Fish Fingers! 3D Interactive Aquarium

3.4 (30)
14.9 MB
Age rating
Current version
Useless Creations Pty Ltd
Last update
11 years ago
Version OS
4.3 or later
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User Reviews for Fish Fingers! 3D Interactive Aquarium

3.4 out of 5
30 Ratings
11 years ago, Lak29
Sounds are needed
Sounds are needed . Bubble sound is nice but additional sounds are needed. Like splashing of water upon touch. Like the koi pond. My 6 mo old loves to play with koi pond for the sound of water. I like your app for her due to the variety of fish and their realistic and interesting look. The graphics are cool. Hope you will consider adding more sounds for tap piping
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14 years ago, MJEmeralds
Another Pretty Economical App from this Developer with some Issues
As with the developer's other app, My Fish 3D Aquarium, the fish are beautiful but there are some issues. There are not many fish varieties to download yet and worst of all when you hold your finger on the screen (to get the fish to come to you)the fish "blend into one another". It is so strange looking and hard to explain but it's like they merge into each other. Also, when you tap to feed the fish, the fish run away! The fish should NOT run away when you are feeding them!
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9 years ago, Stephipest
Needs sound, keeps crashing, ads in full version
I was not impressed. I bought the full version for my toddler who loves fish! But there are still ads! Also it keeps crashing. And I didn't get any sound at all. Not cool. My toddler did like the fish for a moment but with all the problems with the ap it was hard to tell if she would enjoy it.
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10 years ago, Debwitch
Fun app, but...
I really enjoy this app, but it has an annoying flaw. There's mostly saltwater fish in the aquarium, but for some reason the app designers included freshwater fan-tailed goldfish in the mix. This looks unnatural to me & why I'm giving this app four stars, not five.
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11 years ago, nycbloke
Love it!!
I love this app. There's more fish than there used to be. More realistic than I've seen anywhere else!! Awesome!
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11 years ago, .Jul.
I like to take photos with people in the background. Kids like it too.
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9 years ago, Elleandlarry
I was disappointed! Thought this was a screensaver.. My bad though didn't check it out better. Should have that option though..
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7 years ago, Jason Orona
The App Store doesn’t say for me to update this. It only says to after open this App.
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5 years ago, Jejdjjjsm
Please update
Please update! I want to play with this again.
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13 years ago, Birdie}~
It is what it is. The fish don't jump though hoops! My goodness! Mine performs everything as advertised EXCEPT, when I when I was downloading my fish I only have ten (10) boxes which means only ten fish. The flashing ads under the boxes say I can have up to eighteen (18) fish. Neither your web site nor the app explains how to access the other eight fish boxes and it should not be anything tricky that we have "figure out". This should immediately be corrected. In order for your app to "take off", so to speak, it should be able to perform all of its attributes. The troubles others are having are either a phone problem or a personal problem because it performs just fine on this iPhone 4S. The ridiculous comments about the fish "swimming" around the icons are pretty childish.
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12 years ago, Jpiglet86
Two year old loves it!
I've read through a lot of the other reviews on this and am surprised that they are so negative. I bought this for my daughter once I realized how insanely expensive getting a real fish tank setup for her would be. I think she is enjoying this much more than she would a real fish tank since she can take it with her and she can 'feed' the fish anytime she wants to. Do I turn on this app when I am by myself and bored? No. This does what it says and my daughter loves it. I love sitting and watching her enjoy her 'fish tank'. I also love that there are blue tang and clown fish available so now she has a Dory, Marlin and Nemo of her very own and thinks it's the best thing ever. One of the best app purchases I have made!
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13 years ago, Bluedjinni
Cute but a little buggy
Very cute app! The fish look pretty good and the program was easy to figure out and use. I noticed that often when I touch the screen, a small blue box appears, then goes away when I click elsewhere. Sometimes, clicking elsewhere gets me another blue box, and when this happens, I have to double tap several times before it lets me feed the fish. Also, the fish swim right through each other, and when I hold my finger in one spot, they meld together into a freakish fish-ball, which is funny, but probably not an intentional feature. ;) I also noticed a visual glitch in the fish setup screen, where the fish wouldn't show up, once selected, until I changed its size a few times. Overall, though, I feel like I got what I paid for, and visually, it's a pretty good fish simulation.
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13 years ago, Gypsybelle7
Very Realistic and Comforting Entertainment!
I don't understand some of the negative reviews for Fish Fingers 3D. It is a sweet little app for a relaxing view into an aquarium with the sound of bubbling water or not. I really like this one. I tried out the Lite version first and then I bought the full version. I may not have it up and running all the time but there will be moments I need the peace of little colorful fishies swimming around. No - this is NOT a 'game', it is for entertainment of a quieter nature. Purely visual. I'm sure I will enjoy a bit of peace during a stressful work day at my computer with my iPhone sitting right next to my keyboard. Definitely worth 99 cents! PS - I am NOT one of the developers of this either. :-))
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12 years ago, jess_1_dreamer
Excellent as a night light. Note this is not a game.
