Food Network GO - Live TV

4.8 (28.8K)
107.4 MB
Age rating
Current version
Television Food Network G.P.
Last update
2 months ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Food Network GO - Live TV

4.75 out of 5
28.8K Ratings
2 years ago, islandlady91
Love Food network
I have been watching this for years now, but more recently on Discovery channel. I do enjoy it very much, but I particularly like watching the chefs and programs that I can learn from. I don’t enjoy the road shows and that sort of thing so much. Once in a while is fine, but I am hoping there will be more Alex against America, since there were bot many shows and I really enjoyed that. I love Symon’s dinners and now Zoe Bakes and the Magnolia Channel. I have been happy to see new programs as there were many old one’s when I first subscribed. Those are good, but had already seen some multiple times. Overall, I am really enjoying Discovery+ and Food network together.
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4 years ago, Mystic921
Used to be my favorite
of the streaming apps. Not sure what changed, but it’s now more a pain than a pleasure. Still remembers that I’m casting to my TV, which is good. But, where it used to sometimes blank out and say the video wasn’t available, it always used to come back after a few moments. Now, not so much. It will stream live for a few minutes, then switch to a black screen saying the video is not available - and it stays not available until the livestream is relaunched. Or, it cuts to commercial and says it will be back in a moment, but it never comes back. The temp interruptions were a pain, but acceptable. Now, every time it interrupts, either the casting has to be restarted, or the livestream has to be relaunched, or both. I miss more that I see. This was my go-to channel when something was on that I wanted to watch, or when nothing was on elsewhere that I wanted to watch. Now it just frustrates me and makes me angry, so I’ve pretty much given up watching - even the shows that I really like. I’ve just restarted 4 times in order to watch a show I’ve already seen. A new episode that I wanted to watch is on next, but I’ve given up. Really hope they’ll fix the issues; they were never this bad before.
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2 years ago, Ahart2001
Streaming via Airplay is terrible
Tried streaming via Airplay to our TV. Got 3/4 of the way thru the show and suddenly the stream locked up when an ad tried to play. I ended up closing the Airplay connection and watching the ad on my phone directly (1:45 worth of adds). Then I reconnected the Airplay connection and it made me watch all the ads again (another 1:45 worth of adds). Then the stream locked up again. I tried closing the video and restarting and it made me watch ads AGAIN! (Another 2 minutes worth). Then it locked up AGAIN!! I closed out the app and re-opened, and went to resume the video and it made me watch ANOTHER 2 minutes of ads … and then it started the episode from the beginning! It wouldn’t let me skip forward while on Airplay, so I disconnected Airplay yet again and scanned forward to the point where the show originally locked up … AND IT TRIED TO SHOW ME ANOTHER 2 MINUTES OF ADS! I just killed off the app and gave up. You wated enough of my time. Not worth messing with it anymore. Spend less time making sure your ads work and focus on the fundamental reason for your app … streaming your content.
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4 years ago, cruelsummer13
I just want to watch cutthroat kitchen in peace
Listen, i love food network. But this app and its ads... If you're like me and like binging shows, the ads make it almost unbearable. And theres almost no variety. Ive MEMORIZED commercials because i see them back to back every 15 minutes. In the future can there be a way to pay for no ads? Cause i would be spending my whole credit card on it. Every else about this app is fine. The layout is cool whatever. There's this weird thing where when i first open the app, i have to scroll down to the bottom of the home screen then go back up to see my continue watching?? Little weird but its been like that since forever. Just let me pay for no ads or get some variety PLEASE pt. 2 uhm...there’s an ad that goes on for 1:30 but it’s just a blank screen?? like it’s just white??? don’t know who she is.
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2 weeks ago, #1Smith
Great App...but
I really like this app. I just have not figured out how to leave a comment on a show. Any help would be appreciated. I can watch what I want, when I want, where I want. That being said: what is going on with Eddie Jackson's show. My husband and I were thrilled when Eddie won The Next Food Network Star. We were looking forward to watching him share some of his BBQ recipes. They were what he won on, that and his personality. What a disappointment to tune in to his show and find him merely hosting other chefs' dishes. Don't know about anyone else but we want to see Eddie do his BBQ magic. Make it an hour show, let him compete, if and when he wins give it to a local food bank. Thanks.
