First | Fun Learning for Kids

4.3 (31.6K)
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3 months ago
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14.0 or later
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User Reviews for First | Fun Learning for Kids

4.29 out of 5
31.6K Ratings
5 years ago, Chelsriphy
A few comments:
My daughter is obsessed with these videos and I absolutely do not mind paying a subscription fee for how many videos we get. I love that you added a feature to access on multiple devices that makes things so much better because when we are on the go and she gets cranky she cheers up watching them. But ever since this feature was added and there is the new look it is very hard to navigate and I run into a lot of issues. I really like the old look and How the videos were set up. I think that should be brought back.. now it looks like we’re just on a webpage and things about the subscription are hard to get away from even though we’re subscribed. It definitely has bugs that need to be worked through but as for the videos, my daughter could watch them for hours on end if I let her and they are awesome! Worth the subscription fee, there are no ads in the free videos or any videos and that is definitely what I love about it. Also the help center is very helpful & gets back to you very quickly!
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6 years ago, Wild bill321
Constantly locks up and freezes my phone
This app and the app peak a boo all from the same developer, completely lock my phone up almost as soon as I go to open the app. I downloaded it for my 18 month old to play with and opened it and the app locked up on the opening screen and then locked my entire phone up along with it. None of my buttons to include the home button would work. I had to do a hard reset on the phone just to get it unfrozen. It’s not my memory because after looking into that, I found that I still have almost 75 gigs of space left on my storage. So I checked other apps. I then opened every app I had available on my phone that was on my screen and none of them did locked up. I even left them all running in the background to see if I could replicate the issue while I continued opening apps. Then I get to these last apps which are by this developer and boom. It completely locked my phone up again. Then I hard reset my phone again and closed everything out and checked my WiFi connection by running a speed test from my phone. It showed that I was getting 100mbps at the current moment. So I then open this developer’s app and only this app and it froze my phone up for a 3rd time with nothing else open or running in the background.
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3 years ago, J Crame
Great App when it works!
Bought this app for my daughter when we moved and don’t have access to the baby first channel. Absolutely loved it at first, since having updates and what not - the app will only work half the time. There’s an ad that pops up when you open it (if you are already subscribed or not) to subscribe for full access. 90% of the time my daughter tries to use it, the ad doesn’t load and there’s no way around the blank screen. Therefore unable to use this app. Such a bummer since I paid for a yearly membership and have only been able to use it twice in the past two months. Update: for the last two weeks we have had no issues now with this app!
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5 years ago, 1asw1
Bunch of crap
First. The app is a little expensive for a baby app. I downloaded it because my daughter loves the shows on the channel. I should have read the reviews first. Every few days I have to restore purchases. It doesn’t charge again but it’s in convenient to do every few days. The videos are only about 3 or 4 minutes long. If there is a way to autoplay the videos I haven’t figured it out yet. I initially got this app for a road trip, so imagine my surprise when every few minutes I had to tap another video to play. To download the videos it seems as if you actually have to go In And watch the entire video, THEN it will be in the downloads. I only have about 7 videos because it takes so long to do when you’re already a busy parent. The advertising states that you can use on multiple devices. When trying to add it to Dads phone there was no way to bypass having to re purchase and we are not paying twice for this crap of an ap. I stupidly paid for a years subscription, but I will not be renewing when the time comes. They really need to update the features/user friendliness and at a minimum have an auto play option!!!
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7 months ago, BB0728
Our #1 App
We have had this app for about 2 years now- first for my son and now also for my daughter. All of their content is readily available plus much much more. Aside from the shows and songs, there are books, games, many learning and creativity activities (most of with the beloved characters) loaded onto the app. My son LOVES reading the books on there! Aside from the app being easy for my kids to use (they are newly 4 and 1.5 years old), their communication when speaking with support is highly appreciated. They are responsive and always take the time to truly try and figure out our needs. Upon the recent update of their app, I was having some connectivity issues and they took the time to go back and forth with their IT department with my inquiries and suggestions to truly make it work. I will continue to have this app as long as my children want it. I’ve been incredibly happy with it this far.
