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User Reviews for Flashcards by NKO: Flash Cards

4.85 out of 5
1.8K Ratings
4 months ago, Pajeot
Going on Ten Years!
I’ve lost track but I’d say it’s close to ten years now since I discovered this app. This is the single most powerful language learning tool I have on my phone. It puts me in the driver’s seat, allowing ME to choose what words, phrases and grammar patterns are right for me at my current level of learning, providing accurate pronunciations for vocabulary I provide, in the language of my choice. (I use Japanese, Chinese, Vietnamese, Korea and Spanish and have found the pronunciation surprisingly accurate.) It allows the addition of photographs and drawings to replace words, making possible a more direct association where appropriate. The ability to organize by language, learning objective, level of mastery or any other way imaginable is also invaluable, making it possible to focus on a small group of words or target phrases and then move them to a different file of already mastered items for later review. Brilliantly conceived, and the user interface is also excellent. Job well done! After more than six years running (now closer to ten), still my main gun. I use it for four different languages. Love it! Have even used it as a teacher as well as student. Still Love it. Job well done!!!
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3 years ago, Kriemank
Potential is there
*** Update, customer service is spectacular! They reached out right away to address the below issue. Long story short the issue is with apple’s newest iOS update, and not the app itself. They are working on a fix, but it will take some time. I appreciate their prompt reply and willingness to find out what the issue is. *** The potential is there for this to be great a flashcard app. I downloaded the app to make flashcards for my son‘s science test. I wanted something basic that I could quickly make flashcards instead of having to write them out manually. The first 10 flashcards were great I use the microphone function to read/speak the information onto the flashcards. However, after that the microphone function stopped working. I tested the microphone and other apps and it worked fine I restarted my phone and the microphone started working again, but only for one card. Tried restarting the phone again, and again the microphone worked but only for one card. I would give it five stars if the microphone allowed me to read/speak instead of having to type the information into the card, which is too time consuming.
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1 month ago, _Felicia_
Still the best tool in my language-learning arsenal
The SRS system and the level of customization makes this a fantastic learning tool. I love that you can listen to vocabulary passively while walking around town with your earbuds in. It's too bad they phased out the lifetime purchase option. I've been using it for about a decade(?) and I honestly wouldn't keep using it if I had to pay monthly (in spite of how amazing it is!) because I'm poor... One suggestion: please fix the problems with audio ducking in and out in the "listen" tool. I use this to learn Japanese, and the beginning of the word in the Japanese audio is always much softer than the end of the word, which makes it difficult to hear and understand new words I'm trying to study. Other than that, I highly recommend this for language study or anything you want to memorize. Once you make the cards, the studying becomes easy and fun. You can easily create your own study system perfectly suited to your needs!
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6 years ago, msbarjam
I am a college student who has used this app for over two years and I have always loved it. Today I a question and so I emailed them not excepting to hear back from them for at least a few hours. To my amazingly surprised eyes I had an instant emailed response with help and continued help till the situation was resolved enough for me to continue with what I needed to get done with my work. The customer service and level of help this app provides is absolutely fabulous. I am one who NEVER writes feedback, and I usually don’t email for customer support either but I was just so frustrated today and I am so pleased right now. Just wow! With all the stress of being a student it is so nice to have wonderful apps that will let you study and help you learn a certain way by matching vocab, and in college there is so much. Or play games with questions before bed or before a big test, its less stressful than just reading notes. Again cannot say enough about this app! Love it!!
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6 years ago, drs75
Great app helping my kids learn
I homeschooled my daughter using Classical Conversations, which required a lot of memorization of facts. I love how I was able to easily add pictures by using the camera on my iPad, and how I could record the songs (that are used to memorize different facts) directly onto the card. My daughter begged to play the review games. I bought the upgrade, and for us, it was money well spent. The games are varied and kept my daughter interested enough so she could memorize her material. Now I am in court reporting school and required to memorize a lot of information. I set the cards up so that they automatically flip and my hands never have to leave the stenograph. I am able to see immediately if I wrote the word correctly on my machine which helps reinforce the learning. I love that I can create a stack of cards and share them with my classmates. I recommend this app to all my school peers.