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5 years ago, cierralite
Great app, except for locked episodes
This app is great because I can select and watch only real cooking shows. I really don’t like any of your competition shows. I miss the days when you had cooking shows on all day and night, and this app is the closest I am going to get back to that these days, I guess. The only show that is halfway decent that is not a traditional cooking show is Diners, Drive-ins and Dives. The only thing I don’t like about this app is that I have to log in to my cable account to watch most episodes. Hopefully this will change in the future. Break away from cable, people! What about those who don’t have cable or don’t want to pay for cable TV? I only have cable now because someone else is paying for it. That won’t last forever.
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2 years ago, flj08008
Why is Discovery one of my favorite networks?
While I love Discovery for the knowledge it provides and it sort of provides one of my favorite websites, “The Food Network”. But Verizon split off the other cooking networks, but did not lower my monthly charges, so I am stuck unless I ante up a fair amount of money every month to re-acquire the now missing options. Why do we have to pay fees every month for channels I could not care less about, shopping channels to start along with many of the religious channels, but I pay Verizon money for dozens of channels I am forced to pay for. Also, the various cooking channels should offer a database that could be cross sorted of the recipes used by the featured restaurants on air since the shows go far too fast to write down the recipes being worked on the shows. Thanks for listening. J L Fuller It would also be useful if the scooting show networks ran a crawler at the top of the screen with the name, address, phone # and web address of the restaurant being featured on the show at that time.
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5 years ago, Sassy Nike girl in Georgia
I’ve been watching for years and enjoy most shows. Love watching your chefs ‘ friendly competitions among themselves just being themselves. 😀. Favorite shows are Chopped, Next Food Network Star, Beat Bobby Flay, iron Chef, Alex’s Day Off, pioneer Woman, Guy’s Grocery Games, Trisha’s Kitchen, more. Fave chef’s are Alex, Michael Simon, Amanda F. , gee, I’m pushing 70 and it’s early am, names I can’t think of. See faces. Forgive me. You’re making Alton Brown too mean. Nix his shows. Don’t like Worst Cooks. Love Love Trisha and her humor. Fun. She grew up about 75 miles between me and Atlanta, my hometown.. love those Artery clogging, heart attack coming on delish recipes!!🤪. I’ve learned a lot from you all, thanks!! You’re THE BEST!
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4 years ago, Flyingmoosetothemoon
6 Ads For You!
No rewind button on Food Network for iPad Air. It’s fine that there are ads but they repeat the same, in some commercial breaks, 3 times in a row. TO THE DEVELOPER - don’t tell me “that doesn’t seem right” or “we monitor the commercials and spread them out” because NO YOU DON’T! YOU go sit through Challenge (past or reboot) and you’ll see for yourself. They’re national commercials so you can’t say you have no control over them. If you, by your own admission, spread the ads out, then the same ad running back to back EVERY commercial break is something YOU need to fix. You won’t, you’ll just tell me to open a ticket because “it seems like this isn’t working for me” and we need to explore it further. It’s one thing to run the same ad every break but this app runs the same ad, 3 times in a row, every commercial break! FIX THIS because it’s the worst app I have! So to recap - DEVELOPER, GO WATCH YOUR APP YOURSELF! Go watch 2 shows in a row and see if by the time the 2nd show ends, if you’re not thoroughly irritated. You can fix it because you said you handle this, September 2, I believe it was. Don’t waste your time on this app. Besides the no-rewind button on the iPad (every app I have has a rewind), you’ll be plagued with the same NATIONAL ads 2-3 times, back to back, every commercial break.
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2 years ago, Oli679
It’s decent!
You definitely get all the Food Network show you’ll love! There aren’t many ads during the show and they only last 30 seconds, so that’s not that bad! My only and biggest complaint is that there is no ad diversity. I know it’s a weird request, but I’ve seen the same ad over and over and over again. It’s quickly becoming tedious. I also wish there was some sort of ad preference as well. The ad in question is also about alcohol, and I’m sober. The ad is also silly and repetitive in its nature. So, the combination of a repeated alcohol name for 30 seconds at a time every 7 to 10 minutes to a person who is sober is just frankly irritating. Besides that the app itself is pretty okay!
