Flashcards Maker

3.6 (192)
101.6 MB
Age rating
Current version
Ben Walker
Last update
12 months ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Flashcards Maker

3.64 out of 5
192 Ratings
6 years ago, Eve314
Excellent app for my needs
I was looking for a flashcard app for my daughter to use to study for a spelling bee, and I was pleasantly surprised with this one. (The developer was very responsive to a question I had, too!) A wonderful feature is the ability to sync content across devices, so I was able to type in the words on my iPhone and my daughter was able to see them on her iPad. The only small changes I would make are small and probably wouldn’t bug many people, but in case there’s a wishlist out there: I didn’t see a way to change all of the cards (or at least one side) to a single language/dialect for the audio part. Each side of the card could be set separately, which would make sense if you were learning a different language and wanted to have two different ones, but I manually set all of them (200+ cards) to US English on the side we used—and the button was very tiny and I often flipped the card while trying to change it. The other thing is that the spelling defaulted to Title Case and there was no way to change this, even within my phone’s settings. It would have been handy so I could simply dictate every word instead of typing them, manually disabling the shift key each time. All that said, I am very pleased with the app and still would pay money for it. Getting it free was a bonus.
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2 weeks ago, Piritu
Glitchy and Clumsy
I purchased a rather expensive two dollar a month subscription for this app, based upon the promise that you were able to sync across devices. In point of fact, you can only sync text materials, but no photos. That seems strange since you are able to upload the entire Flashcards to the cloud, including photos. however, when I tried to sync the 100 or so cards I had created to my wife’s phone, the app then informed me that it would only sync text to another phone, not photos. I’ve then purchased a second subscription for my wife, hoping that would solve the problem, but was disappointed to find that no matter how many times I tried it would only allow me to download 20 of the over 200 photos that formed the foundation of the flashcards. On top of that, I experienced the same problem that people have been reviewing for over four years: that is, that the camera function will cause the app to close down after anywhere from 3 to 5 clicks of the camera. You then have to reopen the app and find your deck, and the particular card you were working on to start all over again. There are much better options out there that have been used by many many more people. in particular, I would suggest Flashcard maker: easy to use, BY Yoshinobu Ikeda. An annual subscription is only six dollars, and you can purchase a lifetime subscription for just $13. This one is not worth your time.
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3 years ago, A player of head soccer
Crashes Sometimes but otherwise good
I really like this app. It is simple, easy to use, and supports pictures. I do think it is a little overpriced and I think a single purchase structure would be better, but that is a business decision and I guess I’m still paying so.... The reason I’m not giving five stars is an extremely annoying bug that causes the app to crash while taking pictures to add to Flashcards. It occurs fairly frequently (about one in ten) so I don’t understand how it hasn’t come up in testing. For reference, I am on an iPhone SE 2, though I don’t think that should make much of a difference. Less importantly, it would be nice to have better image scaling available. As it stands the aspect ratio is absolute. It would be much more convenient if it could be modified by the user.
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3 years ago, apnichole
Great for what I need.
This app came at a perfect time for me. This is super easy to use and has been a great help to me. One thing I wish I could have on this app is to be able to easily switch cards from one folder to another. I started to put all my Flashcards in one folder before realizing I really needed them separated. Instead of being able to switch one card to another folder I had to instead delete that card and rewrite in in the folder I needed. Other than that, reading through the reviews, I have been able to find the other things I needed. Thanks for this app.!!
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4 years ago, SORAPA
Almost perfect!
I absolutely love this app. It’s been really helpful in learning a new language during quarantine. The only thing that’s missing from this new update (Which has made this app soo much better btw!) is that sometimes i forget what words I’ve already put in and will accidentally input a card twice. To check, i’d have to go through each card scrolling down and down and down and its a little bit annoying. If there was a word search option to check easily, that’d take this app over the top! :) EDIT// i totally didn’t see the search button! Total game changer, no other faults at all. really love this app :)
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4 years ago, Luna Lavgood
Amazing! But I wish that...
