Flixster - Showtimes + Tickets

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Flixster, Inc.
Last update
1 month ago
Version OS
16.0 or later
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User Reviews for Flixster - Showtimes + Tickets

3.69 out of 5
20K Ratings
4 years ago, TrinitronX
EDIT: App has been Fixed! (orig title: Internal Server Error - defunct app)
I’m happy to report that this app has been updated and is now working properly as it did before! Keep up the good work! This is the most convenient app I’ve found to view theaters, movie showtimes, rotten tomatoes reviews, DVD/BluRay releases and those releases that are coming soon. Also supports purchasing tickets through Fandango. Original Review (when app was broken): What started as a decent app to access Rotten Tomatoes reviews, movie showtimes and summaries has now turned into a broken and abandoned app. Opening the app to any page shows “Internal Server Error” messages, which indicates that there is a problem server-side where this iOS app client used to access it’s data from. After searching a bit online I found out that Flixster was acquired by Fandango in 2016, and then announced that they were completely discontinuing their service as of February 20th 2018. So this app is yet another casualty of 21st century predatory capitalism and corporate phagocytosis.
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2 years ago, JefeRhodes
What happened to this app??
UPDATE: Will you PLEASE for the love of cinema, read your App Store reviews and actually do something about it? I left a review a few years ago but chiming back in to implore a change because clearly no improvements have been made in YEARS. I say again: YEARS!! Everyone clearly hates this app and what Flixster has become, when it used to be a trusted source for reviews AND a reliable tool for keeping track of movies that you want to see or movies that you have seen and what you thought of them. I used to rate every movie that I saw in theaters and I would add every movie that I want to see to the… you guessed it! The “Want to See” list! Brilliant idea. Too bad I had hundreds of movies saved, and you deleted them all. No recovery, even after my initial review (and apparently, everyone else’s too). PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE take action once and for all. Consolidate fandango and Flixster into one app, bring back the lists and user ratings, and for the love of god: DO. NOT. DELETE. THEM!! ORIGINAL: I can no longer see my “Want to See” list or my movies that I’ve rated. I can click on any movie that I’ve added or rated previously and it will show that I’ve done so, but when I go over to the lists on my profile it says I haven’t added or rated any movies yet. Please fix this as I reference those lists often when deciding what movie to see or to recommend movies to others.
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7 years ago, Steve de los Guantes
False IMAX
My experience with this app has been great up until recently. I hope they fix the problem I'm about to address, but I'm likely moving on to a theater specific app and will be keeping a lookout for improvements. I went with a friend to a showing of Spiderman Homecoming. We had both seen the movie in 2-D and regular 3-D. I noticed on the Flixter app that my local theater was showing it in IMAX & IMAX 3-D. We chose plain IMAX (no 3-D). At least that was our plan. We drive out to the theater and ask for tickets to the IMAX showing. She hands us tickets while telling us there is no IMAX showing at this theater. We asked the manager to explain. It turns out the (company) theater's app only advertised Real-D 3-D and 2-D showings. We were already there and wanted to not waste our time, so we just went with it and saw it in 2-D again. Very frustrating to get excited to see a movie in IMAX only to be let down by a faulty app. Whether it was wrong information retrieved by Flixter from the company the runs the theater, or some other reason, I'm tempted to just dump it altogether. I ask Flixter to get its act together so I don't have to be disappointed like this in the future. Choosing a 3 star rating until I see something is done. I'll check back. -Signed SG
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7 years ago, gscottshaw
Fix Rotten Tomatoes
Please add the Rotten Tomatoes “Full Review” links back into the Flixster app. They are gone now for no apparent reason. This feature alone was one of the most useful and simple reasons I used the app and now it’s gone. After watching a movie or before preparing to watch a movie I would scroll through all of the Rotten Tomatoes “reviews” (or as many as I had time for), diving deeper into the reviews where the quote seemed to encapsulate my feelings about a movie if I had seen it or intrigued me if I had not. I checked the Fandango app, and the “Full Review” links are in there, but only for a few screens worth before the app forces you to the mobile website for Rotten Tomatoes, which is not nearly as efficient for scrolling through the reviews. Please, please, please fix the Rotten Tomatoes aspect of Flixster to how it was before, as it was the easiest way to see what movies were coming out, check reviews and find movie times. Now a significant part of the simplicity of the app is broken (seemingly in an effort to make the UX Design more minimalist), but its form over function and really frustrates me that is was taken away. For film lovers and movie buffs that loved the Flixster experience before, this is a significant step backward.
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6 years ago, LFC-YNWA!
