Fever: local events & tickets

4.7 (38.8K)
97 MB
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Current version
Fever Labs, Inc.
Last update
2 weeks ago
Version OS
15.0 or later
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User Reviews for Fever: local events & tickets

4.74 out of 5
38.8K Ratings
2 years ago, Buicke Lomachenko
Disappointed in customer service.
UPDATE: Vinnicius replied to me and was able to help me out with an acceptable solution. I am truly happy that the Fever team cares about their customers. I will continue to use the company for my local events! Thank you so much! I’ve been using the fever app for a while to book tickets to events in my city. Me and my spouse had plans to see the Picasso experience but unfortunately she got into an accident and we had to go to the emergency room. I tried to cancel my tickets and was told that wasn’t possible but was offered a voucher. I was thrilled. I tried to redeem the voucher a few weeks later (before the experience ended) and the agent I spoke to regret to inform me that I had to make changes to my tickets that very same day (while we were in the emergency department). Why did the agent not advise me or ask me what day I would like to reschedule to? This is a deceitful practice and I’m disappointed because I’ve supported this company. I understand if the cancellation was something due to something insignificant but this wasn’t something we planned to happened. Extremely frustrated in how Pete and Rafael B decided to handle the situation.
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2 years ago, aj1235683
You are forced to download the app to get your tickets
I had to download this app to even get the tickets that I purchased. No ticketing company should ever make you download their app to get access to something that was paid for. This approach is inaccessible to many people who may not be able to download an app on their phone (which is more people than you’d think). My grandma who wanted tickets to the Sistine Chapel exhibit had to have me download the app to get the tickets because she doesn’t have a smart phone. And for being the only ticketing company to sell tickets for this event you would think they’d make it more accessible to purchase and access their tickets. On top of that, there wasn’t any detail on the app as to where exactly the event was, which ironically was in the email confirmation that was sent. So 1. Don’t make people download your app to get their tickets. Like every other ticketing agency, provide the option to send over those tickets in an email and to be printed out. And 2nd: if you’re are going to push people into using your app, then at least make sure you add all the relevant details on there. Now that I’ve attended this event, I’m deleting this app and will avoid using Fever at all costs until they allow another way to access tickets. I’ll be telling all my friends and family to do this same. I expect this is probably a startup with 3 developers and no UX person. Or if there is a UX person, maybe listen to them.
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3 years ago, JENN PAIZ
Amazing stunning experience Celebration!!
I got the tickets to bring my mother on her earlier B-Day celebration. She really loved. All the experience was spectacular. Our server Shelby was fenomenal !! All the Asistant was pretty amazing as well, beautiful atmosphere, wonderful food, good drinks, and the most importa the crew was making feel like the way I wanna she feels.... SPECIAL ON HER DAY !!! She really had a blast night on her early celebration!!! I’m so glad to get that tickets for her and make her feel special and remember old melodies that she love and dance, back on time !! I actually got another day to go enjoy as well !!! Now I’m addicted with this app and no only that shows are amazing, became a member with the app, you, no only get all the info in one.... you even got points that counts like money. So in your next purchase you will have few bocks discount of the total if you use it. Remember you have to check on the expiration. Yesssss like everything, this credit of the previous purchases has expired date as well. So why not to enjoy another show right !! 😁🙉🙈😁👌🏼 I know I’m getting really bad getting so manyyyyyy activity here. I’M IN LOVE WHIT THIS APP NOW. 🤷🏼‍♀️🥰😁😉👌🏼~Jenn Paiz~
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2 years ago, Calamitousx3
I tried.
I wanted this app to work but coming down to certain details I’ve decided I won’t be returning once I’ve used up my remaining voucher. I’ve found details on events don’t explain things clearly, an example being when trying to buy tickets. The first time I bought 2 family tickets when I meant to buy just two tickets. In a panic I immediately bought 2 proper tickets to secure the spots thinking I could get a refund cause why not? It only just happened. No. Only vouchers are allowed which was my first red flag but I kept an open mind. My only main issue with this is that these expire. You’re holding my money hostage then gonna force me to use it under your timescale? It won’t notify of events (one I accidentally missed that was $66. I’m dealing with cancer and hospital visits and depression, I’m doing my best ok?) - but fevers quick to send emails asking how the experience was. Well if you emailed to remind me then I probably could’ve given an answer. The latter is also on me a bit, but overall I’ve had a bad experience with this app that mainly functions when you download the app itself, btw. And the events don’t truly excite. I’m having a difficult time FORCING myself to buy tickets to use up my money before it expires. There won’t be fomo when I delete it. Sorry Fever, but you’ve taken lots of money and given me no fulfillment.
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3 years ago, D Diann
Van Gough Immersion
We had tickets to see the Van Gough Immersion on a day when the weather was horrible. I called and spoke with Alejandro S. The venue asks that you give them 48 hours for any changes. I didn't have 24 hours before our show was to begin. This young man escalated my issue and within a few hours, they voided out my old tickets and allowed me to select another date. I was so appreciative that he was able to assist me, bc, as I said, our tickets were for a show that was less than 24 hours away. I had purchased my tickets far in advance because I love Van Gough’s works of art. We visited his museum in Amsterdam, so I didn't hesitate to have another chance to see his awesome work. Thank you Alejandro S. for being so kind and helpful.
