Fios TV Mobile

4.5 (295.4K)
148.5 MB
Age rating
Current version
Verizon Services Corporation
Last update
1 month ago
Version OS
15.0 or later
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User Reviews for Fios TV Mobile

4.49 out of 5
295.4K Ratings
2 years ago, David G32
Verizon should be ashamed
This app was advertised to me (by the installer, when we ordered FIOS) as “allowing us to access our FIOS media ANYwhere!” Nothing could be further from the truth. Occasionally, it works brilliantly! Especially, when I’m HOME… and could be viewing things on our online TV and FIOS box, if I wanted to. But when you NEED it… when we were at our son’s house for the weekend, and I wanted to watch the F1 race… I find that there is “in house” content, and “out of house” content! Guess which one Formula 1 is… and virtually ALL of the stations I wanted to watch? Further, when I was on my son’s 500Mbps (FIOS also, by the way) network, it would frequently give me the message that I was “not on a network”… when I was, and am, very MUCH on a network! ONLY the Verizon Mobile app didn’t know it! The final straw was that when I finally DID get onto FIOS mobile, once… and was able to access RECORDED (ONLY) F1 footage, for some reason this poorly written app would not recognize that the iPad Pro I was using had AIRPODS set up as the audio output feed. I could watch, or listen to ANY other media, and the AirPods worked fine. But with FIOS Mobile, the audio ONLY would come out of the iPad Pro speakers… to the annoyance of all around me. Verizon, spend some time with this app! It is not worthy of your name!
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5 years ago, Lighthorse Harry
Customer Support? Customer Contempt!
My ability to create favorite channels on my iPhone and iPad devices does not work. I have been trying to get ‘Support’ to solve this problem since... September. Yes, you read that correctly: . To no avail. I have been given instructions on how to solve the problem that are ineffective. I have been assured that the problem has been ‘elevated’ to a higher management level. No change. I have been assured over and over again by customer service personnel that have assured by the developers that they have been working on the problem, and it should be corrected by a certain date. No change. I was most recently told that there is an upcoming update that will solve problem. The update came and went. No change. On top of all the above what has really gotten to me is the indifference. After awhile, trying to get a response from the support function within the app is met with complete and utter silence. They. Just. Stop. Responding. I used to regard customer service as one of Verizon’s strengths. No more. I am now actively looking for alternatives. This long-time, loyal customer is fed up.
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1 year ago, FJABoston
I just use this feature last night and it’s gone.
Seems like every time you do a major update, the moble remote control disappears. I’d like to use this app once in a while for certain things like the ability to have a remote on my phone. I use this function quite often where if I go to bed and forgot to shut the TV off, I can do it from my bed and don’t have to go all the way back downstairs to the set top box. Second, the simplicity of the guide, whether to watch on your phone, or on your set-top box has gotten complicated, but the design and the fact that you can get a preview just by tapping the channel you want is quite nice. please bring back the virtual remote control. Hopefully it’s just a glitch in the app.
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4 years ago, Dcjkejd
If only it would not constantly quit randomly
I have a 1st generation 12.9” iPad Pro with 128gb storage. I love this app and what it can do, but it’s loaded with bugs. I can’t move the cursor or whatever it’s called to go through a commercial or to skip a part I already saw etc, etc. The screen goes black and there’s a white box that says “Retry”. And about 90% of the time that doesn’t work! It keeps happening. So I have to close and relaunch the app. And sometimes doing that kind of reboot doesn’t avoid the random stopping. If it doesn’t stop outright and show the Retry box, it goes to a black screen and the sound is gobbledygook. Occasionally if I move the cursor forward, or use the arrows to forward 30 seconds or rewind 10 seconds, the picture may come back. Usually not. It also stops for just seconds numerous times during all shows; the white circles whirl around for 2-10 seconds. If I stop watching it never resumes at the stop point. If I pause, when I hit play it skips forward rather than pick up at the pause point. I also have tried to favorite certain channels but it doesn’t work. None of these things occurs on our TVs. Pls fix these bugs! Thank you.
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10 months ago, Blue5619
Primitive controls
Your reception is terrible. The show is constantly shut off and have to be rebooted. One of the most annoying features is when I watch a Fox Business in the morning some commercials are twice as loud as the program. I am constantly diving for the volume to shut it down, because at that hour of the morning people are asleep in my house. If you want more information on that, I can give you a list of the commercials that are twice as loud as the program. Many times when I’m watching a movie if I go to back it up to catch one of the lines it will back up a little bit and then it will lose the connection and then I have to start all over again. Many times from the very beginning of the movie. Very frustrating to watch a program when I am out of the house. Many times when I am on the road and I try to watch a program. It will tell me that I am too far away from my TV set top box. Or it may tell me I should have been connected to the FiOS box before I left my house. I’m sure you can understand when I am on the road that is not possible. And just so you know, I am not out in the woods someplace. I am with eye sight of New York City skyline. Hoboken, New Jersey, Jersey City, New Jersey, Lynhurst, New Jersey.