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3 years ago, Angel Of Darkness 0 0 0
I’m currently learning Bulgarian and need to build my vocabulary a lot. This app has helped me, and I recommend trying out the free trial to see if you like it. If it’s not for you, no harm done. For me, it was more than worth the price after I tried it. It’s really easy to use, and you can even make repetitive changes to a bunch of cards really quickly. I’ve tried a few other flashcard apps, but trying to do something as simple as flipping the cards in a deck took half an hour and gave me a headache, but this app makes a lot easier. Some of the games are a little strange, but the ones I like (flappy bird, spelling, and match-up) get me to study regularly, which is the most important part of remembering something. Also, I haven’t tried the shared decks yet, but they seem like they’d be great for teachers or tutors. Highly recommend, just try the free trial before buying
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1 month ago, Lingobuff
Solid, multi-featured learning and memorization tool
I am a retiree in my eleventh year using this app for language studies and have found it to be reliable and a great value. Their user support is excellent-they are always prompt and even incorporated one of my suggested improvements into the software. I particularly like the feature that allows me to share decks from my iPad to my iPhone and listen to them (via Bluetooth) in the car or on a walk. It also incorporates multiple ways of varying how the information on the cards is presented, which helps to make the memorization process less tedious and therefore more productive. Altogether a great learning tool-I wish it had been around back when I was in school and college!
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3 years ago, photo_danie
Amazing customer service
After a huge mixup with customer service (I’ll spare you the details, except to just be clear that they responded within hours to my question and subsequent questions), I’m updating my review. I am still working through issues with the app with customer service - the delay is all on my end, though - but they are amazingly responsive and helpful! I still feel like I can’t quite give this a five star, only because to me a five star app is so easy to use, I wouldn’t need help from customer service to begin with. I’d give it 4.5 if I could, largely because of the customer service. But what makes it complicated to me if the myriad options available to customize your experience, so YOU might very well find this a solid five star app if you need to go beyond a digital version of handwritten index card style Flashcards!
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5 months ago, TxMacUser
Excellent! Esp for Apple Watch!
I rarely write an app review, but if you are looking for a flashcard app that will help you learn (the repetition approach of the SRS system really works) and you also want to take advantage of the Apple Watch as a quick and easy way to study (quick looks throughout the day), you really need to try this one out. The watch interface is highly customizable and amazingly effective and easy to use, yet with high functionality. And all the decks (Watch, iPhone and iPad) synchronize through iCloud. Definitely give this one a try.
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1 year ago, Great study app
Best flash card app
I love this app it's amazing I wish I had found it earlier in my school life I feel that I could of been more successful in all my class. I love that I am learning the material that is on my flash cards for my class. I challenge friends and family on the material to see who knows more of it. I would love this app to be in all schools for Kindergartener's through college who have study issues or just need a fun and exciting way to study the material for tests and quizzes and retain all the information for their classes.
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5 years ago, Karin Hunt
I’ve never seen such an amazing study app!! Using all the fun classic games you normally play like: bingo, flappy bird, temple run and soooooooo much more but with your own Flashcards!! My favorite part about it was how you can add your own flashcards from Quizlet and other things that you might have used so you don’t have to retype everything you’ve already typed for your flashcards before and it’s super helpful. GREAT FOR ALL AGES. Yes some of the apps cost money but it’s totally worth it!! Plus I only used the free trial which was so long and super duper useful!!! 10 out of 5 recommend!!
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3 weeks ago, Audj Podj
I really like it
I noticed though even when I sign on it didn’t save any of my cards I made when I switch phones. It could be the Apple ID, but it shouldn’t because I signed my email and created a password. That was the only problem, however it didn’t stop me from using it. I like the gaming things you can do to help study. It is fun! I would like to maybe see some more updates to it to give it a cleaner look. Also, consider a widget (note: to the programmer).
