First Coast News Jacksonville

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User Reviews for First Coast News Jacksonville

4.74 out of 5
10.8K Ratings
4 years ago, J. P. 3.
Keep moving forward
I love GMJ !! I look forward to watching it every morning it’s on. You have a fantastic group of people and feel more like family than any other station in Jacksonville.I start each morning at 4:30 and watch till about 6 as I head to work .. I’ve never been a fan of your website though, not user friendly and awkward to navigate. Had to resort to news4jax if anything important was going on during the day .. since I installed this app it has been really informative and so far so good, Ill have to see how it is when the next big storm comes along and then you might get that last star.
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5 years ago, EcoBroker Diane
First Coast News = THE BEST!!
Being a native Floridian who lived in South Florida, I was accustomed to very good news reports that came out of Miami-based stations. Fast-forward to today. I now live in a 55+ retirement community in Nocatee and love it. My husband and I exclusively rely upon the First Coast News for an accurate portrayal of the latest happenings in our local area, as well as the rest of the world. Additionally, we have the FCN Radar app and review it several times a day. For example: I was about to take my golf cart to lunch but checked out the weather. Whoops..impending rain. Oh, well. Lunch at home, it is! Thank you, FCN!
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2 years ago, presley47
Review of FCN app
The general parts of the app are good BUT WHOEVER IS IN CHARGE OF ADDITIONAL INFORMATION AND UPDATING STORIES DOESN’T DO THAT OFTEN ENOUGH!!! The page with the black and white topics is sometimes very old and outdated!!! It is frustrating when I try to see what the newest information is about them. Sometimes the information is VERY VERY OLD!!! More than one person should be involved if the author isn’t on top of stories or doesn’t work in it for several weeks!!!
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2 years ago, Renee in St. Augustine
The Best of the Best
I moved to Florida 4 years ago and my very first morning here I watched FCN. I remember thinking this is the best local news show I have ever seen. Everyone is so natural there is no way they are reading from a teleprompter. I grew up watching Baltimore, Washington DC and the local news stations in our area for over 50 years before my move to St. Augustine. And FCN is hands down the best there is!!!!
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3 years ago, AJ32310
I would love this app but....
I have all notifications turned off but weather. All weekend long my phone blew up with NFL draft updates. I don’t care one bit about football so it was very annoying. I also get news notifications. Really everything but weather. The app shows all my notifications (but weather) off so I’m not sure why my phone and watch get constant notifications of everything. I’m going to have to remove the app. Even though GMJ and FCN Is the news I choose I’m going to have to find another news app that the notifications off really mean off.
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3 years ago, Pity4u
First CoastNews on line
Since I no longer take the paper, this is my news information! I receive notifications of happenings, and find out what is happening in Jacksonville as well as other places! No longer do I find out news a day or two later - I know it as it’s taking place!
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4 years ago, ladyjmc8
Not up to date
Constantly dropping and closing the app. The state news showed the same news blurbs for a week, along with same advertising on every block, if there were 8 blocks, u saw the same darn thing. Breaking news wasn’t really breaking news, it would still be there hours and days old. Some aren’t worthy of that classification. Then that same bit of news is in local, then in state... jeepers can’t you find anything to fill it’s spot, this a whole bunch of stuff going on out there, but triplicates isn’t needed much less duplicates. Need a better webmaster.
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3 years ago, Cosmiclemurgirl
Notification settings
I like this app except for the notifications. I have turned off all of the sport notifications but I still get notifications about the jaguar games. I even tried turning the local notifications off so I would stop seeing them because I don’t like football and I don’t want to see anything about football come across my phone. I would really appreciate if the developers of this app would make it so someone who has the football notifications turned off doesn’t see anything about football.
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1 year ago, Tony M904
The only Duuuval station you need.
I see other people with channel 4 or fox 30 with weird and useless message alerts. First coast knows the best for weather and practical Jacksonville knowledge. Tim Deegan has changed my life for the better!