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1 year ago, Sneeeeaaky
Not really a 4.5 Star Rating
This is now the worst App I have ever downloaded, it’s incredible to understand how a group of highly paid individuals can take an App that functions maybe not perfectly but close and with one update in November ruin it, customers complained and then have 2 updates after that and ruin it even more, when did we move to the Bizarro Universe? I can not believe that the 4.5 rating is still has not changed with 98.6% of reviews since November have been negative, if you filter your reviews for the most recent reviews you’ll see where I get my percentage from, I have almost every single issue that some are experiencing independently, they started on my iPhone but since mid February I am experiencing them on my iPad too, don’t bother opening tickets in the App either , I have opened 9 since December and 8 got closed without any response with the message “issue resolved” and the only one that I got a response from gave me advice that I had done many times before, but, I tried them again to no avail, maybe on April 1st they will release another update and let us all know that it was an April Fools Day prank! Here’s hoping and keeping the faith that maybe a non-salaried intern will come up with a solution!
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5 years ago, Newreader2
Voice Remote where are you?!?!?
It’s been 8 months since we signed on with Verizon and frankly it cannot compare to Comcast. If Comcast were cheaper I’d switch back in a heartbeat. My whole family continues to complain about not having a voice remote. I miss sorting through movies easily by actor or other star or genre. It’s taken me moths to figure out how to find “free movies” to watch or record because every movie I clicked on that was “free” was really only free with a subscription. I don’t find this platform to be at all user friendly by comparison to Comcast. I want to say to my remote, “Penguins game” and have it take me there or “comedy” and have it take me there etc. the only great thing about Verizon is that their promotion offered Netflix for free for a year and actually that’s mostly what all users in our house watch because Verizon is so cumbersome by comparison. Outside of two tv shows and some sporting events I don’t think there’s any reason for this service. I’m looking for ways to get better service for a similar or lesser price point. Also, there rockstar internet service isn’t any better than Comcast’s Xfinity from what we can tell. I keep waiting for the miraculous improvements promised in speed.
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1 year ago, Sandralp
New Interface is Awful !
The newest interface is awful… It forces you to watch just one sided landscape when download it on an iPad. You have lost the ability to go back and rewind a currently streaming show by either 10 seconds or manually buy the red slide bar at the bottom that we used to use. It is the worst thing Verizon has ever done, and if I weren’t ready to cancel Verizon before this app downgrade, I am about ready now! This Darlin’ on the go option was the last potential benefit of having a cable subscription and they just change things, for the sake of change functionality is less than it was before not more. No volume or mute control; must watch only counterclockwise landscape; visibility to shows, descriptions, content, my guide all basically destroyed. Why would you continue to stick with this failure considering all of the massive amount of negative feedback. Why on earth won’t you go back to the old app and give us all of the functionality that we used to have?? The costs surely cannot be worth the loss is subscribers and the salaries to replicate functions that’s we already had previously?
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4 years ago, horrific is every way
0 stars if that was an option
Verizon and their Fios service is the worst product I have ever experienced. It’s unbelievably expensive and constantly doesn’t work. The customer service experience would earn the lowest possible rating on any scale. This is due to the fact that they are almost impossible to get on the phone, and forget having a technician come out to repair the issues as they will NEVER dispatch someone regardless of the number of times you call, or how many malfunctions you are having. If I could, I would cancel their service tomorrow and go with Comcast. The second my contract is up I will be switching. I HIGHLY advise never spending your hard earned money with Verizon, because the product you pay for will NOT be the product you get. When you are purchasing or signing up, their customer service is spectacular. Once you are under contract, that’s experience is gone, and you are left to deal with whatever issues you have on your own. DO NOT PURCHASE.
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1 year ago, you ruin my id go ap
New fios app
The previous app before few days ago was easy use and and didn't hurt your eyes it was great. However, the new fios app not only physically hurts my eyes gives me blurred vision it's denying me access to shows on demand I pay for in my cable package which is largest one Verizon fios offers. The new does not work is denying my legal right watch shows and season I pay for it's so basis for new change seem be to force or trick people into purchase something by not accident but because your just try get work properly cause does not. For example I pay for A&E I am allowed to watch anything on A&E that available on their on demand lineup of shows and seasons Literally can not bring up anything like n A&E on demand only allows me to see airing like guide info does or purchase shows or seasons I know I allowed watch shows I can watch on my tv I allowed to watch on app Yet I can't anymore w/ the new horrible app replacement literally seeking out new cable company due this horrific new fios app. The worst app now that change it ever had deal with put back old one least didn't blind you not try steal my money and denying me access to my right view my tv shows. Shameful
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3 years ago, Awful app bugs!