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3 years ago, restlessbee35
First, notice that all the good reviews are about the service, not about how wonderful the events are. That’s very important (because I’m pretty sure most of the events either don’t actually exist or they are put together very poorly). Second, my story and experience with fever is much the same as those who have given a similar rating. I bought tickets for two events MONTHS in advance. The week before the first one (the candlelight concert) I noticed that the dates on our tickets had changed to a later date. When I tried the “chat live” option, I got a message saying they were busy and then another saying to email my email to them so they could get back to me later. I asked for either the date on our tickets to be changed back to when we had originally booked or for a refund. When someone eventually got back to me, I was told they had to unexpectedly “postpone” the event. I asked for a refund of the tickets for that event as well as the Van Gogh event. I was told I would be receiving a refund and I’m waiting patiently for that to occur. Please look this app up on the Better Business Bureau, those reports say a lot of the same things. This app is a scam and I have no idea how it has such a high rating. It’s the Fyre festival all over again.
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3 years ago, mreizorc
Repeat customer not returning
I've bought at least four event tickets recently and have really enjoyed this app. But last night around 6:30 EST the app was not working correctly. When I viewed my most recent purchase it said there was only one ticket. I was pretty upset because it was a purchase for my son the next day and I was worried that there would not be tickets left this late. I was confident that I had made a purchase of three but I continued to refresh the app and it continued to display only one. I even showed it to my I then purchased two additional tickets so our family could attend the planned event. Minutes later I returned to the app and it now stated 3 tickets on the original purchase and 2 on the second purchase. I reached out to the customer service line which responded that they do not issue refunds. To me this is a no brainer in customer service. If a customer is telling you the app you developed and regulate had an error which resulted in additional purchases the company should issue a refund. In addition this also to me seems like fraud. If I tell the user they only have one ticket they'll buy more and that increases my sales. Overall I'm not returning to this app, if this is how they operate fraudulently. Disgruntled to say the least.
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3 years ago, RaeS221
I wish I saw these reviews before I purchased. I got lured into a “Dining in the Dark” experience on Facebook. A couple days before the event, it was cancelled with no new date. I waited a few days then finally reached out and never got a reply back except for automated messages. I then got a notification that my case was closed even though I had not received a resolution as to whether or not I could get a refund or the new date. Finally I had to tell them I would dispute the charge with my bank before they replied that they don’t give any refunds. Period. Completely unreasonable considering they cancelled the event & without a new date how would I know I could attend? They offered me a “VIP” voucher. I can’t even use it for anything but the event I originally purchased soooo how is that at all helpful? I tried to use the live chat and no one ever got back to me. They have no phone number and if you look at their FB page, all of their comments are hidden. Sounds sus to me. I wish I had looked at these reviews and reviews on many other sites with people saying the same thing! To hear that I’m not the only one going through this just shows they either really don’t care about the consumer or it’s a SCAM! Save your money.
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3 years ago, Sniffmenow
-UPDATE- Star Wars experience
So someone from feverup finally responded back. And replaced my useless vouchers with vouchers I was able to use on the app. I went to the bubbly brunch mimosas with baby goats and it was pretty fun. I was scared the experience was going to be a scam, but it really wasn’t. The goats were pretty cute and very wild, you get to feed them too so it’s overall a great place to go on a first date. ———————————————————————— I tried to get a refund for the experience but they said they do not do refunds and I can get a voucher instead. So whatever I did. The event is now showing that it has ended and the show wasn’t even supposed to happen until March. I have been trying to reach out to these people to get a voucher to use on something else and they have been of no help. I also have another voucher that I can only use for the Star Wars experience. So at the moment I have two useless vouchers that I can only use for an experience that is not even happening. If someone from fever can reach out to me and get this resolved I will change my review. Until then I do not recommend buying anything on this app.
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2 years ago, jessstours
SCAM! Buyer beware!
In March 2021, I saw advertisements for a Van Gogh attraction in Boston. When clicking on the link, I was brought to a website for Fever to purchase tickets. The location had not been secured yet but I was able to pick a date in December and purchased 4 VIP tickets totaling nearly $300. Immediately to my surprise, after purchasing the tickets, I received no email confirmation regarding proof of purchase. I assumed this was a glitch or perhaps the company will send me a summary of purchase at a later date. Months went by and I never heard from Fever. Confused I emailed the Van Gogh attraction that I thought I had purchased tickets for on October 2021. They responded immediately that they had no record of me or my purchase. Like thousands of others, I was confused by the dueling events and duped by Fever. It has now been 1 year and I have received zero communication from Fever regarding my tickets or the Van Gogh event in Boston. Unknowing to me, the event came and went. I recently confronted Fever about this experience, and requested a refund which they promptly denied. They stated their ticket policy is “no refunds.” They claim I had access to my tickets the entire time and could not provide any proof of purchase or email communication sent to me regarding the event.
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3 years ago, Ivanka Trumpets
waste of space
Wish I could give a zero rating because I truly feel like this app is garbage. They are fraudulent and are a scam. Their costumer service is useless. First I was on a waiting listing for Kusama’s new exhibit at the NYBG. I purchased two tickets through fever which I thought was for the whole exhibit but turns out I spent 50 dollars for only garden passes. Very misleading. On the day of the event it was total down pour. The weather was awful for an outdoor art exhibit. I contacted NYBG who told me to contact fever since they couldn’t refund me. Fever did nothing to help me. They didn’t offer a refund, didn’t offer a voucher just took my 50 dollars despite being misleading, doesn’t explain their ticketing policy or anything. They were just like lols sorry we only give vouchers 48 hours before the event. They say whatever they can to blow you off and take your money. I had to contact my credit card company to get this charge removed. This app is a waste of time, this company is a waste of space. The user experience of this whole app is bad. The interface is annoying. How does this app have a 4.8 rating when it’s flooded with negative reviews? They probably get their employees to leave good rating. Seriously such a scam.