I love it! You could turn off the sound effects and play your soothing music in the background and watch your fish to sleep. This is not a game. So you don't have to wait to have a pretty fish or earn one. Plus you could get your own background. I just wish they would give more fishes or allow to place more than 10 fishes in the tank. Anyway, it's a personal fish aquarium with less the troubles. PS, I am not an endorser or a promoter, but just an encourager.
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12 years ago, Years Ahead of Their Time
This is absolutely the next best thing of owning a real fish tank. The scenes are A + and the fish you can pick out yourself and size them to your liking are awesome features. There are only positive attributes I can say about this app. To me there are no negatives. If you are lucky enough to own an iPad ~ and you view FISH FINGERS on the HD screen you will see for yourself why I like this app so much. Before closing I must say this app is very relaxing ~ and viewing it on an iPhone is also good. Defined worth every penny!
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14 years ago, Dingoboy28
Augmented would be nice
It's a nice app, but it could be awesome if it could use the 3Gs capability of live camera as the background. Then it would be like having a real aquarium fully see-through. Update: other people's suggestions got addressed but not mine so once again, I love this app, but please add the use of the camera so it looks like the iPhone is clear and background is the view from the camera (augmented reality). There are so many other apps that use this and it would be so much cooler
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14 years ago, fab-chic
It's ok, I guess
Love the concept..cute graphics, but would be better if this could be your lock screen or home screen (not just a pic of them), the fish don't eat when you feed them (what's that about?)...a bit disappointed b/c I expected more, but I guess you get what you pay for...a $0.99 app ';0)
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14 years ago, Sister Leesa
Just Super!!!!!
I love this so much!!!! I can't imagine anyone giving this app. one star or anything less that five stars. Come on you must have problems! A while ago I had to pull myself away form playing with thing cause it's so entertaining. I have a few aquarium wallpapers so the fishes fits in quite nicely with this app. Thank you so much!!!!!!! P.S I wish you would add the clock to this so I could leave it on all the time.
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14 years ago, Hezmn
really like this app
For not being a "game", this app has captured my kids (and myself). It's got a good number of factors to change (fish types, size, background, water level) and interaction (following your finger, giving fish fish food, sloshing fish around) and the water sounds are nice. I'm pretty selective and get rid of a good number of apps, but this one gets regular use. Somehow, it's fun and relaxing at the same time.
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12 years ago, Terry382
I have only used this for a few days. There are some good things about this app but considering it is not free it should be much better. Two things I find annoying- when I put my pictures in as a background they are often upside down...not as they appear on my iPad screen...second..there is no background that reflects a fish tank environment except for a blurry green background. So, the only choices appear to be the blurry background or my photos,which don't even appear accurately. Wish I could get my money back.....or make it better....
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13 years ago, Sigisailomgooias
Good...could be better
This app is great... a lot of fun to play with. I think it could be a little more clear and maybe more fish available to update. Also I think that you could make the fish a but more active and responsive. Otherwise great job. For the new update, when you go to download fish, a black screen comes up with no way out of it! Please fix. Thanks.
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11 years ago, RavePaws
Awesome but...
I really love this app but I put in a bunch of tropical fish and now I want to change it back to some freshwater species but the fish don't even show up!! :( And if I put it as a random fish the blank version of the Scissortail fish comes up and it never finishes loading. Does anyone else have a problem like that and if so can you plz tell me how to fix it?? Because I'm getting a little sick of all the tropical stuff :P
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14 years ago, Radashack
It's a little buggy, otherwise 5 stars. Super cool!
This app is actually really cool. The CG fish are really nicely done. Now I can have goldfish again, but don't have to worry about ph, food, ick and the like. Thanks for this fun app.. I look forward to seeing it get a little bit more polished up in the future. Worth a buck.....easy.
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14 years ago, Ron72
The best ever!!!
I know this not a perfect apps but I did have lots of different 3D acquarium apps and so far this is the best ever I have seen. To feed the fishes you double tap the screen. Hopefully the next update I can choose the only fish i want inside the tank. Please add some tank coral decorations and catfish too because I love them. Next time I give 5 stars!!!
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12 years ago, Ghosts are real
The fish are so cute if you want them to follow your finger keep your finger on the screen and if they don't come right away that is ok still keep your finger there when they come by your finger move it around and they follow it it is fun
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12 years ago, iPad Catt
I dont know why so many bad reviews... This app works FINE for me. Its not a game, it's not supposed to be a challenge or "thrilling". It does exactly what it's supposed to do! And I really, really LIKE it!! I think all these bad reviews are from people expecting too much.
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14 years ago, _Lilith
Love it
It's FREE (my favorite price for any app) plus it's cute and I was able to download more fish. Most importantly, my 3 year old is crazy about this 3D fish app and if it makes my baby happy and at least occupied for a few minutes, that is excellent! 
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14 years ago, SoundBroker
Fun Program
Overall I like this program, The designer, should alow you more control over the enviorment, ie, allowing you the ability to control the level of water. The fish do not respond ie, KoiPond, but I like being able to add my own photos as the background of the fish tank.