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2 years ago, embb70
Food Network Current Shows
I’ve been missing seeing current Food Network shows since I got rid of cable. Now with this app, I’m able to catch up with what I’ve missed. I’ve only been able to see some current shows on Discovery Plus, now with Food Network Go, I can watch them all!!! Getting this app is thanks to someone answering my question on Facebook. Even though I took 5 years of Home Ec in Jr High and High School, with the help of Food Network, I’ve become a better home cook even though it’s only for myself, I do bake and give to my neighbors.
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5 years ago, awesomegummy
I love the Food Network app all you need to do is just sign up with your TV provider and some of them come with a key on them and I think there’s too many with the key but other than that you still get free shows you can watch that don’t have the key and I think that it is awesome that you can watch all your favorite shows with your TV provider that is actually really really nice definitely recommend trying it out because if you are a lover or a food lover you will definitely love the championships and everything like that you’ll really enjoy it
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6 years ago, evonne120
I HATE this new app. I had to uninstall the FN app I have been happily using for several years. There was a glitch in the old app, so I uninstalled and reinstalled. I have done this with other apps, and everything came back that was saved and in perfect working order. Not this one. I don’t know what the hearts are for. Click on one and it turns blue but not the program under the star. I had probably 8 different recipes for chocolate chip cookies now there are none except an array of chef’s to choose from. I sure can’t remember which recipe came from which chef. There is more but I am fed up with FN and will delete it and never use it again. It’s the worst ever. Obviously the designers/techies are not cooks otherwise they would not have put together this disgusting app. More.... I don’t like watching a video while cooking. If I’m doing something with say, oily hands, i don’t want to touch my iPhone. I loved the written recipes. I could send a recipe to my computer and save it in my recipe folder. So having only videos is a dreadful idea. P.S. I don’t believe the star ratings averages posted by FN. I saw a LOT of low number of stars. The app is fine if all you want is to watch videos, but all wrong for a cook.
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5 years ago, lulu👋
Best app you’ve ever seen
I am going to tell you three reasons why I love this app. My first reason why I love this app is because it’s educational. my second reason why I love this app it because I love cooking and my third reason is because it’s so entertaining and I’m sure you’re going to be entertained too. I think you should watch this amazing app and when you watch one show you will never want to get out of this app. There are so many things that you can watch and they’re so entertaining. They make you want to cook they make you want to bake and it’s so much fun.
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5 years ago, jucnu
Mostly ok.
I do appreciate the opportunity to watch my FN shows on this app and it works well. Yes, some shows have more than their fair share of ads, but I just take off the headphones and find something to do. I can move backward to catch anything I missed, they run the shows in order (if more than one is available), or offer something else after an episode is done. Signing in all the time is a little annoying but it goes fast. I really love that new episodes are available immediately after airing. Just the basic tv/cable apps don’t offer that—I always have to wait a few days for an epi to appear.
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4 years ago, Chef frustration
A lot of glitches!
I love food network and I love being able to watch all the shows as well as steam live however food network has the most glitches I have ever experienced with any app or online experience. It signs me out of my tv provider every day and I have to disconnect and reconnect the app streaming to my tv at least 3x a day. I have had to delete and re download the app twice in a month because it stops working or says it doesn’t recognize my tv provider. I have been using the app for two years, with different TVs and different cable providers and the glitches have never been fixed. Something has to be done to get these fixed! It’s so ridiculous for such a huge company to have such terrible technology.
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2 years ago, julie212121732
New app is terrible
This updated Food Network GO app is TERRIBLE. It’s so buggy. There is a different glitch or problem every two or three times I turn it on (and I basically only watch the food network and I only use the app to stream so I open it/use it multiple times a day). The Just Added section seems to add everything that plays throughout the day instead of just adding new episodes like the previous version of the app did, because there are regularly like 15-20 episodes of Restaurant Impossible in a row in there. That makes it really hard to keep up with new episodes of shows because there is too much to sift through. It’s just annoying. I wish I could have the old version back because I hate this one.
