flowkey – Learn Piano

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flowkey GmbH
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4 weeks ago
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14.0 or later
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User Reviews for flowkey – Learn Piano

4.72 out of 5
51K Ratings
4 years ago, c@ts74
Great alternative for self learner pianist wannabe
My son private piano lesson close down their physical location activities due to pandemic. In the meantime, we are trying to find alternative so he can continue learning and improve his piano skill. There are few products available for self learning but we pick flowkey. The software feature collection of songs from different genres and levels, various self learning tools such as wait mode, speed adjustment, rollback/repetition, and live recording action of the actual person playing on the piano. He was able to master 2 songs so far at the pro level within less than 2 months and his level at private lesson was just the beginner. All it takes is steady and persistent learning. His side reading skills definitely improved vastly. This software isn't perfect. Wait mode sometime skipped and there was no way to print out the sheet perhaps due to copyright issue. Price wise seems to be expensive @$120 yearly but if you think of how much you're paying for private tutor, this is actually cheap. I dare you to try.
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3 years ago, Hill B.W.
Tentative 4 Stars
I give this app a tentative 4 stars. I tried Flowkey and another piano app together for the 7 day trial and found that, overall, Flowkey worked better for me. I played an instrument in grade school and had unsuccessful private piano lessons as a kid and was definitely in need of a refresher on reading music. I think this app does a nice job introducing the elements of reading music (though I do sort of wish there was a written element where a note would appear and you had to name it by letter, like a written pop quiz) It also allows you to practice a piece as needed before moving on. Another small gripe is how many times you have to push play or OK to start the activity. I wish this could be a voice command so that you can get your hands situated and then say “OK” to start the exercise. My tentative 4 stars is based on the fact that shortly after starting to play more than one note at a time, the app has a hard time determining if you are playing the correct note. This make practicing extremely frustrating having to play the same note many, many times until it hears it correctly to move on, ruining any flow you had going and making it hard to actually learn a piece of music. I have a cable coming so that I can plug my iPad into my keyboard and hope this improves the experience. If this works, it will solidify my 4 stars.
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3 years ago, 凰萧
Probably a good tool for beginners
I’ve been playing piano for almost 20 years- I started when I was five. After I moved to my own apartment, I decided to buy a Yamaha digital piano with weighted keys to best mimic the true touch of a real piano. I noticed this App from Yamaha’s website and decided to give it a try. After tried playing several pieces, I think this app is really ideal for beginners who do not know anything about pedal, dynamics, and the flow of music. The only thing this app cares about is wether you played a note right or wrong. While playing the note correctly is an essential part for beginners, for more advanced players, there are certainty room for improvements. This App did help me correct some notes that I unintentionally played wrong, but I had to stop and correct the wrong note before I can move on. Imaging you’re playing some beautiful pieces in front of your friends, this app keep yelling at you for one note and will not show the rest of the sheets before you correct it. More ideally (at least for me) is that after I finish playing the whole piece, this app can tell me the locations of notes or chords I played wrong in this piece. But I think it is still a quite powerful tool for beginners who just want to press the key and play some music.
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5 years ago, Zagmongor
Could be much better
The wait mode functionality on this app is quite frustrating. This is the mode in which the song waits until you hit the right key before moving on. Without MIDI functionality on your keyboard you are stuck with it trying to recognize sounds through your phone mic. There is no keyboard calibration setup or anything to let the app know what sound corresponds to what key on your keyboard. So if your piano is slightly out of tune or if you have a cheap electronic keyboard like myself, it has a hard time picking up certain notes. This severely disrupts my flow during a song when I have to repeat a key until it finally recognizes, or it randomly skips notes sometimes. As a beginner i find the sections that are hardest to learn are the ones were I have to repeat notes because it cannot properly recognize them. Also if I search a song that I would like to play, i can’t add it to “my songs” to save it for later. It appears that you can only save songs to your list if you so happen to come across it going through the songs tab and clicking through categories and scrolling forever trying to find the song you want to save. Very inconvenient. Much to be desired after paying $100 for this app....
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4 years ago, Fourteener29
Love my csp-170 and flowkey nice addition.
I bought a Yamaha CSP-170 one year ago. Started using flow key with free into offer. I have upgraded to premium last year after free intro and agin for another year. While the app is pretty expensive I have been using it every day. It does work very well with my piano and my playing has really improved over the past year. Now with virus stay at home, I will be using it even more. I suggest trying it and seeing how you like it then if you do upgrade to premium. Sometime I just like to play songs on my iPad and watch how they are played. It had enabled mr to play harder songs that I could have without the app. I love love the live wait mode aspect. I noticed some one else not liking it. It works very well on my Yamaha CSP-170 plugged in thru USB port. I my Yamaha per-125 on a camping trip in my motor home. That didn’t work as well because it is too old to plug in thru usb. Have to use microphone function to “hear” the mores I played. It will miss hear some notes and slow down my playing but plugged it works very well.