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6 years ago, NYPSTR
Would it be awesome to be able to use the drag and drop feature?
I am a huge fan of this app. Also I have purchased the pro version, One thing I find it that can be improved is.. if it is able to use the drag n drop function on the iPad Pro. Instead of adding a pic by clicking that thingy within the app I can just open my yoink or the photo app and start dragging and dropping the pictures , it is gonna be fun and productive isn’t it ? Thanks for taking my suggestion into consideration
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6 years ago, Lidia Monroe
Best Flash Cards App
This is the best Flash Cards app of all the ones I've tried. You can download cards, make your own, record your own voice (for when you're learning a foreign language). I'd like to see one thing: being able to print the flash cards to a PDF. That would be a great addition, because sometimes just having the flash cards in front of you on paper cards is better, you can carry a few around with you, adding to the stack as you learn more.
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7 months ago, Estus Peterson
Very comprehensive and great support
This is the only app I’ve found where I was able to make the Apple Watch functionality work in a way that is reasonably useful. It is nice to be able to study for a few minutes between calls or while waiting in line for coffee. To be transparent, there is a bit of a learning curve, but the depth of the app makes it very customizable and the experience robust. I did run into some technical issues which prevented me from gaining access to the web-based version of the app, which is pretty crucial because otherwise I’d be making all the flashcards from my phone, which is cumbersome. Support was great and helped me resolve the issue within a day of them responding to my initial request for support through the link in the app.
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10 months ago, dadical
This app has been invaluable to me in my professional and personal endeavors. It has enabled me to learn and stay current in a myriad of complex systems and to quickly refresh my memory when needed. I find the interface to be intuitive and the customer service has been very responsive. If you have found the use of flash cards to be helpful as a study aid, you will greatly appreciate this platform.
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5 months ago, BenGenGal
Easy to use
I like that it’s very easy to add cards and that you can have them categorized into folders. I like the matching game. I like that it’s customizable to where you can turn off the badge award screen (because I don’t like the music / sound effects for that screen) but I do love the sound effects for the matching game itself. It makes me feel like I’m getting somewhere when I’m learning my cards.
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2 years ago, Chamar-JaMan
Would recommend
Would recommend for my friends because some want to learn Spanish, or Korean, but I plan to use this for Mandarin Chinese but this isn’t it’s only use. It can be used for subjects in school, well that all I can name because I don’t usually have anything I need to remember but anybody can find a use for this app But now why this app is so good - I think it can sync across devices - Organization - Nice UI - lots of uses There’s lots of reasons why this is an good app this is just a few to name And the reason I won’t use Anki apps is because I like to have my things organized for example individual words and then sentences and other stuff also I am talking about this for language because that my main use for it
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2 months ago, GeGei
This app is great but….
I’ve changed my review from 5 stars after using this app for many years because honestly I’m just tired of how this app puts so much pressure on me to study too much The SRS timer for “new cards” and reviewing is just too much… I constantly have to review hundreds of cards and the SRS adds cards faster than I can review them. This app just wants you to study night and day to keep up with your due SRS cards and I’m tired of it … it needs to change. I want to able to decide how many cards I study each day and tell the app I’m done Then come back the next day and start a study session. This app needs at start and end study session feature to keep people from being bogged down in due cards. Even if I study every day I’m constantly behind! This adds so much stress to my life, please change the SRS due cards feature
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3 years ago, Checoxter
Can Finally learn Japanese at my own pace!
I have always struggled to motivate myself to learn Japanese. Thanks to the app, I can now spend a few seconds throughout my workday to look at a few cards using my Apple Watch. The SRS system also takes away the stress of organizing my cards based on how much I have mastered them, allowing me to just focus on memorizing the vocabulary!