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3 years ago, SuzyQ55555
Will not open, Have to re-install every time I want to use
Since latest upgrade every single time I try to open app Food Network Go screen opens and then nothing. I have to delete app and re-install and sign into my provider again. Then when in app when I want to switch to a different show most times I go to show and get blank space where episodes are usually shown. Again I have to delete app, reinstall and re connect to my provider. So annoying.
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6 years ago, mia810
Terrible performance, needs fixed.
This app is terrible. There are SO many things I dislike about it. If you click on a show, it starts playing an episode rather you want it to or not, and you cannot stop it. It automatically plays all of the shows backwards, so you must exit out each time and click a new episode manually. Sometimes, the episode and the recording do not match, so you may be watching the wrong episode. You must restart the whole app to get it to fix itself, and sometimes, it still does not. Sometimes, it lumps all of the commercials together. So you have to watch a straight 15 minutes of commercials. WHO DOES THIS? There is no other tv app that does ANY of this. Please, fix it. I love the shows, but I am not willing to put up with this garbage.
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4 years ago, Bbbbbbeth
Ridiculous commercials
I have no problem watching commercials while enjoying my favorite food network shows via the app. But I’m watching Holiday Baking Championship with my 10 and 12 year old kids- WE DON’T NEED TO SEE BOOBS/HALF NAKED WOMEN IN A LINGERIE COMMERCIAL or commercials for Fabletics where some woman on a treadmill is feeling all over her own pants. My kids love watching cooking and baking shows with me but I’m rethinking watching them on Food Network, at least via the app. Also, EVERY SINGLE TIME we go to watch via the app through our fire stick, I have to “activate” the app by signing in through the website on my phone. Seems like an unnecessary extra step that could likely be easily remedied.
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6 years ago, Madbytes
Just plain terrible. Save yourself the frustration.
This app has potential, but it’s completely buried in buggy performance, broken features, and a constant loop of the same commercials over and over and over and over and, well, you get the point. You watch for 5 minutes, or sometimes 30 seconds, then get the same 5-7 commercials repeated for you. They never change so you just keep seeing the same thing for 3-4 minutes of commercials, every 10 minutes. If you skip ahead, or back, guess what...the same 3-4 minutes of commercials. If the app crashes, and it will crash regularly, guess what...the same 3-4 minutes of commercials. I’ve given this a month, because I’m a huge Food Network fan, but this app doesn’t do the channel justice.
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5 years ago, Irritated but still playing
Won’t log into my tv provider anymore
I loved using this app to catch up on my shows but now it won’t let me log in to my tv provider. All I get now is the red spinner like it’s thinking. I have deleted the app and reinstalled several times and at first that worked or I would use it in the browser but now it won’t let me do any of that. I’m very sad about it. Please fix this. I’ve seen other reviews up here stating the same thing from months ago yet nothing as been addressed. Might just delete the app all together. 😢
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5 years ago, Chi Actor
Drives me crazy
I love some of the shows that are available on this app - but I am driven completely nuts by the constant dropping. No other app I use stops in the middle of programs and forces me to log back in and try all over. I watch Masterchef and often end up missing episodes because the get locked in about three weeks and it takes me 12-20 log ins to complete an episode. The show just stops - when I check to see if it's loading, it is not - it has just closed the app. Very frustrating.
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6 years ago, Shukitty
Worst tv app I've used.
This app crashes constantly. It never remembers what I was watching when it crashed so I have to go back in and find it again. Sometimes it at least remembers where I was in the episode, but often it doesn't. So then I have to watch ads, then go skip to where I left off and then watch the same ads again. A lot of times when I pause, it just starts playing ads instead of pausing, and if I try to pause the ads, it freezes up. If I pause and use another app and then come back, it rarely leaves what I was watching up, even if it was only a few seconds. Sometimes I can easily start back up with continue watching, but often it forgets and I have to dig back down to the right season/episode again.