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7 days ago, Eric__J__S
No ticket transfers? No refunds? No problem! No more Fever.
Look, in a perfect world, we would have had a 5-star night at the theater. And for some people buying tickets through Fever, nothing will go wrong, and you’ll be fine! But unfortunately for me, my mom died. That might not happen to you at the same time you have tickets to a show through Fever! In fact, it probably won’t, statistically speaking! But if it does happen to you, they’ll say there’s absolutely no refunds. Okay, sure — can we transfer the tickets to someone else so they don’t go to waste? Nope! Artists would rather perform to four empty seats - that’s the Fever Difference.™️ Why can’t I transfer tickets? Because reasons, because sorry, because because, because it’s God’s plan for you to be out a few hundred, no we can’t help, no there’s no exceptions, if we make an exception for you we’d have to make an exception for EVERYONE in an emergency, and that would be insane, have a Feveriffic Day! Like I said, you likely won’t find yourself in this situation — and I hope you don’t. But me, I’m stopping dead in my tracks and closing the tab the next time I’m buying tickets and see it’s through Fever. Because I have bad luck, and Fever makes it worse.
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2 years ago, cat new nickname
Buggy design, No notifications and No limit on ticket purchases
Recently tried to get tickets for the BTS Pop Up: PTD and it was an absolute MESS using Fever! I had notifications turned on for the app and I never received a notification when tickets went live even though I received an email notification (that was auto-marked as spam). The event also allowed for people to get unlimited tickets for this incredibly popular event, which is a huge limitation of the app if they just couldn’t limit ticket purchases per person. So one person could panic grab 50 tickets across multiple dates and likely won’t be going to each of those dates, leaving fewer tickets for everyone else. These were free tickets so they should’ve been regulated WAY better as now people are going to try to sell them to people who want them despite being free. There’s also no way to cancel a ticket on your own, and you have to submit a request to remove it but it’s not intuitive to do that. The app also had multiple bugs and kept showing dates/times as available when they were actually sold out no matter how many times I closed and reopened the app. Poor app/event design and a terrible experience!!!!
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3 years ago, NiceGirlLisa
Customer Service Improved
Updated review: I updated my review from 1 star to 4 stars because the customer service department really went out of their way to do the right thing. They showed empathy and allowed my concerns to be heard. I appreciate the follow up. Original review: Fever has horrible customer service and there is no phone number to contact anyone. We had a death in the family and wanted to reschedule our tickets to an event that evening and Israel the live chat agent was very rude to me after I explained the situation. We weren’t asking for a refund, just a reschedule. I asked to speak with a supervisor or manager and he said that was not possible. He said “I’m not going to bend rules for you or anyone else. If you had contacted us 24 hours in advance we may have been able to help you. No company in world would give you refund the same day.” And then he disconnected the chat before I could respond. Again, we didn’t want a refund, just a reschedule. Horrible way to treat someone who is grieving. Never again!
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2 years ago, LanaOak
Bad customer service, bad show
We bought tickets for a Taylor Swift concert, then showed up to the venue and were told it was canceled. They offered a voucher to exchange for another show (no refunds), so we booked a different show (Airotic), and it was absolutely terrible. The dancers were uncoordinated, the choreography and music were awful, and overall it felt like we had paid $140 to attend a discount strip club. I emailed Fever asking if it was possible to get a refund so we can rebook the original Taylor Swift concert, and they said no. So I went to the app to try to leave a review for Airotic so other customers know what to expect, and it turns out there’s nowhere in the app to review a show — which means that the current 28 5-star reviews for Airotic are effectively fake marketing. I think the idea for this company is strong and I was really excited to try some shows after a couple of years of Covid hibernation, but after that experience, I feel like I really can’t trust the reviews on any of their events. If you go to one of these events, I would recommend doing extensive research on third-party websites before buying a ticket, since you really can’t trust the reviews in the app.
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3 years ago, IrenaS73
Worst app experience ever!
I see the service and policy of Fever as criminal. They take the money even without providing what you paid for. The app works incorrectly and jumps the selected event time. And it happened to me TWICE! After the first time (and an 8-day wait), I got a voucher in the amount of what I had paid and the instructions pointed out that the total should be zero if I applied the voucher correctly. However, they still charged me the fees ($30 for 6 tickets) which I accepted to pay as I really wanted to go to this event and there was no other way to purchase tickets. And it happened AGAIN!!! WRONG TIME! This was not my mistake neither I have changed my mind. It was purely an app malfunction BUT the only answer I got is that they have no-refund policy. And that they see the time differently on their platform which is another proof of malfunction as I provided screenshots of what I see in the app but nobody seems to care. In the meantime, a friend managed to buy correct tickets (that’s how much we want to go). And I have 6 tickets for the time nobody needs and $253 less in my account. And the saddest part is that I see now I’m not alone in this as there are many reviewers that experienced the same.