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1 week ago, Mark ryan 123
I tried the free 7 day trial, during which I thought to be safe, ill switch to paying month to month so I don’t forget and get stuck with the huge yearly bill if i forget. That automatically charged me for the month and voided the 7 day trial. That irked me. Buyer beware. Anyway so I didn’t fight it and gave the app a month to try to win me over. I tried all the introductory lessons and was on my way to some beginner Bach lesson. The problems arose when the app started jumping around the piece. This happened multiple times. Last time this happened I was in wait mode where it waits for you to play a section correctly before continuing. It’s a cool idea but for some reason it wouldn’t read my notes and would start jumping around the score. (My Bluetooth/MIDI works fine in my other piano apps/DAW interfaces.) This went on for half an hour and and made it really hard to focus on learning/memorizing. In frustration i started just playing random notes and then it started registering them as if I was playing correctly??? I kinda laughed and just said im done, and unsubscribed. I did not have this problem with it’s competitor. Best of luck Flowkey
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6 years ago, poemsnpaintings
Learn at your own pace
I am an older adult (73 years old) and new to piano. I tried working with 2 different piano teachers. One taught me like one of her 6 year old learners, though I know she meant well. The other seemed like she was out to prove something and had no patience for mistakes. So I decided to try flowkey and learn on my own. It was the best decision I could have made. I went ahead and bought the lifetime membership and I am glad I did. I am now learning and playing music. There are tons of selections for every level, plus there are courses for learning scales, chords, and more. I wish there were more courses. If I could change something, it would be to have the ability to download an entire piece so that I could print it out and play it when I don’t have an internet connection. This would also allow me to look at the whole piece, and give me a better context for what I am learning. As it is right now you can only see a few measures at a time as the piece scrolls by. Still, I highly recommend this app.
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4 years ago, Named Name 139
My sister and mom love it, but...
Edit, I realize that I wrote this when I was near drunk-levels of sleep-deprived, but I still think that it’s criminal that the Celeste soundtrack isn’t available. It already has a full piano album and translates so well to piano! Alright, this service works well and taught my sister how to play the piano. My only gripe is pretty niche, and it’s that the game music section is a bit sparse. It was the Celeste game soundtrack by Lena Raine that got me to love piano music. The soundtrack has a piano album and would make a wonderful addition to Flowkey’s library. Some of them would make great songs for beginners, but would be enjoyable to learn for anyone. Personally, I find it difficult to keep working at learning a skill as a personal long term goal, and piano is no exception; however I know that these songs would keep mine and others’ interest. I reiterate, this app works wonderfully and already has a large library of songs, but I personally have a harder time due to music preference.
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1 year ago, edward6708
First saying using
I have tried many piano apps, some use the lay out where the notes are falling, like Synthesia, while I think that’s great, traditional music playing is done by site reading, this app is incredible, it shows SOMEONE PLAYING the song in real time, highlighted notes, in REAL TIME with the music, that in its self is incredible, I have been looking for something like this, I was using just sheet music before this and wasn’t learning fast enough, I learned half a song today, I have not even talked about the wait mode, which listens to you play, and won’t progress until you play the right note, so helpful, incredible, and the looping system, this is almost everything you could want from a piano app, not to mention it has lessons for music, this is what I’m suggesting to anyone who wants to play piano, I just have to ask why this wasn’t in my life sooner
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6 years ago, Nina Christian
I’m somewhere in the middle about this app
Personally I feel like I was miss-lead by the information that was available to me when I was searching for an app to learn to play piano! On one hand I love the interface, I love the fact that flow-key waits for you, and that it moves along as you play! On the other hand, I am almost through all of the courses, and I barely know anymore than I knew prior to paying for this app, their customer service was wonderful before my payment actually was deposited, Following my free trial, I think the concept of flowkey is wonderful, but are we really learning how to play? I don’t think so, we’re just mimicking two hands we see above us, at least that’s how I feel! I could go on anon but those are my two biggest gripes. Plus they mentioned that there’s thousands of songs, and I can barely find time that I enjoy And maybe two that I can actually make my way through playing, so I’m disappointed, not totally disappointed, but enough that I would not renew my membership! Hope this helps someone who might want to learn to play, And is confused on which app to go with!
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2 years ago, CPatt_1105
Good just needs a few things
I’ve had this app for a year now. It has plenty to keep me engaged. I started with a basic knowledge of treble clef and reading music from playing sax. A few things I wish this app had: 1. It makes you take your hands off the keyboard to touch the iPad to advance to the next lesson or part to be learned. That is a pain. They should just make you push a piano key to move on. 2. Needs a way to highlight measures you have trouble with and a way to write in accidentals or notes to yourself (like you could do if using paper music). 3. I would like to see a song that I have learned just static, like a piece of sheet music. Instead it always has the music measures scrolling like a video game and I don’t think that function can be turned off. So is it worth the $? Yeah, I guess so. It is fun. It’s at least a ton cheaper than private lessons however for someone not very gifted like myself I think I’d still need real piano lessons to actually be able to play piano.