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3 years ago, TheMaineiacs
Not pleased
I ordered the subscription for what I thought was access for eveything which is $3.99 a month which is pricey to begin with. Turns out no the “standard” subscription just lets you watch the videos but doesn’t let you play the activities. Instead you need to spend more for the “premium” subscription which is $5.99 a month. Clearly Babyfirst is not about anything other than making money. If you truly cared about kids you would offer one reasonable subscription price. I refuse to pay almost $6 a month for the limited amount of activities when that is the only thing my child uses it for. You also should make it much clearer as to what you will receive with each subscription. Babyfirst started off decent my first child used to watch the channel on cable and we paid an extra fee to get the channel. There were no ads on it either. Now it’s full of ads (which means you are making money)so there is no need to also charge parents more money to let the kids play activities on the app. Your BabyU was also free years ago and it was loaded with great activities for kids.
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4 years ago, febviolet
Log in issues SOLVED
We purchased an annual subscription about 6 months ago, before the app update and before Apple family sharing under one of our Apple id’s. After family sharing and the app update, we were unable to log in and use our subscription. I emailed the mobile app help email address, and we were able to fix all the log in issues in 24 hours. The purchaser Apple ID has to go and re confirm their subscription on their Apple ID account. Then the family plan user has to uninstall and reinstall all versions of their baby first apps that use a subscription. Within 24 hours, the family plan users should be able to see the option on the newly downloaded app to log in using the main email and password. The customer service rep through email was very helpful.
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4 years ago, OneTinyDancer72
Canceling Pain Subscription, barely used because of ALL the issues. Fed up
I paid for the subscription because my daughter absolutely loves the app and watches BabyFirst all the time on tv. I have lots of friends and family that have never heard of BabyFirst and have told them about how wonderful and educational it is for little ones and they agree. Many have signed up and paid to watch the channel on tv, but also have paid for the app. We wanted full access to all the amazing videos, games, etc. that are offered. But....Since I started paying for it....It freezes, doesn’t work, locks me out, only allows the non payer version and more. It is extremely frustrating for my baby and me. I just paid for another month but will be canceling it after it is up. I am wasting money every month! I would appreciate it if you would rectify this and do the right thing and reimburse the months I have paid. It is unacceptable. Thank you for your time. I hope you do the right thing.
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7 years ago, tigerpinkjulie
We went on our second trip from Florida to NYC. The first time it did not work at all. Boy that was a fun trip with a 10 month old. I spent a lot of time watching a lot of videos so they can upload because that's the only way you can load them onto your computer!!! BAD!!! You have to keep going back and opening another video so it uploads. The second trip it starting working about 20 minutes and then of course it stopped. This company should not promote that this as an upload that works "anywhere". Because it does NOT!!! We truly depended on this to help us out with the chaotic plane trip with a 17 month old. Thanks!!!!! Tomorrow we leave and I cannot call the company because they are closed in Sunday. No help. This is going to to LOTS OF FUN!!!!!!
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2 years ago, D.K Schrutte IV
It's awesome!
Can't get enough of it! It's easy to use, and has a stunning interface that's safe for kids. Both my kids, two and five, use this tool. Through games and videos, I can help them with their everyday routines. Also, I'm glad to see books and songs have been added. When I had a small problem with my subscription access, their customer service team was extremely helpful. Getting this problem fixed took me a while because I'm not tech-savvy, but they were very patient and they didn't give up until everything was sorted out. Your characters are like the best friends of my kids. My kids and I love your app. It deserves five stars.
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2 years ago, HallieBerry2467
New iPad old problems
We recently got a new updated iPad to use since the old one we had was no longer compatible, now the app doesn’t even open and crashes immediately. We’re so disappointed that our child can’t use all of the games and videos that we paid for. We won’t be renewing our subscription unless something changes. *UPDATE 7/20* I’m updating my review to a 4/5. We bought a new iPad and the app still wouldn’t work, we ended up having to uninstall the app a few times and re-sign into our apple account. But it works now and so far so good! Customer service was okay - they seemed to treat me like I was an idiot but it’s whatever; we’re just happy that the app works for now!
