Fish School – 123 ABC for Kids

4.2 (32)
30.1 MB
Age rating
Current version
Duck Duck Moose LLC
Last update
4 years ago
Version OS
9.0 or later
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User Reviews for Fish School – 123 ABC for Kids

4.16 out of 5
32 Ratings
12 years ago, Ecoandy
Great for two year old
My two year old will request this app by saying "fishy". It certainly has her attention. My only criticism is that the alphabet and numbers allow kids to cycle through very fast without allowing each letter or number to even be seen. I think my toddler is up to about 5 Hz at her tap speed. Might be worth building in a delay to force the viewing of a letter. She really likes the play mode. Shapes, etc have same issue as above. Perhaps more docile kids won't see this as an issue.
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5 years ago, yolaleah
Simple but fun for toddler
My 2 year old son really enjoys this app. It doesn’t keep his attention quite as long as some others but my favorite part is he’s begun to sing along with the ABC song! It’s a sweet, easy, app that I don’t have to worry about where he’ll click or tap. Good for toddlers.
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13 years ago, Sea wall
Nice app - need to update child track to use proper pronunciation
Very nice app - my two-year old gets absolutely glued to the screen and I appreciate that the counting goes above 10. Would love go be able to set it to go higher than 20 as well. It has a decent variation of learning modes - it's a little odd that there's no main menu, but it's easy enough to cycle through the modes via a button in the bottom left that it's totally fine. (Though, moving that button to the upper right of the screen instead of lower left would help a lot - my son accidentally switches out of activities all the time because that button sits right where a lot of his tapping happens.) My biggest concern with the app is that the child voiceover track inadvertently teaches improper pronunciation - of course it's totally cute, but the lisps and w's instead of r's is a big oversight when this is meant to be a learning tool. Fix that and I'll definitely change the rating. I'll also use it a lot more. I would also prefer the letters not be formed by lined-up fish - they're hard to read (the "W" for example, that just looks like a group of fish) and instant recognizability is what kids learning the alphabet need.
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13 years ago, jmamako
20 month old is totally addicted
My 20 month old will play with this app for an hour. She'll wake up and ask "fish? fish? fish?". The app has a few different games which vary from really simple (the alphabet song which plays without any interaction) to games for older kids (memory type matching game). I don't know if my baby is learning anything , but she definitely has fun. The music is relaxing and I don't mind hearing it in the background. My only complaint is the way the letters are formed by the fish gathering together so sometimes the shape of the letter isn't totally clear. Overall, very fun for toddlers!
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10 years ago, Aheu08
I would not recommend this app for the classroom. This app doesn’t allow the students to move the fish or trace the numbers, letters or shapes that are shown. If this app is changed so it allows students to trace the letters, numbers and shapes it would be more helpful. With that being said, I think there should be a menu to let the student or teacher choose what activity the student should be working on. Also, this app would be much better if the teacher was able to monitor the students progress. I also didn’t like how this app didn’t allow students to write the numbers, letters or shapes. It lacked interaction. I think these are all good and beneficial concepts for a student to know, however it would be a more affective app if it was more interactive.
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13 years ago, PhotogMom5
Not as good as the other apps
I LOVE the apps I've downloaded from Duck,Duck,Moose they are high quality, beautiful apps, easy to use for my preschooler and beautiful color and music. In my opinion this app is not as good as the others. Most of the apps have menus so that you can easily navigate through the activities and levels of difficulty. This app has neither of those features. no menu means you have to scroll through the games. No levels of difficulty means that unlike the other apps from this developer it does not grow with your child. I didn't care for the letters formed by swimming fish and kids can click through to the next letter way too quickly.
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11 years ago, bajebooth
Fish School HD - by Duck Duck Moose is a comprehensive preschool app that is also very entertaining. Watch the alphabet, numbers, colors, and shapes as well as games like spot the difference, memory matching, and following direction. This is meant for early learners, and also helps teach beginning iPad skills. Soundtrack for play is a classically arranged rendition to the ABC Song, which is refreshing. The graphics, like all Duck Duck Moose apps are bright and cheerful, and given the undersea environment quite calming also. I would recommend this app for parents to play with along side of their children, or as a reinforcer.
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12 years ago, SkyKnight¥
Good app.
Everything works well. Great app. The only reason that i don't give it 5 stars is because it only has six shapes. Six... Square, circle, oval, triangle, rectangle and diamond. Where's heart, star, pentagon, hexagon, heptagon, octagon, etc. It has the ABC's, counts to 20, has a few colors, and the reasoning game is good too. Just wish there were about 10 more shapes.