Completely useless
I initially wrote this as feedback after the update, but unfortunately that seems to have been a waste of time. “You guys really dropped the ball here. What was wrong with the old app? For someone who watches tons of movies but rarely sees them in theaters the old app was perfect. Literally perfect. The layout was great for endless scrolling through box office movies and DVDs. Now I’ve got to navigate a Redbox rip-off menu which never loads, go into the movie, and close my eyes while clicking on the “details” option in order to avoid seeing movie times nobody cares about. If l wanted to buy movie tickets I’d use an app for that. Oh wait, that already exists. Guess how many times I’ve used it. Never. Not once! The least you could do it make “details” the default menu with “buy tickets” the clickable option. Please, at least change that. Please! Honestly, I'm not that mad. It’s more that I’m just completely flummoxed as to who thought this was a good idea. l can’t say I’m speechless, clearly, but it’s taken me the better part of the last 30 minutes trying to find words fitting for such a disaster.” Worse than the Snapchat update that’s how bad this is
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6 years ago, Killz0ned
Absolutely horrific and worst customer service in history
For over a YEAR after the update erasing all my sees and want to see was released I have tried unsuccessfully literally DOZENS of times to get Flixster to let me regain access to my profile, which by the way is still viewable on the internet. It is linked to my Facebook but for some reason now when I sign into Flixster with the SAME FACEBOOK ACCOUNT I have had for a decade all of my 800+ ratings and reviews are gone. There is no way to log on to the profile that I KNOW is there that still has all my ratings and reviews from the years. Absolutely pathetic. Numerous requests to Flixster support have been ignored, or met with empty promises. How difficult can it possibly be, guys? I have the user id, I can literally show you where my profile is, but your worthless update removed my ability to log in to the account I’ve been using for nearly ten years. Absolutely absurd. The profile even has my updated Facebook profile picture on it. But the app thinks that my Facebook login - THE SAME ONE I HAVE ALWAYS USED - is a brand new account or something. Months go by and nothing. Absolutely infuriating.
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7 years ago, Blake770
Bad redesign!
The changes to this app are awful. It used to be a great app to get lots of information about the theaters around you quickly and easily. It wasn’t perfect, but it provided exactly what I needed when I used it. I tried looking for others, but didn’t find anything that worked as nicely as this. Unfortunately, this new redesign has changed that. After the recent update, it forgot all of my favorited theaters, it hid some theaters because tickets couldn’t be purchased without explaining why or how to get them back, and they added so much stupid white space that it’s impossible to get an overview anymore like you used to. They drop you to a new “Box Office” tab instead of nearby theaters, with no way to change it, just to make it all that less useful for you when you first open the app. The timing information for theaters that you can’t purchase tickets for is presented as if all of the times are in the past, making it just that much more difficult to easily get the information you’re wanting at a quick glance for the movie you’re looking at.
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6 years ago, GooonerX07
After recent update this app has gone to...
Used to login to app with FB account an now it says error has occurred everytime. Even tried password reset and that didn’t fix anything. I would mainly use it to track movies I wanted to see/had seen and buy tickets, even had regal & AMC rewards linked. This new interface is overrated as well. The point of box office tab was to see a snapshot of what the box office $$ were for that top movies each week. Now you have to click like 3 more things to find out what 1 movie made. Also begs one to wonder what’s the point of having a box office and theater tab when first thing you see from clicking on movie under box office is showtimes rather than a description/cast listing of the movie. Was optimistic that Fandango buying RT wouldn’t affect this app to much, but it clear that they made changes to push you towards you buying tickets (if you can login) right away rather than being able to learn more about the movies your interested in seeing. After waiting over a month for the this app to be fixed, it’s time to delete it.
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6 years ago, Rajona
Update 8.1.2 (Jan 17) is awful – no longer useful
I've been using this app for years to get information about movies before I go to see them. This recent redesign has now made it hardly worth using. For a particular movie, I could see all of the theaters that it was playing in (and Map them – to see where they were located). If there's a way to see them on a map now, I haven't found it. The format of the prior version was so much more useful. On the left was a list of movies, with a bit of info. It was easy to scroll through the list quickly to see what was available. No longer. Selecting one would show more information in the panel on the right. Now all I see are large icons, with the NAME of the movie barely legible underneath. Let me clue you – it's the name that is important (and what I know), NOT the icon. This used to be a great app. It was the only one I used for finding movies in theaters. Now I have to start exploring other apps. Frustrating. You guys had a great layout. Didn't you KNOW that? I really wish I could revert to the old app.
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5 years ago, Experienced reviewer
Surprised at such bad reviews
But then again I suppose it depends on how you use it. Some features might be 1-star horrible and others 5-star great. The only thing I use it for is to see what’s playing at the local theaters and the showtimes. The reason I like this app best is when you tap the theater it shows the list of movies playing and the Rotten Tomatoes and user score right there to see. And if you then tap the movie you can then read the aggregated and reviews just like you can on the Rotten Tomatoes website. You can also play the movie preview. The other apps have these features too but you have to dig deeper to find them (e.g. in the Fandango app you have to individually tap each movie before it will show the scores). Apparently there’s something horrible about this app, but for my use it’s a 5-star app.
