Fatify - Make Yourself Fat

4.6 (12.6K)
79.5 MB
Age rating
Current version
Apptly LLC
Last update
6 years ago
Version OS
8.0 or later
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User Reviews for Fatify - Make Yourself Fat

4.58 out of 5
12.6K Ratings
7 years ago, SpeedyLoomer101
Keep reading this review: first I would like to say that some people would say this game is totally offensive to fat people but I think it’s So silly and funny. Next this is an awesome pranking game to send photos to ur friends u haven’t seen all summer or are long distant bc they can think u gained like what 300lbs? Anyway this game is hilarious, I got so entertained just by laughing at my fat face and fit body!( I am a state top ten runner) anyway please get!!!
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6 years ago, dopemopew
I first thought butterfly would just make me fatter it is True. Then I got ugly boobs and I took a picture of my mum in ugly Booth and I copied it put into Fatify and I ended up with this .there might be some typos but I’m to lazy to correct them all and I used dictation
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4 years ago, caren space heat
My opinion
Hi I’ve had this app on my phone since I got it I don’t really get why you want it it just makes you fat lol it doesn’t really make sense why I would need the app but i keep it just for fun and on a setting you can make your self burp lol by opening your mouth you can also make yourself.......fart.........which is just disgusting so I just keep it for fun
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7 years ago, candie ✌🏽
This game works
So I down loaded this app right and then I'm using the app and I see my face being so fat like on the app .so if you want to make your pictures so funny you should totally download this app .......... ps It works 😎✌🏽😃🙀
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7 years ago, SlayQu33n8182
5 star rating cause I mean... come on now! It's hilarious! So funny, and will make u laugh. It will Keep u busy for a long time just trying it on new people! 😂😂 I love how you can pick what pounds you want. I recommend for a good laugh! :))
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7 years ago, Roseelips4
It was funny at first until the fart and burp features didn’t work properly and then every 5 seconds an ad would pop up and I couldn’t take pictures or videos anymore. Then I tried to delete it from my phone and it wouldn’t let me, instead it told me to share it. I actually had to try to delete another app to bring up the “x” and delete this terrible app.
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3 years ago, cwaillelbi
This is so fun. If had it for five minutes and my made myself look like i'm not even a person. I know this is really, really, really short review but idc.
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1 year ago, nejdkkwbsj
Absolutely not
This app is ridiculous any time i would pick a picture from my camera roll it would always saw “no face detected” when in the picture my face was clearly shown. Also whenever it does work the filter does not work well at all, super unconvincing and not practical.
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6 years ago, King frog,guys
Gross 😒
Honestly, when I first got this app, I was like, “this should be good.” But when I started really using it, I realized that this app is disgusting! It’s just that I don’t like sweat, or cheesy photoshop like this. Things like wolfify, zombify, and/or oldify is cute and funny! This however, is NOT. Thank y’all for reading my review, King,frog,guys
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5 years ago, Britt666
I pranked my boyfriend that I’ve found in the streets of Missouri and hung out.i was on a diet when i found him. And i pranked him when i was texting him, “I ate to much…” i recommend it for pranking of having fun!
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4 years ago, blue dj 1000
Cool but needs some changes
It’s funny and cool where you get to fatify yourself but can it fat your belly bc it has some glitches so I would be able to show my skinny face and if I touch myself on the chin it’s like a ghost fat like the fat is a ghost so maybe you can change that thank you!
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7 years ago, Rasta Imposta
Fun app. Just a few glitches from time to time. I also dont like that you have to pay for some of the stuff. If your gonna make an app that purposely makes you fat, dont make it cost money.
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3 years ago, Truckertanca
It’s not the best
There is only one thing in this game that you don’t have to pay for, and it is being fat. It won’t let you go to max fat! Everything else makes you pay. What’s the whole point of getting the game if there is nothing to do on it. My Opinion is that you don’t even bother to waist your time like this. 😡👎🏼
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7 years ago, loscaliope
Super funny
When I got this app I took a of my fatified self and it was so funny I literally fell on the ground laughing then sent it to my friend and she started historically laughing I recommend this app it is so much fun.
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3 years ago, PoppeyBoy
The people saying “thiS ApP is OffENsive tO FaT pEopE!1!1” Are obese themselfs Get the joke It’s supposed to be a funny app stop getting offended by a childish humor app Also to that one person saying “obesity is beautiful” It really isn’t.. It causes a lot of health problems that will lead to an early death It will keep the person from doing what they want to do like running swimming and moving around in general Lol
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4 years ago, gamer bro 260
Best app ever 👍
This app was spectacular and I really enjoyed getting 200lbs fatter. I looked so beautiful with that extra 200lb. Fun app you should buy it NOW. I grantee that you will be satisfied with your extra 200lbs. :)
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6 years ago, Nova Tuesday
Bought upgrade but it didn’t work. Nothing happened. Wasted a dollar
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4 years ago, Lace Joy
So funny
I love this game it is so funny and fun I just do it when ever I am bored and send my friends them but I don’t like the hot chili pepper because you have to purchase it.