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6 years ago, AWal Visuals
Great app but I need more MIDI options
Overall I like Flowkey a lot more than other apps like Simply Piano. It has a better interface and better lessons in my opinion. I also love the fact that it has a MIDI interface since the keyboard I currently own is a MIDI only controller. The only problem with this is that the app doesn’t play back any audio of the notes I’m playing. I assume this is because most people using the app would be playing a normal keyboard or piano. But since my keyboard is just a controller, it doesn’t have any speakers on it so I can only hear the audio through whatever device I’m connected to. The options menu on this app is pretty limited, and as far as I can tell, there’s no way to change this. I realize that I’m probably in a minority situation, but since there doesn’t seem to be a work around for this yet, I’m stuck using Simply Piano if I want to hear what I’m playing. But since I still prefer everything else about this app, I’m hoping that this option will be added.
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3 years ago, Lurkling
Add skip ability
It would be great if you would add an ability to skip listening to the demo. If I want to practice skills, I don’t need to necessarily listen to it twice every time. I would like the option to skip as needed. This would be very helpful for making this part of my daily practice. Also I’m coming back to it after a while. And when I was using it to study the songs, I had one slight frustration that made me not use it as often. And that was just that if I wanted to hammer out a certain section that I personally had trouble with… There was no way to do that. It would be nice if you could work on a piece, and narrow in on just a section you wanted to work on. And not the sections they choose. And that you could do it as slow or as fast as you wanted until you got it. And not have to listen to them play it (you would see if you were correct, because of the read notes or of moving forward)
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7 years ago, SterlingSky
Not what I expected.
I am an experienced pianist, so cannot comment on the teaching tools, but I am disappointed with the sheet music, as in there is none. My complaints: 1. You must play from the line that only shows a few bars at a time. 2. You cannot slow the speed of the flow - at least not that I can figure out. I’m a good sight reader, but It would be nice to be able to do that when first learning a new song. 3. You only see the key you are in at the start of the flow. I would like be able to glance at a key signature from time to time, especially in songs where it changes throughout. 4. I would like the option of downloading the sheet music so that I done have to deal with the flow line only. I would be fine with a small fee to download a digital file. 5. There seems to be a glitch in connecting to Bluetooth. My Roland has a blue tooth connection - this is the first time I’ve had trouble connecting. 6. It does not seem there are 1000+ songs. Where are they hiding? What I like — the partners arrangements and being able to hear and see their scores - albeit a few bars at a time. I will need to go to them to purchase the digital files and hopefully they are available from them. If you want to try it - pay for one month only to see if this is something for you. I paid for 3 months and unless I see some other benefits, that will be all I am in for.
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4 years ago, Skiffs Jdjjsjd
honest to god life affirming !!!!!
i never leave reviews so i really mean this. i’m 23 and grew up playing piano and adoring it with a burning passion but had overall negative experiences in lessons because i played by ear and had a difficult time comprehending written music. i never progressed beyond a level 3 or whatever until i was 20-21, although i never went longer than a week without working in an hour at the piano even in the hardest times. the format of this app is EXACTLY what i needed to bridge the gap between my written music comprehension issues and my natural ear. the music selection is legit, and the instructional videos are ASMR if nothing else. it’s a little steep, but if you’re wanting to really throw yourself into learning piano and you’ve been at a standstill and are willing to throw some cash at it, i would absolutely recommend this app.
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6 years ago, Meepow
Useless without “premium”
I have been searching everywhere for an app or book that can teach me to play piano but I was not successfully. This app sounded like a good idea... I learned to play a simple song: ode to joy. When the app let me roam free around to pick another song, I soon figured out that as I had no subscription, I could only play 8 songs! When I opened up a “beginner “ song... I was shocked... the song I found listed under beginner was extremely difficult. As I was attempting to learn it, the app suggested that I take a course on learning the piano. I found many lessons... it was EXACTLY what I had been searching for... but APPARENTLY it was too good to be true... I tapped on the first lesson of how to read sheet music. I felt fine and relieved to take the first lesson... but when I finished it, the app told me I needed a “premium” plan... I was fuming! As realization struck me, I found out that the long winding list of lesson types with even more lessons within them required (once again !) a “premium plan” So to put it simply, the functionality of LEARNING how to actually USE the piano is not very possible on this app without a subscription of $20 a month!!!!!!!!!