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6 years ago, Buddy Bell
From Dope to NOPE
Went from my go-to app for cataloging movies to whatever this trash is now. Upon the update, ALL 500+ films I added over the last several years were lost, all in Fandango’s pursuit to buy the competition and rebrand—completely water down—this app to a more terrible version of finding movie tickets. Just check their update history during the year after it was bought out by Fandango— “you can now buy tickets with Fandango... Going to the movies just got easier!... We’ve made it EVEN easier to find showtimes and tickets!” Noticing the money trail? It couldn’t be more obvious. The greatest part of these updates they’ve neglected to mention: “Did you use our app as a way to track the movies you’ve seen and want to see? Well, screw you! You weren’t making us any money! So we did away with that, and you, unless you really are dumb enough to keep using this after we cheated and screwed you over!” So, guys. Let’s continue to shift the movie conversation away from Rotten Tomatoes. Those folks don’t deserve our consideration.
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7 years ago, LKMuel
Used To Be So Great! :(
I use to love this app and used it all the time to research and rate movies, and keep track of movies I “want to see.” I switched from an iPhone 6 to an iPhone 6s in Nov 2016 and when I went to login, my whole movie history was gone! Hundreds of films that I had rated, written reviews on, and, most importantly, kept file of wish-list movies to see. The idea of the app is excellent - get trailers, movie cast and synopsis all in one place, however it is it dire need of improvement. Another frustrating ongoing issue for years, is that when you are scrolling through a list, say “upcoming movies,” and you click on one for more info, when you go back the app takes you all the way back to the top of the list! (Which can be very irritating if you’ve scrolled quite a ways down, and then have to wait as each page continues to load in order to get back to where you were). Please fix, Flixster! I want to love this app and website again!
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6 years ago, Jojo8185270
It used to be great. Now it is horrible.
Everyone in my group of friends and family has used this app for years and have loved it. However they keep doing pointless updates to “improve” and it seems like they want to be more like another social media site or something. It is horrible. My wife and I were the last two who have kept the app after multiple updates that have stripped all functionality of the app. I enjoyed keeping track of movies I wanted to see and had seen (which used to be easily added by a + or rating system) and she loved seeing new films coming up and their trailers (which used to be listed by when they were opening and all could be seen on one seamless screen scrolling up and down which has been replaced by being able to see only 3 movies which forces you to go into another screen to see more). Tonight I’ve had it. We wanted to see what movies opened up tonight and I was met with more frustration with an app that is not listening to its users. We are done.
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6 years ago, Rubberchicken12
This app has been really good for a long time but the recent changes have resulted in a cluttered layout, have buried the movie info that I used this app for, and eliminated the links to the full review content. It’s obvious this app is being optimized to increase ticket purchases rather than be used as a reference tool. While I think that was a mistake it could have been executed much better than this. I was never interested in buying tickets from this app, I’ve always preferred Fandango or just buying directly through the AMC app. I used this app to plan what I wanted to see and then I would buy the tickets somewhere else. It didn’t have to be this way, but in trying to make me buy my tickets through this app, the things that I actually used the app for have been muted or eliminated entirely. Sorry folks but it’s just a really poor re-redesign. This app just doesn’t do it for me anymore. It’s really sad because for a long time this was one of my top 5 most favorite apps and today I’m going to delete it.
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6 years ago, jflyers74
So Apple forced me to update the app to work with ios11 which was also a forced update if i wanted my watch to work. now my phone, which worked perfectly before, is painfully slow and apps crash all the time. this app update in particular makes the app completely useless for me. it used to say where the theater was below the name. now it does not. it just gives distance. Thanks for that but there are 9 theaters around that distance all with similar names and all in totally opposite directions... so, what theater are we talking about? I used to know based on the location description that’s now gone. Also, a theater that used to be listed and that’s well within the distance parameter no longer show up in the list. when i search for it in the search box... OH THERE IT IS! why didn’t the app just list it in the first place? means if you don’t know about a theater, this app could just not provide any hint of its existence even if it’s the best option... making it completely useless if you travel.
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4 years ago, ten-d
Been using it for years but going to switch if they don’t implement some changes
I have used and have loved this app for at least 8 years. For the past few years however, they have added in a lot of Indian films to their database. There’s nothing wrong with that whatsoever! But I’m not a fan of those movies and I would like the ability to filter them out based on either “language spoken” or “country of origin”. I have submitted this request to them years ago to add this feature. They already have a filter button on the app so why not simply extend it to be able to filter by these film attributes. I create reports from data for a living and filtering is by far one of the most important and also one of the easiest things to do. However since my initial request to be able to filter by these attributes has been ignored, I will probably go elsewhere. It’s a real shame though as this app used to the be the pinnacle of movie ratings and reviews.