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14 years ago, L8nightss
Needs more
I like the app. It just needs some things. Like koi to go with the goldfish and more importantly more colors/patterns. For the goldfish there is only orange, white, and variations of the 2. That is a very easy add. Once those 2 things are added, I'll update to 5 stars.
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14 years ago, ColinHuth
Perfect on an iPhone 4.
The graphics are great, and I've found no bugs. Other cool features could be added, though. If you have an iPhone 4, this is a good buy.
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13 years ago, DeadMan Walking......
This app is am complete waste of time. It dosnt look realistic. All you do is determine the size of the fish, and the water level. and they do not follow your fingers. They also swim of of the screen, so i can actually never see them. This is just yet another app to yank money away from people. Dont buy it.
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13 years ago, Dducudjxh
Soooo realistic
If you're ever in a waiting room and there's no fish tank to stare at just click this app. They seem as smart as real fish but that's not a big competition. But... I really wish that there were more fish to download. I hope they make more
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14 years ago, Shelli22sweet
Simple & Cute
This is very simple to set up & use. The graphics are awesome. It has the option for sound on or off. The bubbling sound is very relaxing. It's definitely worth 99 cents!!
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11 years ago, Joe Khlem
I turn this app on every night it helps me fall asleep. I've benn doing this for 2 weeks. Now and all my friends love the app too I just can't get over how ulgy that 1 fish is
Show more
13 years ago, Elko
False advertising!!!!
I want my dollar back also... The app claims right in the beginning watch fish swim around your icons in real 3D style it does nothing if the sort... Do not buy this app and anyone that bought with same intent of seeing fish swim icons on your iPad iPhone or touch should be refunded also this is clearly falsely advertised and should not be tolerated by apple in the app store for all users!!!
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11 years ago, Curly962
Ok app. there are many times when there are no fish on my screen, sometimes for more than 30sec. Would be better if there was always at least 1 or 2 at all times. Do like the realistic fish.
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14 years ago, E13 too
Wants more fish
I really like this I just want more sea creature It would be nice if the fish had babies It'll also be nice if there could be 50 or so fish slots
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13 years ago, Yummypeanut12
This game is really fun but I wish that you could do more. But other than that, it's really great! I put the background as
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11 years ago, Melyanwen
It's a cool way to pass the time. I love adding family pictures as the background. Fish don't always respond to tapping but is still a good app.
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14 years ago, flyer 12435674
this is a awsum app...
when you tell your friend you droped their ipod in a fish tank but to make the prank even funnier go to one of the pages of apps then hold the power and home butten at the same time then the screen will flash then go to the this app choose back ground then slect saved pictures then tap on the screan shot and you have fish swiming on your screen!
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12 years ago, Tracynotme
Beautiful and fun
I thoroughly enjoy this app. I followed the advice of someone on another app and did a screen shot of my main page as my aquarium background. Very cool.
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13 years ago, Mega Mamma
The fish are nice, BUT... the only way to have them "swim around your icons" is if you take a screen shot of an icon page and set it as the background inside this app! And even then, they would be swimming 'in front' of your icons, not 'around' them (and only when you open this app).
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14 years ago, Kody217
this is a great digital fish tank for being free! ive mounted my ipad to my wall now i have a virtual aquarium! it just needs borders on the edges so your fish wont go off the screen. and screw u trolls for rating this a 1. ITS FREE FOR HEAVENS SAKE
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13 years ago, Acosans
Can you say false advertising?
Had high hopes but I want my dollar back. Didn't have it but a few minutes and it stopped working. Could not get it from the download fish screen. Doesn't deserve a star but it forced me to select at least one. Some of the reviews are fishier than the app. I like other fish programs but not this one.
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12 years ago, Taty411
Like I said, funtastic! My two year old absolutely loves it. I love it. When I am having a stressful day, I just watch it and play with the fishes for a few lol. Just awesome.
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11 years ago, Muxster
Total stress relief
I do not play games on my iPhone this application I really love a lot and it helps relieve stress whenever I'm feeling stressed I just play with the fish it's a great thing
Show more
12 years ago, SkinniePanda
I love this app, it was worth every penny! The fish look so realistic and it's just amazing. Great for your kids to look at too. Nice app overall. (:
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11 years ago, Teddy77bear
Finger fish
I like this app, but it is worthless to me, since I accidentally said no, to getting in my photos. So now I can not use, it. It is too bad, there is not a second chance to allowing the app in photos, so I use it.
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14 years ago, Jenny&James
What a great entertaining app! I love how the fish follow your finger around the screen! I think this is too cute, I would definately reccomend this app to a friend!
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12 years ago, K'Shanti
USED To Be Great... What's With The Pop-Ups?
The most recent update not only resolved all issues, it gave us that wonderful live feed background! It looks amazing, and I simply love the new fish. HOWEVER. I PAID FOR AD-FREE. THAT MEANS I DON'T WANT TO SEE POP-UP ADS FOR YOUR OTHER APPS WHEN I OPEN THIS ONE.
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