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7 years ago, Godchagk
Serves a purpose, there are work arounds for lack of sheet music
I took lessons for years when I was a kid, never very good, but I still like to dabble on my own. The app helps me A LOT for this first couple hours learning a piece. It's much faster than me working on my own. However, after a certain point the app is no longer helpful. That's when i start needing the sheet music to work at my own speed and drill problem areas. The app just isn't good for that and I can't memorize pieces like this app is apparently expecting you to. Overall it serves a purpose up to a point but then you really need the sheet music. some songs arranged by their "partners" do have sheet music available on the partner's website. for the other songs I've resorted to taking screenshots of measures then piecing them together on my computer. not ideal but it works. the classical music obviously has sheet music you can find on other sources. for that reason i upgraded it to four stars. minus a star for expense.
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5 years ago, mouse642
My savior
Ok, I never write reviews... like ever, but this app deserves it. I am completely new to piano, never have taken a lesson in my life and while I have been trying, I couldn’t play with two hands to save my life, that is until I found this app. Even though I have only played through a little bit of the beginner songs, I CAN FINALLY PLAY WITH TWO HANDS!!!!! I have tried everything, besides a teacher because I like to learn by myself, and this app is the only thing so far that has helped me to play simultaneously with two hands, and actually play the piano well. It allows you to go at your own pace and slow songs down, and while it’s a little pricy, heck, I might even buy a subscription. So to all my newbies who also have no idea how to play and are loosing hope, this app helped me, and although you can only access a few songs before buying a subscription, I recommend it for the short time you can use it before it blocks off.
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1 year ago, rogueBit
Good app in theory
In theory I like how the lessons are set up to get you from no knowledge whatsoever to playing music right away while giving you tips on things like proper posture and hand placement that won’t seem relevant right away but will set you up for success later on. There is an extensive song library as well and ways to personalize it with things you are interested in. My biggest hang up was with note recognition. Trying to learn on an acoustic piano I tried all the tips to try to improve my iPads note recognition but nothing really worked, and it was highly discouraging to have to quit, not because I didn’t enjoy the lessons, but because I couldn’t continue on in them because no matter what I did it couldn’t recognize I was playing the note it wanted. There seems to be a lot of solutions for keyboards which is nice, and makes sense because they are electric and could potentially digitally communicate but no help to me on an upright. Maybe one day I will learn to play the piano a different way.
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4 years ago, Nickname4567574765
Already the best, could be better.
I LOVE this app. They have the best pop songs (very important to me) and they keep the app updated regularly. I tried many piano learning apps but this one was the best. The UI is great. I like being able to loop any section I want, scroll back and fourth, and use a midi keyboard if I want. I keep buying the yearly subscription and it is totally worth it. One improvement I would love to see is an option to remove or add the hands from/to the view (while learning a song) if you would like. I actually put a piece of paper over the hands part of the screen when I’m trying to learn how to read the sheet music, because my brain wants me to just peek at the hands because they’re easier to read. This option would help us learn how to read sheet music. Then we could add the hands back to the view whenever they were desired.
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5 years ago, bold.dreamer
If you’re looking for “the app to learn piano” -Congrats! You just found it. Yeyyy
(...and now feel free to go ahead and share some $$ to good hardworking people who made this beauty. They deserve it and I’m sure you gonna love it! 😉) Last year, for the reasons which I still don’t exactly know, I suddenly decided that I want to learn to play piano. Somehow I kidda figured that ”nothing difficult here and I don’t need a teacher”, so I went researching web. Few months later “the theory basics” were mostly covered, but next then next logically following question came up “Well, that’s all great, now I know it and what do I suppose to do with all of that now??” So the point I’m trying to make here is: If I wouldn’t accidentally found this app I’d probably still be “mastering to play scales” or just simply gave up on all of this “piano nonsense” and would have missed the whole FUN I’m having now.
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2 years ago, ValF.
Love this app. Just one request
After a couple decades of not playing, and previously having reached barely an intermediate level at best, I’m finally back at it and progressing thanks to this app. I have just one request: Please add an option in wait mode for the songs (not necessarily in the lessons but in the song selections) where the letters of the keys played are not displayed. I’m really trying to work on sight reading, and inevitably I find myself glancing up at the letters of the keys when I’m learning songs in wait mode. They’re impossible to ignore. I’m learning the songs quickly and ultimately memorizing them, but it’s not helping my sight reading and I feel like I’m cheating myself. Otherwise, I’m thrilled that I Flowkey has made it possible for me to bring piano playing back into my life. Thank you!!
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5 months ago, Kristen VA
Love it
I’ve been practicing with this almost every day for an hour for a month or so, and I’ve learned so much, and am enjoying it! I always look forward to practicing and love that I can learn independently and at my chosen pace! The note recognition is pretty good (I have a baby grand), but there are a few keys that I think are out of tune enough and it struggles to recognize them quickly, so that can be a bit of a hold up. I also wish they had put the classes in a better prescribed order, because the beginner to intermediate lessons are back to back and a pretty big jump in skill level. I should have practiced the scales and maybe chords before intermediate. Oh well. I also wish there was more basic note reading practice, but it does come with time. Only reasons I’m not giving 5 stars. But, I’m really enjoying learning piano alone and from the comfort of my home!! Love!