Okay so this app is amazing, it helps me SO much, and since I’m learning a new language I can just open it if I’m on the way somewhere and memorize words. But one thing the would really help and improve this app, is if we could shuffle our deck of flash cards. Because I always remember what’s after what, it doesn’t really help me memorize. But if I could shuffle, it would challenge me and help me study best. I hope that the developer of this app see this.🙏🏼
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5 years ago, BelovedCricket
I Have Questions
This app has the potential to be exactly what I need with just a couple improvements. 1) I’d like a way to alphabetize my lists. 2) I’d like to be able to turn off the backside of the cards and just play the fronts. Also, I’d pay a couple bucks to remove the ads but I don’t see that as an option either. Overall, it’s a bit quirky in the navigation, but once I got used to it, it worked ok for my needs. I’ll upgrade to 5-stars if my two improvements can be made. I tried to contact the seller, but I don’t use “mail” on my phone (that’s what the “contact” link wants to use) and I can’t find an email anywhere. Hoping he reads this and can respond.
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6 years ago, stlreese
Love it!
This is exactly what I was looking for! You can tell the developer has put thought into the flow of the app, particularly in the movement between flash cards with tap vs swipe interaction. This is perfect for working with the kids on their sight words, etc. Thank you for making the available for free! What would be cool is to offer a curated set of flash cards... ABC, multiplication tables, etc. Whether you create them and charge a nominal fee, or end users can share their cards with one another to pay it forward.
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5 years ago, Utterlyamazingnesss
Fantastic app!
The app is clean and simple, but it has many great features. You can color cards in a deck differently, then organize them by color. You can start all of the cards with either the front or back side first. You can have it read the cards and autoplay through them all, and you can even choose different languages for the front and back! Really well done, much better than the other flashcard apps I have used.
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4 years ago, GlibKrispy
Pretty good app!
I have started using this app for language learning, and so far it is working well. One thing I wish would be fixed is that the shuffle option does not shuffle the cards for me, it just changes which cards come first, keeping the cards in the order they were already in. I wish that the entire order would become mixed up, so that I can actually memorize the cards. Other then that, so far so good. 😊
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2 years ago, ronielien
I am currently a medical student and I am thankful that I found this app because it is easy to use, but I have major issue with the app’s suddenly crashing. I paid for this app because I really want to use it for my studies, hence please can ya’ll fix it ? because I also want to recommend this to my friends, but having a problem like crashing ain’t the best time to promote this app for now.
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7 months ago, app girly 🤭
I’m an actor and was searching for apps to help me memorize without taking a while or charging a fortune and then I stumbled along this app. It’s so helpful with the quiz section especially. It’s easy to use and there’s no payment required to have a great time. It really helped me motivate myself and get back on track. The app saves your progress too which is amazing. I LOVE FLASHCARDS APP!!
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5 years ago, stiles 2440
Great app for my 2nd grader
Love this app! It’s simple easy to use and you can share folders. Only gave this app 4 stars because every time I try to upload to save new folders it says connection error unable to connect to server with full service. Sometimes I’m not able to share folders either. Would love for these issues to be fix and give 5 stars! This app is awesome even with these minor issues and it’s free!
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2 years ago, LucaDotajpeg
Pretty good
The app is easy to use and navigate, but I do have one issue. I was using it to study the Lao language, and when I tried to type vowel marks on top of consonants it would put the vowel mark on the side, rather than on top. If this app was made to better support the Lao alphabet (as well as any similar language) I’d give it 5 stars.
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6 years ago, choir18
So happy!
This app is the bomb. It provides a front and back and nothing too extra past that. It’s user friendly and easy to understand how to use the app. I’m really happy that there isn’t a limit of like only 5 Flashcards before you have to purchase the app. It’s free and you can make all the cards you need. Thank you for making this app!
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4 years ago, 22Drea22
This app is fantastic! I love the customization options, the ability to set languages to either side of card is great because it will read you Flashcards to you with accurate pronunciation, and there’s a quiz feature!!! And you can switch you cards around to really learn everything back to front! Love love love this app!!!!
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2 years ago, @autkaijones
I think it’s beautiful and looks and works the way I would expect from an app called Flashcards! I usually detest anything that asks for money for the “full version”, but I appreciate this giving me what I need and not an excess, so you definitely don’t need to buy it if you don’t want to!