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6 years ago, Kwandim
I HATE this latest update!!!
This is the absolute worst update in the history of updates! You managed to take one of my very favorite apps and turn it into something I CANNOT STAND using. I HATE this app now. What were you thinking??? It's awful, you took away so many cool features, you can't see the want to see or the ratings on the corner of the pic anymore, the layout is terrible, and why force us to use it in landscape position?? And many other complaints. I reduced my rating from 5 to 1 star, I would give this app a half of one star if it would let me. I'm out. Looking for a new movie app now! This was my last review, gave it 5 stars: "Awesome in every way! Please make it so you can keep a convenient list of "movies I want to see" ...that is all :). I use this app all the time, it's great" ...and you did give us that list I wanted and I loved this app. Please put it back to the way it was or I just cannot and will not use it anymore. Fire the person responsible for this hideous update!!!
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5 years ago, Adak85
Tomato score is the only reason for this application.
I wish I could count in the ways this application tries to be similar to the imdb but unless you are looking for the newest movie in theaters, this app is garbage. Unfortunately sometimes the application doesn’t even place the movies in the right category of upcoming or in theaters which makes it confusing and difficult to find the movie you are looking for especially since the search engine is complete garbage. I would say the worst functionality of the entire thing is the search function. It has absolutely no metrics for predictive or autocomplete search. I keep thinking “well, maybe one day it will be fixed.” But alas, it never is and I’m doubtful it ever will be. I’d have to say the only reason this application is still in existence or thinks it is successful, based most likely on traffic, is the tomatometer. Without that, this is as generic and poor an app as there is. Pick it up. I’m rooting for you to improve.
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5 years ago, Luv2cook40
Bad version of movie trailers
I have used this app for years. Never had a problem other than one time the show times were not correct. But something has changed with this app lately. It seems like the original movie trailers were loaded in this app in the past, which gave you a better idea about the movie. For some reason it seems that lately it is a very short segment of a trailer. This is very misleading to what a movie is really like. For example, the movie The Upside and Cold Pursuit - the trailers in the app were pathetic. I ruled both movies out bc of it. I had a friend who went to see The Upside and told me how great it was. I googled the original trailer and it looks great! Absolutely nothing about the trailer in this app would have ever convinced me to see that movie. Now since I researched and saw the original trailer we are going to see the movie today. I will no longer depend on this app to help me make my final decision.
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5 years ago, Dissidence dualisms
When attempting to purchase tickets through here you have the chance to be taken to a sort of search engine in their site/app, all by only clicking the button to choose your seats, or to confirm your information, or when trying to confirm payment, which is an incredible annoying bug. You then have to go back and start all over again and hope that this doesn’t keep happening. So good luck getting the seats you want. I had to go on their site on a computer for it to work, though this problem still arose. Furthermore, even though I closed the app completely after their seat selecting/ticket purchasing processes failed, the seats I wanted were not there anymore, as if they were bought already. Yet almost immediately after I purchased different seats, those ones I originally chose were available again.... so it seems they were on hold because of my earlier attempts... I suggest finding another app.
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6 years ago, Li0nHeArT
Update ruined it
At first blush the new update looks lovely and more modern, but is practically unusable. Aside for the plentiful amount of bugs that causes data to not load half the time, it’s just a navigation nightmare. The cool thing about Flixster was it was very easy view movies in order of release, and track what you want to see, along side with what you’ve already seen. I would literally go through Flixster to find films months in advance. Now I find myself spending more time trying to figure out how to confirm if I’m seeing all the movie releases or not then actually seeing movies. Flixster is basically only useful now if you know exactly what you’re looking for already and this can use the search tool, or are only looking at what’s playing at one theater. I exact reason I dislike fandango for anything other than purchasing the tickets to films I’ve already decided to watch. At least in fandango you can sort films in order of release.
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6 years ago, pschabinger
Poor design decisions abound on iPad
The flow of the app is lacking. It’s all flash and less substance in this update. Actually getting to the information I want is now more difficult and I’d consider myself a power-user. On the iPad: They’ve rendered the app practically unusable. For VIEWING purposes landscape orientation is fine but when using the app to search, scroll, tap and consume information landscape mode is awkward at best and unusable at worst. For me, locking into landscape mode renders this useless and I have large hands. I don’t want to put my iPad down to use it. I hold it the entire time. In landscape mode there are areas of the screen I can’t reach without significantly altering my grip. Sure, in portrait mode I can’t reach the entire screen either, like the top, but I can reach the center of the screen with either hand. It’s much easier to slide your hand up and down the side of the screen to reach all the areas you need while in portrait mode.