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5 years ago, biz314
Baby first video app
I love this app so much because my child loves interacting with the videos. He will laugh and jump up and down. This also works so well when he has an attitude, it really calms him. Cute, funny and appropriate cartoons make a parent smile. My only problem with this app is that you have to pay or watch an add to see a video. This upsets me because I don’t want to pay to have my child watch some funny or cute video. Most of these videos should be free, because we all have different life styles. I think my child should also have the freedom to explore and learn on the app. This app has brought my family joy, just needs some improvement. Sincerely, Alexa Gatewood
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6 years ago, ???123456
Offline content doesn't work
I've watched over 10 programs. I marked each as favorites and selected to download. None of the content that I watched while online downloaded to my offline library. I contacted customer service twice. The first time, one show ended up in my offline library but I didn't hear from them as to why the offline library wasn't getting populated. I contacted them again after I watched 4 more shows online and afterwards, one more episode showed up. I still haven't heard from anyone. I still do not know why the rest of my library isn't available. If you like the programming and plan on watching while online, then it's a fine app. If you are planning on using this while traveling, camping, flying, or anything else where you can't get online, then save yourself the trouble and plan something else. This has been frustrating and I'm regretting paying for the month!
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3 years ago, Proud.Mc.Mama
An absolute Must have for any baby or toddler ! Even my niece who’s 6 loves it!
This app has everything ! Sleepy time content with soothing music and relaxing displays that has become apart of our evening routine and all of the videos are educational, giving them something that they love which is also good for them! There’s also a section with fun educational games and with the price of $3 a month you really can’t beat that ! We paid for the full year and you can download videos so if you have a tablet or iPad , they can watch videos on the go even when there’s no WiFi available. I’d definitely give it a try ! It’s worth it ! Trust me !
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5 years ago, Vixen9999
What is going on Baby First
Sigh. I regret that I paid for a year subscription in advance, else I would be unsubscribing. Simply put-your videos aren’t playing...period. Doesn’t matter if your online, offline/downloaded, if you select the “all” option, the videos rarely start or simply don’t start at all. And even if you are lucky enough to get one of them going if the child touches the screen at all it freezes and you have to start all over again. Might I suggest a complete overhaul since your Christmas roll-out with an option that allows the parent to lock the screen when “all” videos of a show have been selected. Thank you.
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2 years ago, Christine-TX
My 2 year old is in love with this app. Well with the purchase. One of my favorite features, BEFORE she figured it out, was that the screen locks. In other apps she would click all over the place and bring up different screens, with this app, it locks and you have to double tap the lock to change the show. Unfortunately, after watching us do this, she has now figured it out. Which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but she gets herself stuck in shows she doesn’t like and then gets frustrated! Again, well with the purchase, it keeps her super entertained and is teaching her at the same time
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2 years ago, Lyric9013
First is our Favorite. So well done!
I was inspired to stop and give the First app a review. It’s unlike anything I’ve come across in young children’s online entertainment (something I am very particular about, as it is important to both entertain and teach. Bonus that it something we can enjoy together.) The app works well with few issues (the times there were it seemed that it was more of a network issue and not an app issue. Easy to restore and stays logged in across a multitude of devices!) I highly recommend this app. We love the catchy tunes, cute characters, and extensive choices of engaging content.
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1 year ago, From Now On
Love the channel and app!
We all became addicted to this channel when our 20-month-old twins were infants. The catchy songs and adorable shows make learning fun for our little ones. The shows help reinforce what we are teaching them, and they constantly surprise us with things I know they are learning from watching the shows. They have even started singing parts of the songs. Makes my heart so happy! I’m so thankful we can still watch it even without cable. The app recently saved the day during a road trip—thank you, BabyFirst!
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2 years ago, cld401
Great App for Little Ones
Thank you for listening and taking into consideration what your customers have to say! The app works great on most devices, and if there’s a problem, its usually a network issue, not the app itself. I love that my son can tune in on any of my children’s devices and the channel stays on so he can tune in any time he wants. He really engages and interacts with the characters, and its helped build up his confidence. There’s a lot hes learning about math, vocabulary and even social skills and daily routines. It’s really been a great help in parenting, and we are grateful for it!
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2 years ago, cannanne89
Actually educational!
I honestly love the app. I gave it 4 stars because it does freeze from time to time but if i turn the screen off and on again it continues to work fine. i have been using this app for years. I've watched the channel with my infant (now 6yo) and she learned so much that as soon as i found this app iv'e had it on every phone since. now my 2nd daughter (now 3yo) uses it every day and loves doing puzzles and tracing letters, etc. It could improve but it truly is a great learning app.
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5 years ago, Bella Cochella
Great app, love the content however...