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2 years ago, Y_R Uhhh
I pay a monthly fee to be able to make a large amount of note cards which cool, I don’t mind but every time I go into the app and after adding a few notecards when I am trying to attach an image it will glitch and exit out of the app which is annoying especially If I’m paying and I have to go back and re add the previous notecard and then a few notecards later the same thing happens.
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5 years ago, Joshua A. L.
Would be a perfect if audio worked
I’ve actually been shopping around for a digital Flashcard app to help with my language studying and I came across this one. Everything fit what I preferred, however the audio portion cannot seem to be activated. If this could be explained on how to complete, it would certainly be helpful, thanks !
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3 years ago, Aryan.shm
Removing restrictions for Persian language
Hello, thank you for your good program. But I wanted to say that the program is very difficult to write in Persian and this issue bothers us Iranians. In the next updates of this program, please correct the restrictions on using the Persian language in this program. thanks a lot
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4 years ago, Netia1128
Great App w/Great Support
This app is exactly what I wanted in a flash card app. It allows for two sided input, plus a comment. It’s easy to categorize your cards. Easy UI. And when you need help (like I did for a specific question), the developer gets back to you in a flash. Highly recommend this app!
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6 years ago, Color Snoo
The app is really simple to use and straight forward! Nothing confusing and very easy to navigate! I love the option to change the color of the card because it keeps things more organized. I really don’t think anything is bad about this app. It’s great! ❤️❤️❤️
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2 years ago, JaphetRV
App is awesome but…
The app has fulfilled my needs of a digital flashcard app. Great for studying. However when using it on IPad mini 6 the keyboard right letter group moves outside the screen for some reason. Nothing to fix this like closing and opening the app. But overall great app
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4 years ago, SoulLifter
Great app with great support
Highly customizable - in fact I use this more for a “gratitude list” of things I am thankful for. Also - great support - dev made some changes after I reached out to improve the app. So if for school and study - or any other kind of list you want - this is a great app!
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7 months ago, telmore007
Subscription service for full app.
It’s getting out of hand. I wanted a simple app for flash cards. But to upload an image to the card, the app only lets you do 20. So I was like I’ll buy the app. But no it’s a 1.99 monthly fee. Everything is going subscription. Sorry for the negative review I did seem to like the app. But I’m in the process of removing all apps like this from my iPad that has a subscription service and no lifetime one time option.
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2 years ago, Ksl1001
Great app, just can’t figure out…
I can’t figure out how to use the voice option. I’m making simple sight word cards and would really value that option. I see the button, but nothing is working to activate voice.
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3 years ago, mhi33i
I have problem
Please change the screen of the program to horizontal and I have a problem with the Arabic language choices appear untidy and thank you
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5 years ago, Myelik
Would pay but not for subscription
Looking for an app I can use to work on basic flash cards for my child in kindergarten. This comes closest to what I want but I hate that it is a subscription. I would pay a few bucks for this app outright but not for a subscription. It doesn’t do enough for me to justify paying every month for it. Boo.
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4 years ago, AngelsRoses
No words
This app came into my life when I needed it the most. I was using other related apps but most of them were too complex for me to create simple flashcards during the day. Luckily, I decided to look for another one and I have found this app. I love the fact I can grab my phone and add a new word any time of the day and review them as much as I want. It’d be awesome if we could also create more flashcards through our computer because it’s easier by doing copy and paste. Who knows someday... Thank you guys for having created an app so simple and useful.
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4 years ago, ADKTKN
Right on
This app is a really great and simple app. I use it to learn Thai vocabulary. When my IPhone upgraded, all of my cards would not recognize the Thai letters. I contacted BEN and he responded quickly a solved the problem. I would recommend this app to anyone and everyone. Great job!
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9 months ago, GotBigToes
App Runs Hot
This is a follow-up to an earlier review. The app runs hot - my iPhone actually gets hot to the touch when this app is used. When it’s on, my device overheats. Seems to wildly overdraw on available resources. That’s my guess. I like the app (hence 4 stars), but…
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5 years ago, Still Looking For Perfection
You get a lot for free!