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7 years ago, jmarsh5
Gets Worse By The Update
Update: came back to see if there was any progression. Nope. Same situation. Unbearable ad system. Clunky. Blah blah blah. No thanks, I’ll see you again in another year for your yearly checkup. - see previous review (still holds strong) P.S. can someone get a user expletive guy on staff over at Flixster? Wow! I used to love this app. I really did. But after every single update it gets worse and worse as they try to stuff more worthless features in. It's REALLY buggy. When I try to search, I type in a movie title and the cursor highlights the text and deletes it on its own which forces me to retype everything. I also can't AirPlay trailers to my AppleTV. Just sound works, no video. The ad experience is a joke. Why do you find it necessary to shove full screen ads in my face as I browse? The only thing that kept me coming back was the Rotten Tomatoes integration. Sadly for Flixster, I've moved to IMDb and have learned to love their review system much more anyway. Plus the wealth of information they offer. Oh yeah, IMDb's app also isn't a buggy ad-riddled nightmare. AND has Spotlight search integration (Flixster doesn't and honestly, I don't see them ever doing it.) It pains me to say this but I've deleted Flixster from my phone for the first time in years. I'll check on it in a few months but my predictions are it will be the same mess it is now.
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6 years ago, Uncertain intentions
Best movie app now ruined
Loved this app before, it did exactly what I wanted 1. It showed me what was on at my local theatre without lots of hunting around. After update it can’t even see my local theatre. 2. It gave me instant view of how those films are rated audience and critics, after update this information is now less accessible instead I get bigger film posters:/ I go to an app for knowledge first not eye candy! 3. Fandango are a bunch of d****, used this once, got a discount but the film time I booked didn’t actually exist the booking was not transferable to a different showing and getting a refund was a struggle with bad customer service. Wont ever use again. 4. This formally was one of my top apps, now I can’t find any reason to keep it on my device. Developer should have done more QA and bug testing and streamlined the app towards usability not visual appeal. I could then have just ignored the fandango rubbish. Time to delete and go find a new movie app.
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7 years ago, iLobbby
Terrible update
I use Flixster app for discovery of upcoming movies. For each movie, after watching the trailer, I’d mark it if I want to see it or not. Later, I can glance over the list and see new entries on the list that I didn’t mark yet. Now, little red/blue mark in the corner of movie poster is gone and I have to top on each movie to check if I already marked this movie before or not. Terrible example of how update with new shiny design can completely destroy great functionality. My comment in the app before this update: I use Flixter to keep track of all upcoming movies and those currently in cinema, that I want to watch in the future. I marked them either "Want to see" or "Not interested". My problem is when I check movie lists I see movies that I already labeled before together with newly added movies. I'd like if I have an option to filter out all movies that I previously labeled so I can easily spot newly added movies to the lists.
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7 years ago, Carr Bender
Please bring back the old Flixster the way it was a week ago!
I used to love using Flixster to easily look at a scrolling list of movies via top box office, Tomatometer score level, etc. I also used to search for movies very easily, and I used to screenshot the high definition editions of the posters displayed next to the Tomatometer. But, now I can't do that anymore thanks to this sick update! The poster images are now replaced with new images that I can't save, copy, or paste. The list went from scroll form to being stacked with each row of three and some of the movies I search won't even show up! I appreciate that there are new ticket purchasing features, but it just is not the same! Please, Flixster! Listen to my prayer and bring back your original version as it looked and functioned the week before! You can keep the new ticket purchasing features though.
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5 years ago, Rebelsoftball_23
Improve please
I haven’t tried this app yet becaUe the reviews and rating were bad like not good at all except for maybe one or few of them are good but after hearing lots of people saying bad things on review and what is needed to be improved/fixed and I haven’t tried for myself but after reading those reviews I’m prob not going to even attempt to download/try it because the ratings are not even at a 3.0 and not higher either it’s 2.3 that’s pretty bad cuz if ratings aren’t at 4.0 and around/or higher than that it’s most likely not good even tho we all have different options but usually have 4.0 or higher is good but lower than that usually not good but what imma say lastly is that u need to fix/improve it if u haven’t already if u guys have already than just either delete this app or change what the app is/does because the apps not good at all
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6 years ago, yook
Redesign the redesign
Man, I don’t know if I’ve hated an app update worse than this one, from any app I have. It went from an easy-to-navigate list view to a grid of tiny pictures. Then you click on a movie to look at reviews, (what I venture the majority of your customers use your app for), and it brings up ticket information. Why would the cinema and ticket information not be separate from the reviews like it used to be? Why would I want to click on a movie to read about it and instead be immediately prompted to purchase tickets about a movie I haven’t been able to do any research about? And then click again to see two or three reviews? And click again to try to expand it from there? My assumption is Flixster gets a commission for ticket purchases through the app. I have had this app for years, but will give it a month for the developers to improve it before I delete.
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6 years ago, dokhollidai
Oh...my God...