The app is wonderful. My kid loves it and if it makes them happy, I’m happy. The only issue I have with this app is that ‘in-app purchases’ cannot be shared through the Family Sharing. So when I bought the year subscription for the app, it was purchased on my phone. Later on, I bought my kid an iPad for themselves and set it up under their own account. I was stumped at the fact that I couldn’t access the subscription to a kids app, to my kids account. That’s my only issue. Everything else is great.
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4 years ago, mchilcote
I was paying for the basic monthly subscription and my wife wanted the premium package so we could access everything. I looked at my subscription options on my device and noticed that there was not an annual premium package. I inquired about this type of option and within a couple of days I was notified that there was now an annual premium subscription. I purchased it am we and our granddaughter are very pleased. Thank you BabyFirst
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5 years ago, JacksonN05
The advertisement for the store and toys are overwhelming. It's shameless and shady to put advertisement as soon as the app is opened and seriously expect a kid to close it with out ending up somewhere else (survey monkey). My 2 year old can navigate TO the app just fine but the advertisements plastered all over the app are annoying. I already paid for the app, the channel has advertisement every 60 seconds it's a serious turn off. Please stop blocking use of the app as soon as its opened.
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3 years ago, mary combee
I Love This Show But Needs more shows and changes please
Alright I love this show as a 7 year old like don’t get me wrong but there some minor problems Ok let’s start with it there are shows you need to add like Puzzles Magic Tunnles etc I was born in 2010s and missing the old shows…sorry next Why is color monsters and emotions not airing on baby first it’s well kind of…weird last well this app is not the best I’m kinda interested in it but I would really appreciate if you help thanks 🥰❤️❤️❤️
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1 year ago, L Nieves
Baby First App
Amir Blue loves this app! I am his Mima and when I go to visit him, he’s just 1 years old, and takes my phone and watches his favorite shows on my iPhone. He loves it! A must for all toddlers. Amir watches Baby First channel after daycare, at home with his mommy and pop pop. So buying this app, when I go to visit him, the first thing he does is opens my iPhone and presses the bottom to open the app I love the channel as well, it is very educational, and age appropriate. Mima Nieves
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3 years ago, ashpack25
Love Baby First!
Our almost 3 year old daughter grew up loving baby first shows like Harry the bunny and ABC galaxy. I feel like they are great for young kids because they are slower and developmentally appropriate. Our daughter is very advanced with her language and knowing letters, numbers, etc and I think a lot of that has to do with her listening to or watching baby first over the years. She now loves watching it with her 4 month old brother!
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3 years ago, lea-biff
Just a few words..
My daughter loves baby first! When my husband and I decided to get her a tablet this was among the first apps we downloaded for her. I did have trouble with logging on to multiple devices at first. However, the support received from the staff was very thorough. They helped find the issue an resolved it quickly. I definitely recommend the app and if you have the same issue I did don’t hesitate to call out for help. The staff is very responsive and knowledgeable. Thanks again!
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5 years ago, C.T-G
Does not work on multiple devices despite purchasing an auto-renewal subscription
Updated review! This app is worthless! Now, I cannot sign in to have ‘my purchase restored’ since the update. They also only return emails if a honest review is posted. Only 6 months into my 1 year non refundable subscription. Does not work on multiple devices. Their customer service is terrible. I have left messages and emails with no response. Also, if you have watched serval of the videos the app does not allow you to watch more if not connected to WiFi. Plus videos are not updated often if at all. ***if you are going to still purchase this app, I suggest only month to month***
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3 years ago, AlleyyMariee
Bugs galore- still broken !
I can’t recommend this app. I like the tc aspect on our Roku but for trying to use on any tablets we get nothing but errors saying things like “application failed” or it will look like it’s going to work but then crash or on a newer iPhone (iPhone 11) we actually get to work, when we go to the activities page it says we must have downloaded content ... so it’s just super buggy and not compatible with anything, only tv works on the Roku . Not worth the frustrating from my young kiddos because they love it and it’s not fair that it keeps breaking. Update- still broken October 2021 with no customer support.
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4 years ago, Xlrussell
Upgraded to Premium!! Worth the💰
We just upgraded to the premium. Our grandson is 2 1/2. He loves the regular Baby first, and was starting to show interest in the Baby University App. games, stories, puzzles, etc. So we decided to upgrade. The day we upgraded, the program did not work. So we sent a message via the ‘HELP’ option in the app. I explained the issue. It was a Saturday and I figured I wouldn’t hear back until Monday. I received a response Sunday. I did have to send them a copy of my receipt, showing proof of payment. The communicated with me the entire time. I attached a copy of my receipt from Apple and the app. worked. My grandson has been enjoying it since. (When he is allowed ‘TV time’ or iPad time) The Baby University app has everything in age groups. 👍👍 the Baby first!!