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4 years ago, vitodrums247
Could be better
This review is coming from a musician. I’ve played guitar and drums for years and always wanted to play piano. I took an intro course in college and haven’t played piano since. This app is good for beginners. I started off having to skip plenty of the lessons because it’s stuff I already knew and didn’t realize. If you’re playing on a real piano or a keyboard with less than 88 keys it could be a problem. The app requires you to be in the same octave and won’t move along unless you hit the correct notes. Even hitting the correct notes but a different octave won’t allow you to proceed. I have a 88 key Bluetooth enabled keyboard which makes this app much smoother. My complaint are with the songs. Almost every song I picked out also incorporates the vocal melody. Now this is nice, but if I’m trying to learn “Let it Be” I want to play it like Paul McCartney and sing along. Not be forced to play the vocal melody making it nowhere near what he’s actually playing. Maybe create a “master” mode or something where it’s the instrumental how the artist would play it and sing on top. The subscription price for this app could get expensive. But I looked at it like 20 a month and I get all the piano lessons my time allows. That’s worth it for me and definitely got the rust off my hands. I’ll continue to learn the beginnings of songs on pro before the vocal melody kicks in and improvise the rest.
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4 years ago, sophiebeanzee
Learn at your own pace, plus the fact that you can jump around to where you feel comfortable but...
I like the fact that you can learn at your own pace and that unlike with music lessons you have to practice a certain amount of time everyday and I didn’t like that idea so learning at your own pace works for me. The only problem is the note detection from playing on the piano and the iPad hearing it from the mic. It seems to glitch every once in a while when i play two notes at a time i have to play them a couple of times in a row to get it to hear me playing. And at one point today when I was playing I played two notes and then the screen didn’t move on to the next section and I tried closing out the app and it was still happening. And I know it isn’t my iPad that is the problem because I just got this back in December and it is the bran new 2019 version.
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4 years ago, Miles-co
Love it!
Love this freaking app! I’m kind of addicted to it. We got a Yamaha piano p-45 for Christmas for our family, and it came with three free months of flowkey. I’ve been doing courses and songs every day. What a great combo. I quit piano lessons after a year in fifth grade. Never made it to two hands, and flowkey had me playing with two hands in a few days. Thanks! Only feature I’d like is to have an option to see the entire song on the screen, and even print a pdf if copyrights allow. Sometimes it’s hard to remember which parts are coming up, and printout would solidify the song. But I do love the scrolling as a great learning method. Also buy a MIDI chord to recognize the notes spot on. The mic did good enough, but with the direct link I can play with headphones or a lot of noisy kids in the background and not miss a note.
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6 years ago, Aidanster
A different way to learn the piano.
I have playing piano off and on for over 30 years and Flowkey is the best and most inspiring teacher I've ever had. I've learned more new songs in the last 6 months than in all those other years. Exceptional piano playing meets intelligent app design. The song selection and piano styles have me playing and learning in ways I would never have with a single teacher. The ability to slow down and repeat any amount of a song is invaluable. As is learning the proper fingering with an unobstructed view of the pianist hands. It can also be a great tool for site reading. I can't say enough about the absolutely beautiful piano playing on this app. Pure unadulterated piano that can simply be listened to and enjoyed as some of the best piano renderings you can find. Bravo to the Flowkey pianist..
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1 year ago, Monicaeng
Four stars
I have been practicing here for a few months now. Its great for practicing. I am a self learner. The only issue I have is when you have the song on the self play as you go along the keys tend to stick and you have to hit it hard to make it move. Sort of annoying. Especially when you are hitting the right notes. Other than that I love playing here. Its giving me lots of practice with the advanced notes. Something I need to work on. Besides my issue, I would give it five stars. I too started with Simply Piano. I finished the course there. I am still with them because they have sheet music at my level. Flowkey has really opened the doors for me. Its giving me the opportunity to advance on my own pace. I love the challenge.
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4 years ago, alecjstory
Great app BUT...
Got a three month subscription with my piano. Using piano marvel to tackle some classical pieces, but this has a nice feature of showing the hand placement if I get stuck. I don’t want to rely on watching hand placement or I’ll never get good at sight reading, but the looping, separate hands and different speeds are great. They also have a wide variety of pieces of a range of difficulty. Biggest note on this app is there is a huge piece of unused black space above the hand position video. Would be nice to be able to slide hand position video and sheet music up to reveal more sheet music and remove unused black space. Seems like an obvious issue to improve. I end up having piano marvel and this app open and switch back and forth. Maybe wouldn’t do that if the empty black space issue was resolved and more sheet music took up more real estate on the iPad screen.
