Fluid Simulation

4.9 (72.4K)
65.6 MB
Age rating
Current version
Pavel Dobryakov
Last update
2 weeks ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Fluid Simulation

4.88 out of 5
72.4K Ratings
2 years ago, Anxious_Ace_
bro you guys are amazing
first of all, I wanna say sorry for any spelling or grammar mistakes. I am tired, and I do not feel like correcting them, secondly, I would like to say, as said in the title thank you so much for making this app I have gone through quite a few I I guess you could call them since the board apps apps like this and none of them have given me the experience. This one has a nice only been trying it for what? 10 minutes? I love the fact that this has 10 free options and then you can get even more but using a subscription and while I don’t have money, I believe you guys for the subscriptions you get because you definitely get some of them, you guys definitely deserve those subscriptions because you’re making some thing that is free easy to use accessible has multiple different options and as an autistic person as a neurodivergent person I am just want to say thank you I mean it has a whole lot of different options are Verde said that before and I know that but there’s so many different textures in the colors and the brightness is just amazing. I love that there’s an option and it’s free to just have it auto make little wispy clouds and that is so amazing and I sat there for a solid just two minutes staring at the screen so one at on I don’t know if that might be a premium feature, but if it isn’t, I didn’t like vibrations to the phone? that could make it even better!
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1 year ago, MOR.GS
#best app ever! 😍 please read for ℹ️
This app is literally amazing. I play it all the time and it will keep me occupied for hours. I don’t even have the premium but it gives you so many options that it’s just amazing overall and the best app that I ever downloaded! I recommend this app to any new people (and or like stressed people like me 24/7) and this app is definitely my number one favorite app, I don’t even understand how this app doesn’t have five stars already! like it’s the best app ever downloaded and trust me, I’ve downloaded a lot of good apps, but this one is an overall game changer, and if I had only pick one app to ever play again, this would definitely be my number one!! Like if you’re reading this thinking “oh, should I get this app?” Well yes, your answer is yes you should!! you are going to absolutely love it just like I do! Words cannot express how much I love this app, and if I could and 1 million Star review, I would! And I know you’re probably thinking “oh, there’s no way in app could be so good 😒” well this app is a game changer. It’s the best app I have ever had in my entire life! I will definitely recommend it to any new people and I know I’ve said most of of this already, but I just really wanted to lyk you should definitely get this app!! 1 million out of 10 definitely recommend!
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1 year ago, Buy this awsome app!
I am in love!
First, it is just a great game you make slime looking things, you get to customize them to your liking, and you can even share them with friends or family! Or both! But I don’t like how you have to buy the premium one to edit it. But you do have to make money some way right? But yes this game is very relaxing for me, but at least you get to randomize it for the price of a ad, but if you could not make it more relaxing ads for a relaxing game that would be great! My dad as this app too, he loves it! He’s even bought the premium! My mom try’s not to like it but she really wants it! I think she even has it, we don’t know for sure though she has a lot of apps on her phone. But yes I would download this app! Again just being able to make these slime looking things is just sooo relaxing for some reason! You get to save them, then you can share, them. Or even make more! Then after that you get to play with them! The masterpiece of the game! The presets are even fun to play with! It saves you time and effort if you just play with the presets, but (I don’t know if they already do this or not.) if you made like ones for Halloween when it’s October, or like Christmas ones when it’s December, that would be amazing to decorate with! Ooooh or you can add stickers in the future! But please buy this app! It is the best app everrr! (Ps. If you read this creator, a slime app would be a strong idea!)
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1 year ago, AngelinaMcgheeTheCutie
Best app ever
I have a lot of trouble focusing on things and can get stressed by it very easily so I always need something to get me back on track and having this app on my phone has helped me so much over time. I remember in 2021 I had a very bad breakdown and couldn't sleep because of the aftermath that caused me to overthink the whole situation. Things were so difficult back then and I didn’t really have anybody by my side to help me at that exact moment so I decided to use one of the apps on my phone to calm myself and this app was the perfect thing. I still didn’t fall asleep, but reason being because I had so much fun seeing the fluids in the game swoosh around. It was so amusing to me and I decided to listen to music with earbuds in as I pressed the screen to match up beats and it just got better and better and then got an update with more modes that just were so fantastic and cool. Sometimes when I would witness one of my friends having a hard time or crying I’d hand over my phone with the app open and comforted them as they played the game and every single time they immediately felt better. The game might not seem THAT important, but the memories it gives me really mean a lot to me. Also it’s just like super fun and I totally recommend it to like everyone.