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6 years ago, disneybelle1
Not everything is breaking news
The alerts that are sent out from this app are a bit much. I can understand if something is truly breaking news. When you send an alert that a school in S Florida will be going back next week- that’s not breaking news and can wait until the noon news. When alerts are sent, they should be clear. Sending an alert that several schools are on lockdown but not listing the names of the schools is simply trying to create fear. Please do better!
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10 months ago, hijuju uun. u jjj
News video
Difficult to play video and watch. More frustrating than informative. Too many pop ups, some divert to a different site.
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1 year ago, dureeo1
Informative and on time
I live in Jacksonville from 2008 to 2018 and have watched FCN all the time. I now live outside Jax and this is the only news I follow. Good job, you all. You guys are always on top of what’s happening in Jacksonville. Thank you
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12 months ago, Soapyjones
Like streaming feature.
It’s nice to be able to live stream the news cast, especially during hurricanes. I like be updated with what’s going on with my family on the First Coast.
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4 years ago, Yogas4u
Prompt and thorough updates!
On the go to work or returning home to the family, it’s great to quickly be informed of issues important to life in the greater Jacksonville area. With breaking news as the Coronavirus, FCN is even more appreciated.
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3 years ago, pvbmak
Horrible APP
I love First Coast News! It’s my favorite source for local news. The app is horrendous! It drops videos while you are trying to watch some breaking news. Or, if it doesn’t drop the video, it doubles up on the voice, like an echo, so you can’t even hear what they’re saying. I will get a notification, then will go to the app, and it’s not even showing up anywhere! That has happened several times! Please fix this app! I want to love it!
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3 years ago, adbqk
What’s up with the fcn weather app?
Thanks for the update of the fcn news update, BUT what’s going on with the fcn “Storm Experts” weather app? The daily and hourly forecasts disappeared a few weeks ago. No updates, no info about it. Such a shame. This WAS my go-to weather app. Please let us know what happened.
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6 years ago, Pin Seeker
I like local news
New to this area. I look at this app every morning for the local news. Only drawback is sometimes the stories stick around too long.
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6 years ago, Ghgchghcghgcch
Help us keep up from the distance
We moved at the end of October, thanks to Irma. We still miss our First Coast and you give us the pleasure of keeping us up today in what is going on ‘at home!’
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8 months ago, WhiteNinja76
Rook for improvement
There’s always loading issues and every time I click on “Watch Live” a commercial starts first and delays what I should’ve seen live. Otherwise, the format is decent compared to our other local channels
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3 years ago, 1 Swami
Up to date info.
Keeping us up to date on the goings on in the community. The additional news like weather is also great.
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4 years ago, hickenite
Good news
I have watched this station for 4 decades and like everything except the Sports segment. Mostly techy and not information . Maybe over 50 should go somewhere else. Thanks
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3 years ago, The Falconessa
I rarely watch local or network news, but I do want to be aware of events closer to home. The FCN website and accompanying app provide that information, often as it is happening.
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4 years ago, abilities receiver.
GUI Clean and easy to deal with
This is a nice app that focus’ on Jacksonville and it’s surrounding areas. There is one thing that I would like to see improved in an update, and that would be to have the ability to view videos fullscreen.
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6 months ago, Franklin Banks
Almost perfect
You can almost always rely on the future forecast to plan your day! 90% of the time.
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3 years ago, ceceande75
First Coast News Jacksonville
Really miss being able to watch FCN on AT&T for my evening news. Watching competition is not the same. Hope we get our ABC and NBC back again.
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2 years ago, N330C
Less than user friendly
If I don’t return to home page before closing app, the next time I return to the site the little circle just goes round and round ant the site never opens. I have to completely delete the site then reload it from the App Store
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4 years ago, jtreanor8158
I couldn’t participate in the daily word contest because it said that I wasn’t logged in and when I tried to login there was no way of doing so!