Extremely poor picture quality
I see plenty of reviews related to this problem. After numerous support tickets and the usual carousel of responses to reboot the router and the set top box, uninstall the app, etc., I decided to request a new set top box and router, naively thinking this could be the source of my problems. Well, I was wrong. Picture quality continues to be just horrible. And I pay over $230 monthly for this type of experience? When is Fios going to fix this problem? And is Fios willing to reimburse customers for the subpar service they are providing users? Of course not. One would think this issue should be escalated to their developer group and addressed as a hot fix. Well, here we go again: I am being naive. This app is rarely updated, so we may be out of luck for some time to come. In the meantime we will continue with this problem and all the other issues the app seems to have no matter what, like unexpectedly crashing. At least they have fixed the forward/reverse problems the app suffered from, and even those problems took months to resolve.
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2 years ago, Wilcaptain
Verizon, what happened?
I have been a longtime Verizon FiOS customer, but while retaining internet and phone service I “cut the cord” a few years ago for tv. I recently resubscribed to FiOS tv, and I have to say, what a shameful disappointment it is. The old Verizon app worked wonders and was free. Now I’m paying a whole lot more and getting far less. It’s awful that to use my iOS devices on my own Wi-Fi network at home, I’m supposed to pay an extra $20 per month?! Let alone it used to be free not only in my home but while traveling remote on a different LTE signal or Wi-Fi. I’m seriously considering cutting the cord again. The price for garbage, advertisement-laden nonsense channels I don’t want, a terrible app like this one, and a “new” FiOS One box that uses Bluetooth or RF for itself but won’t turn on devices with modern CEC protocols, lack of any customer service (they don’t understand their own product when you call and speak with them), etc. is just downright disappointing. Come on Verizon. You used be so much better. Also, how is this app so highly rated when review after review is so negative?
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1 year ago, phatkrome
Unusable update - what a mess
Wow, don’t know how you managed to turn a usable, but imperfect app, into this hot dumpster fire but you succeeded. Where to start? It auto plays EVERYTHING! Search a movie title? It starts playing the movie on demand. Who thought this was a good idea? I just want to find when a show next airs to record it, but 7 taps later, I get somewhat close. Back to the guide tab and it AUTOPLAYS some channel. Why?!?!? I’m not watching on my iPad, so why assume that? Switch to another tab and back to the guide, AUTOPLAY AGAIN!!! And each channel now takes up a full inch of horizontal screen space, which triples the work of scrolling through channels. If your goal was to make this the least user friendly experience ever, then it was a raging success. Seriously, did you actually user test this with real people? I would never be so critical with a smaller developer but this is VERIZON, a mega company with lots of resources (Including $1000s of dollars from me every year) and it’s just plain garbage. Can I download the old version please?
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1 year ago, MJAYF
Some channels will not stream to mobile
Verizon‘s advertising and the app itself imply that you can watch any of your channels from your FiOS subscription on your mobile device. This is not true. Some channels will stream to a mobile device, and some will not. In my region (Boston, MA), CBS will stream to a mobile device, but ABC, NBC and many others will not. I only learned this after chatting at the speed of molasses over 5 days (they had me try 17 different things, none of which worked) within the app with customer service, and spending more than an hour on the phone (after spending 20 minutes navigating the auto attendant.) with Verizon‘s phone technical support. Finally a fourth person with whom I spoke, who was a supervisor, explained what was going on. Hopefully this will save others from wasting precious time. Shame on Verizon for not letting customers know this. It would be easy for them to simply state this within the app or on their website.
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1 year ago, Tommyo1957
HATE white print on dark background. Hurts my eyes.
This latest update is terrible. I can’t stand the dark background and white print. It makes me dizzy. I barely use the app since this update because I can’t stand looking at it. They also made it scroll slower, and just harder to navigate. Once again, there’s no option to allow for one way to use it or another. No light background option of course. Don’t they ask a focus group to or other people in the office to give their opinion? after all the customers who’s paying for the service, you would think that the customers opinion might matter. I also can’t stand the fact that I’m forced to watch a show in landscape mode. Why am I restricted? The iPad is designed to flip both ways. But yet when I exit out and go back to the channel listings It won’t flip back unless I reflip my iPad . Very annoying app as usual. I’ve never really liked this thing. I’m gonna start researching what competitors offer and may soon be an ex customer.
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1 year ago, DKP223
Not Sure What To Say
I have used the Verizon FiOS app for years. Admittedly, I used it on an older iPad (I.e. older iOS) and it honestly worked great. I recently upgraded to a new iPad and now the app is not so great! When I try to watch shows that are currently airing, it automatically takes me to the weather channel. Not sure why. It is not set as a favorite. Additionally, there is no way to “jump to” a specific channel you want to watch by typing in the channel number. My old app on my old iPad allowed this and it was a great feature. Now I have to scroll through every channel (i.e. from channel 619 to 840) to get to a channel I want to watch, this is after exiting the weather channel. SMH. This may seem like no big deal, but it is definitely annoying. Lastly, I continuously get a “we will be right back” message as if I do not have a Verizon service or subscription. Again, I have no clue why this is. I make sure my app is updated regularly. Sometime too much “innovation” is over kill.