This app has become nearly unusable since the big update several months ago. It boggles my mind how they took a perfectly fine application and just gutted it into such a disaster. No longer can I simply look through new release movies in chronological order to see what I have missed out on over the past couple months or so, instead I can only see the most recent dozen or so. Researching and finding movies to read reviews about is nearly impossible now. As an example I was looking for the original Superman movie and after searching all that it finds are the sequels and other miscellaneous crap. Ok so I search for Christopher Reeve and his filmography, and all it gives me are five random movies I’ve never heard of and none of the Superman movies. What in the world did you people do to this application?!?!?! What were you thinking?!?!?!? If it ain’t broke don’t fix it!!!!!!!
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6 years ago, UaaaKataaa
I’ve used this app for years
It’s now a worthless app on my home screen taking up space. After Flixster partnered with Fandango the entire App was remodeled and everything good about the app is now gone. There’s not point of it to even exist anymore it should just be a direct link to the Fandango application. All of the user reviews and lists of movies they want to see are gone. I had 130+ reviews on this app and they were wiped overnight without any warning. The only way to access any of your old information is to login to the Rotten Tomatoes website itself. In the help section of the app it says that all of these features are “currently under construction” and will become available with the next update. It’s been over 7 months with multiple updates that have followed during that time and nothing has changed. Don’t waste your time on this piece of crap.
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7 years ago, Agnapot
Changes are really bad...
I rarely write reviews, but I had to try to get the message to the developers, the changes in the layout and features of the most recent update are really bad. It's a shame because this was by far the most useful app for finding movie times and seeing what was playing where, but now it's just full of really jarring symbols and very little useful information. I click on the grey circle with a line, and it's not clear what theater that is. It's at the top of the screen? You mean, the half of the title I can see? Or the big "CITY NAME" on the map when looking at theaters, blocking out a third of the view? Yes, I am familiar with the city I am in, thanks. And let's not even get into how big the Ads are now... Anyway, I used to find this extremely useful, but now it's just annoying, which is a shame.
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6 years ago, hclark24
Updated app is AWFUL
I’m glad I’m not alone here when I say that the new “updated” Flixster app is absolutely terrible. Why fix something that isn’t broken? I don’t understand what was wrong with the old app that they needed to completely change it and make it so complicated to navigate. The list of problems with this app goes on and on. And why when you look at an actor’s filmography does it only show a handful of movies they’ve been in now?? And just when I thought I couldn’t be anymore annoyed with the app, and what prompted me to write this review, is that now all of my saved “want to see” movies have just disappeared, and when I tried to re-add them, they simply do not appear on the list. Same goes for the movies I’ve rated. Nothing. I’ve been using and relying on this app for years, but now I guess I’ll need to find another source. Makes no sense to me.
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6 years ago, Rfgggsghsyysggggsydzh
Old Flixster was better!!!
I really miss the old.. list with details layout before the update. The big movie icons have less info are too big and uncomfortable visually to scroll thru. I don’t know if I’m in the minority here but I just dislike all the formatting changes. It is not as pleasing for the eye with everything so spread out and requires much more scrolling around now. I don’t even go to the movies that often, and yet this was still one of my favorite apps. Sadly, I kind of dread having to use it now. A possible solution could be to let you choose in some setting how movies are displayed. Similar to how you can change the way files are displayed in a folder on a windows PC. Also I never write reviews but I made exception for this app. Normally I’d say 5 stars but I do not like the recent big update.
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7 years ago, Kdbrock
Value is Diminishing
Used to be an awesome, easy way to find a select a movie to attend along with a time and theater. Over time it seems some mainstream popular current movies don't even appear in the Box office. You have to go to the theater and see all the listings for that theater to ensure you are looking at everything that is out for viewing. The latest is checking movie times. I now have to select purchase Fandango Tickets to see movie times. I have absolutely no interest in paying a middle man for my movie tickets so I want to go back to when the movie times were simply listed with the movie or I click on "Find Movie Times." Even if the functionality behind that is the same, I don't want the high pressure sales job by Fandango.
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7 years ago, Calliedl
Disappointing update
I’ve used this app for years, and it had its quicks but it was a useful central hub for movie information. The most recent update has two deliberate fundamental flaws. First, in what is stated as being helpful but is likely more a means of getting more profit, the first thing you see when clicking into a movie is not reviews but and invitation to buy tickets. I enjoy looking up movies and learning about them well before I’m ready to buy tickets, so they’ve added an extra click to what is the primary purpose of the app for me. Second, the movie reviews still list the one quote that seems to encapsulate the overall review, but they no longer link to the full review. I don’t even have any idea why someone thought this was a good idea. Please bring back the links.
