Florida Lotto Results

4.7 (7K)
43.7 MB
Age rating
Current version
The Lottery Company
Last update
2 years ago
Version OS
10.0 or later
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User Reviews for Florida Lotto Results

4.73 out of 5
7K Ratings
4 years ago, 88willis
Wm. Clay
Nice, clean layout. Also getting to pic the #s that I only are interested in and posting the winners right after they are draw’not sometimes 45 mins or longer.. kinda makes u think something’s a bit shady...... thanks for a great site.
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12 months ago, Davidrickey
This app does not scan lottery tickets
I was searching for lottery ticket scanner as this one came up. The only reference in the app is a indication that I have to download a specific barcode scanner, which wants seven dollars a week without it. This app doesn’t work. Apparently I’m not even sure if it does with it but if the only way it’s gonna do what I need it to do with the link me to a seven dollar a week bar scanner. It seems like a total scam the official Florida Lottery app will scan your tickets without any type of monthly or weekly fee.
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4 years ago, redberron
Accurate information
Have been happy with the information and very timely
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3 years ago, Hard2Move
One improvement !
The ( App ) is very user friendly ✅ The issue I have the user cannot apparently get quick pick numbers generated from the app - this addition would make the App complete to me !
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7 years ago, Rudimentman
So much better than the others. Many very cool features.
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4 years ago, annaamar
I buy lotto every week . One day I hope I will win. I have fun!
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8 years ago, on_beyond_zebra
Doesn't even open
I can't get past the title screen. It keeps saying it can't connect to internet, even though I'm on wifi and able to do this review right now. Florida's own lottery app doesn't work either. What is so hard about this??
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7 years ago, Trim7000
Great App!!
This app is perfect for a quick reference to Florida lottery numbers and instant results.
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4 years ago, skeeterrita
Easy to get my winning numbers!
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2 years ago, Noddie pop
You should be able to scan and check your tickets with this app.
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3 years ago, standpete
Lottery results
I really wish I could check my scratch offs on this app. All other states have this ability on their apps. Why can’t Florida?
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5 years ago, alexander29
Nice Alice
Very nicely done. Easy to use
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5 years ago, jimmyt49!
Needs to include winning dollar amounts not just winning numbers
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1 year ago, hillmd1966
Tickets scanner
This app should be able to scan tickets.
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5 years ago, Renattam
No purpose, misleading claims
Can get winning numbers anywhere. Wanted easy number checker, but can only enter for 1 of the 6 lottery draw games. Can enter your fl lotto numbers but not powerball, mega millions, etc.
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4 years ago, Heathoya
Just need a ticket scanner
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2 years ago, GodofArmor444
Absolutely love this app.
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3 years ago, jime5225
Returned comment
Great site !
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4 years ago, Mlank165
Lotto checker
Keeps skipping days in history
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5 years ago, aubir2
I enjoy looking for winners
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4 years ago, Lucy D D
Good app
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5 years ago, LAB 470
Love this new formatl
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13 years ago, Winteranne
Works great!
Love this app. Easy to use. Love that I can check my numbers, great feature!
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5 years ago, Fdkkfcbdxjiy
New design
Not liking the new design.
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11 years ago, Alphaman64
Simple. Too simple
So you can have this app check one set of numbers you enter whenever you run the app. Problem is, most people have more than one ticket, and those tickets are good for multiple draws. Why not allow people to store all their tickets and add an alert when it's time to renew or buy another set? I'm not going to check my tickets, one at a time, twice a week. I want a program that does all the dirty work for me!
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10 years ago, Maria@home
Used to work great
I liked this app especially the number generator and the checker which I don't see on the other apps for loto. However, since the upgrade to iOS 8 I can't use it, it won't open. Please fix it!
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12 years ago, RobertLubMan
Very happy with this easy to use and intuitive app
Very happy with this easy to use and intuitive app PLEASE ADD THE POWER BALL NUMBERS :)
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3 years ago, Cuba2118
Muy buena y activa !!!
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13 years ago, iJan4
Really like the checker feature.
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12 years ago, C_cccc
Need mid day cash 3 numbers
Great app. Only drag is there is no mid day cash 3 drawing results. Please add.
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13 years ago, Pinky2374
Please add the power ball
Seems like a good app but Please add the power ball
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13 years ago, Karizmamv365
Great app!
Love this app but definitely need the add the Powerball :)
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10 years ago, Ipt2g owner
App keeps crashing on iPhone 6 ios8
App won't open
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13 years ago, JBII
Works great
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3 years ago, Rigaito
Muy buena
Magnífica, excelente
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4 years ago, djmatu23
Analizar por que se pone en segundo plano
La app esta buena pero se pone en sundo plano sola y se va de la pantalla. Esto sucede en mi iphone 6plus version de ios 12.4.7
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4 years ago, cangrejitos07
Amigos de la lotería
No es tan práctica como otras aplicaciones que tienen generadores pero es de ayuda
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4 years ago, Land7
No tiene la herramienta para verificar boleto si eres Ganador
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2 years ago, dhill317
Numbers I use all of the time
2 of my friends and I play powerball twice a week. We get 2 quick picks and 1 we use the same numbers every time. In Indiana we can put those numbers in the app and it generates a QR code so that we can by a ticket with those numbers every time we play. It is very convenient.
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13 years ago, Dave1652
Works like a champ
Kept getting server down error but seems to work great now. Looks like they fixed the problem.
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13 years ago, Locuax04
Don't waist your time
It is a slow app and most of the time it does not upload. Power ball results not included.
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