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4 years ago, Carnal15
Irritatingly Glitchy
This app needs a lot of work. It connects to your tv service. However, it is constantly saying a show is not available, because it isn't part of your tv plan (even when it is) and the app is already connected to your tv service. You have to delete the app and redownload it about every 3 shows you watch, because of this error. Sometimes you have to sign in like 3 times, because the first 2 times it says you’re connected, but when you return to the main screen it isn’t. SO many other little glitchy issues that are too many to list. I deleted it and won’t use again unless they do some major fixing. So disappointed!
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5 years ago, wickedpowers
Worst app for streaming
I don’t know who designed this app but he/she should be fired or banned from the design. I only stream and using this app makes me want to throw my remote at the tv. There isn’t any continuity between usage and viewing of shows. It’s clumsy to get thru and worst of all, they don’t have enough commercial content so they will play the same add up to four time in a row. Yep that’s right, the same commercial in a row, four times. Really makes you had those vendors which is probably the opposite they hoped for. While you can use this app, you can not see current content. To do that you need to have a cable provider or be locked out of new content. So you can only watch old stuff. Not a way to get viewer to want to use this app. Needs work.
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6 years ago, Sniper Dino
Never works!
So frustrated! The app shuts down in the middle of a show and logs me out. I've cleared my cookies and cache, I've uninstalled and reinstalled the app. Sometimes it lets me log back in other times I get the spinning red circle of doom. I've left it open and it will literally spin for hours!!! I used to watch the shows sitting waiting to pick up my kids, it's never available now. When it does open it will auto fast forward or switch shows. I miss the old app that actually worked. 😡
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4 years ago, nycbarb
App is very frustrating...
I love the content of Food Network Go and enjoyed it happily in the past. Lately though I’ve had to reinstall it every single time I try to use it after stopping it. When I click it on my homescreen it goes to the Food Network Go logo, but won’t give me the list of shows (or anything else) until I delete the app, then reinstall it which involves reconnecting to my cable service provider every time. I don’t have this issue with any other streaming app or any app. Very frustrating. I’m using it on an iPad that I got for Christmas last year. Help!!
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1 year ago, Harlieg
Randomly disconnects from my service provider
Please please please please please fix this issue. Randomly get “this show is not included….” When it darn well is. And it is not just one app…it is across the board…Apple TV, iPhone, iPad (and yet I can still go out to my main tv and watch with my SERVICE PROVIDER). And then, something gets fixed…and it suddenly starts working on all my apps….until it doesn’t …. again. Extremely annoying.
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6 years ago, Hdjejdjsjdjdjdndjdj
Good App
This app is pretty great and I only have a few complaints. One is about the closed captioning. I personally do not like have closed captions while I’m watching a show, especially if they are early (which they have been). When I go to turn them off it never works which really bothers me a lot. Another is that if I watch a show that I stopped during a commercial break it will play up to 8-10 commercials before the show comes on. I don’t know if this is on purpose or a bug but if it could be fixed this app would be fantastic
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5 years ago, Matt in Altoona
Fix the order of play!
Update: Upped to 5 stars as the issue noted below has been resolved. Shows now play in a sensible order. Previous issue: I love being able to binge watch Food Network shows and watch live tv away from home. This would be 5 stars except for a very annoying issue. If you go to binge watch a show, play an episode and when the episode ends the previous episode starts not the next one. Hey app developers, NOBODY WATCHES THE SHOWS IN A BACKWARDS ORDER!
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4 years ago, LoB1Kenobi
Ads Galore!
I love love food network. I also find the app super easy to use, doesn’t normally glitch and I can watch all my favorite shows. What I don’t love, is the ads. My goodness there are a ton of them. I totally understand this is how it makes money, but I would pay for a monthly subscription to stop watching all of these ads. I’m pretty sure I spend more time watching ads then the actual shows! It also tends to be the same ad over and over again? I completely understand why they are there, just wish I could pay monthly to not watch them! Overall though, the app is great!