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2 years ago, Summer Jorgenson
Incompatible IOS on iPad Air
I pay for an annual subscription which I’m fine with. The content is okay, but I wish their characters were cuter. Regardless, we use my old iPad Air for our children to use but this app isn’t supported on older IOS (iPad Air only goes to IOS 12). Since the entire purpose for paying for programming for children to watch and they can’t watch it on their device, we will be cancelling our paid service. Please let us know when you will be compatible and we will sign up again. I’m not buying my child a new iPad for you when all other streaming services have figured it out already.
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3 years ago, Natalie Lubs twilight
Amazing app
My baby is only one, but we watch Baby first shows every day! Not only is my little one so very entertained, but she’s learning so much while having fun. She absolutely loves all the songs and goes wild when she hears the blossoms sound because she knows I’m about to play her favorite songs. She loves all the songs but especially all the Googies ones. I’m so glad I subscribed to this app!
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5 months ago, Nur$e1990
Too expensive
I figured that some of the options (games) would be subscription only, but I did not expect to find only 3 (that’s THREE - 3!) of the over 500 video clips would be free. There’s 17 shows highlighted, but only 3 of them have one free video. And I had to actually search for them. So not worth the effort for my 2 year old. I subscribe to the TV channel, so I’ll just start recording episodes on my iPad again. They work well on long trips in the car, and I don’t have to pay to see them on another device. Deleting all the apps now because the phone app gets boring after 10 seconds.
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2 years ago, J_Stern
I love this app!
It has an amazing UI, beautiful and user friendly especially for children. My kids aged 2 & 5 absolutely love it! The games and videos are super educational and entertaining…really help with their everyday routines. They also recently added books and songs which is great. I once experienced a small issue with my subscription access, but they resolved it - Super efficient customer service, really helpful. I’m not very tech savvy and it took some time to get it sorted, but they were very patient and didn’t give up on me until everything was solved. :) Big love to you First and all the lovely characters that are like my kids best friends, we love your app. 5 Stars!
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3 years ago, Klemach
Great content in the app but it’s slow to respond. We re using it on a brand new iPad. We downloaded a bunch of episodes to play for our son during a car ride and the download portion of the apps freezes and is completely sluggish making it almost impossible to scroll through. After clicking on the ‘random’ button to begin playing it takes minutes for the videos to begin to play if they play at all. Great content and idea for the app but poor execution. Cancelling after the free trial.
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6 years ago, Preshie1196
Way too expensive
This app is really expensive when you subscribe. I did it because you have to subscribe in order for the videos you save to be available for offline viewing. It never remembers that I have a subscription so I constantly have to restore my purchases and I have to do that when I have WiFi. Which kind of defeats the purpose of why I got it in the first place. So I would have to remember to restore my purchases before I get out the door with my toddler on top of everything I have to remember when trying to get out the door with a toddler. They should just let you buy goo goo episodes on iTunes
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2 years ago, barronk1
Fantastic customer service!
Baby first TV really cares about families and helped me so much to make sure things were in order with my Baby First Account. The company is easy to get in contact with and they are extremely friendly and kind. I really appreciate the integrity of the people who work there!
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4 years ago, Sara SBG
Helpful for babies but where’s Auto Play!!?