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1 year ago, nikki737495
Disappointing app
Recently switched to fios and was disappointed to find the fios mobile app falls flat. Features that seem to be standard with other apps aren’t available which makes the app unusable. For instance, I’m unable to download recorded content for offline viewing. I have a 2 hour round trip commute on public transportation with spotty service, with another service provider I would be able to download my shows to catch up, but that’s not available with the fios app, meaning I can’t watch on my commute. Additionally, even when I have service I keep getting a “network switching” error, I’m guessing as I’m moving from tower to tower. This causes playback to stop and even if I’m halfway through a show it restarts at the beginning. Additionally, would love the ability to minimize the screen to a portion of my screen so I can do things in the background. Ultimately, the drawbacks of the app make it unusable for me when it would be most helpful.
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2 years ago, Dkac
Update not worth the headache
Update can’t access the guide or favorites. Making the app useless. To fix invalid user you need to delete app and reinstall. My favorite channel list is no longer available(it says something about filters. I can’t see any filters that I turned on). When I go to the guide it uses the Ipad new settings to minimize the screen, with a little arrow at the bottom right hand corner for full screen. Unfortunately the arrow doesn’t work for this app (it only seems to minimize when I press guide button). I have yet to watch a show because I can’t find anything I want to watch without scrolling down the whole guide. It does start playing with one channel (the first channel listed on the guide list). Took me forever to notice the arrow that gave access to the guide itself. That is when the screen would minimize. Unfortunately I had to remove the app from memory to get back to full screen. On the home page. Not worth the headache
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3 months ago,
Terrible interface, more commercials, Nielsen calls
Latest problem: playback failed due to private relay enabled on device. No, it’s not enabled, never has been. It’s just your app stinks. Unusable. Terrible user interface, more ads… leave a cahannel, come back in 3 minutes and they repeat the same commercial until you have watched it, and Nielsen calling my home phone unendingly because of Verizon deals with them. It would be hard to make a worse app on purpose. Updated: it really is the worst streaming app out there. They can’t even get rotation right, only delivers a small fraction of the the channels I get on tv but on the app…nope. Yikes. “this content is not available to watch on your mobile device. with with your current verizon plan” Ok, I have a full plan, cable, internet, phone, and somehow this is my fault? What plan would i need or is this just doublespeak for ‘we can only show you a small number of channels on the app even in your own home’.
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2 years ago, asdechs
Horrible interface DO NOT UPDATE
I was forced to update due to a troubleshooting session with my STB. After update the following is missing or broken: Search for channel content, gone! Jump to channel, gone! Manage recordings, ability to select multiple recordings gone! Downloaded previous content, gone! Jump ahead 30 seconds in recorded content, reduced to 10 seconds! Ability to set channel or series to record from guide, gone! Customer support for open tickets, GONE!!!! Previous version was MUCH better. Come on Verizon, get in the game and stop ignoring the hundreds of bad reviews with your new 6.0.x “DOWNgrade”! Please reply with a method of restoring previous version. It seems a LOT of people are having similar issues.
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6 years ago, JewelDivine
Unfortunately I’ve forcibly upgraded to this app since they are no longer offering the original. I’m beyond disappointed and frustrated w/ this app. It desperately needs a new update to remove the bugs and glitches it has while viewing a movie or tv show it freezes completely and the audio & video never catch up, resolution is horrible. I’m missing a lot of channels while on home WiFi that I used to have on the previous version of the app. They decreased the variety of channels they had previously & repeat of the same channels for instance the music channels and gov’t channels are duplicate & in different locations each time you load the app. Also another critical issue: the movie or show stops abruptly & reverts to the main screen over and over again. The previous app was perfect nothing was wrong with it why would you get rid of it and put this garbage in place?? Verizon customers pay so much $$$ this bs Isn’t doing us any justice @ all!! Fix fix now!!
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1 year ago, 1055BigMac
Bring back the old version!!!!
The old version was not perfect, but the new version really STINKS!!! Numerous recent reviews say it all. The screen flips upside down on opening! You have to set up your favorites again! Clicking on the “On Now” tab, immediately opens the first show in your favorites, rather than giving you the option to pick a channel first. You then have to close that channel first, in order to pick something else. There is also no “back” or “toggle” option, that allows you to flip back and forth between two different sporting events or shows, without closing one to get to the other. The “grid” needs a lot of work. It opens on the current time slot only. You can scroll across, but it does not show as many options as the previous version, either left to right, or top to bottom. I do not need a bigger font. I need to see more channel options, without scrolling!! BRING BACK THE OLD VERSION!!!!
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4 years ago, Steve the Catholic
Needs work
So, you try to watch a show and FF through the commercials. Tap the FF 8x, get an error message and you end up going back to start - and I don’t mean the start of the show, I mean all the way back to finding the show, starting the show, then finding where you left off. So now you tap 4x and then 3x and hope for the best; or take your chances with the slide bar. That’s like shooting at a moving target. Then there’s the pause feature. (Eye roll) If you pause for too long, when you hit play the app acts like a time machine that drops you off somewhere in the future. Make sure you note the time you paused so you can slide back to where you were. Decide if you need to pee or get a snack before you pause. Do one or the other, but definitely it both if you want to avoid the Twilight Zone. Other than that, and the buffering, it’s a great app!
