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Headwaters Software, Inc.
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1 year ago
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13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Fisdap

1 out of 5
27 Ratings
2 years ago, Dave125437
FISDAP is a crime against humanity.
By far the worst app I have used in more than three decades of emergency services work. It regularly fails to start, hangs up during the login/loading shifts function, it has drop-down lists that students can add to (and over the course of a term, these lists grow to hundreds of options, making it nearly impossible to scroll through, so students just add a new option each time, making the lists grow longer, making it harder to scroll through ...). If offered a choice between a ruptured spleen and Fisdap, I would choose to have a ruptured spleen. Fisdap shot JFK. My cat walked across my keyboard and made a better app than Fisdap. If you sin a lot, when you die you end up in Fisdap. If you divide by zero, you get Fisdap. Fisdap washes your grandmother's cast iron pans with soap - and lets them soak. An infinite number of monkeys with infinite time and infinite typewriters will eventually write all of Shakespeare's plays, but Fisdap was written by maybe four monkeys and a gerbil over the course of an afternoon. I went to the zoo once, and a monkey threw Fisdap at me.
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3 years ago, aleutt
Doesn’t save my data
I enter my data from the app when I’m coming back from a call and or in between patients at the hospital and when I type an entire report and HIT SAVE, I log into the computer and go to my fisdap account, my narratives are gone as If I have never even typed one. Some show up but most of them disappear so this app is not very helpful. I now have to rewrite 7 narratives because of this problem.
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2 years ago, WYCowboy911
Waste of Storage
Supposedly you’re able to do data entry offline. Every time I try, I get a notification that I’m offline and can’t do anything. Why even HAVE the app? The website is bad enough, don’t waste your time with app!
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2 years ago, SLRJ2019
Unable to log in
I have tried to login multiple times, I have changed my password, deleted and reinstalled the app. It will not let me in. Ridiculous.
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2 years ago, Points reviEw
Literally everything is bad at best.
Log in doesn’t work majority of the time. GPS/adress doesn’t work or is wrong by two blocks. I would think these should be the easy things.
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12 months ago, Froggerdoc
Nothing happens
This app is worthless,was working on android,but iPhone does not do anything,but has my log in ,but told do not have permission,able to log in with my credentials,but no go! What a waste.
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2 years ago, FISDAP is why i drink
FISDAP is trash
Just when I thought FISDAP on a web browser couldn’t get any worse, this app came in and showed me the bar is as low as the center of the earth.
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2 years ago, Scribbles Inc
If I had to choose…
If I had to choose this app or a blind raccoon with rabies to enter my report. I would definitely go with the raccoon.
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2 years ago, julia ghfhfj
The other review is correct
Website works better
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2 years ago, 2PacGas
Please Update the app already.
So many bugs and glitches. Please please fix it.
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2 years ago, 20TLM15
Bad for report writing
DO NOT TRY TO WRITE A NARRATIVE, it will not save. This app is only helpful in starting a report and adding getting the information in.
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3 years ago, ngentzler284
What is this app even good for?
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6 years ago, $HE@BUTTER
NEED TO FIX NOW. APPS SHOULDN’T GET WORSE AS IT GETS UPDATED Among the other things that have been reported and need to be addressed, in the most recent update you removed the option to go to the desktop site within the app. This makes no sense, considering the lack of options within the app, not to mention the fact that it will crash and won’t save anything in that assessment. So put the option back in the app to go to the desktop site. You added nothing to that side menu so it is completely empty anyways and your “minor bug fixes” was removing what I use the app for most... to put some of my info in until it stops saving then I go to the regular site to fix everything. PLEASE FIX SO I CAN USE THIS AGAIN. NEED TO DEFINE WHAT IS REMOVED IN YOUR PATCH NOTES AND DON’T CALL IT A “MINOR BUG FIX”
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5 years ago, brooklynnelizab
Inconsistent with web version. Often times doesn’t work
Haven’t been able to use the app in my iPhone. For some reason it just keep loading forever. Have no issue starting up on my iPad. Another con, I’ll write a full narrative on the app on my iPad and then open up the web version on my iPhone and my narrative will be gone. I’ve had to rewrite countless narratives because for some reason the app doesn’t save them. (And yes, I’ve clicked save. I click save ten times while writing my narrative and click save again when I finish).