Ok so this app is great to keep baby entertained but I can not find auto play for the life of me. I saw it advertised on baby first TV before I purchased the app and now it’s no where to be found. I’m so frustrated that auto play isn’t automatic or obvious to find, it makes no sense, like hello. It’s very inconvenient to have to press start a new show each & every time! Get it together baby’s first! As much as this baby app cost you would think this would be the last problem
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5 years ago, Tiffanymaupin
Waste of money
I bought this app 2 days ago because my little ones love Baby First. I have a handful of complaints that I’ve encountered just in these 2 days. My play all and shuffle all my videos does not work. After 4 minutes of my video ending, I have to keep up with manually playing another which is just ridiculous and makes no sense when your little ones are trying to play and do their own thing while you try and get work done. My app crashes and does not connect to my TV well. I hate that I paid $5.99 for this, I will be unsubscribing
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1 year ago, Steven_Fuentes
Too many commercials / inadequate app
I pay for this service. Consider my surprise when I learned that new “content” is often a commercial for a plushie/toilet this company is trying to push. Or worse a commercial for adult things like “JG Wentworth” or insurance. That would be forgivable if I had any means of making a playlist of my sons favorite shows. That leads me to my second gripe with this app/service. The application itself is low-effort. The activities are things like “print out and color a picture of a fish”. Or a buggy alphabet game that crashes consistently. Download “Endless Learning Academy” instead if you want your child to have a good experience with educational content apps. It’s a shame really. The content from this service can be really good, but it’s being bogged down by cash-grabbing and incompetent developers. In summary: Commercials on paid-tier and a low effort App
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6 years ago, waltstoot
Disappointed to say the least
I get the BabyFirst channel at my house. Why wouldn’t this company offer free usage of their app if you have the proper Television provider like every other channel does? Plus, you typically need a more premium cable package to even get this channel. Also, videos do not play consecutively so good luck getting anything done when you have a little one that doesn’t understand how to use an iPad. Further, the app didn’t recognize me on two different devices even though I subscribed? Disappointed to say the least because these are my baby’s absolute FAVORITE shows.
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1 week ago, Candis2009
Doe NOT work on multiple devices
I have the app downloaded on my iPad and it works great! It’s only worked on the iPhone ONCE now it acts like I don’t have an account or paid for a YEARLY subscription. About cancel it because it’s frustrating when my two year old can’t use something that I paid money for.. no one wants carry about an iPad all the time. Please fix! Yes, I saw when it says restore purchase and it does not even work when I select it. It’s forcing me to buy it again.
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4 years ago, Ja_Lese
Happy with the updates
We love the learning center updates having a mixture of videos that help teach a certain thing in the subscription options. I used to only get the mixture of videos from tv. We love the movies and that all shows are available! Simple and efficient, please continue to add more mixtures by learning categories
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4 years ago, Dunkdetox
Paid for something the app doesn’t do
This app is buggy and this was not discovered until I paid you guys $60. I am trying to download the episodes to the iPad because I am going on a road trip and it does not work. Fix this issue or I will continue to write reviews like this.
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4 years ago, RobinsonCrew
Wonderful, positivity for our children!
Definitely recommend anything Babyfirst to new and older parents alike! Nothing but positivity, fun, laughs and whole lot of learning. My youngest still enjoys Babyfirst from time to time but is getting older and wants to venture out. What a solid, cognitive and foundational start for any child. Thank you Babyfirst for everything you do!
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5 months ago, Andebr
Great customer service
My kids love baby first! We have had some issues with the app and the customer service we received was quick and fixed the problem! So willing to help and make sure that everything worked well.
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6 years ago, kmssolutions
The paid subscription is very disappointing. We purchased it for the purpose of traveling and not being connected to WiFi. You need to play each video in order for it to be available for offline viewing which is fine but we still had problems viewing more that half of the videos we downloaded. Very buggy and needs some work. Should have listened to the other user reviews listed before purchasing. Definitely a waste of money and would not recommend purchasing the subscription.
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1 year ago, Asprieb
Wonderful programs
We use this on our Roku. Our babies and toddler love it. Truly taught them so much. Colors, words, counting. The constant songs keep their attention for hours. Customer service for the app is wonderful. They can watch shows or play games on the app. Well worth the money.
Show more
5 years ago, Invalid letter dept
Doesn’t load when I need it
It’s a great app...when it wants to work. When I need it the most to stop my 2 year old from fussing it refuses to load any videos. I paid for the year (because I forgot to cancel the free trial and it defaults to a year subscription instead of monthly) so for a $49 yearly app that only loads videos 40% of the time I’d say don’t bother. If any app needs to be dialed and loading smoothly it takes like be an app for CRYING BABIES. I expected better from Baby First and was severely let down. Will be deleting as soon as my FORCED annual subscription expires this November
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4 years ago, JAY$911
Excellent App
My wife and I decided to pay for a year subscription and connect our account to Apple TV 4K. It was a great decision as my baby girl who is 9 months loves the programming. We were searching for something new for her to watch and we are happy we found BabyFirst TV. Highly recommended.
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