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1 year ago, lhloebug
What do we need from there I have some stuff I have some more things that I’m not sure I have a couple more that are going in my storage so I’ll just bring some more if that’s what I want I have to do to do the laundry but I’m going back out and getting a new car because it’s so cold outside I have no gas and no water in it I have no power and no water on it and it’s cold and I’m just sitting on it I can’t wait I can’t get a little hot so I’ll just have my clothes in a bit I’m not sure how much time I’m not going back in my house and then I’ll get weiwiwi and then I’ll be there in about an extra day or so but I can just take you can you please let us go to work and we can do it in the morning if you wanna come back here and I can go to your room and I can do it by yourself I don’t have to come back in the car and you can do it just let you can just do it in the back or just leave me the stuff that you want to come back here and you know I can go home or I don’t have a room for the kids to do the laundry I have no more stuff for my dad I just have the the kids I need the room to go home so if you’re still not home then just.
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4 years ago, skinnpuppy
Some of the control options are a little confusing, and could use some explanation tabs or something. But the actions are varied and diverse, and once you find the perfect setting for you, it is heaven. Super relaxing, and very good anxiety/fidget relief. Something for me to do with my hands. It’s very pleasant to look at and to use. There are ZERO ads. The “premium” upgrade (unlocks additional options) is only like 3.99 (maybe it was 2.99, can’t remember) and it’s definitely worth it to be able to get that perfect experience that you’re looking for. You can save your own settings as custom presets, so you can jump from one to the other with ease. My only other note to the devs (besides little explainer tabs on the controls) is maybe to have a couple of pre-made “developer’s favorite” presets, to get people started. At first I was having some trouble because when I was playing with the colors and settings, I got stuck where it would just white out the whole screen after a few seconds of adding colors, and no more colors could be added... but I played around with the settings enough and figured it out. It just takes a little bit of fenangling work it out, but some developer presets might help to get people started. Thank you to the developers for making this! It’s wonderful!
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2 years ago, MzHappyCandy
This really is a great tool to use for mindfulness. Great for easing anxiety. If you haven’t learned any techniques to relieve anxiety attacks, or to help with anger issues, try this….when you open the app and begin to use it, begin to focus on the pattern that you’re tracing, and how the app is responding. At first, you’ll notice it takes practice to stop all the other thoughts racing through your mind, but just keep working at only thinking about what the app is doing. Notice all the different colors, the light trails, focus on every little detail that you see, and absolutely nothing else. When other thoughts creep back in, as soon as you notice, stop those thoughts by focusing as intensely as you need, eventually you’ll realize your mind has calmed down to a comfortable level. The more you practice, the easier it gets. It used to take me 20 minutes to get my thoughts under control so I could only focus on whatever I was looking at. Now, I can get my thoughts under control in 3 to 5 minutes, and within 10 to 20 minutes, I can reach a much more relaxed state of mind.
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4 years ago, chloe key
It may have been only 1 hour with this game but, I absolutely love it! It’s so stress relieving, and coming from someone who has really bad anxiety this works pretty well for me! I really recommend it for others to purchase and try. Honestly what makes it even cooler is I can change the size, how bright etc of the fire/water? I have a few ideas for the app/game actually! My first one is, maybe give the buyer a choice to change the color of their fire/water. Because I really like the color blue, and I think it would be sooo cool if we could choose different colors. Maybe add a color wheel in settings? Another idea of mine is, maybe after a certain amount of time you can earn coins by using the fire/water and with your coins you could buy different shapes and sizes in the “shop”. You also could give your users a choice to buy coins with their money. Those are two silly ideas of mine, there’s a good chance it will never happen. But I have faith! Other then what I said this app is FANTASTIC I say. Thank you for making such a wonderful app, really useful and fun. Keep up the good work! 💖✨😊
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1 week ago, Anonymous9999888
Why isn’t it 5 stars yet???