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1 year ago, Bman brendan
Amazing app to learn piano
If you have never played piano this is the app you need. I play guitar and I’ve played trumpet in school so I have a idea how sheet music goes but it’s been many years. I have never played piano so I am a complete beginner I work 8 hours a day and I practice using this app about 2 hours when I get home I’m only 5 days into the trial and can read sheet music and know all the keys on the piano. This is a amazing app I thought the lessons were kinda random I would learn a couple notes then jump into other stuff then jump back to more notes but now I see why they placed the lessons like they did it helps to pick up more advanced stuff later down the line. Very well made app and great teachers thank you flowkey so much.
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4 years ago, Final Cut Guru
Could be so much better
I love this app and hate it at the same time. What I love about it are the selection of songs and some of the basic learning tools. I also love being able to see the fingering as the song is played in the upper half of the UI. Here's what I hate: I hate the fact that you cannot ever see more than four measures at a time. (At least on my 10.5 iPad Pro). I also hate that if you pause to look at the notes, you get the overlay which makes the notes hard to see. I want to be able to see more measures or at least give me a page view of the music. The UI is also inconsistently presented. On some songs, there are fingering numbers, and on other songs they are not there at all. Also, there are only two speeds - super slow or super fast with nothing in between. This app has HUGE potential, but because of its shortcomings, I most likely will not re-up my subscription.
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4 years ago, freakyfelt
Definitely get a MIDI cable
Just getting back into piano after a 20 year hiatus and this app has been a nice way to find a decent variety of songs to get back to it. Songs range from classical to pop to romantic and the same song usually comes in multiple levels, letting you get a taste for a song, master one level to feel accomplished, and then start practicing against the next level. The cloud syncing of your songs and preferences is great as you can change between devices and your songs follow you. The wait for me feature is awesome, especially when you have a section that is particularly tricky. As others have noted, the microphone note detection is sketchy, so do yourself a favour and get a MIDI cable if possible. Feedback to the developer: * I wish you would group the same song’s various levels together * there seems to be a huge gap between intermediate and advanced. See Happy Birthday as an example of the leap between the two. * the ability to add to/remove from favourites on all views of a song would be a huge boon * minor nit: the indicator between beginner and intermediate is really hard to differentiate if you’re colour blind
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6 years ago, Smm-37
Great for Beginners
Update I purchased 3 more months. It's holiday time and I can actually play many of the intermediate level songs. I am so pleased with my progress. Flowkey just added even more holiday music. I am so thrilled by the choices of songs and levels. This app is great for practicing piano. I play at least 5 times a week. Original review I purchased this app for 3 months. I am 60 and never played piano. I am now at intermediate level and can play many pieces with both hands. The lessons are well planned and effective. The choice of music is very good with popular songs, classics, and classical. There are also many holiday songs to play. I enjoy practicing everyday by playing various songs I have identified as favorites. These songs are saved so I can find them easily. Flowkey allows for choosing the speed to play the song or using flow mode, a mode that waits for the correct note. I like learning songs in that mode. It allows me to develop proficiency before attempting to play in time. I would recommend this app to adults who would like to learn piano. It would be fine for young kids with support from a knowledgeable adult.
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2 years ago, itsjustjess2
Only goes so far
At first, I really enjoyed this app. I learned a few song parts and techniques on my digital piano, which I’m quite happy about. Unfortunately, I’m unable to progress with the app anymore. During the courses there are sections where it asks you to play along as it displays both the musical notes, as well as a video of actual hands on the keyboard (to show you which keys to press.) It moves forward AS it hears you play the notes. So helpful!! Until suddenly it won’t pick up the notes I’m playing. I can’t get through two bars without it getting stuck. There’s even a mic sensor that shows that it’s picking up the sound, and I’m playing with the volume all the way up so I’m not sure what the problem is. Not only that, when I sent a message and asked if there was a solution I was told to buy more cords and stuff. Thank goodness the app was a free trial or I would’ve wasted my money.
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4 years ago, Defre'
Learning Piano to do a different instruments(s)
I’m not going to be using this app at all, learning several instruments is challenge especially when you’re blood runs everything Music and your able to play and sing however the mind blowing issues with trying to practice if you have a little time to kill, etc is that you charge for anything you can have and want free online and it’s of course legal. I just don’t know what makes people want to pay for way better tools and any song you ever want to play really if you have the skill. I would never buy anything especially if you want completely different learning easy tools and music I love to play it doesn’t have to be difficult to play with at least an hour or so of practice and I was playing the hits immediately even was quickly able to play sing and record a very great song my mom wanted me to play and sing it was out recorded the next afternoon. Try is the best thing to do to help people who want to pay.