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8 years ago, Mike D. Yo
Access Only
This companion to the desktop version had very limited access. You can only view shifts and make attachments (pictures) for later use on the DT version. This can be done by taking a picture with your camera and uploading it later. Although it does cut out the middle man and apply the phot directly to the site. Being able to manage shifts should be a basic function but you can't. No patient data can be input and no skills can be annotated. This makes the app, by in large, useless to most all users.
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7 years ago, Stupidfrickinnickname
Getting better, but still
For the love of all that is good, please make scrolling lists in alphabetical order... looking and scrolling through an incredibly random medication list is so time consuming and frustrating. Also, narrative screen will not bring up a keyboard or let me actually add any text. App is getting better I would love for it to be fully functional as it would be very helpful to be able to chart live-time!
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4 years ago, Dirtbikes955
Consistently disappoints
Being using this app as a required part of my medical program. It’s consistently slow, consistently forces me to uninstall and reinstall to fix issues, and is missing many features from the equally terrible online version of the software. This software causes me more of a headache than learning the actual material from my schooling. Can’t wait to graduate and never hear the word FISDAP ever again. To future students-good luck, lol
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5 years ago, NYNC0MP00P
Fisdap doesn’t make me a better paramedic
So when I have to an spend absurd amount of time away from things that do to re-enter due to their short comings I have a problem. I have lost ALL confidence in their product and I think my paramedic program has as well. Hence them making us do paper copies as well as Fisdap data entry. I will tell future pre-paramedics to avoid any program that deals with Fisdap. I will also avoid any CC-P program that uses fisdap too.
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3 years ago, FFrank1993
Works for me
I downloaded the app for facilitation of inputting field shifts and it works perfectly fine no issues at all, I was skeptical since other claim the app doesn’t load, but for me it was been working fine no issues at all.
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7 years ago, kheihn
Are you guys serious?
The last version of the app was a step in the right direction. This version makes me want to use the IO drill on my forehead. It takes forever to load, (if it does) now I can’t even type a narrative for a PT.... Jones & Bartlett, since you have bought Fisdap all there have been is issues. You charge $250 for a book you think you guys have enough money to make a app that we can actually use.
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5 years ago, Grande jr
Slow and mind boggling
The app is painfully slow. Regularly taking up to 10min to open. Any list are not in alphabetical order, not even concept order such as sinus rhythms together, just random order. The only reason to use the app is because their website doesn’t have a mobile version and is difficult to use on the phone.
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7 years ago, Brooney125
offline access is much better
Big improvement to be able to submit records offline
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7 years ago, J3D19T
It's still pretty bad
Before the update, I could at least navigate the app. It was unreliable because it wouldn't always upload my shift documentation when it said it had, but I could at least get it to open. Now, even after uninstalling and reinstalling the app, I can't get past the first "loading shift list" screen. The app is now 100% useless.
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8 years ago, Tuned in and hangin' out
Just a schedule viewer
Don't waste your time on this app. Basically you can look at your schedule, that's it! Who needs to upload an attachment through an app when you can upload to the main site just as easy. App should allow you to view quizzes and podcasts, use check boxes to edit shifts and utilize the scenario practice sheets. This app does none of this.
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7 years ago, 68w plus ccempt
I wish I could explain in words how awful this app from Fisdap truly is. It takes at least 5 minutes to open if it doesn't burn out. Once it is open, good luck putting patient data in and expecting it to stay there. Narratives and skill data vanish. I hope you read this Fisdap. Please step your game up with this app.
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4 years ago, Serediar
Amazing app. Ignore poor reviews
I do not understand why this app has only 1 Star. Works great. Very organized. Helps streamline reports. Very user friendly. Highly recommend.
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9 years ago, fuz
Sign-off with attachments :)
While most of the app is limited to shift viewing, it's nice to be able to attach files or images from my camera to shifts, which can then be used for preceptor sign off. Looking forward to more features soon.
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7 years ago, jmc517
Convenient and Efficient
Very convenient. Keeps you organized with all shift information you need in one place.