Ok so I first found this game on my school iPad, and I feel so blessed to have found it! Everyone in my class was buzzing about it so I tried it out. Me and my friends immediately loved it and sending each other the photos that we made. After a week or two I decided to download it on my personal iPad at home. Both of my younger sisters saw me playing now they’re equally as addicted to this game as I am. There are ads and you don’t need WiFi. This game is underrated. Fluid- you guys should advertise more! I’ve seen all the other fake ones where it says there are no ads when there are, but this is legit. No one had me say any of these words, I honestly love Fluid. I didn’t mention this, but it’s free! Go download this right now! I know there are tons of other apps like this and I’ve tried them, but they’re not as good. If you get this, give a five stars! Thanks so much, Fluid!
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2 years ago, alexander_the_calm
Exactly what it should be
Fluid has the right balance of interaction and passive entertainment. Similar apps I have tried before try to turn what could be a great relaxing focus activity into a game that keeps score or is timed. With this app I can truly get into a more zen state to reset or refocus on a task. The app opens right to the main interface; no splash screen or menu to interrupt your train of thought or force you into a decision right away. There is just a brief animation of the effect and the circle appears briefly to show where the menu is if you need it, both of which fade quickly away. The menu seems pretty intuitive so far, though I have hardly had much need to open the menu. The default pattern is beautiful, with vibrant colors and swirling eddies. I am also impressed with how many pattern options there are just in the free version.
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1 year ago, WinterFlower2727
Amazing graphics, love!
Okay, to start off, this app is quite simple, there isn’t a ton to it, but that also makes it easier for a wider range of people to use. No ads, that I’ve experienced. Extremely satisfying and very pretty to just watch. I found this first on just the online game on google. I saw it said, check out our mobile app! And so I did. It took me to this exact App Store screen and I, knowing the website and despite how limited, how mesmerizing it was, downloaded it. Here is what I found This app had quite a variety of settings, around half of which were free, and half were not. Zero ads, and amazing graphics, all settings are unique and beautiful. Settings and different types of the fluid patterns were different and amazing to me. In summary, this app is amazing and I don’t know you, but I’m sure you’d love it too!
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2 months ago, Wye; nchjebjd dm
This game is an amazing game
Well to get started of here, this game is not only very interesting and fun , but it’s the perfect game for you to know to calm yourself down and relax. For example, the first day I got the app, it wasn’t, that interesting, but as the days and weeks past on I started to enjoy this app and share it with other people. When I was really stressed, this game was the one to make me happy again. And best of all there is no adds included in this fluid game. But if what I stated so far didn’t get you interested, then you will be interested for me to say that you can change the fluids and liquids in this game. This game is fun and all, but I would recommend using this app if you are sometimes stressed and needed a break. But other that, I would get this app right away. This is why I chose a five star review on this app.
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4 years ago, Ashton_H.
Fun Stuff
There’s not a lot to this app; it’s very simplistic. But it’s a good simplistic style that the devs pulled off well. And I mean, it’s a free fluid simulation app. What can you expect? With that mindset established, I think this deserves 5 stars. Not only are the physics pretty nice, but you can toy around with them in the options menu. From speed, to lighting, to viscosity, and even resolution, there’s a lot of different combinations to keep you interested (not limited to what I listed). Now, there are locked features that require real money in order to access, but I love this game for what it is, even without making that purchase. Why else would I be writing a positive review? It’s the least I could do. If you’ve spent this long reading over the customer responses, you might as well try it out for yourself. It can’t hurt and it’s a lot of fun.
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4 years ago, TheRealMooseMan
Great App.
I really like this app especially when I am bored I can just open up the app and mess around with everything. The only thing that I don’t like about this app is how to access some of the customization settings to change how the fluids look, you have to pay $3.99 USD. The only upside to this is that they don’t have to put advertisements in the app, so no matter what you do you will never encounter an advertisement. I really enjoy this app and I first got it on my iPhone 8 and I thought it looked really good, but recently I upgraded to an iPhone 11 Pro and the app looks insanely good now. I really recommend getting this app, just keep in mind you won’t have access to all of the customization options unless you buy them. The app gives you enough customization options for it to still be great even without buying more so it is still a great app.