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7 years ago, Joe Movie
Terrible New Version
This used to my favorite app on my phone. I go to a movie almost every week. I used it every Friday for the past three years to check listings at my local theater. It was the perfect app. The listings were well done, the show times were always correct, and layout was usable. 5 Stars. The latest release is terrible. Not only is the new layout difficult to use, and the best information is now multiple clicks away, but now every week I have used it, one or more of the new releases does not show up in the app at all. Terrible design change. Now I am forced to use the movie theater web site for show times. You took a perfect app and made it useless. I would give it zero stars, and delete the app, but I am still hoping you will fix it in the next rev (and soon!). Otherwise I will be retiring this app to the trash bin.
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6 years ago, Ace T1G
Critics on here are boring
First off I appreciate what this app brings in terms of movie showings, purchasing tickets and other great tools. The part that bothers me is the critics on here are awful. Everyone has an opinion but to rate a movie poorly because you want to hold a high standard as a critic is an injustice to everyone looking to enjoy a few hours of entertainment. You read a few reviews and they spew nonsense is pathetic. Movies are here to entertain us and bring happiness. Who cares if it wasn’t the most innovative with the plot or beat cgi ever done. I think this app should change the rating for movies as they can be very misleading. Any new users, I would suggest to use the app but not the reviews of the movies. Often times they are very wrong and can mislead you to not see something you may actual like!
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7 years ago, jmart0072007
All of My Ratings Disappeared
I’ve used this app for years, all the way back to when you could use the quickrate feature on Facebook. I downloaded the new app, signed in with Facebook, and all of my ratings, and favorite theaters have disappeared. I’ve used this app for close to a decade and now you want me to start all over again? No thanks. Edit: I’m not sure how up to date it is, but according to the website, it says it’ll take up to 24 hours for all of the information to transfer over. I hope that’s the case, and I’ll come back and edit my review if that happens, but I’m not holding my breath. Edit 2: New update and still no ratings. It mentioned on the website that they’re currently under construction. Here’s an idea: maybe don’t launch a new update until all of the features are ready and ruin a perfectly good app?
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1 year ago, MrCrownCity
Used to be a great app
I used to rely on this a lot, but lately I’ve had to ditch the app and go directly to the Rotten Tomatoes website. For some reason, with certain major release movies (Wakanda Forever and Avatar: Way of Water are two examples) the app will not display individual critic reviews. They are available at the rotten tomatoes web site but not in the app. Seems suspicious - like the studios are paying them to block this info for awhile. Most new movies the critic reviews are available on the app as soon as there is a consensus. Big tent pole films on the other hand, no, the info is blocked. After having to go outside the app 3 or 4 times just to get a sense of why critics have rated it the way they have, and which ones liked it… I’ve just decided to save my self some time and stop using it altogether.
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1 year ago, Masterlego7
The app almost never works right
If you’re using this app to check RT scores then look away. You’re better off using your phones web browser than relying on this app to give you reliable information. Critics reviews sometimes never show up at all leaving you zero context for some movie scores. It’s also a chore to navigate as you need to be ultra specific when searching for a movie. The app lacks TV scores aswell which is essentially half of Rotten Tomatoes. Clicking on celebrities is also essentially useless because the app doesn’t even list all the work they’ve been in and only use their most recent movies. You also cannot see the average score giving each tomato score even less context. Rotten Tomatoes needs a better app than this because this app is a joke.
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7 years ago, Denver08
Updated review: the revised app is absolutely horrible. Nothing good about it. The app won't let me log in (I already saw the FAQs and it's been 3 days so well over the "24 hour" wait period). So with no login I can't view my Want to See list or my ratings. I have sent in Help and Feedback and no one has responded. This is one huge issue. Another - you used to be able to view and filter all movies on Netflix and sort using numerous variables. Now you can't even see what's on Netflix. The "At Home" tab is laughable. When you filter for Netflix it includes THREE movies. Apologies if I'm missing something but this is a joke. Yet another major deterrent - this big atrocious update didn't even care to include television reviews which has been a complaint from users for years. Don't waste space on your phone. This app is utterly useless.
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7 years ago, Chickadee0613
Keeps crashing
I love going to the movies so I use this app often for show times and movie reviews; however, over the last week or so I have been unable to use it. It opens then instantly crashes. I thought it was my phone, but it seems others are having the same issue. The latest update did nothing to fix the problem. Please fix. So wow 2 years later and I’m still using this app. Kudos. They fixed the previous mentioned glitch; however, I’m annoyed with the most recent update because I don’t understand the new layout. I’ve been using it for a couple weeks but it’s just confusing. Maybe with time I guess but the older version was easier to read and understand.