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4 years ago, Bodhisatva1
I had tried two or three other apps before finding this one and luckily this one had the support needed to walk a disable old man through the process of creating a simple deck of flashcards! Sergiy Bulavenko took the time to correspond with me directly and was very helpful and very patient in getting me to understand what turned out to be a really simple and perfect solution for my needs! And I’m very grateful! Now I can accomplish what I set out to do! Thank you Sergiy!
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2 years ago, CountryGrass
Feature request!
I’ve had this app for YEARS and it’s the only one I use. The only request I have is an widget! It would be cool if I could have a favorite stack of cards that I could quickly scroll through when I’m on my iPhone instead of opening the app and finding the cards. Other than that, this app is my favorite Flashcards app.
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2 years ago, Gomer
What a great App
Trying to improve my spelling as well as learn how to speak Japanese. This app is great, much better than having to make paper flash cards. Being able to ad pictures and audio is awesome. Haven’t used the paid features, but will try soon. Update: would be nice if you could delete cards you no longer need.
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5 years ago, UAMed
A Medical Student’s Prayer
I love that I can draw my own flash with my own diagrams that I have used it as my note taking method for class lectures which reduces my paper trail and increases productivity. A great improvement if there was a write to text function in the draw card function. As a medical student, I am more of a visual person so my own diagrams help a lot when I study.
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8 months ago, Sofsoph
Very fun app
I use this app with students of all ages. It is by far their favorite flashcard app. The students love the variety of games. I love the tracking features and the ability for students to play against each other from different devices and different locations.
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1 month ago, Masters Company
Awesome APP
This app is a wonderful tool for learning. I am an educational therapist and I use this app with almost every student. I adapt word lists, programs, and activities to Flashcards. This makes the learning fun and the time we spend very productive. I would not hesitate to recommend this app to anyone who wants to learn best game ever?
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3 months ago, audreymeyer
I already suggested this app
I really love that it turns my flash cards into games in different ways. I have already suggested this app to all my classmates in college. I still use 3x5 cards every now and then, but sometimes it is so nice to use this app. I have used it for my kids.
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5 years ago, Bat Dad 88
Very helpful!
Even with its extra features, I appreciate the straightforward ability to just make Flashcards, though, it’s also handy to have the option to either add an image and even draw over it (this is useful for studying order of operations on schematics), or drawing a flow chart of ideas.
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11 months ago, Bee Gees fan!
learning Hmong
Ive been trying to learn Hmong for the past two years. Since using the paid version of this app my learning has sped up quite a bit. Ive learned over 100 vocabulary words this month alone and the games really make it fun. Thank you!!
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10 months ago, bro⁉️⁉️⁉️⁉️
Apple Watch issues
I can see how this app would be very helpful to people, however, the main reason I downloaded it was to use the flashcards on my Apple Watch, but after signing up for the free month trial to pair my deck to my watch, it has never appeared. The app said it would not happen right away but it has been about 24 hours. There are also no images in the deck so I know that is not the problem.
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4 years ago, Sha1col
Wonder Learning App
I ran across this app back in 2016 while studying for my Real Estate Broker exam. I loved the different methods (games) the app has to help you learn the material. Needless to say I passed my exam and now I’m using it for my Fitness/Nutrition classes. I highly recommend this app, and have recommended it to quite a few people in the past.
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6 years ago, wispymantis86
it great
I have used this app many times for a test ana’s quizzes. It is great because you can make flashcards very fast just by talking into you electronic device. Not only can you have flashcards, you can play games with your studies. It is a great tool to have and I recommend it to allot of you.
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6 years ago, Elmo 850
Loved cue cards as kid :)
This app is a phenomenal and invaluable teaching tool. Hey if your kid is going to be on the phone why not make them earn it by ping some decks? Love the customization tools and options and the availability of a wide variety of decks for any subject you could think of. Hope this app stays around for awhile. Thanks!