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3 years ago, Waterpologirl#6
: )
please read, this is very helpful. this app is so beautiful. it’s hard to explain but it’s not just calming fluid but a story. a story that is told with every color, every splash of fluid. you just get lost in watching the colors swim around. it’s a feeling that is so beautiful and unique when i use it. i feel like when i choose a color and when i make the fluid go a certain way, im telling a story. a story of love, a story of hate, beauty and ugly. war and peace. happiness and sadness. healed and hurt. everything and nothing all at once. it’s as if you can put every emotion and no emotion onto your screen with just swirling some colors around. but as i’ve clearly stated it’s way more than swirling colors around to create a cool affect. please give this app a try <3 -Ghost
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3 years ago, Booneenee chicken wing
I have a question to ask. Why is everybody so concerned about not being able to put their fluid creations as wallpapers and not being able to take videos of it. Honestly, that’s just dumb. (You can screen record. Screenshots are the best wallpapers because you’d have to spend money to turn a video of it into a live photo.) Are you guys really so concerned about wallpapers that you’re not going to care about how a relaxation game now costs money to even have fun? Not very stress relieving if you ask me. Not all people come from families where they will just hand you money to put on your phone through credit or gift cards. I just feel if you want a game that makes money, have it be something that isn’t aimed to produce stress relieving moments. I like this app but it really wasn’t necessary to add a subscription for it. But, I’ll be happy as long as you do not put ads in. Thanks.
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5 years ago, Placid.ity
Clean and Simple, But...
This app is worth the download for some quick and beautiful visual fluid effects to play around with. The options are simple to understand when you test them and are easily accessible, which made the experience even better. However, if there were a tutorial for the options or some way to explain them with words, the game would drastically be improved for those who do not know the meaning of some of the fluid customization terms. Additionally, the player is not drowned with advertisements which take away from the surreal effect the game has. And with the extra options being cheap and reasonable for a free game, the player experience is welcoming and calm. Overall a very good and well developed game, as the fluid mechanics are skillfully coded as well. 4.5/5
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3 years ago, JustACatMom24
My cat’s favorite app
Yep, you read that right. This is my cat’s favorite app. She struggles to keep herself entertained, especially when I’m not with her. She will just sit in one spot, unmoving, until I get back. So, after seeing other internet cats playing games on a tablet, I downloaded all the free cat games I could find in the App Store. But she chose this app over all the other apps literally made for cats! It’s so funny, but also it means a lot to me that she enjoys herself so much while playing this when I can’t be with her. I also enjoy it, which is why it was already on my devices, but she has taken over. She has even learned how to open it on her own and now thinks all electronics are made for her to play with this app. All around, 10/10 would recommend
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3 years ago, Tadhg J
Now it's a big fat paywall
Words cannot describe the amount of hatred I have for games that ask for a subscription. This game does not bring any type of value that could ask $20. It started as a physics demo that looked really nice and had so much customization. Opening it now, I was bombarded with ads to pay for the full version, and I discovered that the customization that I loved this for was now locked to $10 a year. The wallpaper I had set up a year ago with this app was awesome, and now I can't even replicate this without forking over an absurd about of money for this fluid physics demo. While I still rock the wallpaper, this app simply disappoints you with how little you can do until you give this guy his un-deserved money. Games like these should be ashamed to ask for a subscription. The ability to export a live photo may be worth a maximum of $5, but locking any type of use of this app behind a steep wall or a shameful subscription is simply egregious.
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3 years ago, #KidsMessengerFan
So satisfying
It’s so fun and satisfying you just tap on the screen and it makes a little blotchy you can scribble on the screen it’s so cool it’s mixing colors and you can even do custom stuff like you can make it bloom or not spectacular I don’t really know what that does I tried turning it on and off that’s really the only thing that I don’t like is that you can’t really tell if something is on or off but other than that I really like the app and I don’t know what the premium is like because I don’t have it but I’m going to say it would make things a lot better but I’m still going to say that it is an amazing satisfying app it’s a great way to calm lastnight I even did it to fall to sleep
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2 years ago, lily loves and approved
I cannot tell you how much does app it’s so fun I love it so much even though some of the colors are locked there’s still a bunch of free choices that you can choose and it will still be the same and then just color so it doesn’t really matter anywaysBut everyone who gets the low rating is really wrong and I wish the developer would say hi to me so that I know that they read my review and I love this app so much and I don’t think there’s a better fluid apps in this one I play this literally every single morning and it gets me ready to go I played in the car I played at lunch I played at breakfast and dinner I play it everywhere it’s it never gets old and I love you so much!
