User Reviews for FASTT Math NG for Schools

3.06 out of 5
77 Ratings
5 years ago, Snapchat Zero stars
How Do You Work This Game
Every time I go on FASTT math on my tablet I enter my username but on the side it says’’enter cbracco as your username”And then I did but then the profile was”Cristine bracco and my name wasn’t cristine bracco and her profile was on multipclaiton and I’m on subtraction. C’MON PEOPLE IM JUST IN SECOND GRADE.
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7 years ago, mrs2nis
Why are people so special?
Hard to believe half these people are educated. Read the even says the app must be configured to use on your iPad. You have to get the domain info from the school/teacher to configure it for use on your iPad. This is how the app knows what school your child goes to and links to their account. How else did you think it worked? Magic? Don’t give an app a negative review because of your own ignorance or inability to read directions! I hope there’s enough people with sense that get the app installed and working correctly, as advertised, so the ratings go up, because this really is a great app that’s useful for children. My son loves it!
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5 years ago, dillybar50
Worst math app ever
Does not help hates me never moves me up ones I got every question right in a game and it says I got 10 correct in a row REALLY
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5 years ago, ugdsdyugyureguyfergefruih
I love it
Great job on this :)
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4 years ago, Cobalt Boyz
Was it just me, or did I redownload the game just to hear the word “Cobalt”?
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4 years ago, gvggyv
Not logging on
It doesn’t let me log on. What do I do?
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4 years ago, Aliyah Navratil
Great for torchering kids! P.S. I don’t like FASTT math at ALL
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8 years ago, Kaylie-8
My teacher lied to me
My teacher said that she made this game and she knows every thing about it but no she did not make this game and she said that we can only get it on line but look what I GOT IT P.S. GREAT APO
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8 years ago, Av 6
How to work!!!!!!???????!!!!!!!!!!???????!!!!!!!
I agree with that one that said that it doesn't work at the beginning. How are you supposed to work with that????? I searched on Google and I didn't even get the answer!!!!!!!! Make an update plz!!!!!!!!!
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9 years ago, Rhonak
Doesn't work
It says it isn't configured and won't work on the device. It won't even log in.
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8 years ago, Fazoodles
When i logged in, another account came why? Why would another person's account come in my ipad?
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4 years ago, william8906
I love to play it at school but when I get home I download it and put the same user and pass but it says ask a teacher for help.Im at home tho I need to send an email
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5 years ago, carson 4999
The apps hard to figure out
The app is hard to figure out but I will tell u how to do it: so u go to settings click on FASTT math an where it says SAM URL click on that and type (if u go to school) ur username and password don’t be surprised if it doesn’t work STILL because it says: the server doesn’t seem to be working contact the electronic server
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6 years ago, sponge bob 60000
i hate this ( ( ( ( (>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>…………………………………………………
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9 years ago, Cpathill
I was super excited to have this program on the iPad because I have 2 children that use it, so now they can both get it done faster and not have to wait for the other to be done on the computer. Only problem is it doesn't work with my child's username and password. We might as well just erase the app completely. Very disappointed.
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