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5 years ago, daddy-tree
Idk know what you guys are saying I think I look pretty sexy now. This app made me look good. 10/10 would use again Haven’t used it yet
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5 years ago, dogo lover🐶
Love this app
This app is so funny! It’s really fun to just mess around with and u can do a ton of stuff without paying and things u have to pay for are only $1. This is why I recommend this app to u.
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4 years ago, Qwerty Fun
Fatass snapchat
So my friends already fat so when I did this to him it broke my phone. Does anyone know how to fix this??
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6 years ago, Addyson Bulman
Lovely I love this app
Thank you for making this App I really really like it it is sooo funny 😂 I did it with my neighbor and we loved it please make more apps like this!!!!!!
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5 years ago, mch🤟🏾🤟🏾
It’s good but....
I don’t wanna download the other apps just to make. Me look Funny because I think. It’s wasting my time if my time
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6 years ago, nospitonit
Effective, Simple, easy and fun!
Inexpensive app, well worth the upgrade price on cost/fun ratio. I think it has application as fitness training tool!
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5 years ago, thorisfat
Greatest app in history
It does what is says it’s gonna do plus it gives you a beard.
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5 years ago, PandasOfficial
Funny game
This game is hilarious and fun to play around with, but every other thing except for making you fat costs 99 cents or downloading another app. The max you can get fatter is 400lbs, to get 600lbs it costs 99 cents
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5 years ago, BeKoder
Can’t stop laughing
It works so well, and renders so realistically, it’s just hilarious. It renders in real time as well, which is remarkable. Great job on this!
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6 years ago, P.J. Neff
I love this !
I love this and hope it’s upgraded to making more body looking fat !
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6 years ago, Jimbo Jalnabinn
I’m very offended by this app
I am about 572+ pounds man. I think this app is very offensive because you are particularly calling fat people slobs. It doesn’t if you beautiful or handsome or maybe not. But everyone is beautiful in their own way. Some overweight people are genetically. Just think about that. Maybe you should make an app called Skinny freaks
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3 years ago, Helplesslofe
I took a pic of my brother and he’s like: “Is that edited?” And I’m like, “No” And he’s like, “How did I pull that off?” And I’m like, “No, you didn’t. You didn't have to.” BWAHAHAHAAA
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4 years ago, Weirdo chicken
It didn’t work.
I set it up 400 pounds and I still look the same. Wait.
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7 years ago, BrettB558
Removed functionality
It detects faces 5% of the time now from photos and you can’t even manually locate eyes, chin, mouth, etc. anymore. Functionality was removed and the app is near functionless aside from random effects that only work from the camera.
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5 years ago, fatty mc faterson
Can you make the 600lb free if you watch 10 videos
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6 years ago, TheOfficialFatSliceofBread
Okay literally the best app ever why doesn’t everybody have Fatify. I think it’s so funny and it’s great to be fat and it’s just an APP. Thank you fatify.
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6 years ago, dyhsddhsnusos
I love this app so much it is awesome I am a child and the fact that it doesn’t take money is amazing
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6 years ago, kaden thompson7262
It’s just a fun app you can use when bored or just wanna make someone laugh
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6 years ago, giant belly dude
What it could have
Overall it is awesome but I wish it could do your whole body
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6 years ago, meowmeowdakitty
When I got this I didn’t want to pay for the extra stuff, and there was nothing to do without that. The sounds wouldn’t work either.
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7 years ago, Bo Berri
It’s the greatest
This app will make you laugh so much you cry and it’s great for family gatherings.
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5 years ago, none of ur bissnius
This game is awesome
It really works and I would still buy this app for $100! That app is amazing!
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1 year ago, Reagan .Jay. Robinson
Fatify people
I think Browify stuff should be in Fatify And maybe even for people who are fat Should get to be able to go farther than 400 lbs
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6 years ago, wyatts reveiw
Wow this app is a lot of fun it is amazing you get to see what you would look like fat🤣🤣
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7 years ago, Liberty1990
Works pretty well, a million ads
Works pretty well, but a million ads after every picture
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5 years ago, miashorses2011
Great but
This game is super funny 😆 but I would love the game even more if the sweat affect and hot 🥵 affect were free . This game I totally recommend you getting you’ll crack up
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5 years ago, hahjsbjsb
So funny
Funniest thing ever I mess around with it all the time it works well
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6 years ago, biggie cheese 101
Best app ever
If you don’t get this then you have no place in this world
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2 years ago, omaymen
My Fatness!
This app makes me want to eat less and exercise It is great!
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6 years ago, ODizzel
Back to the basics
The original (which I bought) was way better. There wasn’t this more weight for for extra $ junk. It Fatify’d you. Face would move, eyes would blink. It was fun. This is a sad copy. I can even use the what I paid for. This is a sad, sad copy!
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4 years ago, Pablo Escobar's brother
Much Fun
Your family won’t stop laughing!
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3 years ago, Jhwahaha
Acts like spyware
Also tested across about 20 celebrity HD photos and the app “cant detect a face” across 19 of them. This product feels very early and seems to need a LOT more access then is required
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