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14 years ago, KBeeCJ
Visually pleasing, easier than I was hoping
3yo daughter likes this, thinks the fish are cute, but she already knows numbers, letters, shapes, colors. So while she enjoys a few minutes of making the fish change colors, etc. she will then ask me, "what am I supposed to do now?" and she never wAtches more than the first few letters, numbers, in one of the song before looking for something else. I bet it would be good first exposure or review of basics, but if your kid knows the alphabet already, it might be better to find something that will take them to the next level.
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14 years ago, kko699
Stunning Graphics- Extraordinary Teaching App!
Excellent Graphics- Bright Colors- Lovely Music- Wonderful Teaching Application- Our 2-year old grandaughter is fascinated with making the fish swim faster, slower, up, down, and growing them to enormous sizes! She loves the ABC song and does an excellent job of navigating through the various screens and games. This application along with Miss Spiders Tea Party are the favorites at our house. Great Job Duck Duck Moose!
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14 years ago, Trisha24
Great App!
My 2 year old loves all of the Duck Duck Moose Apps! He picks them out of the apps screen himself and can flip the alphabet letters to the next letter. Well done! The numbers and record your own song functions are especially fun!! Well worth the two bucks for this one. The DDMs are his favorite apps, Itsy Bitsy Spider and Wheels on the Bus have him entertained for many minutes (for a toddler, that's amazing!)
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13 years ago, sfsharon
This is the current favorite iPad app in our house. It's kind of like an ABC and Numbers book... but animated with beautiful moving fish! There are also other fun educational games like "Spot what's different?" and a Colors game. I bought this for my 3 year old but even my 6 year old likes the matching.
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14 years ago, fairview mom
O.K. but nothing great
My 2 yr old always goes to this app but seems to just spend the entire time switching from one game to the next. I was looking for something to help her with letters and shapes but this is not an app for that. It just flashes the shapes by in nice looking fish patterns but doesn't do much to teach. After a few minutes she gets bored with it. I was pretty disappointed considering the rave reviews.
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14 years ago, subface
Truly fun
Very fun app with several modes that balance education with exploration and entertainment well. My kid loves it and has plenty to keep him interested for a while. My only wish is that there was a way to navigate to each mode without it being linear, but it's really minor.
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12 years ago, Ang-RN
Good app
This is a cute app. The letters are difficult to make out as fish. This app may not be the best choice for a very new learner. Also my 21 month old touches the screen too much which makes the letters go by so fast she doesn't really see the letters. This app is for an older child. She will get more use out of it once she is older. I really like all of the different play options. Letters, numbers, and a play time. Thanks!!
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13 years ago, Tutu67
This is an entertaining app. Perfect for hands on learning. The play option could be more rewarding and fun. It is the least impressive part of the entire app. It just lacked the silly magic of the other apps like "Itsy Bitsy Spider"that thrill young children.
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14 years ago, unvoyageur
A great choice!
This is a great game for 3-5 year-olds. It actually contains eight different (but similar) games: letters, numbers shapes, abc song, colors, find, match and free play. The graphics and animation are perfect for a toddler - attractive and inviting. Definitely one of the better toddler games out there ...
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14 years ago, NanaRose51
My 3 yr. old is a hands-on, active sort, who has not been interested on letters, numbers, or even coloring. This app has captivated him. He especially loves the matching game. He is also now suddenly singing the alphabet song.
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12 years ago, Conejo101
Hard navigation and annoying link
Link on starting page to buy more apps is annoying, this is NOT a free app so I do not expect distracting links. My son automaticaly tries to click it and it taken away from the app. Lack of main menu page makes it hard to navigate to the different sections. I will ask for a refund.
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14 years ago, The Original PDaddy
My 3 year old loves it!
This is a great app for kids. It's very colorful and interesting for youngsters. It is a must-have for our daughter. Our only problem is we have 2 children and only 1 iPad.
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11 years ago, GrammyGreising
Good Beginner App
Purchased this app for a toddler just beginning to recognize letters. Has voice identification for each letter & corresponding animal), numbers (up to 20) and shapes. App has the alphabet song, pick the fish that is different, a matching game and learn colors and shapes.
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10 years ago, Sammienmichael
I wanted to like it...
I really wanted to like this app, but within minutes I knew this just wasn't good. I just don't see how any child could learn from it! Letters & numbers created by the fish are so abstract that a child would have to have a basic knowledge of them to understand what they are seeing. And that defeats the whole purpose of this app! Please refund my money!
