Finger Cut

2.8 (30)
13.5 MB
Age rating
Current version
Jan Mazurczak
Last update
6 months ago
Version OS
15.2 or later
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User Reviews for Finger Cut

2.8 out of 5
30 Ratings
9 months ago, *Froggy Queen23*
Scary and hard
If you want a challenge and aren’t jumpy then this is for you. I wish there were settings that make the saw slower and if you don’t like sudden loud noises then turn down your volume. (FYI it sounds like heavy and loud guitar)
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6 years ago, Brady Bedwell
Great game
It is a great game but it would be better if you could also have the option to switch from the new version to the old version
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11 months ago, Lilu666
where’s the old app?
would like to be able to use the old simulation mode… not sure about this game version
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5 months ago, Skater Landau
AR Why?
I understand that this is not the first time you have done something like this, but like why didn’t you just upload the classic version as a separate app?There’s no point in having this anymore because it’s no longer even a game, sorry, but I’m going to have to follow my friends in deleting it
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2 years ago, vugughugyrbtguhgng
This game is amazing
I named the blade Oakley and her really does not give you mercy but the game is actually so fun especially if you have no internet at the time😊😊
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2 years ago, gracie407
So amazing : o
This game is awsome I am a 13 year old creepypasta fan! I love scary stuff this is really fun ! But Hard
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4 months ago, Percymazing
Why the AR version?!
Ok, I used to love this game until they made the AR version. Like why not just have two versions: AR and Classic? Please developer(s), add a classic mode so that we can enjoy both.
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5 years ago, saw blade
I love this game
The saw can cut your finger
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12 years ago, Dungeon Masta
Brief LOL
People are right. Saw DOES sound like buzzing bees and blood DOES sound like apple eating. Lol. It's funny indeed. You can additionally put more that two fingers or move the saw at will. Not much besides that, and it gets boring pretty fast... It's fun for a while, though. Maybe you could make sounds effects better or blood a little more real. Or maybe, like some people might have already, it's a concept that easily gets old... There's nothing to fear in giving it a try, though. Just for the lolz of it. Fast download, fast delete :)
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5 years ago, bee is hurting
This game is utterly disappointing and I highly suggest not getting it.
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12 years ago, gingergirl53
So funny. Worth it just to install hear the saw buzz and what I'm sure is supposed to sound like bones crunching but really just sounds like someone eating chips! Then delete it. So funny too reading the other reviews and seeing how ppl are disappointed that it's not "realistic". Come on ppl, it's a free iPhone app... Just download, laugh and then delete. :)
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12 years ago, Violet the flower
What's wrong with it?
I don't see what so wrong with this app. I mean like ya it's pretty boring but it's still pretty cool I like this game. I really don't get what's so bad. It's pretty cool. I mean how many people can actually come up with am idea to make a game that's supposed to pretend to cut you finger?? Not a lot I'll tell you that. So four stars cause the sound effects sound more like some one squishing cold spaghetti instead of blood. So try and improve on that... Al in all not that bad.
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12 years ago, Robby sox
Worth a try
It's fun to play around with if u have a few minutes to throw away but In my opinion it's one of those apps that u use once and then delete. The blood drips in the direction u tilt the iPod which is cool and u can cut more than one finger. U need to place ur finger tip on it. Not lay ur whole finger on it cus then it won't work. Anyway try it. It's fun for a few mins. 4 stars because of bad quality sounds but besides that it does what the description says
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12 years ago, Jjsb2011
Cool effects, unrealistic sounds.
Like the effects, but I really don't think a saw sounds like that, sound mosquitoey to me, and the blood sound, don't think so more like a mosquito being squished. All in all cool and realistic effect as long as you don't move your finger off to quickly. Still for free cool, for a paid version better sounds and faster reaction time a plus.
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12 years ago, TheAppPeep
This is prolly the worst app ever. I was reluctant to get it cuz of the reviews but I thought 'whatever I'll just try it' so I did and it's really horrible. Im not one of those people who likes blood in fact I hate it (so y did I get this app?) but, let's face it, the blood looks like one of those drawings off a bad graphics marker app in red. The razor sounds like a fly buzzing and if it was alot higher kHz it would prolly sound like a mosquito. The blood sound sounds like someone taking a big bite out of an apple. And, all in all, seriously don't waste your time or space on it. Not worth it.
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12 years ago, Awesome game!!!