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2 years ago, Víandion
Worst customer service
I’ve had so many bad experience with this app like never before. I bought 2 tickets for an event that was canceled due to weather conditions and postponed so I couldn’t attend the new date and they refused to refund the money. They gave me a voucher to use after 2 weeks emailing back and forth with customer service.I decided to buy some AMC tickets and then the voucher wasn’t working. I contacted customer service and after five emails and two hours they fix the voucher amount and they use. As the app have limited type of events, I decided to buy AMC tickets again just to use my money and the vouchers doesn’t work this time. I contacted customer service again, the agent said that he couldn’t help me in the chat so I should use the email. I waited for the email but as he was taking long, I joined the chat again, the same agent open my inquiry and told me to check the emails and left the chat. So basically he just decided not to answer my emails. If the app offer a live chat it shouldbe within minutes ,I should not be transferred to emails and get answers every other hour. Honestly worst experience overall.
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3 years ago, iv2021
Unfair business practices, beware
I purchased tickets for an event months ahead of time, then closer to the event the event was postponed and we were given vouchers for the rescheduled event for 3 months out. Fine, I went ahead and scheduled the new dates. Closer to the new dates the event was canceled stating that we would be given vouchers for the same event. However, no new dates were posted. Since no new dates were posted I contacted costumer service requesting a refund (my tickets were $140) since the event had no new dates. After multiple back and forth emails , fever refuses to offer a refund and insists on providing vouchers. I was told the event I initially purchased tickets for is no longer offered and I was told to check the fever app regularly FOR THE NEXT NINE MONTHS just to see if they make new dates available. How does that make any sense? If the original event is not being offered we should be given refunds. Their customer service is poor and their practices are unfair and deceptive. It’s better to look locally online for events you’re interested in than using this app or fever for anything. I won’t be purchasing through them again.
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3 years ago, AlyeciaR4
I’ve been struggling for WEEKS for a refund on a event they randomly cancelled my tickets for and never notified me about. I’ve been talking to ONLINE customer service because they lie and tell you they don’t have a customer service line to actually speak to a rep, which is untrue because initially when my tickets were cancelled, and I found out the morning of, they called me and I was able to speak to someone. Since agreeing to a refund, I have not gotten anything since. Like I said I’ve been talking to customer help and they just tell me the same thing over and over “the refund is still processing”. Well today they said it’s BEEN cleared on their end and they’ll send me a statement, which they still haven’t and have otherwise been pretty quick to respond and send emails. I’ve checked my bank statements all the back to the day before I even requested the refund and have spoken to a bank representative and have confirmed I have NOT received a refund or payment for the amount owed or from the company. This company is SKETCHY. I highly suggest using pretty much any other company except this one.
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3 years ago, TrixieLaRude
Scammed out of $80 for something that never existed
Be careful purchasing anything. They ‘postponed’ my birthday dinner. A month later, after many messages I’m told to pick another date. All the dates are sold out for months. How many other people did they do this to? I can’t even tell if it’s a valid event Their customer service is also a joke. No refunds ever. Even when they can’t fulfill their end of the deal. Take forever to get an automated reply which you can’t reply to. I’ve had like 5 cases opened for the same issue. My event from May is now rescheduled for sept. And I have pretty low hopes of it happening. Update - and of course the ‘rescheduled date’ for this event which I suspected would never happen has now been canceled. AND... wait forever if, they’re still holding onto my money. Now I get to work with my bank and file a fraud complaint. Do not buy anything on this site!! I was scammed $80 on something I bought myself for my bday. People are just evil 😡 And I’ve already dealt with their ‘customer service’ dept in this multiple times!!! If anyone there wants to help me, just refund my $80!
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8 months ago, Sihbk
I bought tickets for myself and my two kids to go to bubble world (it was not an amazing experience, it almost kind of felt like a black mirror episode about vapid ness and selfies/social network content creation) but right after I bought the tickets I realized that my younger child wouldn’t be joining us. I had to download an app (I hate that!) to get the specific confirmation number for the tickets just to reach out to customer service at all to get the ticket refunded. They were definitely quick in their response which I appreciate, but they said they won’t do partial refunds. So I asked for a voucher which they also said they won’t do because two out of three of my tickets were used. This is ridiculous. They should absolutely be able to refund the cost of one ticket- any business can do that and they CERTAINLY can give a voucher. I don’t think I would care so much if it hadn’t also just been a lackluster experience in general so the $30 for a kid ticket feels like something I should be able to get back.
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5 years ago, Dorklepuff
Cool events but Deceptive Advertising
I know the app isn’t generally responsible for all of the events other than as a marketing/ticketing tool, so I have no issues with that service. They definitely have some cool stuff. However, I think the way they sell tickets is very shady. For the event I bought tickets for, 2/3 days were sold out. No biggie - I bought for the third day while a big red sign flashed at me saying “LESS THAN TEN TICKETS LEFT. BUY NOW” Gross marketing tactic to get people to buy without thinking. Then, if you read the notice fully, it says less than ten tickets left “at their best price.” I was also able to buy at least 12 tickets at their “best price” that supposedly only had 10 left. I obviously only bought two, as that’s all I needed, but it’s a really manipulative system. They also opt you in to sharing a ton of data unless you dig into the permissions and opt out (Which you should do), but that’s not really a surprise today.
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2 years ago, British Paul
Awful process. Avoid this app. Get tickets directly.
First… the verification process is annoying if you’re trying to pull your ticket information. On occasion, you are logged out then need codes to access your tickets. Not user friendly. Where’s the ‘face ID’ option to avoid this mess? I’ve tried FEVER for 2 events. The first event cancelled twice with poor communication from FEVER. The 2nd event (Love Actually Live), I believed we had purchased 2 specific (numbered) seats in a premium seating area only to find they were not specific seat locations, and we would be assigned seats by the ‘house manager’. If I’d gone directly to the venue website, I would have been able to select precise seat locations and for less money in the ‘premium zone’. I have no clue where in ‘zone A - premium viewing’ we are sitting for the show. And the terms for seating locations don’t match the terms at the venue. This ‘middle-man’ app has disappointed 3 times and it can’t be trusted to deliver. If you want tickets for an event, avoid FEVER and go directly to the event/venue. I will be doing just that from now on.