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7 years ago, SaguaroJoe
Used to be a great. Now a disaster
This has been my go to app for movies for at least ten years. Since they were bought out it has been slowly going down hill. Theaters disappear, other information sometimes wrong. Today we found a movie that looked good. The description was interesting. When the movie started I was a little confused as it wasn’t starting out the way I would have expected. After the movie was over I told my wife that something was wrong. The movie didn’t fit the description. She thought I had looked at the wrong movie. I looked it up while we were still at the theater. The description wasn’t what we saw. I spoke to one of the theater employees. He told me that Flixter gets movie info wrong, times wrong and when they make complaints they are ignored. My last time using Flixter. Too bad
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6 years ago, OctopusCat
Upset My Data Is Gone
Update April 2018 - I kept holding onto hope our lists would come back since the more recent updates seemed to indicate that but nope. All my lists are still empty. Flixster doesn't give a %?!# about their users and I'm done waiting to see if they will do the right thing. I'm done. App deleted. January 2018 - Are we ever going to get our ratings and want to see lists back? I had YEARS of ratings in this app and also used it to track what I'd like to see and they obliterated it with an update without any warning or a way to export your data first. What a horrible way to treat your users. I've been patiently waiting for them to reinstate the data like they claim but it's been months and nothing has changed. The app is mostly useless and at this point I'll just use IMDB instead. Thanks for nothing, Flixster.
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6 years ago, iareawesomeness
You can’t report offensive comments
There is so much comment spam from people who have never seen the movie and you can’t report a comment to be reviewed for deletion. The result is a bunch of comments from people who give a movie a negative review because a black person is in it. And Flixster just allows it, which should tell you something about Flixster. Want proof? Check out the negative reviews for into the spiderverse. Only reviews showing are complaining about Spider-Man being black which if they read the comic book Miles Morales is black. So not only are they leaving negative comments about a character being black but they also don’t know the source material they are criticizing without ever seeing. This results in worthless spam reviews both against it and then for it to make up for the dumb first racist review.
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7 years ago, JasonAubree
Miss the previous version of this app
I used to use Flixster all of the time. I miss on the bottom of the app where it had your personal theaters saved. That feature is now gone. Now if you want to find your theater, you have to completely type it in and then search for a movie. The previous update was so much better because when you clicked on theaters, yours would show up and all you had to do was click on your theater(s) and a list of movies playing along with the scores were available for viewing. This version shows the scores for films playing except it is very difficult for viewing. Please bring back the previous version. Also, I am not somebody who gets on here to blast an app for the dumbest things possible. Please bring back the previous version of this app.
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7 years ago, Nelvi
Great app...when it works!
Update: I had rated almost 2,000 movies on Flixster. Since the last update, it shows that I have rated 50. What?! It seems that it’s about time for me to delete this app. ———————————————————— Since the last update, this app is overrun by ads. I wouldn't mind so much if the ads didn't equate to annoying pop ups on the computer that trick you into clicking it. Flixster also continues to crash and the search feature doesn't work half the time. I used to use it all the time, not just to add movies, but to research movies before spending money on a flop. Now I just go elsewhere in order to not have to deal with the aggravation: open app, sign in to FB, crash, go back in the app, click on my profile just as an ad pops up, get out of the ad, go back to app, sign in AGAIN, oh forget it!
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7 years ago, Tfai
Used to be good, now Looking for alternatives
Bloated, ads, terrible redesign makes it difficult to find what you’re looking for. And stop forwarding to a separate fandango app when you have no interest in buying tickets online. Ads are ok in moderation, but everything else should be clear and up to date like before. If there’s another app out there with ratings, up to date listings, and a clean design, sign me up, regardless of unobtrusive ads. Update: Just found out Siri does this beautifully and with Rotten Tomatoes ratings and trailers and current showtimes, woohoo. Would be nice to have the old Flixster app that shows everything in a nice scrolling view, but Siri is so much better than the current Flixster. Thanks Flixster for the old app and good times. All the best.
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7 years ago, Jlowe777
New update severely impairs functionality?
For years I’ve loved Rotten Tomatoes for checking whether a movie is worth watching, and this app *used to* include a tab to see what's good on Netflix too... but the new update renders the app almost completely useless to me now! It appears the new update has removed the previous functionality of being able to see/sort all Netflix results, by Tomatometer rating etc? I downloaded the new app on my iPad to make sure it wasn’t just my phone, and sure enough I only see 3 Netflix movie results in both places, no matter how I sort :( Developers, I’d be happy to change to a 5-star rating if you would you please add the Netflix tab back in the way it was, with being able to use the slider to precisely filter all movies on Netflix by Tomatometer rating range!
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8 months ago, TheJoeJackson
Top recent movies not displayed? Huh?
I’ve come to this app multiple times in the past year to check out reviews and opinions and to book show times for brand new movies that either just came out this weekend or have been out a week or two. You’d think these movies, which have always been THE movie release at the time and the ones everyone is talking about, would be displayed as maybe the first or second option under the Box Office menu item in the app. But no - they don’t. Instead random independent or low budget movies nobody has ever heard of appear first. You have to click into the menu and actually scroll or search to find what you want. It’s sort of insane and was never like this before. The app has become useless.
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