Easy to use, text to speech in quite a few languages, and works with iOS German keyboard option, which is perfekt for my needs! Developer fast to respond to my inquiries, therefore an extra star!
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7 years ago, 鯉田
Almost perfect
2 things: I wish I could share my decks (so I can go from IPad to iphone) and I wish the app could rotate to landscape. That’s it. I love everything else about it. Well maybe changing fonts, color and size is always a plus.
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6 years ago, Alyssah.
Great for FINALS!! (Or just vocab and such)
Okay so like a typical student, I waited until the night before to study and legit as I’m writing this I’m going to go study with this app (lol)! It’s really easy to figure out, the text on the cards is big, it’s easy to flip through and you can shuffle them (which is great for vocab!) This is a great app (plus as far as I know there isn’t a limitation of how many decks you can have which is also a plus!!) 10/10. Would recommend.
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6 years ago, MasterSparkle
Very Helpful!
I love this app! Very helpful in my studies.. I hope in the next update there is an option to copy the flashcards instead of just moving it in another group. Overall I love it! Thank you.
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10 months ago, Snowmanboy12
Great app
This is a great app to help study, however, I think that there is a big need for a shuffle button So that you can shuffle the cards.
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5 years ago, Joejtorre68
Annoying mandatory view/edit in portrait moda.
Every time I try to use this dumb app it automatically rotates my screen to portrait mode! . What a stupid idea. I don’t know of any device that doesn’t have enough real estate in landscape mode to do anything wanted . Please create this option or totally abandon this portrait BS. I will give more stars when/if this function is enabled. Very annoying!
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2 years ago, AppReviewer07212012
Perfect for Kindergarten Sight Words
Love that I can create lists, change colors and the font automatically sizes itself. Thank you!
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3 years ago, Jr the awesome senior
Great App
App works great and saves me the mess of a million flashcards. The app is really easy to use as the interface is very user friendly.
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5 years ago, lederwoman
I had a little trouble at first with the folders. Emailed them and got a quick response and it’s working. Love how easy and functional it is.
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5 years ago, Whisperin eye
Broken Search Feature
Worked ok, aside from fairly common crashes, but now the app’s search function has become so buggy that it’s unusable. I gave it two stars instead of one because it was pretty reliable for a while, not sure what’s happening now.
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5 years ago, Lemonpol
Great app
I am really very pleased with this app. It does the job nicely. I wish, you can also import pics or hand write on it with an Apple Pencil. That would make it a 5 star app. Big thanks to the developer.
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4 years ago, Grdfhi
Not a subscription app
I would give this app a 4-5 star rating if is was a one-time purchase app. This should not be a monthly subscription app. The free version would be fine if it wasn’t for the adds that are constantly flashing in your face. On other apps that may not be a problem but this is a study app where concentration is needed.
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4 years ago, TheLocalMexicanDownTheStreet
Needs dark mode
I live the app easy to use, doesn’t spam you with ads, it just needs a dark mode so it doesn’t hurt my eyes minus that love it
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5 years ago, fuchihsia2010
Great app but missing key features
1.sync does not work - cannot use across devices 2. No option to remove ads Will give 5 stars when these two features are functional.
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4 years ago, nerdvy
It is a good app. I’m studying Arabic vocabulary but whenever I write a word on the back of the card and save it, it won’t save. But when i press it to rewrite, the word is written there!!! It is very annoying cause typing Arabic using a keyboard is tough, please fix it 😭
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6 years ago, pinksloth427
Really good👍
Awesome and customizable my only complaint is if you’re trying to do flashcards to learn a different language the narration says it wrong
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5 years ago, Xtina´s-lover
Remove ads
I’d like an option to remove the ads, thank you
Show more
5 years ago, saxgod
I wish it said in the description the app displays ads. I wouldn't have downloaded it. It would be cool if you could remove them for a one time fee for people who can't stand them... Decent app. But I won't use it...
Show more
3 years ago, Soshiyanet kami
What I exactly needed
This is a great App. I love it. Simple and efficient. My recommendations 1. Auto translation 2. Auto phonetic I completely understand why the developer choose to have subscription. But it would be great to have options for one time purchase or a discount for one year subscription
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