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2 years ago, bzdsaxbff
Even If You Follow The Policy They Won't Help
I purchased tickets and after tickets were submitted I called to get a date change, I spoke to a representative and he stated he will call me back and confirm my contact information. I never received a call back. I called a day after the event (since I already previously called days prior before the event) and talked to some and the representative said they would send an email. I called today and the representative hung up on me and stated it was nothing he could do, I was not looking for a refund during my first initial call but a date change and now I want a refund because I could not attend the event, did my part as the policy instructed and was given poor service and no result. I feel robbed and disrespected. I truly just wanted a date change or a voucher since it was my anniversary. Fever, I believe this could have been handled so differently and this causes a lot unnecessary 1 stars if users are granted a date change if they have followed all the rules and still do not receive proper assistance and resolution. How disappointing!
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2 years ago, unhappy 👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼
Be cautions when booking
Purchasing is easy through app, but be cautious of booking a show that has not opened. I booked in December, received email titled “New Open Date” that was a cancellation email for May 15 tickets on May 4, with no info on when the show would be ready. The email was lengthy and referenced a voucher and how easy it would be to book in 2 months. Voucher was not available through app, show just said “cancelled” with no information. Long story short FEVER made getting a refund so hard that I had to open dispute to be refunded. As for the other shows I have been to, art was good but poorly organized and staff did not enforce masking. There were technical issues as well and staff clearly had no idea how to resolve. These aren’t super expensive tickets for any of then exhibits/experiences but also, not worth it when you compare to Artechouse (if you’re in DC) or other options that leave you with a great experience. Don’t make the same mistake I did and buy these as a gift or you could be scrambling last minute :-/ I wont use FEVER again
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3 years ago, Bubblesm1
Stressful purchase
I was trying to buy two sought after tickets for an event in DC for myself and my friend in August. I had already given my credit card information and purchased the tickets when I was told I had to download this app. It was the only way I could see my tickets since they didn’t send me an email confirmation. This was extremely annoying since I had no say in getting the app or not. I was forced into it. Then, I had to transverse multiple pages and explanations of club levels for the app which I wasn’t interested in at the time. I just wanted to find proof of my purchase and my tickets. I was asked if I wanted to transfer a ticket and I did but after what I’ve been through I didn’t do it because I didn’t want to force the app on my friend. This was, as another person said, an extremely shady manipulative ordeal to get me to download this app. I’m hoping when the day comes that the whole thing was legit and I actually have tickets. At this point I’m wondering.I have no email confirmation or means to print these tickets.
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5 years ago, Boyhither
I randomly got charged for a event i didn't even know about, the same day of the event. SKETCHY!! I tried contacting the company live chat, they cant do anything, so they will email u back in several days from a different department(what?) then called, the call was dropped or i was hung up on, them i called again where i had this guy basically ask me a series of questions trying to place the blame on me because why? Tickets are non-refundable, asking me like does anyone share my account, or my credit cards, or what kind of phone i have (saying this purchase from a iphone 10, i have a iphone 8, then he said “oh it says 10.4 so that could be yours, i dont know”) he doesnt even know what hes asking, trying so hard yo place the blame on the lack of security for this app. DONT USE. I finally hung up because “customer support” means letigation to them and i was getting nowhere, and also ironically you cant even delete your account!!! You have to email them to ask to delete it? I havent used this account in over 4/5 months, i wont be using it again. What crap.
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5 years ago, DONT DOWNLOAD THIS APP! !!
Unresponsive customer service
I’ve had fever for a while and the first time I actually bought tickets to an event, the page said the address will be somewhere in Williamsburg. Then after I bought the tickets the address was in Queens. So since I was confused I wanted clarification. I call them and I’m on hold for 30 mins and then they said no one can help me at this time please call later. Then I tried their messaging service. And waited my turn. Then when it was my turn I messaged them and they didn’t respond and then it said I have been unresponsive please try messaging again. Then after 3 more tries of the same thing, a lady named BARBARA asked me what was the name of the event. I immediately responded so that they wouldn’t tell me I was unresponsive. But she never replied and then the message system said I was unresponsive and to please try a new message. I’m thoroughly annoyed and hope I don’t end up going to the wrong address. Won’t be using fever after this.
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3 years ago, Ang_Willi
Tickets for Van Gogh event thru Fever
I have seen other reviews similar to what I am going to post. I bought my tickets for the Van Gogh Immersive event months in advance (6 to be exact) and spent $300 on them. The venue was TBD. I got an email acknowledging my purchase and then never another word about WHERE this event was going to take place. Since we are mid-pandemic again, I kept thinking this was going to be postponed since I had not been notified of the venue. Surely, I thought, they would be sending more details. Well, October 24th my calendar reminded me of the event and still no email regarding the venue. My calendar was the ONLY clue I had that my tickets were purchased for that date. We had company in town so the day flew by me. I contacted Fever a few days later and the response was “As you can see in our Terms of Use, our policy is that tickets can’t be refunded, changed or modified.” I guess they got me good. Joke is on me. Horrible communication from Fever but that is modern day, non-existent customer service. Do not buy from Fever.