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4 years ago, Daniel.c3
The best app ever
This app, yet so simple, is so amazing. It is so visually pleasing and takes away my stress and anxiety that I constantly live with. When I’m using the app it brings me to a new world where I have complete control and so much power. There are so many settings to make your experience perfect for your mood and the comfort you need in the current moment. Some may not understand this app while others can fully grasp the idea and love their time adhered towards the beautiful light flares on the black screen. I, personally, have feelings of peak orgasm when I perfectly match the settings to my mood. I love this app. it is the best thing that’s ever happened to this crazy complicated life form we call humanity
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3 years ago, thenosebooper
Genuinely immaculate
This app has singlehandedly changed my life. It has satisfied my brain through times of deep struggles while allowing me to think about my problems in a safe space. (Couple it with certain customizable presets on shrooms and you can transcend to the 24th dimension). On a serious note I’ve spent hours in times of boredom or before bed exploring the graphical principles of fluid mechanics through the simulations. It’s super intuitive and satisfying and relaxing. It’s like your own laser light show that you can fully control at the touch of a finger. You can pay to have some extra cool effects but you can create practically infinitely significantly different satisfying palettes using the slider bars that change the physical properties of the fluid. Some of my favorite sliders to mess around with are Viscosity, the Cosine color palette, Time, and Vorticity. For example, you can freeze time and draw a whole ton of stuff while it’s frozen, then let the time percentage to like 10% and watch the show unfold before your eyes. Seriously get this app. It’s so cool.
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2 years ago, Guitargracey
This game helps me with anxiety.
It’s hard to find games that help with stress and relief. There’s not many. But this game is way to good! I’ve looked through reviews about subscriptions, and payment, but I don’t know what they mean. The “pay free trial” thing only comes up when you open the game or just once a while. There’s no bugs, it doesn’t crash. It’s so impressive that the creator of this game can make something that helps with anxiety. 🫠🫠🫠 the way the fluid moves and looks is just incredible!!! I am so thankful that I found this game. More or less that his game is created. I would recommend it for anyone who has stress. Thanks!
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I love this app!
So first, it reliefs your stress easily it’s a fun app to get on especially when you have anxiety you can also do many different types of textures that I love and you can design how you want it I usually listen to music and use the app it makes me feel really good about myself and helps with the stuff that has been going on in my life, this app is like an life saver for people who has mental issues and needs therapy this app is the therapy if I’m being honest I’ve been thinking about doing therapy until I found this app and I love it more than anything I highly recommend this app if you are bored or lonely I love this app!!
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4 years ago, Sarah Ravioli
This app is amazing, to the fluid colors to the beautiful yet simple design of the app. I have fallen in love by the first touch. The fluid moves to the touch and you can change the rhythms of the color or rainbow. This app has absolutely no flaws and it is by far my favorite app on my iPad and I’m not even thinking of getting rid of It. As a preteen, life gets pretty boring at home on summer break when all the stores are closed and I can’t go to the beach. This app relieves my stress in life and I use it whenever I can’t go to sleep or just when I’m plain bored and want something to do with my hands. Download this app, and I promise you you won’t regret it! Have an awsome day, -Sarah
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10 months ago, tyrew2134
This is a great app 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰
I love it so much everything is perfect their is no ads except for a few none are inappropriate and this is fun and good for stress,anxiety,ADHD and etc. my only complaint is that you have to pay for a premium membership you can use up to 9 effects but to use all the other ones you have to pay for a weekly subscription that is so not fair!!! Please change that for homeless people who have phones but no money,thank you so much for reading my review Sincerley Yours,Lovelylady10_E + not boring at all and peaceful I’ve had it for 1 year now ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️Rating: 4.9/5.0
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3 years ago, Shore 🌊
Best reveal ever
so this app is like the best rate may be like 10 minutes after I started playing it it’s it was great like it’s like kind of like a reaction when food coloring it’s water it’s even cooler there’s settings and you can change the colors I’m pretty sure and you can make it brighter darker how are you guys want it and it is Wi-Fi free and then yeah if you have a tablet you can take a picture and take screenshots if you have an iPhone so you can like make it stop I’m pretty sure but I’m on the phone so it’s actually like really good you should actually five star review I thought you don’t have to OK so actually I loved it yeah OK yeah you should totally get this app
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1 year ago, earthlover.4.0
Best ever
I have anxiety and am always anxious about little things so I looked up relaxing games on the AppStore and this came up. Now at first I was like, what the heck is this? I also thought it would be a app I try out and hate then delete five minutes later. So I open the app and play a little bit with this app. I used this before bed and slept so well and was relaxed. I showed everyone in my family this awesome app and there are no adds and no purchases are required even tho u can get a extension pack. This app is amazing and I recommend it to everyone especially those going through a lot.