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4 years ago, Mrsladi83
Needs to be updated
The only reason I’m giving it a low rating is because it works like a outdated app. You can watch a show and take a break and come back to find it did not sync where you left off from. So then you have to go and find your show and skip the part you watched. But wait, you really can’t skip it because there are 4-6 long ads every 8 minutes. There is no way there needs to be that many ads in such a short time. There should be a a few shorts ads and then a few long ads. It is not worth using this app when there is 30 minutes of ads. I just want to enjoy my favorite shows and I know there will be ads but there are too many back to back.
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6 years ago, CorSmore23
Needs fixing
Great selection of shows. However, the lack of option for “continuous play” is very frustrating. After finally getting to an episode after signing in and whatnot, once it’s finished, you (almost) always have to go all the way back to the beginning (find show, season, ep, sign in) just to play the next episode! Speaking of, I find myself having to resign into my cable subscriber after almost EVERY episode has finished. Very time consuming just to watch a 20 min show. Sometimes I just close it out and go to another app, sad. Also, “favoriting shows” is pointless since they disappear every time you log out.
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3 years ago, pncsft1234
Enjoying the classics
I enjoy this app a great deal and love watching old episodes of classics like Barefoot Contessa and similar shows. Also, I like that it can automatically sign in your tv provider while connected to a home network. If I had one suggestion (and I’m not sure if this exists right now or not so sorry if it does) would be the option to buy a membership with an ad free option for those who would prefer a Netflix style viewing option.
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5 years ago, stamm889965
I’ve never had this issue with streaming..
I love food network and was really excited when I found the app. I don’t even mind the commercials much because I know that’s how it’s free for everyone. My problem is that the video quality is terrible. It’s rarely clear, it’s either fuzzy or completely messed up to where I can’t even watch it. Another thing is randomly the sound will go out. So then I have to get out of it and go back in but then it doesn’t save my place so I have to completely restart the show I was watching. All this makes it almost impossible to even watch it and not worth it at all
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7 years ago, DJPINTMUSIC
Room for Improvement
Lately shows have been prematurely ending. When this occurs it cuts off the last 5-10sec of the show, returns you to the main menu and resets the episode to the beginning, as opposed to a save point. In order to watch the last 5 to 10 seconds you have to reload the episode and scrub all the way to the end, often times watching all of the commercials again, just to watch the last 5 to 10 seconds. As you you know with how Food Networks editing style the last 5 to 10 seconds can sometimes be the best part. Updates keep adding more bugs. Time for a clean slate.
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5 years ago, HappyPuppyPinkCupcakeKisses
Doesn’t work on my iPhone 8!! I can’t sign in using Spectrum! Tech support is nonexistent. All I get is an annoying spinning circle but no log in. I have tried everything recommended to no avail. My other devices work fine. Any help??? ***update*** An app developer finally reached out to me and the problem is solved. I’m not sure most people would know to turn off provider access under the Food Network app. Oh well. Glad to have it now!
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5 years ago, LuLuw97
Awesome app, but..
This app is awesome I literally love food network and kept it on my tv. Being I have gotten rid of my tv, this app was gold. Only problems that i have are: 1) The app signs me out almost immediately after Temporarily closing the app. I'd appreciate if it kept me logged in. 2) when continuing an episode you were watching previously, it will skip ahead a few minutes and scrubbing back or forth is pretty hard on this app. The 10 seconds forward/back feature would be awesome.
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3 years ago, Real Kish
Love the app but….
I love watching my favorite food network shows that I missed on the television on the app my disappointments are I have to keep signing into my network provider at least once a week and if I have begun watching a show and don’t finish it and start back watching maybe two days later I have to start from the beginning. Why? That’s why I’m giving it a four.
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5 years ago, ririfrenchfri5
Do not buy it it is a waste of time money and effort
I really expect better from this!! I have seen over 25 commercials in under an hour that is ridiculous and more than half are basically the same and have nothing to do with food :(!!! And on top of that when there is a commercial I miss like 5 minutes of the show and you cannot go back with out watching another 3 commercials and yet it stills go back to where you start!!!! Witch such a famous channel I expect better I know what these people get paid and watch kind of money they get out of us for just watching the show!!! I swear if I miss another winner or anything else this is going into the trash!!!
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3 years ago, hjjisiaiw
Amazing! But....