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6 years ago, Gildae
I love this app, I really do. It’s easy to follow, I love the courses section and I am able to learn how to play different music rather quickly than if I was left to figure it out on my own. Seeing and hearing how the song is played definitely helps me a lot when I am trying to learn a piece of music. I am enjoying learning how to play old school classical music. My one complaint, which for me is rather huge, is that their library of available music isn’t big enough to be inclusive of different types of music people want to learn. For example I want to learn how to play The Old Rugged Cross, Hold Me Now by Red, Burn The Ships by for King and Country, and old school Christmas music including the hymnals because you can only play White Christmas so many times before you want to rip out your own hair. I will gladly give this app five stars when there is a rich selection of Contemporary Christian music, classical hymns, and hymnal Christmas music to choose from.
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4 months ago, MonsieurLeBleu
Good enough for starting
I started flowkey at age 61 just to be able to play a few Christmas songs for my family. In the first year I was able to play (good enough) 5 tunes. I had already learned the treble clef notes from playing Scottish highland bagpipes and the Irish whistle prior to flowkey. Flowkey does have one shortcoming: You learn to read out the music in one continuous line, but that is not how music is written. Because of this one continuous line you cannot see the pattern by which most (all) music is written. After 3 years of flowkey I am switching to ‘piano marvel’ because it will address this issue. With flowkey I was able to entertain my family and learn to play. I definitely recommend the flowkey ‘app’. At the beginner level flowkey is the best ‘app’ to start with
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5 years ago, kentahallis
Bad Audio Recognition
I purchased a 1 month membership for Flowkey, and at this point I don’t feel it was worth it due to the poor note recognition/clumsy software. I get false reads/misreads fairly regularly, so whether it be I’m jamming the correct key until it hears me and I can proceed with the song, or it proceeds through a part I’m playing incorrectly (or not at all), it’s always frustrating and I don’t feel like I’m getting much out of it. This is particularly prevalent in two-handed learning. I know it’s a software issue because Yousician, which does virtually the same thing, proceeds almost flawlessly every time under identical circumstances. This is probably because it has an actual calibration menu, unlike Flowkey—maybe Flowkey expects you to be playing on an actual piano, whereas I’m on a smaller electric keyboard. It’s too bad, as Flowkey does feel like the more formally instructive option, but I must say I’m disappointed.
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6 years ago, BenPhaaam
Excellent concept and works better than I expected
This app is excellent for practicing music. It allows you to loop a section and the microphone pics up sound very well. There are times when it is a little buggy, but regardless I’ve seen a huge improvement in my playing. If you can sit down and play, it’s like having somewhere there to help you practice. There are some features that I wish were available, like the ability to toggle on and off which notes are supposed to be play next so that you can practice reading the notes yourself. I also wish there was the ability to add markers and save your progress. These are minor things though and overall I’m very happy with the way this app works.
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10 months ago, Majesty for U
Flowkey App
To whom it may concern; whether you’re a novice or a pro at the piano or keyboard. As an intermediate piano, keyboard and organ player, I highly recommend Flowkey App. It gives you many opportunities to learn and grow. It has video beginner courses to get you started. For the more advanced players there are many songs you can select to learn with its midi capabilities thus giving you its 100 percent note recognition. What I like most is the features it has to learn. You can loop sections at a time , play one hand at a time and then both hands. Slow down the tempo. On the downside; it does not let you print any songs.
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6 years ago, Dmdshelly
I have a love/hate relationship with this app. I love the interface. I hate, seriously hate, the music selection. For the beginner and intermediate levels, you are only given snippets of songs. Only the advanced and pro levels are given the full songs. I even emailed them about this and they gave me a ridiculous answer about how playing snippets of easy songs will enable you to play the full advanced version. Right. Further, there are beginner and intermediate snippets that have no advanced version. I really feel like this is bait and switch. Look at our great music selection - btw, you only get a few lines. Ranting aside, I do love the interface and keep coming back to it. I just have to ignore all the beginning and intermediate versions. Which works for me, but totally stinks for beginner and intermediate students.
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7 years ago, Blake Harris
Incredibly false-advertised.
Their subscription page says you will have access to 1000+ songs. In reality, there are actually 216. Note that the selection is decent for such a small slice of the music world, but there is no excuse for such Lies. I wanted to like this app, but many of the songs are only portions of said songs, which differ in quality. If you are going to spend 20$ a month, or more outrageously, 300$ for a lifetime subscription, you ought to get a real tutor. Unless the price drops to adjust to the song quantity and quality, you will do better elsewhere. Edit: raised stars because developer responses are great forms of customer service. I will look into the matter and contact your team. This has been greatly appreciated. Will be in contact soon.