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2 years ago, Steve Bryson
Wow I love this and spend a lot of time with it
For several weeks I enjoyed the free version and played with custom settings, thinking that was plenty enough for me. After a while I said “this is really nice and the author deserves $20 even if the paid version isn’t that much better.” Wow was I wrong: the paid version is way more fun! I spend hours a day with it, as a relaxing thing to do while watching news or talking to people. This app helps me think more clearly. Yes, $20 is a lot for an iOS app these days, but I feel like I’m getting more than my money’s worth. Congratulations on a great, relaxing app!
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4 years ago, princess poopypants
I absolutely love this app! It is so satisfying and beautiful and a cool thing about it is that you can go to a pretext which is an already set and amazing thing that you customize and can go straight too and change at any time. The only possible bad thing is that you get the choice to buy things in it, but I am not mad because there are so many things you can do without it. Another plus: as long as I have been playing it, there are no ads! and with no sound I’m pretty sure you can listen to music and play! I definitely recommend this app if you are looking and is definitely a stress reliever pls get you won’t regret it!
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2 weeks ago, Unicornbananatree
So I saw this app and I was like “wow this looks cool but to make sure it’s not a scam I should check the reviews.” And the reviews are honestly jaw dropping if you haven’t played yet and then I downloaded it and there was so many types to choose from even without the premium! I luv this game so so much it is so relaxing and fun so I came back from Truman lake (idk how to spell it) and on the way home I got car sick and this game actually kinda made it go away! I just luv this so much if you have never played you should you will be just as satisfied as we are (we as in me and the others who loved it)
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3 years ago, MeestaWalker
Wildly intuitive, amazingly reactive, stunningly beautiful
I couldn’t even explain how I stumbled upon this app...it was very deep in some internet rabbit hole. But, I’m so glad I did. Using a smaller iPad Pro, it is so meditative and fascinating to play with the app. What could have been just an impulse purchase has become more of a routine app I use when working on creative tasks or trying to keep myself from checking email or my phone during meetings. While technically multi-tasking, it doesn’t take any cognitive effort so it ends up driving creativity without taking away from my focus. There are so many settings within, and I’m still learning what each do...but it’s fun to make adjustments and try to identify the impact(s). It’s truly amazing how smooth and natural the experience is. What a ridiculously cool invention. This review is taking up the full screen so I can’t actually see who made it, but thank you, and can’t wait to see what else you dream up. Hopefully Apple makes a VR headset soon and this works in there... 🤯
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2 years ago, kilikkina
How I feel about the fluid simulation app
It’s amazing how all these colors come on mixing and separating while I move my finger or fingers on and in all kinds of ways like sideways swirls curvy even with one or more fingers even separated. It relieves my stress and most of the time the colors red purple blue green comes on the screen when I rub my fingers on the screen. It reminds me of that star that blinks purple blue red and green that you can see in the night sky that I feel amazed joyful peaceful holy happy and kind that I laugh when those come on all at the same time when I rub the screen. From an angel and God Christtine
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3 weeks ago, Lucie Crockett
4 1/2 stars because…
The game is a very, very, very, very, very very good because it has no ads and it’s fun and satisfying. The problem is the app. It always has always asked you to pay for more like settings, and it is very very annoying. But like about this game is it’s very satisfying in the different settings are very fun but I do not like and you probably won’t like when it keeps on asking you for more settings for you to buy them they ask you to buy 12 more and you already have 12 for free but they want us to buy 12 more. I want them to just let us have all of them for free thank you for reading my review🤩🤩
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2 years ago, Rev Raver
Helped me through a panic attack!