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3 years ago, GETEVERSURFER
Squashing bugs
Keep in mind be original. The updates have always been there to keep the app secure, not for “squashing bugs”. Don’t make the app another Google early 500 change updates so you can say squash bugs and left work early. The bottom line is simple “militate” security and software integrity. We don’t squash bugs as a programmer with update protect the consumers identity, and provide accurate and non censored content. It’s what distinguishes you from the BS going on at the trillion mess Silicon Valley has brought upon our country.
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2 years ago, tommy two two
The one and only FCN
My family and I love FCN , been our source for news over fifty years. Keep up the good work. The Kelly family.
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4 years ago, Fear the Hat
Too much emphasis on reporting crime
At times, I have to wonder if the only news being reported is what is available from the local police blotter. Business news is largely ignored. An out of towner relying on this app for local news would likely be aghast at the amount of crime taking place in the city. Crime, crime and automobile accidents, mostly with injuries. Isn’t there ever anything positive to report?
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3 years ago, barbwyeth
Enjoy First Coast News Updates
Valuable local information
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5 years ago, Dukegigi
Love First Coast News
Always watch and downloaded on phone Most reliable News station in Florida Keep up the great work
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4 years ago, Seacatlady
Keeps me up to date
I really enjoy the FCN app. It helps me stay up to date on the news and the latest weather and happenings. It’s a great app.
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4 years ago, Shi-Tzu mom
Mrs Janice Curry
Love First Coast News..Love Heather. Thanks for doing more on the Middleburg Clay County area. Actually like all of your news and weather casters. Waiting on news from Keitha..y’all keep up the good work..
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6 years ago, Slcharley
Very good local news coverage
As life long native Floridian I can’t always catch the news on TV. This is a great alternative for on the go news.
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3 years ago, Stevewpb
Reliable news coverage
Thank you
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4 years ago, Polls247
New App needs improvement
Traffic report is inferior to previous version. Stories open without clicking.
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3 years ago, Nena Gwen
First Coast News
You are like my family. Thank you for keeping us posted on the Coronavirus.
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2 years ago, TA-StAug
Great news app
Excellent First Coast coverage. It’s where I go first to find out what’s happening in the area.
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5 years ago, STDPoodle lover
Great storm updates
Up to the minute weather forecasts assisting with many thunderstorms occurring this week.
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3 years ago, Lafloridienne
Latest news
Easy to connect to the stories from the notifications with minimal distraction from ads.
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4 years ago, FraudAbuseFighter
Poor FCN App design and not user friendly!
Your updated FCN App is poorly designed and is not user friendly, particularly in attempting to go to the sections I wanted to read. The prior version was very well done and had great navigation. If there was a rating well below zero (0) stars, then I would rate it at least negative quintillion stars below zero (0).
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4 years ago, Turbobjack
New changes
The new and so called improvements made to this site is not liked. The improvements made does not impress me and others. The old website was much easer to navigate from story to story. It’s time for a change, by your web designer or by people following another news source.
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4 years ago, Buffie-51
FCN is the only channel I watch, especially the weather team.
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3 years ago, Scotthen56
First Coast News
Very informative, always have the latest Breaking events.
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1 year ago, Gilhooley52
It's getting better. I use it as my primary source for news in Jacksonville.
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3 years ago, danmiddddlebrooks
News First Coast
News we can count on
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4 years ago, sullyjam
When I am the traveling it’s nice to know you can keep in touch with hometown news.
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3 years ago, dagnysdad
Recent change in format.
I relocated from Philadelphia to JAX in September and found ABC/First Coast News to be very “flat.” I stopped watching it. This morning, I tuned in to get local weather, there’s been a major change, for the better, in the anchors and overall production/format!! I’m very happy to have a local news station again, that’s informative, professional and energized. Well done!!!
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4 years ago, SoulShine75
Terrible App
This app is ridiculous. I can’t ever access the stories due to having to “swipe up” on an ad to access the story. No matter how many times I attempt to “swipe up”, I’m not able to see the news story. What a pain. No thanks. News4jax is the way to go.
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