FREAKING AWESOMEST APP EVER! ... My uncle and I laughed at this so hard because when he was swiping his finger across he was yelling super loud "Owwwww!" right next to some adults and they were like what's going on over there ... So they came over and saw a little iPod with a saw on the screen and blood coming out ... And they were like "seriously!!!!!???!!!???" 
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12 years ago, Ella M
Really BAD!
I got this because the reviews were so bad!!! I thought it might be funny but it wasn't! The graphics were terrible and the sound effects sounded like a swarm of bees and somebody eatn an apple so bad i had it for 2 seconds and it was definitely a waste of time don't get it you won't like it....really BAD!!
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12 years ago, Squirrel h8er
Ok ya..... That was lame
Ok first of all the game was totally dumb!!!! I honestly thought it would b a bit better than that. I mram i new tjat it wud b stupid but i downloaded it any ways. That was a horrible mistake!!!!!! If there were negetive stars........ I wish there were. I cant stress this enough: DO NOT BUY THIS APP!!!!! Even if it is free!! It is not worth your time. And if i am taking my sweet time to write a reveiw on how awful this app is i hope you listen. God help you if you dont take my advice. Sorry mr. Invener app dudes but u " really" out did ur selvs this time. Btw if u didnt know that was sarcasim
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14 years ago, YamahaPianoTeacher
Good Solid Entertainment
Is this app silly? Yes! Do people have fun and laugh? Yes! Should you buy it? Yes -- but only if you like this type of humor. Here's an idea: put a little red thread or 1/4" size ribbon on your thumb -- and blow away your audience with another good laugh when you fake "pain" when they see your thumb! This is good crazy stuff!
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12 years ago, Bradsk
Spinning in that direction won't cut a finger
Version 1.2???? Really???? There was an update? That is so basic, that's literally impossible. Thumbs up to the lame wads that had to have a meeting to make this app less appealing Oh I get it, they made the saw go backwards so it can't cut fingers, genius!
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11 years ago, alcoam37
Somethings odd
I don't know why, but when I go to this app and have it on for more than 10 seconds, it gets stuck and stays that way for a few minutes. ITS BEEN DOING THIS SINCE I INSTALLED THE LATEST UPDATE WHICH WAS A FEW DAYS AGO. Even when I'm pressing the button on my ipod, it stays stuck. I have to keep my finger on the lock button for a while to get out of the app.
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6 years ago, Justin-Hulbert
Really fun and funny, i laugh every time i use this fun pointless game, but i think the ad removal is over priced, i think it should be $1.99, I love the new challenge, but I think there should also be a choice, like challenge mode, and then just the regular pointless fun mode
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12 years ago, Manch
Neat app, wouldn't pay for it.
This is a cool, fun, simple app. But i wouldn't pay for it. It would be cool to have some other weapons(a bucket of piranha, a chainsaw or just a knife). Then I might fork over the 99¢. Also, it would be pretty groovy if the blood would slowly fill up the screen.
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12 years ago, OfficerMcNasty
Check ur-self
Ppl r ripping on this app when it was just a simple saw what do they think their iPhones would turn into a actual saw that cuts besides the sound effect is funny since ur first though is someone eating an apple core in ur ear good but not excellent
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11 years ago, Anthony1-24-00
Good app
It is cool when you put multiple fingers one by one on the saw then take them off one by one and then it gets stuck and blood flies even though you do not have any fingers on it.
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14 years ago, Foggypebble
splatter animation
The animated drops that flow to the right of the blade need work; they're maroon when they should be red & they are shaped like cheesy tear-drops when they ought to look like paint splatters & blood isn't partially clear but rather thick. Revamp that part of the animation please.
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13 years ago, desimini
It does take a lot
I takes at least 1 year in developing and design and the adds help with the software to ues it(which costs 99$ a year)
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12 years ago, eddie rivera
Pretty cool
Not bad at all it's pretty amusing my sisters got scared when I showed them so all I'n all it says what it does nothing more nothing less no reason to dislike it
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12 years ago, Matt Calabrese
Wow Really?
Shouldn't download. I kept my finger on the blade for at least 2 minutes and NOTHING!! It didn't cut my finger in half or even break the skin. Terrible app and false advertisement.