Just as my title says, the swirly colors are good at calming me down when my hands are trembling too much to play any other game. A lot of actions I do to calm down from panic attacks acquire a lot of precision that you don’t think about until your hands are shaking so bad you can’t even tap the tiles correctly… Highly recommend this app to people with occasional tremors like me or just full tremors! You’ll have a good time either way and the $20 payment for the full options is so very worth it for situations like this (or just wanting to relax awhile)
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2 years ago, myavalenvia6
I have fallen in love. I never leave reviews on apps but I have to on this one this app. This app helps this fall asleep it also calms me down or distracts me from when im having my mental break down. it's a nice calming app great for relaxation or distraction. I really recommend getting this app! Same when I'm with my cat. My cat has been playing on my tablet with this app happier than ever!! If you have a kitten I totally recommend this app as well it's very fun for them and if there bothering you, you can simply put this on for your cat and voila you'll get left alone to do your work, hw whatever!
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2 months ago, BlackDragon416
I fell in love with this app in less than 5 seconds, so lets make this quick. The description was not only spot on, but is as unique and entertaining as the app itself. The fluid dynamics demonstrated here are magical. Never have I seen any app that one could remotely call graceful, magical or poetry in motion, but this one definitely is. It's absolutely beautiful. It can make you wonder again like when you were a kid and at the same time the adult can appreciate the complexity even if they know nothing about physics or fluid dynamics. Like the add says, STOP READING and install this app!
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4 years ago, SethG911
Needs a couple small improvements.
I really love this app and all the options it includes but it needs two small improvements to make it perfect. The first is that on iPhones with no buttons, the home line at the bottom of the screen needs to be hidden at all times. Second is that there needs to be an option to hide the menu circle completely. To get it back the user could tap in the same spot that it used to be, and perhaps use some gesture to show it again. Maybe swipe from the side? The end goal of both of these options is to allow the screen to be completely blank while playing. Keep up the great work!
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3 years ago, slue foot sue
Something new.
I have only been on this app for ten minutes. So my review may change as I learn to use it. So far I am enchanted with the concept and can see where it would be stress reducing. What is annoying is the total lack of instruction. At first there was just a totally black screen. I waited a bit to see if it would do something. And just when I had decided this was foolish and to delete it; I tapped on it, and voila! Colors. Later I tapped on a circle in the upper left, and got a screen of options. None of which I understand, and am reticent to try. The lack of instruction adds more stress than it reduces. I think this is a stress reducing app for people with PhD’s. Or perhaps electronic engineering capabilities. Not so much for 72 year old grandmothers. To my way of thinking it was foolish to put so much time and effort into development and zilch into instruction. Maybe someday I will get brave and try those presets that I don’t understand. For now, the colors are pretty and that’s enough to keep me from uninstalling it. But not enough to spend money on it.
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3 years ago, Rose'Zay
Is this even real?!?!
What in the actual worldly universe have I just downloaded. I can spend hours an this app if not days, probably even years without turning it off. Eat ….Sleep….this app, repeat. First two ‘priorities before “this app” ‘, only take time away from IT and me. To the creator of this app, you are a modern day genius, welcome to the hyper-age we are living, you obviously fit right in. I could easily buy it for $20, but you deserve the $10 a year, and that’s for my lifetime here. Thank you, this has cured a big part of me, and helped in many other ways. THE BEST.