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4 years ago, fjskfjdksjrjfoglnsbsdkkf
Filter only for premium?
This app is great and works well but I’m disappointed you used to be able to filter by colors and starred cards and now they've locked that behind the paid version. To make a feature available on the free version for a long time and then lock it behind a paywall isn’t really good practice.
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3 years ago, Doorfour
Changed my life!
This app changed my life! I use it every day. I used to use a normal flashcard app without any games on it, and I really had to force myself to do it. The games on this app are actually addictive! Indispensable for anyone struggling with a plateau in their study.
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3 years ago, mh4092
Awesome product
I use these cards for my ASL language learning. I love that I can put a picture of the concept on one side and then do a video of the sign on the other. Awesome app and the developers were so helpful with the glitch I found.
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3 years ago, Jbcv1993
This app is a life saver
I have been using this app throughout college. It have really improve my studying. I can study on the go when I am heading to class or having lunch. It is much more easier and convient than real flashcards. If you are in college or school then please get this app
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1 year ago, Tiaga2
The listen function is not working
About a month ago (maybe after my iPhone updated to iOS 16.1.1) the listen function of the app stoped working. This is one of the primary ways I use this app. Developer, please help!
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4 weeks ago, joat2b
Best flashcard app
Support is responsive and helpful. The app allows me to make things my way, to cater to my learning style better. The free version is completely usable and the paid version offers so many extras!
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2 months ago, Gabbynic
App keeps kicking me out and deleting stuff
I used to like this app but when I redownloaded it I was disappointed. I tried to create new folders, but after I created them, I tried to go back to the home page and was kicked out of the app and my folders disappeared. This bug should be looked at.
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4 years ago, Rluna1@NYC
Excellent App for Studying Vocabulary!
I used this app to prepare for an exam, and I am as able to pass with a very good score. Without this app, I don’t know if I would have been able to prepare as well. I also like it’s design.
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6 years ago, Stefferz87
Life Saver!!
I absolutely love this app! It literally got me through pharmacy school! It helped me memorize over 400 prescription drugs, drug classifications, and measurement conversions. it’s been over a year since I graduated and I still use it as a reference. Very grateful for this app, every student should try it 😁
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6 years ago, ShadowFughtSh
Simple and easy
This is a very simple app that’s great for studying, however it’s ridiculous we have to purchase the full version to unlock more games and do monthly payments. That’s my only complaint
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4 years ago, Big Daddy Multitude
Great app
This app is great for memorization. Sometimes the AR game is very hard because the correct answer is hard to get because its almost to the end. A fix for this would be great.
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4 years ago, Thanks nko
Helpful and fun
It's very helpful, but fun at the same time. It's good for my learning too. It keeps me having fun but learning like no other app. Keeps me occupied and not bored of learning. The game are fun and there is quite a variety. Awesome and just soooooooooooooooooooooo much fun!
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4 years ago, Penguine5
great update
When I first reviewed this app, there was no spaced repetition. It was terrific even then. But now it's stupendous. There are so many ways to learn and review to match your moods and needs. It's the very best in my opinion.
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6 years ago, BlackHawk126
Excellent Flashcard App!
I got this app due to its ability to write with iPad pencil. It works great! Has some nice features as well such as taking a picture and writing on it like a note card. Great for studying! Highly recommend!!
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6 years ago, Jvglfh
Best flashcard app
I absolutely love this app and recommend it to everyone! The games are really fun and if I have five extra minutes here or there, it's easy to open the app and study. I love that there is audio as well.
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5 years ago, aleEspinoza
I learn things so quickly with this app. THANKS!
I use “match” and “quiz” the most, and I learn terms, etc. so quickly with these options! I’ve been using this app for years. Lifesaver for cram sessions. Highly recommend.
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12 months ago, Princessakc
One of the best!
I have all the notes I can possibly need to study in the flash cards. I highly recommend it. It's very easy to use and so helpful.
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