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13 years ago, jessapp
Such a fantastic way to introduce the young ones to the alphabet, numbers, and shapes.... while they're playing and having fun! He wants to play with the fish all the time!!
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12 years ago, jdcarcollector
Great app - sound stopped working, no longer iOS5 compatible?
My son (special needs) loves this app but for some strange reason the sound has stopped functioning (and not on any other app) so we wonder if it is not compatible with iOS 5 ? Very strange, otherwise I'd give it 5 stars.
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14 years ago, defpearlpilot
Fantastic value
So many cool little games to keep your little one busy. Gorgeous graphics will keep their eyes drawn to this game. One of my sin's favorites.
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14 years ago, Sassyll519
Fun app for kids
My 4 year old plays it. Quite easy for her but it keeps her mind working when she thinks she's playing
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14 years ago, Moldyy
There's better than this
This game is not very stimulating, my 2 year old simply taps through each letter a few times then moves on to the next app, when it comes to learning the alphabet there are a few apps out there, not mentioning names, that are a lot better and more efficient than this one.
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14 years ago, Jensanity5000
My 2.5 year old isn't that interested.
Seems like a good enough app, but doesn't really keep my daughters attention (I know it's hard to do for a 2 year old), but other apps like Jack and the Bean Stalk really keep her hooked.
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13 years ago, KarenStein
ABC Song!
My preschooler would play this all day if I let him. He especially loves the ABC Song, matching and colors.
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13 years ago, Channel Jules
My son is Gaga for this app!
When I open this app my 16 month old son comes running... He loves to watch the fish morph into different letters and numbers... Great app for learning...
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12 years ago, Ukyankee1
My 7 month old loves to watch the ABC song and the play mode! It's a great app for babies!
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13 years ago, Shagstah
Not enough interaction
First off, there is no BACK button or main menu to find a specific spot. Also after each section there is no interaction at all. No game asking the kids to find the letter or find the number..shape, colour... This is not an interactive educational activity at all. Just a glorified video. Very disappointing!!
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13 years ago, GatorSLP
Great Toddler Fun!
I love the colorful fish, but sometimes it's hard for kids to swipe between letters, numbers, etc. I'd rate this 5 stars if an update made it easier for swiping!
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14 years ago, Review568
Yellow fish has too much of an orange gradient. Blue fish has too much green in it. Orange fish is half orange half white. Green fish has purple fins. Not ideal for teaching colors. Needs menu so you don't have to move through activities linearly.
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11 years ago, swsenek
Well done!
A perfect app for preschoolers...nice variety of options and very easy to use. Well worth a download!
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13 years ago, jjbuckster
Great game
My 2 1/2 year old loves playing this. And it will grow with her as she gets older.
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14 years ago, Alagirl71
4yr old loves it!
Many different activities to choose from, great app!
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12 years ago, SarahD825
So many options
What a great app. Educational and fun. Not easy to outgrow with so many options. Loving this.
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9 years ago, Nilazzo
Child speech model
I would not recommend purchasing this app because of the child during the 'play' portion. They have several speech sound errors. The correct pronunciation of the sounds would be more appropriate model for children learning to speak.
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12 years ago, Jakes_Mom
Great App
My son is 3 1/2 and has autism. He really enjoys this app. There is a lot of variety, numbers, letters and shapes.
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14 years ago, steinbergvc
Toddlers are hooked!
Beautifully done. My toddler twins are hooked and will not give up my iPad!!
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13 years ago, AZ Grandparent
App lacking potential
Game is very elementary and boring. It could bbe advanced with a tracing function. The adding of the More Apps on an App for a child is troubling and unnecessary.
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14 years ago, Baroudij
My daughter 1.8 years loves it
It's cute n my little one enjoys it
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13 years ago, Tonybuck5000
Make sure your kid is 2!
My kids are 4 and 5 and a half and they were both bored with this app in 5 minutes. The ratings systems need to be improved drastically. What a waste of money!
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11 years ago, Eido7
Great app for toddlers
Hands down one of the best apps out there for toddlers. Educational, fun, and well done!
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13 years ago, Gutkop
Great toddler app
Keeps my son engaged and is also educational.
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11 years ago, jaimito sutuchi
nice app.
like others i ran into sound issues, but solved them by going to the support page on the duckduckmoose website. since then, very happy
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12 years ago, Dd358
Great app!
We love all of the duck duck moose apps! Lots to do, cute graphics, nice music, pretty colors!
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12 years ago, Alyssa949
Enjoy it
My daughter loves this much to do in 1app..
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12 years ago, sclawyer
Not working
It just freezes with the latest update.
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