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3 years ago, Joy Luttrell
A surprise gem for fidgeters
Downloaded this on a whim in the airport and it’s actually a beautiful, surprisingly engaging fluid motion simulator. It gets even better on an iPad screen, which leads to my only complaint- the controls allow for an incredible range of effects, which is amazing, but on a standard iPhone screen the sliding bars are much smaller and quite touchy under a fingertip. Basically, the control format could be improved for ease of use, but this is otherwise my go to app if I need a few minutes of something soothing and colorful and whimsical to fidget or play with
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2 days ago, Onyx8787
I love this app. My cat died last spring and I've been really struggling ever since. I fell into a depressive funk (skill issue I know) and this is the app that helped bring me out of that coma. There's just something mezmerizing about the different shapes and colors, I feel like a toddler sitting in front of a screen watching the blurry teletubbies all over again (my tv wasn't high quality). I hope everyone who sees this downloads this app and can experience a mere fraction of the power it holds over me. I've been addicted for almost half of my life(25 years).
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12 months ago, Kelliebugable
Had it a few minutes and reviewed some of the Settings. I saw 10/20 unlocked (free) visual options for the poofs that show on the screen when tapping and sliding fingers. So lovely! I tapped one place quickly and it made the entire screen light up brilliantly! I tested if the screen will sense more than one finger at a time and it does. Fantastical app. I am impressed after only a few minutes of it. I highly suggest others use it. Children will enjoy it the colors, adults can use it for leisure mental-peace when we need a pause from life. LOL
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4 years ago, Angelmuyer
Saving me
Between my God and your app, and a few family, I’m digging my way out of a dark pit that has been pulling me down for years. Thank whoever came up with this app. I truly believe it’s saving my life and, now, some of my friends and family who are also going through tragic events. We spent years protecting our country’s feedoms. Many close calls of going home to God, but for some strange miracle returning to family unharmed, physically. Thank you for this app. I believe you understand what it’s doing for people I love. The release of stress is miraculous. I can come above this darkness. Thank you.
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3 months ago, SEDSNM
Love this app so much
This app is so satisfying it’s like something to keep people calm and I just really like this app. Like I said earlier this episode is really satisfying really calming. It’ll be really nice if they have these other lock screen too because if your phone or iPad or whatever you mobile computer is on unlock, then you’re just able to play with it even if you’re not on the app it would be so cool this app is just so much fun to play with so many different things to use so many different things to do.
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1 year ago, Eva_slay
I dont know about you, but i am loving it!
this app is a good stress reliever and has cool settings. i definitely recommend this to anyone who has a problem with fidgeting, stressing out, or loves slimes and fun colors! i also love it becyase ypu can use it online AND OFFLINE so you can feel free to stress relieve anywere ypu go! 😉and its not just about the stress relieving, its the cool settings on the side and amazing wavy colors that just satisfy my brain! it makes me happy 😊 you should definitely try it out and type a review like i did for if you liked it or not. i know i did! 😉
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3 years ago, dont worry about it slime
Amazing fidget for those with anxiety
I love this app cause there’s no task or objective/pressure. I love it when I need to clear my head, it’s a lovely soothing stimulant. I’m so happy with it I just touch & drag and get these magnificent illustrations. Something to do when I’m bored with no way of failing. If you just need a visual with no objective, your nervous or feel stagnant. Hey this app open it and you don’t have to push “start” or pick a color first or anything. Opens up with a default and you just touch away carefree. It’s so simple yet so wonderful. 10/10 recommend
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2 years ago, Animal lover 🐆
Best app ever 😍
I’m 11 years old, which is the age where you start getting a lot of homework. With homework comes stress, and this app has saved my soul far too many times. The color, the detail…this app is gorgeous. So if you are stressed from homework/work (because even adults should use this!), this app is the way to go. It is flawless in my opinion, there is nothing at all that needs fixed 👍. So, 11 year olds, get this app and save a lot of time that would have normally been used stressing! Thank you developers!!!
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3 years ago, 123babyyouandme
One of a kind
This app will keep you entertained for days. There are ways of flicking your finger to create beautiful scenes that almost look 3 dimensional. Messing around in this app I’ve made countless wallpapers. The Ui is a tad clunky but once you know, you know. It has plenty features to tingle your brain and they are always adding more things to tweak. Overall this app is awesome and I recommend everyone give it a shot. The only thing that grinds my gears is that I was lucky enough to purchase the full version of this app as one payment. If they kept that model I would give it 5 stars.
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