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5 years ago, colleen0523
Not what I had hoped for
So let me begin by saying I have been taking piano lesson from a teacher for 3yrs and this app is not something I would consider dumping my teacher for. The scrolling songs are interesting but to difficult to keep up with to learn the songs. If you are new to piano you will probably not catch on. I can read notes and play piano pretty well and I had trouble. The catch for me was they don’t allow you to download the songs and print them out. You have to go to another website and pay 6 dollars per song more if you want an actual copy of the song. A hard copy of the songs is important for learning the song so you can go at your own speed and not the speed the site sets for you. Even at a 50% speed can be to fast for a beginner. This is not a site I will continue to use. I will look elsewhere.
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2 years ago, happy-O7
It’s ok
When I first payed for my yearly subscription, I thought that this app would be fun and help me a lot as a beginner. I was wrong. I feel like they cram to much information into the screen when you choose to play a song. For example, they show someone’s hands and the notes at the same time, which in my opinion, for beginners like myself is an overwhelming feature. I like to see the whole sheet of music and work at the kinks but the thing just keeps on going and going, which makes me feel rushed. I payed $110 for this and it’s so far been a waste of money. One thing that might be helpful to update this app is (if you pay money for this) to be able to print out the music sheet or have an option to just see the music or hands.
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2 years ago, mrs. crazy person
I give this two stars because it’s good at teaching you, but it usually hears wrong and also in some of the songs they move their hands and it doesn’t show that they do. Also, a lot of the songs are just popular music. I searched for a song and then it said it couldn’t find it. And a lot of the songs are membership, which is not cool. Please change this. Also they don’t just have to be KiD aPpRopRiAtE. There might be an adult playing, and just finding kid appropriate songs??? They would not be happy. EXTRA: (Probably not helpful for people reading this unless you are the creator) If you can may you please add accounts? I would also like to change the background. Something that would be FUN to add is a quiz on songs. Thank you for reading this, I hope it was helpful ฅ^ ༎ຶ ﻌ ༎ຶ ^ฅ
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6 years ago, Beareect
Excellent App and Customer Service
I have been a user of the flowkey app for the past four months and am very impressed. I am using the app for teaching myself how to play the piano and the integrated approach of listening, viewing and then playing is fantastic. The app shows me the proper fingering of the notes, along with the sheet music. Flowkey‘s ability to “hear” my playing is very cool. With respect to the Customer Service Team, they are incredibly quick in replying and extremely thorough. I had an issue with the app on two different iPads and reached out to them for a solution. They were very responsive and I give them the highest marks of excellence. Bravo flowkey!
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1 year ago, cesca_b87
Not responding to sound
I would give this app 5 stars if it wasn’t for the fact that it doesn’t respond to sound, despite picking up the notes from my keyboard (I can see the little mic in the top left corner picking up the notes as I hit the keys, and they are the right keys, but the exercise does not progress). It’s as if it got stuck. Because this annoying issue has been happening quite a bit since the beginning of my free trial, I may not purchase the app, and it is upsetting, because this truly is a good app, definitely worth the money, if it actually worked all the time and not only some of the time. I hope this problem can be fixed (I’ll change the rating then). Thank you!
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6 years ago, Snehaljshah
Cannot recommend it enough, just brilliant
This app has no words. Amazing songs, support is amazing, easy to understand and also brilliant courses make this app shine. I have personally tried some other apps as well, but couldn't find one that met all of this. It is true that you do need Premium for the real fun, but even without premium, you could still try out a few songs. There are a few apps where you finish one couse, and then you HAVE to get the premium plan, else the app's useless. This meets everything I wanted in learning piano. It helped me learn a whole song that nearly all my friends love. This app is all you need with practice.
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4 years ago, anaischants
Terrible Midi Function
Really excited about the app but the midi function is awful on the iPad as there is no option for midi sound like on a Mac. It was recognizing my playing through my speaker until all of a sudden it didn’t want to recognize my A note. I switched different sounds and it was all the same. Then I wanted to try the midi function. Works perfectly fine when I use GarageBand and sound comes out great so I know it’s not on my end but when I try and get sound out of flowkey nothing comes out. I read online that you midi controller requires an audio out but that’s kind of ridiculous since many midi controllers don’t have that option (I own 4 from various companies and price points) Please fix this or I may need to switch apps.
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5 years ago, Isabcomment
Ok, been working with it about two weeks now
It does a lot but doesn’t really do what I want and need. First of all, it only works with an internet connection so if you expect to take this to a studio somewhere and use it off line, you will be disappointed. Secondly, the courses are good, but uneven with no directed progression. There is no way to gauge your current skill level and start from there. Third, I wish there was an option to show the whole score of a piece. You either practice it their way or not at all. The keyboard showing the notes is fine, but it would be nice to have more suggested fingering notations on the musical score. And an option to name the notes on the score, rather than having to divert your attention to the keyboard above the score. Fourth. I am really only interested in classical. There should be significantly more easy to intermediate pieces in the program. Most of this stuff is public domain, so why not? I wanted to make a commitment so I bought a years worth. Now I am regretting it. I didn't spend enough time during the Trail period figuring out that it wasn’t really for me.
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