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12 years ago, fuzzskis
For the reviews that say the blade turns the wrong way they need to be more observant. When the blade first begins to spin right after the app is started you can see it spins the correct way. It only appears to be spinning the wrong way after it reaches it's optimum speed. Just like a hub cap on a speeding car. It's a just a gag app so so all you naysayers chill.
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13 years ago, Darthstevef
A fun app that's strangely addictive
It is what it says it's a saw blade spinning that makes a bloody chopping noise and spats blood when you touch it. It's great for those of us who really really don't learn our lesson the first time but in a much safer format.
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12 years ago, jackson16
Why is everyone so butthurt? It does what you think it will do. Quit giving apps bad reviews just because they aren't spectacular. Idiots. 
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12 years ago, Luckypluckin
Before update
This app was awesome BEFORE they update it, it had better looking blood and the sound effects were the best ever! Now that it has been updated you have to push a button and the blood is stupid and there is no gissly sound effect when you cut your finger . I am verrrrrry disappointed I have deleted it with a tear in my eye.
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12 years ago, Unwillneverknow 
When the saw us running it sounds like a fly or something. You need to make the sound more realistic or u won't have anyone download it! Make the blood more real and have the sound of the blood sound better. U should also have the blade always be bloody. When u cut ur finger on a blade the blood doesn't ever just disappear. MAKE IT BETTER!!! 
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9 years ago, Pineapples rock!!
Needs improvement 😐😕
It's ok I guess the saw does not sound like a saw and why pay 4.99 just to remove one add?! I only play it when I'm bored and that's why I'm keeping it otherwise I would have deleted it😐 and the blood does NOT look real Apple, please make updates or improvements to this app Not trying to be mean
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12 years ago, Ehhh. Mediocre.
I think this app is meant for those times where you have nothing else to do while you're in the waiting room. It's okay, but I liked the blood before the most recent update. P.S. I'm not emo:)
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11 years ago, Emily B. 12368
Pretty LAME!!
Well, the graphics couldn't really get any worst. The sound effects make me want to puke, and the way you turn the saw on is pretty illogical! I could find many other smart ways to use my free time. As soon as I am done typing this review, I am going to delete finger cut because of its poorness in every category! 👎👎👎👎
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12 years ago, davidd363
Best a must have
This is the best app I've ever downloaded amazing gameplay great graphics and sound effects very addictive a must have for any gamers
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12 years ago, cdude200
This has gotta be the most entertaining app on here but it got boring after five minutes good for if your at a dentist appt waiting
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12 years ago, Koreangirl26
Chill people!!
Ok not only emo people cut themselves k? And the app said that it's just a simple app, not a cut-your-finger-off-for-real app! Unless u wanted it to cut u which makes YOU emo. plus, the app was free:)
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12 years ago, Luvmyzoo
Pretty cool app.
I think it's a pretty cool app. Don't understand why people are so harsh. Did they expect a real saw? iPhones and their apps are really amazing but an iPhone can't do Everything!
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12 years ago, Hannahrules202
It doesn't really have a point and is doesn't ACTUALLY cut fingers off, but I'm surprised it worked and I'd didn't crash to be honest with you!
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13 years ago, Mr.Matrix
Better effects
Should make the blood stain the saw and fade after a bit. And the blood should be a little more realistic.
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12 years ago, Jumbogerman
I was the first person to download this app, I still have it. It is awesome. Some people have no sense of humor obviously...
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12 years ago, Sally the chicken
Could be better
I love it but it makes me nauseous when my volume is on so get it if you want just. Make it where you can customize your saw and sounds and see who can the biggest blood splash that would keep people interested (btw writing this review is what I am doing instead of math hw haha) happy Easter
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12 years ago, DawggyB2006
It says what it's meant to do
Don't listen to these people. It says what it's meant to do. May not be the best app out there, but entertaining none-the-less.
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12 years ago, etheps
Does exactly what it says it will do. Doesn't take long to download. Don't blame the app for bad connection.
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12 years ago, TrumpetTomm
Does exactly what it says...
Nuff said... What did you expect, people? I gave it 5 stars because it's exactly what it says it is...
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12 years ago, k a r l o s
Does what it's suppose to do
Great App! someone should have thought of this a long time ago. :)
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12 years ago, greatappmaster
if I could give this app a worse rating I would it stinks. and for the people tht say we are stupid for thinking it would cut our finger off. well I didn't think tht. I thought it would actually be good enough to be number 8 in the top 25 free apps. but it is not by any chance worthy.
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