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3 years ago, Chaz the Shyster
Cut me off from TV for no reason and no warning
Very long time user, high end, high price customer. Was just cut off from mobil TV with zero warning. Unable to speak with a human to get service back up. Such poor customer service is to be expected these days from Verizon. It’s a shame. I get this looney message about not paying a bill. I have a screen shot of my latest payment, but no one to show it to, as they’ve apparently given up on human contact with customers. They also claim I have to upgrade my phone to the latest IOS software (also with zero notice). Phone already has the latest software. Hard to take them seriously after the no payment claim. For months they have been kicking me off mobil TV demanding more and more signing back in. Really annoying and dangerous if you’re driving. Not worth risking your life because they want to shave as much bandwidth off your account. Really unprofessional and careless.
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6 years ago, 18east
Verizon, I have to ask, what is wrong with you? Have you paid for those 5 star reviews, because neither of your apps work now. You want me to delete the one that, somewhat works. It’s time to cut the cord. Lets see, fios mobile was a long time till it as actually useful. Now fios Mobil really works. So, they replace it.... this doesn’t work, yet, I’m sure they will make it work. It only took somewhere around 4 or 5 years to get the last one working. Good luck all. Ratings I wish everyone would use. Well no progress yet, now there asking me to delete fios mobile, which actually works. I don’t understand why a company thats primary function is live TV would make an app that highlights rentals in competition with others and not offer an effective alternative. If you want to be Netflix you’ll need to change your business plan. I have about 6 months till my contacts up. Good luck all. ⭐️Since there is no 0 this will have to do. ⭐️⭐️ Acceptable, but less then expected. Wouldn’t recommend. ⭐️⭐️⭐️ Met expectations. Everything worked/entertained/etc. as expected. This is the default. Your happy with what it is, and would recommend it to others. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Exceeded expectations in one or more areas. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Exceeded expectations in 3 or more areas. This should be exceptionally hard to achieve. Update: Still worthless. I probably should just get rid of this service. Minus one star.
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6 years ago, A busy doctor and dad
Live TV gets worse and worse
UPDATE: Been trying to be open minded about this new app, but only getting more frustrated. It’s as if Verizon has zero knowledge of how people watch TV. People like to hold the remote and flip through channels. Not with this app. No way to check out what else might be on without leaving the current program. It’s like going back to the 80s and watching cable. At least then when I turned on the TV I knew it would work. At this moment, I can’t watch news while making breakfast due to a “data error.” If I wanted to blare news from the other room, I’d get an HD yes, I’m another step closer to cutting the cord. Lacks the “last” feature and the ability to see what’s on other channels while watching a show. And when selecting a channel, it takes you to a static screen where you have to click again to watch the show. Why require two selections to watch a show. With the money Verizon makes, you could afford some usability testing.
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3 years ago, Rancryst
Virtual remote does not work
The remote on this app will not connect. I get an error message whenever I try to use this. I made sure permission to use my local network was enabled, tried reinstalling this app and rebooted my cable box but still no luck. I think this happened because of an update because it used to work fine. I created a ticket on the app to report this problem but got no useful information. I enabled the network connection, rebooted everything, checked my wifi connection and even tried reinstalling this app but no luck. Also, the help section is useless in this app. It gives obvious suggestions that even an idiot would know and no way to follow up. If you’ve tried rebooting and double, triple checked your network connection and it still doesn’t work you’re screwed. No further assistance is available. They won’t even respond on here. Verizon is the main reason I will be cutting the cable when my current contract is up.
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6 years ago, seriously disappointed 2
Worst app improvement ever
This new version of the app is simply atrocious. I can no longer watch shows on my phone. It freezes while I’m watching and tells me I lost connection to my box or that my box is off. What?! It’s supposed to work even if my box is off. Not to mention, I’m usually sitting right in front of the box, trying to watch something I like on my phone while my kids watch their show, so the box is actually ON! I’m so annoyed that they made me delete the old app by making neither work until I did so, it was like black mail, I pay for this service, my services shouldn’t be held hostage until I do want you want. We are pretty much done with Fios at this point, looking into xfinity, sling anything but this!
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3 months ago, ewesa🌀
This app drives me nuts. Currently, the newest issue is that when watching a show it gets stuck on the commercials and it’s impossible to get out. So I have to manually move the show past a commercial break, allow the commercials to play to get to the next segment of the show. Otherwise, it keeps looping back to the same segment. And then there are times when the commercials are stuck in a loop and just keep replaying. The app never shows what you were watching last so if you accidentally leave the app, you may have difficulty finding what you were watching if you don’t know the network or show name. There’s more but this commercial looping issue is the worst I’ve experienced with this app which I’ve been using for at least 10 years. This time I had to write in…can we fix this Verizon? It’s uber annoying.
