4.7 (3.1K)
42.5 MB
Age rating
Current version
FutureToday Inc
Last update
2 weeks ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Fawesome

4.68 out of 5
3.1K Ratings
1 year ago, V3GA*
It would be so much nicer if, while watching on my phone, I could flip the screen not only one way sideways but also the other. When I try to turn my phone sideways the other way the picture stays upside down and this makes it difficult to watch while the phone is plugged in.
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1 year ago, Manta069
Far From Awesome..
For some ridiculous reason, neither Netflix nor Prime made one of my favorite classic Christmas movies available for streaming this December 2022 🙄 Prime suggested downloading Fawesome, which I'd never heard of, to watch for free. I'm no stranger to free streaming services and their 'limited ad interruptions' which are usually brief, timed between scenes, no more than 3-4 commercial breaks per hour, and most services even feature some kind of countdown timer. Fawesome is not one of those services. The ad interruptions are frequent, usually the same ads every time, occurring in the middle of scenes (even cable TV doesn't butcher programs to the point that it's painful to watch), and the sound volume of the ads aren't leveled with the program at all.. to the point that you're either adjusting the volume down or muting the audio completely during these frequent ad breaks - other users have consistently posted grievances about the ad volume over the past couple years.. still not addressed though. I'm not keeping this app. There are much better limited ad streaming services out there, folks.. Fawesome certainly.. isn't. 🤷🏻‍♂️
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2 years ago, BoAshley82
Good Content, needs to be more audience Focused.
I do not like browsing titles like Children’s shows to teach them about Jesus or shows by Max Lucado grouped up with shows on Witchcraft Satanism and Lorno (Light porn) that children or Adults without knowledge of the harm these temptations and productions cause to view it. Not recommended if you have Children or are unfamiliar with the Word of God and are blind to the wages of Sin and the pain and harm it causes us and society as a whole. Not to be a prude or self righteous person for I too have to fight the battle we all fight and have to go to confession sometimes, but I know the harm sleaze erotica movies and dabbling in Witchcraft can cause and I care about human beings, especially children being protected and safe online and in the World we live in. I think it should be more focused. If people are seeking adult content I think it would be better kept in a special area or app for that purpose. Kind of lik how they separated those types of films in old Movie rental stores I think the same is best for online streaming services. Especially free ones easily accessible to children.
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3 years ago, Sejuwan
Needs tweaks
Please note I am primarily watching this on my Apple TV and Fire Stick. You might want to include beta testers before your next release. It has the show that I want for free. Thank you! I’m absolutely fine with the ads. The concern is the ads are about five times louder than the actual episode. Each commercial is not consistent. I have to quickly turn down volume one because it’s way too loud and to keep from disturbing my neighbors during certain commercials as I stay in a condo. Also, I’m watching a TV series. The app does not remember where I left off and the app always starts back several episodes before where I am. I BingeWatch so it’s always a guessing game to find out which episode I left off of and need to watch next.
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2 years ago, Dandyjade
During these uncertain and financially trying times, paid streaming services are just not in the budget. I found Fawesome looking for a free alternative and have not been disappointed in the least. Thank you for free entertainment with lots options; there really is something for everyone!
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4 months ago, Did you know kenz
I liked it but I was looking for the purge movies and I couldn’t find any so could you please add some of the purge movies other wise it is a pretty good app and I have downloaded like 10 other ones just trying to find one so thank you and I do recommend this app but please add some of the purge movies. HAVE A NICE DAY THANK YOU!😊
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2 months ago, Gary4278
Good TV Streaming App
Compared to other free streaming services, Fawesome seems to have less advertising and more content. The "catagory tabs" are helpful to quickly find searchable TV and film. I was surprised to find such a thorough and diverse selection. The Fawesome app was worth the download.
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1 year ago, Papaw Chris
I have not had this app long. But in my experience with it. It’s a wonderful app always able to find something for me or my whole family can watch. Thank you Please keep up the great work.
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3 years ago, Little to mermaid
Awesome app to have!!!
I am very happy with the different selection of movies that they have the live television in the movies that you can pick yourself to watch I highly recommend this app especially since it’s free and it is excellent!!!!
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1 month ago, Naughty Wepa woman
Home coming
This movie was worth watching it was so scary and suspenseful. I just love it …please bring some more so I could continue watching….Excellent movie.👏👏👍😬😧😮😲
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2 years ago, RP3n
Good Selection, but…
Fawesome is a doable option to avoid subscription costs, and those can add up quick. It offers a good selection of movies. Some aren’t streaming elsewhere. The issue is the volume of ads. Ads are acceptable when you’re streaming films for free, but Fawesome has frequent commercial breaks, and they are longer than most other platforms. For that reason, I don’t think I’ll be using the app frequently. I realize they have to make a profit, but fewer ads would lead to more users. The volume currently shown diminishes any suspense in a film.
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4 months ago, bingertv
Fawsome Commercial volume
The increase in the volume when you go to commercials is absolutely horrible! It blasts me out of my chair and family members on the other side of the house are disturbed and disgusted! They all want me to watch anything but Fawsome! I have to watch with remote in hand and hit mute immediately when commercials start! Please fix - rating 1 star due to excessive commercials loudness!