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7 years ago, Bubba1018
No good
No different than the last version. Only good for viewing shifts. I mean I don't get how this is helpful at all. The reviews speak for themselves, this app isn't worth the space on your phone and maybe one day Fisdap will give a crap about its customers and actually make a product worth using.
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7 years ago, gofush
Was good until latest update.
Previously was able to type narrative on the iPhone but lasted update as messed that up. Also every time I go to add a medication using the app on my phone it crashes! Very annoying, please fix this.
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9 years ago, RovingRogue
Can't do anything but view your schedule. Can't even view the calendar or request/drop shifts. This app is so useless that it actually provides a link to the desktop site in the app. A mobile version of the site would be a good start. Don't waste your time on this app.
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7 years ago, Me1856
Super Glitchy
The older version was virtually useless because of its extremely limited features, so I was really excited to see an update hoping it would finally be a functional app. No such luck. There are tons of glitches. Oh well...
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4 years ago, Reluctant Clasher
Don’t use for narratives.
The app gives you the option to write a narrative. Seems like a great idea! Until you log onto the website to edit the narrative, only to find not narrative is there. When open up the app after that and refresh, BAM! No narrative there either. Only thing this is useful for is entering basic vitas and skills. Also using the website on a mobile is painful due to screen sizing issues. All in all, a complete and frustrating mess
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7 years ago, dannythemedic
Frustratingly slow, the slowest ever, I don’t understand how anything can be so slow in 2017. Even the website is slow, there is just no reason why it has to be so slow. And the service is a paid service too.
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7 years ago, Jorden Bradley
No Narrative
Recent update(s) fixed a lot of issues with the iPad. However, the narrative was removed! No place to enter a narrative expect on the website, very annoying.
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6 years ago, kurdykur
might be useful if the app would load. better chance of winning the lotto then getting anything done using this app. save yourself the frustration, don't even open it. could be nice if they cared. disappointed.
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3 years ago, Mahjong nice game
So, so close to being useless
It’s just functional enough to make you want to try to do something with it. Then it reminds you how useless (and slow) it really is.
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4 years ago, Owen Sahnow
Terrible App
Possibly one of the worst apps I’ve ever used. It’s even worse than the actual computer software (which is really saying something.) I think you guys should probably start from scratch.
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4 years ago, 1paramed1
Sometimes it works (in slow motion!), most times it just displays “loading” on my iPhone and doesn’t work at all. I’ve deleted and reloaded the app multiple times. Still not working.
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8 years ago, Mac The Apple
Loses your credentials every time you come back to the app. When you do get in the app, there's almost no functionality. It just shows your shifts on date, that about it. Wouldn't recommend it.
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6 years ago, Myopinionwontmatter
Why does it take more than 5 minutes for this app to even load? Oh my god. That and half the time the info entered doesn’t save.... Heaven help those who have to use this. Save your time and just use a computer
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7 years ago, CrazyTaxiFan184
Don't get the app
I tried multiple times to use it for my clinical and field internship and it never worked. Waste of time and space on your phone to download. Just use the website.
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9 years ago, Nd7188
So limited that it is not worth downloading. Opening the site on your phone is still the better option, as you can't do anything on the app
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3 years ago, Mike88800
Doesn’t work
The app never works, I am constantly logged out and unable to log back in until I uninstall and re-download it. This app is useless
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7 years ago, Tango teen
Lost half my info
Everything I’ve put in using the app has been deleted or not saved. I’ve lost numerous skills complaints or leads due to the errors in this app.
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5 years ago, _jd93
Gets worse every update. Now it doesn’t even load for me. When it decides to work it only does through WiFi.
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3 years ago, Awe32ewa45
Freakn awesome!
This is so handy for doing patient care reports!!!!!
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8 years ago, MedicStudent323
Very Limited
This would be far better if you could add and edit patients and skills, as well as adjust scheduled shifts.
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7 years ago, District2lt607
Needs an update
This app needs a huge update. If you're thinking of getting it, don't waste your time or phone memory. It doesn't even open....
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7 years ago, J4cade
Good app but needs more work
App works good but you can’t type a narrative. That really needs to be fixed
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