I love love love food network!! It’s an amazing app that I really enjoy. The ads are a little annoying but it’s alright. The only thing is that my home doesn’t have a tv provider so the selection of what I’m able to watch is very limited. Recently I haven’t been able to watch anything because nothing was available and nothing was free! I love food network so much and not being able to watch some of my favorite shows makes me a little down..
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5 years ago, jwpolley
Keeps Forgetting I have a cable subscription
After going through the hassle of getting the Apple TV application synchronized with my cable subscription, I can watch programs for about one week, then it doesn’t think I am authorized any more. This wouldn’t be so bad if their website would let me activate using my iPhone, but it doesn’t. They need to get this application using Apple’s single sign on. I just got a response from the developers. Because this app doesn’t support single sign on, and having single sign on enabled can cause it problems, they want me to turn it off. For everyone. In other words, break every application that DOES support it. No thanks.
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5 years ago, KateBerger
SOOO many ads. They are all advertising the very same app I already am watching. I pay for direct Tv from which I get this app, so why am I watching ads? Also, I can’t return to what I’ve just been watching without starting the program from the beginning and then me fast forwarding to where I think I left off. I enjoy the shows, but the app is annoying. Also, there is no option to automatically stop a program after it’s over. It just keeps playing using up all the battery of my device. Netflix has the option of one program at a time.
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1 year ago, _SHANIE_
App is Annoying!
The ads are too many! There should definitely be an option to opt out of ads by paying more. I’m also tired of having to log back into the app every week. I have to put in my log in information at least once a week and it’s getting extremely annoying now! Most apps allow you to stay logged in until you manually press the log out button or change your password. Pleaseeee fix this! It’s annoying!
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5 years ago, jjsledge
Commercials get old, but overall not bad
I get you have to show ads to make $$, but can you at least get some more sponsors? Sometimes the same ad plays back to back. And ads vary between devices. It would also be nice for those who log in with their providers to only have to watch ads once per show. Gets old having to watch commercials and you can’t skip them. Overall, it’s a good app. Let’s you watch on nearly every device. I like that every season of old shows that are no longer airing are available - especially because it seems 1/2 of the current shows have Bobby Flay. The app layout is clean, which makes it easy to find what I want to watch. I will say it does have an occasional issue of showing an episode as unfinished, even if you finish it.
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5 years ago, KnitNinja23
Have to sign in every single time
The content is good but having to sign in every single time I open or re-open the app is frustrating. This is even across devices, from mobile to fire stick to web app. Sometimes it won’t remember a show I’m watching, or will show an unreasonable amount of ads as I’m trying to find my spot in the show again. I also can’t navigate from what I’m currently watching to the rest of that show’s episodes, which slows down navigation and finding what I want to watch.
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6 years ago, Joe El
Please stop the auto start of episodes.
I like the app a lot with this exception. The auto play feature on the Apple TV version. I hate it. Shows start before I even have a chance to see what episode I want to watch. Then it won’t stop right away. Sometimes I have to close the app and restart it. Then try to get to the episode I really want to watch before the blasted thing starts again on the wrong episode. Either get rid of that feature or give us the option to disable it. PLEASE! Other than that it’s great.
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1 year ago, Jimbo5555555
Guys Grocery Games ends early
Hello we have a major problem, normally I don’t leave reviews unless they are 5 star but this needs to be addressed, all your guys grocery games episodes end too early before the episode actually ends, the show says it lasts 45:52 but it plays the next video automatically at 42 minutes, this happens with all the season and most of the episodes, we are missing the most important part which is who wins and how much they win, PLEASE fix this.
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2 years ago, Wayne Mathis
Doesn’t hold your place
This app is terrible. Doesn’t remember which episode of the show I’m on and then when it does it doesn’t start it in the right place. Episodes I know I’ve finished show that they’re halfway viewed are only like 10 minutes into the show. Then it keeps logging me out even though I use the app almost every day. In order to unlink your provider you have to go into settings on your Apple TV and unlink it from everything. It’s so annoying! I found it easier to just delete the app and then download it again and sign back in in the app. Fix it!
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