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5 years ago, VixenV224
HUGE waste of data & time compared to Netflix
I can consistently (Every time for Years now) watch at least 3x the amount of shoes on Netflix that I can watch in the same amount of time on Fios. When you fast frwd on Fios it is insanely slow, ultimately taking 3x as long to watch a show. On Netflix, it FF instantly! No spinning circle, no show playing sound but watching a frozen or black screen & certainly zero times being kicked off & having to go back in. Often, loosing your place & making you start from the beginning. If you’re out of the country on travel pass, u definitely don’t wanna waste your .5 gigs of data watching it. Trust me, I travel to Europe & the Caribbean every year & no matter the “upgraded” version, that’s never gotten better. Don’t waste ur $.
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6 years ago, DanReviewsFromPit
I cannot use this app. It will not pair with either set top box. Verizon: please update! iOS 11.4.1 has been available for weeks! Sincerely, An 8 year FiOS subscriber. Update: Verizon support is abysmal. The only way to get support for the app is to request support through the app, yet the app will not accept a support request. You can call 800-VERIZON for FiOS support, but they will not take a request for app support. They will create a support ticket and assure a callback, but when you check on the support ticket it is closed ‘by the overnight back office team’. You cannot make this nightmare up. This 8 year FiOS customer is seriously considering switching to xFinity. Seriously. Verizon support is that bad. After 10 days, five trouble tickets (four closed without contacting this customer), the app ***finally*** works. I invested more than 12 hours over 10 days with VERIZON fighting their bureaucratic support silos. Unfortunately, app organization and functionality is maddening. There’s no button on the virtual remote, and you cannot change channels from the Listings screen. Verizon, you will improve your customer satisfaction by bringing back the FiOS Mobile app. If you need support for this app, you may need to file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau. That’s the only way you will get a technician to return your phone call.
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2 years ago, where is the decency
Terrible app!
I’ve seen the Comcast app YEARS ago have the option to have the mini viewer while doing other things and Verizon app has STILL yet to incorporate this! We’re so far along in technology and even have the option for mini viewer on phones now but the Verizon app is still unable to do this on tablet (iPad) or phone (iPhone). Terrible. Also, when I’m watching a show and need to switch apps (on iPhone or iPad), and I go back to this Verizon Fios app, it’s a black screen and does not reload or give me the option to refresh. I have to press the “x” at the top then go back onto the show and wait for it to load. Very slow and inconvenient again, while other apps allow to continue to play or smoothly pick up. Verizon is expensive and makes way too much money to have such terrible apps and service. I would give 0 if possible.
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6 years ago, SweetyDimples
I dont really like this new FIOS app. This new app freezes often. The FIOS Mobile app would gray out a watch recording and leave all unwatched bolded. This new app displays a recorded show as “new” indicating that it hasn't been watched even after I have watched it. It also doesn’t allow you to resume watching where you left off whether you were watching from the TV or the app. If you resume watching a recorded show on your tv that you were watching on the app it starts from the beginning and vise-versa. The interface is cool. Kinda reminds you of AmazonPrime tv and other streaming services which is fine. I do like that you can skip forward and back by 30sec increments. My issues are strictly with the functionality. I’d give a higher rating if this new app performed like the previous app. Oh...and stop telling me to delete the FIOS Mobile App! I’ll do it when you fix all these issues.
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6 years ago, SMNYC
Lots of potential, but ultimately disappointing
The new Fios TV app has a lot of potential to be a great app. The new sleek design is superior to the app it replaces. But it is extremely unstable. It crashed constantly. They also took away key features. For example, the “Last” button that was available when you stream live TV was a great feature so you could swap between channels. Now, if you want to swap, you have to exit the channel you are watching, scroll and find the next one, and launch it. And to go back, you have to do the same. You also can no longer browse while steaming live. It is disappointing that they made it so limited and restrictive. Lastly, the volume on the ads is a lot louder than the programming, so I constantly have to adjust the volume when streaming out of the home. I wish they had kept the good features of the old app and just improved it. Stability, though, is the number one problem. My app keeps crashing.
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3 years ago, J Townsend
An awful app. But what do you expect? Remember, Verizon is historically a telecom company, and go back a bit further - just a phone company; and go back a bit further, a monopoly. Still have house phone? OK, I guess - but why??!)] Verizon is NOT an IT company. Verizon doesn’t have what it takes from a corporate culture to be a passable - let alone cutting edge - digital age provider. My latest gripe, in a long list of gripes —> the “Recently watched” function does not update to include the most recently viewed channels. To use an analogy from the entertainment & sports industries (or am I being repetitive?; after all, sports is nothing more than a subset of entertainment) ... they’re just “phoning it in.”
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4 years ago, nikkib212
Negative 5 Stars
Every time I try to watch a recorded show on my iPad and want to fast forward, the show completely stops, then I have to shut down fios completely. When I go to reload the recording, it goes back to the beginning and not like I can fast forward to where I left off. I find the app is getting worse and worse and more frustrating. I thought maybe it was my iPad but my husband just got a new one and the app has all the same issues. Honestly it’s not worth what we pay Verizon when I primarily only watch tv on my iPad and there are so many other services that actually have great streaming and app functionality.