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2 years ago, BJS2606
Horrible customer service
My husband and I were vacationing in New York City for a week and bought 2 VIP tickets for their Stranger Things Experience. We got on the wrong train and got lost and missed our time slot. My husband called the next morning, and a friendly rep sympathized with us and said she would try to exchange the date on our tickets for that evening so we could still go. She assured us she would get us a credit or refund id she was not able to exchange the date, and she said she would email us as soon as there was a resolution. We did not get a response until several days later, and it said that since WE did not follow up with THEM (???), they were closing the case. I filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau and received what sounded like a canned response from a rep named Luis simply stating there are no exchanges, refunds, or credits…. Ok, then why did the earlier rep say she would get us one? I guess we’ll never get to go to this or any other event on Fever since they lied to us and treated us like garbage.
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3 years ago, Jireki
Buyer beware, read the BBB complaints
The app inaccurately shows dates and times that are not actually available. Be sure to read the other reviews, as I wish I had. Customer service was TERRIBLE, and there is no “live chat” that they advertise, only a very badly delayed email response to questions. I bought two tickets for an event, and the dates and times needed to be changed, so they issued two vouchers for the price of the ticket (not including the ticketing fee, which is fine and I understand). But days of trying to use the vouchers, they still were not working, eventually I figured out that the dates and time shown are not actually available. Had to end up just buying a random day that the vouchers actually applied to bc the vouchers also had a limited time they could be used until. I’ll have to take someone else bc the sheer difficulty off getting any assistance to actually purchase the dates I actually wanted. I unfortunately already bought two different sets of tickets for two events, but WILL NOT EVER use this app again.
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5 years ago, ico9876548
I will never use this app again. I used it for an event in New York on Halloween at the Hotel Rivington (A View to Kill: 007 Penthouse Halloween Party) and Fever had two types of tickets, one for general admission and one for an open bar. When we got to the location on the day of the event, the staff at Hotel Rivington said the company Fever had not even told them they were selling their tickets so they could not accept ours... We had already spent money, some had spent $50 for the open bar and these tickets could not be accepted and were fraudulent. How can a ticket selling company even let something like that happen? On top of that to get in, they said we had to pay $75 which was ridiculous seeing as we had already bought the tickets through Fever. The staff at the Hotel assured us that we would be refunded through the company. Except it took going back and forth with Fever’s company service for WEEKS before getting refunded. The live chat had even “left the chat” once I told her what the issue was. DO NOT TRUST THIS COMPANY WITH YOUR MONEY. THEY ARE A SCAM!!
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2 years ago, Nna12345K
Gouging Practices
Update: This is a shady, terrible company and you shouldn’t buy anything from them. They replied to my bad review telling me to contact them so they could offer a suitable solution. They didn’t reply when I contacted them — so they clearly try to pretend that they’re a better company than they are. Old Review: One top of the high ticket prices they add unreasonably high fees, and they make you purchase each ticket in a separate transaction so you have to pay the fee many times. We had to cancel because one of us had COVID, and we were given vouchers to reschedule — BUT you don’t get a credit for the fees, and you have to pay them AGAIN. Worse, the ticket prices and fees had gone up. A credit should include the fees you paid. It feels like they’re in the business of gouging. Not worth buying anything from them if this is their business model. Also, they encourage people who are COVID positive to attend the event if they don’t want to exceed their budget by paying the high fees multiple times.
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3 years ago, bestmeforsurr
don’t use this app
What every you do don’t use this app. This company is a big scam and one that could care less about things that come up. I got ticket for a friend that was coming home from the military early and was going to take his wife to a show and he ask me if I could get the stuff for him. I order the ticket in the morning and by afterwards my friend reach out and said he was not coming home early and was going back oversea. I tried and reached out to this “company” many time and nothing back from them. The show is not till June 30 and I just lost my money because they can’t get there story straight. After man email and try’s I was told by one of there “reps” that she would offer me a refund. Now when i try to get ahold of the “rep” there is no one with that name there and they don’t offer refund. When i have a email with all there info on it. DON’T USE THIS APP. When thing come up and life happens this company does not care about anything but the money they stole from me.
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2 years ago, wildoneforever
Worst most un-user friendly app
I used this app to purchase tickets to the Van Gogh exhibit in Boston. However, I needed to change the date after purchasing the tickets, so I canceled and chose the “voucher” option. But trying to use the voucher to purchase tickets for a *different* date is nearly impossible. I couldn’t find a “use voucher to purchase tickets on a different date” option (if I wanted to outright *buy* new tickets, however, that was easy). Also, on the Van Gogh exhibit *website* (not the app), choosing a date and time is easy (one can clearly see which dates & times still have availability). On the app, however, to find out if there is still availability, one has to scroll through the dates, then scroll through the times, and then scroll through the different ways to pay. I gave up (and maybe this was their goal). I deleted the app. They can keep my money. I will never purchase ANYTHING with them again and will advise others to follow suit.
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3 years ago, alyssakreviews
Poor customer service
I planned to attend the Van Gogh exhibit in a city I do not live in. I made it all the way to 20 minutes outside of Atlanta when I received an email that the electricity was out at the facility where the exhibit was. Understandable, but more notice would have been nice so we didn’t drive all the way to Atlanta. Then, was offered to try to reschedule for different dates for a highly sought after event. Again, I do not live in Atlanta and the three of us all work full time jobs (with two of them being full time medical students too) in another city far away from the location. This makes it very limited to reschedule. I contacted them via email thrice to receive refunds as we could not find a new day that worked for the three of us to attend either due to schedule or unavailability of tickets during the slots that we could make it to Atlanta. I just want a refund because my opportunity to attend was taken from me because of their issue, please.