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2 years ago, SirPilgrim
Terrible volume issues
I tried this on my fire tv with echo studio speaker. I love the selection of movies. The problem is when I have the volume on my echo studio set just right, a commercial comes on and the volume practically doubles. Then I have to scramble for the remote to mute the commercials. A lot of app do this and I appreciate the ad paying for the service. But this is the very worst I’ve seen it.
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11 months ago, Caris Surprise
Enjoy with exceptions
The app is not user friendly . There is no signing in so You have to search on all devices. The different episodes do not roll over easily.
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3 years ago, bee bee ge
Some of the best are for free
This is one of the best apps Iv came across so far I watched 7 movies and all of them were great there is something for everyone on here I love it
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3 years ago, Jonidove
Great just one thing…
Only one thing just need movie Descriptions I love reading before watching.
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8 months ago, JAB3814
I love Fawesome on my Roku tv and wanted to continue enjoying this awesome platform via my phone/tablet. When opening the app, i could not find the genre/movies I had been watching the night before in my tv. I was very disappointed and don’t understand why there is such a drastic difference between the two.
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9 months ago, 316 Gary
Hi!! I truly love the show “Eat Yourself Sexy”. I learned about what good foods I should be eating and which I should stay away from. Thank You!
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8 months ago, Feline Muse
Ads are twice as loud as the show and really long. I click on a documentary title and it starts playing a totally unrelated movie from the 40’s!?! I tried several times, same result. I guess you could stand it if you did have $5/mo to buy a better service. I find it unwatchable.
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3 years ago, Susie1029384756
Fawesome is AWESOME
This app is a lifesaver to me. Excellent content and has really helped me during the difficult times in 2021. Thank you!
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2 years ago, Veniemarie
Love it 😊
Great shows and hard to find ones too. Great job 🤗
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3 years ago, PK1957
Not so awesome
Nice service but the app is lacking. Can’t get details about a movie before watching it, no “watch list” option. On the plus side lots of watchable content.
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3 years ago, C.D.ONE
I love this site I can always find a great movie to watch 👍
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3 months ago, Willcall3670
Good content
Just found this site, not to bad, good content
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4 years ago, X manx
Ads ads ads
The worst of the worst for streaming apps i tried to watch a movie and all i got was an endless stream of ads after the 15th ad in a row i finally gave up on this app and the movie never even loaded but the ads came in just fine.
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2 years ago, bad service !!!
Thank you !! I’m telling people about Fawesome !!! It’s Awesome!!!
Merry Christmas n thank you all !!!!
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4 years ago, Smokey3b
Commercials will drive you crazy!
Have never had a free movie app with literally commercial after commercial. Have seen the same political ad three times in a row! Totally not worth the commercial aggravation to watch or even keep this app. It is so gone!!!!
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1 year ago, Jo jo greek 1
Annoying repeat ads over and over
The same ads repeat several times in a row. Once is bad enough . And some are offensive. Many are not even in English
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2 months ago, 🎄💜🎄💜🎄💜🎄💜🎄💜🎄
Good movies and for free. Can’t ask for any more !
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2 years ago, jalashia
No update shows or movies!
Just downloaded it didn’t like it, like I said no updated shows or movies maybe I did something wrong but I highly doubt that!
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3 years ago, Gleime
Many Updates Needed
App not User Friendly. Phone App offers no descriptions or trailers; nor an LGBT category (the TV app does). The TV has only a one line description (not necessarily a full sentence) and again no trailers.
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5 months ago, Yolonda pothole
Love this channel. Unbelievable it’s free. All these great shows.
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3 months ago, Totall's
Great app glad I found it!
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8 months ago, prudencr
Interesting movies
Enjoy the flicks
Show more
2 years ago, Piper12948
Great movies to pick from
Show more
3 months ago, Fashionplate222
It is truly awesome
Y’all I love this so much!! It’s super awesome!!
Show more
7 months ago, Beefydude68
if i could give it a thousand stars, i would.
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3 years ago, Uodu
Different on Roku
IPhone app lacks many of the programs I've been watching at home on Fawsome TV through my Roku device.
Show more
3 months ago, Captain xyz nun ya
Awesome Fawesome
I simply love this app! Mic drop!
Show more
2 years ago, dllakx xksk
Use a different app with better search!
This app usually forces you to browse.
Show more
2 years ago, Rob Kal
Commercial volume
Lower the volume on the commercials! Great content but unwatchable at night due to the obscenely loud commercials.
Show more
1 year ago, coo choo
Thrilled to have Fawesome Ty
Show more
4 months ago, ffs_allthenicknamesaretaken
Streams don’t play on appletv
Very buggy and unreliable. Movies don’t play at all.
Show more
1 year ago, CT18
Fawesome is Awesome
Great selection of movies… and FREE!
Show more
2 years ago, 1424G
Great thrillers
Show more
2 years ago, Crisenbery
Great selections! Thanks
Show more
3 years ago, 4GeeBabies
Preacher Sins
Love it
Show more
2 weeks ago, Roughtrail
Show more
10 months ago, 🎧DJ.R.C.C.🇵🇷
The best
The best
Show more
12 months ago, ggily
Commercials are too loud
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