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6 years ago, Outraged subscriber
not an improvement
I was quite satisfied with the old app, then Verizon sent notice to change over to new version or get discontinued. The new version is much fussier - it takes longer to find what I want, as well as to toggle between shows when I want to. When I click on a show, I want to go directly to a show - not to the info screen about the show. Worst of all, it's constantly freezing, with or without sound, then crashing the app, so I have to restart it or just give up, since I'm missing so much of the program already. Either beta-test your new versions better or go back to the old version till the new one is really ready. Stop wasting our time testing it on paying customers.
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5 years ago, Mrscruz2003
Eh it’s ok not great
The app isn’t user friendly to me. It’s difficult to find what you might want to watch. It shows you everything, including the things you can’t watch. That is weird or maybe a marketing scheme to get you to buy more channels? It doesn’t save what you watch in an easy place. Lastly, when you have to leave the app (and what your watching) and go back to the app/show/movie, it makes you reselect the movie/show and then replay. Instead of just restarting or at least bribing you right back to the move and all you do is one click play. The one good thing though, compared to the app from last year or two years ago. It actually works most of the time!!! It doesn’t freeze as much and it’s available most times when I come into the app. I would like to see this app mature and be ‘smarter’ about the user logged in, fitting individual TV needs.
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2 years ago, ldib84
New update is terrible!
Seriously fire whomever designed this update along with everyone who approved it! Was on it for two seconds and that was all the time it took for me to realize it is not user friendly at all. Why would you think auto playing the video on the guide was smart? I’m going there to browse, when I want to watch something I’m more than capable of starting the video on my own. Also can no longer jump to the channel you want. Seriously?! We’re supposed to scroll through all these channels to get to the one we want. Tells me you tried to just go for some sleek look, with out thinking of functionality. There was nothing wrong with the previous version, it did exactly what we needed it to. Bring it back! Don’t get this app if you’re a Fios subscriber until they change it back. Better off just using your cable box for everything.
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5 years ago, BitterPlayer
Functionality should match remote
Why can’t you do everything in the app that you can with a basic remote control? When trying to record an item on here, you are not given the same options you have with the remote on the TV, namely adjusting start/end times as my primary complaint, but also keep until, etc. I don’t know whether it is on the app or the listings feed, but why can’t we search for a sports team and see their games? That seems like pretty basic functionality and it is rather maddening to have to scroll through ALL college basketball games, including re-airings to find your team. My dream would be a meta series that finds broadcasts across all channels, but I’d settle for being able to enter [team name] in search and see the showings of their upcoming games.
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6 years ago, GiovanniUI
My riff with your new redesign is simple: it was not designed for me. I use your app everyday all the time to watch cable news on-the-go. That’s all I want, and perhaps some ocasional live sports event. I don’t care what show or movie is trending right now, or what new release is coming out, all I want is easy access to the handful of cable news channels in my package. But when you netflixed your app recently, now that takes forever to do. Your saved favorites feature does not work, which it is crucial for how I use your app, so I have to search the channel I want to watch, find it, tap 6 times on several screens asking if I really wanted to watch the channel now and then repeat for the next one. Now they are in my Recently Watched list and that’s how I loop or flip channels back and forth. In the old app, I could flip channels by rotating my device in portrait mode, but that changed. Please fix the favorites issue
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2 years ago, Gstrekkie
Great when it works
Very frustrating when you’re trying to watch the news in the morning while getting ready for work. Constant buffering even with rock solid very fast wifi connection. It doesn’t play well with Fios’ own wifi extender moving from one unit to another causes it to think you are no longer on a Fios connection. Sometimes the buffering is so frequent it just gives up and resetting the wifi connection on the iPad is necessary. Then sometimes no matter what you do you do you end up resetting the entire iPad and then it tells you it looks like you don’t have an internet connection. So breakfast is now over and you wasted time with a stupidly designed app. Then go to work annoyed. Oh yeah and then they want you to rate it after all that so guess what I rated it as low as I could go and wrote this nasty message instead of drinking my coffee!
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4 years ago, Tim. H.
Not happy.
I got this app so I can go out on my back porch and watch live tv with my tablet out there. Spent almost 2 hours talking to support about the fact it was telling me I had watch everything on my box inside my house. At that time support provided me with a link to try and see if it works like its supposed to and it did , a few days later I go to use the app out back again and the same problem, I couldn’t watch anything live on it. Very frustrating to go out back to watch what was on my tv inside for a while and couldn’t watch it. I downloaded this app for that very reason to be able watch live tv out on my back porch with my tablet. I’m gonna go to the chat I had with support and see if I can locate the link support provided to me and see if that works like it did before.
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1 year ago, Mainline User
New version difficult and too much
Loved the before-February major revision. Was easy to navigate and find what wanted. I find the recent revision while sleek and flashy, is so difficult to navigate. Certain tasks seem to be hidden in other tasks or screens. Guide with all the sliding stuff is more cumbersome than the earlier just plain listing. I would say the developers are simply trying to put too much in one app. Perhaps there could be one app for mainly viewing programs and related. And another dedicated to help Fios user schedule and manage what they want to record, delete, see program info, etc. I used to use the app for about all tasks. Now I end up reverting to the actual tv and the remote. Slick and flashy might showcase developers skills but not necessarily make an app more valuable. Please consider simplifying.