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5 months ago, boyonabike
Really unfortunate customer service
We were gift two tickets to Dining in the Dark, but one of us got really sick the day of so I contacted support to get the date changed. My partner has been in bed and coughing all day, so not sure other diners would appreciate that while eating dinner. I contacted them through chat and let them know my situation, but was told they had to send me an email to make the change, not through chat. Ok, fine. In the email, they said I couldn’t make any changes because I didn’t purchase the gifts tickets. I got the original purchaser on the email thread with support only for them to tell us they can’t make any change, only transfer to other people. Why not just tell me that the first time I contacted them? And really awful policy for being sick…they don’t care that other diners will get sick as well since we will all be seats at communal table, just worried about the cash. Really bummed as we were looking forward to the event.
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1 year ago, Wanderlust2047
BEWARE: Poor Refund Policy & Communication
Fever refused to provide a refund that the Experience promised. When I inquired about the promised refund via live chat, the Fever rep, Victor, moved the communication from live chat to email while he "gathered information", but as soon as the live chat ended I immediately received an email stating I would not be refunded. The email also said "Please feel free to reply to this email if you have any other questions - we're always happy to help.", but when I replied to the email, stating that I disagreed with their decision not to uphold the promised refund, I got an error that said the email I was trying to reply to couldn't receive messages. Not only is the refund policy unnecessarily rigid, the communication tactics are unprofessional and frustrating. I'm sure I'm not the only customer who has had this type of experience. The only way I'd keep using Fever is if they do good on the promised refund.
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3 years ago, coolmom212
2 bad experiences in row! Buyer beware!!!
Unfortunately, I have had 2 bad experiences over the course of the summer with fever. The 1st was the “nailed it at home experience”. Sadly the event link got hacked and no one was able to access the event and it got cancelled. I never received a refund despite receiving an email stating everyone was refunded. The SECOND bad experience(purchased before the first unfortunate incident unfolded) - I purchased tickets to the Van Gogh experience and it was postponed and my tickets we cancelled. We were offered new dates and had to pay extra because we had to switch to a weekend - not my problem it was postponed -it was theirs but I had to pay the extra weekend ticket price because I could not get a refund. BUYER BEWARE do not use this service to purchase tickets. Customer service is non existent. You can’t speak to a person everything is via online chat. Don’t lose your money!!!!
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3 months ago, HighlandsBoy
Fever is ok
The Good: I’ve seen some unique events that I’m not sure I’d have seen if they were just folded into Ticketmaster or some other means of purchase. The Bad: Searching for events in the app is rough. For example, I want to see what options might be in Seattle for a Candlelight in June. Can I use the filter/search to just see that (basic, entry-level for a ticket broker) criteria? I cannot. The best I seem to be able to do is see nationwide in June, or Seattle without the dates I need. The Ugly: when my non-smartphone-owning parents bought tickets via computer without realizing they had no way to use their tickets, my attempt to transfer the tickets via the button made for that on their site failed (broken link), then Fever support required repeated attempts to even understand the transfer I was trying to do, wouldn’t even address their broken website, and offered no meaningful solution. Summary: I like the events they curate (Van Gogh, Astra Lumina, Candlelight Concerts) enough to hate-use their fledgling, garbage service. But why not invest in getting it right so they can operate as a business for a long time?
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2 years ago, Alex-Matkovic
Misleading events with terrible customer service
On more than one occasion I have purchased tickets to an event through this app only to arrive at the event to find that the start time listed on the app was much later than the actual start time of the event. This meant that we missed the event, and after speaking with customer service for many hours we were unable to get a refund. On top of that. Despite supposedly having over $60 in my Fever wallet, the app does not allow me to actually use that money for any of the events in the app. It simply doesn’t show up. And again after speaking with customer service for a long time, the issue was never solved. I gave this app two stars because while it seems good in theory, and have been to a couple successful events, The majority of my experience with this app has been underwhelming at best and extremely frustrating at worst.
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2 years ago, raygrit
This place is a complete scam! Do not purchase any tickets from them!!! I purchased tickets for an event a while back only to see that the date we had purchased them for was not what was on the tickets later. The event was an entire year later and we were moving! So I got ahold of someone and they would not offer a refund but only a voucher that is only good for so long. We go ahead and take the voucher only to see not much later that our event was cancelled anyway. So we are sitting with these vouchers and no way to use them because events keep getting canceled and changed but they will not give a refund. Since these voucher are only good for so long this company just stole over $200 from us and it’s been to long to fight it with our card. This place is 100% a SCAM! I have sent another email to see if they will refund me but I doubt that will happen. Next step is reporting them to the BBB! Keep your money safe! Don’t spend it here!
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4 months ago, KC&J ATL
BEWARE: They Will Not Work With You!!
My husband and I booked a pasta making class for $140 and had to cancel because we caught COVID. I sent Fever a message and they replied that they would send us an email about it, which they never did. We thought they would take care of us since we are return customers and had plans to book more events in the future, so we made the responsible decision to NOT go to the class and get everyone else sick. Not only did they not get back to us in a timely manner, they denied us a refund or even so much as a credit to rebook, so we’re just out $140 because of something that was beyond our control. On top of this, there is no way to contact the people who hold the events directly, so the only person you can reach out to in this type of situation is Fever, and clearly they don’t care. I won’t be booking with them ever again. There are plenty of other companies I can take my business to.