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2 years ago, scruffdawg
Clunky and annoying
This app used to be merely old fashioned and without frills (like no picture-in-picture), but now it is downright annoying to use. With iOS 15.x, it can take literally minutes to load, during which time all you see is a white screen with a spinning beach ball. Sometimes it takes 3-5 minutes, and sometimes it never does load. Other times it loads immediately. The other really annoying thing is, for some channels (notably CNN), when the station cuts to commercial, the app presents a silent black screen with a notice that it will return after commercial break. Sometimes it does return, and sometimes it just stays that way for far longer than the actual commercial break. I am no big fan of commercials, but the sudden silence and the black screen is jarring and annoying. Also, the app does not always do it — seems totally random, sometimes it happens and sometimes the commercials are on as usual. Verizon is supposed to be a high tech company, but this app seems like it was written by a summer intern. Its lack of PiP, combined with it’s annoying unreliability, make it close to unusable. The app is hyped as allowing you to watch your programs on your mobile device just like on your tv, but that is very far from the reality.
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10 months ago, NJZ3D
Preferred the original FiOS app
The original app was better. This app often closes, requiring re-signing in. It listed the channel #s of the station you were watching. More channels were available on the “Watch Now” function, even when away from home. I mostly used the “Watch Now” function and it really was like having your cable with you away from home. This app doesn’t work as well. It’s complicated in that the channels are separated and categorized (ex. Sports, News, etc) It’s constantly stopping, bouncing me off. I just want an app that is like having my cable service away from home- I want the old app back.
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2 years ago, paulg101154
watching Fios remotely
Despite my having spent, LITERALLY, hours (totaling maybe 20) since December on the phone with customer service reps and technical types I am unable to watch some shows/games remotely, can’t get them to call me back DESPITE BEING PROMISED MULTIPLE TIMES BY TECHNICAL TYPES/SUPERVISORS I’D GET A CALL or get the record feature to work. On one recent call I was told a trouble ticket had been created and I’d get a call with an update on status. Of course I got no call back but I did see someone closed the ticket with the advice that I needed to be connected to my router. DID THEY NOTICE THE TICKET SAID I WAS OUT OF STATE????? How in the heck can I do that? I asked for a supervisor, got one, we spoke for about 45 minutes (without fixing anything), he had to leave the call since he had a meeting BUT I WAS PROMISED A CALL BACK NO LATER THAN THE NEXT DAY WITH A FIX OR STATUS. That was about 4 days ago. no call and still not working
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4 years ago, La Italiana Bella
Phone Fios remote app
Very convenient I always use to loose my remotes well not any more this is awesome I never have had any issues with using this remote on my phone it comes rate up no problems what so ever works very well best thing too is you don’t loose your remote or have to change batteries I love this app plus I get a TV guide as well as a remote I have given this 5 out of 5 stars because there’s nothing wrong with this app it works perfectly never have any issues I been using it almost a year now and not one issue ....highly recommend everyone to download this pacific app it is truly amazing it works awesome not one problem or any issues using it what so ever
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5 years ago, swifyupser
Not as good as it used to be, Comcast much better
One of the main reasons I use the streaming app is to use while traveling. The Fios App works great while you are connected to your home router but then again if you are home you can watch on TV. When traveling a majority of the channels are blocked out including all the ABC, NBC, Fox, etc because “ you must be connected to your home router/network “. The networks that you can get while traveling freeze up while the sound continues, then the sound stops , the screen goes blank and you have to exit the app and re enter to do it all over again. Very frustrating to say the least. Were as Comcast streaming app allows you to stream whatever and whenever you want. As I have said multiple times in the past “ can’t wait for the Verizon contract to end “. Fool me once kind of thing.
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2 years ago, Unhappy Herb
FIOS headaches
Have been trying to got issues straightened out for around a month!! Started with app after working perfect for a year or so wanted me to sign in, trued signing in and would not except my pass word. Trued forgot password, entered new password. Try renting password in app, would not except! Did this process 4 or 5 times again over the next month when I had both the time and patients to deal with this frustrating task again to no avail !! Finally contacted Verizon managed to get issues resolved costumer service was very helpful but no more that 5 minutes after resolving issues I was back being kicked out of app not excepting the password…. Becoming VERY frustrated AGAIN,didn’t have the time or patience to deal with the process AGAIN!!! Call Verizon again customer service was helpful again, talked me into getting box and router updated for an extra $1 a month - waved installation fee & no contract!?!? I guess I will find out what the future holds for me getting my FIOS issues resolved today! Have a tech coming today between 11:30 & 1:30 I am trying to stay positive but only time will tell if the problem will be resolved….. My bill will reflect what I was told it will be and who my provider will be in the future!!!
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