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2 years ago, natonbc
Horrible customer service
I purchased 4 tickets for the mad hatter experience to celebrate my friends birthday. My other two friends were in town for the weekend and we purchased the tickets a month in advanced since the tickets sold out quick. Late at night before the event, Fever cancelled all our tickets due to “external reasons to fever” and only offered us vouchers to rebook the experience through fever. Of course this would not work since the experience was sold out for the coming weeks and my friends were only in town for the weekend. I tried to call them on their customer service line connected to the app, but the phone number was diss connected. Not sure why they have the number in the first place. I had to message the team with my issue in order to be connected to live support. Eventually, I was able to get a refund. My friends and I are very disappointed. Never using this app again.
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3 years ago, the_tofu_hammer
An absolutely atrocious events company
Fever offers a mix of self-hosted and third party events. I attended one of their self-hosted and run Dining in the Dark events - an event they “copied” from real Dark Dining experiences, and completely, utterly botched. Suffice to say, the experience was terrible across the board - bad and insufficient food, absurdly overpriced, lackluster table service, and additional price gouging at every opportunity. Worst of all, they made a mockery of the tradition - Dark Dining experiences are a very special tradition in the blind community, and Fever cut every possible corner in staging this sham, in a way that would’ve been impossible to know before paying up front. Of course I reached out to them in an attempt to rectify afterwards: wrote a review, responded to an automated customer service reach out, and even proactively wrote customer experience again weeks after the event. What did I get for all my troubles? A response that seemed like a joke - many un-returned emails later, a rep basically pretended to “thank” me for my review and ended with a smiley face, not once even acknowledging or remotely apologizing for the terrible experience, or seeking to rectify the situation. This company is through and through a grift. They may have some momentum for now due to novelty and funding, but with a product and customer service like this, they will fail, and I will cheer their downfall.
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3 years ago, ejk7493
Who doesn’t know how to run virtual events in 2021?!
Did my first event with fever. It was the Nailed It At Home Challenge. You have to bake the cake and make the icing before the event, and when we went to log in, it said our password was incorrect. Tried the live chat function and was told to email them…there’s no phone number available, and live chat had over 500 people waiting for support. Over an out and a half after our event was supposed to have started they sent an update with a new link and start time that was over 2 hours after the scheduled event time. We planned on the event time and we’re driving for the new time. I let my kid watch it in the car because she had been SO excited about it, but we didn’t get the true experience and fever has done NOTHING to make it right. Don’t waste time or money with them…an event company should be seamless at virtual events after 2020. This is unacceptable.
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3 years ago, Nadador
Poor purchase interface, lousy refund policy
I tried buying tickets for my family of four… thought I ordered 3 adult and 1 child ticket but realized (after purchase) I’d mistakenly purchased 4 child tickets because the app (and website) can only process one type of ticket at a time. Really?! I immediately contacted customer service (and bravo for their quick reply) but found my only remedy was to accept a voucher for the value of my purchase that could only be used once… which meant I lost some of the value because I had to use that voucher to purchase 3 adult tickets (which was less than the 4 kid tickets) then purchase the child ticket separately with my credit card. How can a ticketing app not enable purchasing adult and child tickets on the same purchase? I would steer clear of using Fever for ticket purchases if I can help it (or until they can improve their purchase process)
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6 months ago, telfeguy
Non-refundable and consultation restrictions
I booked an Orlando Discovery Cove. I was going to buy 2 tickets for each of different types, but the dolphin and swimming tickets continued to be rejected, so I'm going to give up and proceed with a different schedule. But I can't get a refund. There was no notification of non-refundable when purchasing the product for the first time. If I had known, I would have thought about buying it. I'm going to get a refund, but I can't get a refund. I looked it up and found that there is a non-refundable in the Q&A section. Don't you tell me this important thing when you buy it? And I can't even consult with customers. I don't have a phone number and I only submit a consultation, but I inquired, but I didn't even reply after a few days. I feel really bad I don't want to buy through this app again. I will also encourage others not to use this site or app.
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3 years ago, gusto132
Bad Customer Service - Scam
0 Stars. If you have a terrible experience dealing with customer service, your opinion about the app/company is certainly impacted. Customer Service impacts company reputation. I signed up for an event that was supposed to happen in September, but it’s “cancelled” even though the event is going on. Fever canceled my ticket and gave me a voucher to sign up for the same event that happens later in the year rather than giving my money back. I feel like I’ve been cheated and bumped out of my September spot and now have to wait until later in the year to attend. So far I am really disappointed with how this is handled and that I was never notified ahead of time. Seems like they don’t give refunds and force the use of vouchers. Bottom line: notify of cancelled tickets and give refunds in a more automated way, don’t wait for customers to raise eyebrows in order to say , “oh, this happened…”
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9 months ago, Soflohart
Worst app customer service even worse
I went to dining in the dark at the hard rock through this app. The ventilation was terrible there & all the people I went with were commenting that it was hard to breathe. My husband passed out it had such poor ventilation. We had to leave the room & they didn’t even give us our dinner that we paid for. I wrote to Fever about this. They gave me a run around & barely responded. The final verdict was that they said we couldn’t have a refund bc the event listed “it was in the dark”—- darkness & ventilation are totally different things. I didn’t complain it was in the dark. I complained that the place was poorly ventilated. Not to mention that our server told us several people had passed out at the event on different occasions. If the customer service is that dismissive of the true issue then that is dishonest. Terrible app, worse customer service.
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